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Finishing School 7

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; F/m; latex; bond; pet; fem; cons; X

Part Seven

The early afternoon drifted on very pleasantly. After all the exertions of the morning, the subjugation, transformation and transporting of Peter (as Petra) and the strenuous bondage class, I was happy to watch the latex making class.

The two prefects in charge were very skilled, and gave methodical instructions in the thickness and quality of the latex sheeting, how to cut it and then in great detail how to stitch and glue. I didn’t expect the pupils to take such an interest in all this but they showed great enthusiasm in the selection of colours, for there were the colours of the rainbow available, and in the designs. It was clear that the school had quite an industry here; not only did they seem to make all their own clothes but had quite a manufacturing industry on the side, no doubt quite lucrative. I got the sense that the “factory” was in operation most days, turning out the most exotic, sexy garments, as well as some apparel to place the poor victim in the most serious bondage! After a time Emma, still sitting quietly next to me, placed her hand gently on my thigh and whispered.

“Had enough for now? How about a walk?” I had indeed had enough, the class was fascinating but my attention I had to admit kept wandering. Maybe it was the lithe pupils in their sexy latex schoolgirl outfits, or the pervasive smell of the rolls and rolls of latex in the room that lulled me, but I felt I needed a change. I nodded and she took my hand as we left, Emma waving to the two instructors, who each gave a sly smile.

We walked round the front of the school, breathing in the warm late afternoon air. We walked a while, in silence, but a very comfortable silence and came across a bench where we sat looking out over the grounds. It was all very pastoral. I was really now very comfortable in my latex; the corset was not too tight and in all honesty I liked the comforting cling of the gloves and stockings. My cock and balls were well tucked away but quite comfortably too, in the tight latex panties. It seemed as if I didn’t have a care in the world, really. As I started to drift into a sleepy doze I was awakened by movement behind us.

“Oh you naughty girls. Not taking in the class and sneaking out early. Mmm, shall I have to punish you?” We both turned round as Miss Broad came round to face us. I was happy and relieved to see she had a smile on her face and had only been joking about the punishment, at least I hoped so, but Emma looked very cool about it.

My eyes did not however stay long on Miss Broad, for they drifted down to her side – and there was Pet!

Despite the story that I had been told earlier, it was still a shock to see her for the first time. This must have been plain to see on my face as both Miss Broad and Emma, on looking at me, let out a small chuckle each.

“Oh, of course, you haven’t met Pet before, have you Maxine?” Miss Broad said, and I shook my head slowly as I stared at Pet.

“Well, this is she, my Pet, my favourite plaything, my little bitch.” She said this all with great affection as she gently rubbed behind a small rubber ear attached to the girl’s full head helmet. Pet on the other hand, was on all fours and rubbing her head in a clearly affectionate manner against her mistress’ knee. I was trying to take all this in and was having difficulty.

“Poor Maxine, you look a little shocked. I’m sure you’ve heard a little of Pet’s history, and mine of course, I won’t bore you with that.” I nodded tentatively. “Good, it’s all right Maxine, there are really no secrets to our past, here let me sit down next to you and I will fill you in on Pet’s life here.” I moved closer to Emma who gave me an encouraging pat on my thigh. I crossed my rubber-covered legs and tried to stay calm as Miss Broad sat next to me and pulled on Pet’s leash. Pet came between us and sat back on her haunches, facing her “owner” and leaning against her, saying nothing. Miss Broad continued to scratch Pet’s ears and gently rub her rubber-covered head.

“Well, it’s hard to know where to begin, it’s quite a long story but I shall keep it short and sweet.” As she began to tell it I glanced at her and saw how confident and almost imperious she was. She was dressed very simply - brilliant white long sleeved blouse buttoned at the front and showing just a bit of cleavage, a white bra, black gloves and stockings (or tights) four inch heels and flared gunmetal grey skirt to her knees. Yes, very chic and also very dominant looking.

“Dear Pet here and I have known each other for quite a while and we were a big item for a time. Then we had a…..falling out, a contretemps, a clash of wills, didn’t we, my dear?” She leaned over and rubbed Pet’s head affectionately. “And, well…Pet took off, but after I had….recovered I was determined to renew our….relationship, so over a period of time I had her tracked and found and….returned to me. Simple as that, really. I think she was in a bit of a mess and I sort of rescued her, although you see her here now, maybe you don’t think that.”

