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Jessica Darling Chapter 26: The Four Horsewomen of the Pastry Chefs

by Michael England

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© Copyright 2011 - Michael England - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f+; D/s; cake; coated; encased; mast; display; confectionary; ponygirls; maids; costumes; cons; X

LEGAL NOTICE: This is purely a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. continued from chapter 25


Chapter 26: The Four Horsewomen of the Pastry Chefs


Stunned by the admission, Brulée was about to press Jessica for clarification on exactly what she meant when she had said “investment” when the doors to the seating area swung open and the fetish-attired hostess and two assistants glided into the room.

“And now, if Madame and My Lady will permit…” Elizabetta’s dulcet toned voice broke the odd silence that had permeated the room for the few moments between Jessica’s reply to Brulée and this moment. Jessica thought Brulée would immediately chastise the young hostess for interrupting their discussion; however she remained standing in the middle of the room staring at Jessica.

“My Lady?” Elizabetta prompted her fetish Madame as her first assistant had begun helping Jessica to her feet for their promenade back into the dining room. It took a gentle clearing of the throat of the assistant who had taken up a position to the left of her before Brulée’s trance was broken and the five women were ready to make their way back to the dining table for the anticipated dessert presentation.

“Uhhh…” It took the fetish Madame a few more moments to give her verbal consent before she indicated the festivities could continue: “Yes! What are you waiting for? Dessert won’t serve itself!” Brulée finally huffed in an attempt to regain her control over her servants.

“Certainement Madame!” Elizabetta quickly snapped back to rigid attention before spinning around on her heels to lead her entourage back to the dining room for the dessert presentation.

As before the two assistants moved with silken smoothness as they guided their assigned matrons to their assigned places for the remainder of the evening. The massive table had been moved and replaced with a smaller oval version, their chairs placed on the same side, separating the two guests by a meter or so. Before she could ask, Elizabetta explained that the more ‘intimate’ setting was insisted upon so that “My Lady and Madame could better view the craftsmanship which went into the item”. The two women were again assisted into their seats by their assigned servant before they returned to the recesses of the room to wait until signaled by their Hostess again.

“And now Madame and My Lady, it is my distinct pleasure to present to you… this evening’s dénouement!” As Elizabetta raised her arms in dramatic exclamation, two large doors to the side of the room swung open, sending light spilling into the semi-lit dining room. Emerging from the light, two women dressed in latex versions of the traditional baker’s uniform, complete with hat and apron.

“Ah… my two most talented pastry chef my little morsel…” Brulée pointed out for Jessica’s benefit.

As the two chefs drew closer, and as her eyes adjusted to the light flowing into the room, Jessica noticed that behind the two chefs were four latex ponygirls who were in turn pulling a large pallet draped in silk into the dining room. Each chef appeared to have two ponygirls at their command, subtle gestures from one hand or the other alternately commanded one or the other ponygirl to pick up their pace as they moved in unison towards the seated guests at a deliberately teasing gait.

Jessica marveled at how each ponygirl held her balance, made even more difficult by the heavy pallet behind them, as they raised their legs in unison up until their thighs were parallel to the floor and then slowly lowered them back down to take yet another step forward. It was as if Jessica was watching the famed Lipizzaner horses after they had been transformed to beautiful women and then strategically covered in Brulée’s ingenious latex. Each march forward was met not with a loud resounding ‘thud’ as would have been expected, rather each ponygirl somehow managed to almost imperceptibly slow their downward step just at the point of impact with the floor to soften the blow and keep the sound of their approach to the barest of whispers.

“Yes my dear” Brulée whispered to Jessica as she had to various privileged guests before; “They have been specifically trained to be as silent as possible. And these are my very best my little morsel.”

Jessica nodded in silent agreement as the twin handlers moved to the sides of the area where she and Brulée were seated, allowing the four horsewomen of the pastry chefs to continue until the pallet they were pulling was in the center of the imaginary stage in the dining room.

Their task complete, the four ponygirls stopped in unison, putting their right feet down so gently that even a meter and a half away Jessica could barely hear their impact. The two assistants who had been acting as escorts to Jessica and Brulée quickly moved from their position on the periphery of the dining room to unhitch the four ponygirls from the pallet and then with astounding quickness, repositioned them and marched them back to the lit area from where they came.

