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Jade's Secret

by LeahBMe

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© Copyright 2003 - LeahBMe - Used by permission

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Jade coughed as a wave of dust hit her as she opened the trap door to the attic. Tiny dust balls swirled to the floor below her feet. The stench of stale air hitting her nose made her grimace. 

"Has it really been this long since I have been up here?" She thought to herself. "Oh well, I guess I have to do it. I can't really move and leave this stuff behind."

Jade both loved and hated having to move. She had grown up in this house. She had baked her first pie in the kitchen below her, had rode her first bike on the street in front, and kissed her first boyfriend in her old room to the right. It seemed that this house contained a lot of firsts for her. Her parents had willed her the house when they passed away, and deep down inside Jade did not want to leave. Unfortunately, commercial developers had bought her place out and were forcing her to leave. Unfair as it might seem she was actually quite pleased with the buy out price, so fair was it that she and Greg could buy a small chunk of land and build their dream home. She had always liked log houses and now in a few short days they would own one. Just over 3000 square feet and nestled on 50 acres, this house would truly be a dream come true.

Jade sighed to herself as she passed her dream through her mind, then grimaced again as she turned the light on in the attic and looked around. "Perhaps we could just nail the trap door shut and leave this stuff up here." She thought to herself. "It's not like we really need this stuff anymore." But then she remembered why she had truly come up here. Not because of a box of old rags, or teddy bears, old lamps or stuff like that. But because she had to retrieve a box she had been hiding up here, a box that contained some very dear things to her. A box that she had hidden when she and Greg were married and moved into this house less than a year ago. For this box contained her most deepest, well hidden fantasies. And it was a box that she would never wish to leave behind.

For as far back as Jade could remember she had always been drawn to a certain smell, a certain feel. Something that had the ability to hold her tight yet let her move around. It was something that seemed to find every teeny tiny inch of skin and cling to it when she put it on. Something that had a very distinct odor to it and the slightest whiff would make the juices flow from between her legs. For this something was latex clothing, and when she put it on she felt safe, secure, and sexy. 

Jade had spent a long time securing various articles of clothing and was quite proud of her collection. It consisted many long dresses, shirts, pants, skirts, panties, and others. But Jade was particularly fond of one piece of clothing she owned, her lovely catsuit. Her custom made, one of a kind, measured for her body alone, catsuit. It covered her from her head to her toes. It had built in socks and gloves. The hood had clear plastic eyes for her to look out of and, when on, the only part of her head that wasn't covered was her nostrils where two small holes allowed her to breath. But perhaps the finest part of the catsuit wasn't its fully enclosure capabilities, but its two specifically shaped prongs in the crotch.

Jade remembered those two little demons well. She had felt a little silly when she went to the designer to be measured for them. When they stuck the small funny balloon in her pussy and her anus and started to fill them with some sort of compound that molded to her exact inside dimensions, she was ready to run away. But thankfully, she thought to herself, she stayed and endured that personal embarrassment. For there was no better feeling in the world than when she put the suit on and slid her devils in. Because they were specifically designed to the shape of her body she could wear them long term without the slightest bit of discomfort. And when she slid the vibrating attachments onto the outside of the prongs it brought her pleasure that she couldn't begin to describe. She could live without her other garments so long as she had her suit.

Jade smiled to herself as she thought about her catsuit. "Perhaps soon I will get the chance to wear it again." She thought to herself. She started toward the corner where she had hidden her secret. She remembered piling the boxes on top so as to make it look inconspicuous. Looking at the pile however Jade thought that it seemed smaller than what she remembered, plus there wasn't any dust on the boxes anymore. Starting to panic that Greg had found the box she started tearing away at the pile, growing more and more scared as she slid each box away. Suddenly Jade squeaked in horror as she threw the last box aside. For her box was gone!

Jade slumped to the floor of the attic as she realized the disappearance of her box.