As she told her story I found it hard not to take my eyes off Pet. She sat on her haunches looking up at her mistress; not saying anything, not moving. It was difficult to see what she was looking at, for her eyes were covered by mirrored lenses in the mask.

“Here, stand over there Pet, and I will show Maxine your suit and all its ingenious additions.” She released her leash and Pet walked or really waddled slowly on all fours a few feet from us and turned to face us. Miss Broad got up and stood by her side to continue her presentation, clearly proud of her Pet.

“Pet has a number of these suits; this is as you can see the Dalmatian model, mainly white but with attractive black spots. It fits her wonderfully, don’t you think?” I nodded, still a bit in shock. “It is one piece, not easy to get into, but she gives me no trouble, do you Pet? It has incorporated into it a rigid corset section that keeps her back straight. As she is in it all day and sometimes night it can put a strain on her back but this rigid corset gives her great support. This in turn is connected to her posture collar. Her head naturally can tend to drop so the posture collar here, which comes up under her chin, keeps her head fully supported and facing forward like so, and slightly up. It somewhat limits her ability to move her head up and down and also side to side but it is also relatively comfortable as it takes the strain off her neck.”

She squatted down next to her Pet and placed her hand under Pet’s chin, raising it slightly. “Now the mask had many possibilities, I thought of a doggy snout and even a doggy mouth, but dear Pet has such talents with her tongue and mouth that I decided against both. You know she is really beautiful under the mask, no one else has seen her but me, but I assure you she is a beauty. So it is a fairly straightforward mask with just the doggy ears as an amusing touch. The eyes of course are mirrored, she can see out fine but none of us in, it lends a sense of mystery I think, and of course she cannot plead with them as I am sure she would like to do sometimes.” Miss Broad stood again.

“Now you know we have one rule here, Maxine. Pet is never, ever allowed to talk, neither to me nor anyone else – a simple rule which she has learned I think at last, although for a time she was really quite a slow learner and spent a long time with various gags in her mouth. For quite a while now she has had the opportunity to think on the errors of the past in silence, but should she waver then I always keep a selection of efficient gags in my shoulder bag here.”

“Now her limbs, her legs are doubled back here and her feet pressed into the back of her thighs. There are padded sleeves for her lower limbs so you can’t even detect her feet, but I assure you they are in there. The knees on which she stands and walks are well cushioned and therefore not uncomfortable, but then…” she chuckled, “I’m not the one in the suit. I decided not to fold the arms, so they are extended into the sleeves, but there is reinforcement her at the elbow so she can only bend them slightly – they’re not really very much use to her like this. The hands are in well cushioned and padded pouches and I must say I rather like the little touch of the paw design to match the rear legs. Now turn round Pet.”

Pet looked at her mistress and turned round, now showing Emma and I her rear. Miss Broad was right; I couldn’t detect her lower legs at all nor her feet, for there was clearly very clever padding holding her legs in a tight cinch. She had a fine pair of buttocks though and sticking out from between her cheeks was a fine white poodle tail! Miss Broad gently took it in her hand and then flicked it, it wobbled in the air and Pet expelled a gasp of air.

“This of course is attached to a large butt plug that I inserted in Pet this morning. She is used to being anally penetrated but this is a large one that I particularly liked squeezing into her. Raise your bum, Pet, good girl.” Pet stretched out her arms and raised her buttocks obediently and Miss Broad squatted again.

“The suit incorporates a fine set of pussy lips; similar to the ones you have worn, Maxine. Inside these lips are hard rubber nodules that rub up and down Pet’s vulva and the hood of her clit. So I am not all cruelty, oh no, she can derive quite some pleasure, if like a bitch in heat, she chooses to rub up against anything. If I find she is getting too much pleasure then I can quickly lock a steel chastity belt onto her and that eliminates any pleasure she may seek. There is a short tube connection to just past her lips so she can squat and pee when necessary. Pet, sit back on your haunches. Good girl. You can see her breasts are cradled in these reinforced rubber cups that form part of the corset. The holes here allow the nipples here to poke through.”

She took a nipple in her fingers and gently held it. Pet opened her mouth and gasped but again was silent.

“These large rings have pierced her nipples and have been passed through the steel borders of the suits holes so she cannot prise them off. As a final touch there are hard rubber nodules on the insides of the breast cups; they don’t pierce her at all but they are just a reminder of her position. Finally I have attached two bells to her nipple rings, which allow everyone to hear her approaching, although I confess we sneaked up rather well on you two earlier.”

