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Janet's latex selfbondage2

by Rawn

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© Copyright 2001 - Rawn - Used by permission

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Janet's Latex Selfbondage - Part 2 by Rawn
Day 2

It was almost four in the morning by the time Janet finished freeing her self.  With relief she removed the catheter from her urinary tract.  That done, she set about cleaning and putting away the clothing she had used during her interment of self-bondage.  Weary the little woman realized she had been at it for nearly a full day but she was reluctant to just flop down on the bed and sleep.  Instead she stepped into the shower and rinsed off the sweat built up. 

Toweling herself as she entered the bedroom.  She powdered herself down and rummaged through one of the chest drawing out a latex garter belt, nylons and nightie again in black.  Dressed again in latex she forced herself to roam the house replacing the tapes in the machines she also collected all the keys and set them hanging them on short strings from rods across the tops of the pails filled each pail and set them again in the freezer. 

Exhausted Janet dragged herself up the stairs to her room.   Still reluctant to sleep unfettered she retrieved a long white rope from a chest and began at her ankles wrapped and knotted the rope.  Crisscrossing it up her legs doing a triple wrap below and above her knees she continued up her body again triple wrapping around her waist.  The bed had already been set up with a rope at one bottom corner and another opposite top corner.  Difficult as it was she crisscrossed around her breasts framing her latex covered globes in stark white rope. 

Janet looked at herself in the mirror.  And stopped long enough to rub herself pushing a finger against the latex at her womanhood.  Excitement coursed though her body.  She lay down on the bed and attached the rope at the bottom of the bed to her feet.  She made a noose for her wrist with a double loop so she could catch the loop through a spring clip at the top corner of the bed.  Which she could just reach with her fingers?  She knew she could get out of this easily enough but it was just for sleeping. 

Before she slipped the noose over her wrist she added a heavy leather helmet.  This hood had zipper opening over the eyes and an inflatable breather gag.  First carefully adding wax ear plugs she zippered the hood in place padded her eyes with cotton zippering them closed.  To this she added a posture collar and buckled it tightly into place this held her head rigid.  She ground her hips in excitement, as she pumped the gag filling her mouth.  Her hands went to work rubbing herself through the latex nightie.  The gag added to her excitement.  She couldn’t swallow and had to allow her saliva to trickle down her throat.  Because it couldn’t drain any other way.  She came in a burst of multi colored lights.  Stars and rainbows coursed through her mind.  Janet slumped. 

Fighting the urge to just sleep the way she was she released some air from the gag and fumbled her wrists into the noose finding the spring clip to attach it to she pulled the noose tight.  Although she could, barely; reach the clip she couldn’t work the noose loose enough in that position to free herself she would need her teeth to free them from the rope. Content and reasonably comfortable she fell into a deep sleep.

Unable to see how long she had slept Janet reveled in her self-bondage.  Feeling her stiff muscles and still sore legs and feet.  Excitement start to build again between her legs and the bound woman ground her hips trying to satisfy her need.  She stretched to release the clip but found only rope.  Her heart skipped a beat, and she stretched further.  Her slender fingers brushed the clip.  She struggled to reach the clip.  Panic started to tug at her.  The pump to the gag had slid off her chest and with each movement she added more air to it.  Her excitement level pumped with each movement as well. 

Janet realized that she couldn’t feel anything her fingers were asleep. Her heart racing she stretched again this time hooking her fingers into the clip she pulled but her sleeping fingers had no strength and slipped off.  Panic renewed its efforts to take control.  She had not thought of this.  Frantic she flexed her hands trying to work them back to life.    By now the gag was again full forcing her tongue against the floor of her mouth, saliva once again trickled down her throat. 

Unconsciously the bound woman flexed her knees pulling herself again out of reach of the clip.  Sharp needles stabbed at her fingers as she worked them back to life.  Forcing herself calm she again struggled to reach the clip.  The ball gag was now forcing her jaw wider, as it continued to fill with each movement.  Janet knew she could cut off her breathing if she wasn’t careful.  Even through her fears her excitement level raised.  She knew in the back of her mind she could get out but it was fun to allow the panic. 

