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Jane, Susan & Mary

by Jennifer Wilson

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© Copyright 2008 - Jennifer Wilson - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; latex; first time; mast; cons; X

Jane has lived in London for the past three years after moving from Manchester just after her 22nd birthday. Jane moved away from the North to escape the dreary weather and to enjoy the faster pace of the nation's capital. She is tall and slim with auburn hair falling down to her shoulders; her green eyes are forever sparkling, enhancing her already beautiful face.

A year ago she first discovered the existence of latex clothing whilst waiting to have her hair fashioned for that evening’s nightclubing, she had picked up a copy of a Shiny magazine, which was amongst the usual fashion mags on the table. The pictures of the glossy black coloured latex garments being worn by the models looked so sexy it intrigued her greatly, to the point even that she felt her pussy becoming moist at the sight of the latexed girls. She wished she could massage her twitching mound to encourage the sensual feeling to the climax it obviously desperately needed, however there were too many customers sitting and milling around for this to be possible. She hurriedly made a note of a few names and addresses of companies advertising the rubber fashion wear before she was called to have her hair done.

Jane could not put the images out of her mind for the rest of the evening. Indeed she even wore the shiny burgundy satin blouse and soft black leather skirt to the nightclub in an effort to emulate herself as the girls in the magazine. She had always liked the look of herself in the shiny blouse, but now she wished for the full gloss black of the latex that she saw in the magazine that morning. Not only for the appearance but also for the anticipation of what it must feel like wearing it next to her bare flesh, as the girls in the mag looked like they were enjoying it very much.

The very next day she visited the first of the shops, which wasn’t very far from her home as it happened and was amazed at the variety of latex garments displayed. There were rows and rows of tops, skirts, slacks, dresses and accessories in every colour possible, though predominantly black, the full-length cat suits especially caught her eye along with the many panties and bras. She felt like a young kid in a toyshop on her birthday, so much wonderful stuff, if only she could have all of it. Again there was a moist stirring between her legs and an aching to satisfy the craving building up within her pussy. Jane then sobered up somewhat when she realised the prices of the larger items were way outside her budget, and anyway she still hadn’t actually had the latex next to here skin save for the handling with her fingers which she did enjoy. The other thing that concerned her was that some of the latex items weren’t actually shiny; it was just a matt dark grey colour. But when she queried this with the sales assistant her mind was put at ease when learning about the polishing required afterwards to bring the latex up to a full gloss shine.

So the nice problem for our Jane was what she would choose for her first piece latex of clothing. Susan, the young sales assistant came to the rescue suggesting just a couple of small items to begin with, such as a pair of panties and a bra. Another advantage for these items was that she had several sizes in stock and measuring Jane found the best ones for her. Susan also explained to Jane about applying talcum powder to the insides of the bra and panties and to her legs and bottom to prevent possible tears to the delicate rubber as she put them on. Susan noticed Jane’s long finger nails and made special mention of being extra careful whilst pulling the panties on, as they need to be a tight fit to get the best result. Along with the garments Susan added a bottle of the shine liquid as a free gift and told her the best way to obtain a full gloss shine.

Jane was so glad she only had to go a short distance to get home and try on her new undies, her very special latex undies. By the time she was opening the door to her home her pussy was well and truly saturated with her juices. She ran into the bedroom and just about ripped all her clothes off, her silk panties were very wet indeed and she put them up to her nose to take in the aroma of her own juices. After lying on the bed the panties and bra were quickly removed from their packing and Jane fondled them, first against her face to take in the new aroma of the latex and then between her legs. The feeling was explosive as she pushed the black latex of the panties into her extremely wet virgina. The combination of her two fingers exciting her clitoris with the latex and the aroma of the latex bra which she had across her face brought her very quickly to the most massive explosive orgasm she had ever experienced. The sensation rising up her inner thighs as she climaxed was something she had never enjoyed so much before, either with boyfriends or masturbating.

She lay there on the bed recovering from the most enjoyable climax and thinking that she hadn’t even put the panties and bra on yet, so what would it be like then? It was taking longer that usual to recover, such was the intensity of the orgasm and this gave Jane time to ponder the all that had happened in 24 hours since she was in the hair dressers yesterday. Does this now mean she is kinky or just a normal girl who also has a fetish for black latex which she can enjoy in the privacy of her own bedroom. She settled on the latter situation, but how wrong was that going to turn out.

