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End Of Daylight

by M88

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Jennifer had been training hard for her new role as a personal fitness trainer. In a new city. She had already setup her website and got the equipment in. She would be going to people’s homes and getting them fit and health. She would be able to tailor the training to the person specifically and work whenever they were free. She wanted to be at the top of her game before his meet anyone. So for the last 6 weeks she had been workout almost every day. 

Today was a massive test. She had plan to do a 10 mile run that would cover the endless hill around Sheffield’s residential housing areas. Some of which are almost no go. But Jennifer would just sprint through them. Plus nothing bad ever happened in Sheffield anyway. 

Jennifer was up nice and early with a big cup of tea to fight against the cold weather the north of England normally gets. She had porridge with sugar and fruit mixed in for breakfast. She then needed to skip around some weights on the way to the shower. She let the water warm up before she removed her underwear and hopped in. She didn’t like long showers and was cleaned and out, after only a couple of minutes. She did her teeth and started wiping away the water at the same time. Stepping into her bedroom she was completely dry and she had already left her sports outfit on the bed. She was not wearing a lot of layers as the weather would cool her down. Sports bra and pants with a tight fitting track suit. She added black gloves and hat to the very Nike track suit. She zipped it all the way up and popped the hood over her hat. She grabbed a bottle of water, phone, keys, shores and headphones. 

She quickly placed all the items on her body and went out into the cold. The wind almost blow her hood down the second she got outside. She pulled it back over her head and slammed shut her front door. She then used Spotify to get herself some high tempo music and set off. The hills made her legs burn with the added effect it took to get up them. She was quickly covered in sweat as she pushed her body to the limit. She was breathing heavily as she reached the top of the biggest hill on the run. It was right near the end of the planned route. A big finish for the testing fitness test. It happened to be in a rough part of town with lots of abandon warehouses and closed shopfronts. 

Jennifer’s legs felt like jelly after the long run as sweat dripped from her chin. She had finished her with her drinks bottle. And upon seeing all the rubbish covering the road and footpath, she just lazily threw it onto the closest pile. She slowly walked over to a nearby shop. The shop in question had an electrical box outside it. Perfect for Jennifer to stretch out her hamstrings and quads. A quick warm down before the short walk back home. Jennifer was too busy working her muscle groups to spot the shop door inch open. She was still listening to her music at full volume and didn’t hear the door creek as it opened fully. There was no one around. No cars driving by. She was in a tired and sweaty world of her own. The figure moving behind her could not believe how oblivious she was. With no one around, they had no fear in getting seen or caught. 

They rapidly wrapped their big strong arms around Jennifer sweaty and perfect body. She was violently pulled towards the unknown darkness the other side of the door. Jennifer had almost no time to react and the shock hit her. She let out a scream that could make someones ears bleed. A hand quickly covered her mouth as she tried to use her muscles and fitness to break free. Sadly she had used up far too much energy already. Moving her limbs was meet with a massive amount of lactic acid which was now intertwined with her muscles. Making them worthless to her now. She had lost her strength as she was lifted off her feet. She cried out again as they moved towards the abandon shop. The hand was somewhat pointless as a gag as she tried to bite the fingers. The arm soon moved around her neck. She didn’t know if the darkness was from her beginning to pass out or the room she was in. 

Fear filled her mind as the light faded and her body become limp. She was not getting out of this. The shadowy figure checked her eyes to see if she was out. They loosened their grip on her and skilfully pulled a syringe from their jacket pocket. Sticking it sharply into the base of Jennifer’s neck and putting the full amount into her blood stream. They let her drop to the hard and dirty floor as the sleeping agent worked wonders on her body and mind. She lost control of her muscles and her heart rate dropped and it relaxed her body. Her breathing become light and short as the chemicals attacked her systems. She would be unable to do anything even if she woke up too early.

With her now out the public eye it was time to get her ready. The sleeping agent would still be in her blood for over 48 hours. It was not the first time they had done this. 

Jennifer’s eyes snapped open as the panic and fear of her kidnapping poured back into her mind. She was meet with only darkness as she tried to remember what had happened. How long had she be unconscious for and had anyone reported her missing. The thought hit her straightway, she was self employed with very little friends and family in the area. Who is going to report anything before it was too late. As it happens it already was.  

Jennifer thought the skin around her eyes felt weird and compressed. She started to do almost a full body scan in her mind to see if anything else felt wrong. She was horrified to find that something seemed off with her whole body. From the hair on her head to the tips of her toes. She was still in complete darkness so she had not moved an inch. She was slowly breathing through her nose. Her jaw, ears, neck, tits, ass, pussy, feet, legs and hands felt sore and numb. She had been almost frozen in fear for the past 10 minutes. She suddenly got a spike of adrenaline and forced herself to move. Turned out this was a massive error as she stood up. She felt her legs tighten and her arms seemed to be pinned across her chest. 