"Greg must have found it." She thought to herself, "God, now he'll think I'm some kind of sick weirdo and leave me!" 

Jade calmed herself from her near hysteria. Perhaps he didn't find the box. Maybe she had just misplaced it! But after tearing apart the attic Jade resigned herself to the fact that she was right before in assuming Greg had found it. What she needed was to think of a rational explanation for the box of latex garments of which Greg would surely question her about.

"A weight loss type of fad?" Jade thought, "No, Greg wouldn't ever believe that. Even if he did, how would I explain the catsuit with the plugs inside? I must think of something or surely Greg will believe me to be a freak." But try as Jade might she could not come up with anything even remotely believable except the truth. 

"Perhaps he will be understanding if I tell him just how wonderful those clothes make me feel." Was the last thought through Jade's mind as she closed the trap door to the attic and went downstairs.

"The movers will be coming tomorrow and Greg should be home from work the morning of the next day. Perhaps I could talk to him when he gets home before we move out to the new house later that day. God, I hope he will be receptive and understanding to what I'm going to tell him."

Jade hardly slept that night as visions of a huge fight between her and Greg flashed through her mind. Four times Jade sat bolt upright in bed covered in sweat and crying for Greg not to leave her. She finally gave up trying to sleep and went to the kitchen to make some coffee and wait for the movers. 

The movers came and went and another day was over as Jade finally slept a good seven hours as exhaustion crept over her. She was tired from thinking about what the conversation would be like between her and Greg, and decided that it would probably be best just to play the cards as she was dealt them. 

Jade awoke to a ringing noise in her head. She thought that was strange as she didn't own an alarm clock that rang and the phone was disconnected. Again the ringing noise forced its way into her consciousness. But this time she realized it wasn't a clock or a phone that she was hearing but her front door bell. She figured it must be Greg and he had forgot his key. Quickly she got dressed and raced to the door to let him in. Instead she found a deliveryman holding a large box standing at the front doorstep. She could feel the blood rushing to her face as she stood there looking at him. Luckily, the deliveryman quickly introduced himself and handed her the package. 

"Special delivery ma'am." He said with a smile upon his face, "Looks like I got here just in time because by the looks of your house I'd say you were moving."

"Yep, last day here." Jade replied. "Do I need to sign anything?"

"Yah, just sign this form and I'll be on my way."

Jade quickly signed her name and thanked the deliveryman. Watching him turn and walk back to his truck Jade quickly shut the door. "Who would be sending me a package now?" She thought to herself. Looking at the plain brown wrapping on the package only one word was written on the top. JADE. 

"Strange," She said to herself, "no return address or anything."

Suddenly Jade got a sick feeling in her stomach as she realized it was Greg's writing on the package. She was sure now that he wasn't very happy at finding the box and wasn't going to be coming home at all. Scared to open the package she thought she was going to throw up. "I guess I should get it over with." She thought to herself. And taking a deep breath she began to tear the paper.

Jade slowly opened the box and looked inside. But all she saw was a slightly smaller box with a letter taped to the top with the words 'OPEN ME FIRST' written on top. Confused as to what was going on Jade reached in and grabbed the letter and began to open it. Slowly she began to read:

My Darling Jade,

I'm sure by now you've discovered that I have found your box. Let me first say that it was quite a surprise finding it over two months ago. We had just found out the house was being bought and I went to the attic to start cleaning. I was looking around and happened upon your box. Opening it and looking at the clothes that were inside I could only come to the conclusion that they were yours. I am sure that you are extremely worried as to my reaction of this discovery. And please, let me put your mind at ease by telling you that having a latex wife has always been a hidden fantasy of mine. I wanted so bad to tell you about my love for the clothing and wanted to ask you if you would consider wearing some. Alas, I had feared that you would think me for a pervert and leave me. Thankfully, I have been proved wrong.

