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Finishing School II part 8

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - Rbbral - Used by permission

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Part Eight

We had plenty of time before Miss Broad and the others would come for a chat, and so we decided to renew our acquaintance! We lay back on the latex waterbed and pulled the latex sheet over us. It was wonderful being in the same bed as Sarah again, doing normal things. Don’t get me wrong, normal sex is just fine with me, and with Sarah it was sublime. But the added piquancy of the rubber made it so I never wanted it to stop. This was how I wanted it to be for us in the future, for good. In the dark, snuggled up under the sheet, all in a tangle of arms and legs and sweat, Sarah confirmed that it didn’t, it couldn’t get better than this. So in between having our mouths otherwise engaged in other activities and while catching our breath we discussed our future together.

For three hours we explored ourselves again, this time with the mutual added pleasure of the latex. We had oral sex and normal sex and even some not-so-normal sex and we slipped and slid between the sweaty sheets. My cock was still a bit sore from the catheter and the rubber spikes in the pouch, but having Sarah’s moist mouth clamped around it and then sliding it into her warm inviting channel seemed to take away the soreness very quickly! We didn’t want it to stop, but we had to get ready for our visitors, so we showered again – this time separately otherwise we would never have come out - and chose our clothes carefully, as we did not want to disappoint them, for it was going to be an important meeting, one that could change both our lives.

It was fun choosing our clothes from the huge selection in the rubber room, and even more fun that we could now do this together. We took our time dressing, sensuously feeling each other under the rubber clothes as we assisted each other.

We decided to have a bit of fun, we were like a couple of schoolgirls giggling and playing with each other – but not too innocently! So we chose to dress identically, like a pair of twins. There were two stunning outfits in the closet that Sarah chose. We started with my tube corset and we must have been quite a sight, both of us jumping up and down like a pair of bonking bunnies as she helped me into it. It seemed tighter and only when it was on, extending from under my ringed nipples to above the tattoo at my groin did she tell me it was yet another size smaller. The effect was now, almost, hourglass. She ringed her hands round my waist and grinned.

“Mmmm, a figure like this and all the local boys will be lining up to fuck you!” And she slapped my buttocks as she helped me step into the anal spreader and then the cock and ball pouch, thankfully not the one with the spikes. As she knelt before me and before she slid my cock and balls out of sight, she pouted.

“I’ll be sorry to see these go for a while, but maybe they need a rest, eh?” And she cupped me and kissed the end of my cock.

“For God’s sake put them away, or we’ll never get to the meeting!” I cried in frustration as I hardened; she gave them one last kiss and they were out of sight. As she tightened the straps of the anal spreader to the waistband she tickled my exposed ring, giggled and then tightened and smoothed out the pouch. Next came a garter belt and then a very nice padded bra, which made me look like a 50’s Hollywood starlet, very busty. She laughed again and gave my boobs a playful squeeze, she was having a wonderful time, and so was I, but my cock was getting desperate for release.

All my clothes so far had been in brilliant white and this continued with shiny latex stockings, which she lovingly, longingly pulled up my legs. I breathed slowly as the cool latex caressed my smooth hairless skin. I was hooked on the stuff all right! She smoothed out the creases, and gave my pouch a playful pat, then she opened a pair of white latex panties and she pulled them up my legs and fit them snugly over my groin and backside. She slapped my buttocks again (she really enjoyed doing that!) and then said.

“Okay, my turn now, stockings, garter belt, bra and panties please!” Hers were in matching white and as she placed her wonderful boobs with the ringed nipples into the bra cups I began to slide the garter belt up her thighs and then commenced on the stockings.

She sat on the side of the bed and with an evil grin opened her legs. I squatted between them, feeling the pull on my pouch, stretching my cock and balls back. I rolled down the stockings and as she raised her foot I placed the stocking over it and gently pulled it up. She helped me pull it up her powdered leg and then we slowly repeated it on the other leg. I shuffled in and as I was fastening them to her garter belt she leant over and cradling my head in her hands kissed my bald head. She always had a facility of doing tender things at the strangest of times. In the middle of wild lovemaking she would catch me with a particular action that would take my breath away with love. I was so lucky to have her.

I looked down between her legs at her shaved and ringed exposed vulva, inflamed and with beads of sweat ringing it. She lowered my head and placed it gently over her crotch.

“Sarah, look we have to get dressed, we’ll be at this all night.” I said, my voice muffled by her thighs closing.

“Well, the quicker you finish, the quicker we can get dressed.” She giggled and patted me on my bald head. I could easily have broken free, but was I that stupid? Trapped between her rubber covered thighs I lapped at her channel, and gently pulling on the labial rings with my teeth. In no time at all, I heard a groan from her as her thighs gripped my head. She tenderly raised it as she released me and kissed me on the mouth

“What a good boy you are, oh, and a good girl too….now we had better get on with the dressing.” I admired how wonderful she looked as she stood and evened out the creases in the white stockings and adjusted her bra, through which I could see her erect ringed nipples. I passed her the white panties, taking a brief sniff of the pungent rubber before she pulled them up her legs and smoothed them over her backside. We were identically dressed and continued to be so as, facing each other, we donned shoulder length white latex gloves. I saw that Sarah was breathing slowly through her nose. She, like me, was getting turned on by the whole dressing process.

And now came the identical dresses. They were short-sleeved, to mid-bicep just covering the white gloves, and the skirt was short too, about mid-thigh and flared. The neck was high and there was a circle shaped section cut out over the breast section exposing the tops of our white bras. There were white ruffles at hem, sleeves and neck and the remainder was in bright scarlet, with a striped scarlet and white skirt. The waist was very tight, and the breast section shaped to push our boobs out. We were both quite excited with them and helped each other, finally zipping the up the back. Sarah giggled; she was having a wonderful time.

“Mmmm, this is so cool; you look good enough to eat.”

“Well, that’s going to be tough with the pouch, sweetie, so you’ll have to wait.” 

“Pity. Okay so we want to be identical twins, right? Well we look like it all right, let’s get you into some heels, six inch for me – yummy, and I think five inches for you, that should equal us out.”

“Fine by me, I’m pretty good with these now.”

“I know,” she laughed, “you’re better than me,” she grabbed my boobs, “and these look better than mine too!” I squirmed away.

“Yes, but believe me, yours are the real thing, oh baby.” We slid into the white shoes; I had no problems in them at all now. My goodness, from the neck down we really did look identical, maybe my corseted waist was a touch wider and my boobs bigger but we were a very good match! She came to me and we hugged, our breasts crushed by our tight embrace. My hands slid under her short skirt and she did likewise with me, she was already breathing hard, I thought that she could have come there and then, without any encouragement from me, just us embracing in our identical rubber costumes. We separated and she whispered.

“Want to have a bit of fun, with them I mean, not us right now, though I have to tell you I’m right on the edge.” I nodded. “Well, what if we mask ourselves and say….cuff and gag ourselves and present ourselves as rubber subbie twins. You know…..they wouldn’t know who was who! Unless of course they gave us a good feel under here,” she slipped her hand under my skirt, “but it might be fun, yes?”