Jennifer changed her mind and sat her ass back down. A micro second after her backside had hit the seat the lights turned on. Above her mind was a line of incredible bright lights. She had to close her eyes and wait till they got use to the light. Finally her eyes adjusted to the light. Her eyes whipped run the room and over her body. She had just enough time to take it the disgusting outcome of what had happened to her. Then the lights switched off again. This was clearly psychological torture. Her brain began to process what she had seen. First the room. Solid metal from the celling to the floor and it had been cleaned and polished. A camera was placed in the top right-hand corner of the room. Next to it was a metal flap that looked like it dropped into the room. In the other corner was an air-vent and a microphone. The room was much taller than her, maybe almost double. But the floor space was 6ft from side to side. She was sitting on, by the looks of things her bed. Apart from that the room was empty. God were would she go to the toilet. Thinking about what was covering her body, how would she go to the toilet. 

She was wearing some type of full body condom. Oddly she could still see her flesh underneath. The outfit was transparent and looked very thick. It covered her whole body in a tight grip with a flawless surface. Parts of her body had been hidden away. Jennifer only had a quick look at her body before the lights got turned off. But she remembered seeing black leather boots that went up to her knees. What looked like three leather cuffs going along her legs. She saw something had been placed over her pussy and could feel maybe the same thing covering her ass. Her arms and hands had been positioned out of sight. She needed to force her neck forward in order to look down. Maybe she was wearing a collar and her arms felt controlled. So they had possible been put in bondage as well. Her legs could hardly be pulled apart and walking would be hell. She had no idea what type of boots she had on as well. 

The rest of her body was outside her eye line. She once again could feel her stomach being compressed inwards from all sides. Using her brain, she worked out that a corset had been wrapped around her body. A web of straps pinched and dug into her skin. Even through the thick latex suit she could feel them. It was a full body harness in black leather. It linked all the bondage equipment together in a inescapable system. She tried moving her arms to find out how they had been bound. Her arms had been folded into an X and held against her upper back. She couldn’t move her arms away from her latex back. She could only move her arms up and down by an inch or two. 

She was still in the dark about a couple of things. Mainly her head and what was covering her pussy. She was trying to solely focus on her outfit and not what had happened. She wanted to stop herself from panicking or becoming irrational. The penny finally dropped, she had been put in a chastity device. She had seen one before in a news article. She known the device was made from smooth stainless steel. The light had shinned off it perfectly. She had no idea how she would or even could go to the toilet wearing it. Jennifer tried moving about on her bed to see if it moved. Noting that the device enclosed her sex amazingly well. 

Once again Jennifer switched focus. What was happening with her face. She had no problem with her vision as she could see clearly. She turned her attention to her hearing. She needed to make a noise and then see if she could hear it. She lifted both legs into the air. She could feel the restraints grip her tighter as she did this. She then pushed them against the metal floor. Her ankles and the soles of her feet told her the impact was a big one. She heard nothing. She repeated the process again and again. Still nothing. The only thing she had done was hurt her feet. 

She moved on to smell next. She took a couple of deep breaths through her nose. The good news is that she could still smell. The bad news was the air she inhaled stank of latex and sweat. She had a feeling the air quality was only going to get worst as well. Plus her nose seemed to be getting pulled upwards. She didn’t know what that was about. Finally she thought about taste. She could move her tongue freely and breath through her mouth. She was unable to close her lips and jaw and couldn’t open them any further. Using her tongue as an extra finger, she tried to feel what was going on. Over her lips was a harden plastic shell and behind that was a metal device that kept her teeth spread. She pushed her tongue all the way out of her mouth and could feel the well lubed latex hood she was wearing. She could also feel the straps keeping the gag in place. 

With most her her bondage and outfit worked out. Jennifer now started to think about what was going to happen next. Jennifer started to think about that, when just after this thought the flap in the ceiling opened. However with no light or why of telling the time. It could have been hours. Jennifer saw the light through the thin opening as something dropped to the floor. It was at the other end of the room to Jennifer’s bed. The moment it hit the floor the flap was shut again. Jennifer needed to get over to wherever that landed. It was the other thing she had been given some thought, it could be key.

She lifted herself up and began to feel the tightness of the latex suit. The cuffs and bondage seemed to pull closer as she stood up. God the collar was horrible as it forced her head upwards. Her shoulders started to kill her as she struggled onwards. Drool was now dripping from her face as she stepped toward the location. She could feel the sweat from her back as ran down it, until it reached the chastity belt. She also felt fresh air hitting her ass, the suit and belt most have a hole around her ass. Well at last she knew she could go to the toilet. She was frighting hard to balance on her new boots. The heel was stupidly high as her restraints stopped her from moving too quickly. 

