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Rebecca was sitting in her small black car in the dead of night. The radio was playing some rubbish latest boy band music as she pulled latex gloves over her hands. The car was parked outside a large warehouse in south Oxford. It's dirty brick walls and tin roof was dripping with water as the rain poured down. The street lights showed the rain flying around outside. The wind was deafeningly loud as it howled like a wolf in the blackness. Rebecca was a private investigate and reporter for a large UK newspaper and was working on a new story.

Her boss had shown huge interest in the story and told her to find out what she could. She was short and thin with an eye for a headline. Her long brown and blonde hair was in a nice pony tail and she had a lovely round soft face. She had an amazing pair of breasts and a perfect ass. She was wearing a tight fitting pair of jeans with black leather boots. She also had a white shirt and thick ladies trench coat in a dark blue colour. Her work friends said she looked a bit like film star Natalie Portman. She loved the fact she looked like a hero of hers and it even give her a lift in confederate and self respected.

The rain continued to crash into her car window screen as she tighten the straps on her trench coat. Rebecca was waiting for the security guard watching the warehouse to leave and drive off into the storm. His car was right outside the front doors and she would clearly see him. She was ready to rock and roll, the second the car was gone. About 5 minutes later the lights went out and the door opened. A tall dark man was frighting against the wind and rain as he tried to lock the door. He was wearing a black rain coat with the hood up and it was hard for Rebecca to see his face.

She had some equipment with her and picked up a high standard stills camera. She checked to see if the flash was off and then started taking pictures. She was hoping to get a shot of his face and use it in her story. He finally locked the door to the warehouse and turned round. She got him with a well timed shot and smiled to herself as her story come together. He quickly got into his car and zoomed away. She got a shot of his car number plate as well, just for good measure.

She stayed in her car for a couple of minutes as she wanted to be happy, he had gone home. She had a countdown going on inside her head and as it reached zero, she opened the car door. Hidden in her coat pocket was a lock picking set as she struggled through the tidal wave of ice cold water. She was keeping to the shadows as she got closer to the door. She pulled the lock picking set out of her pocket and turned to face the old door. Her latex gloved hands worked the lock and the door quickly opened. She slipped inside and closed the door behind her.

It was almost as cold inside as it was outside. She could see her breath in the air as she slowly walked through the large warehouse. She had heard stories about what happened inside and wanted to find out if they were true or not. The warehouse was filled with boxes and a long conveyor belt ran through the centre. It had work stations all the way down it and still had the equipment and products left behind. Rebecca had no idea what the warehouse had been making before it closed down. The person she had seen outside was the guard and was the one she was investigating.

She was continuing to search the warehouse for anything linking the guard to the stories she had been told. The stories had come from a number of girls all involved in the world of porn and fetish. They told her about a man who paid them a huge amount of money to become his bondage play thing. They would be kept in extreme bondage for weeks and forced to play along with his sick games. From a law and order stand point, he had done nothing wrong. The girls had signed paperwork and had been over 18 years old at the time. It was just the way he had controlled and used them.

Also some parts of the paperwork looked changed and bits looked like they had been added. Rebecca was looking for the original paperwork and any video or picture. The girls had said he filmed them and kept it to look at another time. She had been searching the warehouse for about half an hour and was starting to think she had got the wrong place. When she saw a large stainless steel door which was mostly hidden by boxes. One or two of the boxes had to of fallen off and not been spotted. Otherwise she would have walked right passed the secret door and just gone home.

She moved the boxes out the way and was luckily they appeared to be empty. The door was heavy duty and looked like it may hold a secret or two. She had a look at the huge padlock and quickly started getting to work on it. To her deepest shock the door open in the blink of an eye and she was hit by a odd smell from inside. She pushed the door to one side and slipped through the gap. She softly closed the door behind her took a deep breath before turning round. The lights had come on automatically and she was meet with a stunning sight of someone's dream dungeon. The room was huge with stainless steel covering ever inch of it. The room had been cut into different sections and she started taking pictures at once.

