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by UkeSeme

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© Copyright 2006 - UkeSeme - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; kidnap; latex; reluct; X

As I walk down the street and turn a corner to take a shortcut through an alley that I've taken many times before I see a girl dressed like a harlequin.

"Kitty!" She exclaims.

"What? Kitty?" 

I look just as she puts on a gas mask and a green gas fills the air. I suddenly feel my vision blur, I got dizzy, my mind got cloudy, and things just faded away. She catches me as I fall.

I come to I feel myself hanging from a hook by my wrists. I open my eyes only to find that I've been blindfolded. I feel her slide something over my feet. It's feels sticky and gooey.

"What is that?" I ask, not wanting to do anything rash.

"Your new body." she says as she drips something onto my member and begins to rub it in.

"New body?" I ask, becoming a little bit aroused by the rubbing.

"This glue keep your cock down in place." she says as she pets me, "Be good kitty."

I struggle hearing that.

She pulls something up my thighs, blows on my genitals to dry the glue faster.

"I said be GOOD kitty!" she screams.

I stop, scared.

"Glue hard now, and keep you like that." she says as I feel my member trapped in whatever is over my legs and waist. She pulls the suit up further and smooths it out.

"What is this suit?" I say as each toe gets separated, and she smoothes it into my cheeks, sticking it in place. She giggles.

"Silly kitty can't see with blindfold." she teases as the suit is pulled up around my chest, squeezing it tightly. She pulls on something making it even tighter.

"After I adjust it, it will stay there forever, just gotta adjust it right first."

I squirm.

"I said be good kitty!" she yells and smacks my butt.

I jolt from the blow.

"Sorry." I say not wanting to anger her further.

"Kitty be good now?" she asks, I just nod in reply. "Good kitty."

"Why do you keep saying kitty?" I ask.

She doesn't answer, just pulls the suit tighter. She cuts the ropes holding me up and I drop to the floor.

"Kitty better promise to be good, or kitty gets it real bad this time."

"I'll be good."

"Good kitty" she says as she unties my wrists and pushes my hands into some slimey sleeves. She then rubs over my groin.

"Got to make sure the glue is sticking okay, and is skin tight." she says as I whimper "If the glue doesn't set right, bad things happen to kitties..."

As she pulls the sleeves all the way up, my fingers finding their way into holes, she adds, "...kitties get punished if the glue doesn't set right."

She smooths out the suit and pulls the neck collar up, "Is your new body, kitty."

"New body?"

As she slathers goo all over my head, she says "Keep your eyes closed, kitty!"

"...or baaaad things..."

"Okay, I'll be good."

She pulls off the blindfold and pulls a hood over my head.

"Hold your breath." she commands as I take a deep breath. She smooths the hole-less mask over my face. She pokes a couple nose holes. 

"Okay!" she says. I breathe out. 

"Now kitty breathe through new nose."

"Mmm?" I mumble, the hood tight over my head, holding my mouth closed

"Hee hee, kitty caa-aaan't taaaa-aaalk! kitty caaa-aaan't taaaa-aaaaalk!" she teases as I mumble trying to say something. She pushes something into my ears.

"These make you hear funny." she says, as I hear the sound coming from all over. She laughs maniacally.

"Kitty kitty kiiiiiiity!" she says as I try to make out where the sound is coming from.

I feel her make a small slit on my lips, the rubber sticks to them. 

"Now kitty can drink through straw." She sticks a straw into the hole, I instinctively suck on it, milk comes through and I drink it.

"Milk for kitty!" she says happily, "Kitty on a liquid diet now."

I begin to feel woozy again, and start to wobble.

"Kitty feeling woozy again? Was stuff in your milk?" she giggles, "It will make kitty feel like gas did." 

"Eyes closed!" she says before she puts some small slits for my eyes, letting the rubber stick to the eyelids. She then puts the blindfold back on.

"Now is my little black kitty." she says as she attaches a collar and leash on me. She pulls on my tail.

"C'mon kitty." she says as I try to follow the leash. 

After a bit of crawling, as the milk made me too woozy to stand, I hear a door close.

"Kitty not look." she says as I try to follow the sound. She pulls on my tail again. 

"Kitty not look, understand?"

I nod. At this time the glue is starting to itch.

"Good kitty." she says as she takes the blindfold off.

"Now kitty can look around." she says. 

I open my eyes and notice that I can't see far away as the drugs make the surroundings a pastel blur.

"Yes, kitty, this is your new room." she says as I start to squirm and wriggle, the itching getting quite bad. She walks just out of my clear sight. 

"Awww, come over here kitty." she directs. I crawl over.

"Be good kitty and act like kitty and rub against my leg." she tells me. As I do I feel relief from the itching.

"Awww, good kitty..." she pets my head, I move my head enjoying the relief from the itching.

"Hee hee, kitty like that?" she stops, I try to scratch myself but my hands are trapped in large, heavy, paws. I reluctantly nod.

"Good kitty" she giggles. "Kitty want to get pet more?"

I nod.


If you've enjoyed this story, please write to the author and let them know - they may write more!

If you've enjoyed this story, please write to the author and let them know - they may write more!
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