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The Hood

by LPnR

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© Copyright 2007 - LPnR - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; latex; magic; cons; X

I couldn't believe it, Downsized! Me? So soon? I've only been working for the company for a few years! I tried for months looking for a job in the same city but with no luck, but my money soon started to run out. I ended up finding a job all the way on the other end of the continent! It was the hardest decision of my life that I made with great sadness.

My family was only an hour's drive away from where I was originally. I lived with a few house mates (to share the rent) but I hid my fetish from them.

The day I left, was the hardest part. My parents saw me off at the airport. My mother cried or course, I almost did as well. We said our good byes and reminded my parents that I'll budget to come back every Christmas, and they could drop by any time they like. It was going to be hard, the airplane ticket was a few hundred dollars even in the off season.

On my ride on the airplane I was sad, as well as anxious. If I only could predict the future! As the flight went on thoughts went through my head, did I make the right decision? Was the job any good? I already had purchased a condo, so housing wasn't a problem. The company helped with the down payment, as a signing bonus, and the salary was very good. I also was enticed by the idea of living alone, yes alone, with very few people who knew me. I could lose my inhibitions about my latex fetish and enjoy it. I could buy more than just a pair of tights, and walk and work around my apartment fully decked in latex, it made the mode a bit easier.

A few weeks had passed, and the home sickness started to wear off. I finally got everything in the condo settled down, and started to get into the grove of things. The job kept me busy, but the work was great. I was still trying to get used to the neighborhood, and on a Friday night I decided to walk around to see what was around my apartment building. After that night my life changed.

It was a common looking store, it had leather jackets in the front display window, with the sign "we buy and sell", common enough. I needed a new jacket since the bomber jacket I had was really starting to develop holes! I walked in, the owner said hi from behind the counter and continued to read his newspaper. As I walked though the aisles I noticed a trend. The front of the store started off with regular jackets, but as I walked farther back into the store I started to get interesting. The leather got more into the fetish realm, and I saw latex!

What luck... there was a latex shop in my neighborhood! I was quite happy! I ran my hands across some cat suits and felt a rush of adenine, I got an instant erection, my heart was pounding. Then I saw the price, it was a bit out of my budget for now. When I got to the back of the store I saw the item that would become the item of the greatest sexual pleasure I ever had. It was just a hood, but unlike any of the latex in the store, it was already polished, and it almost had an almost iridescent glow to it, I couldn't take my eyes off of it. The mask almost looked back at you. After a few seconds I heard... "buy me"... "buy.... Me....". I was stunned.

Then I heard, "It's $30, and the store's about to close, I would like to go home".

It was the owner, he saw that I had stopped back there.

"It's quite nice", I said, "it's very nice."

"The mask is second hand, if that's ok.", the owner added.

"That's ok.", I answered, knowing I would clean the hell out of the thing when I got home, "Sure, I'll take it!"

He unlocked the cabinet, and took the hood into the cash register. I quickly paid for it, and almost ran home with anticipation.

"You'll have a great time with the hood", the owner said as I left the store, I barely heard him, "Call me if you have problems!"

I was like a kid coming home after buying a new toy. My heart was racing, and my penis was still erect with anticipation. I had the plan, 1. get undressed, 2. take a shower 3. clean the hood 4. powder up 5. put on my tights

I did #1-4 in about 30 seconds, so much for cleaning the hell out of the hood. But I never got to item #5. I never expect what was about to happen after I put the hood on.

I got in front of the mirror at my entrance (a nice full length mirrored closet doors). I inspected the hood, it was molded and the latex was thicker than my latex tights, it had a slightly different smell, but still had the ever so arousing sweet smell of latex. I powdered up the inside of the hood, and slipped the hood on.

Ok. it wasn't slipping it on, and stretched and fought with the hood to put it on. As I straightened out the eye holes and mouth opening, and pulled out a few hairs, but then saw my latex clad head in the mirror. It was such a turn on. My head was so smooth and bald! I slowly ran my fingers across my new head. It was a different person looking back. I was about to grab my tights, but I had such a urge to masturbate right in front of the mirror, but then strange things started to happen.