Miss Broad now sat down again, next to me, and without any prodding Pet came and sat between us again, this time facing out towards the grounds and leaning against her mistress. During this time Emma and I had said nothing, what was there to say? Pet just sat there, her mouth slightly open and her tail sticking out her rear and resting on the grass. I noticed she had a pleasant mouth, generous and with fine even white teeth, I even detected perhaps a hint of lipstick, which looked even odder considering the remainder of her costume. I wondered what she was thinking. She had probably been through this somewhat humiliating exercise before and she certainly didn’t seem to be too fazed by it. Although I couldn’t see into her eyes, her mouth for the most part, remained expressionless. Maybe she was truly resigned to her fate. But for some reason I wanted to know more and I was determined to find out more!

We must have been an extraordinary sight. I had a hundred questions but didn’t know when to begin, or even if I should! But my decision was made for me when Miss Broad spoke.

“Emma, we have a lot of planning to do tomorrow for the….activities, I’d like you and Peggy and Amanda to come to my room now and we can take an early dinner there and get everything set.” She turned to me and smiled. “Maxine, I’m sure I can entrust Pet with you. She needs a bit of exercise so take her for a walk and then come and drop her off after we have finished planning for tomorrow.” Pet turned and looked up at me and then at Miss Broad. I was a bit stunned by this gambit.

“Miss…er Broad, look I’m not sure that I can…I mean….what do I…”

“It’s quite simple Maxine, here is her leash. You can let her off it if you wish, she cannot go far. Let her wander, have her pee and then bring her back about 6 o clock. Then you can eat and have the rest of the evening to yourself, or at least you and Emma…..and maybe Sarah, who knows. Just remember, no speaking from her, all right? You can have my bag, there are gags and surgical gloves and other goodies in here. Let me see, what do we have? Ah yes, some treats for Pet.”

She pulled out a ziplock bag with some small candies and put some in her rubber gloved hand.

“Here Pet, some sweeties for you, come on.” Miss Broad held her palm open and Pet shuffled over, placed her mouth on the palm and began to gently take the candies into her mouth and slowly eat them, one by one. It was a touching scene, if a very bizarre one. When she had finished Pet sat back and Miss Broad stroked her cheek tenderly.

“So behave yourselves now and we will see you later.” There seemed to be no point for further discussion as Miss Broad stood, patted me on the shoulder and Pet on her head again and began to leave. Emma grinned at me, pecked my cheek and whispered.

“My, aren’t you the privileged one.” And she was gone too. So now what do I do? I thought. I held the leash in my rubber gloved hand and Pet had now stood up on all fours. So I stood up too, not really knowing where to go.

“This is crazy.” I said aloud. “Here I am all dressed up as a rubber dolly, taking a woman imprisoned in a rubber doggy suit for a walk.” But Pet seemed unperturbed and led me off into the grounds. She kept up quite a good pace, and very soon indeed I was quite enjoying myself as I looked down at her wiggling bottom and wagging tail! As we proceeded I started to formulate a plan in my head, I don’t know why, but I am an obstinate fellow (my nosiness had got me into this “school” in the first place, and evidently I’m a slow learner) and I just had to know more about these two and their bizarre relationship, and damn the consequences. It was the strangest of stories and I had to know more about Pet, and now, well soon at least, I would have the opportunity.

Pet continued to lead the way; she was taking me for a walk rather than the other way around! I thought this was silly so I just let her off the lead and allowed her to drift off into the bushes to my side. As I looked over I saw her stop and stretch wide her rear legs, then without any embarrassment she began to pee, a small jet coming from between her rubber lips. I was shocked at this, I don’t know why, but looked away for a few seconds. When she had finished she looked over to me, I could not detect any expression form her face and then she returned to me, like an obedient dog her nipple bells ringing a light peal, to stand by my left leg.

And so we continued on, I was becoming more frustrated by this. I wanted to chat, it was a lovely afternoon, and here I was with a mute entrapped in a rubber doggy suit. This was just too silly for words. I saw a bench in a small glade and chose to sit down. As it was still warm I was sweating in my rubber attire, particularly my pants and I could feel my cock rub up and down on the tight rubber. Pet sat down on her haunches at my side facing me. She then nudged with her head the shoulder bag that Miss Broad had left me. No sound came from her but I knew she wanted some more candies. I chose to oblige but I really wanted to try and get some sort of communication going.

