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Heather's Wild Vacation

by Lastdirewolf

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© Copyright 2015 - Lastdirewolf - Used by permission

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“Have a kinky friend who needs a nice, long, SURPRISE vacation? Sure, they may not be willing at first, but they'll be begging to stay once we're done with them! We offer personalised escapes, for a multitude of fetishes - For a wide variety of “vacation” options - Visit us at (suspicious-kinky-website-name also appears on screen) to hear more about our services. 24/7/365 pick-up, same-day services, extended vacations (On screen: Days? Weeks? Months? We have it all!), and attentive staff; who are excited to provide the most extensive vacation experience money can buy. Group discounts available! Ask about our budget vacations at (suspicious-kinky-website-name)!”

Heather swore her ad-blocking add-ons worked, but she was just tired enough, and in just the right mood to let her mind wander upon the possibilities. The advertisement was vague enough to have her Google the site, but she didn't realise it was rather specific enough to catch her interest. Ads were fueled by powerful machines now-a-days, so she didn't think anything of it, and went about scouring the offered website.

A more innocent user would never traversed even half as deep as Heather did, but she was proudly kinky – Though it's not really as if her friends even tried to contest it. Hell, they hardly knew about it! Though if they had, they might have stopped the kinkster from signing up for this ridiculous service. The website wasn't particularly detailed in the legal aspects – It was a lot of fluff, frankly. Heather knew this, but continued on anyways, just to get a giggle out of the options... maybe even the price? Surely it was beyond reason?

It took a quick click over to her bank-account to realise it wasn't. Of course, this money was only partially earned by her – Whilst she did play an important part of the group she was a part of, and all the members treated her respectfully, she knew deep-down she'd never have the guts to do what they did. Her team consisted of professional bank-robbers, and she was the driver. There was a dynamic to it. She could never earnestly hold a gun to someone's face, let alone anything her partners did after that, but she was a DAMN good driver – Her father was an award-winning race car driver, whom had helped her along from a very early age, and even souped up the car she used, but it had never really been spotted by police or news crews, because of how plain it looked.

Her thought wasn't on the next heist though, it was on the extensive list before her. Jeesh! The website was a little clunky, with nice graphics, but she started to feel a lot more hesitant about signing up, because it possibly had TOO many options – Something she never thought would have been a problem, but the site was quite thorough. After clicking submit, the website brought her to a quick run-down of the service – Simple, minimally-worded statements that reflected the idea of each and every option, and it all ended with a “Will you have your revenge?” button. It almost felt like a comic! Heather carefully perused the simplified document before her – She didn't necessarily doubt the company, but kind-of wanted to mentally record what would happen to her nemesis.

They had known and hated each other since as long as they could remember. Almost-regular fisticuffs. Birthday parties ruined. Aggravating pranks from both parties. Graduation ceremonies up in flame, sometimes literally. Their parents had no actual qualm between families, but realised they had to keep the two as far away from each other as possible, though neither really had the money to move away or to home-school – So there the two girls were, torturing each other as often and as cruelly as possible. Nobody quite knew why, and more than once, both girls started to question the reason for having a nemesis, but rage was nearly instantaneous upon eye-contact.

They, however, were adults now. Long having moved out of their parents place, and even to try sparing themselves, moved to different states, but as far as Heather was concerned, Katie could never be far enough away – And she knew the feeling was mutual.  Or at least she would. Heather clicked the go-ahead on the initial confirmation of how “surprise vacation” would go down, skimmed the legal document that emphasized that this was “for play” between consenting adults and blah blah blah, skip! The price page landed, and it was an absolute hay-maker to the wallet, but the price for the ultimate revenge was boundless, in her mind. Of course, the page brought up a detailed, 'are you sure?' pop-up that required a click-through, and also offered a quick glance of the 'highlights' of the so-called “surprise vacation”. *CLICK* Heather squealed with joy. It drained most of her ill-gotten savings, but she knew Katie would never be able to counter such an ordeal!

In celebration, and longing arousal at the idea of what would be done to Katie, Heather opened up the bottom drawer of her night-stand and briefly pushing some fetish clothing out of the way, drew out her three-pronged dildo-vibrator, and excitedly began to smear a little lube on the third prong. Rather plain, black and full-bottomed panties pulled aside – The covers were tossed off, laptop set on her bed so she could see, and with one leg curled back, she nuzzled the longest prong against her eagerly wet slit. It didn't take much to slip it down mid-way and slide several inches into her pussy.

An unexpected shudder rippled through her body, but it only made her squeeze the tip of the shaft that was slowly pushing deeper and spreading her out wide around its thick tip. Heather moved intentionally slow, not because the dildo was too big, but because it brought a friend that she used her off-hand to squeeze into her ass. It was thinner than the original prong, but more textured, and nearly as long, so as to fit well with the dildo invading Heather's wet pussy. With a low moan, and a squealy gasp, the two prongs sank deeper and deeper, until there was no more rubber for Heather to push into herself – Which meant the last prong brushed over her clit! Her favourite part.

The Trident, as Heather called it, was her most favourite toy. It not only ran triple-duty, but the semi-stiff curved rubber holding all three prongs was reasonably thin, capable of being impressively flush with her body, and was as powerful or as weak as she wanted it – With a surprisingly high level of discreetness. She had more than once worn it to the beach, to the pool, and even in her panties around in public. It would have certainly been a fantastic buy like that, but it went a step further – Remote control!

While it did actually come with a wireless remote control, plenty of options too, but there was nothing compared to the kinkiness of the phone app. Up-to-date safety software, fan-made 'schedules', and a much wider variety of control allowed for even the kinkiest mind to find something new and different each time it played around. Though she had half-a-mind to tease herself for another hour and reach an incredible bliss, she decided that a reward was in order, and tapped through the quick-access menu – A fan-made option that provided single-tap, no-nonsense modes... Unless you wanted nonsense!

Not tonight though. Heather clicked the aptly worded, “Cum Hard” button. Not used too often, because she generally liked to tease herself, or bind herself and get frustrated with the pulsing vibrations that could practically keep her on edge for an hour! A final glance at the plugged-in phone, Heather put it on her night-stand to avoid losing it within the throes of passion; squirming into the rubber bedding that consisted of only a bottom and top sheet, as well as a pillow-case, and counted with the on-screen count-down. Five... four... three... two... one...