Darling, inside of the second box you will find a set of clothes. I will be home shortly after the deliveryman arrives and will expect you to be wearing them. I know the movers have come and gone and you are waiting on me before we leave. After I have arrived and found you dressed we will finish packing the car and drive to our new home so I can give you the grand tour. 



PS - I made a few changes to the house plans, which I think that you will enjoy.

Trembling after finishing the letter Jade took a look at the smaller box. "What could be inside?" She thought to herself. Quickly she grabbed the box and raced upstairs to their bedroom. Placing the box on their bed she bent over and began to peel the tape off of the second box. Opening the flaps and pushing the packing paper aside Jade gasped as she both smelled and saw the clothes which she was to be wearing. On top of the pile was a white pair of latex panties and a bra accompanied with a bottle of baby powder. Slowly she reached in and removed them a set them aside on the bed. Next she found a blue and gray striped suit jacket also made of wondrous latex. Also removing that she next found a white latex tank top and underneath it she found a knee length, gray colored, latex skirt. Finally she found a pair of short white latex gloves and a gray latex summer hat which completed her ensemble. 

Staring at the clothes now laid upon the bed Jade suddenly became very excited. She was both overcome with her new clothes and the support of her husband. Jade could feel a warm, tingling sensation in her crotch and knew instantly that she was about to come. Picking up her new jacket she brought it too her nose and breathed deeply as the explosion between her legs rocked her body. Each inhalation of the latex's scent seemed to set off a new, more violent, explosion. The rhythmic clenching and releasing of her pussy muscles increased with every breath. Soon she was breathing so hard she thought she might inhale her new coat before she even got to wear it. Slowly however, after what seemed like half an hour, Jade began to regain control of her body. She became aware that the insides of her legs were wet and her body was covered with sweat. Realizing that Greg could be arriving any minute she set down her new jacket and ran to have a shower wanting to be clean when Greg got home.

Jade quickly washed her sweat and cum soaked body in the shower. After a short five minutes she was out and began drying off with a towel she had saved. Next she began to brush her hair and do her make-up. She applied a bit more than usual however as she wanted to look her best for when Greg arrived. After she deemed herself to be presentable she walked back into the bedroom and looked again at her new outfit.

She looked down on the bed on which her new outfit lay. "God," she thought to herself, "the craftsmanship that went into this is astounding." She bent over and picked up the bottle of baby powder and began to sprinkle it over her body. As she rounded her breasts she could feel that her nipples were sticking straight out and was surprised with how hard they were. Continuing she spread the powder down her belly and into her crotch noticing that her juices were starting to flow again. Quickly finishing covering her body with the powder she put down the bottle and reached for her new set of panties. Slowly she began to slip them on enjoying the gentle grasp of the leg openings as she slid them up her legs. Pulling them up tight she was jolted by the hugging feeling around her crotch. "Has it been this long since I've worn latex?" She wondered. Next she reached for the bra and began to slide it over her head. Savoring the smell as the rubber passed her nose. Again the warm, hugging feeling came over her as she pulled it tight over her breasts. Jade turned to the mirror to admire her clothes so far. The pure white of the panties and bra contrasted nicely with her tanned skin. Turning around Jade noticed that her panties weren't quite so dry anymore. She wondered to herself if she might have time to satisfy her crotch's desire to be rubbed. But she knew that Greg was due home any minute now and his letter said that he had expected her to be dressed. 

"I wonder what kind of changes to the house he has made?" She wondered to herself as she reached for the skirt. Bending over she put her feet into the skirt and pulled it up tight across her waist. She marvelled at the tightness of the skirt as it gently pulled her knees together and made it difficult to walk in. "Time for the shirt." She thought as she began to pull it over her head. Again the sweet smell of rubber passed her nose and she could again feel her crotch screaming from below aching to be rubbed. She pulled the shirt down tight and again looked at her reflection in the mirror. Unconsciously she found that her hands had begun to slide down under the skirt and into her crotch making a back and forth motion upon her mound. Slowly her hands moved back and forth, massaging the ache that burned within her latex panties which now slid with ease over her pussy. Back and forth, back and forth, her body began to move with the rhythmic motions her hands were making. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back beginning to breathe faster as the sensations coming from her pussy grew in strength. Faster and faster she began to breathe, keeping pace with the now quickening speed of her hands. She could feel the orgasm building deep within her body, deep inside a place that could only be accessed by the wearing of latex clothes. Her excitement growing and growing, her body began to be covered in moist sweat, her breath had progressed to short gasps and...

