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Fly with me, my Black Swan Part 2

by Edyta Zaborowska

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© Copyright 2013 - Edyta Zaborowska - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; F+/m; D/s; latex; corset; bond; bdsm; crop; hum; femdom; fantasy; sex; climax; cons; X

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This is part 2 of my autobiographical novel “Fly with me, my Black Swan – Fascination of Latex and BDSM”. This novel was published in July 2013 and is available now.

The book embraces the twelve months of from 2007 to 2008 when Eva, a plain and unimposing women from Poland, discovered the world of BDSM, latex and female bisexuality to finally become a Dominatrix. After taking the plunge into this bizarre life, her whole world was rocked and she changed completely. Not only was her sexual life altered totally, but her normal life also changed from a shy and timid woman into a confident Mistress.

Story continued from Part One

Chapter 1: The long shadows of the past - Part 2

He looked down at the street again. Meanwhile a police patrol car had arrived at the scene and his thoughts were lost again in his past.

Fortunately he had found his true love now. For the last five years he and Eva had been a close couple. He was thinking about the first time he had seen her. It was about five years ago at a cocktail party, where she was listening to the music. Henry could still remember exactly how she stood next to him at the table. She presented a discreet appeal that perhaps not everyone would immediately recognize. Her long dark hair was pulled back in a ponytail and her raised cheekbones revealed delicate Slavic features. It began with a brief eye contact and a shy smile, and then their eyes caught again. Even though her eyes showed much injustice and suffering, he could recognize in them also a lot of strength and willpower.

Eventually they got into conversation. Eva spoke with a beautiful Eastern European accent and they talked for a long time into the night. Finally, he gave her his phone number and they arranged to meet. Many meetings followed in cafes and restaurants. And then they had a walk in the park. At the pond in the park they watched the swans treading the water slowly and in silence. The lilies were blooming in full splendour. Eva took his hand and kissed him lightly on the cheek. Slowly her restraint dwindled and finally, she invited him to her home for dinner.

He recalled his first meeting with her two sons, whom she had spoken about so often. Then one day came the first real long kiss on the doorstep of her place. Henry’s heart began to pound.

Three weeks later they had their first sex. Eva’s reluctance gave way to passion. She had a beautiful body, everything about her was well proportioned and she seemed to have developed a significant deficit of love and affection over the last few years. The sex on the couch in the living room was reserved, but also passionate. She sat down on the couch and he knelt in front of her. Henry’s hard penis penetrated tenderly into her and they both climbed the heights of love for the first time after a long abstinence. They desired each other and their love was like a star, a bright star shining in the night sky.

Finally, they moved together, overcoming the depths and enjoying the heights of their relationship. Meanwhile Henry had fitted in perfectly with her children. Their visits to their natural father provided Henry and Eva with a break and Henry could even slip into the modest role of a surrogate father, which he fulfilled with much joy and commitment.

He looked back down at the car accident on the street. A crowd had gathered around the scene. A police officer tried to regulate the traffic, while his colleague was discussing with the two involved parties. It seemed as if a controversy had erupted; the driver of the Mercedes began to scream loudly.

All good things have a dark side and so after some time the first cracks formed in their relationship. There was one thing that Henry could not overcome and that was his inability to be sincere and honest with Eva. It bothered him and he concealed it for a long time. Certainly, it was the cause of much controversy and resentment, and he knew that this development and his silence were wrong, but he couldn’t overcome his inability to trust Eva. Too many negative experiences had already left their mark. He thought of his latex underwear and took a deep breath. The latex lingerie had been lying unused for years in the closet. How could he share this passion with Eva?

His previous relationships had all failed, some because of Henry’s sexual preferences. It was a stupid vicious cycle, from which he couldn’t escape. Since his last relationship with Claudia had ended with so much disappointment, he decided to stay single and for many years he had to manage on his own. To put on the latex clothing and jerk off was a short-term pleasure. It made him happy, but not for long. It was only the fulfillment of an animal-like instinct.

What more could he do? He tried visiting prostitutes, which was an expensive failure. It was a heartless business, this sexual game. He remembered with terror his first visit to a prostitute. A visit to a dominatrix who wanted to show him the procedure of lustful submission had cost him two hundred Euros. After treatment with the whip she got busy on him with her meaty hands. With quick movements and a bored look she gave him relief, he saw his semen spreading on the black tiles. A mask would have been better he thought. That way he wouldn’t have to see her fleshy face, as she provided the expensive sexual service. Of course, she had concealed her weight in the newspaper ad. If she weighed forty pounds less on the scales, she might have looked sexy in her latex body, her long black latex stockings and gloves. But now she looked more like the cheese seller from his local supermarket, who might have got lost here.

Henry’s second attempt at another dominatrix was also disappointing. The advertisement in the newspaper raised his expectations:

Experienced dominatrix with studio - from 8:00 PM, it said in the ad. The experienced dominatrix turned out to be a 21-year-old law student, who obviously wanted to finance her studies, and the studio was a room in a student housing. The young lady was called Amber and she wore a British school uniform. Her long blonde hair, the small face and the slender figure made her a very attractive individual. Henry had to sit down on a wooden three-legged stool in her little room. The whole room was filled with school books and learning material. Immediately she plastered him with a wave of expletives.

"Sit down, you bastard! Shut the fuck up! Otherwise I’ll give you the wooden spoon on your spotty ass!"

Spoon? Spotty ass? Who’s going to get off on these words? His cock was limp and small like a decrepit earthworm. On top of that, another member of the community began to celebrate with a student party. The thumping bass of a music system and loud voices came from another room. Shrill laughter was suddenly in the hall and around the corner. Amber screwed up her face furiously, stalked to the door, pulled it open and shouted at the drunken party guests, while he sat only wearing boxer shorts on the uncomfortable stool. The perplexed party guests gaped at him curiously through the open door. Could she not even pursue her work, a serious job that requires her full concentration? She ranted and raved at the troublemakers.

As she expelled the annoying neighbours with a range of insults from her door, Henry got dressed again. He laid fifty Euros on her bed and made his way stealthily through the ranks of the smirking party guests in the hallway. As the old front door shut behind him, the dark night was like an old friend to him and he disappeared into anonymity. He accidentally heard years later, that the young woman had a relationship with her thirty years older professor at the university, who promptly left his wife for her. They were married shortly afterwards. She broke off her studies and bore him two children. Now they are divorced again. She’s working in a supermarket and living together with a truck driver who beats her up on a regular basis.

to be continued …


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