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Jessica Darling Chapter 18: Soft on the inside...

by Michael England

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© Copyright 2010 - Michael England - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f+; D/s; bond; gag; gummi; gel; encased; display; public; climax; tease; toys; nc/reluct; X

LEGAL NOTICE: This is purely a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. continued from chapter 17


Chapter 18: Soft on the inside...

As the goo covered her hands and feet, Jessica-kitten noted that it was hot but not uncomfortably so. It was very sticky with a consistency not unlike a very thick hair gel or grease, and smelled incredibly sweet, sugary sweet. Jessica-kitten couldn't help herself and became wet at the thought of her being encased in the sweet, gooey material. It was only the image of Brulée staring at her through the front wall of the mold that kept Jessica-kitten from fully enjoying the experience of the hot candy gel slowly gobbling her nude kitten-body. If her eyelids weren't glued open, Jessica-kitten would have closed her eyes and fantasized of Bobbi the Songbird's supple body as the goo oozed up her breasts and claimed her face.

Jessica understood the purpose of the plastic lenses as the candy engulfed her nose and then the rest of her face. The drops and lenses, aside from adding to the kitten costume, prevented the candy from penetrating to her eyeballs, allowing Jessica-kitten to continue to see what was taking place around her. Although the view was hazy, she recalled Brulée's comment that the goop dried crystal clear. Jessica-kitten could feel the wetness of her crotch increase as the material continued its slow crawl up her inner thighs and over her back, working its way up towards the peak formed by her raised ass. Jessica-kitten began to slowly wiggle her toes in the goo, thoroughly enjoying the feel of it oozing between them when Brulée's voice appeared in her head.

"I bet that feels wonderful my pussy. But my fetish candy will start to harden soon, and when it does, I’ll have you begging me for even that little freedom you’re enjoying right now...” Brulée finished her point with a slow lick of the tip of her index finger.

Jessica-kitten shuddered as the molten candy made its first lap at her clit and pussy lips. As the goo began to push into her slit, she heard one of Brulée's assistants over the receivers in her ears make a bet with Brulée that Jessica-kitten would cum when the molten gel hit the base of her tail. She barely won that bet, as Jessica-kitten trembled slightly when a small orgasm worked its way through her sex as the rising glop circled her sensitive hole/tail.

"Mmmm... a little one was it my kitten?" Brulée whispered in Jessica-kitten's ears. "I bet if I turned on that earth-shaker vibrator embedded inside you right now, you would squirt yourself all through that resin..."

Jessica-kitten could feel the candy close over the top of her ass when Brulée finished her comment. The confectionary mistress was right; Jessica-kitten would cum long and hard if she had just a little more help. The goo was enveloping her, caressing her, driving her wild as one portion engulfed half her body while another began to solidify solidly around another. Jessica-kitten was finding it much harder to move her toes and fingers, noticing that the candy around them had begun to cool. She also began to notice an increase in pressure all around her body. It was slight at first, but it was definitely increasing. She fought to raise her head enough to make eye to cat-eye contact with Brulée.

"Oh, you feel that do you?" Brulée knew what was happening in the mold, as familiar with the process as she was…"The pressure will continue to build as we push more candy into the mold. After all, we wouldn’t want any air pockets to spoil such a delectable treat as you would we?"

Jessica-kitten recalled Brulée's explanation of the process where the chocolate plaster was injected into Bobbi the Songbird's mold.

"And, as the candy cools, it will contract a 'bit', which should enhance your overall bondage experience my sweet pussy. I've been told that you do some of your best work 'under pressure', but I guess we'll just have to see how true that is..." The last sounds Jessica-kitten heard before her receivers were switched off was the sound of Brulée's dusky laugh as the pressure continued to push in on her.

Jessica-kitten could do nothing but watch the assistants walk around the laboratory as the candy resin hardened around her nude cat-body. She had lost track of time, but given that she couldn't move a single millimeter now, she figured it must have been a few hours. True to Brulée's word, the candy had compressed around her, like a full-body corset, which made it very extremely hard to breathe. If it wasn't for the device attached to the tube in her mouth, she wasn't sure she'd be able to do much more than take in oxygen through anything other than short panting breaths.