“Oh, yes, let’s go for it, you get a couple of matching masks and I’ll get the silver belts and cuffs.” I was quite looking forward to presenting ourselves as red and white rubber subbies, all cuffed, masked and gagged for their use and enjoyment! Sarah got a pair of masks that were perfect. They were white with a back zip, luscious red rubber lips, black eyebrows and blue eye shadow surrounding the small eye holes. There was no mouth hole and only two small nostril tubes. Sarah showed me the inside of the mask and I saw a thick cock shaped gag. She smiled and said.

“Once these are on, communication is not going to be easy. Are you on for this?”

“Of course, it will be fun.” And so I helped her on with hers. It was wonderful seeing her take the thick cock in her mouth, looking at me and grinning as she pulled back her hair and I smoothed it out and pulled down the zip. As I tucked it under her ruffled collar she mmmmed as she got accustomed to the cock. And all I could see was a white emotionless face staring back, with a red rubber grin on its face. Now it was my turn and as she eased it over my bald pate I opened my mouth and took in the cock. The cool rubber on my bald head was actually quite pleasant and the cock wasn’t too big. We stared at each other and I think Sarah was giggling, as I saw her body shudder, but all I could hear was a mmmm.

We embraced again, now completely covered in latex (save for the small area of flesh between our stocking tops and panties). I could hear her moan under her mask, she was very excited and so was I. I took the cuffs which were attached to the D ring in the front of the silver belt and clipped them over her wrists. Then I wrapped the silver belt around her waist, and ratcheted it tightly behind her. She now stood powerless before me, her hands cuffed to her belly by a 12 inch chain. Rather than put my cuffs on yet I decided to have a bit of fun with her. I squeezed her breasts through the tight dress and heard her moan, she made pretence at escape, wriggling in my arms, but it was not very believable, I knew she was happy to be a dolly in my arms. My other hand raised her skirt and I ran my fingers up and down her rubber crease. It took her less than a minute to come; I looked at her impassive face as she groaned loudly through her gag.

Almost regretfully, I placed the cuffs over my wrists as Sarah wrapped the belt around me and locked it at my back. We were now identically cuffed, masked and clothed, and we could do very little to each other, except perhaps rub our bodies up against each other. It was very frustrating and also, knowing it was self inflicted, very exciting. We lay back on the bed, and Sarah rolled around so we were in a 69 position, I needed no encouragement and tucked my head under her skirt and rubbed my nose to her rubber-encased vulva. As my cock and balls were well “protected” in their pouch, I really couldn’t receive too much attention from her, although she did nuzzle up against me. I would just have to wait until later!

We eventually broke and I rolled around and faced her. We lay against each other. It may sound strange but the fact that we were cuffed and gagged (self imposed) did not in any way bother me. I was with Sarah, she was wearing latex, I was wearing latex, and I was content. The wild latex orgy would come later, and the both of us being cuffed and gagged merely enhanced the anticipation! I could hear Sarah softly moan, she seemed so comfortable with her rubber outfits now that I got the impression that she was drifting to sleep. I snuggled up to her, our rubber faces touching, and we lay like that for a while

I was awoken by the clatter of high heels and I knew our visitors were approaching. We rolled and wriggled out of bed, careful not to break the skin of the waterbed with our heels. I could hear Sarah giggling behind her mask and saw her signal to me to kneel at the bottom of the bed. I knelt next to her, my hands clasped at my waist, my head lowered in the classic sub posture. She still couldn’t stop giggling and I nudged her with my elbow.

What a sight we were, in our white stockings and gloves, white masks with outlined features and our scarlet and white dresses.

I heard the door to the rubber room open and footsteps approach us. Then I heard Miss Broad’s voice (I hadn’t heard it for a while) quickly picking up on the tone of the evening.

“Well well, what do we have here? Looks like a couple of red rubber subs…….and perhaps a pair of identical twins.” As I kept my head lowered I heard a quiet laugh in the background and then saw Miss Broad’s high heels stop in front of me, there were another pair of heels next to hers and slightly behind, and I took them for Camille’s. I felt a hand placed on my lowered head, and then gently start to rub me. I moved my head up, bathing in this tender caress and my eyes moved up Miss Broad’s body. She was wearing what could only be described as a hobble dress, for from ankles to neck she was encased in tight black latex. The waist section had a built in corset and it was cinched very tightly; and she had a high reinforced collar such that as our eyes met she was looking down at me, but her head was still facing forward. In a word she was the epitome of the imperious rubber domina! I sucked on the rubber cock as she smiled and said.

“Now, who is who, that is the question? Or does it matter?” She placed a hand under our chins and glanced from one of us to the other.

“You’re my rubber dollies, maybe you’re interchangeable, to be used and abused – now would you like that, mmmm?” I knew my answer, yes, I would, but it was Sarah that I saw nod first, and I don’t know but despite all that had gone on before, I was still a bit surprised. Miss Broad looked at her.

“Well, no hesitation here, but what about your twin? She seems a little reticent.” She ran her hand over my head; did she know it was me, Maxine? Or did she think I was Sarah? I didn’t matter, for I nodded my head and bent down to place my rubber lips on her boots. She laughed quietly and said.

“So….Emma, looks like we have broken our record for the transformation of two bright, independent young people into the realm of complete rubber submission. Is that what you are now, my dears, rubber addicts?” Without hesitation, I nodded and grunted once for yes, and Sarah followed suit. She laughed, took our elbows and raised us up, kissed us on our rubber lips and held us tightly. Then she stepped back, her hands on our cheeks.

“I want to thank you for your welcome, you look gorgeous, both of you. I honestly don’t know, well without looking under here, which of you is which. Now do you wish to continue like this or do you want me to release you? I have a lot to say to you both and I need some feedback, please. I know you are well gagged and I love the idea of both of you nicely submissive and rubbered up – I’m sure Emma here and Amanda would just love to get their hands on you….but we have to talk my dears, mmm?”

I loved being behind my mask; gagged, powerless and anonymous, but I realized that we had to talk, so I nodded at her and raised my wrists. As Miss Broad smiled and nodded to Emma, I took stock of my surroundings again.

Emma and Amanda had not changed, for they were still in their prefects’ outfits of imposing black; but Camille had changed from her running gear of halter-top and tights. Miss Broad had evidently chosen to reinforce her dominance over her former doggie, for she was wearing a full catsuit of semi-transparent light grey latex, including gloves and full mask. Her hands were pulled behind her and cuffed, and there was a nine-inch chain connecting her six inch heeled knee boots so, like her mistress, she could only take small steps. She had a high reinforced rubber collar and attached to the front of this was a chain, the other end being attached to Miss Broad’s wrist. The mask had eye, nose and mouth holes and she wasn’t gagged for I could see her grinning broadly as Emma approached Sarah and I.

But it was her crotch that caught my eye, for dangling down between Camille’s legs were two tubes and inflation bulbs. And I knew that these were attached to two inflatable dildos embedded in Camille’s orifices. Camille did not seem in the least bit perturbed by this, and in fact leant against her mistress and kissed her behind her ear, a genuinely tender gesture, which Miss Broad rewarded with a squeeze of Camille’s front inflator bulb. Camille ooh, oohed, but then smiled at her mistress, as she was affectionately patted on her cheek. Camille may not have been in her doggie suit any more (or at least for now) but she was still very much the sub, and seemingly thriving on it.