SLAM!! Jade's head snapped forward and her eyes widened as she realized the closing of a car door right in front of her house. "Oh shit, Greg's home!" she said to herself. She ran to the window and confirmed that her thought had indeed been right as she saw Greg walking slowly to the front door. Quickly she ran to the bed and grabbed her new jacket and slipped it on. Painfully ignoring the wondrous feel that came over her as it passed over her body. Quickly she reached for her hat and put it on. Stopping to take one last look in the mirror to ensure that everything was in it's place, she grabbed the gloves and went downstairs to meet her husband. Jade was still breathing heavily as Greg opened the front door. A large smile and brightness in his eyes lit up his face as he looked at his latex wife standing in the hallway waiting for him. 

"Ah, I see you got my package." He said quietly, "I trust that everything fits well, hmmm? Might I say that you look truly lovely, and I hope this is a start of a new way of life for us."

"I'm so glad that you understand!" Jade cried as she ran to his awaiting arms. "I was so scared that you would leave me!" She continued to cry. 

Giving Jade a big hug and then gently pushing her back so he could see her face, he replied, "Darling, when I found your box I nearly collapsed. I thought of the time we have wasted so far by not telling each other our fantasies. I thought of how you and I could have been spending such better time together enjoying our latex clothes. From now on I want us to share our fantasies openly and freely."

"OUR latex clothes?" Jade replied. Slowly she stopped crying and took a better look at what Greg was wearing. It was a navy blue business suit like his others she had first thought. But on closer inspection Jade found that it too was made of latex. It was cut loose to fit like a normal suit and had a duller finish. So well made it was, that at 10 or so feet nobody could tell that it was made of latex.

"Oh darling," She cried again, throwing herself into Greg's chest and burying her face in the wonderful fabric. "You're right, from now on I'll tell you everything. "

"Good," he replied softly, and then a little louder, "Shall we go see our new house?"

"Yes," she replied quickly, "tell me, just what are these modifications you have done?"

"You'll see in a bit." Was all he said as he guided her toward the car.

Greg opened the door for his latex doll and helped her climb inside. After closing it for her he got in on the driver's side and started it up. "I truly hope that the modifications I made to the house will be okay." Was all he said before starting the car and pulling onto the street. Greg drove slowly away, allowing Jade one final look at their old home. They drove in silence for about half and hour before Greg pulled into a small restaurant. 

"Oh Greg, I can't go in there like this! People will stare at me." She pleaded.

"Did you take a real good look in the mirror before you came down the stairs to meet me?" he asked. "Oh, that's right, you were too busy doing other things before I opened the car door. Nonetheless, if you had thought of looking real close you'd have noticed that the clothes I picked out for you don't really look like fetish clothing. It looks more like a business suit my dear. And besides, if people want to look, let them."

Jade felt her face turn red as she realized that she had been touching herself in front of their bedroom window. Not only touching herself but giving a show to whoever had happened to look up there, as she had packed the curtains away the day before. But the more she thought of it the clothes did indeed look just like a suit and people would have to look really hard to see what it was made of. Still she was scared but increasingly more excited of the idea of eating in a restaurant dressed in latex.

Greg turned the ignition off on the car and stepped around to open the door for Jade.

"Come my dear, I'm hungry and you look radiant." 

