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Institutionalised 4: Adjusting To An Institutional Life

by rbbral

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© Copyright 2017 - rbbral - Used by permission

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story continued from part three

Part 4: Adjusting To An Institutional Life

The shock of losing my case, and being so thoroughly humiliated in front of the panel, and my sister, took its toll on me over the next few days, during which I fell into a terrible depression. I had expected all along that I would be successful and never imagined I would be incarcerated against my wishes, until Mann and his assistants had decided I was no longer a threat to them. The hint by Tyra that she thought she would have enough money in two or three years to quit was the only, very small consolation I could hang onto. But even then, three years here?

I had taken all the sex rather frivolously, and in truth enjoyed it, particularly with Tyra, assuming I would be out of here fast. But I wasn’t going to be, and it was dawning on me that I would be here for as long as they wished unless I found some means of escape. And starting immediately to try to hatch a plan, however slim, to escape. But for the next few days I was in a depression.

They kept me in the security wing as they finalised all the paperwork and spread the news to everyone that I was now a permanent patient, prone to sudden fits of violence, and I assumed that everyone bought into their lie, as they had done before. I didn’t speak to Jessica or Dawn when they brought me my food, or tried to interact. They advised me that this was all pointless, the dye was cast, and to accept it. The only responses I gave them were variations of fuck off and leave me alone. Not very original.

Then I came upon the idea, not in retrospect a very bright one, that I would go on hunger strike until they released me, assuring them I would never mention their sexual antics here. They didn’t buy this at all, and advised me, correctly, that a judge and panel had signed an order for my incarceration and it would need another to rescind it. This didn’t deter me in my fruitless efforts and on the third day after the order I began to refuse food. Why I believed they would yield I don’t know, but desperate times call for etc etc. Tyra came for the first time, I had missed her and wondered why she hadn’t come to see me. She was sympathetic but reminded me of my position, and tried hard to make me come around to my senses, but I spurned her advances, despite how much I had enjoyed her oral skills. She was, after all, still the enemy, beautiful and wonderfully talented though she was.

They humoured me at first, sure that I would come round after a day or two. I didn’t leave my room, didn’t exercise, didn’t communicate, just slept, read, did crosswords and played chess, me against I. Somehow, naively, I believed they would yield and release me. How stupid is that?

What I didn’t realise was that they had experience of this, occasionally some patients at the institute would decline food, and this then obliged them to undertake the unpleasant duty of having to force-feed them. They were nurses after all, and this was a medical “procedure”. I didn’t think this was legal, but it is where patients are, supposedly, incapable of making a rational decision for themselves, and I was about to find out that included me.

But Mann, being Mann, decided to kill two birds with one stone and to incorporate my forced-feeding into one of his fetish scenarios. I had heard somewhere that forced-feeding scenarios, incorporating some poor “slave” being fed with a tube and sometimes a funnel, were on the periphery of the BDSM scene. I had even read somewhere this included the dominant partner sometimes peeing into the funnel. Now that situation did not appeal to me at all. But to cut to the chase…..

Force Fed

They came for me one evening and immediately I knew something was “on”. I was on my bed dressed only in my rubber bra and ventilated panty girdle. I looked up and there were Jessica and Dawn holding the inflatable straightjacket. But it was what they were wearing that worried me. They were clad in the same neck-to-toe orange catsuits and matching masks I had first seen them in when I had been caught spying on them. In addition they had the reinforced harness of straps in the shape of a bra, supporting and pushing out their breasts. And over all this they wore loose blouses of transparent rubber, tight at the wrists, waist and neck. Completing the ensemble were the strange transparent loose rubber bloomers, elasticated at the waist and below the knees.So this was to be a “clinical” scenario.

“Up you get Connie, we have a special treat for you. No point in resisting, so cross your arms. You know the drill.” I did so, for there was no chance of fighting them here. And anyway, I was quite weak after a couple of days without solid food.

Stupid me, I should have known this would not go on forever, and they certainly had no intention of yielding to my naïve blackmail. I shivered as the cool rubber enveloped my upper body and Dawn zipped it up the back and then Jessica inflated it. They then led me to their playroom, their transparentrubber bloomers rustling, and Jessica saying.

“I don’t think you will like this Connie, but then like everything else, you have brought this on yourself, haven’t you?” yes, she liked reminding me of that.

Mann wasn’t in the room, only Tyra awaited my arrival, standing by the gyn/ob chair and I could see that cameras were already strategically placed to film the scene. Tyra was dressed differently to the other girls, in a female version of Mann’s doctor’s uniform from the previous time I’d caught them.

She looked breathtaking in a figure-hugging black catsuit from neck to toe, with matching high heeled boots that projected her to well over six feet. The catsuit had some sort of built-in corset, for her waist had been drawn in cruelly, which resulted in her large,perfectly proportioned breasts being raised and pushed out provocatively. Encasing her head was a black rubber mask with eye and mouth holes outlined in white, and a hole at her crown through which her flowing locks tumbled down behind her. Over her catsuit she was pulling on a mid-calf length white rubber coat, identical to the one worn by Mann. But she hadn’t buttoned it up, perhaps couldn’t, as her breasts were almost too big for her to do that. The brilliant white of the coat only served to emphasise her stunning body in the black catsuit. I gulped in air as my heart took an extra beat, and she motioned for me to sit in the chair.

“Oh Connie, Connie, my dear, do you think that we would let you self-harm here? Starving yourself is just the dumbest thing you could possibly do. We value you here, and we are not going to lose you. We have lots of plans for you, and I for one really want to be the recipient of your oral talents again. So, not for the first time you have forced our hand. When will you ever learn, you poor girl? You are not going to like this, Connie, and I hope it will be the last time we have to do this, but it I hope it will serve as a lesson that resistance is pointless here.” As she said this Jessica and Dawn had fastened me to the chair, my legs stretched wide, my inflatable jacket tied by a series of hard rubber straps. Tyra now produced a black rubber bathing cap.

“I’m not sure what we will do with your hair Connie. It is lovely and wavy but it really is going to get in the way when we have to mask you all the time for our sessions. Anyway, we’ll think about that another day. This bathing cap will keep your hair out of the way for this procedure (procedure!) and afterwards.” She stretched the rubber in her hands and then placed it firmly over my head, as Dawn helped her tuck my hair underneath.