Jessica-kitten wondered what Brulée really had planned for her. "Surely this isn't all there is.." she thought. She began to reassess her current understanding of her captor when the sudden appearance of a cinnamon flavour in her mouth brought Jessica-kitten to the realization that whatever Brulée had planned might be finally starting. A voice in her head confirmed Jessica-kitten’s suspicions…

"Hello my candied pussy!" Brulée's voice boomed. "You look positively delicious I have to tell you. If I weren't so busy I'd have to set some of my servants to licking you free." Jessica-kitten's pussy twitched at the thought of numerous servants licking the candy block until they reached her, continuing to lick her body free of the candy, licking the candy that had hardened as a plug in her pussy pushing the massive vibrator even deeper into her.

"But I've got to get ready for our party tonight, so I'll get to the point my pussy." Brulée brought Jessica-kitten back to the moment. "No doubt you do taste something in your mouth now, something like cinnamon. Well, that is another invention of 'mine' whose effects you should begin to feel very soon. And just so that you’ll have something to look forward to I'll tell you it’s a compound that, once ingested, heightens the pleasure, the touch, and the arousal centers of the brain. So, in short my candied pussy..." Brulée paused for dramatic effect... "by the time my party rolls around, you'll be so horny that I suspect anyone just tapping the block you're trapped in will cause you to climax…” A trademark devious smile began to manifest itself on Brulee’s visage as she continued her verbal torment. “Trapped in clear candy, cumming for the entire world to see...."

Seeing the trapped Jessica-kitten's eyes sudden shift around, Brulée laughed "I guess you don't like that! Well, too bad my sweet pussy! Unless you can hold out, I expect you'll be cumming at some point during the party." Brulée dropped her voice to that of a whisper and added a final "And I will make sure that you do, until you're beyond worrying your delectable little head about your embarrassment and start begging with those cute kitten eyes of yours for anyone who walks close enough to you, begging them to play with my little candied pussy in her cube."

Jessica tried to create some demonstration of defiance as Brulee’s laugh cut off in her ears, but she knew it wouldn’t make any difference. Neither Brulee, nor even the freshly minted Jessica-kitten would believe that the encased woman offered anything close to tangible resistance by this time. It had been three hours since Jessica-kitten was imprisoned in her candy block. The candy resin had cured completely, contracting even further until she could barely breathe. The compressor feeding her life-sustaining oxygen had been turned up a few settings to ensure that Brulée's candied pussy got all the air she would need. She couldn't move any part of her body more than the width of a few cat hairs in the resin, and as Brulée had predicted, she couldn't wiggle her fingers or toes at all.

After the walls of the mold were removed, one of the assistants placed a box of some type onto the rear of Jessica-kitten's clear prison. Actually, Jessica-kitten didn't specifically know what it was; she could surmise at its location based on seeing in her peripheral vision the assistant carrying it past and then, a few moments later, feeling a sudden vibration from behind. The vibrations, which sent her pussy and nipples quivering as the shock waves impacted them, led her to conclude that something must have been attached to the candy cube she was encased in. A few minutes later, a massive jolt throughout her immobile body confirmed what her cat-eyes saw as the entire block, Jessica-kitten and all, began to be wheeled forward towards their its final location for the evening.

Jessica-kitten tried to maintain her professional composure as she was moved from the laboratory room to the main dining hall of Brulée's massive complex. Jessica-kitten would have laughed at the thought of herself, looking as she did, maintaining anything resembling ‘professional’ composure. It was a futile effort as every little bump combined with the heightened sensitivity caused by the drug being fed through her breathing tube, robbed a little more of her ability for rational thought and replaced it with sexual arousal. What final semblance to composure remained were completely lost as Brulée’s fetish minions deliberately went a full 100 meters out of their way to roll their Mistress’ creation outside, down the brick path and up onto the slate-tiled walkway leading up to the portion of the mansion where Brulée’s cavernous dining hall resided. The metronome-like 'clack-clack-clack-clack-clack' of the wheels of the dolly her cube rested on rolling over the gaps in the various materials brought Jessica-kitten to her first climax as her yellow cat’s eyes rolling back into her head as she released several hours of built up sexual frustration.