Section one was piles and layers of latex, rubber and leather clothing. Other outfits had been placed on a long metal rail by hangers. Boxes had been located under the rail and they had also been filled with latex stuff. The smell coming from the maze of fetish wear was epic and had Rebecca submerged her face into the rubber catsuits. She had started taking photos for her self to look at as oppose to using them to tell a story. She was starting to feel a little bit horny as she moved her hand through the rail of suits. The rubber looked amazing as she came to the end of the section. She had never seen so much latex catsuits, leggings, corsets, bras, gloves, hoods and underwear. The rubber had an amazing shine to it each time she took a photo.

The next sections was all about bondage and sex toys as her secret tour reached a darker area. It looked like she had walked into a sex shop with tables covered in dildos and whips hanging from walls. Boxes of handcuffs, legcuffs, chains, stocks, arm-benders and collars lay all over the floor. There was enough bondage equipment to keep someone restrained for a long time. She could see straitjackets and chastity belts in one corner. Followed by leg-binders and heavy bondage hoods on a stand. Gas masks of all different types lined a table with tubes and hoses under it. It looked like every bondage item in the world was in this section. Plus some of the kinkiest sex toys in all shapes and sizes. Her pussy was getting wet as she looked over the rubber penis and butt plugs. They all looked clean as she found the e-stim's, devices and pads. Next to them were plastic bags and rubber breath control hoods. On the floor was a pile of duct and electrical tape rolls. PVC plastic rolls as the last part of the bondage section.

She could feel her left hand disappear under her clothes as the latex glove hit her cunt. Still taking pictures as she started rubbing her juicy clit and she moved on to the next section. It was a media area and control centre with cameras and televisions as well as computer screens. The paperwork was soon found by Rebecca in large metal draws. She found the media area boring at first as she picked a random folder out of the drawer. She also found that the computer in front of her was still on. She don't need to enter a password or a code name to get into the system. In the folder were slave contracts and covered all areas of the bondage session. Reading through them left her eyes wide open and speechless. She spotted a file on the computer called "Darkness" and opened it.

She could see the paperwork had been signed and was filled with information on the bondage session. She could hear sounds coming from the video and looked up to see a red rubber girl in heavy bondage. She was wearing the tightest rubber outfit and Rebecca could see black leather straps running across it. The girls hands had been bound behind her back and she was upside down. She was gagged with a large ball gag that her lips pressed into. Over the top of the ball gag was a thick layer of duct tape that was wrapped round her head. A old metal bucket was next to her bound face as a shadowy figure was in the background of the image. The man then pissed in the bucket and lifted the girls head up and slipped the bucket underneath. The bucket was already very full with  urine and she was submerged in it.

The piss breath play was unbelievable to watch as the gag girl was played with. She was whipped and slapped as her head was trapped under the yellow liquid. He removed the bucket and placed a plastic bag over her wet head with drips still coming from her hair. The bag was tighten around her neck with duct tape and a vibrator was pushed deep inside her cunt. For the next two minute she was made to orgasm over and over again. As she breathed in the piss odours in the air through her nose as the bag moved up and down. She was fighting with her straps as the air ran out and cries ripped from her gag. The video then stopped. Rebecca had a flash drive with her and started downloading the footage to it. She left the flash drive in the computer and went to the next section.

This section was horrifying to Rebecca it was four large metal cells. All isolated from each other and with no windows or openings. The doors looked solid and each had a keypad to open them. One the side of the cells was a massage from the company that made it. "This cell is completely soundproof and is air tight. The cell has no toilet or bed and the prisoner will be totally removed from the rest of the world" The cells had been build into the ground with steps leading to the doors. She wanted to stand on them for some unknown reason and struggled to get on the roof of the closest cell. She thought it would give her a couple of cool shoots of the whole secret room.

As she finally wriggled her legs onto the solid metal framework of this depressing tomb, she spotted something. It looked like a two way mirror and air intake valve with a breath control unit. It had two large bubble bottles on each side of the stainless steel breath control unit. The bottles still had liquid in them as she looked down the line of cells. Then suddenly the liquid in the number four cell bubbled up and down. Rebecca was on top of the cell that was on the other side of the room.

