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Four Play 5: I Take Control - Again

by Rbbral

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Storycodes: M/f; latex; catsuit; rompersuit; hoods; gag; bfold; bond; breathplay; tease; oral; mast; anal; climax; cons; X

story continues from part four

Part 5: I Take Control - Again

I had powdered the inside of the romper suit earlier and as it wasn’t skin tight Sophie didn’t need any talc, so she stepped into it and pushed her feet through the elasticized ankles and into the bootees. Then I drew it up her thighs and waist. She shuddered and laughed to herself.

“Oooh, this is chilly…. nice though.” And she pushed her arms down the sleeves and through the elasticized wrists and into the mitts. Then I pulled the zip up her back and locked it at her neck. I passed my hands around her and grabbed her breasts, holding them firmly, and massaging them. I could feel her nipples were already hard.

“Oh, oh that is good, but let’s have a drink first and some munchies, yes?”

So we lay back on the bed, leaning back on the latex pillows. As Sophie’s hands were trapped in thumbless mittens she held her glass in both hands while I fed her morsels. In between mouthfuls of food, sips of wine, I rubbed her labia and nipples through the suit, and in reply she ran her fingers up and down my shaft, smiling evilly at me. We didn’t say much, we were both preparing for the coming event, I think. After a couple of glasses and some food she was in a much better frame of mind and we were both ready for the fun to begin. She looked so cute, locked in her shocking pink latex suit with the frills at her neck, wrists and ankles, I just wanted to ravage her right away, but I had to take it nice and easy, we had plenty of time.

Earlier I had hidden a few goodies under one of the latex pillows and the first thing I did was to blindfold Sophie. This basically consisted of two round padded rubber eye patches connected to a rubber strap that I passed behind her head. She was very obedient while I did this, looking coolly into my eyes as I shut out her vision. I settled the strap, which at the back of her head was split into two like a diver’s goggles, and made sure that all vision had been eliminated. Then I moved behind her and secured the two rings at the end of her mittens together. I loved how vulnerable she looked. I fondled her breasts and pinched her nipples through the latex suit and she drew in a deep breath.

“Sit.” I said and she shuffled back to the bed and sat down on the latex sheet. She chuckled as she soon discovered what I wanted her to do as she heard the zip at the crotch of my catsuit being lowered. She snuffled forward, found my hard cock and eagerly sucked it into her mouth. I wasn’t in a rush and took her by the shoulders and gently eased her back onto the bed on her side and then lay down next to her, in a 69 position. I lowered the zip at the crotch of her romper suit and slid my fingers inside her wet channel. I found her clit and began to move my finger over its tip and she groaned and renewed her ministrations, taking my cock fully to the back of her throat.

We continued like this for a while. Then I lifted her up, she almost regretfully released my cock from her mouth, sat on the side of the bed and taking her by the waist, I impaled her. Her legs were either side of my thighs and she was fully stretched. I then lay back on the bed as she began using her thigh muscles to raise and lower herself on my cock. Although she was blind and cuffed she concentrated hard, moving up and down my rod, using her strong muscles to grip me. I moved my right hand to her clit and the other to her right breast, the hard nipple trying to burst out of her suit. She was now panting hard, saliva forming on her lips.

I was in no hurry and soon had to slow Sophie down as she had taken me to the edge. She had already come, but I knew her well, she could go on like a marathoner. Soon I raised her off me, and laid her on her side where she rolled onto her front. Now I wanted to try something different.

From under the pillow, I took the zipless heavy duty inflatable helmet with re-breather bag. This was the helmet with no eye or nose holes, just an aviator portion over the mouth and nose and a large rubber penis for the mouth. I eased Sophie’s head back and took off the blindfold; she blinked a couple of times, saw the helmet in front of her and started to shake her head.

“Oh no, not that now, Al, no….aarrgh….nnnkk….mmmm!”

It was really too easy to slip it over her head, despite her shaking and wriggling under me. She had no option to suck in the huge penis gag, and the aviator portion of the mask settled over her nose and mouth, while I began to inflate it using the bulb at the crown. The muffled groans continued as she shook her head but very quickly as the helmet began to balloon and severely compress the inner skin of rubber against her face, the noise diminished until there was a faint, almost distant moan. I realized that while I did this, straddling her back and making her mute my cock was still rock hard, that I was getting off on the whole idea of turning her into an unidentifiable silent being, undetectable under the drum-tight skins of rubber.