She would have curled up into a ball on her comfortable bed if she were at home on her estate, but in her heightened state of arousal the sexual tension simply began its inexorable march again just as soon as Jessica-kitten released it. "Didn’t curiosity kill the cat?" she thought as the various servants scuttling about paused to look as she was carted past. Jessica-kitten thought Brulée's servants and maids would have seen almost everything by now, but perhaps seeing a hentai-style cat-girl trapped in a clear block of candy resin was a new one for them.

click to see larger image Jessica-kitten was wheeled into place at the center of the foyer leading to the dining hall where Brulée’s lavish party was to take place. She nearly passed out from the vibrations ricocheting through her body when the assistants 'accidentally' dropped as they pulled the dolly out from under the block encasing her. She knew she was in for a long night as one of the assistants put her hand between her legs and after rubbing for a moment or two placed her wet fingers on the block directly in front of Jessica-kitten's face. After smearing her gloved fingers along the block in front of the occupant’s lips, the servant smiled and waved 'goodbye', pausing to give the block a good solid kick with her spiked heel as a final salute before she spun around and marched away.

The encased Jessica-kitten was the first piece of Brulée's extensive party 'decorations' to be put into place. "Deliberately so..." Jessica-kitten concluded. It ensured that she was on display to everyone who happened to come and go through the area, and since she was in the precise center of the entrance hallway everyone who came and went had to funnel past the crystal block with its enclosed kitten. From her prominent vantage point Jessica-kitten watched the floral arrangements, the place settings, and various pieces of electronic equipment all being brought in. But the most interesting 'decorations' were the last to be moved into place.

Jessica-kitten watched as eight white columns were wheeled past her position. Each column consisted of a nude woman from the head down to mid-thigh, at which point the woman was embedded in a fluted column of solid white material. Each woman's body from the top of the neck down was covered in a skin-tight covering of the same white material, their arms arranged in differing poses that reminded Jessica-kitten of classic Greek statues. That imagery was only spoiled when it was evident each woman wore a matching white ball-gag that had been sealed into their mouths in the same manner that Jessica-kitten's had been. Each columned woman could move their heads slightly, as evidenced when one was almost jostled off its dolly by a clumsy workman and the woman's head bobbled back side-to-side for a few seconds. Quick work with the riding crop by one of Brulée's decorating staff supervisors ensured that the workman would pay more attention to his work and less to Jessica-kitten.

Jessica-kitten watched as more 'decorations' were brought in, with the human candelabras quickly getting her attention. As with the statues, these were eight nude women, each covered in a dark brown coating of some type. "Has to be that chocolate epoxy..." Jessica-kitten decided as they rolled by. Each woman carried large, 12 candle, candelabras in each hand. Unlike the statues, the candelabras were completely coated from head to toe, including their hair which had been pulled back and tightly bound in a bun on the backs of their heads before they were coated. Like the statues, each 'woman' had a large ball-gag in their mouths so Jessica-kitten could only conclude that they must have been breathing through their nostrils for whatever air their tightly constrained lungs could wheeze in. To keep the candelabras standing, each had their feet encased from the shins down in a large block of the same 'chocolate' material which only added to the effect of the women being cast in the role of being nothing more than a dining room accoutrement.

But Jessica-kitten didn't get her biggest shock until Brulée's decorating staff brought in the wall hangings. Again, eight items were brought in past her cube. But it was one last piece, a ninth one, that got Jessica-kitten's focused attention as it was being placed 10 feet in front of her… There, directly in front of her was her friend Heather.

Heather was semi-embedded in the middle of a shiny jet-black rectangular pillar that must have been close to 8 feet tall. Semi-embedded because approximately halfway up the pillar, Heather's nude body was exposed. She emerged from the pillar at a point where only her head, shoulders, upper arms and full breasts were visible. The rest of her body was completely engulfed by the pillar. As with all the other 'decorations' in this macabre display of industrial kinkiness, a large bright pink ball-gag had been glued into Heather's mouth and strapped around the back of her head. Heather had made eye contact with Jessica-kitten the moment her pillar had been placed in front of her candy-encased friend, so Jessica-kitten knew she was relatively 'ok'. But from the way Heather was moving her head around and closing her eyes, Jessica-kitten could only conclude that Brulée had concocted some means for sexually tormenting her friend while she was encased, just as she had with Taffy.