She made her way across the other cages to get a closer look at cell four. Why she didn't get her feet back on the ground and walk round as a normal person would is unknown. She found it more kinky to walk over the other cells. The bubbles kept exploding from the bottles as Rebecca reached the cell. She used the two way mirror to look inside the cage. She needed to put her hands to her face as the image of the poor rubber girl inside was burnt into her brain. She was bound spread eagle with her limbs pulled from her body. She was floating in the air as only the restraints around her wrists, ankles, stomach, neck, groin, upper arms and legs. She was wearing a gas mask with the tubes pointing towards Rebecca. The gas mask was blacked out and she had huge headphones covering her ears. The rest of her face and head was covered in a jet black rubber hood. The side of the hood around her mouth was pushed out from her skin as if she was gagged. Rebecca could see sweat and piss in a lake below her on the floor as it dripped from her fetish suit. The tight catsuit was sticking out around her pussy as the outline of a dildo could be seen.

Her heart was racing as she took photo after photo of the helpless girl. She had a real story in her hands now and wanted to know if the girl in the cell had wished to be there. If she had signed a contract saying she wanted this, she would put the story to bed. But if the girl was being forced against her will to be a bondage slave, she would drive the story on. The answer was on the computer or in the paperwork from the last section. But she had one more area to look at first and by then the downloading should be done.

She pulled her self away from the caged rubber gimp girl as she jumped down the side of the metal cell. The bubbles still rocketed up and down the bottle. Rebecca was finding the search of the warehouse a huge turn on and wanted to fuck herself right now. Her latex gloved fingers still took pictures as she sniffed her other hand. The smell of latex and her own pussy was heavenly as she wished to play with herself again. She had to keep adding to the story and had no time for pleasure.

She was still breathing in the golden latex smell as she pushed the rubber into her mouth. She had no idea about this side of her character and had never been into latex or bondage. But right now she was giving her fingers a blowjob and was starting to wish herself inside one of the metal cells. The last section was through a thick stainless steel door. It had a sign on the door saying "Toy Box" it also had a keypad and Rebecca guessed the password. She entered the word "darkness" into the keypad as it was the name of the file on the computer. The door clicked open and a horrible smell attacked her nose.

Cutting off the oxygen supply to her nose by covering it with her hand, she entered the room. Right in front of her was the most jaw dropping image and she quickly took a video with her camera. She moved the camera around the helpless victim as she tried to catch everything. The girl was sitting in a heavy metal bondage chair with shiny soft rubber coating it. Big leather straps trapped the girl's limbs and body to the inescapable chair. Rebecca could see it was a women because she was wearing a transparent full body rubber gimp suit. She had two clear plastic tubes coming from her cunt and ass and they went into a large tank.

The gimp suit had two small holes in the latex around her sex holes, so her waste would go into the tubes. The latex in that area was stained with her waste as was the tubes. The tank was placed under the chair and had a pump build into it. A black plastic tube ran up the back of the chair and into whatever the poor girl was wearing on her face. Her head and face had been restrained on all sides with thick metal bars and leather straps. All Rebecca could see was thick rubber covering every itch of the girls head. It looked a black Russian gas mask in thick rubber. The tube entered the hood at the top of the head and Rebecca followed it down her face. The tube split into two part at the bridge of the nose and rejoined at the opening to her mouth. The hood had no holes or openings, but she could see outlines of a gag and a blindfold. From her nose was another two tubes which went around the side of her head.

The person inside the suit was breathing through the tubes, it was the only way they could get air. The smell was ungodly as the rubber suit and chair was covered in sweat. She was being made to recycle her own waste and was force feeding herself by going to toilet. Rebecca was gagging as she filmed the pump working it's magic and watched in shock as the tank emptied. A couple of seconds later a soft moan could be heard through the rubber and with that, Rebecca left the room. She even shut the door behind her as the full horror hit her. If she was being kept captive against her will, Rebecca would put the man behind this away for a long time. The boss of her newspaper would be amazed by what she had seen and would have to run the story. She headed back to the computer to get her flash drive and found it was gone.

