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Janet's Latex Selfbondage

by Rawn

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© Copyright 2001 - Rawn - Used by permission

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Janet's Latex Selfbondage by Rawn
Part One

“ It never fails” Janet muttered as she took the last six stairs to the second floor of the duplex 2 at a time.  The urgent electronic bleating of the telephone had caught her half way up with a load of laundry in her arms. She dumped the folded clothes on the bed and grabbed the receiver, “ Hello” she panted.
“ Mrs. Dalton?” a male voice asked
“ Yes.  What can I do for you?”
“Mrs. Dalton, I am Perry Percival from Percival, Taylor and Kennedy.  We are attorneys for the late Mrs. Winterbourne.  We are instructed to tell you that you and your husband, Randy I believe; are to present yourselves to our office on April 6, 1999 at ten AM for the reading of her last will and testament.”
“ I’m sorry who is this? And who is this lady?” Janet looked at the phone her blond eyebrows’ furrowing into a frown.

“ I understand your confusion Mrs. Dalton.” the man said patiently, “ Mrs. Winterbourne had suggested that you might not remember her as it has been a while since you looked after her husband in their residence.  We have been instructed to include you in the reading of her will.  Again I am Perry Percival..”
“ Oh” Janet said as she recalled the old couple, “ I’m sorry when did Mrs. Winterbourne pass away?’ 
“ It was 2 years ago.  We had to verify that no other claims to the estate were outstanding or that there were no other heirs.”
“ Oh, that’s too bad she was a nice lady and her husband was a jewel of a man.  When did you say we needed to be at your office?’
“ April 6 at ten AM.  Is that a good time for you?” asked the gravely voice.
“ Um,” Janet thought for a moment “ Yes that will be fine.  Could I ask you to hang on for just a moment while I run down stairs and mark this on the calendar?”
“ Certainly.”
As the small blonde woman hung the phone on the receiver she shook her curls.  “ Well doesn’t that beat all.” She muttered to herself.

Janet had worked for the Winterbournes a number of years ago as a day nurse, helping Mrs. Winterbourne care for her ailing husband.  It had been a good job, even though Mr. Winterbourne had been dying he never lost his sense of humor.  The couple had amazed Janet at their ability to be so much in love still at their advanced age.  Mrs. Winterbourne’s eyes would go all soft and misty when she looked at her husband and even when they were transferring him to the hospital for his last days his eyes never lost their mischievousness or the love he held for his rather large wife.  Mr. Winterbourne had not been much bigger than Janet herself but Mrs. Winterbourne was at least as tall as Randy, Janet’s husband; an odd matching especially when the 2 of them had been young. 

“ Welcome I’m Perry Percival,” A large older gentleman said extending his hand toward Janet and Randy, “ this is my secretary Mrs. Jackson she will witness the reading of the will and take notes of any exchange in conversation.  Please take a seat and we’ll begin this.” he indicated two heavy leather chairs in front of his desk.  He seated himself and opened a folder lying on the desktop in front of him.

Two hours later Janet and Randy emerged from his office heads swimming.  The enormity of what had just happened overwhelmed them.  They had been named sole heirs of the Winterbournes enormous estate, which included a very large old mansion on a 100-acre parcel of wooded property.  Janet had not been aware of the Winterbournes financial prowess.  Between the two of them they had amassed millions of dollars and had properties in three other countries.  All she had ever known was the tiny cottage in town where she had helped Mrs. Winterbourne attend her husband. 

Some of the conditions of the will left both Dalton’s confused.  Certain parts of the mansion were off limits until they had lived there for 6 months.  They would receive a monthly draw from the millions in trust for 2 years.  At the end of that period the lawyer would release the remainder of the moneys to them to do with as they saw fit, the condition on that was them attending financial asset management courses, set up by the legal eagles controlling the estate.  Another condition was they move into the mansion immediately and quit their jobs.  There would be no need to “work for a living anymore”, were the exact words Mrs. Winterbourne had used in her will.  She also instructed that they keep the staff at the other properties and if they wanted privacy to send them off to the unused property.  The idea being that if one house was empty it still needed staff to keep it in good repair and clean. 

They had also been informed that people would be coming over to their house to pack and clean up.  Their personal effects such as clothing, heirlooms or anything of sentimental value; would packed and moved to their new residence.  So it was that with their minds whirling they were bustled off to the estate. 

Day 1

Janet thought back on those first few months, how hectic it had been getting settled and learning about their new wealth.  Exploring the old house had been a shocking but pleasurable experience.  Randy and her had found all manners of things that no one would have known about the old couple.  They found chests filled with latex and rubber gear as well as others brimming with all manners of bondage and discipline paraphernalia.

During those first few months Janet and Randy explored the contents of those chests.  They pieced together a vague idea of how the Winterbournes had lived in their younger days.  The smaller clothes which fit Janet; must have been for Mr. Winterbourne and the larger for his wife.  They found Maid uniforms, dresses, catsuit and a number of other outfits in a rainbow of colors.  It didn’t take them long to understand the seduction of latex clothing.  Neither her nor Randy ever spent much time out of some kind of the clothing. 