Finally she made it to where the item had landed. Or at least where she thought it had. How was she going to pick it up with her arms bound behind her back. She slowly forced herself onto her knees and then used her mouth to find the item. Licking the floor was not as bad as she thought it was going to be. It had clearly been cleaned before she was put inside the room. She found the item after a few minutes and tried to pop it in her mouth. Using her tongue to hold it against the walls of her mouth. The item was almost weightless and was easy to pick up. She also got hold of it first time as well.

Somewhat happy with herself, she headed back to the bed. Walking even more slowly than the cuffs allowed. She did not want to walk into the bed in the darkness. She felt her right knee hit the harden rubber sheet and turned around, hoping it was the bed underneath her. She dropped herself down upon it. Thank god it was. She hoped she had landed in the centre and slowly turned her body to the left. The collar forbid her for moving her neck. 

She then lowered her face towards the rubber sheet covering her bed. She had a horrible feeling she was about to drop the item on the floor and would have to find it again. The corset and latex made themselves known to her on the way down, making breathing harder and squeezing her body. Her nose then come into connect with the bed and she moved her tongue out the way. She now knew the item was on the bed with her and now only needed to work out what it was. Why would they drop it in here if it was unimportant. 

She was waiting to see if her eyesight got use to the darkness and maybe that was how she would find out. Instead the lights came back on and if she had not been looking down would have killed her vision. So brightly they shinned. Once again her latex was dancing with the light as it showed off how well lubed her suit was. She found her vision got use to the light quicker this time round. She was meet with a laminated note. She eyes widened as she read the note. 

“Dear new fuck toy.

We want you to become a complete and total slut, that will do what ever we tell you. Most of the girls before you put up a fight and tried to keep their honour. They suffered horribly for it. They found out too late that giving in was the best and only option. So do as you are told from the start and be rewarded. Or fight against us and pay for it. It’s up to you”

Jennifer let out a heart chilling scream as she finished reading the note. She wanted to throw it away from her. Or forget about it. Both were impossible. Tears had started to run down her latex enclosed face. Would she fight against whatever they did to her. Or save herself a lot of pain and trouble and give in. The light was switched back off. She was left in the darkness to think about what was happening to her. She knew that her will power would break at some point. She didn’t need to put herself through hell. She would be a good sex slave. The decision sent a shiver down her spine and cold sweat filled her latex suit. A pitiful moaning sound filled the room. She hoped she would be rewarded for doing as she was told. 

Jennifer slowly opened her eyes. How had she fallen asleep when wearing a full latex suit and full body bondage. She struggled to get her body back upright. She then looked over towards the other end of her room and saw a circle of lights. The light made a continuos circle about halfway up the wall. Something was poking into her room. There was a gap in the ring of lights. The penny finally dropped. 

It was a glory hole. God she was going to be a cock sucking slut. She slowly lifted her bound body onto her feet. The suit started to feel even tighter as she took short sharp breaths. Feeling light head and shaking under the latex. She noisily walks over to the waiting cock. Is she going to do this? What happens if she doesn’t? Her latex suit squeezes loudly as she drops to her knees. Her heart is racing as she lines the cock up with her mouth. She has a lump in the back of her throat as drool pours down her latex chin. She then forces her head forwards and the waiting cock starts to vanish. Thanks to the gag it’s easy to get the whole penis inside her mouth. The end of said penis is now rubbing against the back of her throat. This action is making her gag. So she moves her head back and uses her tongue to play with it. 

Something seemed wrong with this cock. It didn’t feel right. Jennifer suddenly notices it tasted of rubber. It was fake. A rubber dildo. That put her mind to rest as she continued to suck it. She wanted to see if they gave her anything for the effort she was putting in. She went to town on it as drool fired out her wide open mouth. Finally it was removed. She struggled to get herself back upright and had to use the wall almost like a ladder. She soon found herself back on the bed and was asleep soon after. 

The next morning she woke and noticed everything was different. Little did she know that the rubber penis from last night had been covered in a powerful sleeping agent. Which got into her blood stream through her mouth. Her bed now had a pillow and a bed sheet. The horrible bondage style of her arms had been changed. Her wrists had been cuffed to the sides of her chastity belt. Her collar had been downgraded to give her more moment. This change could be there to help her suck cock. The room was now visible at all times, thanks to low level lighting. She also had a metal bucket as a toilet. Which was better than nothing. 

Not long after waking up, the rubber penis reentered her room. Once again she struggled over to it as fast as she could. It was slightly easier with her arms not halfway up her back. She sucked the rubber cock fast and hard as her pride and dignity washed away. Self-preservation was the only thing on her mind. After 10 minutes of frenzied face fucking, the rubber penis was removed. The flap opened and a plastic bucket was lowered in. Jennifer shuffled over to it and found it filled with food. 

Honey and fruit had been mixed in with hot porridge and she quickly finished the whole thing. She hadn’t eaten anything for over two days and was happy to have anything. 