Bzzzzzzzt. Bzzzzzzzt. Bzzzzzzzt. From a deep sleep, Katie perked her head up and looked around confusedly, then spied the blink of her phone – Signaling her with a red flash, something was wrong. Eyes squinting in the sudden brightness of her phone, but then suddenly flaring wide when she read what the alert was about. It was a program that she wrote, though not specifically for this purpose, it certainly came in handy! It was an alert system whenever someone used her real information online. Katie didn't even use that for deliveries, or anything really. She changed addresses so many times, that she occasionally even used old ones for shits and giggles! Only her immediate family knew her current one, and apparently, so did one other person.

It took a second for her sleep-raddled mind to realise it was not some false-flag spam, but rather, a genuine purchase of nearly 6-digits, and whilst the vague company name was unsurprisingly unfamiliar, her little program provided a little more detail – Mainly, the name and address of the person who committed to the purchase, as well as an email address of the buyer her phone had mined from the information passing through the web. Katie furrowed her brows and frowned. Surely Heather didn't have this money, did she? And if so, WHY would she spend that much? And at that, on what? Katie's mind was racing, fully awake now, and jumping over to her computer to start searching this seemingly false company name up.

Katie was, without a doubt, the smarter of the two... At least in terms of schooling. Heather hated her for it, but at the same time, Katie couldn't stand how good Heather was with people, and vehicles, and just society in general – Envious that such a deviant could float in and out of any situation without issue, making clearly large sums of ill-gotten money without having an actual job, but Katie hammered away in her home-office. Sure, she wasn't technically employed by any one company, but she was on-call 24/7 for freelance programming work, and made a pretty good living, even if it did mean getting up at random hours. And it was legitimate. She was a college graduate, held two Master's Degree's, and was quite comfortable with how much she made – It allowed her to live on her own, and do whatever she liked, whenever she liked. A damn good life in her mind!

“I don't know what this is you little cunt, but it's sure as hell not getting delivered here.” Katie spoke aloud to herself, a common occurrence. Several clicks and key-strokes later, Katie had managed to switch Heather's address and email address for her own, and inserting fake ones for Heather – Leaving the unsuspecting get-away driver with what Katie only assumed was an unwelcome gift, while removing her actual addresses from the situation altogether. It took some searching, but Katie soon found out what the shell-company name was connected to, and started to look deeper into just exactly what they offered. It actually came as quite a shock – Katie wasn't a prude, but a brief skim of the website Heather had used for whatever this whole deal was, was certainly nothing Katie could have even imagined!

Though she soon found herself leaning in towards the flat-screen monitor, using one hand to scroll around and click, whilst the other had slipped into her bikini-styled panties and started to get a little more serious. A toy would be too messy on the chair, so Katie slid her butt forward and leaned back – Curling her fingers to slip into her wet slit, and starting to quickly thrust in and out – The panties clinging to the back of the hand as they were stretched out repeatedly. Initially, Katie had self-muted her moans, but she diligently started nudging her clit out of hiding and rolling it in small circles with her other hand whilst the original moved to three fingers at a slightly faster pace.

No neighbours lived close enough to hear her, the whole intention of living as far away from civilization as high-speed internet allowed, but she was still quite shy – Though when she started to move into how the captive would be bound, how they were to be dressed before they were first used... She squealed out suddenly in ecstasy. Cut off sharply, with a hefty blush from Katie, but it didn't stop her. With both hands too busy to keep awkwardly rolling the mouse-wheel with the back of her hand, she remained on a flashy page of one of the options – Even having no particular interest in it herself, her imagination and sleepiness ran wild and hallucinated Heather into the captive girl in the picture.

In the middle of two guys and a stern looking woman, stringently bound in a black rubber bodysuit-turned-straitjacket, with a matching hood that only appeared to have a built-in ring-gag of some sort – The woman had a painful-looking grip on Heather's head, forcing her deep into her crotch, and presumably making Heather eat her out – While the two guys were mid-thrust into both pussy and asshole – One lying underneath, forcing Heather to ride him with his hands cupping her ass-cheeks, while the other was slamming into her ass from behind on his knees – Hands gripping Heather's hands, that were forcibly hugging herself. The image a little edited to increase the shimmer of juices, and she wished she could see the model's face, but that much was left up to Katie's horny imagination. All the others involved wore rubber hoods too, but they had nose and eye holes. An accidental bump of the mouse rolled the cursor over an almost identical option, this time, the woman was plugging Heather's mouth with a thick, hot pink semi-transparent dildo.

Katie had little experience with images like these, let alone actually doing any of it, but it brought her to one of the most powerful orgasms she could remember. No longer worried about making a mess in the bliss of her body's orgasmic glow, she let her panties soak in the juices, and let her hands slip off to her sides, one dripping juices while the other was clearly wet too. A part of her thought this was just a particularly expensive roleplay, and while the images and descriptions were certainly suggesting it would feel realistic – Katie just couldn't believe this sort of thing could happen in real life, at least not in such a consensual manner, which did make her uncomfortable.

Several moments went by, and Katie sighed happily – She usually needed toys to get off, but such taboo imagery did excite her... It made her curious, so she bookmarked the website and went to go clean up. It was still early in the morning, so she waddled to the bathroom and cleaned herself up, as well as coming back out with a towel to clean up the mess she made. Slipping on new panties after drying herself off, she snuggled back into bed – Still a bit horny, but too tired for another round. She knew she'd end up dreaming about what would happen to that damn thief – She'd get what's coming to her! Even if it was just some roleplay between consenting adults. Katie purposefully kept her hands on top of the sheets, knowing they'd end up between her legs in her sleep – A deep yawn, she plopped her head back and set to thinking about the images she saw, drifting off to sleep. Dreaming about being the woman in that image, forcing that bitch to eat her out, it was a good dream.


Not for Heather though. She wasn't dreaming at all, but was living a nightmare. Just before dawn, the men broke in with a clear plan – Gag Heather first, rendering her shrill screams down to pitiful mewls, and then quickly strip her naked, before forcing a pre-lubed rubber straitjacket-bodysuit combo upon her. Legs forced through their respective holes, and the material was pinched and pulled up tight, while her arms were forced into tight, sewn-shut sleeves that ended with sturdy metal clips. It was tough to get a squirming girl into such a thing, but she was no match for the four people sent to complete the pick-up. After criss-crossing Heather's arms across her stomach, and clipping the tips of the sleeves to their respective rings upon her hips, she was seated fully into the jacket. They quickly stretched a thick band of rubber over her feet, letting it snap her ankles together, and completing making her helpless – As well as easier to carry to the trunk of their car!