A split second later a hand grabbed her from behind and that was all she could remember. She was kept unconscious for 48 hours as she needed to be equipped for her new life as his dirty rubber sex slave. She was in a never ending nightmare as her mind and body tried to break through the drugs and back to the real world. Images of extreme bondage flashed across her closed eyes as he worked on her body. She was totally numb and unable to move as he worked on her.

Her blue eyes slowly flickered open and got hit by a wave of light from above her. She was trying to regain feeling in her body as her mind become more clear. As her eyes forced and got use to the light, she knew where she was. She was inside one of the inescapable metal cells and was not alone.

Part 2

Rebecca could see his huge leather army boots right in front of her. She could see her face in the perfectly clean black boots. Her body had started to come back to life as the drugs faded from her system. He had made a short film for the helpless girl to watch. It would show her how she was bound and humiliated. The first thing she saw was a pair of tight fitting latex leggings. Her ankles and above and below her knees had been bound with thick metal restraints. Her feet and knees had been locked to the floor with massive padlocks. A metal frame had been position in line with her femur bone and over the top of her backside. Her upper legs had been restrained to the metal frame.

Her leggings had holes cut into them around her cunt and ass. Her legs had been split apart and with good reason. Her pussy lips had been pierced and chained to the floor. A metal pear butt plug had been forced inside her and opened up. A thick metal chain linked the butt plug to the floor and it had been padlocked in place. Rebecca would be unable to remove the butt plug as it had been opened up and pressed itself against her anal wall. It was the most humiliating thing Rebecca had ever seen and felt like it could rip her apart. But thankfully at that moment it was more uncomfortable then serious pain.

Above her plugged asshole the metal frame trapped her hands. Her arms had been forced down her horizontally arched back and kept her lifted off the floor. Her palms had been pointing away from each other and trapped inside of thick rubber mittens. Her hands could do nothing to help her free herself. The mittens had d-rings build into the end of them and they had been chained together and joined to the metal frame. The metal frame acted as a heavy metal stock and made removing her hands impossible.

Two pairs of heavy metal handcuffs above and below her elbows added another layer of restraint. The cuffs stopped her from moving as much as she wanted too. Her arms had also been wrapped in thick black rubber gloves that tightly covered her skin. Her nipples had been pierced and chained to the floor. Electrical tape had been wrapped around the base of her breasts and trapped the blood within them. To make the simulation even worst a couple of shock pads had been taped to each of her tits. The piercings made her nipples stretch away from her body in a agonizing painful way. Her stomach had been locked within a lovely thick corset with the lacing so tight it stopped her breathing as deeply as she could. The latex outfit was jet black with crimson strips running down it. It enclosed her from behind her tortured breasts to her restrained cunt. The shiny latex was a perfect fit for her jaw dropping body.

The camera then reached her head and neck. Another metal frame had been placed in line with her neck and kept her head off the floor by 60cm. The solid metal frame was padded with rubber and kept her head immobilized. She was wearing an extreme bondage collar, that kept her chin pointing upwards. The thick leather posture covered her whole neck and was almost suffocating her. It had three straps and all had been padlocked shut. Her chin was kept at a 90 degree angle from the floor below her. It put added pressure on her already twisted neck and made turning her head a thing of the past. Her long hair had been tied into a d-ring on top of the neck stock. It was wet with sweat and was pulled so strongly it was under unbelievable tension. Her ears had been isolated by massive headphones that surrounded them. A leather blindfold hung around her neck as it waited to be placed over her eyes. He wanted her to see what he had done to her.