“Oh, you do look so tasty like that Connie.” She gripped my face in her palms and smacked a lengthy kiss on my, at least initially, resisting lips.

“Hmmm, yummy, pity we can’t continue, but we have to get on.”

All three now very dramatically, no doubt for the cameras, helped each other don white rubber surgical masks, and then thin rubber surgical gloves. They made quite a palaver of it, stretching the rubber over each finger, while the front of their surgical masks billowed in and out as they breathed in the rubber-scented air. Satisfied, Tyra, as always clearly in charge, now grasped a long rubber tube, which I noticed had, half the way down, a flaccid bulb, connected to which was a much smaller tube. She held it up in front of me.

“Now Connie, I’m afraid you won’t like this at all, but it will serve two purposes. One, to get some nutrition into you, and two to persuade you that in future it would not be a good idea to go on a hunger strike. So let’s get this over quickly and we all hope this is the only time I have to do this.”

“No way, no way I’m going to have that stuck down my throat.” Tyra smiled behind her mask.

“Oh Connie, this is all your own doing. Yes, it is going down your throat and there is nothing you can do about it. Now let me explain. This device is a variation of the basic feeding tube, redesigned by Dr. Mann. The variation on this one is this second narrower tube glued to it and this bladder half way down. This is for long-term usage, as the fear of force feeding is possible regurgitation, and you perhaps suffocating on your own vomit. Very nasty indeed, yes, and a way in which many people have died over the years. So, this bulb is inflated half way down your esophagus to stop any matter rising and suffocating you. Very efficient, but also unfortunately for you not very comfortable. The bladder is inflated when the tube is inserted, making a waterproof seal, and then the inflator is removed. We can then feed you in our own time, with no fear that you will be in danger of suffocation.”

“You’re crazy, this is ridiculous.” And then I yielded.“All right, all right I’ll take some food, I give up.” I said, rather desperately.

“Far too late for that, my sweet. It’s time you learnt this lesson, and anyway, we’re filming all this, and there’s no point in stopping now, we took a long time to get dressed for all the fun we’re going to have. Now the tube and inflator are the first part of this device. Dr. Mann has designed the second for, as I said, long term use.”

She now held up in front of me what looked like a rubber facepiece attached to a series of rubber straps. Tyra was now warming to her task.

“Yes, this is a really clever design, which I have to say, I had a small part in designing. So this curved thick rubber portion will cover the lower part of your face, from under your nose to cup under your chin, and the straps go around your head, either side of your nose here, and around your neck. They all meet at the back where we have a tiny lock. And guess who has the key? Well, me of course. Once on, my poor Connie, it will stay on, until I decide when it comes off.”

“Oh no, please, Tyra.” I implored. “I’ll eat anything you want now, please.”

“Connie, this isn’t just to feed you, it’s to teach you a lesson, because it seems you are a little slow in the learning curve here.” She was talking calmly, like a mother to an irresponsible child. And there was no way now that I was going to change her mind. She continued.

“All right, finally the inside of the facemask is very cleverly designed. These metal threads, two of them will be attached to the round metal screws at the ends of the two tubes, the feeding tube and the bladder inflation tube in your throat, creating a nice tight seal. The feeding tube and the inflation bulb on the outside can then be removed from the front of the baseplate and sealed with two screwcaps here.”

She seemed very pleased with herself, but hadn’t finished as she showed me the inside of the rubber faceplate.

“And here we have something you might recognise. These two rubber gumshields will clamp over your teeth so you don’t bite through the tubes, which could also be dangerous. They are very similar to those you wore at your hearing. Not very comfortable, but efficient, and remember, this is all for your own good. And of course this all means we can keep this clamped over your face for as long as we wish, and feed you when and whatever we like. Not comfortable at all for you, but very useful for us.”

Yeah, right, I thought. They are so considerate for my health, what a load of rubbish. But then I knew that I had little to say in the matter.

“All right, no time to waste, let’s get going. Ladies?” Jessica now began to screw the ends of the rubber tubes to the inside of the faceplate, making sure they were water and airtight. Then she tested the inflator and I saw the bladder half way down the tube shudder into life and expand to about an inch in diameter, certainly large enough to block the passage to my stomach. That did not look very comfortable at all. Fuck, they had thought of everything. She deflated it, thank goodness, as I certainly didn’t want to swallow it inflated, it would be difficult enough flaccid.

“Okay Connie, what we’re going to do is spray the back of your mouth with a little local anaesthetic so the tube will pass down into you a little more comfortably. Don’t say we don’t look after our patients.” Jessica laughed as she held my chin down and Dawn firmly placed her hand on my forehead and pulled it back into the headrest. Tyra quickly sprayed the back of my throat and I felt the cool fluid seem to stick there.

“We’ll wait a couple of minutes.”

“Look, please Tyra, I’ll do anything, please.”

“Connie, stop, we’re not going back now. You’re just going to have to suffer, I’m afraid. Do I have to remind you again that if you had behaved yourself, we wouldn’t be here? I do hope you learn from this.”

They certainly loved reminding me of this, all this, all that had happened over the last few weeks was my fault! In part, I suppose they were true, to a degree, but I didn’t like being reminded of that. So I just shut up, and waited for them to get on with it. A couple of minutes later they were ready, and Tyra held up the two connected rubber tubes.

“All right Connie, try not to gag. You have sucked Dr. Mann off and taken his cock down your throat, so this should be easy, ha ha.” I really didn’t like to be reminded of this, but it was true, I had over a short time learned to control my gag reflex, well most of the time. I tried to calm myself as Dawn again pulled my forehead back to the headrest and Jessica gripped my chin and pulled it down.

“Okay, here we go Connie. Good girl, good girl.” And Tyra began to feed the tubes, one about two feet long for god’s sake and the other ending in the inflatable bladder down my throat. With my head held in a vice grip by Jessica and Dawn, I was powerless and could only gurgle a useless plea.

“Gaargh, aagh, aaahh.”