That was hours ago though. The gag was long gone, replaced with a ring-gag that kept her available for whatever her captors wanted to cram in there – And at one point, she was made to eat a woman out, something she had never really done before, but she was quickly made to learn how to do it well. Her voice long hoarse from all the moaning, pleading, and other noises made by being the center of attention in a gang-bang, as well as all the drool.

The men were grunting harder, and giving shorter, more rapid thrusts – Heather knew this meant they were almost done, but she had been through so many rounds, she could never be certain if they were merely getting back in line or not – The rubber hood somewhat muted the outside world, but it only had nose-holes and a mouth-hole, so she couldn't see a thing! She could hear them all sigh with bliss, and slow to a stop, leaving their large twitching cocks inside of her as they finished one by one. It was a thought that initially passed, but was long forgotten – Were they wearing condoms? Having climaxed multiple times herself, it was hard to tell if they were actually cumming inside her. One or two did cum in her mouth, a taste that still lingered and occasionally made her cringe when she found a glop of the salty jizz on the ring.

One by one, they slid out of her. The man that plugged her ass pulled out first, and the man below her rolled her restrained body off to the side, slipping the cock out of her mouth as she was laid out on the smelly mattress – Left to pant heavily and cry out pitifully, but she heard footsteps moving away from her, though nobody seemed to immediately replace the trio. Maybe this was a break? Or the nightmare was over?

“Come on cunt, time for a break.” A cruel-sounding woman growled out. Heather was roughly picked up and brought to her quivering feet, “If you can't be arsed to stand, then I'll just lay you back down on the bed and let the gents have another few rounds with your sweet, defiled body.”

That made Heather dig deep and hold up her own weight – Swaying a little in the woman's grasp, but she seemed satisfied, and tugged Heather down a short corridor, through a door that slammed shut with a loud metallic CLANK. Heather could feel how sweaty the straitjacket was now, the cool morning air was blowing through wherever she was now, and she was starting to get really cold – There was no air-flow in the room she was gang-raped multiple times, it was hot and sticky, and reeked of musk and sex, but this was a huge change. Her sweat-coated body was rapidly turning cold, since the straitjacket only covered her torso and arms, since the zipper was open revealing her abused holes and plenty of juices trickling down her leg.

“A little brisk out here, isn't it? The quicker you follow the path and drink up, the quicker you get back into the warmth.” A strong hand guided Heather, clearly the one who was speaking, but she was exhausted, and just hoped this path would lead her to the end of this journey – Though once she started to feel the path, she was starting to have her doubts.

A taut strand of material started to rise up between her legs, until it nuzzled between her sore pussy lips and a little higher, making it impossible for her to avoid it. Though the strong hand did not stop, forcing her forward, digging her poor reddened pussy across the gnarled material – It clearly wasn't rope, that would have hurt significantly worse, maybe a bumpy rubber string? All Heather knew was, she REALLY did not want to walk this – Unable to tip-toe for more than one or two steps at any one time, she was brought to an odd interruption of the string she was forced to straddle. It was made of a squishy material, about the size of a fist, and she felt little bars start to encircle her – It was a little automatic cage that surrounded Heather, making sure she couldn't move forward or back, let alone try to dismount the rope. The hand was gone now, but the same harsh voice barked out, “Don't just stand there idiot! Find the cock and drink its contents!”

Absolutely baffled by what the hell that meant, Heather hardly had time to think about it, when the orb her pussy was forced to rest upon began to vibrate powerfully – The kind that made knees buckle, except she was forced to straddle the source, and putting more weight on the head only made the vibrations worse! She could feel it in her bones!

Frantically, she both moaned out loud towards the sky, and started to dive her hooded head in every direction – Feeling an odd slap against her face, she twisted towards it, and started to 'feel' the swinging object out. Heather's captor watched on with amusement – Fully aware this was the wrong girl, and that the addresses had been switched, but she didn't care - Her company was illegal in virtually every country! It was an elaborate trap, and worked quite well – Half the time, the unconsenting parties didn't even complain or struggle full-heartedly because of the charade of being a legitimate fantasy-full-filling company for rich stiffs. They never knew what to expect, and were often far too tired to remember exactly what happened, but even if they did, there was no-one to complain to, and the cops couldn't track them down effectively either.

That's where they were. Watching a rubber-bound girl feebly buck her head around in the air, as a modified dildo swung back and forth, occasionally slapping her face – It was an amusing sight, but she had to keep a straight face, and get this train back on board. Stepping around to grip the modified end of the dildo, she used her other hand to grip the back of Heather's head, and guided the two together, “Like THIS you fucking idiot!” Short and sweet, but scary too. Heather groaned around the dildo-gag, but didn't understand what to do, “This is the only water you're going to be getting for today, so you better get to sucking!”

That's when she understood, and through increasingly loud moans, she started to suck down the contents – Not realising until half-way through that this was... definitely not water. Her tongue was burnt out with the taste of semen, rubber, and musky cock, so it was hard to place the taste, but she had a sinking suspicion that it was actually piss. That didn't stop her from downing it though – It was warm and refreshing in the freezing cold. Once it was done, and she had bucked through an orgasm or two, the vibrator shut off and the cage fell away as quietly as it slid into place.

“Couldn't have drank any slower, couldja, slut?” A hand began to repeatedly and harshly slap Heather's ass, convincing her to move forward again, and much to her dismay, the bumpy rubber string dug into her cunt once again. She was a lot more lubed now, thanks to her orgasmic juices, but it still ached and burned as she shuffled along, crying out into the sky through her gag.

Another little ramp brought her up to a similar-feeling area – Forced to straddle another fist-sized, rounded curve, but this one was far worse – It was metal instead of rubber, and thus, freezing as hell! Especially to her burning pussy – After the initial shock was over with, it actually started to numb her poor bits, and actually felt good, but another hard slap to her ass made her jump. “Round two, cunt. Find the cock and drink up! Thought you were almost home?” The cruel woman laughed, stepping back as the cage came up like before, and the surface her pussy rested upon started to buzz – Though not in the pleasurable way. It was electric!

She danced a bit at first, but pushed up against every angle of the round cage around her, completely unable to remove her aching cunt off the e-stim unit. Her captor was a lot quicker to help her out this time, seeing as Heather was starting to lose it to the e-stim, and already climaxed again before she even found the dildo for the first time. Unfing and squealing loud when the faux-cock was slid into her mouth, she immediately began to suck hard, but regretted it immediately. This sure as HELL wasn't water. It was semen. Already having sucked down a solid third of the bottle, she notably gagged and choked it down, since the two hands would not let her separate from the cum-source.