It first started with the hood hugging a bit tighter. I though that was a bit weird, then thought, it just could be the latex smoothing out. But then I could feel more tension around my neck. I looked at my neck and noticed the neck was longer!

"What the f....", I said to myself.

Maybe the neck was longer than I though, but then I saw it... the latex was growing!

It was such a mix of emotions! Sexual arousal, anxiety, and terror. No matter what you say, no clothing fetish or not grows on you!

I panicked!! What else would you do.... I tried to grab the edge of the hood, but couldn't grab the edge, I just couldn't, I had to get it off!!!!

My heart pumped harder, but the feeling of the warm stretch latex on my skin made me more sexually aroused. As this happened the latex grew over my body faster!

I watched in a mix of sexual arousal and terror, it ran down my chest, and I could feel it moving down my back. When it got to my butt I could felt the latex run up my almost into ass! My cock got covered in a smooth shiny black sheath. I was so turned on when it happened, I almost ejaculated!

I watched as it started to cover both my legs in a smooth glistening layer of latex, it hugged every muscle in my legs, and covered my feet, strangely in socks!

I was stunned for a few seconds, and then looked into the mirror. I was covered in a black catsuit, with no way of getting out! I inspected myself from head to toe, and turned around to take a look. I liked what I saw! No folds, the latex was smooth, so smooth even if I bend my arms and legs. I loved the feeling of the latex, it wasn't sticky to the touch, it was quite smooth even with latex clad hands. It was so shiny, man, it almost dropped me to the floor in pleasure.

I thought it had stopped, but then I decided to grab my penis, and it started again, but the latex grew into places I never though latex could go.

The mouth opening got smaller, I could feel it moving into my mouth! It entered my mouth, and I gagged naturally, and it stopped.

"Thank God it stopped", I spoke to myself, feeling the nice erotic feeling of restricted lips, and a sensation of a rubber tongue. Then I felt tension around my eyes.

I used my latex clad hands to cover my eyes, the usually reflex most people have, and I held them there until it stopped, it took only a few seconds. I blinked, a bit restricted but it was fine. Opened my eyes, I could see the carpet. It was such a relief... I wasn't blind, I caressed my black rubber chest as I slowly brought my head up, and I looked back into the mirror I had the shock of my life!

I saw what I had become. My whole body was covered in shiny black latex, no seams in sight. Talking about sight... my eyes... what happened to my eyes! I stared at my face in the mirror, and the person in the mirror had eyes that were black. No, the pupil wasn't black, I mean my whole eye was a shiny pool of latex blackness! I was scared, but more aroused now, I was surprised I didn't have the feeling to scream in terror and try to rip the stuff off. I instead stood there inspecting this lovely latex skin.

I ran my fingers slowly down my new latex identity. It was such a turn on. I looked into my mouth, and saw that the latex had covered my teeth and tongue! I noticed it stopped just near the back of my mouth, which was a relief.

I didn't put any lubricant on my skin, but I felt the latex sliding around, every move of my pelvis rubbed my penis and I knew my pre-ejaculate was making things a bit slippery as well. I couldn't hold off any longer, I had to release my sexual tension. I grabbed hold, and grabbed my penis and stroked slowly, as I did danced slowly in front of the mirror, feeling the extreme pleasure the body hugging latex gave me. I continued to stare into the mirror, I was more sexually aroused than I ever had been.

I cummed, like I never cummed before. But something was strange, I learned quickly to expect that from this, I didn't feel the cum spread around my dick and crotch, the latex skin was absorbing it! The release of euphoria was incredible, I fell to the floor in ecstasy, and laid there leaving my penis to stop throbbing. I didn't get the usual sense of sexual completion, I was still massively aroused. Like all men, I normally could have only one orgasm.... but I was still so sexually aroused! Am I experiencing the male dream, multiple orgasm? I started to crawl around my condo like a cat, arching my back and crotch to rub my dick in my latex sheath. I ejaculated again, and again, euphoria... incredible sexual ecstasy! It was true... wow!!!!