Emma was now in front of us, holding the keys to our cuffs. She had a proud smile on her face, for Sarah and I were her projects, of course – and just look how we had turned out!

“Can’t we leave them like this, Miss Broad? Amanda and I could have a bit of fun first.” Emma had a wicked grin on her face – and frankly I was more than happy to be played with by Emma and Amanda – and I was sure Sarah was too!

“No, Emma dear, we must get everything sorted first…..and then I might leave you four to play together. Camille and I also have some unfinished business.” Camille smiled broadly at the prospect of this, and Emma and Amanda looked pretty happy too at the chance of playing with two rubberized dollies like Sarah and I! Emma stared at both of us for a second and then smiled and looked closely into my eyes.

“I’d recognize that beautiful bod anywhere, hello Maxine dear. My, you do look good, waist down to about 25 or 26 inches now, and a nice pair of rubber boobies too.” I smiled behind my mask, as she lifted my skirt and inspected my groin, then ran her fingers along the top of my pouch, I moaned into the gag, not with pain, but pure frustration!

“You did a good job here too; no one would know at all that under here is a fine set of cock and balls. I suppose I have to release you, although I don’t want to.” She took my wrists and released my cuffs and then the belt. I didn’t attempt to take the mask off but waited as she repeated the exercise with Sarah.

“Hello sweetie, so you too have the bug, do you? Well….that means we can have a whole load of fun if you choose to stay on here.” She looked knowingly at Sarah and then at me, but said nothing else. Before she released her cuffs and belt, she also raised Sarah’s skirt, admired the tight white panties, her rings and vertical slit clearly evident, smiled and dropped it. She released the cuffs and belt and Sarah and I now stood in front of the four women, still identically dressed in scarlet and white. Sarah took my hand and held it, turning and looking at me. Miss Broad said.

“Well you two; are we going to communicate in grunts for it appears you do love the rubber so much now you don’t want to take it off?” The three others joined Miss Broad in laughing affectionately.  

“It would be rather ironic if we had to punish you for being gagged and rubberized! Come on, off with the masks and we can talk.” So Sarah and I unzipped the masks and pulled them off. Out plopped the gags, shiny with our saliva; Sarah’s hair was damp but she mussed it up and I wiped my bald pate. Miss Broad smiled and approached Sarah and I, embracing us.

“Well….it is good to see you both, let’s go to the living room and Amanda can get a couple of bottles of wine and we can talk, okay?” We nodded and followed them through. We all sat down in a circle on the couch and chairs, and then Amanda poured out six glasses. Miss Broad, with a kiss on Camille’s lips had released her cuffs, now raised her glass.

“To Maxine and Sarah……life is so much better with their company here. We…all of us….owe them a lot.” The other three, Camille, Emma and Amanda all raised their glasses and resoundingly chorused, “hear hear.” Sarah and I looked at each other, in the ensuing silence, feeling a little uncomfortable, until Sarah said.

“Yes….well… life, is so much…better in your company too.” And I looked at her and nodded. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say or how to say it, but it was Miss Broad, holding Camille’s free hand, who took over.

“You have both had a traumatic few days, I love Sigi and her friends, but sometimes they do get carried away, and I will apologise now to you for your treatment. Maxine, your hair was just so perfect for you, Emma did such a…..”

“Miss Broad, you don’t have to continue on that theme, it’s gone and that’s it, don’t apologise, it will grow back, and frankly it’s really not too bad. Emma has some great wigs and they will do fine for now, then she can cut it for me again….if she wants.” Emma looked pretty pleased at this and grinned back at me.

“Well, thank you Maxine, the rings as you know can be removed, they…..”

“I don’t want to keep interrupting you, Miss Broad, but I’m fine with them for now, really. The nose ring has gone and I’m fine with the others.”

“Me too.” Sarah gave them a knowing look and nodded, she was fine with her labia and nipple rings. The others took a second or two to take this in.

“All right, now I understand you have tattoos too, Maxine, a number of them, we can remove them you know.”

“Well for now I’ll keep them, one says rubber slave or something similar and ….well, that is what I am, aren’t I?”

“Maxine, you’re making this very hard, well…very easy, I suppose.” She laughed, she had evidently a longish speech planned and now I had taken all her thunder. There was silence for a while as Miss Broad ruminated her next comments.

“Well…….you are both free to go…if you wish to. We know you will mean us no harm and you can go back to your lives outside, but you are welcome to return….at any time you wish…” The other three women were looking at us very seriously, trying to gauge a reaction. I carried on holding Sarah’s rubber gloved hand in mine. I could feel the sweat trickle down my chest, and the moistness in my groin as I waited for her to continue.

“I said before that you have been my favourite students, bar none, now…….” she looked at us with a faint smile on her face, gripping Camille’s hand in hers, “….I would..…we all would like you to stay, both of you of course. You can do so as prefects; goodness knows you have passed with flying colours, or whatever you wish. It’s your choice. Our business is expanding hugely, and we are making a lot of money from satisfied clients. But we do need more prefects and as I said a long time ago, we will be taking on male pupils for….indoctrination and training. I know you can do this, both of you. You may think yourselves as subs or rubber dollies and you are wonderful ones, but I have heard about you both in the bondage classes and you Maxine with your…treatment of Peter and the pick-up of Imogen. So I know there is a dom in both of you. I for one have no doubts – and I know that neither does Emma nor Amanda. I’m sure Emma and Amanda would like to force the issue, I can just see them wrapping you up in rubber and taking you off to their room to play with, but now is not the time for that. We are being serious here. This is a career proposition I suppose, a business decision really, maybe you could say a life decision even, and one that I don’t expect you to take lightly, and certainly I don’t expect a decision now. So you must think on this.”

I waited a few seconds before replying.

“I’m disappointed……disappointed that you do not know us well enough by now to see that this for us has been the most inspiring, painful, fun filled, erotic and exciting time of our lives.” The women grinned but said nothing, waiting on my every word.

“Look, I want….”

“We want…” Interjected Sarah.

“Sorry, yes….we want to stay, but there are….logistics that have to be addressed. We both have jobs, families, friends, apartments.”

“We know that, we are not suggesting that you disappear from the face of the earth, Maxine. You must keep a life out there, the apartment and some friends, of course, but the job, well maybe a 9 to 5 job 48 weeks a year is not for you any more. You must decide. Look at Amanda, she will leave for modeling assignments when she chooses to, she knows she is always welcome here. If you want it to be for weekends only then I’m sure we can arrange all that….but I have a sense....” here she smiled knowingly, “…that just the weekends will not be enough for you.” And Emma smiled at that comment too, maybe they did know us better that I thought. Amanda had not said much up to now.

“It can be worked out Max…ine,” she giggled, “for me, I will always come back here, if I get tired of the fashion scene then maybe on a semi-permanent basis. The fun we’ve had here you wouldn’t believe. I’m not going to plead, but you were born for this place….both of you.” And now Camille spoke, also for the first time.