With renewed effort she stretched again hooking her burning fingers into the clip.  Slowly deliberately she opened the clip and slid the rope free.  Her bound hands sought out the pump for the gag and pulled it from under her side.  Then she began rubbing herself.  As an after thought she replaced the pump under her side and renewed her masturbation.  As with before her bucking added more air to the gag and as she cut of her own air flow she came in a cascade of lights once more.  Quickly she found the pump and opened the release valve.  She sucked air though the tube and calmed herself. 

As the world slowed down she sought out the buckles of the neck brace.  She found however that with her hand so bound it was not going to be an easy task reaching them, one hand or the other was in the way of easily getting a hold of the end of the strap.  Again Janet found herself frustrated; all she wanted was to get on with her self-bondage party.  Finally freeing her neck she worked on the hood, which proved to be a whole new challenge.  With patience she managed and dragged the hood off and set about the task of loosening the knots on the noose holding her wrist captive.

Free she noticed the time she had managed to sleep for five hours.  Janet stretched and bent limbering up her stiff body.  She padded to the bathroom and freshened up.  Still dressed in her latex nightie and stockings she slipped on a pair of high-heeled pumps and headed for the kitchen, she was ravenous. 

It was noon by the time she had finished eating.  She consulted her diary and checked on the pails in the freezer.  Satisfied they were frozen she set them out in various locations around the house.   There were so many things she had thought of trying and she wanted to try as many of them as she could before Randy came home.  Nothing much was going to happen down stairs for the next while so she reset the timers on all of the VCRs then headed back to the bedroom for the next phase of her bondage week.  She touched the power button on the camera set up in the corner of the bedroom and powered up the VCR. 

Janet loved layers and layers of latex and so leaving on the garter and nylons she filled both her bum and pussy this time though with a hollow butt plug and vibrating dildo.  The battery pack for the dildo fit nicely inside the butt plug.  The dildo had a random selection and Janet switched to that now.  It buzzed for a moment then shut off.  She pulled on a pair of high waisted panties, and peephole bra. The blonde woman tried to work quickly she wanted to be layered in latex before she came for the first time this session. 

The dildo buzzed on and off as she worked sending her excitement level up each time.  Sometimes it would buzz for 30 or more seconds and others for only a teasing couple of seconds.  On came next the long-line peep hole bra and long line panty girdle.  Over this she added pantyhose and leotard.  Her nipples were still sore from the other night so she opted for no clamps.  She tucked her hair into the Speedo again, plugged her ears and added the open-faced hood and zippered closed the leotard.  She made sure to give the camera as much view as possible while she worked.

Now she added a full latex body suit another hood, this one had eye, nose and mouth holes; and again the shoulder length gloves. Over this she added thigh high leather ballet boots lacing them as tight as she could.  Still not satisfied with her layers she added another full-length body suit and another hood.  The suit looked bulky and the hood had only a pipe sticking out of it for breathing through.  She carefully pulled the suit up over her boots making sure not to hook the heels in the material.  With her feet through she then wrapped wide leather cuffs around each ankle and locked a short chain between them.

She collected her wrist cuffs and set them beside her in easy reach.  Although she was only using five padlocks she had once again mixed them in with all the rest and then distributed them in the pails for freezing.  She slipped the hood in place and fitted the tube into her mouth.  She closed the hood and added a wide leather collar, which she padlocked, closed.  Then came the task of filling the body suit with air this added even more pressure to her already restricted body.  She then filled the hood with air adding again to the pressure.  The release valve for the body suit was in the back and the hood on the top near the back.  With her wrists locked together in front she could not reach either of them.

Her feet were already painful not having recovered fully from the previous stint.  She lay down on the bed this was a simple test of how long she could stand it before she went hunting for the keys.  Blind and deaf she could only hear her own breathing.  The air in the suit buoyed her and she felt like she was floating.  The vibrator buzzed on and off sending shock waves through her, she tried to rub herself but the air filled suit prevented that.  Although uncomfortable she was in no real pain, and she found herself dosing in and out as the vibrator would allow.  She had a number of mini orgasms.