“Good girl, doing fine now.” Tyra stroked my cheek as she leaned over me, whispering encouragement, her rubber surgical mask billowing out from her masked face, her eyes even a little sympathetic, would you believe. I tried to swallow and all that did was make me gag, so I left her to it, breathing as well as I could through my nose. Then came the anti-regurgitation bladder. It wasn’t yet inflated, but I gagged as the flaccid rubber passed the rear of my throat.

“Well done Connie, that was the hard bit, now the rest will be easy, only a few inches to go now.”

“Aaaah, aaaah.” I groaned as the tube descended, I felt like some Provencal goose. Then I saw the contoured rubber facepiece come closer and closer, the soft rubber gumshields on the inside almost beckoning me. Then the cool rubber of the shields were resting on my open lips.

“Okay Connie, remember this bit, you’re doing well but I have to get these shields to settle and cover your teeth, we’ll do upper first, okay hold on, open wider now, wider, come on. Good girl.” 

“Aaaaah, aaaah.” I could feel her rubber gloved fingers adjust the shield over my upper set and press, and then she repeated it with the lower set. And between them were of course the two connected tubes, the larger being for my forced feeding and the smaller to inflate the bladder wedged half way down my oesophagus. My mouth was now crammed with rubber, I could just about open it a little, enough for the two tubes, but not close it. The two rubber tubes and the gumshields took care of that, and I was quickly to find out that I wouldn’t be able to open it any further once the contoured faceplate had been strapped over my lower face. The smooth rubber extended horizontally from under my nose to nearly as far as my ears, and then curved downwards under my chin to as far as my neck.

As I pleaded a long mmmmm, Dawn pushed my head forward and took a series of straps from the front of the facepiece, one of which bisected my nose, and pulled them over my bathing cap. They were connected by steel rings, and other straps wrapped round my head, bisecting at my ears, and another passed over my head, from ear to ear. While Dawn and Jessica were attentively adjusting these, Tyra held the contoured facepiece firmly over my mouth, staring coolly into my eyes and seeking my reaction, which was a mix of panicky fear and dumb acceptance.

“Calm now, calm, you’ll be fine.”

The only objects visible on the facepiece were the two steel connections for the food tube and inflator, the larger one being for my food intake. I wriggled in the seat, my feet waggling, and this was about the only movement I could muster, as my thighs and ankles were strapped to the legs of the chair. I was sweating buckets in the inflatable rubber straightjacket now, and in my ventilated panties.

I was surprised that Mann wasn’t there to see this awful humiliation that I was being subjected to. But no, it was Tyra in charge and she was very good at that! I suppose I had hoped for some empathy from her, but no, she was all business, and perhaps a little angry that I had, frankly stupidly, put them to all this trouble. Finally, they were satisfied that all the straps had been adjusted to the appropriate tension. I tried to open my mouth, do anything at all with it, but no, my mouth, chin and lower portion of my face were held in an immovable grip of unyielding rubber, and all I could do was breathe through my nose and mmmmm in distress. Inside my mouth, I could run my tongue under the tubes, but the two gumshields allowed no other movement. At the back of my neck all the straps seemed to come together at a steel locking device, perhaps an inch in diameter, and Tyra now produced a minute key which she held up in front of me.

“You’ve done well, so far Connie. It is up to me to decide how long this stays on you, I have the key here and no one else has a copy.” She pressed my head forward and I vaguely heard a faint click as I was now locked into this foul device. She placed her gloved hand over my smooth facepiece, as if seeking out my trapped mouth, stroking my chin.

“Connie, you are in a bit of a pickle, aren’t you? This is going to be just one lesson for you to learn, no, it’s not very pleasant, I know, and unfortunately for you we can be very persuasive in many different ways.” She now took the inflator bulb and screwed it into the connection at the front of my facepiece and calmly squeezed it, as I stared up at her, there was no need for any more pleading. I can’t say it was painful, no it wasn’t. But I could certainly feel a presence, some pressure inside me, half the way down my chest. It was very strange, as if something was alive, growing inside me, but at least it wasn’t painful, small mercy I suppose. After three of four pumps, she seemed satisfied, and unscrewed the bulb and replaced it with a screw stopper.

“That is for your own good, Connie, making it all watertight. We certainly don’t want you suffocating. It maybe a bit strange at first but you’ll get used to it.” She patted my cheek then stepped back, very pleased it seemed with her work. While all this was happening, I was embarrassed to see that the whole thing was being filmed, but then I shouldn’t have been surprised, nothing really should have surprised me with these women.

“Now for your first feeding.” Dawn rolled over a drip feed stand and set it next to my chair, and I saw that an upside-down plastic container was already set up, complete with rubber tube, shut off valve and steel connector for my facepiece. The fluid inside, about two pints I suppose, had a grey/brown consistency, and did not look very appetising at all. Tyra watched me as she took the end of the tube and screwed it into the connection on my facepiece. Dawn and Jessica had now left.

“It isn’t very tasty, but then you won’t get to taste it at all anyway, as it goes straight down into your stomach. But it is very nutritious, Connie, we want you fit and well, and ready for all the exertions we have planned for you (well that didn’t surprise me that much) so all I have to do is release this valve here and we can watch the fluid pour into you. Should take about fifteen minutes I think.” She twisted the valve and I watched the tube wiggle as the liquid goop passed down, and then through my defenceless mouth and presumable into my stomach. As this ensued, Tyra affectionately stroked my head and then with a twinkle in her eye her hand moved down to the front of my panty girdle. Oh no, I thought, forcibly fed by tube, and now she’s going to make me come, for I knew how she could push my buttons so easily.

At first her fingers just stroked me through the rubber, but then after a few minutes she eased them under the waistband and between my tender lips. Oh god, she quickly found my clit and it was already engorged. There was no way I could stop her, and anyway I wasn’t sure I wanted her to. Her eyes gleamed as she whispered.

“How are you doing, filling up?” And I realised I was, there was no taste whatsoever of course but I could feel my stomach filling, very slowly. It was the oddest sensation, becoming sated without actually eating.  I rolled my head and mmmmed. I was sweating buckets in my straightjacket, and I knew, shamefully, that my pussy was dripping too.