The panties were quite wet from the first meeting of latex and pussy so Jane took them and placed them under her nose to take in the mixed aroma of her love juices and the rubber.  This began further feelings between her legs and she quickly took away the moist panties from her face or she thought she would never get to actually put them on. The bra was still dry so she placed her ample breasts into the cups, which looked too small at first, but when she managed to fasten the strap behind her back realised how well they moulded themselves together and supported her breasts as no ordinary bra ever had. The feeling was something else and her loins were on the move again, she caressed each breast in turn with one hand whilst holding her power bulge with the other. She dare not move her lower hand too much in fear of a repeat orgasm and she was determined to get the panties on for the next enjoyment.

Jane washed the wet panties as per the instructions from Susan in warm soapy water and rinsed with clear warm water then dried with a cotton towel. She then turned them inside out and sprinkled talc all over the latex and over her long lithe legs, hips and bottom. She returned to the bedroom whilst savouring the thought of finally having the soft latex cradling her tightly around her virgina and bottom. Sitting on the bed edge she eased the panties up her legs taking extra care not to damage the latex with her long finger nails, her heart was racing as she continued to raise them further up and around her thighs. Her pussy was becoming moist once again longing to be enclosed in the black latex panties; well it wouldn’t have to wait much longer as Jane eased them all the way up around her hips and bottom. She smoothed out the couple of creases and reached for the bottle of polish and cotton cloth applied some to the latex and gently rubbed the material to a glossy finish.

As she polished her power bulge the sensation was becoming too much too soon so she took a rest to allow it to cool down somewhat. Jane turned her attention to the straps of her bra as she thought she could polish them with minimum reaction to the fire within her, and this did work so she progressed to her breasts with the liquid. She was becoming more proficient with the amount of polish needed and the duration of rubbing to achieve a beautiful glossy shine on the latex, and Jane was impressed with her work thinking all polishing work should be as enjoyable as this. Finally, after several rest periods, the panties and bra were brought up to their full impressive condition of glossy black, reflecting the light and accentuating Jane’s curvaceous form.

Fortunately Jane’s bedroom had a full-length mirror to which she viewed her reflection with satisfaction, noting how the black latex bra showed off her firm round breasts as never before, her nipples were fully aroused and very prominent through the thin latex. She mused over the thought of what her ex boyfriend David would think of her now as he was a dedicated breast man, she surmised he would go ballistic at the thought of getting his hands and mouth around the latex covered mounds. But her thoughts returned to the matter in hand. The panties reflected perfectively the contour of her shapely figure as she caressed herself, one hand alternating between each breast and the other around her bottom and between her legs. The love juices were flowing full bore by now and the feeling rising in intensity so Jane moved back to the bed, layed on her back closed her eyes and gently massaged her mound. Moving in small circles around the very top of her virginal slit, just easing the latex inside a little quickly brought her to another violent climax as she cried out YES YES YES many times. This orgasm along with the first was so explosive that Jane could imagine nothing ever taking its place in the pleasurable experience stakes.

Her previous orgasms with David now seemed very tame compared with her newfound latex sex as she now called it and this is how she wanted it to be from now on, and one other advantage was that it wasn’t necessary to have to put up with the usual crap associated with boyfriends. Jane still laying on the bed softly stroking her breasts slipped her other hand under her panties between the latex and the pubic hairs, now very wet from the flow of love juices, and inserted a finger into the slit and rotated it around and around. Jane withdrew her hand and raised her finger to her nose to enjoy the mixed aroma of the now quite warm latex and her juices; she revelled in the sensual smell and then sucked her finger to enjoy the salty rubbery taste as well. She reinserted the finger to collect more juices to enjoy – ‘waste not want not’ – was one of her favourite sayings.

Finally Jane eased herself out of her precious garments and took a well earned shower and day dreamed about the events just past and the future. She thought back when she was in the shop and decided that she would definitely need more, much more latex, especially a dress or even the full cat suit. She wondered as to how she would manage to slide herself in one on her own without the possibility of tearing it in the process. However the cost of the larger garments was the primary concern to Jane and she pondered how to overcome this and arrive at a solution.