Her mouth was double gagged and her tongue had been pierced. The gags kept her teeth and lips open and she would find it very hard to talk clearly. The first gag was a Jennings mouth spreader and it kept her teeth miles apart. The stainless steel gag used a ratchet to stop her closing her mouth. Restraining her lips was a cheek retractor dental gag. Made from clear plastic and used to stop her moving her lips. The circular plastic was designed to cover the lips and keep them trapped. The two gags worked together to leave her mouth as open as it could go. Her nose had been pierced and it's airway blocked with a metal clamp. Meaning she needed to breath through her mouth in order to get air. A short stainless steel metal pole was bolted to the floor in front of her. It was maybe 30cm away from her open mouth. Rebecca could see two strings on the floor next to it and a horrifying latex hood on top of it. It was a bondage isolation hood made from heavy duty latex and ringed with straps and locks. The hood had a large hole in the front of it and would line up with her mouth. It also had a small hole for her nose piercing.

Her eyes zoomed round the room looking for a way out or a way to remove the equipment. She had still not seen all her bondage and he had made a collection of pictures for her. Image one was a metal pole running between the two metal frame. She had two thick leather straps that bound her back to the pole and joined up with her elbow cuffs. The straps forced her body downwards and made breathing even harder. The fact he had joined the cuffs to the straps made moving her arms impossible. The next image was of her cunt and showed the four piercing on each of her pussy lips. The lips had been stretched outwards and down from her body. Her clit had been contained in a small suction cup, the air had been taken out the cup. Which sucked her clit into the plastic tube. It was a painful and pleasurable feeling as the blood stayed in her sensitive area. Her pussy juice was dripping onto the ground as she unwilling showed her how horny she was.

A close up shot of her plugged asshole was next and this time she could see the lube rubbed around her rim. It was shining in the light as she flexed her anal muscles and made the plug move in and out. The humiliation had turned her face bright red as she degraded herself. He then showed her what she was wearing on her feet. A pair of ballet boots in smooth black leather and laced as tightly as they could go. Her feet had been compressed and squeezed into them.

He had finished showing videos and pictures, so he covered her eyes with the blindfold. The leather cut out all light from her eyes and enclosed her in darkness. He then picked up the isolation hood and pulled it over Rebecca's head. She could taste the latex as it rolled down her face. The hood was shockingly tight and was squeaking each time he pulled it lower. He had pre-lubed the inside and that made it slippery against her skin. With the help of the lube the hood was soon positioned just right. He pulled the straps as hard as he could and padlocked them shut. Each pull was meet by a loud cry as the strap drove into her head.

The hood was amazing as it coated her head in smooth latex. All her bondage equipment could be seen through it and her mouth was just waiting to be used. But first her mouth and nose needed to be bound. With the string already tied to the metal pole it was easy to join up with her piercings. Her tongue and nose had soon been tied to the pole and the string was tightened. This pulled her tongue out her mouth and made her lean her head forward as much as she could. She moaned as he tighten all the bondage equipment one by one. All her cuffs had been closed half an inch more and now painfully restrained her. Her butt plug had been opened by another turn or two as it delivered humiliating happiness to her. He took a final round of picture from all sides and angles and uploaded them to the internet. Sending them to all her friend's and family.

She looked like a dirty bondage pig and was secretly loving it. She had no idea who was playing with her and waiting for the torment to begin. She could hear nothing and see nothing. As he walked round his helpless new sex slave, he could see and smell how horny she was. He would slowly torture her into become a mindless fuck hole and pet. He had set-up a table filled with kinky bondage toys in the corner of the room and it was now time to wheel it over. The large metal table was placed next to Rebecca as she struggled for a way out. Drool was running from her mouth and along the string shooting out her wide open mouth. The first item he used was ice that had been put in a metal bowl. He picked up a couple of blocks of ice and placed them on her back. Her position and the bondage stopped them from falling off. She could feel them as the cold bite into her skin. She was warm and the ice was soon melting as the freezing water ran down her sides. The ice was very uncomfortable as it made a lake of ice water in the centre of her back.

He then picked up a large rubber dildo and slowly pushed it into her waiting mouth. She started sucking it at once as she craved to keep the man controlling her happy. She quickly found it difficult to suck and to breath at the same time. She was suffocating on the rubber penis as it went deeply into her wet mouth. A loud choking sound was coming for Rebecca as he pushed it in all the way. With the clamp on her nose and the dildo in her mouth, she was not getting any air. She was gagging and running very low on any remaining air in her lungs.