Resigning herself to the fact that she was going to have to do it, she stepped out of the car and, despite having wobbly knees, she took his outstretched hand into hers. Quietly they walked toward the door and stepped inside. Jade quickly scanned the interior of the restaurant and saw only two tables were taken at the moment. One by an old trucker with his head buried in his plate devouring a plate of eggs and bacon, the other, by a husband and wife and their small boy getting ready to order their food. Greg led them to a table by the window despite Jade trying to pull him to a more secluded table. He reached around and pulled the chair for her and after sitting he went to his own chair and sat across from her. Jade could feel the eyes of the family burning upon her body even though Greg's reassuring look told her otherwise.

The waitress quickly came over to the table and took their order. They both asked for the continental and smiled at each other when the waitress left. "Oh Greg," she hissed, "did you see the way she was looking at me? I'm telling you, she knows!"

"She was not, and if she was, who cares?" He said quietly.

Again Jade resigned herself to the fact that Greg was probably right. Still, she didn't like it. After the meal arrived Greg ate leisurely while Jade tried to wolf it down and get out of there. Tapping her fork against her empty plate she tried to display that she was ready to go, but Greg continued to eat leisurely and had even asked the waitress for a newspaper, which she brought right away. Nearly exasperated at the slow pace of Greg, she almost jumped out of her seat when Greg said that it was time to go. Greg left the money on the table and thanked the waitress for a delicious meal while Jade tried to lead him out of the restaurant.

"Now, now dear. That's no way to treat a wonderful waitress and a delicious meal now is it." He chided her. "After all, that rubber suit your wearing is hot enough already, there's no need to work up even more of a sweat now is there?"

Jade, feeling much better now, and even a little excited about pulling it off, offered a poor attempt at a pout and then threw herself around his arms and kissed him dead center on the lips.

"Well, well, perhaps we should do this a little more my latex doll." He whispered in her ear, "Are you ready to see our new house?"

Jade simply smiled and said yes.

Greg pulled the car into their new drive leading up to their house. Jade was silent as she enjoyed the wall of trees lining the road. It limited her view into their yard so well that only little bits and pieces could be seen. It was so dense and mesmerizing that she even thought she saw a small track in the yard leading around the pool and into the woods behind their house. Greg slowed as they neared the lane into their yard and then stopped. 

"Now my dear, I want to explain some things to you." The look in his eyes told Jade that she should pay attention. "The modifications I made are designed to enhance our new found lifestyle. I made modifications that would best coincide with our activities. I designed something for a relaxing environment, for a sexual environment, for a sleeping environment, and for an exercise environment. I hope that each of these meets your approval, but if not, do not hesitate to tell me."

Jade nodded and promised that she would, and with that Greg drove up to the house. Jade felt her voice get caught in her throat as she looked at the magnificent log house that stood before her. Greg opened her door for her and took her hand as she stepped out of the car. She stumbled a little but Greg quickly caught her and carried her towards the door. 

Opening the door Jade thought that she could smell the faint aroma of latex. But then thought that it was just her clothes that she smelled. "Perhaps I'll start with the living room," Greg announced as he set her down and led her down the hall. 

Jade stared in amazement as she looked at the grandiose room. Almost everywhere she looked there was some sort of latex covered furniture. The corner couch was covered in rich blue latex with small light gray latex covered pillows adorning the back of it. The recliner was also covered in the light gray latex which had a multicolored latex blanket folded on the back of it. Again the vibrant blue latex could be seen covering the seat and back of an antique rocking chair. And finally, as Jade finished glancing about the room she saw that even the lampshades of the room were again covered with latex. The room smelt absolutely delicious as Jade took in a deep breath. She could stay here all day.

"If you haven't figured it out yet, this is the relaxation room for both of us." Greg announced.

"Oh Greg, I love it!" She screamed as she threw her arms around his latex covered body. She couldn't help but notice the bulge in his latex pants as he squeezed her body tight to his.

"Now, onto the sleeping room." He replied, as he gently pushed her body away from his.