“You know what I owe you; I am now in the absolute perfect relationship with the woman I love.” She looked at Miss Broad. “And I owe it to you, as does Linda, and believe me she knows it too, we don’t know how to repay you, we can’t…..but I want you to stay, simple as that and…” she grinned, “you can even take me out in my doggie suit too, there’s a lot I will do to ensure you will stay with us!” We laughed at this, but I knew it was heartfelt. But now it was Emma’s turn, my wonderful, cruel, kind and demanding mistress. I did miss her stern and yet considerate training.

“It’s all been said, you two. I would love you to stay as my fellow prefects, actually I would still love you as my student charges as well, oh the things I could think up to punish those finely tuned bodies of yours! A long time ago it seems, Maxine, you said there were lots of fellas out there who would find me attractive. You know I’ve had a thing for you since you arrived Maxine, but I’m not stupid, I can see what you and Sarah have going, and I’m so happy for you. I rather fancy you too Sarah, but that’s another issue.” Emma shrugged her shoulders as Sarah smiled at the compliment.  

“Well, I haven’t given up on men yet, maybe I frighten them away, I don’t know, but I will take you up on that offer. If you take me to your haunts and let me meet some of your eligible buddies, and I can get them interested in me without me wrapping them in rubber and ravaging them, then I will teach you both everything I know in this business – the rubber, the dressing, the sub/dom relationship, everything.” I thought on this for all of two seconds.

“That seems like a fair deal to me.”  

 The atmosphere was now more relaxed. Before, the women had been nervous, not fully aware perhaps of Sarah’s and my intentions. Miss Broad spoke again.

“Well, I hope we have sorted that out. It will take some time and planning to have you both comfortable with the arrangements. For now I do think that perhaps weekend visits is the likely option, you continue in your jobs and give it a few weeks and see how it goes. It can certainly be arranged that you stay on a more permanent basis; in fact…..that is what we here all would prefer. But as I said it will be your decision. Now, how much longer have you on your break and…..dare I ask….would you like to continue it here?” I looked at Sarah and she was the one that spoke.

“We have another week…..and of course we want to stay here, I would very much like to….get my feet wet as a prefect, but….how do I say this? I still know that deep down I have the sub mentality and I still need……”

“Oh don’t you worry about that Sarah, we’ll take care of those requirements if you get too bossy!” It was Amanda who spoke and the others nodded knowingly. Miss Broad said.

“I’ve always found it helps the dom to understand the sub psyche if she can experience first hand the sub position. All of our prefects occasionally run a little hot on their power, and so I return them back to the fold so to speak, and I put them in the hands of other prefects for a few days, it can be an enlightening and rewarding experience. I don’t think, in the long term anyway, any of them regret it. Wouldn’t you agree, Emma?”

“Absolutely Miss Broad, I think it simply makes the system work even better.”

“So you both stay another week, excellent. I am truly happy. You will stay in these quarters if you wish, the rubber room here will allow you to experiment with your dom skills at will, and Emma and Amanda will help you. Imogen has come along leaps and bounds under Amanda’s tutelage and will not need the special attention. Now tomorrow, I want you both to go with Emma for another pick-up. I had a nice meeting with this very rich young man whose wife is, he believes, having an affair. That does not concern me if she is or isn’t, he wants her educated here into the joys of rubber submission to return to him a well mannered, obedient, attentive wife, and that is what we will do.”

“I also have a pick-up on Friday, and this is something special, as it is a male! The rich wife in this instance knows that he is seeing prostitutes and she wants that to stop, so we are going to have to convince this young man that it would be in his best interests to attend to his wife’s needs, and she is a very dominant, powerful young business woman. That should be fun for all of us I think, and you Maxine will be in charge of that with Emma. We have more business here than we can handle so this is why I am so happy that you can stay, I am certain it will be for more than weekends too, once you really get a taste for the life.”

And I had a feeling that she was right! I didn’t see me (us) just coming here for weekend sessions. It was clear Sarah and I were hooked, addicted to this and we would have to, somehow, find a way to satisfy that. But that was in the future. Miss Broad rose and Sarah and I stood up and faced her, hand in hand. She hugged us and we her. I think I might have actually seen tears in her eyes.

“I don’t know what providence brought you here, but I am sure it is destiny. I can hardly wait to start. Camille and I will leave you here, we have…. unattended affairs.” Camille smiled almost shyly. She came forward and kissed us both, and then smiling through her mask, she drew her own arms behind her back for Miss Broad to cuff them.

“I meant what I said about the doggie suit.” She whispered as Miss Broad attached her lead to Camille’s collar.

“Mmm, naughty Camille, I’ll have to punish you for that last remark.” Miss Broad laughed. “Come to my study at 8am, all of you, don’t be late now, I wouldn’t want to have to punish you all on your first day together.” She smiled affectionately, and with a gentle tug on Camille’s lead she led her out, both of them taking very small steps, and left the four of us together.

There was silence for a few seconds as we exchanged glances between each other. Then Sarah began to giggle.

“Well, now what? What time is it? Only about 10, I suppose….mmm, so what do we do now?” She certainly had a gleam in her eye. Amanda grinned evilly.

“We have until tomorrow at 8. Seems a pity to waste all that time….”

“It doesn’t seem very fair,” I smiled sheepishly “I am the only guy here, well, and you are all hetero….well.” Then Sarah spoke.

“We may be all hetero darling, but that doesn’t mean we may not want to explore….different…avenues with each other. Look sweetie, I love you and am committed to you and no one else but…that doesn’t mean we all don’t have carnal desires and inquisitive minds.” She looked at Emma and Amanda and they smiled conspiratorially back at her.

“So, you just want to have unbridled sex here, with all of us…a rubber orgy, eh?” I laughed as she looked at the other two, and she replied with a twinkle in her eye.

“Well….duh…yes, of course, don’t you? Time we had some unbridled fun, no strings.”

“You don’t mind me….you know…” And I nodded to Emma and Amanda. Sarah laughed.

“Not if you don’t mind me….you know….” And she mimicked my nod. The others burst out laughing. Emma said.

“Well, excuse me for feeling as if you are treating me as just a sex object, a plaything without an opinion.” Amanda grinned at her and whispered.

“And you have a problem with that?”

“Actually not at all, I am very happy to be a sex object with these two beauties, and you too, Amanda.  I have been wondering about these rumours regarding the particular skills Sarah apparently has.” She looked across at Sarah and raised her eyebrows. Amanda nodded.

“Mmm, I’ve heard about that too, well the proof of the pudding is in the eating, I always say.”

And we all burst out laughing. We stood up and went to the rubber room. For me at least, this was no longer an intimidating room but one where there were endless possibilities for pleasure, and pain, of course. We scanned the room, big smiles on our faces. We were still in our latex costumes, Sarah and I in scarlet and white, and Amanda and Emma in jet black. Emma spoke first.