The house Jane was renting had a second bedroom, which she used mainly for storing stuff, and at first when she moved in she had considered sub letting it for extra cash. However she then decided not to as she was managing all right with just her wages from her sales job in the city. Now might be the time to reconsider the situation, it wouldn’t take much to clean out the second bedroom and also a companion might be nice. So an advert went into the local newsagent’s window for a room to let and it wasn’t to long before the phone began ringing with prospect tenants. The first couple of men that rang didn’t impress Jane at all but the third caller was a sincere sounding woman so she agreed to see her that evening in the house. Mary, as she was called turned out to be a very nice lady indeed, about 20 years old, well spoken if a little quiet and had held a good job for three years, so Jane had no concerns about her paying the rent. Mary liked Jane and the house as well as the second bedroom so a deal was done with Mary being able to move in the following weekend.

Jane was very excited now, as the extra money would enable her to purchase more of the latex clothes sooner rather than later. As she couldn’t wait, knowing the extra money would be coming soon, so the very next day she was back at the shop browsing around taking in the rubber aroma and the feel of the latex fashions. Susan soon sidled up to Jane and asked if she could assist with her choice of the next special item. Jane was pleased with this, as she was sure Susan had quite a lot of experience in selecting the right item for her customers. Susan herself was wearing a bright blue latex dress, which suited her blond hair very well and accentuated figure for the pleasure of Jane and the other customers.

As Jane didn’t really know just what to choose she asked Susan what she would recommend as the first items Susan selected had been perfect. Susan had deduced Jane’s love for the latex panties and bra and thought that the best item to compliment them would be a long sleeved loose fitting long raincoat with attached hood, in black of course. Jane was a little surprised at this suggestion assuming some more tight fitting garments would be logical choice, but Susan said “trust me I won’t let you down” and offered to allow Jane to try one on in the back room specially set up for this very purpose. Susan selected a coat and asked Jane to follow her to the “special” room. The room had its four walls and the ceiling made of mirrors with a lounge chair and single bed as the only furniture, with Susan and Jane inside she locked the door to prevent unexpected intrusions.

Jane was about to take the coat from Susan to try on but Susan said, "Slow down Jane, you will get the full feel of the coat if you remove you outer clothes first. Jane was a little shy at this but Susan calmed her and commenced to help her off with her street clothes. When she was down to her bra and panties Susan said, “I expected you to be wearing the black latex set that you have”

Jane replied “ Wow! I hadn’t considered that at all, I am very new to all this Susan and it does look like I need some education”.

Susan smiled as she handed the raincoat to Jane and said, “It will all come naturally Jane, but don’t rush it, it is probably for the best that you take one step at a time and saviour each experience to its fullest before moving to the next”.

Jane was very impressed with this young girl, guessing her age at about 19, as she was certainly sincere and not pushy at all. She seemed very happy with her job, though when you think about it what girl wouldn’t whom obviously liked to wear latex to work in a latex fetish shop. Jane took the latex raincoat from Susan and noticed how well it was made, the glued seams being almost invisible and very smooth. There were no buttons or fastenings of any kind down the front just a latex belt around the waist, the hood seemed too deep, but Susan noticing the puzzled look on Mary said “You’ll see the reason for that when you have it on”.

So eventually Jane slid her arms into the slender black sleeves of the coat and Susan folded the body of the coat around her. The sensation Jane felt was almost overpowering being encased in the black shiny latex and Susan had to grab her to prevent her from falling over and eased her to the bed. Jane’s cheeks flushed red from both the encompassing latex coat around her body and the feel of Susan’s arms around her.

“Why did I ever doubt you Susan? This is indescribable around me, I feel so horny” and with that Susan placed her hand ever so gently on Jane’s breast and whispered, “let your feelings take you where you want to go, whatever happens is between you and me and these four walls”.

Jane stood up in front of Susan and placed her hand on her bottom and held her very close looking into the mirrored wall and seeing her hand on Susan’s blue latexed bottom and Susan’s arms wrapped around her back. Jane’s mind was racing now not only was her vagina watering like you wouldn’t believe but she was in the arms of another girl and both dressed in latex at that.

Susan then raised her arms and gently lifted the hood of the coat over Jane’s head. That did it for Jane; the hood covered her head beautifully and extended forwarded a few inches so that her head was completely enclosed in the shiny black latex. Susan gently folded the hood around Jane’s face and eased it into her cheeks and against her mouth. The sensation of the black latex hood encompassing her face blocking out the light and the feeling of total enclosure and the aroma of the rubber sent Jane into heaven, her vaginal fluids seeping out of the pussy lips. Jane grabbed Susan hand and placed it between her legs right on her power bulge then slowly moved it rhythmically. Jane moved her hand to Susan’s breast and carefully massaged her there whilst Susan continued with her attention lower down to the now very moist silk panties. She pressed her finger ever so gently into Jane’s vagina searching out the clitoris, which by this time was engorged to its full size, and throbbing and longing to be satisfied.