“Why can’t you admit it Connie? I can make you come any time I want, and much better than any man.” And she was right, absolutely right, her fingers were those of a maestro, and her tongue could send me to the stratosphere. I suppose I still liked to ride a cock all right, but the only cock around here was Mann’s, and I couldn’t stand him. Although Tyra was almost as responsible as he was for my confinement (well not quite) for some reason I didn’t blame her to the same degree. I hated Mann, but I really couldn’t come to hate Tyra, despite (or perhaps because of?) what she had done to me. Some of it was humiliating and embarrassing, but clearly some of it excited me and raised my sexual pleasure to a level I had never experienced before. I was being bombarded with conflicting opinions and thoughts. But at what cost?

What on earth was I to think, what was happening to me? Well right now I was coming in a shivering, shaking torrent of desire, as Tyra removed her glistening finger showing it to me, pulled down her surgical mask and licked it. The container was now empty, and Tyra removed it, but then replaced it with a container of water.

“We need to keep your fluid levels up as well; you won’t be able to do it for yourself.” She laughed and turned the valve and the water slowly seeped into me, filling me further. This didn’t take long and quickly I was beginning to feel a bit bloated. And there would be only one way I would be able to relieve myself, and that wasn’t by throwing up! Once finished, she closed the valve and unscrewed the tube, screwing in a stopper cap. Now the smooth rubber that gripped my lower face was unadorned, except for two matching steel caps opposite my mouth.

They released me from the chair and I stood groggily with Tyra supporting me. Then she slowly led me back to my room in the security wing, her rubber coat rustling over her stunning black catsuit. I could do nothing except quietly moan, partly through pleasure, having had a prolonged orgasm thanks to Tyra, and discomfort due to my full belly and the damned tubes down my throat. As I stood by my bed, breathing hard through my nose, Tyra pressed her cheek to my rubber-covered one.

“The only problem with you having the feeding mask locked on is I can’t get to kiss those lovely lips of yours, or even better have your tongue playing with my clit. I will miss that, Connie. But this is a punishment, and a warning, you really must learn to play by the rules here.” She caressed my head.

“There’s no chance of escape, you understand that, so you must adjust and accept, and make the best of it, otherwise it will be very hard for you. We could definitely have some fun together, you and I, we have already, haven’t we?” She was now stroking my rubber covered head. “I know you are a prisoner of course, but you have to overcome that, and concentrate on the positives of your future here. You must try to be positive. You will be able to really get pleasure here if you want.” She was now deflating the straightjacket and unzipped it, and I was quickly standing in only rubber bra and panty girdle, sweat literally pouring off me. She removed her surgical mask, but was still clad in her stunning rubber catsuit and mask, white coat and surgical gloves. And she still had her knee-high boots on, so practically towered over me.I heard the rubberswish as she approached me,

Yes, she had make me come, many times now. It was a mystery how she could do it so easily, but right then I was mad at her, my head was imprisoned in the rubber bathing cap and irremovable facepiece and associated straps, and would remain so until she decided to release me, and I would continue to be fed like that, but for how long? I shook me head as best I could, not very much as I was heavily impeded by the taut straps of the facepiece encircling my head. I mmmmed in annoyance, snorting through my nose. I raised my hands to the straps and tried to get a grip to move them, pull them off, ease my fingers under them, do anything. Tyra watched me with arms crossed, rather amused, seeing me struggle, allowing me to find out for myself, quite quickly, that it was impossible to get even the slightest movement out of them. It was as if they had been secured with some sort of super glue. There was nothing sharp in the room, that was prohibited, as I supposedly could self harm, so I was truly stuck. I dropped my hands in frustration and she placed an arm around my waist, which I should have spurned, but didn’t, I was so tired of it all.

“Come on Connie, we’ve been doing this for a while, don’t take us for amateurs, you are in expert hands, believe me. Oh, and you look so gorgeous in that bra and panty girdle, showing off your tasty body, and so helpless with that mask and facepiece, I could lick every inch of you.” And with that she gently pushed me back onto my bed. I suppose I could have squirmed away, but she had proved herself much stronger than me many times before. So I lay back as she whispered.

“Leave it to me, Connie, as I have said, you’re in good hands with me.” I permitted her to pull my panty girdle off, then my bra, and I saw her grin as she noticed how wet I was between my legs and how hard my nipples were.

“Gorgeous as you are, I’m not sure if I don’t prefer that body and head of yours sheathed in rubber, now that does get my juices flowing.” She grinned behind her mask and took off her coat, looking spectacular in her body hugging black rubber, then lay beside me.

“And talking of juices flowing…..”

Why was I letting her do this? She’s my fucking jailer? But I suppose I was in a trance, all too aware of how wonderfully aroused she could make me feel. We lay on our sides, our eyes locked as she stroked my hard nipples, mmmmmm was all I could say.

“Take my breasts Connie, I know you want to, time you did some of the work.” She sniggered. This was something different, up until now I had been the passive one, and Tyra had done pretty well all the running. I loved her going down on me, I hated to admit it, but I did. And she was a mesmerising kisser. I don’t know why I did, but I took her stunning breasts in my hands. They were frim yet pliable under the rubber, and I immediately enjoyed fondling them, it was an odd sensation doing this to another woman (obviously) and yet after all that had happened to me, it now almost felt normal. And then I even surprised myself, as my hand drifted down and lowered the zip opposite her pussy. I had been forced to lick her, suck and blow her before, but I was aware that this was my doing now.

“Oh Connie, you are full of surprises, you beautiful girl. Oh yes, now don’t stop, just take your time. I know you know exactly what to do.” And my fingers rubbed her and then slipped into her, and I was surprised that I felt rather proud to feel that she was moist. As her hand moved to my pussy, her masked head now moved to my nipples, ogodogod, and she rolled one between her teeth. This was not meant to happen. I was furious with them, and of course with her, for force feeding me in such an unpleasant and humiliating way, but now I was humming with pure bliss as she brought me to yet another orgasm. She continued to stroke my shivering body with her gloved hands and I reciprocated, rubbing her clit with one hand, and caressing her voluptuous frame held within its black rubber encasement with the other. Then she, as I had done, began to shake.