I spent the rest of the night rolling around my carpet, staring at myself with the black eyes that I now had, and I licked the latex where I could.

I didn't get itchy like most latex gets when you start to perspiring, again the latex skin seemed to absorb it all.

It must have been five or six hours. I was in constant sexual arousal, I was so turned on my the sight of my latex covered body. I grabbed my penis again, and without fail I ejaculated again, I just kept rubbing, each stroke gave me a more and more powerful shot of euphoria, and then a passed out.

I woke up to the heat of the sun against my face, it must have been mid afternoon. I had slept for 10 hours!

"Wow, what a dream", I thought, but that was soon proved to me it wasn't a dream. My body was still clad in a smooth latex. I ran quickly to my bathroom mirror and saw my eyes were still covered in black latex. I was still turned on! My god... wow!

I really had to take a piss... I couldn't hold it anymore. But how could I get my penis out... I was sealed into this suit, there was no opening. I got a bit desperate, I tried to pull the latex out of my mouth, there the only opening to this suit was, but I couldn't get a grip! For an hour I tried to wriggle out of the suit, but I couldn't. Then I remembered, the suit absorbed my cum, and I guess it was absorbing my sweat. I decided to let go into the suit, I don't have a urine fetish, but I couldn't hold it. As I predicted, the suit didn't fill up with urine as I thought, it was absorbed.

I thought to myself, this must be the way it made the latex, and gets the energy to grow. Knowing that nothing can be produced without energy, this was the only logical explanation.

"Logical..... hey guy... you're talking to yourself covered in a seamless latex body suit that's covering your tongue and eyes!", I said mockingly.

"Ok.", I said to myself, "I eventually have to get the thing off."

I knew my body just loved the feel of the slick slippery feeling inside, but I had to go to work tomorrow.

How... I tried pulling the suit off my head, I tried grabbing around my eyes. I got more desperate, it went to scissors, knives, and matches (the suite even absorbed the heat, quite nice). Nothing would work!

"Call me if you have problems!", my memory thought, I didn't think much of it before, but the store owner told me to call him. Why would he say this if he didn't know something was up!

I went into my den and grabbed the receipt for the hood, or now what was my second skin, and latex prison. I read the top:

"------- -hop (---) --- - ---- -- Returns --th--t Receipt"

what luck, the ribbon in the cash register ran out. I don't have the phone number, or even the shop name to look it up in the phone book. What was I to do? Then I thought bike, no car... too poor. I seemed to notice the suit was regulating my temperature, and was absorbing my sweat. If I put on a jacket, used a hood with my helmet, I could bike to the store in a few minutes without too many stares.

I went into my bedroom and grabbed my pair of biking tights... and then stopped... do I dare? Why not, if I get caught my face is covered anyways. I threw my latex back in the drawer, put on my spring biking jacket, donned the helmet and gloves, and strapped on the shoes. When I saw myself standing with my biking gear on, I and couldn't help it, I masturbated again. Feeling another jolt of joy, and again, no residue.

But my dick was hanging out, I could almost hold my bike on my dick, it was so hard. I tried to hold it against my crotch and then grab some tape to hold it down, but it the suit seemed to know what I wanted to do, the sheath disappeared and now it looked like a pair of tights with no sheath! Wow!

There was another problem, my bike was downstairs in the storage cabinet. I quickly ran to the elevator, with the hood pulled around my face, hit 'B' and waited... hoping no one would come into the elevator.

"Home Free", I thought as the non-stop trip to the basement ended and the door opened. I was still so turned on, and even more so with a the anxiety that I might get caught. I went to the storage room where the bikes were locked up, and started unlocking my bike. Then someone came into the room!

"What's that made of?", she asked.

"Oh, shit", I thought to myself, well at least when I moved the rubber didn't make rubber sounds.