I took a small handful of candies in my hand, decided to have a couple myself (why not) and then with palm up, held my hand out in front of her. I also had gloves on of course, but she had a very gentle mouth as she dipped her head into my palm and began to take the sweets one by one and eat them slowly. It was the oddest of sensations, having a full grown woman literally eating out of your hand, it was true supplication, and part of me had to admit that I found it strangely arousing.

Her long arms hung uselessly to her side, her head encased in the tight white rubber with the black dots and the short floppy ears slowly dipped and rose as she ate the sweets. When she had finished she locked her lips and leant her shoulder against my crossed legs. I don’t know why but I placed my hand on her head and gave it a gentle stroke and then scratched behind her ears, and she responded by leaning further over onto my thigh.

Well, I thought, time to plunge in.

“Pet, it’s time we had a little chat.” She raised her head from my thigh and turned round; I could not see into her eyes but her mouth gave no expression. I moved my hand to behind her ear and scratched it.

“Look, this is insanity. Not the rubber and the school and everything else here but the fact that you and Miss Broad clearly have an abiding love for each other, and simply won’t acknowledge it. From what I hear from others here and from what I have seen it is clear that you are still very much an item. Miss Broad, I’m sure, loves you but somehow cannot come to admitting it, and feels she has to punish you for your past behaviour. She thinks if she releases you that you would actually run off again, and I know that you wouldn’t do that. So we have a stalemate, don’t we?” There was no recognition from Pet at all, her mirrored lenses stared back at me, emotionless, and her mouth was expressionless.

“Look Pet, is this what you want for the rest of your life? Couldn’t it be better that this? I realise that you may be a natural submissive and love rubber and I have no problem with that, believe me, I have come to like it too, I can’t believe it myself but there it is. But we have a severe lack of communication here.” Again there was no response.

“I know you think I will gag you if you should speak, but Pet, I won’t, I promise you. Call me stupid, and I probably am, but I’m trying to help here, I really am. For God’s sake snap out of it, will you, I’m offering you a lifeline here.” I released my grip on her rubber ear and then slapped her hard across her cheek….and then did it again!

So help me, I have never, ever hit a woman and hope I never will again. The moment I let fly I regretted it, what on earth was I thinking? Although I was wearing gloves and Pet her mask, it must have hurt as I didn’t hold back at all. I took her head in my hands and began to apologise.

“Oh, I am so sorry, forgive…..” And then finally she spoke, very quietly, almost stutteringly.

“No, no it’s all right. It’s time something like this was done.” And then she started to shudder, she was crying and yet sort of laughing at the same time. I held her as she calmed and collected her breath.

“Well….Maxine, what do you want to know, we are in the deep end now so you might as well get your money’s worth, for we are both going to pay for it later if she finds out.”

“Why should she, I won’t tell, unless you want me to.”

“All right, so you want my life history, do you?” She smiled and it was a gorgeous smile, warm and wide. She had a well educated voice, with a hint of a French accent, I thought.

“Well, maybe not your life history,” I chuckled, “but what you think is…..pertinent in your relationship with Miss Broad.”

“Linda…..Miss Broad that is. I have tried to say that name a number of times, but each time I have had a big gag stuffed in my mouth.” She laughed ruefully. “Not that I mind being gagged and tied up in rubber, no not at all. You got me pegged. I am a natural submissive and love latex, but as you say, I would like to communicate with Linda, to tell her the past is the past. What I did was so stupid….well to go back. Yes, we were an item. We met at a fetish club, God I was so young, I must have been eighteen and along comes this cool oh so beautiful, calm controlled domina. I loved her the second I saw her. I was very impressionable but she took me under her wing and we began a very intense, torrid affair. There were lashings of bondage and latex and I was a true sub to her. What do they say? You can gain so much freedom through being a real submissive; well that was true for me all right.”

The words were pouring out of her, and of course they would. Here was a woman who had been denied speech for so long and was now allowing it to gush out of her. She was so excited that she got on all fours and started to pace slowly up and down in front of me. It was an odd yet, for me at least, a very sexual sight. Her nipples bells rang, her tail wagged and her bottom wiggled…and then of course there was the latex! But she continued with her story.