I checked the re-breather bag which was inflating and deflating at a steady pace. She had clearly calmed down now and was concentrating on her even breathing. I knew the air she breathed directly into her lungs through her nose (her mouth being crammed with the gag) would be reeking with the heavy, and heady, aroma of rubber. She must have been very uncomfortable with the suffocating rubber pressing on all her pores, and perhaps a bit disorientating but I continued, actually finding the whole experience exciting. I took off the inflator bulb and screwed the cap on the valve. I pulled her to the edge of the bed and released her bound mitts. But before she could put them to any use I took her right ankle and bent it back to her thigh, trapped it there with my knee, then took her right wrist and quickly locked the ring at the tip of her mitt with the ring at her toes. She was now grunting much louder, but before she could do anything with her left hand I gripped that too and bending back her left leg repeated the process of left mitt to left toe.

Now she could do nothing, she was stretched back in a nice compact frogtie, her torso lying on the bed, face down, her head in its shiny, black inflated helmet resting on its side and her thighs draped over the side of the bed, the connecting rings forcing her legs apart.

From under the pillow I got two condom packets, opened them both and slipped one on and then the other over it. Then I knelt down behind her and slipped my hand under her and pulled her crotch zip further open. This exposed her tight bum hole. By now she had figured what she was in for and began to squirm on the latex sheet, but in the position she was in this was futile. I could see her sphincter clench, I don’t know if this was Sophie genuinely fighting her fate or whether this was token, but it was moot, I was on a mission.

I laid my cock between her cheeks and I saw her flinch a little, then lowered it so the head was resting opposite her tight sphincter. The condom was not well lubricated so I eased my hand under her and between her labia noting she was still very wet. I then ran my fingers along the condom, lubricating it, and pushed the head up against her sphincter. Again she unconsciously (or consciously) clenched but I pressed a bit further. I heard a groan as the head had made a little progress and continued to burrow…. but soon half of it had been gobbled up by the light brown rosebud.

I had a good grip of her hips so she was not able to wriggle, never mind escape and I gently pulled her torso to me. I heard her moan again and the re-breather bag was now inflating at shorter intervals. After maybe a minute her sphincter surrendered another half inch and the head of my cock disappeared inside her. There was now no turning back and I pressed again and held it there for a while allowing her to relax and slowly half inch by half inch my shaft was swallowed up.

We have had anal sex before on quite a number of occasions and what has usually happened is that initially she has rebutted my advances, and then slowly accepted me, and this was the case again. Once I am in she accepts me without any complaint, and likes it, it’s just the first few seconds where she has her doubts. I certainly like it, giving it that is, not receiving it, as, well, I never have. The sensations, for me of course, are entirely different, the grip on my cock is so much more, well, intense. We don’t have it so often that her sphincter is in any way loose; to the contrary it gripped me like a vise. But now I was, at last, fully embedded in her rear.

I glanced down and saw the re-breather bag inflate and deflate in a faster rhythm and I leant down and slowly twisted the inlet valve a half turn. Immediately on the next inhale the bag compressed until there was no air left, then filled on her next exhale. There was still fresh air being drawn in but this had been reduced and it took her no time at all to detect it. She moaned and moved her head to the other side, and I moved my right hand under her again, eased apart her labia (still very moist) and found her nubbin.  She squirmed a bit but my other hand on her back limited that, then I withdrew a couple of inches and pressed my cock back into her tight rear.

I now set up a nice steady rhythm, withdrawing and then thrusting back in, slow but sure, at the same time teasing her with my fingers as she sucked in as much rubber scented air as she could. She was now really getting into this and shortly I could feel my fingers get wetter and wetter, and saw her re-breather bag start to inflate and deflate at a much faster rate. Soon she was ready to come, and so was I.

Finally I thrust into her rear one last time and came, pulling her hips towards me. At the same time I watched her shudder and heard a low moan from her helmet. After a short while I withdrew from her: her sphincter still tight and seeming almost reluctant to release me, and plopping back to a tight rosebud, leaving her sated and lying motionless on the latex sheet as I went to the bathroom, pulled off the condoms and washed myself.

I quickly returned and twisted the valve on the re-breather bag back to normal intake. I lent over her rear and gently wiped her front and rear with a cool wet flannel cloth and she writhed in pleasure, I then zipped her crotch closed. I released her mitts from the toe rings, but quickly locked the two mitts behind her back again.  She wriggled and grunted into the gag of her helmet, but we both knew this was a token gesture. I lay beside her and took her in my arms, holding her tight. She rubbed herself up against me, Sophie was incorrigible. We lay like that for quite a while, and I watched the re-breather bag rise and fall on my chest as Sophie drifted off to sleep.