Jennifer was in a continuous loop. Thankfully it was going in the right direction with her room and body now looking more normal. A lot of her bondage had been removed over the past few weeks. She still had her hands bound to her chastity belt and a set of cuffs around her ankles. Her corset, boots and collar had been taken way. She had so much moment now and she loved it. She had been made to wear the latex suit for the whole time. It was becoming very smelly and sweat would drip from her hood and for under her belt. Still she was getting use to wearing it. 

The room was looking more homey as well. Her bed was fully made up with two pillows and warm bedding. Her waste bucket was emptied daily and her room was cleaned once a week. She was always asleep when her room was cleaned or her bondage was removed. She was delighted with herself for giving up her pride and becoming dehumanised. Being degraded and controlled was easy and she was somewhat enjoying her stay. God what had happened to her way of thinking. 

Little did she know that this was her last training day and it would be pivotal to where she would end up. The enforced training was done to split the kidnapped girls into two groups. Group one was sex slaves and was what her trainer wanted for them. Partly because he got more money and it showed how good he was at training. The second group was pain sluts. Girls that had put up a fight and not become submissive got put in this group. They would sell for less and it could look bad on the trainer if they had too many. Not that there were a lot of trainers worldwide to pick from. 

Jennifer was already stood up and waiting at the edge of her bed for the rubber penis to enter of room. She had almost synced up her body clock to it. Sure enough a penis was pushed into Jennifer’s room. She started to walk over to it. However she hadn’t spotted the floor of her room was soaking wet from the sweat that had left her suit overnight. Normally it was not that bad as the air-con was turned on at night and her bed sheets would absorb any other liquid. This time the air-con was left switched off and her backside had been poking over the edge of the bed all night. Sweat had escaped through the zip and chastity belt. The sweat had mixed together with lubed on the inside and outside of the suit. As well as a bit of her own piss and pussy juice. 

Her feet gave out from underneath her and she landed in a heap on the floor. Sadly for Jennifer she hit her head on the floor and was knocked out. The waiting cock never got sucked. After giving away her soul for the benefits of an easy outcome. Not reaching the final test was not a good outcome for Jennifer. Thing was it was what she had been played for. The person that kidnapped Jennifer was a massive fan of pain slaves and hated how she had just folded. She didn’t even get punished once and that was the best part of the training. She had taken the fun away for him. He had been adding extra lube to her suit all week and knew not turning the air-con on would make her sweat buckets. When cleaning he had used slippery soap. She was always likely to fall over. Now she could have made it to him and lived as someones escort. Normally they lived fine after leaving the training. Pain slaves on the other hand did not.

Jennifer woke up the next morning to find herself facing a mirror. And more importantly in a large box. The mirror covered one side of the box. A ring of lights ran around the outside. So that Jennifer could look at herself throughout the journey. Written across the mirror was a simple nightmare inducing message. 

“You are a pain slave now” 

A camera built into the ceiling of the box was recording her reaction to it in real time. He was sitting in the white van at a set of traffic lights. When his phone lit up. He unlocked it and saw the look on her face. Yeah selling girls as sex slaves got him more money. But the look on the faces of the helpless pain slaves was priceless. He pulled away violently from the lights. Her bondage kept her still. 

Jennifer could clearly see her new bondage outfit and knew she was in big trouble. Her see-through latex had been replaced with a light yellow one. She could feeling it tightly compressing her whole body from head to toe. Most of the top part of full latex suit was covered by a high security canvas straitjacket in black. It had added straps for the upper arms. It had been tightly enclosed around Jennifer’s body and kept her arms locked against her stomach. A re-enforced latex corset had been laced painfully tight over the top of the latex and straitjacket. Is stopped her from bending as it ran from below her tits to her hip. Each leg had been folded together in a frog tie. Her knees had then been forced to point upwards by a chain linking the top most strap on both legs to a d-ring above her head in the corner of the box. Another set of cuffs around her ankles also locked her feet to the floor of the box.

Jennifer was also wearing a latex hood with holes only for her eyes, nose and mouth. She had been gagged with a pair of socks and then had layer after layer of black duct tape cover her head. The tape matched the black hood as well. Ear plugs had been pushed deep inside her head to cut off hearing. The tape was wrapped all over her head, leaving just her eyes and small nose holes free. A heavy rubber collar was also locked painfully around her neck. This stopped her from moving her neck as it kept her head rigid. Over the top of the hood and tape was a large dome plastic helmet. It was see-through at the front, but the back was blacked out. A set of valves and fillers on the front of the mask controlled the air intake. Jennifer would always be a bit short of breath. The top of the helmet was locked on to the same d-rings as her legs in the corners of the box. She could hardly move and the van rumbled on towards her new home. She would be in for a very painful and unhappy stay. 




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