“So, the relationship was wonderful. She was a hard mistress, and a loving one and I tried to be the perfect sub for her. It worked incredibly well. But….I was young and….yes, stupid and….fell or ran into the wrong crowd. I won’t go into detail but it was drugs of course, what else, right? I of course knew it all then, you couldn’t tell me what was right or wrong. Linda has very strict rules on that stuff. And so….after several fantastic months, over a year actually, I started to drift away from her and off with the crowd. She was furious of course, thinking of my interests and health, but I didn’t care, oh no. So we had a number of huge bust ups, the last where i…God help me, in a drugged fit stabbed her. Not too badly, but enough to put her into hospital for a short while and long enough for me to run off with some of her money, and clothes and so forth. Talk about dumb.” She chuckled.

“So I hung out on the streets for months, going downhill from one job to the next and of course feeding my habit. The jobs got worse and the habit got more expensive so just before she found me, or her detective did, I was on the game, whoring myself out. Yes, I sank that low.” She stopped pacing and I could see the telling of her tale had both tired her and saddened her. She now squatted again in front of me, a strange sight in dotted rubber with her pert and pierced nipples and rubber labia exposed. Despite her grim story I could not ignore the fact that she had a quite stunning body.

“Anyway, she found me and kidnapped me, or rescued me really. I wouldn’t have lasted long in the condition I was in, I’m sure. So, yes, I think she saved my life….and therefore I owe her my life. Through treatments and nutrition and exercise,” she smiled, “not to mention heavy rubber immersion I was weaned off the stuff and onto rubber submission.” She stopped and nudged the shoulder bag with her face, a force of habit, no doubt, even though she was now talking.

“There should be a water bottle in there, could I have a drink please.” I rummaged in the bag and sure enough I pulled out a water bottle and opened it. She waddled closer and raised her head. I slowly tipped the bottle up and she greedily drank. She stopped and smiled shyly.

“Thanks, I’m not used to all this talking, I got a bit parched. So….this has been my life for eighteen months or so. I don’t regret it, really; frankly if it wasn’t for Linda I would be dead now. But… you have said….it could be….I don’t know…better. I don’t mind the rubber and the sub/dom thing; in fact I love it, but sometimes I want to be just….normal when I am with her. Just two girls having fun, but well, I think she still doesn’t trust me. She looks after me very well though. I’m not always in the gear, not at all. I have my kennel of course but in her quarters there are exercise equipment, Jacuzzi, even a tanning bed. While I often sleep in the kennel beside her bed I also spend some wonderful nights in her bed. She will slip me into a straightjacket or an armless suit or even body bag and we will have the most amazing nights. It is rare that I have the use of my hands, occasionally yes, but not often so,” she smiled again; “I have to hone my talents with my mouth and tongue.”

She started to pace around in front of me again, quite unaffectedly in her doggy gear with the tail sticking up and the nipple bells tinkling.

“Oh, yes, and she is a wonderful lover. She is harsh with me sometimes but a dom should be, but then we have our tender moments and I am taken to another world. No, I wouldn’t leave her, no.”

She had gone quiet now, seemingly all talked out but seemingly worried, and she approached me and sat on her haunches facing me, her nipple rings resting on her large breasts. I noticed she sat in a practiced way, easing down so she didn’t push her butt plug tail any further into her rear, I suppose she had sat like this a million times.

“I thought I would feel all relaxed after this blood letting, but I’m even tenser. What do we do now, Maxine, you have me in your control, you could gag me and take me back to be pun….”

“Don’t be silly Pet, relax. I want the best for you and…Linda. You need to relax and calm down.” I got an idea. “Here, stand up and turn around, facing out.”

I suppose I shouldn’t do this, I thought, but what was the best way of relaxing? Right! I pulled a surgical glove out of the shoulder bag and pulled it over my rubber gloved right hand. Then I gently gripped her tail with my left hand and drew her back between my thighs very slowly. She couldn’t turn her head because of the posture collar, but said.

“Hey, what are you…now hold on a min…you shouldn’t…this is crazy…”

“You need to relax, Pet, now I am going to do this, whether you like it or not, and I guarantee you will, so do you need to be gagged or will you take some pleasure with me?” I slid a finger along her rubber outer lips and through the narrow gap, and then ran it along her own lips to her hard nodule; she gasped and nodded her head imperceptibly, saying.

“Okay, okay, no gag, but I may need one if I scream, jeez, I think I really do need this.” She spread her stiff arms and raised her rump to me, as if offering herself, which of course she was. I still couldn’t detect her feet jammed tight to her thighs so clever was the design of her costume. Her shiny buttocks looked so wonderfully inviting. I flicked her short pom-pom tail and it quivered, sending messages deep inside her, then I moved a second finger between her lips and inside her, my thumb rubbing her clit. She groaned and grunted then pushed herself back further to me. I twisted the butt plug; even the slightest movement made her buttocks clench and shake.