“And now, My Lady and Madame, the grand unveiling!” Elizabetta had returned to a position just behind and between both guests and signaled to the two fetish chefs to begin removing the large silk cloth which had covered the artwork since it was marched into the room by unfolding it from the back of the pallet.

“This is always the best part…” Brulée whispered to Jessica as the cover had just reached the top of the hidden treasure beneath.

“My Lady and Madame Brulée…” Elizabetta’s voice sang as the two latex pastry chefs paused before dropping the large silk cover; “It is the distinct pleasure of your skilled chefs and me to present you with ‘Decadence in Fudge!’”

As Elizabetta’s arms reached over her head, the two chefs dropped the cover to reveal their grand creation. Jessica unconsciously gasped as the large dessert was finally unveiled.

There on the large wheeled pallet was a massive chocolate cake, a rectangle easily 1.5 meters wide, 3 meters long and a full 2 meters high. The entire cake was done in a rich chocolate batter and liberally coated in a thick coating of what Jessica surmised to be chocolate fudge frosting. However, it was the centerpiece which drew Jessica's curiosity. The centerpiece appeared to be a nude woman set into, or more accurately a nude woman who appeared to have been deliberately sunk into the massive cake.

The cake itself was designed to resemble a large rectangular tub; much like those Jessica had seen scattered throughout the estate, with the nude subject sunk down below the top edges of the ‘tub’ sides. The woman appeared to be bathing in the rich chocolate fudge frosting that both coated the cake as well as provided the 'water' in the tub. The bathing model's legs were both draped over opposite edges of the tub, dangling over the sides, spread as wide as her flexibility would allow, her hands submerged deeply under the fudge surface in the assumed act of fingering herself to climax.

The woman had been liberally coated in the same chocolate fudge material as that which covered the rest of the cake, dribbles of it dropping from her arms, elbows, legs, and feet over the side of the cake spreading out onto the surface of whatever the cake had been resting on when the covering had been applied. The effect was one of exquisite surrealism as the frosting appeared to have been spread over her in one massive continuous flow while she was engaged in the moment of sensual self pleasure, completely oblivious to the impact of the soft brown material as it hit her in mid thrust. Jessica easily recognized the point the young model had reached as being that moment just before orgasm, her head tilted back, mouth agape, eyes closed, toes pointed out just moments before they would have curled up if she had been allowed to finish herself off. Her right leg displayed a tension that implied it was ready to spring into the air as the woman came, only to be stuck, coiled in a state of permanent pre-release.

Even though Jessica had seen the scenario of denied satisfaction played out in Brulée's works numerous times, it stunned her to see it displayed to her as nothing more than the subject for a simple 'dessert'. It was a magnificent display of control and dominance over the poor woman who Jessica concluded had likely been captured in her moment of self satisfaction totally unaware of the part she would be playing in Brulée's fetish theatre that evening.

Jessica had long ago realized that as far as Ms. Brulée was concerned, her use of her ‘guests’ was within her right as the Madame of the estate; that these women were nothing more than tools for her to use to satisfy both her artistic whims as well as her psychological pathologies. In Brulée’s twisted mental realm anyone fortunate or unfortunate, depending on the point of view, enough to cross paths with the fetish confectionaire should understand their place as one of being wholly subservient to the Madame regardless of their social position beforehand. To Brulée’s thinking everyone should understand that they exist only to please her any time or any way the Madame sees fit.

“Exquisite isn't she?” Brulée broke the silence which had dominated the room from the moment dessert was ‘served’.

Jessica could only continue to sit and stare at the delicacy as it sat a few meters away from the table she and Brulée were seated at still marveling at the incredible combination of confectionery and cruelty. She began to wonder who the model happened to be as Brulée continued her gloating.