“Oops, did I forget to mention this one is full of all the ejaculate from all the condoms used on you? Delicious, isn't it?” She cackled. She was being paid to treat this person like absolute scum, and it made her horny as hell – She was DEFINITELY going to be enjoying the next round of torment.

It took several pain-staking moments for Heather to guzzle the seed. Which finally relieved her of the painful shocks to her abused body. “Uhnnnggnnn...” she groaned out loud, the cage fell away once again, and the hands came back to further redden Heather's ass-cheeks. Though thankfully, the biting string didn't last for more than ten feet, and it started to drop off – Meaning she was at the end. It didn't get any warmer the closer she got to the end, despite actually passing into another side of the building. If anything, it was colder!

“Welcome to your new home for the next couple days. We're going to need to get you cleaned up and fed before the next round of entertaining the guys, so we'll be storing you in here.” It was partially true, they were going to clean Heather inside and out, but not in the way Heather thought of – Though it wasn't going to be days. It certainly would feel like it, though!

Forced backwards until she tripped over something and fell unto a table, which she was forced to slide along a foot or two before a hand clipped a carabiner-like clip from the table to the back of her hood's collar, and two more from the D-rings holding her sleeves on either hip – Effectively pinning her in place. That was merely the beginning though. A powerful torrent of ice-cold water sprayed her from above, and all over her body – While the pressure almost hurt, it was relatively useful in removing the sweat off of Heather. Though when a medium-sized plug was inserted into her ass suddenly, she started to think the hard shower was the least of her worries, even though it didn't stop. Delicate hands pried apart her sore and raw pussy lips – Before a tube was inserted into her urethra, and longer, but also thin phallus was forced into her pussy.

“This is the deepest cleanse you'll ever get. Enjoy!”

The shower turned off, leaving the only sensation to be the tubes and phallus filling her – Though when they started to drain a mysterious liquid into her, she started squirming again. It wasn't too bad at first, whatever it was, was warm – A huge difference from the icy shower she had, but when it didn't stop, she started to panic. Heather could feel a large sheet was suddenly tossed over her, and a male-end of a tube slid into her ring-gag, but didn't hinder her breathing. Her brain was too distracted from the cramping feelings of the enema, along with the forced urination, and the strong pressure of water spraying every inch of her pussy from the inside to realise that the sheet was shrinking into her. Before she knew it, her body was tightly compressed between a rubber-clad table, and a rubber sheet helping pin her in place.

Once she was tightly sealed up, the table started to hum and became vertical – Excess water collecting and dripping out of fine holes in the bottom of the vacbed, but once her bladder was drained, she felt a back-pressure before it started to get filled back up at the same rate it was emptied. Though it wasn't urine this time – Just simple and safe saline. Heather didn't know that though! And she sure as hell didn't want it. It filled her up to what felt like an absolute brink to where she'd have to piss herself like a child, but... she couldn't. It just kept the pressure up and left her with that awful, painful feeling. Combined with the enema, this was easily worse than the gang-rape. It was decided very quickly. Her bladder was filled to the max, her pussy was being washed out with aggressive streams of water, and she wasn't allowed to release her enema. “I hope you're enjoying your cleanse! I bet dumb asses like you PAY for this sort of cleanse from professionals all the time.”

It had felt like an hour, but it was just ticking over to 10 minutes when a powerful wand-vibrator was introduced to the mix. A strange feeling welled within Heather – The situation had her horny as hell, but the pain was unbearable, and now there was this strong vibration just caressing her clit. Suddenly, all the saline was drained from her bladder and ass – The sprayer inside her pussy kept going strong though. It was easily one of the most intense orgasms of her life when her body was left empty, but the power wand jabbed into her clit and pussy – Rocking her with orgasmic pleasure, squealing out breathlessly as the process started again – Her bladder filling with fresh saline, and soon, her ass was too. During her orgasm, all she could think of was the salty taste of cum in her mouth – The one hole in her body they chose NOT to clean out!

That was the last Heather heard from the captor woman, for what felt like ages. Left to scream and cry until exhaustion again and again, as her body was filled then drained, then filled and drained again with saline – Bringing her to an unbelievable climax each time due in large part to the power wand as well, until she fully blacked out. It was not exactly in the plan, but it made the next part easier!

Two guys came in to help the head mistress – Who was deliberating over which binding item to use next, while the other two removed all the cleaning tubes and stripped Heather of the straitjacket-bodysuit. Of course, an unconscious and naked woman was a hard thing to resist, so the men started to make moves onto Heather – They only wore hoods, so their intentions were clear, given their rock-hard cocks. “WE JUST CLEANED HER, YOU FUCKING WELPS!” Barked out the commanding woman. “You'll get your chance AFTER her next stage, which is with ME!”

The two men quickly backed down, although their cocks only throbbed harder from the yelling – They exchanged glances, as if they were conspiring to work against the cruel woman, but she wasn't an idiot, and these men were a dime a dozen. “Guards! These two men. Show them a GOOD time!” Her business catered to virtually all sexes, genders, fetishes, and what have you – Guards weren't paid quite as well as other staff, but she incentivized the position by offering them first dibs on all fresh 'meat' – Assuming the pick-up crew didn't get to them first - As well as being in charge of dolling out punishment – Which of course, meant more sex, and with just-as-resistant captives. They were the front line of keeping things running smoothly, and had every device available to them that were used on the customers and captives.

A few loud tazer zaps later, the two conspiring men were writhing on the ground, and then writhing in the guards arms, before being fully removed from the situation. “You offer men all the sex they could want, and they STILL think they can fuck with the alpha bitch.” Speaking to herself at this point, the head mistress got back on track. “Right! I'm thinking arm-binder. But what then? Maybe... A fuck machine or two?” Grunting to herself, “Been done a thousand times. Just like the Sybian. God I loved that when it first came out! So simple, yet the cause of endless orgasms.”

Picking up the arm-binder still, and opening it up in preparation before setting it down on a rolling table she set by the vacbeded girl. Pulling out her tablet and reading through what Heather had requested done to Katie, mostly to get ideas, but one popped into her head suddenly. “The chair! Classic.” She sounded a lot less harsh when she was plotting her next move, but she hurried to the furniture room and called upon two other guards to help her out. They dragged the customized chair out and into a nice warm, fireplace-lit room. Soon after, they were moving the unconscious body of Heather to the room too – The chair was tipped forwards, so that the head rest was  touching the ground, and the back and bottom end were exposed – This is where the magic happened! The head Mistress left for a moment, while the two men got to work installing the new addition the oversized chair.