"Uhm... lycra", I coughed trying to hide my face.

"No it's not... I know what it is", she said, "it's latex!"

"Uhm... no it's wet-look latex", I yelped, thinking she was going to tell building security.

"You look so sexy.", she said.

"Woo-hoo! A lady that likes latex", I thought to myself.

"You caught me", I said as I turned around to face her, still in a sexual high, and aroused by the thought of a girlfriend that liked latex, but I forgot about my face!

"(gasp!)", she clasped her mouth, and didn't know what do to, she dropped her bike and didn't know if she should run or scream.

"I- I don't know what happened, I was getting desperate", I yelped, "I'm trying to get back to the store I bought it from to try to get it off."

"Your face!... your eyes.... YOUR MOUTH!!!!!", she said slowly, "the latex is hugging every contour. I can see you're very nervous. Oh man... scary and sexy!"

I unzipped my jacket, slowly. The glaring light in the bike room glistened off my black latex chest. She licked her lips as she saw my rubber chest exposed to her. She slowly ran her fingers across my chest, and we both moaned together, I moaned more than she did. The suit seemed to amplify my sexual sensations.

"Keep it on and come upstairs with me", she said.

"I've been in the thing for more than 20 hours", I have to find out if I can get it off.

"Apartment 780", she said teasingly, "if you get it off, I want to see you put it on! We'll have fun."

"Done, and done, I should get to the store", I said.

"Oohhh, that's such a turn on, we should bike in rubber together, it'll be so much fun.", she responded.

"Gotta go!", I said. I wanted to play right there in the room, but I knew we might get caught.

I zipped up the jacket, and pulled the hood over my face, as I walked out the room, she ran her finger up my ass crack.

"Oh man...", she said, as I moaned.

I tried to bike as fast as I could, but every so often my hard dick rubbed and I started to ejaculate. I had to stop, and pull my jacket down so no one would see my penis throbbing. Luckily there weren't many people on the street.

No one stared as I biked by them, people didn't look back. People who asked bought the idea that they were rubberized lycra or something (I said for wet weather).

I finally got to the store, and rushed in. The owner saw me.

"Why didn't you phone?", he asked.

"Your cash register ...forget that... I love the suit, but how do I get it off?"

"Hold your two index fingers against your temples for a few seconds and the suit will reabsorb itself.", he answered.

I did just that, and as he said the suit reabsorbed itself, and returned to the hood that I bought.

"Thanks!", I said, and then my face turned red... I was standing naked in his store only with a biking jacket and helmet, "oops, I should have put on a pair of tights."

"You can put the hood back on, the more aroused you are, the faster it grows", he said, "you can hold your fingers over the places you don't want covered and the suit will stop, when it's stopped growing, you can 'retract' the hood by holding your hand over the face"

"How do you know all this?", I asked, "where did this come from?"

"I have one as well", he answered, "a mysterious man tried to sell these hoods to get some "20th century money" as he put it. Oh yeah I also have an instruction booklet, I'll copy it for you."

I thanked him for the book, and noticed the copyright date was 2025! The future!

I put on the hood and let it grow, was almost like those transformation sequences that superheroes have. I retracted the hood and thanked him again, and biked home. A bit slower, because I was still turned on by the suit, and didn't want to ejaculate too much while biking.

I got back, hopped into the elevator and hit "floor 7". I looked over the manual, and saw that the hood can be used to cover 2 people in latex... and quickly saw how to get the hood to continue growth. I got to room 780 and rang the doorbell.

She answered the door almost naked. She glanced at my new manual, "Instruction manual, it would help."

I opened the book to show her the title of "Sharing the hood for 2 people."

She yanked me into here apartment, and took off her bra.

I hugged her and continued the growth of the hood. Within a few seconds were enveloped in a separate latex suit, with the same facial coverage as before. We were in sexual ecstasy.

We spent the day staring into our mutual black eyes, caressing our latex bodies is sexual rubber bliss.

This move was the best thing to happen to me.

The End.



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