“Oh God, this is so good, Linda is going to kill me for this and I don’t care….fu…fu….aarrggh.” She was beginning to get louder and louder and I was getting concerned about discovery.

“Quiet, for goodness sake.”

“I can’t help it, I want….to scream…aargh…aahh…gag me…now, I need to scream, I have to…and to bite down. Gag me…..please.” It was a strange request but I quickly withdrew my fingers from her, wet and shiny, grabbed a big red rubber ball gag, leaned over her and pulled it violently into her waiting mouth. She accepted it willingly and bit down on it hard as I pulled it tight behind her head.

“Mmm, mmm.” She moaned and nodded as I returned my fingers to her moist channel and rubbed her and pinched her gently. We proceeded like this for a few minutes, as she groaned and gurgled and moaned and then began to shake violently, her tail wagging and wiggling grotesquely. The gag was doing its job well but she still made plenty of unintelligible sounds. I continued for a minute or so as she wriggled and writhed and convulsed, then I stopped and withdrew. She fell to her side and lay there, her legs wide and her mouth dribbling around the gag and down her cheek. Finally she got up and sat on her haunches beside me, I released her gag and she panted for air.

“Thank you, oh, that was really good, I needed that all right. You are very good with your fingers, very talented.” With a paper towel from the bag I wiped her face then her rubber outer lips and then I withdrew my surgical glove. I gave her a rather cynical look.

“So, you are a little calmer now are you?”

“Well, you could say that. If you weren’t a fella I could go for you, you know. I bet you are good with your tongue too, eh?”

“So you know…I am a man? But how…?

“Come on, Maxine, everyone knows about you here, Linda talked about you today again and what a star you were with Peter, you saved her bacon all right. But Emma has done an amazing job on you, if you were a real girl I could eat you all right, but I’m sorry…cocks and balls don’t do it for me.”

“That’s okay. I won’t take offence; I just hope my attentions to your….lower regions were up to par, so to speak.”

“Oh, no complaints there at all, I think Sarah is a very lucky girl, all right. But now what?”

“Simple, we now go and see Miss…Linda.”

“And do what?”

“Leave it to me, Pet. Don’t fret. It’s time for a little chat between the three of us.”

“I don’t know if she will be in a listening mood even for you, her star pupil”

“Well….then we’ll have to make her listen, won’t we, and damn the consequences. Might as well be hung for a lamb as for a sheep.”

“I’m not sure I like your metaphor, but okay, let’s go.” I rose up and adjusted my skirt, I was warm and moist in my tight gear, all the exertions with Pet had made me quite excited.

“Mmm, nice legs and the panties do a good job covering up all your goodies. How do you find the heels?

“Piece of cake now, to be honest, and yes, the panties do the job, nice and tight, but sometimes old Peter wants to leap out of there and do some damage.”

“Yes, I’ll bet.” I looked down at her, still on her haunches, her pierced nipples erect and so inviting.

“By the way, I’m Max…but Maxine is fine…..and you are?”

She laughed.

“You know I haven’t been asked that in a long while. I’m Camille – my mother was French, you may have detected a bit of an accent still. Maxine, it has been a pleasure meeting you, truly. I just hope we haven’t cooked our goose, I hope to see a lot more of you.”

“Likewise.” I said and leant over her and kissed her on the lips, which she returned.

“Normally I don’t respond like this to guys….but you are definitely an exception.”

“Thanks, okay from now on, no talking from you, we’re off to see Linda, for the biggest day of your life in a while.” I attached the lead to her collar and she dutifully waddled along beside me back to the school.

I hadn’t really quite formulated a plan as I approached Miss Broad’s quarters, but I didn’t want Camille to know that. I would play it by ear and see how it went. She kept up a good pace, as if she knew that she was on, at least for her, a date with destiny!

We came to the door of the study and Pet slowed down, a touch hesitant, but I thought nothing ventured and nothing gained so knocked and waited. She called out for us to enter and we did, and I had to just give Pet a little tug on her leash. Miss Broad came round from behind her desk and gave Pet a hug and kissed her masked head. She was dressed as earlier, gunmetal skirt, white blouse and black stockings (or tights) and gloves.