"If she did that to an ally and partner, I can only imagine what she's doing to poor Heather" Jessica-kitten thought to herself.

Heather would repeat the same process over and over again in front of Jessica-kitten's cat-eyes. She would look pleadingly at Jessica-kitten with her big brown eyes, then her eyelids would flutter and her face would tense up, before Heather would close her eyes and throw her head back as she began another round of orgasms. Jessica-kitten could tell how hard her bound friend was climaxing by the number of times Heather bobbed her head up and down. At one particular moment of release, Heather's head snapped back and stayed there with such force that Jessica-kitten began to panic for her friend, until Heather's head finally sagged back down and drooped in exhaustion. After watching Heather finish that performance, Jessica-kitten herself came quietly inside her candy prison.

Finally, after being forced to watch Heather for close to an hour, a small contingent of Brulée's decorating staff picked Heather up and took her into the main room with the rest of the decorations. Jessica-kitten couldn't have known it but Heather had been raised and mounted on the wall just as the first eight similarly encased women Jessica-kitten had watched parade by earlier had been. However, Heather's position had an extra prominence as she was placed at the very head of the expansive party hall, directly over the entrance Brulée used to enter any event she held in that facility. There Heather would join the other 'model plaques' in a tormented frenzy of sexual climax which would echo through the main hall once Brulée decided it was the appropriate moment in her presentation that evening.

Jessica-kitten tired to ignore the scenes around her, the parade of bizarrely encased women, her friend Heather being forced into a sexual frenzy in front of her, to say nothing of her own predicament, but it was too much for her and she came long and so very hard in her resin shell. Brulée had found Jessica-kitten's deep dark fantasy and leveraged it to her demented advantage, putting her on public display for all to see. Jessica-kitten could only hope that her novelty at the party would quickly wear off once Brulée's guests arrived and got past seeing her for the first time.

As Brulée had promised, Jessica-kitten had a center seat when Brulée's guests began to filter in for the event. She recognized several of them from the celebrity circuit; actresses, singers, several porn stars, and numerous models, most looking to have Brulée deem them worthy of modeling for her 'works'. It was clear that Jessica-kitten had the impact on the party that Brulée intended. On their way into the party hall, almost all stopped and pointed at the encased kitten, some even venturing up to the block to lick it just to see if it was really candy or not. The almost constant tapping of the various partygoers on her candied-resin block kept Jessica-kitten stimulated, but nowhere near to where she would reach any climax. That all changed suddenly as the vibrator buried deep inside her pussy violently jumped to life. Jessica-kitten came within seconds.
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"Oh GOD!!! Oh G...G...GOD!!!" Jessica-kitten thought as the first massive orgasm quaked through her body, spreading out as fast as her synapses could fire from the epicenter deep inside the depths of her pussy. In her final rational moment before a second quake overtook her Jessica understood what Heather must have been going through while she was positioned in front of her. Except Heather could at least move some part of her body. Jessica couldn't wiggle, couldn't twitch, couldn't do anything but take whatever Brulée gave her.

"Oh… that wasn't me my candied kitten..." Brulée's whispered voice came into Jessica-kitten's head, as if the candy Mistress was reading her ecstasy-clouded mind. It took a few moments before Brulée stopped cackling and explained the true source of Jessica-kitten's torment.

"No doubt you remember that large vibrator that I had glued into your delicious hole before you were sealed in? Well that's probably the most powerful, monstrous, pussy-shaking tool ever made. And maybe you got to see that little box that I had my assistants attach to your block? Well, that was a device similar to my remote control unit. Except it only has one code..."

Jessica-kitten could barely understand a single word Brulée was saying as she climaxed several more times.

Brulée giggled... "That code is the one that turns your vibrator on and off silly kitten!" as she watched her kitten cum inside her candy shell. "See my kitten? You're part of this evening's entertainment! I had my assistants put a sign next to your little control box. You may not have seen them post that, and I can guarantee that they didn't tell you what it said, since I instructed them not to. For you see my dear Ms. Kitten, I so wanted to be the one to read it to you. It says: 'Please pet my adorable little pussy! She is very, very lonely and needs lots of attention. Enter code: 3365479# and play with me! So you see, you're my first public interactive art piece! And you're titled: Kandied Kitten!!! Isn't that simply scrumptious?!!"