“Oh Conn, You really are a wonder. Aaaaaah.” After a minute or so, we lay on our backs on the small bed, catching our breath. She said nothing for a while, then turned and said.

“How’s the facepiece? Can you swallow at all?” I shook my head and mmmed. “And you can’t breathe through your mouth?” Another shake. “Good, that’s the way it’s meant to be. Not very nice at all, is it? You poor thing. Well Connie I really do hope you have learnt your lesson.” This time I nodded, hoping she may show me some compassion, but she stood up, easing out the creases in her drum-tight suit. She zipped up the crotch of her suit, her pussy gleaming, and with a contented smile, said quietly.

“That was a wonderful interlude Connie, but remember, you are wearing this nasty facepiece, and all the tubes and gumshields for a reason, yes? You resisted, and you must learn that that can have very unpleasant consequences. You are here for as long as we decide, and to do with as we wish, never forget that, please. Oh, and don’t forget who is responsible for you being here, yes, you Connie, you.” She leant over and caressed my rubber covered head again.

“Now I will decide how long you keep that on, no, don’t shake your head, I know it’s not pleasant at all, but that’s the point. I’ll come and see you tomorrow.” She kissed my rubber forehead and then turned at the door.

“And thank you for the entertainment.”

I really couldn’t figure her out, one minute a tender and affectionate lover, and the next a cruel and (seemingly) uncaring jailer. Perhaps she didn’t separate the two, she could be both even at the same time. She clearly liked to make love to me, expertly, and also liked to control and humiliate me. But she also liked me to arouse her (and in truth, I enjoyed pleasing her as well) and all this truly perplexed me.

I didn’t sleep well that night, being very uncomfortable with the foul tube all the way down my throat to my stomach, and the rubber facepiece virtually glued to my face.

The next two days, morning and evening, they fed me in this degrading way. They shared the load, it was always Tyra, and sometimes Jessica or Dawn joined her. In the mornings, they didn’t even dress in any rubber but came in their business clothes. For a bit of theatre though they took me to their playroom and, clearly having fun, strapped me into the gyn/ob chair. There was no reason for me to fight them, and so I sat on the chair in my bra and panty girdle or sometimes my top and harem pants, as they connected the feeding tube to the front of my mask, then the food flowed into me, as I glared at them.

In the evenings however, they got into the spirit of things, and didn’t miss an opportunity to film everything by dressing again in their orange rubber catsuits and masks, and transparent blouses and bloomers. It all seemed a bit silly when you think about it, but I had no alternative other than to play along with it. Tyra was there in her black catsuit and mask, and white lab coat and I had to admit she looked absolutely stunning and I felt a shiver of arousal when I saw her.

Unfortunately however, the second night Tyra wasn’t there but was replaced by Mann, who I hadn’t seen in a while. He was his usual sneering, arrogant self, bathing in the fact that here I was completely under his control. I snorted and mmmmmed at him, glaring daggers, but this just seemed to make him happier.

Like Tyra, he liked to remind me that this was all my fault, rubbing it in much more - as if I didn’t know. He was also crueller than the others, and just because he could, he liked to inflict some pain, not extreme pain at all, but it was very unsettling.  As I was strapped to the chair in my t-shirt and pants, and he fed me, he would pinch my nipples, while his fingers were under my pants squeezing my clit. So it was all the pain-and-pleasure thing for him.

To be honest I wouldn’t have minded it so much if it had been Tyra, as she was much more tender. Every time I was with Mann, I knew there would be some discomfort mixed with the sexual torment. But they all liked to play with me, as the fluid seeped down my throat, stroking and caressing me through the rubber, and knowing that despite my degrading position, I would still become wet. Why, I don’t know, maybe I had been a submissive from the start, even before coming to the institute, and just didn’t know it. Or a lesbian? Certainly, I loved having Tyra play with me, and she could certainly play me like a fiddle, and took some pride in making her come as well. And of course they had more, many more, scenarios planned for me.

Ride A Cock Horse

Three days they left me suffer like this. I was frustrated, angry, and uncomfortable.

On the third night, after my feeding in late afternoon, Tyra came to my room. I gave her a dirty look, mmmmmed and gesticulated to my rubber encased head, not for the first time; I was getting very tired of having the rubber bathing cap, and the face piece clamped over my lower face and the tubes all the way down my throat. She cocked her head and said.

“There’s no need to pout, Connie, remember you brought this on yourself. Anyway, I think you need a bit of exercise to perk you up. No point in staying in a huff all day.” I knew exactly the kind of “exercise” she was referring to, for every day I had been exercising in the makeshift gym, sucking in air through my nose, but the exercise she had planned for me didn’t involve the gym.

“Come on, strip off, we’re going to the playroom.” In a huff I pulled my panty girdle and bra off, still scowling at her. She was wearing her power business suit, but I had a feeling she might have been wearing some rubber underneath as I could see beads of perspiration on her, or maybe she was just excited at what was to come. I no longer felt strange being completely naked in front of her, why would I, but would actually have preferred the rubber at least covering part of me. Not only was I getting used to its cool embrace, how it flattered by body and what it did to arouse me like nothing I’d ever worn before,I was really getting to like it

“Oh, just look at you, good enough to eat. I do prefer you in all your rubber, but we’ll have you naked for the moment. Come on.” She led me to their playroom, and when I entered I saw that there was no one else there.

“I have you to myself this evening, Connie, oh lucky me. Now acquaint yourself with this new acquisition we’ve made, you’re going to give it a test ride. I’ll be back in a few minutes after I’ve changed.”

Taking pride of place in the middle of the room was a strange piece of equipment, something I should have been used to by now. On a 3 foot square steel base, a single steel post rose three feet, and at the end of the post a curved U shaped “seat” was attached. It was padded in red rubber, the two vertical portions rising perhaps 10 inches in the front and maybe 16 inches in the rear. I didn’t have to be a genius to understand that I was to sit in this cradle, the two ends of the U supporting my back and front. That was obvious; also obvious were the two 2 feet long horizontal steel bars extending outwards six inches from the base, with ankle cuffs at the ends of each. So these would keep my legs stretched wide, a couple of inches off the ground, and my crotch anchored in the seat.