How could she? I thought. Her head was trapped, squashed within a tight rubber cocoon, she was thoroughly gagged and breathing in rubber-scented air, she was locked within a rubber romper suit with her hands locked behind her back, and finally she had been royally bum-fucked by me. And she slept! Quite a girl.

I gave her a while to rest – I needed a break too - so as she lay by me I played with her breasts and gently rubbed her labia through the latex suit. Again I could see her breaths start to quicken as the re-breather bag came to life. But she didn’t seem to be complaining; just a low growling could be heard coming from the inflated helmet.

Soon I was ready for one more scenario, and then we could sleep.

I twisted the cap off the valve and released, very slowly, the air from within the helmet. Soon it was flaccid and I pulled it off her head. Her hair was matted to her head and she was bright pink and soaked in perspiration. She waggled her chin for a few seconds and took a few deep breaths. She didn’t say anything, gave me a bit of a dirty look and I went to the bathroom and returned with a glass of water which she gulped down. Suddenly she said.

“What is it about anal? I don’t understand, is it because it is naughty, looked down upon, even forbidden? Sometimes I feel guilty…. you know, even dirty.”

“I don’t know sweetheart, if you didn’t like it, I would never force myself on you, you know that.”

“I know, I am a little tender right now, a little sore even, but I am at peace too, you know. It is strange, I feel you inside me and it is completely different to when we do it… well normally, whatever that means. Maybe because my back is to you, I am submissive to you, like an animal, and you thrust into me and I can do nothing… and yet I like that.”

I held her tight.

“Best not to analyse it too much, you’ll go crazy, we are consenting and we are not doing it the street…. which might be fun though.” I kissed her tenderly.

“Ready for some more?” I grinned. She pouted for a second, no more.

“Mmm, maybe yes, but no more of your cock up my bottom, it was a lot of fun once we got going but now I am a bit sore. I enjoy it once I am stretched and you are in, but you pushing it in is sometimes a bit sore, yes? I need some time to recover.”

“Deal.” I said. From the closet I returned with two masks.

“Here we are, one for each of us. Which one for you?” I held them up, one was the brilliant white mask Sophie had worn previously and the other was the full head black mask with the face portion being transparent latex. She didn’t hesitate, picking the transparent one. She sat on the side of the bed, her mittened hands still locked behind her and obediently lowered her head and I slipped the latex mask over her, zipping it down the back, careful not to get her still wet hair entangled.

I smoothed it out and adjusted the eye and mouth holes. Although her whole face was now covered in latex because of the transparent nature of the covering I could detect, just about, Sophie underneath, although there was a certain level of anonymity. My mask was next and I pulled the tight white latex over my head, breathing in the intoxicating aroma. After adjusting the eye and mouth holes I tucked it into the collar of my suit. Looking in the mirror I thought the white mask nicely offset the black of the suit. I leant down and took her masked face in my hands and kissed her hungrily, mask on mask.

I loved the whole concept of the mask allowing me anonymity; I could be who I wanted to be, loving or beastly, dom or sub. She stood up, I pressed my hand over her labia and she parted her legs in acquiescence. The rubber was slippery over her pussy and I knew she was already wet there. I wanted to take my time, but Sophie seemed possessed, kissing me all over my masked face, giggling and gyrating her body against mine. She sat back on the bed again and began to grip the crotch zipper in her teeth (she seemed to be very adept at this) and draw it downwards. I looked down to see her rubber covered head nuzzling my crotch and then withdraw victoriously with the head of my cock between her teeth. But she was gentle with me (thank god) and sucked me into her warm mouth.

I let her work on me for a while, taking me fully to the back of her throat. She was really enjoying it, as I said before, she does actually enjoy giving a good blowjob. Then I released her mittened hands and lowered her back onto the bed. She smiled and put her arms around my neck as I unzipped her crotch zip and slid into her. We had very pleasurable long, languid conventional sex – except for being fully covered in latex, of course. We know each other very well I think and can sense each other coming down to the last second. And we came in a panting, gasping finale. I pulled the latex sheet over us and we were quiet for a while.

Finally as we lay exhausted between the smooth latex sheets I asked.

“Well, do you want to tell me now what happened earlier tonight?” There was a long silence and then she finally replied.

“Yes, I think I can tell you now, I was a little mad at you earlier, just a little but, well, you have made it up to me now, and I feel a lot better…. so, okay this is what happened...”


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