“And how is my darling? Did she behave, Maxine?” She scratched her ears and seemed genuinely to have missed Pet.

“She was perfect Miss Broad, a perfect….companion. I gave her a good walk, some more candies and some water and we spent a most interesting time together, I would like to see her again if I may.”

“Of course Maxine, but I don’t want you to be diluting her affections for me.” She was kidding of course, but I played along.

“There is absolutely no chance of that Miss Broad, her complete devotion is very much set on you.” She looked at me, with a look that wanted to know I wasn’t joking, and I wasn’t.

“Well…that is very good to hear, and I love her too, as well.” She was now sitting in the chair opposite her desk, the one with the straps under the armrests, on the legs and attached to the back. It had secured me well enough what seemed like many days ago when I had first come here. She was very relaxed in the chair, playing with Pet’s nipple bells as Pet sat obediently in front of her. Well, I thought, I need a captive audience here. She’s not going to hear me out under these circumstances. Is this now or never? I didn’t have long to decide, I decided it was to be now!

The straps under the armrests were perfect and wonderfully easy to apply. The insides were of Velcro and all I had to do was lean over quickly and wrap first the left wrist and then the right firmly to each armrest. It was done in less than three seconds. I even surprised myself with my dexterity. Miss Broad didn’t struggle as it was done so quickly and frankly she was shocked that anyone would dare (how stupid could they be) to do this to her. While she was transfixed I pulled the strap from the back rest around her, under her breasts and pulled it tight. Then Miss Broad finally came out of her shock.

“Maxine, what on earth….do you have any idea…aarrghh…aaagghh….mmm!!”

This was no time for discussion, that would come later, so I decided to gag her with the same large red rubber ball gag that had worked so well on Pet, and anyway it was easily at hand! She glared up at me, genuine shock in her eyes, her star pupil manhandling her like this. I knelt down and pulled her legs wide apart and strapped her ankles to the legs of the chair. Now I was able to see that it was black stockings she was wearing and not tights, and very pretty white latex panties too! Pet saw them too and I saw a hungry smile crease her mouth. I stood back and leant on the desk, admiring my handiwork, I adjusted a strap on the armrest, now she was nice and snug.

She was a pretty cool customer, no histrionics at all; she just stared at me, not in hate but with a look of genuine shock. She was mystified by this, perhaps even hurt by my traitorous behaviour, but I hoped that my explanation, and Pet’s of course, would do the trick If it didn’t then I would be in for a torrid time indeed. I began.

“Now, Miss Broad….Linda, yes I know your name, because Pet….Camille and I have had a talk. A long talk, we had Linda, about you and about the two of you. And I think it’s time we got the communication going between you two. You have been both very silly, Linda, you the more so.”

And I continued for a while, and then invited Pet to talk. She was reluctant at first but I told her the cat was out of the bag now so she had better talk, like she had never done before and to tell the truth from her heart.

And she did, she told the same story she told me, embellishing it with her feelings for Linda and how she had regretted her actions and how she could never make it up to her, but how she would want to. As the minutes rolled by, Miss Broad never took her eyes off Pet, and as dribble rolled down her chin from her gag, so too did tears roll from her eyes and down her chin. Pet too seemed to be crying but it was hard to tell with her tight mask on and the mirrored lenses.

But she held nothing back. She still wanted to be her sub, her rubber plaything, she would do anything demanded of her – because she loved her, and if this was not enough then she would remain as Pet, for she had no desire to leave her mistress.

By the end, both of them were in tears and I felt almost as if I was now in the way. Miss Broad, with a wag of her head and a series of mmmmfffing signalled to me to take out her gag. Well, I thought, this was the moment of truth. She could scream the place down and the prefects would be here in seconds and off Pet and I would go to goodness knows what punishment. But I released her gag and she gasped for air. There was a terrible silence for fully ten seconds. Then Miss Broad spoke.

“Well this is all a bit of a shock. I feel like my world is crashing around me. I don’t know why I didn’t fully trust you Pet, but….I was always worried you would up and leave. And I couldn’t have that, not twice. Maxine, you have an amazing ability for turning everything topsy-turvy, you save us all with your intervention on Peter and now… manage to get Pet and I to talk openly for I don’t know how long. I feel I have been a fool, but it was out of wanting to protect myself. I was hurt when you left and I wouldn’t let it happen again.” She looked down at her body bound to her chair.