It was the seat area, no more than 3 inches wide, that caught my eye though. There were two strategically placed holes in this narrow seat and, underneath the seat, pointing upwards to the two holes and a couple of inches below them, were two very life-like rubber cocks. I’m no electrician but I could see that both were connected to a separate motor set in the base. Yes, these were independent fucking machines, and I was the one who was to test drive them. I studied these with a sense of dread, when I heard Tyra return behind me.

“Remember that rhyme? ‘Ride a Cock Horse to Banbury Cross’? I never could understand what that meant.” She laughed.“But you’re going to give it a try, Connie. Don’t look so glum, it will be fun, I guaranty it.” Much as I tried to hate this woman, she had raised me to sexual levels that I had never experienced before, and as I turned to her, my eyes must have popped out.

“Oh, you like? Good, I do love to be appreciated.”

It would be hard to improve her superbly tuned mature body, but she always managed to do it - the black catsuit with the white lab coat, the orange catsuit with the transparent blouse and bloomers. Those were really pure fetish. But this was different, and in some way even sexier.

She was again in her cream coloured rubber, but a variation from what she had been wearing when we had made love (for that is what I could now readily admit we had done) in the gym locker room. Not just a variation, but a distinct improvement, in my mind.

Yes, a vision in cream rubber. Shoulder length gloves, a corselette like the one before, but this one with a panty section (oh, so I don’t get to play there) and with perfect creaseless stockings attached by six suspenders. The corselette enhanced her already beautiful figure, pushing out her breasts, pulling in her waist and rounding her hips. That almost took my breath away, but covering her head was a stunning cream, drum-tight, zipless mask, with red rubber outlining her lips and blue around her eyes. From a hole in the crown her hair flowed out, and down to her shoulders. What was it about the fifties underwear clothing that appealed to me? I hadn’t even been born then, but somewhere I must have seen all those underwear ads, maybe fifties Hollywood movies, I don’t know. But I found them incredibly sexy, so much more that skimpy panties and tights (uurgh) that women wore now, and I had to admit, including me. They were wonderfully sexy to look at, and no doubt, wonderful to wear. For Tyra was a hark back to the past, and most important, she had the voluptuous body for it. These were garments for those wonderful actresses of the fifties – Gina, Sophia, Anita, Marilyn, Kim came immediately to mind, and I could go on - real women - not the beanpoles of nowadays (and not terribly talented either). Well each to their own, I suppose.

Seeing me staring at her, she grinned.

“I’d ask you for your opinion, but then.” She cocked her head to the side, sidled up to me, and I looked down and saw she was perched on impossibly high heels of cream leather, she put a hand around my waist as we now both examined the saddle.

In her hands, she held a bundle of rubber which she now laid on the bed, and when she spread it out I could see it was a costume of cream rubber, matching what she was wearing!

“We’re going to look like twins, Connie. I love that firm naked body of yours but rubber just enhances everything, you’ll see, now come here and we’ll get started.” She handed me the stockings, which I noted like all the rubber, had already been powdered on the inside. I sat on the gurney/bed and began to slide the cool rubber up my leg. Then I repeated it with the other. I took a few breaths through my nose, and looked up at her, and she gave an appreciating nod, then handed me the corselette.

“This is going to be a tight fit for you, but then that’s the point.” She chuckled as I stood and placed both feet through the opening. Unlike hers, mine had no panties, which made sense as it appeared I was going to be mechanically fucked fairly soon. I gripped the sides and pulled them up, they were tough to get over my thighs and hips, but Tyra came behind me, gently kissed my neck then tugged them up, allowing me to place my breasts in the firm cups. She drew the straps over my shoulders as I pulled the sides down and then started to attach the suspenders to the tops of the stockings, four for each leg.

“I don’t think there’s anything sexier in the world than a beautiful woman (me?) attaching stockings to the suspender belt of a corselette, and even better if they are made of rubber, don’t you? I could eat you now, Connie, run my tongue up and down every inch of your gorgeous body. Okay, stand up, let’s look at you.” The corselette was indeed very fitted and I took a few breaths through my nose to adjust to the constriction. I looked in the mirror opposite the U saddle and fucking machine. There was no doubt that the smooth, shimmering material did wonders for my shape, my boobs seemed to have grown two sizes and my waist had lost a couple of inches. She drew me out of these thoughts by tossing me a shoulder length glove in matching cream rubber. It was easier to pull on than I thought, and I followed this with the other arm, easing out the creases. Finally under her guidance I stepped into matching cream leather pumps, which thankfully only had four inch heels. I shook my head, I had never been one for high heels and felt immediately wobbly.

“We’ll get you in ballet boots soon enough, you’ll see.” I tottered to the mirror and examined myself, Tyra moving to my side, an arm around my waist. Yes, we did look like twins, she was taller and fuller figured than me, but the stockings, shoes and gloves all matched, except my shaved pussy could be discerned peeking out from under my corselette. We looked like a couple of 50’s Hollywood starlets, except for the mask that she wore, and my bathing cap and punitive rubber facepiece. I ran my gloved hands down my torso, from bulging boobs down to hips, and shivered. Despite the uncomfortable facepiece and the tube down my throat that I had endured now for three says I felt incredibly aroused. And Tyra could see this. 

“Walk around the room, get used to the heels, you’ll have to do that fast. I want to see you in ballet boots soon, showing off those wonderful gams.” As I walked tentatively around, seeing myself in the mirror, I felt ridiculously self-conscious, like a model on the catwalk. But from neck down I knew I looked pretty good, well, very good. It was the bathing cap and bloody brutal facepiece that made me look so odd. After a while of scrutinising me, Tyra called me to her.

“Well, you like the cream? It certainly likes you.” I nodded silently, yes, I did like it, it flattered in all the right places, I just wanted to get out of the facepiece and I pointed to my head, imploring.She approached me, her masked face now inches from mine.