Leading Jade back out of the latex living room he rounded a corner and went up the stairs. Jade could feel the wetness returning to her crotch as the excitement of seeing her new bedroom got to her. Quickly as Greg opened the door for her she closed her eyes, stepped inside, and took a long, deep breath. The strong sweet smell of latex again crashed her senses and she knew the wetness between her legs was growing. Opening her eyes she first saw the black sheets and purple pillows on the bed and knew right away what they were made of. Glancing around she saw the purple curtains were also made of latex and even the chair in front of her makeup mirror was covered in latex. She ran to the bed and flung herself on it. Rolling over and over pulling the sheets across her body she savored in the wonderful texture and feel of the latex.

"Oh Greg, it's absolutely wonderful! How about coming over her and getting a little more comfortable." She cried to him as she slid her hand once again under her skirt and started to stroke her latex covered pussy.

"Now, now dear. We still have some other things to look at you know." He scolded as her came to the bed and took her hand. "We'll have time for that later. But now I think that it is time we took a look at the exercise area."

Jade pouted and then stuck her tongue out at him as he pulled her from her rubber-covered bed. 

"Keep that up and you'll get a spanking." He spoke ominously. Jade shuddered with the thought that she might receive a spanking. She had always dreamed of being the bad girl and getting such things. But would never think that Greg might actually do it, would he?

Jade went back down the stairs following Greg. He stopped at the bottom and turned toward the back door. She wondered what he was up to when he opened the door and held it for her. He followed her through the door and once again took her hand, leading her toward the bathhouse out by the pool. Again he stopped and held the door for her and followed her in after she had stepped through. At first Jade didn't see anything that looked like an exercise room, moreover, it was just a bathhouse with a sauna door at the back. Puzzled, she followed Greg once more when he opened the door to the sauna and stopped once she got a good look at the room.

"This isn't a sauna," she whispered. "This looks more like a stable."

"Very perceptive my dear." Greg replied, "It is indeed a stable... a ponygirl stable! For it is here and out on the track that you will be getting your exercise. I've wanted a rubber ponygirl so much that I had the workers build me a stable and a nice leisurely track around the whole of the property. But don't worry, MOST of the track is completely covered in by woods. Only a few small portions of the track will you be visible to passing cars." 

Jade could feel her knees starting to buckle under her weight and was relieved when Greg caught her in his arms. "A ponygirl?" she thought to herself. Quickly again though, she regained her strength and started to walk around the stable, her stable. There was an assortment of harnesses and straps upon the walls. In the center of the stable she saw a trough and drinking fountain. Upon the posts were large hooks, which she could only ascertain to be attachment points for her harness to hold her in place, and through the window in the back she saw a small carriage with a buggy whip hanging off the side. The excitement of her new found exercise regime started to overpower her. Just walking about the stable Jade knew that the imminent approach of orgasm was steadily approaching. The wetness that she had noticed in her crotch had now turned to a warm, tingling feeling. She knew that her clitoris was completely engorged in blood, standing at attention, screaming for someone to stroke it. She quickly turned to Greg and approached him. He knew that by the look in her eyes she was nearing a complete meltdown, so he grabbed her gently and carried her in his arms back to the house. Back through the door, down the hall, up the stairs, and into the room directly adjacent to their new rubber bedroom.

"And this room, my dear, I call the games room." He said quietly. "In this room, all of our fantasies, fetishes, and sexual desires will be carried out."

"Oh, Greg." Was all Jade could manage to whisper as she looked around.

The room was completely encased in various shades of rubber. In the far-left corner stood a black rubber St. Andrews Cross, in the far right, a bright red rubber bed, with all the attachment points for ropes and straps plainly visible. To her immediate left she saw a black rubber swinging harness attached to the ceiling by stout looking chains. And to her immediate right, was the largest chair she had ever seen. The chair was completely covered in blue padded rubber. Upon its frame were dozens of eyeholes which ropes could be passed through to hold its victim. At the front was a kneeling stool also covered in the same deep blue rubber. But the most amazing part about the chair to Jade, was the enormity of it and the ability it would give her to sink right into it.