They also explored the bondage chests taking turns being bound in various positions.  With that exploration came the role-playing and discipline.  Janet enjoyed the prolonged bondage; Randy wasn’t that keen on it but did enjoy evenings and the occasional weekend as her slave.  To decide who and when they would bet with each other, Randy was a better gambler and usually won and that was fine with Janet.  Having her lithe and limber body sheathed in latex, bent and spindled was, for her; a good way to spend her leisure time.

Along with their exploration of their new lives came a certain amount of responsibilities.  Their new wealth meant they had functions to attend in keeping with the constrictors of the will.  The Winterbournes had a number of scholarships setup that required personal attention.  They had to take courses and have meetings with all types of professionals, who helped them learn and manage their money.

Randy had one such meeting to attend on the other side of the country and was preparing to leave in the morning. He would be gone for a week and had asked Janet if she wanted to come with him.  Although she would like to go she declined because she had wanted to try something for some time now and this would provide an excellent opportunity. Randy had to catch an early jet to Montreal, which meant they were up before dawn.  The driver was waiting for him as he emerged from the house.  Giving Janet a long kiss good bye he left her standing at the door and was gone.

Janet wasted no time.  She had been planning this for weeks.  Had read up on the subject and carefully laid out the plans in her diary.  Even going so far as to test each scenario separately when she had been alone.  It took the better part of an hour to place each pail of ice in different areas and buildings around their property.  These were scattered because she did not want this game to be too easy.   Finally consulting her diary again she was ready.

First she went to the bathroom, stripped and lathered a hair removal lotion all over her naked body.  She had fasted the day before feigning no appetite.  While she waited for the lotion to do its work she mixed a soap and water solution for the enema she was going to give herself.  After filling herself up with the solution she waited a half-hour before releasing the contents into the toilet.  That task done she climbed in the shower to wash away all her body hair.  She toweled off leaving her long hair wet and padded to the bedroom set up for their games.  She consulted her diary and set out collecting all the gear she wanted and laid it out on the bed.

First she applied a thick jelly to the large butt plug and eased it in.  Her years as a nurse helped her now as she carefully threaded a catheter up inside her and immediately attached it to an odd looking bag.  It was a very long hose.  Next she powdered and pulled on a pair of latex panties, followed by a heavier high waisted panty girdle.  To this she added a long line latex bra with holes for her nipples to protrude though.  This effectively covered her torso.  Over this she pulled on latex pantyhose and before sliding into the leotard she added shoulder length gloves and nipple clamps.  These took her breath away at first and she almost backed out of her plan. 

Her breathing was quick so she took a break from dressing and picking up her bag went to the kitchen to do some other parts of her plan.  She filled a number of pots with water and set them out on the counter.  Then she took three pills one was to bolster her nutrition the others her vitamins.  She wouldn’t be eating for a while and she knew she would need her strength.  As she moved around the house the butt plug and dildo worked on her excitement level.  Occasionally she would try to rub herself but the panty girdle would not allow much movement.  She had purposely chosen a very tight one to force everything deep inside her and keep her from making it too easy to climax.  After drinking three glasses of water she headed back upstairs to finish dressing.

Janet looked at herself in the full-length mirror as she entered the bedroom.  Her pert breasts suffering the bite of the clamps her waist pulled in by the girdle and bra, she loved the look.  Sitting down on the bed she powdered the leotard and pulled it on then she tucked her hair into a Speedo bathing cap and pulled on an open-faced hood on.  That in place she zipped up the leotard.  She was now covered head to toe in latex.  The sweat was making it slippery inside her suit. 

Janet adjusted the hose running up from her pussy making sure there were no kinks in it and positioning it so as to allow the bag to be hung properly later.  Not finished she steeped into a heavy catsuit with open feet.  She had chosen that one because she did not want the added layers on her feet.  Before she zippered it up she added another hood this one had holes for her eyes, nose and mouth.  She picked up a bundle of leather straps with a ball attached to it.  The ball had a funnel type gadget embedded in it and a long tube running from it.  She buckled the gag in place and attached the tube to a small tube in the side of the bag and released the clamp from the bags’ tube.  This she stowed in a drawer and locked it. 

Next she slid her feet into a very bizarre pair of boots.  They looked like ballet shoes with heels attached forcing her feet into a pirouette stance before lacing them up she carefully placed the key to the drawer under her right foot.   This effectively kept the hose clamp out of reach till her feet were freed. They were shiny black leather in keeping with the rest of her outfit.  Adding still more she pulled on a heavy rubber corset and laced it as tight as she could manage herself.  It was built in such a way as once the lacing was done there were two heavy rubber flaps that overlapped each other with places to put locks on and Janet did adding tiny locks the length of it.  She pulled the funnel from the gag and pulled on another hood this one had goggles built into it that would allow her to see straight forward through a mesh of screen.  It also allowed the ball to protrude but covered the hose running from the ball to the bag.  That done she replaced the funnel. 