Susan manoeuvred them both to the bed and kissed Jane tenderly on the lips as she pulled the hood over her face as far as it would go. With this Jane’s groin spasmed with the force of a tidal wave, she had no control whatsoever for over half a minute she just orgasmed over and over in a mind blowing fashion, all the factors, wrapped in black latex, the hood, a latexed girl in her arms, and her first female kiss was just far too much for her to control. ‘This is what heaven must be like’ thought Jane.

‘All part of the service’ thought Susan, but she was not so crass as to say that, she did say, “Jane what happened was entirely natural for you, do not be concerned it doesn’t mean any more than it was, just two girls enjoying each other and our latex”.

It took five or ten minutes for Jane to regain her composure and say to Susan, ” I think you have a sale there, you certainly know just what a women needs at the right time and just how to deliver it. I know I am going to enjoy shopping for more latex with you in the future”.

Susan replied, ”Please don’t think this is my normal practice Jane, in fact I have never done that before, it just seemed a natural thing to do at the time and I sensed it is what you wished even if you didn’t consciously know it”

Back in her home with the hooded coat, Jane sat on the bed smothered her head in the material and absorbed the overpowering aroma of the latex. She quickly striped off all her clothes and thought ‘every time I take my panties off lately they always seem to be wet though’. She quickly applied some talc to herself and gently pulled on the black latex panties, smoothed them over her curvaceous bottom and held her mound for a moment immediately raising the sensations once again. Jane removed her hand to put on the bra and then slide her arms into the coat's sleeves feeling the coolness of the black latex and drawing the hood fully over her head fell onto the bed. She rolled over and over on the bed, backwards and forwards so the latex coat would press into her skin all over, Jane rubbed her hands down her body and legs, “Oh how I wish I had Susan here now to fondle and caress me” she thought to herself.

One hand found her left breast and the other her soft mound, both hands slowly but deliberately massaged the objects of desire to once more bring Jane to a crushing orgasm. The all-enclosing feeling of the hooded coat and the tightness of the panties and bra holding her most precious parts in rubber was all Jane could wish for as she lay on the bed still thinking about Susan. Jane closed her eyes and continued to fondle herself as she writhed in ecstasy whilst her orgasm erupted. On recovering Jane removed the coat, panties and bra and put the coat back on only this time backwards so that her face would be enclosed fully into the hood without the need to hold the sides together. She fastened the tie belt around her waist and smoothed the black latex over her bottom and torso, breathing in the strong aroma of the rubber. As she was in darkness due to the hood she could imagine herself in the wonderful world of latex and never ending orgasms. Jane rolled about on the bed and one again the passion in her loins boiled up to the thrills she now knew very well.

The weekend arrived and the knock on the front told Jane that her new flat mate Mary was here. Jane opened the door to her and welcomed her in helping with her luggage. “My bits of furniture should be here shortly,” said Mary.

Jane replied with “Please join me in the living room and I’ll make up a cup of tea, or would you prefer coffee?”

“Tea’s fine for me Jane, this will allow us to get to know each other a little better, I am so pleased you choose me to rent you spare room. I just finished up with my boyfriend; he was such a bastard not respecting me at all, wanting his own way all the time. I am now looking forward to a new beginning starting right now here with you, Oh I didn’t mean that how it sounded I mean  - oh I think you know what I mean” she said in all innocence.

Jane laughed, “I certainly understand, I am happy to be free of men at the moment and also very pleased we are able to talk together like this without apprehension. What sort of things do you like doing Mary?” Jane inquired.

“I mostly enjoy good classical music, visiting art galleries, that is one reason I came to London as there are so many here, I also look forward to lots of long walks in the parks and countryside. How about you Jane?”

“Well, believe it or not my interests are quite similar though I do go to the theatre when I can afford to” Jane replied and thought to herself I’d better not mention my new exciting love of latex clothing and definitely not Susan, she would run a mile I she thought I was a lesbian, which I don’t think I am anyway, but that might be hard to explain. “There is a wardrobe in your bedroom Mary for you to use, would you like me to help you unpack and put away some of your things?”