“I think we are dressed for the occasion, don’t you? We can keep our dresses, skirts, garter belts, stockings, gloves and bras on, yes? Maybe our loose blouses can come off. And in your case Maxine, your nice tight corset can stay. But I think we want you out of the pouch, it’s time those guys got a bit of exercise!”

Was I the luckiest man in the world? Surrounded by three beautiful women decked out in latex and raring to go! Sarah eased up my scarlet and white dress and pulled down my white panties, then released the pouch at the front and then the rear. I noted she left my anal spreader on, I gave her a look but she just returned an innocent smile. I thought I might learn to regret that later.

My cock and balls were a bit tender but the sight of the three women in all their latex splendour made my cock stand to attention almost immediately and push out the front of my short skirt, much to the amusement of the girls. They slipped out of their panties as well, black for Emma and Amanda and white for Sarah, again accompanied by much giggling and then even sniffing of them! Oh, what a sight they were. The heels came next but the remaining clothes stayed on. So we were all ready. Emma spoke first, putting a hand through Sarah’s arm.

“Well, I want to get acquainted with Sarah’s talents here, and I’ll be willing to reciprocate of course,” she giggled, “so Amanda, Maxine is all yours.” We were all pleased with this initial arrangement and Sarah and Emma began to move to the latex covered waterbed.

“Plenty of room here for you guys too.” Emma said, but Amanda said she had another idea. She eyed me with a sly grin and then looked at the open glass cube that Sarah had been imprisoned earlier. It had been cleaned out completely, presumably by Imogen, and now stood open and ready, the cushions for the knees and chin and the neck support shining and waiting.

“I think Sarah did say she rather liked the idea of you in this for a while. Come on Maxine, be a sport, all three of us are willing to give you something nice for your tongue and lips to work on.” She had an evil smile on her face, and I didn’t know how I could have denied her.

Sarah came back with Emma.

“Not reluctant already are you sweetie?” She gently held my erect cock through the rubber skirt.

“No, not at all, I just don’t want to be locked in this while you lot have all the fun.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, I have a sense you may be the centre of attention.” She giggled.

“Now I don’t want you playing with yourself while in there, you have to save your beautiful cock for us, so I think we should cuff you and you can therefore concentrate on pleasing Amanda.”

“But, how am….oh, all right.” And I placed my wrists behind my back as Emma cuffed me and then affectionately slapped my backside. So I stepped into the glass box, Emma and Amanda supporting me as I settled onto the cushions.

Amanda slid the back cover to my neck and I leant back slightly into the cushion, then she slid the front cover with the padded seat to lock at the sides. I was now locked in, my head held firmly but comfortably at a slightly upturned angle.

“Comfy? You can’t pretend you are not having fun Maxine, your cock is standing up under your skirt like a tent pole! Now then, let’s begin.” She grinned, raised her black skirt exposing her shaved pussy and black stocking tops. She lowered herself carefully and sat on the cushion, moving until comfortable, then nudged forward and laid her short skirt over my head. I was engulfed in the darkness with the aroma of rubber and the perfume of one of the more famous fashion models in the business. I felt her hands on my shaved head maneuver my head to her moist love channel and I began to lap at its waters.

I didn’t feel any disloyalty to Sarah, in the background I could here Sarah and Emma giggling as they got acquainted with each other, with little comments of encouragement – ooh, that’s nice, yes just there, oh keep doing that - and so forth.

Amanda seemed pleased with my efforts too, encouraging me with gentle caresses on my head and helpful comments. I would have liked to have spied on Emma and Sarah but my head was locked between Amanda’s thighs, the smooth rubber of her stockings rubbing my cheeks. I managed to nibble and suck her nubbin and very soon she gripped my head in her firm thighs and started to shake. This she repeated a couple of minutes later and I could feel and smell her juices on my nose and lips. I heard her gasp out.

“Oh Maxine, that is very good indeed, oh aahh…..hey you two, how are you doing, Maxine here has….some considerable skills, oooh…woo.” It was Emma that replied, her voice somewhat muffled

“Well…..the proof of …..well the pudding is….excellent.” She giggled and I heard Sarah say.

“Oh oh, and Emma is just finding the right spots too, this is….a whole load of fun. I…oh…won’t make it through the next….hour, never mind the night.”

“So, time for a change then?”

“Sure, variety is the spice I always say.” And Amanda raised herself from me, a huge grin on her face. She dabbed my wet face with a paper towel and kissed me hard on the lips.

“Thanks Maxine, I will be looking for more later!” Emma and Sarah had disentangled themselves from the waterbed and were wiping each other’s faces, panting and giggling like kids. They embraced and Emma then evilly grinned at Amanda and said.

“You’re in for a treat my dear.”

“And so are you, love, Maxine has the tongue skills too.” She giggled as they changed places, slapping each other on the backside. Amanda embraced Sarah and they settled on the bed.

“This is quite intimidating, being with you two….I mean…” Sarah pushed her back on the bed and spread her legs, lifting her short skirt.

“Just shut up Amanda, like the doctor said, just lie back and relax, you’re I good hands now.” Amanda laughed and then straight away, gasped.

Emma came to me slowly, looking down on my cock erect under my skirt. It was so good to see her and I had wanted to be with her for so long.

“Hello, Maxine sweetie, I’m so glad you’re staying on. Now…” she raised her short skirt, exposing her already very inflamed labia, “you have a hard act to follow….”

I grinned at her, licking my lips and still tasting Amanda.

“I’ll do my very best Emma, I wouldn’t want to disappoint….”

“Oh for God’s sake, get on with it!” Shouted Sarah, amid giggles and gasps from Amanda.

As she spread her legs, looking down of me with a mischievous smile of anticipation, I stared up at her elfin beauty. Now clad in black stockings and garter belt, shoulder gloves, bra and short skirt (all identical to Amanda) she had her hair pulled back loosely into a pony tail, she was quite gorgeous. The look of child-like innocence however, I knew only too well, hid a strong character.

“Poor Maxine, I’m so sorry about your lovely hair, but I’ll make it up to you, we all will.” She placed her gloved hand on my head and straddled the box, settling back on the cushion, then wriggling up to my unmoving face. She raised her skirt and before I dropped into semi darkness I saw her bright pink love channel already very wet. She didn’t grip my head with her thighs, but stretched them wide and allowed me to move my head either side if her lips. I was getting a little stiff in the box and shuffled my legs, my arms were fine but still cuffed, and my cock? Well, my cock was fine too, standing to attention under the scarlet and white striped skirt. Her shaved pussy was smaller, tighter than Amanda’s but her clit was larger and harder. As I bit it lightly she let out a grunt and so I stopped.

“No, no, don’t stop, that was….oh, great.” She tenderly rubbed my head with the rubber skirt and talked to me quietly, quite likely out of earshot of Sarah and Amanda.

“Oh…Maxine, you are making it very hard for me. I have the silliest schoolgirl….aahh, crush on you….ooohh.” I withdrew and she raised her skirt and looked down on me, regret in her face. I whispered.

“Emma my dear, I will – until I drop – find you someone you will truly love. I promise. You are far too special to be pining for me; you are going to teach me everything you know in the next few weeks….and if I am not learning fast enough, then you will have to discipline me, right?” She smiled ruefully and nodded.