“This is certainly different, I am so used to being the dom that being so powerless is a strange feeling indeed; I feel very vulnerable, to both of you. Pet, how can I know that you won’t up and go again?”

“You don’t, but then you have to trust me, don’t you, isn’t that the whole point about it? What more do you want me to say here? I’ve even told you that if you don’t trust me I will still remain as your pet and not try to leave because the point is, I want to be with you.” She smiled and yet seemed frustrated.

“God, what do I have to do? Here, let me show you how much I want to be here with you.” She shuffled forward between Miss Broad’s outstretched legs and dipped her masked head. As silence again fell on the room, she kissed and licked the insides of Miss Broad’s stockings and her head disappeared under her skirt.

“Mmm, yummy,” I heard her say, “warm rubber and my mistress, what a wonderful aroma.”

As Camille’s head moved up and down, Miss Broad started to breathe in slowly and then closed her eyes; she seemed unaware that I was now there. No, no she whispered as if trying to deny herself but Camille continued to work away under her skirt. Then Camille said from under the skirt.

“Maxine, my mistress’s pants are a little tight and I am having a little trouble pulling them down with my teeth. Could you help me?” Again, Miss Broad whispered, no, but I lifted her skirt exposing Camille’s head. The pants were a very pretty pair in white latex and I tried to pull them down but her legs were too far stretched.

“Sorry,” I said, “but I’m sure your rubber workshop can make you some new ones.” And I cut them down the sides and pulled them from under her. She was not fully shaved but she had a very pretty trimmed bush, which Camille immediately dipped her head into! Within a couple of seconds Miss Broad gasped.

“Oh, oh Maxine, oh God, you will pay for this, oh, aaahhhh…….jeez….Pet…..Camilllllle.” Although she may have been pretending to be under duress I noticed her shift her crotch forwards and up towards Camille. Now she began to pant loudly and groan. Camille lifted her head, her mouth smeared with her mistress’s juices and coolly whispered.

“Maxine, it’s possible a prefect may be alerted by the noise so perhaps you could silence my mistress for a short while as I work on her, yes? You could use those pants you just cut off her.”

“Are you sure?”

“As you said,” she smiled, “we’re in it up to our ears now, or maybe mouths.” She laughed and dipped her head again. Sweat had broken out over Miss Broad’s face and she was breathing hard.

“Sorry about this.” I said. “But you wouldn’t want to be interrupted, would you?”

“Oh Maxine, when this is all over we will have a reckon…..arrgggh….nnnkkk….mmmm.” I folded her wet pants and pushed them into her mouth, she shook her head and glared at me, but I pushed them all the way in until they were past her teeth, bulging her cheeks out and now only a small white strip of rubber was showing. Although she was a committed dom and probably not used to being gagged so efficiently, she breathed calmly through her nose, or as calmly as she was allowed to, given Camille’s attentions at her crotch! I could hear Camille snigger.

“Perhaps my mistress now knows what it is like to be a sub, even for a short while.” And she continued her attentions at her mistress’s crotch.

Part of me felt a little sorry for Miss Broad. She was used to getting her way, she exuded power, she was always in charge, everyone respected her, and some even feared her. And now, here she was, tied to her chair, gagged with her own rubber panties, her legs spread and her sub, her rubber doggy, lapping at her exposed crotch. Part of me felt sorry for her, but not a big part. I knew for sure that soon she and I would meet and she would have the upper hand and I would be at the receiving end; but in all honesty I did not really fear that, for I was convinced that I had done the right thing here.

As she rolled her head and mmmmffed into her gag I realised that I now had probably outstayed my welcome. I had brought them together, so to speak and I would leave them to talk. With the talent that Camille had with her mouth I was sure she could loosen the Velcro fasteners at her mistress’s wrists, when she chose to, and they could perhaps get down to talking after this adventure. I addressed Miss Broad who, truth be said, was not able to give me her full attention.

“I’ll leave you two now, I’m sorry for what I have instigated but I had little option. I hope you realise that I did it with the best intentions. Anyway….I’m not going to run away, so when you come to find me you won’t have far to look.” She nodded her head, and I thought I detected a faint smile and a widening of the white rubber expanse in her mouth. I patted Camille’s tail and she rose briefly and whispered.

“Thanks Maxine, for everything, whatever happens, I owe this to you, I hope to see you soon.” She pursed her lips and I bent down and kissed her, the strong taste of Miss Broad’s juices on my lips. She returned to her task and I left the room.

30.05.06 continued in part eight

* * *

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