“You are very kind Jane, yes that would be very nice if we did it together”

So Mary and Jane unpacked the suitcases and hung the dresses and skirts and things up in the wardrobe putting her ‘smalls’ on the bed until Mary’s chest of drawers arrived. Jane had not missed the fact that quite a lot of Mary’s clothes were made of shiny material like satin and polished cotton, even a couple of Lycra pants. ‘I love your choice of fashion Mary”, Jane said holding up a dark blue shiny blouse up against herself and looking in the mirror, we must be both about the same size”.

“That means we have both just doubled our wardrobes”, laughed Mary. With that a knock on the front door signalled the arrival of Mary’s furniture, and as there was only a couple of items it took no time at all to have Mary fully settled in.

Jane cooked the evening meal with Mary helping as best she could not knowing where anything was in the kitchen but the two of them got along very well. After dinner sipping coffee in front of the fireplace the talk turned to their clothes and that their styles were similar in that they liked simple smart clothes, not to fussy. “I noticed you have a preference for shiny material Mary, it certainly suits you, I adore the dress you have on now, it shows off your figure to its best”, Jane said.

Mary blushed a little and thanked her for the compliment responding with, “I have always had an attraction to glossy things and even tried some PVC once but it was stiff and not comfortable at all, it was an inexpensive item so that may have been the trouble – cheap material”.

With that Jane could not believe her luck, but how was she to bring up her newfound love of latex with Mary? She thought it best not to rush things right away and put off Mary, thinking what Susan had advised, ‘let things happen slowly in their own time’ very good advise thought Jane, I can always amuse myself for the time being. So began the introduction of Mary to latex.

A few weeks passed by, the girls enjoying each others company and ‘doing’ the town together, listing to classical and popular music on Mary’s CD player. Jane had formulated a plan at least as far as she could to bring latex into Mary’s life. Jane suggested that they spend an evening at the local theatre together, as there was a play showing that had been recommended by a colleague at her place of work. Mary was keen to do this and began discussions, as girls do, on what they should wear for the evening out, suggesting that Jane always looked good in her burgundy satin blouse teamed with the leather skirt. Jane was pleased that Mary liked her in shiny clothes as the planned change to full gloss black latex would be all the more easier. Jane had purchased a few more rubber items from Susan in the past couple of weeks including a lovely nightdress with long sleeves, in black of course and two more pairs of pantie and bra sets. The extra cash from Mary was certainly being put to good use, and Mary would hopefully benefit from it as well. As Jane was becoming a good customer of the fetish shop and earning Susan a goodly amount of commission, Susan would have Jane’s purchases already polished up to a brilliant gloss shine, including the new panties and bras. Susan had suggested even, that if Jane phoned prior to a visit with what she had in mind she would polish the garments herself for her so that Jane could see them to their best effect. Susan of course knew all of Jane’s body measurements very well by this time, both dimensionally and visually.

Mary chose a short lightweight green sleeveless light dress for the evening with a soft silk shawl draped over her shoulders. As they were about to leave Jane said she would bring a rain coat as she thought it could possibly rain later on and as they were walking to the theatre and selected her hooded raincoat from the wardrobe. She just draped it over her arm and carefully watched Mary’s expression when she saw it. “Wow!” Mary exclaimed, “Where have you been hiding that?”

“Oh, this old thing, I haven’t really had the need to use it lately, are we ready”, deflecting the talk to other things for the time being. During the short walk she caught Mary’s eyes glancing at her coat several times, and thought ‘this is going to be much easier than I’d hoped for’.

Jane and Mary found their seats in the theatre and Jane placed the coat over her lap with a little of the edge just touching Mary’s bare leg, as she planned. Jane knew of Mary’s like of shiny clothes, but needed to know how she would respond to the feel of latex and the aroma before she proceeded further with the plan. Mary had been thinking about the coat since she first laid eyes on it back at the house and now she could feel it on her leg and stroked it with her hand. She liked the softness of it; it sent a chill through her, a pleasant one though. She could also just detect an aroma emanating from the raincoat. Mary would have liked to be able to have more of the black latex material on her lap and the opportunity came when Jane excused herself to visit the bathroom during the first session break. Jane was about to place the coat on her seat when Mary suggested that she could hold it for her so that it wouldn’t slip to the floor, so she passed it to Mary.