“I have a good group of friends out there Emma, work friends, sports friends and friends of friends (oh, and Sarah has some friends too) so we are going to have some fun on our days off doing normal boy and girl dating things. If there is not a male I know out there who doesn’t fall head over heels for you they are plain daft! Now quit being so maudlin and move your pussy back into my face!” And I was delighted to see her face light up again as she dropped her skirt and squirmed forwards again. I then heard Sarah in the background, her voice muffled – she had heard it all, of course.

“Don’t worry Emma dear…..ooohh Amanda, just there, yes….we’ll have you married off….aaahhh, eeee, that is good…within a year, babies in two!” And this was what we all needed, a good laugh, which we did, which was not easy with three of our four faces otherwise occupied.

And so we got back to business! Soon I was happy to hear Emma above me oooh and aaahhh, and although she may have been a bit smaller than Amanda, her juices flowed copiously. Then she did something quite surprising. She raised her skirt and pulled away, leaving my wet face exposed, and then leant down and said, kissing me on the lips.

“I want you to give me a special treat, Maxine. I really love this and having you do this to me would be wonderful for me, it is the ultimate gesture in submission and I want you, well I suppose I could order you to do it.” And she smiled, stood up, turned around and sat back on the cushion, raised her skirt and placed it over my head, leant over and spread her firm cheeks! To be honest I had never worshipped at this shrine before, I don’t know, I was always worried that I would be dumped on or farted on, but it never really got me interested. But Emma had a tight little sphincter, despite the butt plugs she must have worn in her time there. There was no real scent, except for the rubber around me, and so I pushed out my tongue and touched her rear. It was almost like electricity, she gasped and said yes, very quietly, and then I licked and blew air and then even took a small bite of her cheek. It may have sounded terrible but it wasn’t at all, it was truly a different experience and one under the same, clean circumstances that I would maybe do again.

She raised herself and turned as the other two rolled off the bed. They were laughing and wiping their faces, and both took a sip of the leftover wine. Emma kissed me and thanked me, saying that as I was her sub she could have made me do it anyway, which was true but she knew that she didn’t have to, and that it was me that wanted to please her. So now they stood around me taking a break from their efforts. Emma gave me a sip of wine too and I felt rather vulnerable surrounded by these rubber clad women, with just my head sticking out of the box; yes I was vulnerable, but also very excited.

They seemed to enjoy my predicament, drinking and joking amongst each other, raising their skirts and comparing the evidence of their pleasuring. Their cheeks were flushed and there was a faint patina of sweat on those parts of their bodies not covered by latex. Emma kept feeding me sips of wine, but I was feeling a bit left out, although my cock was still sticking up like a tent pole under the latex skirt. They had their arms around each other and if they weren’t the greatest of pals before this night (and I think they were getting there anyway) they certainly were now. They were three gorgeous creatures and right then I could do nothing, kneeling and cuffed in a glass box with just my head exposed.

“Look I don’t want to seem ungrateful, but do you think I could join in the fun?” I said and Sarah looked down and replied.

“What…you mean you weren’t having fun with Emma and Amanda?’ She mocked, with a big grin on her face.

“Sarah, you know that’s not….look at my cock here, it needs…”

“I know what it needs darling but I think it will have to wait a bit longer…”


“Well….I was wanting to get to know the girls a little….better….and, what do you think girls, before we let this sex crazed male on us, do you want to try maybe a threesome together?”

“Are you kidding?” Said Amanda. “You bet, more holes for more entertainment!” The others giggled wickedly.

“But wait a minute, what about….I’ve taken care of you two, Emma and Amanda, I thought this was quid pro quo?”

“Oh stop whining, Maxine, you’ll get your just desserts – and the main course, but remember all good things come to those that wait, and you my dear are going to wait. Now you are not going to moan all the time, are you?”

“No, but look, I’ve been in here for…..hey wait a minute, you wouldn’t…..arrrgh, nnnkk, mmmmm”

While I had been replying to Amanda, Sarah and Emma had moved behind me and, pulling my head back, gently I have to add, had begun stuffing their panties into my mouth. There was one white pair (Sarah) and one black (Emma or Amanda) and quickly my cheeks were bulging with pungent latex. I moaned and implored them with my eyes but Sarah pecked my cheek and said.

“We won’t be long darling. You can watch a bit of serious girl on girl action, and then when we’ve rested you will be the centre of our attentions for the remainder of the night, right girls? So you need to conserve your energy sweetie, because we are going to milk you to exhaustion later!”

Well, that did make me feel a lot better, I had to admit!

They lay on the bed, well aware that I was going to watch their moves and started slowly to raise the temperature again. It was clear now that after their “introductions” they knew exactly how to push their buttons. Initially they seemed to “pick” on Sarah, who didn’t seem to mind a bit. Amanda strapped on a double dildo and was soon embedded up to the hilt in Sarah’s pussy while Sarah’s head was buried in Emma’s crotch.

Then it was all change, having a threesome seemed to open up all manner of permutations and I was reminded of Sigi, Mia and Uta, but this vignette was somehow so much more tender and heartfelt.  Their bodies were now sweaty, slipping on the latex top sheet. Sarah still wore her full scarlet and white dress, and they all still had stockings and gloves on. No hole was left unattended; they pulled on surgical gloves with practiced ease and slipped condoms over the dildos when required for anal penetration.

It lasted maybe 50 minutes or an hour, while I just stared, mute, my mouth filled to bursting with the latex panties. Finally they lay back exhausted, sighing and giggling alternately. Then Sarah came to me first and eased the panties out of my mouth.

“So…how did it go? You’re not feeling jealous, are you darling? Because I love you more than ever. Your turn is coming up, so you had better be up for it.” She gave me a full glass of wine and I gulped it down.

“Don’t worry about me, love, I’m ready and raring to go.” I croaked. She kissed me and returned to the bed for a short rest. I don’t know how they did it, women are so lucky that way; for twenty minutes later they were up and wiping down each other and the sheets to get ready for my session. They combed out their hair and applied some make-up and when they came to let me out of my box they looked fresh and wonderful, as if they had just stepped out of the shower to start a new day. Emma and Amanda pulled the lids apart and Sarah helped me stand. I stepped out a little groggily and she hugged me, her hand going down to my erect cock.

“All ready, big guy….or girl?”

“I don’t mind either, and yes….I’m ready!” I looked at her and saw a mirror image of me; white gloves and stockings and short red and white dress with high neck. We hugged each other again; well she was doing the hugging, as I was still cuffed behind my back. I glanced over at Emma and Amanda with their arms around each other, they too were identical; black stockings, gloves, bra and garter belt – and nothing else. They stood unashamedly in front of me, their inflamed shaved pussies for all to see, with big smiles on their faces, waiting for the next session. Sarah turned to them.

“So girls, shall we have our way with him first, we still have him nicely cuffed, he shouldn’t put up any resistance.”

“Hey, now wait….”