She took a break and hobbled her way to the bathroom to get a drink.  She turned the faucet on and stuck the funnel under it.  A gush of water hit her mouth and she turned the flow down.  Swallowing was not easy with the gag in her mouth but she managed.  Finished she returned to the bedroom for the last stage of her self-bondage.

Left on the bed was a hobble dress of leather, cuffs for her wrists, a waist belt with “D” rings in it, a wide leather collar, a length of chain and quite a number of padlocks.  She worked herself into the dress and laced it up from her ankles to her throat.  It too had flaps to cover the laces allowing for padlocks every inch.  Janet was having trouble bending over now with the corset and strictness of the dress but she worked her way through locking the tiny padlocks into place. 
With each click of a lock a thrill went through her.  There was no way out now, at least until all of the ice blocks melted that she had stashed around the property.  That’s where the keys to the locks were.  She buckled the belt and collar on and shouldered the straps of her bag.  Adjusting the straps tight she added the wrist cuffs and locking a short chain to the belt she padlocked her wrists to it. 

Janet had her first orgasm as she closed the last lock.  Complete in her bondage she looked at the clock it was eight thirty time to get to work she had set out a number of chores she had to do while in this outfit.  Moving was difficult do to in the boots and hobbling dress. She stopped to look at her self in the mirror by positioning the mirror just right she could see both front and back. They also had mirrors on the closet doors.  What a bizarre looking creature she made.  Covered head to toe in black shiny latex and leather.

Climbing down the stairs was an adventure.   Eventually she made it to the kitchen and bending over she scooped up water out of one of the pots with the funnel.  This she did a number of times.   During the rest of the morning she toiled cleaning, returning often to the kitchen to drink more.  She could feel her “bladder” getting heavier as the catheter allowed the water she drank to flow through to it. 

One of the other things she had done was to setup video cameras she had rented around the house to record her progress. That had taken a lot of ingenuity to get them into the house with out Randy finding out.  She planned on giving Randy the tapes when he got home.  With some research she had learned how to feed the pictures to the rented VCRs.  Four attached to each camera all set on timers to start recording as one finished.  Set to extended record she had six hours of tape in each VCR making a full 24 hours of taping.  She had also learned how to edit those tapes when the time came, so that there weren’t hours of tape with nothing happening. 

As the day wore on Janet regretted wearing the boots, the height of them caused pain up her entire legs.  Her feet were screaming for release.  She made excursions outside to check on the progress of the ice.  Hoping that she would find them melted and able to open the locks.  Because of where she had positioned the bag she couldn’t sit that would force the fluid though the tube to her mouth and she fervently hoped she could keep that from happening. 

It was early evening when the first dribbles of pee trickled into her breathing tube.  She had just returned from again checking on the ice.  It seemed to be taking a lot longer than she remembered in her trials.  Her feet and legs screamed constantly now for mercy.  The inside of her latex cover was slick with sweat and she knew she had to keep drinking.  Reluctantly she dipped more water into her funnel.  By late evening she had to drink her pee off to continue breathing and to this she still added water to try and wash the taste out. 

Janet had planned too well she had taken all of the keys to the locks and tossed them into one bucket stirred them up and then frozen them in lots of five in the buckets.  That made for fifteen buckets; this meant that even if one bucket melted first she still might not get free because it may not hold the keys she needed start the freeing process.  By spacing them out all over as she had she also had to struggle to that spot to find out.  With her wrists locked together and the gloves on her hands it slowed the task even more. 

Janet had been in her bondage for almost eighteen hours when she finally found a bucket with a key that released her wrist.  She was drinking pee almost constantly now.  Fear drove her now more than anything.  She was scared that she would collapse from the pain before she freed herself.  Stumbling from bucket to bucket she worked through her fears.  With all of the keys in one bucket she hobbled back to her bedroom.

After freeing her hands she went to work finding the keys that would allow her access to her foot, which hid the key to the drawer so she could stop the flow of piss.  It seemed to take forever to free herself.  Frustration added to slowing her progress she would try one key then another on one lock instead of finding the lock the key in hand would fit.  Slowly she fitted keys to locks and freed herself.  It had taken her almost an hour to free her feet.  With her feet freed she stopped the flow of piss to her mouth.  Able to sit now she rested the bed felt so comfortable maybe just moment’s rest. 

Janet woke with pressure building in her abdomen her bladder unable to drain was straining to contain all the water still in her system.   She glanced at the clock she had been out for only an hour.   Struggling up the latex beauty sought out the final keys to release her mouth and allow her access to the hose in the gag.  Cramps were racking her body as she made her way to the bathroom.   She drained the contents of the bag into the toilet but still couldn’t be rid of it, as she the catheter hose was still cover by layers of latex. 

 The Story continues in Day 2

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