“Oh… she's nobody you'd recognize my little morsel...” Brulée continued; “Just some unknown nubile young woman who answered an advertisement I had placed in a local magazine seeking a suitable model for some 'erotic artwork'. Of course, when the girl found out who had placed the advertisement and who she would be modeling for she was quite enthusiastic, as you can appreciate.” Brulée paused to wet her throat with a sip of wine before she continued: “She even refused the gracious modeling fee I had offered. She repeatedly told me that the mere honor of posing for me would be more than sufficient. Why, the girl literally begged for me to use her.” Brulée snickered as she recounted the young girl's initial meeting with the Madame, placing particular emphasis on the word ‘use’.

“She's not one of your staff?” Jessica finally questioned.

“Oh! Certainement pas mon doux! I would never use one of my own staff for a creation as grand as this!” Brulée replied in a dismissive tone. “You are my most honored guest this evening! You certainly deserve much more than a simple member of my lowly staff.” Brulée punctuated her point with a disdainful waive of her hand in the direction of her latex-clad staff standing at attention to the side of the room. “In fact, I selected this woman just for you my dear. I certainly hope you find her 'enticing'”. Brulée finished her statement with a light giggle.

While the young woman captured in front of Jessica didn’t detract from them, the majority of the sensations which rolling through her like the mid-summer thunderstorms which came over her winery estate each year were the result of the images being crafted within Jessica’s own imagination.

Brulée’s elaboration competed with Jessica’s imagination for the detective’s attention: “I told the girl that I needed some assistance with my newest piece on erotic fantasies. You can see that I wasn’t lying to her…” Brulée giggled before she continued: “All she had to do was cum for me while I did some basic sketches of her. Of course, it did take a little ‘persuasion’ from me to get her to relax enough to where she could really work herself into the frenzy you see in front of you.”

“Persuasion?” Jessica asked the question during another pause where the fetish Madame sipped on her wine.

“Certainly you remember the substance I gave to my little Kandied Kitten?” Brulée inquired as Jessica recalled the cinnamon-tasting substance which had been fed into her breathing tube as she was encased in the block of clear candy resin; “Well, I gave her a good dose of it in her drink so she would not be so ‘inhibited’.”

Jessica shot the fetish Madame of candy a look of disdain, eliciting the tisked response: “Oh, my dear Jessica. Why the pouty face? The poor girl could barely manage to touch herself with me in the room, so I just helped her lose some of her internal restraints.”

Brulée paused again before concluding: “Besides, you obviously can’t argue with the results my tidbit… She is magnificent. And I certainly wasn’t lying when I said she would be assisting me with my piece on erotic fantasies…”

She ignored Brulée’s all-too-familiar cackle as her focus returned to her imagination. The young woman displayed in front of her represented perhaps Jessica’s grandest fantasy laid bare: To be captured and fully encased just prior to the peak of satisfaction, totally unaware, totally unprepared, to be frozen and preserved just as she reached the moment of release. Jessica wondered if the girl climaxed anyway, unable to move a muscle as the chocolate concoction suddenly solidified around her, her fingers continuing to work unencumbered by the solidified fudge which trapped them deep in her folds.

Jessica's toes curled, digging into the semi-pliant caramel paste which had been used to secure them into the shoes on her feet as her fantasies took hold and put her in the young woman's place in the center of the fudge encrusted mass. Only a monumental exercise in self-discipline managed to keep her from matching the young woman's example by reaching between her own legs to soothe the quivering that had taken hold of her clit, the need for attention worsened by its pushing against the confines of Jessica's caramel-sealed pussy.

Jessica carefully stood up and walked over to the display, slowly reaching out to touch the surface of the coated woman, her fingers pausing a few millimeters from the surface until Brulée indicated with a laughed; “Certainly my tidbit, you can touch her, she's quite solid...”

Jessica placed her fingers, tentatively at first, onto one of the woman's splayed legs. True to Brulée’s reassurance, the fudge covering the girl was solid to her touch, not yielding under the increased pressure Jessica applied. Jessica ran her caramel-gloved fingers down the woman's taut calf, following the curve of her leg to the ankle and finally up the top of the foot. The fudge was infinitely harder than the frosting on any 'normal' cake; the woman was fully encased, a wave of chocolate-fudge cement capturing every detail of her body in a moment of intimate personal satisfaction.

A look of concern finally worked its way through the amazement and enthrallment and manifested itself on Jessica's face as she looked towards Brulée.