It was a bit of a process, but they forced Heather's arms into the binder, tightening it down until her elbows almost touched, and then proceeded to open up the back of the chair and put her body into it – Inflating the pillow that Heather's hooded face would be forced to jut out of a face-shaped hole in the seat, as well as strapping her torso and legs in so that squirming was difficult. All in all, once the chair was rolled back into its normal position – It just looked like some kinky furniture, other than the face sticking an inch out of the seat, it just looked like a large rubber throne of some sort.

Of course, it simply couldn't be left like that. Since Heather's legs were tucked within the backrest of the chair, they were able to clip a clamp onto her clit that seemed to be a part of the chair with wires coming away from it - They also nestled a long, slender dildo with a curve at the tip into her exposed pussy that also had wires disappearing into the chair. One final piece, a veiny and long dildo was slipped into her ass, a pencil-thick tube disappearing into the chair like the rest of the wires. These were all for Mistress to use as punishment or pleasure, given on how well Heather performed, or to encourage her performance!

One man came around front and opened up one of the armrests, revealing several sliding switches and twisting knobs, before playing with each one and confirming with the other guy that the controls to the vibrator was working – Shutting them all off and closing the armrest once they were done. He then went to open the other armrest, which looked a little different – A squeeze bulb jutted out noticeably, but there were a few twisting knobs and buttons to push there as well. The second man confirmed that everything was working on that front too, so the first let the air out and reversed all the options he had turned on. Closing that armrest, the head Mistress returned, but was wearing a less casual outfit.

Knee-high black leather heels were the first things the two grunts spotted – They had a tall, but still manageable 4-inch heel, and a long, shiny purple zipper up the length on the outside. A trio of belts wrapped her ankle, shin, and the final one keeping the top skin-tight to just below her knee. Aside from well-shaven legs, there was nothing between them and the start of the thong-like rubber leotard with high-cut leg-holes to emphasize the thong-like nature of it. It was made of a dark purple, with a fresh coat of shine, and traveled all the way up her mildly chubby body, extending out as sleeves and gloves, all the way to her finger-tips. A stiff looking black rubber corset ensnared her mid-drift, which helped shaped her body into a more hour-glass figure, and amplified her breasts considerably, especially with the skin-tight nature of the latex – It had matching dark purple piping around the edges, and subtle vertical pin-stripes.

An amethyst-studded collar was another highlight of her outfit, the simple black-leather belt matched her heels, and the gems accentuated the dark purple of her outfit – She appeared to have changed hoods as well, going within the same black-and-purple theme, the hood had eye and mouth cut-outs that were rimmed with the same purple throughout the outfit – Her hair was redirected into a tall pony-tail off the occipital area of her head. “I assume everything is working correctly?” She spoke directly to the two men, who were clearly aroused by the sight of the head Mistress. Offering silent nods, the woman smirked, “Good. You'll be compensated for your good work soon enough.” She ended her sentence with a tone that suggested they leave, and after a quick glance towards the fire to make sure it's still going well, then back to the head Mistress, they headed for the exit.

Opening up a small pouch, the head Mistress approached the chair and plugged the girls mouth with a dildo, while simultaneously holding her nose shut, “Time to wake up~ Your nightmare isn't over yet!” She almost sang to the poor girl, who snorted awake and was likely trying to squirm, but the chair made sure that was ineffective as possible.

It was a rude awakening, and made Heather realise she wasn't dreaming – She still couldn't see, and her mouth still had a vague salty flavour in it, but her body was heavily compressed inside of something, though not like the last thing she remembered – Which was being trapped vertically in a vacbed, so this wasn't THAT different, but something was encircling her face and keeping it pinned in place – She could definitely feel the painful pinch on her clit, and the two plugs filling her, but it was a dull pain compared to her aching muscles. That short break was well-earned, but she was unconscious for most of it, so it merely felt like a minute before she was right back into some over-the-top fetish scenario.

“Ah, good. Welcome to my favourite little room. Nothing but a nice roaring fire, a cozy chair, and you all strapped up with nowhere to go.” The head Mistress spoke a lot softer now, but she still had a cruel under-tone. Heather had long-since learned that vocalisation was pointless, so she rested there quietly and hoped this was going to be an actual restful moment, but when she felt an increasingly heavy pressure on her face, she grunted and groaned out loud – Before finding something pressing into her nose and over her mouth-hole in the hood. Whatever the weight was, squirmed from one side to the other, before settling down and resting like that – It stifled her breathing considerably, and the scent of rubber was pretty overwhelming, but there was a hint of something else she couldn't quite place – Almost like, a freshly washed vagina?

“Ah yes, my favourite seat – Some dumb cunt's face.” Heather was surprised how well she could hear, but was more surprised that a woman was sitting on her face! The head Mistress's leotard had a very narrow crotch, just barely enough to cover her slit, and it narrowed even further into a skinny thong that wedgied up between her ass-cheeks and spread back out when it surpassed her butt-cheeks. With the angle she was at, Heather's nose was buried deep into the head Mistress's crotch-strap, and was even pushing that into her slit – With her ass hole not too far away either!

“Well? Never had a woman's pussy in your face before? Get to work!”

Heather was still reeling from the situation, but a painful zap of electricity to her clit got her mind to snap awake – Her tongue sliding through the ring-gag and with the little bit she was allowed to tilt her head, started to lap at the rubber strap that barely contained her captor's pussy. “There's a good slut. Make sure to get in deep!” Heather didn't quite understand, the material kept her from actually accessing the slit sitting on her directly, but an increase in electrical pain stemming from her clit encouraged her to get creative – Although it was pretty simple. Using her nose, she nuzzled the strap to one side, which meant the wet pussy was now directly sitting on her mouth and nose. A sudden reward surprised her, the vibrator kicked on and started humming away inside her pussy – Which immediately caused her to tense up, since it was also resting against her g-spot.