“You don’t want to be gagged again do you sweetie? Now listen, once we’ve had our way with you, which I don’t think will be too painful, then…” she grinned at the other two, “…you will be able to wreak revenge on us poor three defenseless girls.” She giggled. I had never known in my whole life three less defenseless women, these were take-charge women, no nonsense girls. But I think they liked the idea of being ravaged by a man on occasion! So I played along.

“Okay, okay, I’m all yours.” I grinned sheepishly.

I walked to the edge of the bed, and noticed strap-on dildos, surgical gloves, lube and condoms laid out there – so we were ready to party!

“So Maxine darling, you’re going to be the object of our……affections for the next while, and I, ladies, get first dibs on this chappy here!” Sarah slid her hand under my skirt and rolled her finger up the shaft of my cock. 

“Fine with me.” Emma said. “I want to return the compliment Maxine gave my bum hole earlier, you were so sweet, Maxine. I think her rear hole needs a little loosening so if no one minds I’ll take that route for starters.” Emma grinned and held my cuffed wrist. Amanda nudged me playfully and took my other wrist.

“Okay by me; that means I get the tongue treatment again, so let’s get going!” Amanda playfully pushed me onto the bed and I fell onto my back. The cuffs weren’t painful; they were of soft leather with a six inch chain connection. So I lay on my back with the skirt riding up and exposing my rampant cock. Three strong women against one cuffed man, I was putty in their hands and they soon had me surrounded. Sarah took my cock in her gloved hands and looking up at me, stuck out her tongue and licked the head.

It was all I could do to not come there and then, but Emma pulled on a surgical glove, rolled me on my side, raised my outer leg and began to press her fingers around my loosening ring. Amanda now turned my head to the side so I was now facing up and raising her skirt, planted herself on my face. I had no answer to this assault and as I licked on Amanda’s clit, I felt Sarah now pull my cock into her warm, wet mouth and nibble and suck me. I could not see what was going on, but I had a good idea that Sarah had now turned round and was offering her wet pussy and tight arse to Amanda sitting on my face. Meanwhile Emma seemed satisfied that I was loose enough and I now felt the bulbous head of a dildo nudge at my anal opening. I was still wearing the spreader and as the intruder was well lubed it took no effort from my dear dominatrix Emma to push it inside me. I gasped but little could be heard by the others, due to me being buried between Amanda’s thighs. Now Emma and Sarah took up a rhythm, while I gasped for air, being flooded as I was by Amanda’s juices.

Emma continued to pump in and out, my ring offering no defense while Sarah bit and nibbled my cock. I felt myself about to come but Emma giggled and pressed her finger between my legs, stopping me dead. No, it appeared that I was not going to be “let off” lightly and was in for a long session. I could hear Sarah giggle too as she knew what Emma had done, and could now continue in earnest. After a minute or so she took a break and I could feel her rubber glove moving up and down my shaft. All the girls were able to talk now, and they did.

“How’s it your end, Amanda?”

“Oh, Maxine is doing fine, ooohhhh, ah ah, no complaints here.”

“Fine here too, I don’t know what it is about having an arse impaled on my cock, but I just love this. Are you all right Maxine?”

I mumbled that I was, and actually I really was all right. Sarah patted my padded boobs and Emma my backside.  Sarah was so skilled and Amanda tasted so sweet, and the cock, well the cock up my rear, I had had so many of them in the last while I truly was getting used to them. What was I turning into, I had no idea and I really didn’t care!

This went on for a while, although it was difficult to judge time from where I was. Emma continued to grip my narrowed waist and push in and out of my rear and Amanda continued to give me advice on what I should do to best satisfy her as she squatted over my face. Sarah finally stopped servicing me with her mouth, and I was allowed a very short break, the only reason for not coming being her fingers pressed between my legs. Then she rose up and lowered herself on my glistening cock. I let out an aaahhh, and Amanda giggled as my exhaled breath obviously hit one of her “spots”.

Amanda now turned to face Sarah, still offering her pussy to me, but now my nose was wedged between her bum cheeks. We were a terrible tangle of arms, legs and torsos; all in various stages of latex attire. Not much was said, and the only sounds were the squeaking of latex on latex and the heavy breathing of the participants! Everyone seemed quite content. Emma took the brunt of the weight of Sarah and me but seemed quite unconcerned as she and Sarah worked up a steady rhythm, with Sarah (leaning forward and necking with Amanda) bouncing on my cock and Emma thrusting from the rear. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, a quite wonderful eternity, they “allowed” me to come and they managed to choreograph it so well that they came too, even Emma behind me.

We lay in a tangle of latex-clad torsos and limbs, collecting our breath, and our senses. If this was the baptism, the entrance examination into the prefects’ domain then Sarah and I had, I think, passed! We continued for a while longer, with different permutations, being the only man I got special attention, but I was not complaining!

In the early morning, we finally drifted off, aware of our meeting with Miss Broad at 8 o clock. Part of me rather wanted to be late, to be subject to Miss Broad’s subtle discipline, but there was a lot to do, a pick up that I was looking forward to, and so we decided that at least 4 hours sleep might be required.

Amanda and Emma rolled to one side and, arm in arm, fell asleep in seconds. Sarah and I took the other side of the enormous bed and we entwined ourselves. There was a strong smell of rubber and other “perfumes” and we were a little sticky, but I don’t think we could have been more content. I think we both knew that the next day would be the start of our new lives together. We were both very excited with this; however with all the “exercise” of the previous day, we were very soon blissfully asleep, although it was not exactly the sleep of the innocent!


That occurred just over two years ago, and things have moved on from then very fast, for it soon became apparent that the initial arrangement that had been discussed wouldn’t work!

Both Sarah and I decided very soon that coming to the school at weekends and days off from our “regular” life was simply not enough. We wanted more. So we both gave up our jobs. I had quite a bit of equity in my company and did quite well; Sarah also had some saved. No one seemed to really mind – or care, they all had their own lives to live and a few months on we were, I’m sure, dim distant memories. We did however keep our apartment. And what happened was the opposite of what was originally planned. Very quickly we began to work at the school during the week and (if we felt like it, and sometimes we didn’t) we would take the weekends off and go vanilla (well, fairly vanilla).

Miss Broad gave Sarah and me the apartment that Sigi and her friends used. We were an “item” and becoming more valued as the days and weeks progressed. We were very comfortable there and would use the rubber room often for fun activities. We would also invite Emma and Amanda, and others as we got to know them, to join us for fun. As the days progressed I really got to like being a prefect, particularly the black uniform with the short skirt and high heels and, like a western gunslinger with his holster of guns, I loved putting on the belt with hanging gags, cuffs and whip. Like a policeman on his beat, I could adopt a certain swagger as I walked around the school. I could see that Sarah really loved this too, although when alone with me she did like to take a more submissive role. For the most part though, we would switch, to keep everything fresh.

As promised Emma taught us everything she knew of being a dom, and that was plenty! In return, as promised, at the weekends and sometimes during the week, Sarah and I would take her out on the town, for a mostly vanilla evening. We introduced her to some of our friends and we had great times. It was funny seeing her in street clothes being normal (?) and she was a whole lot of fun. Not surprisingly my male friends were all over her, and her dating skills improved enormously, soon she was out on her own doing normal dating stuff. As the months passed my hair grew back and Emma was able to give it her one of her famous designs.