“Oh... another pouty face… don't worry my dear morsel, she's perfectly fine.” Brulée dismissed with a wave of her latex-gloved hand. “Her nose and mouth are completely free of obstruction and the 'Fudge Freeze Frosting' has just enough pliability to allow her to breathe without compromising the visual effect of being a solid statue.” Brulée provided the clarification as nothing more than an afterthought to the conversation as twin pastry chefs, dressed in identical mint green, semi-transparent gummi bodysuits that encased them fully from head to toe, only their faces visible, along with their braided pony-tailed hair which jutted out from underneath their similarly colored chef's hats, carefully cut two pieces from the cake and presented them to the two women.

The cake itself was quite good, on par with the best that Jessica had the pleasure of tasting, although she admitted to herself that these impressions may have been slightly biased by the encased model and the primal urges which were rolling throughout her own body. In fact, Jessica had barely torn her eyes away from the frozen fudge female, so detailed was the image that she was fully expecting the woman to suddenly convulse, flinging thick fudge frosting across the diners and the room as she climaxed over and over again.

“So my little crumpet... I trust you've become more convinced that I am a much more generous hostess and partner than perhaps you had first believed?” Brulée purred as she watched Jessica take her last bite of cake before she set the fork down and patted her lips with the fine silk napkin from her lap.

“I believe I've seen how those who curry your favor are treated far better than those who do not Madame Brulée...” Jessica replied with a wry smile. “Right now I believe that I am seeing how you treat those who possess something you desire that you cannot acquire through other more, shall we say, ‘traditional’ means?”

Jessica made no overt act of provocation towards Brulée; provoking her wouldn’t get Jessica closer to finding out what Brulée wanted from her. Brulée had started the discussion in the cordial, yet guarded, atmosphere of a business negotiation, and Jessica was willing to continue to the point where both women had made their respective positions known. Brulée and Jessica were now simply waiting to see who would be the first to concede the point before they moved on.

“Nonsense my dear… you are being well rewarded because you have earned it my little morsel!” Brulée laughed before she took another sip of her wine: “Why must you continue to concern yourself with how you arrived at your position when all you need to do is simply accept my gracious hospitality? You must understand by now my dear that as you are one of very few women who has been so able to confound and resist my temptations. Simply consider your current advantageous situation as an indication that I would much prefer to have you working with me as my ally rather than as my continuing antagonist.”

Jessica sat back in her chair and relaxed, using the time to reflect on this side of the woman sitting across from her, or more accurately, the image Brulée was attempting to project. It was difficult, but not impossible to see the attraction that the woman posed to the famous and the 'wanna-be' famous. The first thing Jessica had learned in her job was that celebrities don't think or act as 'normal' people do, and that those who find themselves further removed from the industry's 'a-list' become increasingly desperate to either achieve or regain that status. So Jessica understood that there would invariably be those models, singers, actresses, and starlets who would still clamor to be one of Brulée's subjects regardless of any danger or risk that might entail and regardless of the cautions or warnings anyone who had been one of the woman's unwilling participants would provide them.

To Jessica, the underlying trap which was constant regardless of the predator; the famous and nearly-famous invariably succumb to their own egocentrically-driven rationales which they use to justify their desperate quest for fame or social significance. It is that same rationale which explains why these same women are so willing to put themselves through significant plastic surgery, to the point of even injecting a highly toxic poison which in another application would be one of the most fearful biological weapons known to mankind, into their faces in order to keep their youthful appearance in front of an increasingly disinterested public. Jessica had concluded even before she arrived in this fantasy candy store that the narcissism inherent in most every celebrity was a 'quality' that Brulée would always be able leverage to ensure she had an adequate supply of 'models'. The cake sitting, teasing, only a few meters away was proof of that. Here was a young 'wanna-be' girl who had fallen into Brulée's talons so willingly that she gave up her model's fee just for the 'honor' of modeling of this fetish candy queen, all in the hope of becoming famous. Jessica understood that it wasn’t enough to simply escape with Heather and whomever else she could rescue, she had to beat Brulée. And in order to beat her, Jessica would have to humiliate her. Somehow.


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