“No, not yet. I do miss your skilled tongue all right, but you do look so cute like that, that facepiece and harness straps do a very efficient job indeed, don’t they? I know it must be uncomfortable, really unpleasant, but that is the idea I’m afraid. Now let’s see how we’re doing down here.” With a grin, she gripped my hips and knelt down, and then I felt her fingers rub my labia.

“You are a little damp all ready, you rascal. I also see you are developing some five-o-clock shadow here. It’s necessary for us all to be fully depilated for the website, and we all prefer it anyway, much cleaner, so I’ll give you some depilatory cream which you must apply every week. In a month or two you will be permanently bald here, which is good as I won’t get tickled as I attend to you.”

Already she was talking in weeks and months which depressed me, although the idea of the depilatory cream didn’t worry me unduly nor, shamefully, Tyra licking and sucking me!

“Before I get you onto the saddle you need to be nice and moist here, the cock is not huge but I take your well-being seriously so I want it to glide into you comfortably, so I’ll just have to, take care of you here.”

I felt her tongue tap my labia a couple of times and then slide up and down. Ohohohoh, how does she do that. I parted my legs and placed my gloved hands on the substantial cups supporting my breasts, then Tyra pressed her face onto my honey-pot and I mmmmed in pleasure.

“Gosh, it really doesn’t take long with you Connie. wet already, you rubber slut, you.” She giggled. “All right, now step over the saddle here and place your feet either side, good, that’s the way.” The curved sections of the U were now front and back and the central seat section a couple of inches below me, but that was rectified immediately when she pulled one leg sideways and attached the cuff of the horizontal bar around it, then moved to the other side and repeated the procedure. I was now thoroughly settled in the saddle. She opened a pack of condoms and expertly slid one over the rubber cock underneath me.

“Nearly ready.” My high-heeled feet were now spread 45 degrees either side of me and three inches (which might as well have been six feet) off the ground. And all this meant was that I was fully settled in the seat of the saddle, the two holes within it directly opposite my pussy and bumhole. I took a deep breath as I saw her in the mirror directly in front of me, go behind and wrap her arms around me, taking a breast in each hand and massage it. Then she calmly pulled my arms behind me and cuffed my wrists together to the steel back support.

“Mmmmm!” I shook my head.

“Just a little insurance.” She laughed. “Looks better for the cameras too.” She kissed me on the top of my head and then I felt her lips on my neck, pecking me tenderly there and had to take a deep breath. As she tightened the cuffs, pulling my arms in closer, she continued to intersperse this with stroking my head, fondling my breasts and pinching my nipples gently.

“But one more piece of the puzzle is needed, I think.” From the bed, she brought over what appeared to be some sort of rubber mask. I shook my head violently, not all this on top of what I have locked on my head already, please no! She came in front of me.

“I’m going to make you a real rubber lover, like me, by the end of your initial training here, Connie. This is an inflatable double skinned helmet in beautiful matching cream, no zip needed, it will go on loose and then when I pump it up here, from the valve on the crown, it will tighten, grip you as if you’re in a vice. There’s an aviation type mask inside that will cover your nose and mouth, although in your case the mouth access is irrelevant. On the outside is the re-breather bag with a valve that I can control. All you will breathe through your nose will be rubber-scented air as you are fucked. Okay, now there’s no point in shaking your head, this is going on, Connie.”

She stretched it in her hands and I was surprised how easily it descended over my already capped and harnessed head. I was at first in the dark, and then she adjusted the glass eyepieces and I could see out, not very well as they were small, but I was comforted that I could at least see. And then I felt her attach a bulb to the valve at the crown and begin to squeeze, at the same time fondling one of my breasts.

“You’re doing well, keep calm now, not long, keep calm. Can you breathe all right?” I inhaled a huge lungful of air through my nose, strongly scented with rubber, and then nodded. The rubber inexorably expanded around my head, pressing in, pressing in, and I mmmmed in discomfort. She prodded the rubber, then squeezed it, apparently wasn’t satisfied at how hard it was, and gave a few more squeezes, then finally seemed satisfied and stood back, a broad grin on her face.

I stared at myself in the mirror. I was locked into the saddle, my cream coloured rubber sheathed legs projected out at 45 degrees, my gloved arms pulled behind me, and my chest rising and falling as I gulped for air. The cream inflatable rubber helmet that imprisoned my head was not that big, but the pressure on my head almost made me dizzy, as I breathed in and out, the re-breather bag inflated and deflated on my chest between my breasts.

“Excellent, now I hope you are still moist, let’s see.” She leant over beside me and slid a finger through the front hole in the seat.

“Oh, you are a horny young thing, still moist, good, so that means we can get the machine off and running. Now Connie, you’ll have seen that there are holes front and back, and there are two machines under you, for fucking you, front and back. Now you have a beautiful bum and a nice tight rosebud there, but as this is your first time in the saddle we’ll dispense with the rear cock. Your tight muscle will need some gradual anal training and stretching over the next few weeks before taking that, and we have certain things planned for you (I didn’t like the sound of that). So the only cock you’ll have tonight will be taking care of your luscious pussy here.”

Part of me was relieved at hearing I was not going to be bum fucked. I wasn’t sure I liked the sound of “anal training” over the next “few weeks”, I had experienced the remote butt plug for almost a whole day, but that had a narrow neck, not comfortable but bearable, but this was an entirely different matter. However there was really nothing I could do about it. I didn’t have long to dwell anyway, for she bent down and turned a switch.

“We’ll take it nice and slow at first and then get a rhythm going when you have become accustomed properly.” I felt something cold as the helmet of the rubber cock pressed on my labia, then press further, and further and without knowing it, suddenly it was in me. No, thank god it wasn’t huge, just normal sized, whatever that is. I was glad I was moist for there was no discomfort. Yes, I could accommodate it all right. Then it withdrew four or five inches, stopped and then entered me again.

“All right?” Part of me found it ironic that she would show such concern, when it was she who had prepared me to be mechanically fucked, but I nodded anyway. For the next minute I had some time to adjust, to accustom myself to it, and then nodded.

