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The Island

by BishopFan

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© Copyright 2007 - BishopFan - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; bond; catsuit; corset; toys; cons; X

The Island - Part One

I am Slave Unit B this week. Normally Madame L personally dresses Slave Unit A for the Friday Night Auctions, but the Olson Twins had drawn the ping pong ball marked A this afternoon, and Madame has decided to let two of the “off-duty” slaves dress them, and prepare me instead.

I, of course, have completed my 24-hour fast and enema, and after one last pee stand before Her. She begins with a cock-and-balls slipper, sliding the end of the lubricated, 10-inch long, soft rubber penis plug (attached to the inside end of the sheath, lest it get lost inside me) in past my prostate before snapping the slipper up around my balls. She knows that I find it uncomfortable, but believes (correctly so) that the sight of the raging erection it creates will increase my sales value.

Next comes a 10-inch butt plug, with its pressure activated exterior switch. Sit down hard once, and the enclosed vibrator turns on. Sit down hard again, and it turns off. She leaves it off for now.

Next comes my privacy helmet, a long-necked black latex hood with relatively small eye, mouth and nostril holes, and adjacent studs to which can be attached snap-on covers for each. She zips it down the back for me, and slips a tiny padlock through the handle of the zipper and the grommets on either side. For the next three days my identity is protected from our guests, though everything else is fair game to my buyer.

Next comes the shoulder-entry black latex catsuit She had custom ordered for me, with hands and feet and moulded sheath. She removes my wrist and ankle cuffs, which hadn’t been connected together anyways, and I generously lube both the inside of the suit and my hairless body. I slide into the suit, and She graciously helps me smooth out the wrinkles and air pockets in the legs. As I pull the suit up over my hips, She reaches down inside the front and pops the slipper inside the sheath. Together we roll the suit up to my chest, and She helps me slide my arms into the sleeves and gloves and smooth out the wrinkles. I close the zippers up both sides of the high neck, and again She locks the ends to grommets on the neck. A locked posture collar covers the seam between the suit and the helmet, making it appear as though I am encased from head to toe in a single garment. My buyer will get the keys to the locks on the collar and the suit, and others, but not the one for the helmet, which she keeps on a chain around her neck.

All of this has been pretty much standard gear for me, and now She will accessorize me for the auction. After looking at me for a while, she chooses a black patent leather corset and matching armbinder. I step into the corset, and back up to the power lacer so that She can feed the ends of the laces into it. When I can barely breathe, She ties it off and slides the armbinder into place and again uses the power lacer. My elbows touch. Padlocks seal the top of the armbinder, and the top, middle and bottom of the corset.

Stepping in front of me, She wraps a sturdy cock-and-ball harness around the sheath, adds three more tiny padlocks, and attaches a leash to the D-ring at the end of the harness. I am now a pull toy.

Standing me in front of the bed, She pushes me backwards so that I plop down onto the firm mattress and activate the butt plug. Grabbing my left leg, She pushes my foot into a thigh-high patent leather boot with a five-inch heel, and quickly begins lacing it up. Once the laces are in place at my very crotch, She returns to the foot and, using two eyehooks, pulls the leather taut all the way up my leg. I cannot bend my knee. She repeats the process with my right leg, tying the significant excess of the laces with a simple knot, and leaving the long ends dangling.

With considerable practice She levers me to my feet on my pole-like legs, and waits to make sure I have my balance. I could not sit down to deactivate the butt plug if I wanted to. Once I nod that I am OK, She reaches in and slips a tiny padlock through a D-ring on the front inner curve of the top of my left boot. This is attached to a matching D-ring on the left side of my ball harness and locked. The process is repeated on the right side, and I am ordered to take a few steps. Though small, they cause my cock to swing back and forth like the tail of a happy dog. She smiles.
Stepping behind me, She reaches around my thighs and grabs the four dangling laces. These are brought around behind me and tied off to the D-ring at the end of the armbinder. A few more steps, and my locked arms swing left and right in counterpoint to my cock.

She asks me if I would like some water or Gatorade before I am gagged. Though I am aware that my buyer will not be required to remove my penis plug for 12 hours, I acknowledge that I am already sweating within the suit, and know from experience that first night sessions are often strenuous. I nod towards the Gatorade on the table, and She pours a glass and places the straw into my mouth. It is cold, and tempting. I drink what I feel I can hold, and nod. She removes the straw, wipes my mouth, and pushes the bladder of a pump gag into it. The corners of the cover flap are snapped onto the adjacent studs, and the gag is inflated.

I am ready to be sold.

She gathers up the many keys that the buyer will be allowed to have, and places them within a small black silk pouch. This she attaches to a D-ring on the front of the collar, along with a small gold tag marked “B.” Grabbing my leash, she walks me to the door, unlocks my cell, and turns out the light. We proceed down the hall to the keyed elevator, and go up to the great room of the lodge for the auction.

End of Part One



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