He removed the dildo for a couple of seconds as she inhaled a large volume of air. He had plugged her again as the torture begin again. The taste of rubber as amazing as he started to face fuck her. Her spit was flying out of her mouth as the asphyxiation continued. Under the hood and blindfold, her eyes had started to close. She was passing out from the lack of oxygen and would be out cold in a matter of seconds. Suddenly the rubber dildo was ripped from her mouth as a bucket load of drool followed it. She was able to breath for a minute as sweat built up inside her hot rubber hood.

The rubber dildo was covered in her spit and it would now act as lube. With her body starved of oxygen and her mind filled with lust. The dildo was easily drilled deep inside her and rapidly hammered in and out. She was in no position to fight the wall of pleasure and within 45 seconds had exploded into a squirting orgasm. The floor under her pussy was now soaking wet as Rebecca started shaking. Once again the dildo was placed in her mouth and this time with a bit more flavour. The taste and smell of her wet pussy as all over the rubber as it worked it's way to the back of her throat. He left it inside her mouth for 20 second so she could clean it, as she was gagging and choking.

In the small gap he had, he linked her shock pads up to a e-stim system. He then removed the dildo from her mouth and could see her pussy juice roll down her chin. He put the dildo away and turned the e-stim on low. Rebecca's breasts started tingling and a soft moan come from her mouth. The gag would stop her from speaking clearly and saying words, but it would not shut her up. The sounds coming from her grew louder as the machine was turned up. Keeping the e-stim half way on a level 5 setting and with Rebecca already screaming away. He wanted to humiliate her with a couple of spray bottles with horrible liquids inside.

The first bottle was filled with his piss as he aimed it right at her mouth. He pulled the trigger and the light spray was fired from the bottle. The mist went into every corner of her mouth as the taste of  urine became stronger with each squirt. Covering her tongue in a coating of the yellow liquid was getting a lot of moans from the tortured girl. Having emptied half the bottle into mouth and with her drinking a lot of it, it was time to change bottles. The floor next to her mouth was like a sea of her piss and drool. She was dehumanized by the treatment and despised the taste of urine. Her mind was being drawn back to the e-stim as the level was turned up to 8. Her breasts vibrated as the strong shock hit her as her body struggled. The second bottle was filled with his cum and this time he would drown her in it. Placing the nuzzle of the bottle deep inside her mouth and targeting the back of her throat.

He shot a wave of salty white cum into her wet mouth. He could still smell the piss on her breath as she gasped for air. He fired cum shot after cum shot into her throat as she suffocated. He stopped for a second and watched her drink or spit out the lake of cum in her mouth. The cum was pouring from her mouth and down her chin as it dropped into the piss soaked ground. He was loving the session and still had half a bottle of piss and cum. Plus a lot more toys to come. He took the two bottles and placed them within her pussy. She was breathing heavily as she tried to get rid of the horrible taste. She could sense something was next to her cunt. Suddenly a wall of liquid was touching her pussy lips and driving deep inside her. She was turned on by the feeling as the liquid hit her g-spot. She was about to orgasm as the liquid ran out. She moaned in frustration as her release was stopped short. He turned the e-stim up all the way up to 10 and picked up a whip.

With her breasts jumping with each shock and her screams at full volume, he started whipping her. He smashed the leather whip down on her lower legs. She could feel her legs burning with each hit as her pain senses worked over time. A loud cracking sound echoed from the whip as it crushed into her rubber shin. The latex offered her no protection as he reached her backside. He sent the whip thundering down again and again. As her cries of pain filled the room and the whip turned her ass red under the shiny latex. He started wanking with one hand and whipping her with the other. He stopped whipping her, just before he was about to cum. He placed his dick just above her anal plug and orgasmed over her ass.

He give her a pat on the head and walked out the room. She was in darkness with the e-stim still on max and with cum and piss dripping from every hole. She was deaf and in extreme bondage with the taste of cum and salty piss in her mouth. Her legs had been turned bright red under the sweaty rubber and her body was feeling numb from the restrains.

She wanted him to come back and play with her some more.


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