Then the strangest thing happened. We had been asked to take on a young man, an heir to a large estate, by his parents. He was a bit of a wild young thing, no major drugs, but too much high spirits. The father wanted him brought in line so he could soon take over the business. Anyway we took him on, and Sarah and I had him for the first couple of weeks and soon we had him rubberized and very obedient. He was a fairly good pupil, prone to outbursts occasionally but that was often expected, but I got a sense that he really quite liked being a rubber sub. In fact he took to it much like I had done before. We noticed during his immersion that Emma was taking a close interest in his training, and he certainly seemed to perform better when she was around. Often we caught them looking at each other, and we knew the “look”. And in the third week I suggested to Miss Broad that we pass him to her, as Sarah and I had a new pupil to take care of (a young female runaway) and who was proving difficult and not liking her rubberisaton at all.

Well, what should happen? They fell for each other – hook, line and sinker. As I had thought, he was a natural sub (particularly when handled by Emma) and she of course was the perfect dom, but they really were crazy for each other, the relationship not just being based on the sub/dom pretext. Soon there was no more “training” to do. On purpose he would rebel against her in order to incur some of her punishments. I had a pretty good idea she knew what was going on, but thoroughly enjoyed punishing him anyway.

He returned to begin to take care of the business, a real rubber sub utterly besotted with Emma – and she with him. This began to affect her work; her mind was now on other things. She wanted to continue, for she loved the work but things couldn’t continue like this. It was Miss Broad, and the young mans father, who unwittingly came up with the solution. His father had a company operation in the U.S. (in San Francisco) and he wanted his son to look after it, to get his feet wet before, if ever, he returned to the U.K. 

Miss Broad thought on this, she didn’t want to lose Emma, they were like sisters, the older always looking out for the younger. And so she came up with the perfect solution. We had been having a lot of enquiries from the U.S and the European continent. The name was getting around in hushed circles, and it was clear that there were a lot of potential clients in the U.S. So with a considerable financial outlay, Miss Broad decided to open an academy in California, south of San Francisco, knowing that this area (L.A. and San Francisco) was a potential goldmine of clients.

The whole operation was overseen by Emma, who moved there with her husband-to-be. She is now in charge there, of eight prefects and thirty-one (and counting) pupils. The American parents and husbands or wives seem to like the firm British discipline being brought down on their loved ones! The school is already profitable and paying off its debt. Emma lives on the campus but also shares a house a half hour away with her husband, as he is now.

The wedding in England was something special. Tom, her husband, wanted me to be best man, a great honour for me, although I wouldn’t have minded being one of the bridesmaids! They of course were Miss Broad, Camille, Amanda and Sarah.

As this was almost a society wedding, we all decided it was best not to draw too much attention to ourselves; there were many family members and kids there, not to mention the press, so outwardly we were all decked out in our best wedding gear. Underneath, of course, from the groom and the bride, along to the best man and all the bridesmaids of course, we were all wearing latex! Latex panties, more than one with built–in dildos, bras, stockings and corsets were abounding. Oh my God, if only the other two hundred people there knew!

It was a wonderful event, Emma perfect in white and her love crazy husband just gushing with happiness. Then Emma got all weepy, saying she owed everything to us etc etc. She looked so wonderful in her bride’s dress and knowing everything underneath was latex gave us all an extra buzz.  Tom took her upstairs and I can just imagine their first night as man and wife!

And the final icing on the cake is……of course she is now pregnant. This she advises us, and her adoring husband confirms this, will change nothing, but it will be interesting to see how the child will be raised in the surrounding environment. I will bet all I have that he/she will turn out to be the most wonderful, well-adjusted child you would ever come across!

Amanda still struts the fashion runways, and is on all the fashion front pages, making ridiculous amounts of money. But her real love is the school and when fed up with all the “glamour” she rushes back and carries out her duties as a prefect with alacrity. I think she is the toughest of the bunch and particularly enjoys handling our male students, who can’t believe they are being indoctrinated and subjugated by a famous model!

Miss Broad still rules with an iron fist in the U.K., perhaps in a velvet (should that be rubber!) glove, now she has Camille by her side. Camille, to no one’s surprise passed through the school as a pupil with flying colours, and was soon a prefect with special privileges. They are still clearly devoted to each other, with Camille happy to be her sub and Miss Broad equally happy to exercise her dom skills over her. Miss Broad still forces her into the doggie suit often, although “forces” may not be the right term. But since my “intervention” it has been apparent that Miss Broad too has some sub leanings and on occasion Camille will bring her, gagged and bound in rubber to the rubber room and really turn the tables on her.

Sarah and I are sometimes asked by Camille to assist her and I still find it a little strange tormenting Miss Broad knowing full well that she can get her revenge on both of us later. But she takes it like a trooper, and frankly I like it when she decides that Sarah or I have overstepped our powers and need to be pulled down a peg or two.

We haven’t seen Sigi, Uta or Mia but all is forgiven with them. They have been invited back by Miss Broad and frankly I would like to see them again. They may come in the next couple of months and strange as it may seem both Sarah and I will look forward to it. They are three very tough women, but Sarah and I are now very much up to the task. I think I prefer the sub role, perhaps 60/40, and these women are the ultimate doms so it would be an exciting occasion – if perhaps a painful one for Sarah and me. But we have discussed it and now that Miss Broad will keep an eye on them we relish the challenge. Life would be boring without pushing the boundaries after all.

And what of Sarah and I?

Well, we couldn’t be happier. We are paid well, for something we love and of course if Miss Broad knew it (and I think she probably does) we should be the ones paying her – like all her clients! We take time off when we want. I have a roving role; I go to California on occasion as the visiting dom, and scare the life out of all the pupils there. Of course none of the students know I am a man and that is part of the fun. I truly love that role and Emma is great to work with. But my head doesn’t get too big, as soon as I get back Sarah will transform me into her sub in the rubber room for a while, and believe me she can be a hard taskmistress.

We are in the process of starting a school on the continent, near Paris or maybe Rome as the demand is so strong. There are a lot of disobedient young people out there, and plenty of people with money to spend for us to bring them in line. I shall be starting that up; it will be hell for all the pupils during the summers – all that heat and all the rubber clothing. But I’m looking forward to it. Miss Broad has offered to let Sarah and me be the joint heads and it is a very tempting offer. We will think on it, but for now we like the idea of roaming between our schools. Although I love being a prefect as I said I am really predominantly a sub and I still crave enduring the punishments of Sarah, Miss Broad, Amanda, or of course dear Emma. They know I crave it and so they increase the intensity to test my limits. The continental school will take a lot of effort to get off the ground and we are both geared up for it. But I won’t let my head get too big, there are plenty of people here that will bring me down a peg or two!

Who would have thought that breaking into my old school with my beloved Sarah that night many moons ago would have led to this? Sarah and I are truly blessed. Life is grand right now and will continue to be, I’m sure. I think I am the luckiest guy in the world, aren’t I?


* * *

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