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Fly with me, my Black Swan Part 3

by Edyta Zaborowska

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© Copyright 2013 - Edyta Zaborowska - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; MF; D/s; latex; catsuit; gloves; corset; tease; fantasy; first; cons; X

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This is part 2 of my autobiographical novel “Fly with me, my Black Swan – Fascination of Latex and BDSM”. This novel was published in July 2013 and is available now.

The book embraces the twelve months of from 2007 to 2008 when Eva, a plain and unimposing women from Poland, discovered the world of BDSM, latex and female bisexuality to finally become a Dominatrix. After taking the plunge into this bizarre life, her whole world was rocked and she changed completely. Not only was her sexual life altered totally, but her normal life also changed from a shy and timid woman into a confident Mistress.

Story continued from Part Two

Chapter 1: The long shadows of the past - Part 3

Here I describe my feelings when I put on a latex catsuit for the first time of my life.

...What a funny feeling it was! She opened her eyes again and took another swig of champagne. The alcohol left a pleasant buzz in her head and she looked at the collection of wear. Then she drew the black bodysuit from the pile and pressed it lightly against her bosom.

Hmmm ... the feeling was really comfortable on her sensitive skin after the bath. She gathered up the legs of the suit and put her feet inside. As the material tenderly slid up her legs and teased her smooth skin it gave her an electrifying feeling. It was a bit like an embrace, as the tight legs of the suit enclosed her calves, thighs, butt and her vagina. Then she got up and pulled the entire suit over the breasts up to her shoulders. An unusual, but also comfortable feeling flowed over her skin as the cool material warmed slowly. It fitted perfectly and finally she pulled the zipper up to the neck. Wow, that was a thrilling sensation, to be wrapped so completely in this second skin! She stood up. Each step in the suit was like a never ending tender caress and soft massage.

She took a deep breath. Now she wanted more, curiosity gave way to joy and the two long gloves came up her arms. The gloves were at first difficult, because they were very tight-fitting. Finally she managed it with the help of some lubricating gel, which Henry had provided obviously, and she pulled the long black gloves up to her shoulders. She saw no more creases; it was almost like a second skin, even on the sleeves where the rubber was holding her tightly in two layers.

Eva opened the zipper of the suit from the neck to the breasts and caressed her hardened nipples. A fascinating feeling filled her. Her breasts turned up and she felt through the latex gloves her dark nipples. No, I must stop it now, she thought, and pulled the zipper up.

Again she went to the mirror and looked at herself for a while.

Her dark eyes looked back at her from the mirror; her excitement grew more and more. Perfect! She couldn't believe that she was the one who stood in front of the mirror. With her gloved hands she stroked her body and hips, the latex reinforcing the feelings on her skin and a thrill of pleasure went through her whole body. But she wanted to discover even more, because there were still other things, like the laced high heeled boots and the underbust corset. After drinking another sip of champagne, she picked up the red latex corset and wrapped it tightly around her waist. She looked at herself in the mirror again, it was simply fascinating. The corset gently lifted her breasts and accentuated her female curves. The red colored corset contrasted with the black body suit.

The soft latex on her skin was a permanent stimulation as if she had electrical wires at the end of her nerves. Each caress of her fingertips, each touch on her second skin was reinforced powerfully.

It was hard to resist the attraction of touching her body and legs because it was as exciting for her legs as it was for her gently caressing hand. Her skin was literally greedy for touch. It was as if the suit was connecting each nerve in her body and every stroke, whether it was soft or hard, was sent directly to her brain…


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