“A good slut gets rewards. A bad slut gets this-” The head Mistress began to squeeze the bulb several times, drawing out a low and hot groan from her captive – The electricity flow seemed to turn up as well. Heather finally connected the dots, and began to deeply tongue her captor – She had been with girls before, so she had some experience eating them out, but this was a very difficult and unique situation, so she was far from performing well – Though the expansion of the plug in her ass made sure she damn well tried hard. Zigzagging her tongue along as much as the outer lips of the pussy that she could reach, before lightly flicking the clit with the tip of her tongue a few times, and then sliding the bumpy muscle deep into the head Mistress's depths. “Ooh!” She squeal-moaned, clearly pleased, she released some of the air out of the plug, and turned up the vibrator while turning down the electricity as well. Heather began moaning into the woman's cunt – She was hating every moment of this, and could feel the vibrator rubbing against her over-sensitive g-spot – It was nearing painful to receive this much pleasure, but all Heather could do was continue on, and personally pleasure the woman she was sure had fucked up the arrangement she had originally paid for.

It went on like this for an unbearable amount of time, but Heather had no real concept of what time it was, or even what day it was – She had been in that hood for what felt like a week, even though it was only going into the second day. Her experience in the chair was a real back and forth – The head Mistress wasn't content with just one orgasm, and made no effort to help Heather breathe when the juices came pouring out, in fact, she began to punish her for easing up – Though the poor captive was simply trying to breathe! It was made worse by her own orgasms being torn out of her body, she had done a good job getting the Mistress off, but her reward was more powerful vibrations, and they were incredibly affective. When the Mistress was finally satisfied after several more orgasms, she turned everything off and deflated the plug – It had been hours, but she finally got a chance to rest!

“Well that was lovely, my dear. I think the gents should be all warmed up too, lets go pay them a visit.” Heather whined loudly into the Mistress's pussy, knowing quite well that meant another round of her every hole being fucked – She was still sore from the first round.

The Mistress called in a few guys to help her get Heather from her bondage – It was a bit easier getting her out than in, especially removing all the clips and inserts, and she was much too sore to put up a fight, but they kept the arm-binder on and dragged her back around to the mattress room. Heather could tell by the smell alone, but her body was shoved down over the mattress, and it all began again, just like when she first arrived. One man laid down and pulled her on top of him, shoving his cock into her pussy as she was forced to straddle his hips – Then another lined up behind her and with some sort of squeeze-bottle, filled her ass with lube before sliding himself into her.

The last up was a man who gripped her head and immediately slammed his cock all the way into her mouth and throat in one stroke – Causing her to gag and squirm, but they all started to thrust in and out at different times, slowly coming in sync with one another to get the most out of slamming her body back and forth. A major difference this time around, was that they didn't wear condoms – And she could tell. Both by the taste of sweaty cock thrusting in and out of her mouth, as well as tasting it and feeling the warm splats of seed all over her ass, back, rubber-clad face, and wherever they wanted. She felt that this definitely went on longer than the first round, as best as she could remember, and she was correct – They had called a couple of friends in, and used her throughout the rest of the second day. Most of the guys fucked at least two, if not all three holes, and they all made an effort to cum at least once in her mouth.

For once, they simply left her there as the rest of them left one by one – Heather was pretty sure a few women got in on the action, due to some very uniquely shaped cocks that were inserted into her – With nubs, ribs, and other odd textures. Heather caught her breath after a few minutes, then quickly fell asleep atop the cum and sweat-stained mattress, leaking juices from every hole, as well as being absolutely covered in juices too, but for the first time in days, she was allowed to properly sleep. Her sleep was so deep, that they were able to change her outfit without her waking up until it was nearly complete – Which was pretty impressive, considering the next outfit was quite extensive to put on, though removing the ring-gag and hood, as well as the arm-binder was pretty easy!

A neck-entry brown-and-white spotted catsuit with a built-in hood – All of which would essentially cover over 95% of Heather's body, her crotch was not a part of that majority. The feet were the hardest part, because they had built-in black pony-play fetish heels, with no actual 'heel' to speak of, they would force Heather to walk on the balls of her feet at a slight angle – Which externally resembled pony hooves, complete with steel horse-shoes! Though her hands weren't left out of the built-in accessories – They were forced into pony-hoof gloves, also with steel horse-shoes to help complete the set.

A corset was added, and tentatively tightened, not wanting to kill the sleeping girl, but it did make her look more like a proper pony-girl. Carefully, the attached hood was applied to Heather's head, and tightened down properly – It was a lot less restricting than the hood she wore for the first few days, but it notably would remove her peripheral vision, and also made her mouth visible – Though that was not for her benefit. They were sure to apply a simple rubber blindfold for the time being – Heather still didn't need her eyesight, at least not in their minds, and there wasn't really anything to see anyways.

Two black leather harnesses soon made their appearances – The first one went onto Heather's head. Starting from a stiff posture collar, straps ran up to a bit-gag that was quickly forced into her mouth, and straps extending beyond that would wrap around the back of her head, over the top of her head, and around her forehead to hold it all tightly in place. A mo-hawk of matching pink feathers stood center of the strap running along the top of her head, and it was then that the workers started to notice that Heather was waking up.

Not that it bothered them, they just moved a little quicker to apply cuffs to each of her upper arms that they used as anchors to clip the pony-hoof gloves to – Keeping Heather's hands and arms in a constant 'begging' position, with her gloves hovering just about chin-height, but forcibly pulled back, so that they were rendered otherwise useless. She groaned in confusion and wiggled her 'hooves', realising she was in yet another outfit, but this one seemed to cover much more than the first, and the hood was different – Mainly being her mouth was free. That was quickly changed though, when they clipped a bit-gag onto one side, then forced the rubber bar into her mouth, clipping it to the other side to keep her muted. The gag was arguably better than the O-ring, being nobody could 'use' her mouth, but digging her teeth into the rubber didn't feel great, and it still caused her to drool.

Not exactly having an idea of what was going on, except that several men were around her, and for once, not taking every orifice she had for their own – So things were going well in her mind, unaware that they were adjusting the second leather harness, which was for her body, and a lot worse than the first. Forcibly lifting her legs up, they fed her hooves through the leg-holes and shimmied the black leather up her rubber-clad legs until it settled high-up on her thighs. Much like a parachute harness, they wrapped around the thighs and left the crotch open – The thigh-straps lead upwards to a broad single strap that ran straight up her body as they applied it while also splintering off at various points up the main strap, and it eventually connected to the collar.