Mary carefully laid it across her lap and felt the electric sensation of the cool black latex on her bare thighs, she hitched her dress up higher so have more of the coat caressing her skin. She realised that she was becoming moist and hot between her legs and pressed the cape into her crutch, which felt so good. How she wished she could put on the coat right then and feel the sensation all over her body. Also Mary would have liked to bring the material up to her nose to take in the sweet scent. She was pleased at least that she had chosen to wear the lightweight dress, which allowed at least minimum separation between the latex and her body; she dare not pull the dress up further for fear of being caught out. As Jane would be returning shortly Mary manoeuvred her dress back down and refolded the coat across her lap again and just placed her hand upon it stroking it softly.

As Jane sat back down again she noticed Mary made no attempt to return the coat to her, but continued to watch the show as if the coat was not on her mind at all. This of course pleased Jane, she was only sorry she would have to miss out on the comfort of the coat herself, but the thoughts of later events to come kept her pussy nice and damp. Anyway she was sure the retention of the coat by Mary was fully intentioned to prolong the obvious pleasure she was obtaining from it. With the show over the girls made their way to the exit with Mary still hanging on to the coat, Jane thought ‘I’ll never get it back now’ and an inner smile crossed her mind. Jane then couldn’t believe her luck. It was raining lightly and as Mary hadn’t brought anything being more adventurous in that respect or ‘living on the edge’ as she called it Jane suggested they share the coat over their shoulders and hurry home. The two girls wrapped their arms around each other, pulled the cape over themselves and held the outer edges around their fronts as far as it would go around the two of them.

Both Jane and Mary were excited with being wrapped in the black latex together and the rain seemed to only improve the feeling as they scurried along the footpath. They didn’t really have the time to savour the closeness as they kept trotting along, so Jane suggested they may as well slow down to a walk as the rain was easing up a fair bit to a light drizzle. Mary then asked Jane about the coat, “I love your raincoat Jane, the touch of it on my bare arms sends goose bumps up and down me, what material is it? And where did you get it from?”

Jane replied, “It is latex rubber, and there is a special shop a short way away that has lots of latex and PVC fashions as well as leather. I too love the feel of it on my skin and how I look enclosed in my coat in the mirror, when we get home you can put it on properly with the hood and fasten the coat with the tie belt around you waist”.

“I can’t wait for that Jane” Mary said, “Can we hurry some more?”

Once in the lounge Mary quickly took the coat from their shoulders and straight away placed it around herself and hugging her body and arms together to gain the full effect of the latex on her skin. Jane stood in front of her and gently raised the hood over Mary’s head and stepped back to admire the beautiful image of this wonderful figure of a young women wrapped in glossy black latex in her own lounge room. The coat was still a little wet from the rain, which only served to enhance the gloss; Jane was getting the hots very strongly now for Mary.  She moved to her, wrapping her arms around her and burying her face in her neck taking in the aroma of the latex and Mary’s own perfume. “Mary, you look so fantastic in my latex coat and if you feel good in it as I am sure you do then we are going to have a wonderful partnership together”, and with that placed her lips tenderly on Mary’s lips and held her tighter. Mary responded by holding Jane’s head firmer to her own and kissed harder, as she moved her other hand to her bottom and held it firmly pressing their groins together.

Jane now knew that all her dreams of a latex lover were about to be realised, her pussy was throbbing wildly asking for satisfaction with this latex clad beauty, she savoured the moment in Mary’s arms, but soon they will both be encased in the wonderful black soft latex. Jane led Mary to her bedroom and slowly took of the coat from around her, then unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She could see at once the wet mound of Mary’s panties, and fell to her knees pressing her nose to her pussy taking in the sent of her juices. Nothing was said as both girls knew words were not needed just yet, and with that Mary unbuttoned Jane’s burgundy silk blouse and unzipped the back of her leather skirt, and they too both fell to the floor. Mary noticed that Jane’s pussy was as wet as her own and began laughing, “I can’t believe this has just happened Jane, pinch me so I am not dreaming all this, its like being in heaven”.

