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Four Play 6: Sophie Relates her Adventure

by Rbbral

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Storycodes: M/f; Solo-F FF/f; latex; catsuit; public; hood; gag; bond; tease; torment; hum; mast; cons; X

story continues from part five

Part 6: Sophie Relates her Adventure

I knew straight away I would not be able to get home in one piece, not because I was frightened about being like that out on the street, no, no I loved the whole risk of being detected – you know I was doing a bit of an act for you, and I wasn’t worried about finding my way back, what do you take me for?

But the bloody suit you locked me into was driving me to distraction and I couldn’t get my hands to my crotch to give me release from those hard rubber nodules pressing into me. By the time I was two hundred metres from the car park I had to sit down as I was coming right there. I got some funny looks but no one approached me thank goodness. And then I remembered that Mandy and Pete only lived about two kilometres away and they could give me a lift home. It didn’t take me long to decide to go there. I didn’t care what they thought of me dressed like this, frankly I didn’t think they would care one way or another, maybe have a bit of a laughs perhaps. But I needed to rest, get out of the suit and… not a small point… I now needed to pee.

So I scampered off to their place, I must have been quite a sight in the hooded cape in the rain, but all I was concentrating on was not coming too loudly! The rain didn’t affect me at all, I was dry and warm, too warm of course, and very wet between my legs.

So eventually I made it, after being stared at by just about everyone, which actually I didn’t mind, it was kind of exciting knowing that I was dressed in latex and handcuffed and yet out in public.

So I arrived at Pete and Mandy’s. I was a little nervous but I knew I had to go on with it. I had to hit the door bell with my nose, you bastard, there was no way I could get the key into the cuffs and I was frightened of dropping it so I just gripped it all the way.

Mandy opened the door, and said. “Oh hi Gerda, hey come…”

And I interrupted her.

“It’s not Gerda, Mandy, it’s me, Sophie.” And for a second she looked stunned and then quickly ushered me in. Thank God Pete was out for the day, but guess what, Suzi was there too. So there I am, just standing in the living room, unable to do anything for myself. So I said.

“Look girls, Al and I have been playing a little game today and I need your help. Can you get me out of this?”

So they looked at each other for a second wondering what the game was, before lowering my hood and unzipping the cape, which then Mandy dropped to the floor on seeing what I was wearing and how I was cuffed. I felt a real fool for a second, the cat was really out of the bag, but Suzi, and then Mandy burst out laughing. Mandy sort of inspected me, passing behind me and seeing my cuffed hands.

“Well Sophie, some games you and Al get up to, and that’s quite the outfit, mmm latex, yummy. And what are the cuffs all about, you bad girl?”

“Look I’ll explain all that in a while, but will you just release me now, please?” And I opened my hand and Mandy took the key while Suzi giggled and said.

“Are you sure you want us to release you Sophie, you look as if you are enjoying yourself far too much.” And she looked down at my crotch, and I could feel the wetness seeping under the suit and over my stocking tops.

“Yes, well, I feel a bit silly you will understand, but we bought this today and Al thought it would be a good idea to give it a road test. At the time I agreed, but maybe on reflection it was not such a good idea, anyway on the inside here”, I laid my hand softly on my pussy, “there are a series of hard rubber nodules that are pressing onto my clit, and I have been walking the last hour in pouring rain in these stupid heels and this full cape and hood having multiple orgasms and not trying to give the game away, okay!”

I realized I was starting to shout and so took a breath. We were all silent for a few seconds, I was feeling very exposed (and aware of the juices at the top of my legs) and although I was covered up, the style of the latex suit, black stockings and gloves didn’t leave much to the imagination.

“Well lucky you, that’s what I say. You and Al seem to have taken a leaf out of Gerda’s book and maybe pushed the envelope a bit further, from the looks of it, eh Mandy?” Said Suzi and put her arm round me.

“Thanks Suzi darling, but I really need to pee, so I have to get out of this and I need your help again. Can you undo the rings at my neck?”

Suzi leaned over and said. “Hmm, these are very subtle, you might be able to get yourself out but it may take a while lining up the rings. This is quite the outfit you have, your own orgasm suit, I could do with one of these while doing the housekeeping around the house.”

“Believe me you don’t, you’d go crazy, it just doesn’t give you a break.” I felt the zip being pulled down, and lent forward to pull the sleeves down over my shoulder length gloves. They helped me pull down the suit over my thighs which were streaked with my juices. Once out, I stood for a second, naked except for stockings, gloves and garter belt. I was wet with sweat and juices and felt a bit self-conscious. Mandy smiled on seeing my streaked stockings and bare pussy. And she looked down inside the crotch of the panties, glistening with my secretions.

“Well you look as if you had a rare old time, love. And these nodules really did the trick didn’t they? Go for your pee and I think you need to do a little clean up too, off you go.” I gave myself a good wash in the bathroom and wiped down my stockings and gloves. I straightened the wrinkles of both. I could have taken them off but I thought I would leave them on until I came back here.

But when I returned to the living room, with one of Mandy’s dressing gown’s on, covering my modesty – ha, ha – I got a surprise. Standing there, with her clothing strewn around her was Mandy, squeezing herself into my crimson suit, with Suzi behind her closing the zip at her neck.

“Hope you don’t mind, I just had to try it.” She said with a guilty smile. And Suzi grinned too.

“Well it certainly fits like a glove, a very tight glove. You’ll need to get some talc, it makes it a lot easier getting into.” I said as she ran her hands over her breasts and then down to her crotch, rubbing her labia. She took a deep breath. She certainly looked really good in it, filling it out in all the right places.