Another set of hands was guiding a matching strap up from the back in the same fashion, connecting to her collar and pulling her torso slightly inwards from the tension. Heather did feel strange webbing pressing down on her rubber-coated breasts, and that's where the hands went next – Squeezing and forcing her breasts and the latex through a hole in the center, it was painful, and the hands clearly didn't care, but they got her mammaries through the holes – Each one was connected to the center strap with unfinished straps hanging loosely around the back of Heather's torso. The leather cinched uncomfortably tight around each base of her breasts, causing them to bulge somewhat, and when the straps met in the back, the buckle was pulled tighter than it should have been, but all she could do was cry and groan through the process. Several metal binding points jingled with Heather's mild movements – Letting Heather know it wasn't just a cool-looking fetish harness, but an actual usable harness.

An excited murmur rumbled through the guys as the head Mistress showed up with the last pieces, and the hands that were idly groping and feeling her body up began to hold her in place. She felt something bumping against her hips before being enclosed around them, it felt padded, but it was certainly tight-fitting and mildly uncomfortable. She suddenly exhaled harshly out when she felt a cold, wet bulbous head pressing into her aching slit – It was only held there for a second, before being forced up into her a few inches and a matching head was pressing up against her sphincter. Both tips lead to full-sized metal plugs built into the swing-arm crotch of the chastity belt that was being applied, and sank in fairly deep – The one buried in her pussy was an average cock size, and the one in her ass was only an inch shorter, but just as thick, and seemed to move with the sway of her squirming hips as the other end of the swing-arm was inserted into its home with a resounding CLICK, confirming the chastity belt was now locked on – Though Mistress wasn't done yet.

“Every pony needs a tail, right?”

All the guys bobbed their head in agreement, some murmuring agreement as well, and with that, Mistress held up a long, flowing tail that matched Heather's black hair – Though the attachment point was curved and curious-looking. Heather could feel the harness being toyed with, something straining against it before feeling as if something passed through it – And then she felt the anal plug stirring within her, someone was fiddling with that now. Soon, she felt the plug start to press upwards a bit, which was an odd feeling, and it stayed like that – Though the Mistress slapped Heather's ass hard, causing her to squeal and jump suddenly, which introduced the poor pony-girl to a unique feature of the plug.

With the rather hefty weight of such a large, curly-haired tail made with metal bits – It provided plenty of counter-weight for the anal plug, which moved and stirred around so easily, because it was connected to a free-floating base – Which meant that every movement of Heather's tail had an opposite effect on her plug, and given she wasn't used to being so restrained, let alone with such high heels that offered no heel-support, the tail was bound to move A LOT – Which in turn, would stir the plug around inside her sore ass. It didn't seem like much yet, but she certainly wasn't excited at what it meant, though it was hard to tell from the juices leaking out from around the front plate of the chastity belt.

“Perfect! Fun time is over now though - It's time to begin your training. Don't worry though, you'll spend most of your time with me – Learning how to pleasure a woman.”


Katie sighed happily at the end of another video that the shell company had sent her of Heather's 'performance'. It had been a very dramatic turn in her life since this whole thing started – She never had time in school to have relationships, other than study-buddies, and the occasional fling, but she was dedicated, and her grades reflected it, as did her degrees. Though that same intense dedication was turned upon BDSM – Something that would have never crossed her mind, if it weren't for that writhing bitch Heather. Now, Katie's place was packed with furniture and gear! Hell, she was even starting to wear more latex and leather – Especially outside, under her normal clothes. It was a taste of the thrilling life Heather had, and Katie could see the allure, though she could also see that it would be impossible for her to keep up if she hadn't already become successful at her job. The job which not only afforded her the finances to buy such lavish fetish gear, but it also made her friends and family used to meeting her in town, rather than at her place – So she never had to hide her new-found lifestyle, except under her clothes, and even if she wanted to hide the rest, she couldn't.

Though her most favourite part of her life now, was Heather. Of course, that wasn't her name now – If she was even called anything other than 'cunt' or 'slave'. It was the greatest twist her life as ever thrown her, and she was enjoying every minute of it. Since that first email, Katie was kept quite abreast of what was happening to Heather – Photos and videos came in every day, which sparked such a sudden and intense interest in BDSM – Though with some brief research, she discovered that this was far away from the actual culture, but they certainly gave her ideas, and eventually had convinced Katie to send a message to the shell company to see if they offered any other services. They were suspicious, and probed deeper before really giving an answer, but when Katie started wiring them money, they started to show their cards.

Katie ended up offering them a considerable sum to not only train the pony-slave captive in pleasuring a woman, but to out-right buy her after they were done. Of course, video evidence was required before she sent the second half of the money, but she was pleasantly surprised. Less videos came in with the men using the slave, and instead, more intimate videos came in between the head Mistress and the slave-in-training. It took another week or two to finish the training, but that allowed Katie time to purchase clothing and gear for when her new slave showed up. A slave-in-training's life was hell, especially when it was against their will, but the head Mistress was once a professional Dominatrix, and had plenty of experience, as well as nearly unlimited resources to get the job done.

Delivered under the cloak of night, the man met at the agreed-upon spot, and found his cash exactly as the instructions said – A quick count by a mouth-held flashlight had him unloading the cargo a few moments later with a friend. He wheeled the giant box in-between some bushes, tossed a camouflage blanket over it – Jumping back into his truck and taking off. Katie knew better than to meet the people directly, given she had witnessed exactly what they do, and the fact that they were willing to go even further and sell the people off as well? Fuck that! Though she was surprised they followed instructions exactly, and didn't screw her out of the several tens of thousands she laid out, but she had brought a gun to make sure she had a fighting chance if they tried.

Now that slave was restrained beneath her desk – Sitting on top of a sybian, quivering as the dildo inside of her and the roughly-textured pad vibrated inside of her and against her clit. Moaning into her mistress's pussy as she ate it out – And damn, she was good! A pink leather bolero straitjacket and matching leg-sleeves made sure the slave couldn't dream of slipping off the sybian – She didn't have to worry about chafing, due to the black rubber catsuit she wore – An under-bust corset made sure her breasts were pushed up and out through the appropriate holes in the catsuit.

Much like the one that she wore when being pony-trained, it was neck-entry and both the heels and mittens were built in – Though the heels were nearly-impossible-to-walk-on 6-inch, and the mittens were quite slim, almost like flippers, but considerably rigid, to keep her hands from closing without significant effort. The slave's hood was separate though – Katie liked a variety of hoods, and when tucked into the catsuit, hidden beneath a collar that read 'HONEYCUNT', it was impossible to tell that it wasn't a full-body suit. This particular hood was nothing too special – A circular mouth hole, subtle nose holes, and in big pink letters, 'CUNT' was written across the face.