Jane replied, “it gets better yet, let me take off your bra and panties and replace them with some very special ones I have for you”. With that she unhooked the bra strap and carefully lifted the bra away from her shoulders. Mary’s breasts stayed firm and pouting with no droop at all, the nipples at attention and begging to be manipulated. Jane then peeled down her panties leaving Mary naked. Jane still in her bra and panties went to her special drawer and selected the new latex panties and bra she had purchased previously. Mary’s eyes sprang wide open at the sight of the underwear, “Oh Jane, Jane how could you have known this would happen, let me see the panties please”, as she almost snatched them off Jane and buried her face into them taking in the aroma of the latex.

“Slow down Mary” Jane said, “We have to talc you up first so they will slip nicely over you hips”, and with that sprinkled some onto her hand and began to spread it onto Mary’s legs and buttocks paying special attention to her power bulge and pussy. Jane then eased the panties over Mary’s feet, up her long shapely legs and over her bottom finally smoothing out the few creases. How wonderful Mary looked in the already polished black latex panties holding her pussy locked away safely inside.

Mary could feel her passion raising rapidly as the latex pressed against her smooth skin and wanted to massage her pussy there and then, but she knew more was to come as Jane placed the bra over her shoulders and breasts and fastened the back to firmly hold her. In the mirror Mary could see herself in the black latex panties and bra and fell in love with the sight of them as well as the feeling and aroma. She then helped Jane off with her underwear to be replaced with the same as she was wearing herself, and the two of them embraced in a fury of arms and legs. They pressed their breasts and groins together enjoying the silky sound of the latex as they rubbed each other again and again.

Jane whispered to Mary “Would you like to put the raincoat back on or try my new latex nightie”.

Mary replied “The coat please as I love the hood over my head, and will you wear the nightie for me as I would like us both to be encased in this lovely latex”.

As the cape slipped over Mary’s shoulders Jane could see she was about to orgasm and placed her hand to Mary’s virgina and gently massaged until seconds later she spasmed and shuddered violently indicating the orgasm had taken over her whole body. Mary almost fainted with ecstasy and Jane had to support her and gently laid her on the bed to recover.

“What have I been missing all my life? I never dreamed that this feeling would take over me in such a way, I want it like this forever, and I want it with you Jane and your lovely black latex.”

“And you shall have it my dear, this is a new experience for me too, I only discovered latex a few weeks ago and that I enjoyed the sensual feelings of another woman about the same time so I think they are interconnected somehow”. With that Jane tried on her new latex nightie for the first time having saved it for just this moment, the feeling it gave her more than matched the coat, as it was a closer fit. She missed the hood though, but as Mary had it on she could still see it and in a short while would be able to fondle it and press her face to it.

“You look super in you nightie Jane, please come and join me on the bed so I can please you as you did me, you must be aching for release just as I was”. Jane lay down next to Mary to enjoy the fondling of her breasts and pussy by Mary through the latex, she was very close to climaxing when Mary pressed her fingers and latex into Jane’s slit and when she found her engorged clitoris she exploded to a climax like she had never had before, the sexual feeling was so strong she too almost passed out. The waves of ecstasy flowed through her loins time and time again, she moaned out loud and even cried a little as she writhed on the bed holding Mary’s hand stronger against her groin. Her face pressed hard against Mary’s breast was cradled by Mary’s free hand and the full aroma of the latex mixed with the sweat and perfume served to enhance the lovemaking further.

Mary not having any experience of this reaction before was at first a little concerned of just what she had done to Jane, but then when Jane calmed down and kissed her affectionately she knew everything was alright, more than alright, perfect as perfect can be. Here she was dressed in shiny black rubber underwear with a hooded coat of the same material laying with a similarly dressed young women and both of then had just experienced the wildest sex imaginable bring them to violent orgasms. It wasn’t just the latex or Jane it was a combination of both, Mary knew then for sure that this is life she now wanted for herself, the latex clothes and Jane.

After an hour of relaxing together on the bed Jane suggested to Mary that the next weekend they go and visit the latex shop and do some serious shopping for more clothes, maybe things they can wear out on their walks together in the park. Maybe not too visible to other people or they will have a band of pervs following them. They wanted to keep their passion of the latex and each other to themselves, although Jane thought Susan will probably catch on, but she seemed to very discreet. Mary became excited at the thought of shopping for her own latex things and bombarded Jane with questions as to what sorts of items you could buy in latex. Jane just lightly kissed her on the lips placed her hand on her breast and whispered time for that later, we now have to make love together in our latexed bodies until we are asleep in each other’s arms.




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