Jessica-kitten was reaching her fourth climax by the time Brulée's cackling voice finished explaining her torment. "Great! So now I'm 'entertainment'! I'll kill that fucking..." her thought was cut off as another guest decided to 'pet' Brulée’s scrumptious kitty.

The Kitten couldn't avoid the process of forced stimulation and release. It seemed as if everyone who attended the party had to 'pet the pussy' multiple times during the evening. It wasn't until Brulée began the formal festivities that the crowd dispersed and the Kitten was left alone long enough to get a period of rest. If she could close her yellow kitten-eyes she would have quickly fallen asleep from sexual exhaustion. As she sat there... “Sat?” Jessica-kitten didn't know what she was actually doing... She was encased, completely immobile, her pussy throbbing from the clenching, the trembling, the spasming that it had endured, but she wasn’t sure if that constituted 'sitting' in anyone's dictionary or not. Not that the Kitten really cared anymore. She had been pulled inexorably onto this path the moment she saw Heather's movie clip on the plane, had been prodded further down it when she saw her friend coated with the 'molding butter', and had begun to walk even further down it on her own when she watched Taffy become nothing more than a quivering solid white blob.

So it should have come with little surprise to the Kitten that when her respite ended, she responded with her largest climax since she'd been coated and encased in her crystal clear kennel. It was also at that time that Brulée added a second device to the Kitten's control box, one that activated the anal plug in the base of her little kitten tail. Everyone who was there to see her marveled at the Kitten's ability to convey to her audience the nature of her plight. Even as limited in mobility as she was, the encased Kitten still demonstrated to her adoring crowd the depth of her climaxes each and every time they rumbled through her body. It wasn't until Brulée again activated the receivers in the Kitten's ears that she received the applause offered by the party goers who had been enthralled by the most recent performance.

“See my tasty Kitten?” Brulée whispered into her Kitten's ear; “See how they delight in your displays? How they marvel at your ability to enjoy yourself so thoroughly even though you are directly at their mercy? Doesn't it feel delicious my Kitten?”

And deep down inside it did feel delicious to her. Knowing that everything she did while trapped was at someone else's control.

Finally, after several hours of sexual bliss broken up by periods of withdrawal, the party ended and the decorating staff came to retrieve the various pieces that had been crafted for the event. For the Kitten, this meant the same assistants as before coming to roll her back to the underground complex for her subsequent removal from her candied bondage. After rolling the 'Kandied Kitten' into a large bay in the studio facility where it had been originally crafted, the latex-covered assistants began its disassembly as they attacked the work with high-pressure hoses. The hot detergent/water mixture which was disgorged at high pressure worked to first melt, and then wash away the candy resin. Great care was taken to ensure that nothing harsh came into contact with the exhausted occupant of the eroding block as Brulée had clearly indicated in her instructions that Jessica-kitten had been the star of the show and no one was to disturb the star. Brulée had even assigned one assistant the sole responsibility of keeping the kitten from falling as the resin melted, since the mixture being sprayed would also melt the clear resin cart that Jessica had been secured to prior to the encasement.

Jessica didn't notice the time it took to free her, she only noticed an odd mixture of relief and regret at the end of her ordeal; relief that it was over and she could rest her exhausted and abused body, regret that it was over, for as many times as Jessica had been restrained by her lovers she had never had such release as she what she experienced while trapped in Brulée's candy Bastille.

For the first time Jessica had discovered what it felt like to be fully, completely restrained to where she couldn't do anything but take whatever her tormentor permitted her to have. She barely noticed when they removed her kitten's tail and ears, barely recognized the assistant when she applied the solvent to her eyelids so she could finally close them and sleep. But that would wait until the assistant removed her kitten's eyes and whiskers and, after applying a liberal amount of solvent, removed the liquorice gag from her mouth. No restraints were required to further control her as Jessica couldn't do anything except let her head droop to join the rest of her nude body in the remaining puddle of goo on the studio floor.



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