Katie wrapped her legs over her slave's shoulders, and closed them around the back of that rubber-clad head, forcing the mouth and tongue already pleasuring her, to be pushed deeply into her cunt. “Mmh~ G-Get me off b-before you pass...mmf... Out, and y-you get to cum t-too!” Katie was feeling generous tonight, her hand moved from the computer mouse and over to the control knob of the sybian right next to it – Turning it up a little, before leaning back in her chair more and crying out in pleasure. Whatever the company was, they sure knew how to train a good slave!

With her air sufficiently limited by her Mistress's pussy, HONEYCUNT had really stepped it up. She had been very well trained in cunnilingus, as well as analingus – She wasn't exactly given a choice in the matter, though. The legs around her head squeezed tighter and tighter the further on she went, until she finally received the gush of juices pouring into her mouth, and the muted scream from her Mistress as she climaxed – The legs kept squeezing, cutting off her air and most of her hearing, but when the sybian suddenly kicked into high gear, she knew she had done a good job.

Breath-play was one of the cruel kinks that her Mistress introduced, and one she was not trained in, so it was all very scary – Especially as the closer she got to orgasm, the closer she got to unconsciousness. The legs suddenly freed her head, allowing her to gasp deeply and pant heavily, which was followed a moment later by an intense orgasm – Causing Honeycunt to scream out in pleasure, as the sybian overstimulated her inside and out. “G-Good job Honeycunt, y-you earned another orgasm~” moaned the nubile Mistress, who kept the vibration cranked up to max, but got up to prepare for bed after realising the sun would be up in a few hours – Not something her slave had to worry about, but she'd like to get some sleep before the early-morning calls started to come in from high-powered corporate execs who couldn't figure out how to wirelessly print. It wasn't exactly what she signed up for, but if you cast a wide net, you're bound to get pretty basic calls – Money was money though, and the longer it took, the more she made! Having to support another person, as well as a vast new fetish meant she had to open her number up to a lot more clients.

A wipe down of all the juices her slave couldn't clean up lead to a quick powder-job over her torso, and moving to her fetish wardrobe to pull out one of her many rubber outfits, which she kept meticulously powdered or lubed – Both for ease of access, and to retain the rubber's durability. With the outfit draped over her arm, she went into the kitchen to pull a chastity belt out of the dish-washer, and when wandering back into her room, she pulled a specialised gag off the lengthy row of gags hanging from the wall. Returning to the screaming Honeycunt to turn off the sybian – Just before the poor slave got to a third orgasm.

“Ah-ah-ah, I only said TWO!” Katie tossed a towel, her outfit, the gag, and the chastity belt onto the bed before moving her newer office chair out, a much sturdier leather one that cost an embarrassing amount, but was capable of holding the weight of two people, and was much easier to clean – She squatted down to pull the sliding track out from her under her desk – Another new addition – And lifted her slave off of the sybian. Releasing her legs, she grabbed the towel and wiped Honeycunt down – She'd get a proper bath tomorrow, but for now, she was dried off and forced to spread her legs.

Honeycunt could feel the steel wrapping around her waist tightly, but not painfully, before the cold metal plugs were pressed against, then slid into their respective holes. A familiar resounding CLICK assured that the belt was now locked, as if the two steel plugs weren't assuring enough – The key was hanging from a ring on a hook by the door; a house key, car key, and bindings-lock key shared the same ring. “Now, since you were good – You can spend the night with your Mistress. Though because you almost came a third time, I'll be putting your chastity belt on the charger over night. If you wake me up, you'll be sleeping in the vacbed for the rest of the week!”

Katie was still working on sounding like a Mistress, but a meek, “Y-Yes Mistress” from Honeycunt sent a quiver down her spine, and made her almost want to shove that slave between her legs again – Though she resisted. “Open wide.” Commanded Katie, to which Honeycunt did without hesitation – Katie slid the cock-gag into Honeycunt's mouth, it was about four-inches long and fairly thick, but that was because it contained a hydrating liquid that Honeycunt couldn't pronounce – It was effective though. A few squirts was like drinking a glass of water! It was purposefully difficult to make the gag squirt though – Requiring a fairly firm bite, as well as a relatively strong suckle – So as to not have it squirt in the slave's mouth when she was sleeping, and when combined with a mild muscle relaxer to avoid sore jaws, it was perfect.

Katie pushed Honeycunt onto the bed butt-first – Who laid back and spread her legs, bent at the knee over the edge of the bed – Offering up a view that once more almost made Katie mount the slave, but she held fast and picked up a long black power cord off the bed – She used two fingers to spread a rubber sphincter that was fairly hidden just below Honeycunt's pussy plug, revealing the female end for the plug to slide into. Katie found it fitting, considering it was built into a vaginal plug. There was a subtle click, meaning the teeth gripped the plug to keep it from sliding out, and Katie let the sphincter go, which would tightly ensnare the cord, keeping it from getting wet. A soft twitch from her slave let Katie know that the plug was now being charged – It provided mild vibration, and a small electric charge into Honeycunt, which made it quite difficult to sleep, but she had no choice in the matter. Frankly, Katie had forgotten to plug the damn thing in after it was done being washed, but it worked on-the-fly as a punishment!

Slapping one of Honeycunt's breasts, Katie picked up her outfit from the bed before the slave twisted on the bed and laid parallel with it. There was a sub-sheet made of rubber below the top-sheet which was just normal silky cloth, which kept the bed clean, and also allowed Katie near-instant access to a kinky bed in the heat of the moment.

The nubile Mistress stretched open the forest green latex hip-hugger panties, and slid her legs through the powdered leg-holes, shimmying the tight material up her legs and up over her hips, letting them snap tight against her pale flesh before digging out the wedgie and diligently working out the wrinkles. A matching forest green rubber bra came next with a bit more effort – After a few more minutes of picking and smoothing out the wrinkles, both pieces of lingerie were settled comfortably into place. Bed time!

Katie slipped onto the silky top-sheet and cuddled up against her tightly bound slave, “Sweet dreams, cunt.” Throwing the blanket over the both of them, Katie rubbed a hand up and down Honeycunt's side before settling in and drifting off to sleep. Her worst enemy was now her personal fuck-doll and rubber plaything, Katie hadn't slept better in years! Honeycunt, however, was still considered a missing person, but given the life she lead, very few were looking for her, and if Katie played her cards right, nobody would ever find her – And the shuteye was terrible!

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