“Whoo, I can see why you were coming all the way here.” She laughed.

“Isn’t it great that the four of us are pretty well the same size, I mean this fits great, you’re a bit bigger in the boob department, and Gerda is even a bit bigger, but other than a half inch here and there we’re a great match for each other. Wow, I have to get out of this, Suzi, want to try? I’ll have to wipe the inside though, you don’t mind Sophie do you?”

I was perhaps a bit surprised but just nodded and said.

“Be my guest.” Quickly Suzi had undone the “D” rings at the collar and Mandy extricated herself from the suit, then she slipped into bra and panties, while Suzi now stripped. You could tell they were sisters as they showed no embarrassment in front of each other, or me, but then I thought that I had broken that barrier anyway by turning up dressed as I was!

Very quickly Suzi’s torso and arms were covered in talc and Mandy was helping her into the suit. Like Mandy, she seemed to immediately appreciate the cool cling of the latex as it was drawn up her body and she thrust her arms into the sleeves. Mandy pulled the rear of the suit together and zipped it up, efficiently locking the “D” rings at Suzi’s neck. Suzi smoothed out the wrinkles and just like her sister before moved her fingers to her crotch.

“Yes, I see what you mean, these little devils are certainly insinuating themselves on my clit. And the bra section certainly has a good grip on my boobs. Sophie, I don’t know how you lasted so long.”

“Yes, well, I had to stop a few times.”

“So,” Mandy said, “this is what you and Al get up to, eh? Wrapping each other in latex and tying yourselves up. Seems you are vying with Tom and Gerda for kink couple of the year. Suzi love, we have a little bit of catching up to do, I think. Remember when we saw Gerda at the rugby game, I figured she was up to no good under that cape. I have to say, this latex does wonders for the figure, just squeezing in all the right places. Pete and I go for a bit of bondage all right, but this stuff would enhance the fun a whole lot I think, don’t you Suzi?”

“Absolutely, I’m half way there with these rubber bristles brushing my insides. Can I try the cape on as well?”

“Of course.” I replied and quickly she was covered from head to toe.

“Mmm, this is nice and snug, it will take a while to warm up but it’s nice feeling all covered up and protected. The cape rubbing over my covered nipples here is really nice. Yeah, I’d go crazy wearing this for a long time.” I laughed and said.

“Well, you want to try it with the gloves, stockings… and the high heels… not to mention the cuffs.”

“Maybe another time?” She eyed me saucily.

“You’re on.” I said. “Now I know you’re having a great time, but I do have to get back to Al; our day is certainly not over and he can “have” me until the morning, that’s our deal. I’m a little mad with him for this scenario, but it was pretty exciting, so I’ll forgive him I think. I’m sure he’ll have something planned for me.”

“Well, lucky you. Okay, let’s get Suzi out of your gear and we can take you back.” As quickly as the tight latex would allow we had stripped Suzi, and I could see the inside of the crotch of the suit glistening, so knew it had the same effect of Suzi as me. Mandy wiped the crotch and said.

“Do you want to wear this or just the cape?” And I laughed and said.

“Well what do you think?” And so I talced up my torso and arms and they helped me back into the suit. I have to say that I really liked being encased in its tight embrace again. As Suzi pulled the zip up Mandy told me to pull my arms back to make it easier and when I did I felt two cuffs being very quickly clasped over my wrists.

“Hey, what, wait a minute….”

“Settle down sweetie. We want you to go back to Al nicely wrapped up as you came. I know he’ll appreciate it, anyway you look so sweet and vulnerable like this. Now hang on to this key, don’t want to lose that, do we?” Mandy placed the key in my hand and I gripped it, then she moved her hands around me and fondled my breasts through the latex while Suzi giggled and ran her finger up and down over my labia. I just about swooned, crying out.

“Merde, stop it, stop now.” Suzi ignored me and clasped me in an embrace while continuing with her finger, while Mandy left and slipped upstairs returning quickly and passing behind me again.

“Please stop now Suzi, I’m wet already…”

“And making far too much noise, I think.” Said Mandy and before I knew it she had passed a hand around my head and stuffed a big red rubber ball gag into my mouth.


“Pete and I don’t have any latex here Sophie, love, I wish we did, but we do have a lot of  bondage paraphernalia. So,” she pulled the straps tight across my cheeks and fastened them at the back of my head, “I thought you’d look so sweet and vulnerable with your mouth stuffed like this,” and she came round to face me, “and you do. Just ravishing, and ready to be ravaged by Al. He, he.”

“Mmmfff, mmmm.”

This didn’t seem fair at all, but there was nothing I could do but glare daggers at them as they draped the cape over me, zipped it up and fastened the face strap over the lower half of my face and covering the gag. I pushed my stockinged feet into the pumps and stood there, completely powerless, yet from the outside no one would have known. Quickly they dressed in “normal” clothes and led me to Mandy’s car. They helped me into the back seat where Suzi sat next to me, and Mandy drove. Within a few minutes I was warm and clammy on the outside, and then wet on the inside! I moaned quietly into the large gag and wriggled on the seat, feeling the wetness between my thighs. Suzi glanced at me then lent down and raised my cape at the front to my waist.

“She’s incorrigible Mandy, ha ha, she’s oozing juices down here. We’re each definitely going to have to get a suit for ourselves.”

Eventually we came to the house….. and well, the rest you know.

There was silence for a while as Sophie lay next to me, her arm draped across my latex covered chest, snug between the latex sheets. I turned and kissed her on the top of her head.

“Well, you’ve had quite a day haven’t you? I expect I’ll be in for some serious treatment soon.”

“Oh yes, my love, you can be assured of that…”


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