“Good girl, there’s lots of lubrication there, so I’ll set it to a normal rhythm” And it was only seconds before the cock speeded up to what was perhaps a two second cycle. I closed my eyes, not particularly wanting to see myself in the mirror, rubber clothed and masked, and being mechanically fucked. Then I felt hands on my breasts, my nipples, my thighs, stroking me, fondling me, caressing me. And not for the first time, my body started to betray me, oh no, oh no.

“You really are a beauty, Connie, open your eyes and see; nothing to be ashamed of (what!) you are wet down there, and I can feel your rock-hard nipples in my fingers.” She then leant over and gripped a rubber-covered nipple in her teeth, sucking it into her mouth, then rolling it between her teeth, oh stop, oh stop I mmmmmed as loud as I could, but she just chuckled, then turned the valve on my re-breather bag down!

I could still breathe all right, but it took a greater effort and now the rubber aroma was even stronger. This was cruelty personified. I was being fucked at a steady even pace, and she was tormenting me with her fingers and mouth. After ten minutes, fifteen minutes, I don’t know, I came, shaking and shuddering, screaming into my mask, accompanied by a triumphant chuckle from Tyra.

But she continued to play with me, stroking and caressing the rubber, pinching my nipples and then to cap it all, sliding a finger under my seat and search out my clit. This wasn’t difficult as it was hard and so, so sensitive, that within minutes I came again. I stared at myself in the mirror through the small glass eyepieces in the inflatable helmet, my head rocking and rolling, my body shaking, the cock below me glistening and gleaming as it continued to fuck me pitilessly. And then after maybe half an hour, mercy of mercies, Tyra, with a chuckle, deflated the inflatable helmet and pulled it off my head. Oh, what a relief it was. She kissed me on my forehead.

“You’ve been very good Connie, exceeded all my expectations. I think you are adjusting very well to your new world here. I think you’ve learned your lesson, yes?” I was exhausted and stared at her and nodded. She went to the bed and from the table beside it got the tiny key. God, if I’d known it was there I would have… well, never mind. She unlocked the head harness, easing the straps off my head, then deflated the anti-regurgitation bulb that was half way down my throat and had been there for three damn days.

“All right Connie, you’re going to behave yourself, yes? Now this won’t be pleasant. But try to avoid gagging and retching. Over time we’ll get you to control your gag reflex as it’s important in our business. Okay, open as wide as you can, wider, I have to get the two gumshields off first, and they’ve been settled in there for a while, keep calm now. Wow, they are hard to get.”

“Aaargh, aaaahh.”

“Okay, that’s one loose, now the other, hhmm, that’s tougher.”

“Aaaaahhgh.” It felt as if she had both hands in my gaping mouth.

“Take it easy now, getting there. Okay, got them, now I just need to pull them out, like so. Good, now all that’s left are the two glued stomach tubes, and the regurgitation bladder, and I’m afraid as I said, that will be unpleasant. Just try to breathe evenly through your nose.”

She began to pull, very slowly, the facepiece away from my face, to which were attached the stomach tubes. It felt as if they were scraping my throat but I continued to breathe as easily as I could. Then the bulb emerged at the back of my throat, and it felt as if a huge ball was stuck there. For a second I was gagging, struggling in my seat, but she calmly pulled further and the remaining ten inches or so emerged. She tossed the foul thing on the bed, and looked down on me closely.

“Don’t say anything, nothing, all right?” As I swallowed painfully, she went to the bathroom and quickly returned with a large glass of cold water.

“Small sips at first, let it roll down, don’t swallow unless you need to.” The first few sips were really very sore, but bit by bit, my throat and inside passage began to throb less as it cooled.  In a couple of minutes, I could swallow better, it was still a bit sore but considerably less than before. During this time, Tyra stroked my rubber bathing cap and gently massaged my breasts, and I noticed soon my breathing had evened out. But still, during all this time, the cock continued to fuck me slowly but relentlessly. Due to the discomfort of the withdrawal of the tubes, I had barely noticed it. I still said nothing, just getting my bearings.

“Okay? Better?” Our eyes met and I nodded again.

“Good.” She smiled and lowered her lips on mine. I couldn’t move as her hand firmly pressed onto the back of my head and her lips clamped on mine. She knew exactly which buttons of mine to press, and didn’t repel her, and was quickly responding. She really was a fantastic kisser, and for a while I forgot my predicament and just allowed her to do what she did so well. I could feel another orgasm building as she bit my nipples through the rubber cups of the corselette, and then I shook as another wave swept over me.

Although I had done nothing to “please” her, she seemed very happy with my performance.

“Good girl, what a performance you have given me.”

She turned off the machine and released the cuffs from both my wrists and ankles. I said nothing, I was too exhausted and stiff, my thighs having been stretched for an hour or so. But soon I began to recover, as she carefully raised me from the saddle. I felt like I had run a marathon as I stood groggily beside her and we both peered down at the saddle seat, glistening with my juices. She put a supporting arm round my waist as she led me back to my room. All I wanted to do was drink some more water, brush and rinse my teeth for about an hour, and sleep for a day. She left me at the door. She knew I’d learnt my lesson, that whatever resistance I came up with, they, or she, would have a severe response. She placed her hand behind my head again.

“There’s always a hard way, or an easy way, there is pain and there is pleasure, and you’ve learnt a lesson, Connie. You have real talents, Connie, you are going to be a huge addition to our happy group, and remember you could get a lot of pleasure in this place, and give it too, I can vouch for that.” She kissed me tenderly. “I know you’re not “free” here at the institute, but you take what’s given to you, never forget that.” And then she was gone, her superb figure strutting down the corridor in her cream corselette, gloves, stockings and mask, knowing full well that I was gaping at her.

I brushed and flossed my teeth, and took in a lot more water. My throat was still a bit sore but getting better, and despite its hammering, my pussy gave off a comforting, warm, wet sensation. I should have undressed but the corselette was wonderfully supportive (I was really getting to like it, not just for the way it looked, but for the way it felt, supporting me in all the right locations) and the stockings and gloves were a perfect match. I pulled the bathing cap off my head, my hair was soaking wet and matted to my head, and I gave it a good rinse and rub down. I would wash and shampoo properly tomorrow, but right now all I wanted was sleep, and as soon as my head hit the pillow, and my hands drifted to my pussy, I was asleep.

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