"Now my latex lover," he commanded, "it's time for you to have a seat!"

Jade didn't bother to say anything and almost ran to the chair. Deftly she hopped up into the seat and turned her body towards him. The ache in her crotch caused her to spread her legs and was already starting to reach down into her panties when Greg grabbed her hand and told her to sit still. Greg slowly reached under her skirt and lifted her hips gently as he started to pull her white latex panties off. Almost immediately he was intoxicated by the musky scent of her pussy combined with the sweet smell of latex and could feel his erection growing. Slowly he removed the panties and tossed them to the side. He leaned forward slowly and kissed Jade gently on her lips before he started to descend on her. The panting of Jade's breath became readily audible as he slowly passed his warm breath across her pussy. He continued to blow gently for a few seconds more and kissed the inside of her legs. Alternately he kissed one leg, blew in the middle and kissed the other. All the while Jade continued to breath more and more heavily. 

"Please darling, please!" she pleaded as he slowly tortured her with his games. "I can't take anymore, please I need it nO..... AAAAAAHHHHHH!"

The screams were by no means quiet as Greg flicked his tongue on her erect clitoris. Slowly, almost snakelike, he flicked his tongue back and forth across her mound. Waiting one or two seconds between flicks he was almost knocked over by the convulsions at each flick of his tongue. Flick, flick, flick, he continued his slow torture, keeping the intervals long enough to deny orgasm, yet close enough to keep her on the edge. Flick, flick, flick, the rhythmic motion of his tongue driving Jade absolutely wild. She screamed wildly at each flick, trying desperately to force her much needed orgasm. She pawed at her new clothes and chair, burying her face in it trying to inhale the intoxicating odor. Anything to bring her climax on. 

"Please Greg! Please! I need it NOW!" She screamed wildly.

Greg, sensing that it was time, Greg buried his face in her pussy and began to lick wildly at the juices coming from her body. With the seeming savagery that Greg possessed at pleasuring his wife, Jade felt the climax suddenly swell inside and burst. The racking waves descended over her body and she became oblivious to her surroundings. Wave after wave seemed to crash down upon her, she screamed and her body rocked as each wave descended upon her. Time and time again she felt her body tense and release as her orgasm washed through her. It continued this way for almost ten full minutes until, completely exhausted, Jade simply passed out.

She awoke an hour later in their new latex bed to Greg's gentle hands stroking her hair. She also noticed that she was no longer wearing her business suit and that Greg too was naked lying next to her.

"How long have I been out?" She asked

"About an hour," he replied, "I trust you are feeling better?"

"Yes, but I could use a shower." Noticing that she was feeling sticky from the sweat that had dried on her body.

"Yes, I think a shower would be in order." He replied. "Then perhaps a bit of lunch, and a rest on the couch."

"I love you Greg." She suddenly whispered to him. "I love you so much! I absolutely love the new house, and am so excited at the prospect of our new lives together. I could stay in this bed all day!"

"Well, I'm glad you like the house my dear." He said, "But as for spending the day in bed, I'm not sure, I was planning to get a little exercise in." Jade blushed as she remembered what he was implying.

"Besides, there was an outfit in that box that I found that I think would be perfect for our little stroll today." Greg taunted, "I seem to remember a little piece that would cover your whole body, not to mention the plugs that would be sure to cover some of the inside too."

"Oh Greg!" she screamed as she threw one of the latex pillows at him. "I couldn't possibly wear the catsuit outside, let alone pulling a carriage around in it."

"Don't think so? I think we will just have to see about that!" He replied as he pulled her close to him and kissed her pouting lips. Sensing what he was up too, and feeling his erection against her legs, she reached down and pulled the rubber sheets over them as they started to play.




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