Janet had no concept of time and whether she had been in her pressurized suit for an hour or five hours she could not tell but finally she could wait no longer.  The pressure of the suit and hood were beginning to take its toll on her and she wanted out.  Wallowing like a black Michelin man she worked herself upright.  Pain raced through her feet as she set her weight on them. 

Visualizing their bedroom in her mind the latex captive inched her way forward.  As she worked her way down the stairs in search of freedom she wondered what she looked like.  A large puffy black doll.  She thought.  Slowly she felt her way around the house drawing on her memory as much as she could.  She knew where each pail was but that didn’t help she would need to actually feel it to know she had it.  It took her a very long time to find each pail and even then she still couldn’t free herself because they had not thawed enough.  To fill the time she worked on collecting them all it one place.  This took the better part of two hours although she had no concept of that.  It seemed to take a lifetime each excursion away from her growing stash of pails. 

At each return she checked to see if she could get at the keys inside.  Finally the dildo quit buzzing for good the batteries were dead.  She knew then she had been more then five hours in her pumped up bondage.  Janet decided that if she had to wait for the keys she would lie down and hobbled her way to the sofa in the living room.  She fell asleep instantly and woke with the urgency to pee.  Again she worked her way back to the stash of keys they were free of ice now and she realized she had slept quite a while. 

Now came the ponderous task of going though the keys one at a time.  Working with gloved fingers proved difficult she had to concentrate on feeling through the latex to find the hole for it.  Having her wrist locked close together did not help either.  With her hands free she opened the release valves, and found a great weight lifted from her; breathing came easier.  Once again sweat had slicked the inside of her black prison. 

Releasing the lock on the hood she immediately removed it.  That; not only, relieved the pressure on her face but allowed her to see what she was doing, making the rest of her escape easier. Before she stripped herself from the blowup suit, an idea struck her. Janet reset a camera to capture pictures out the kitchen window on the side lawn.  She hobbled her way to the lawn unloosed a length of garden hose and attached it to the fill valve on the suit and turned on the faucet. 

The suit immediately started filling with cold water. As it filled a thrill ran through her the weight of the water soon made it difficult to keep her balance.  Janet found the water added even more pressure than the air had and was able to stretch the rubber suit more than she could with the air pump.  She reached and turned the flow of water off. As she moved around her heels made deep indents into the grass and walking was exaggerated as the water inside the suit pulled and pushed her around.  Loosing her balance she flopped onto her side and rolled around the grass.  She came again at the helplessness of the heavy suit.  The weight of the water soon lost its lure and Janet had to struggle to reach the release valve.  Water gushed out soaking the ground around her.  Bits of grass and mud clung to the suit when she was done and she used to hose to rinse off the suit.  Not wanting to track mud through the house the little woman decided to languish out side drying off. 

Once again freed from her latex imprisonment the blonde woman setup for her next scenario.  She cleaned and repacked all of the clothes she had used.  Redressed in a latex catsuit she prepared a meal for herself and relaxed for a bit.  Day 2 was almost to an end.  Working with latex covered hands Janet rubbed herself building another orgasm as she ran through her mind the next step.

She replaced the dildo and butt plug and redressed in layered latex this time opting for simple three layers of catsuit.  She added to this a leotard with no arms.  Before closing it from the inside she pulled on a heavy rubber hobble skirt again covering the laces on the ballet boots.  She wrapped ankle cuffs in place and locked them to a chain at the bottom center of the bed.  Strapping a wide leather belt over her mouth she forced the penis shaped gag deep into her mouth.  This had a hole down the center for breathing.  Over this she added a shiny black hood that had a corrugated hose running from the mouth area.  The hose ran into a large can, this was to regulate Janet’s breathing and to ensure that she breathed the aroma of latex constantly.  The eyes to the hood had been blacked out as well. 

Finally Janet wrapped a wide collar around her delicate neck and lying down attached a chain to it.  Then she struggled the zipper closed on the latex straight jacket imprisoning her arms to her chest.  Content in her bondage she again slept.  The video would capture Janet seldom even tried to move during her internment.  Her exhaustion drove deep in sleep.

The Story continues in Day 3

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