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Fetish Factory

by Shawna Summers

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© Copyright 2019 - Shawna Summers - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; factory; machine/m; conveyor; stuck; prepared; process; latex; corset; boots; collar; gag; rubberdoll; FM/m; sissy; oral; anal; climax; denial; packaged; crate; reluct; X

I feel this story needs a quick intro. This was inspired by one of the first pieces of erotic fiction I ever read, The Factory by Tr_Veller. It’s a similar story, but its with a genetic girl and not as much sex, still it was an amazing piece. I tried reaching out for permission to basically borrow the idea and take a trans spin on it, but haven’t heard back. So, if anyone knows Tr_Veller, I’d love to connect again. So, on to the story…

I’m not sure what possessed me to take this crazy job. I mean, I wasn’t desperate. Certainly, not yet anyway! Sure I’d been trying to find journalistic work, but the best I could find was some freelance photography stuff. Although just taking pictures was fairly easy work for my skill level. Plus the nice camera my folks had gotten me for my birthday helped! Still the jobs really didn’t pay much unless you were a major name or an award winner, but I wasn’t broke, yet.

So I suggested to some friends that I should just start shooting wedding photos or something, then I’d at least make some money! One friend said they had someone that looking for some freelance investigative work.

That was how I found myself on a cool Friday night in the industrial part of town sneaking into a factory. Supposedly the company was up to something immoral, and possibly illegal. Mrs. Bonds, my employer for this excursion, wasn’t real specific about the details, just that she needed as much information as I could get about the factory, how it worked and what was going inside specifically. Also, any details about where the items were coming from. 

I thought briefly about my employer who was a very beautiful, but severe woman. She looked like she might be older, but it was hard to say. She might have been late twenties to possibly early forties? No matter, she was very lovely, but also very serious and definitely commanded attention! I considered myself fairly confident, but her commanding presence had me tongue tied and simply answering yes and no. I really wanted to add, Ma’am, but I wasn’t sure if she’d be insulted by that!

Her commanding presence also kind of excited me, since I really loved a dominant, confident woman. So, my mind kept drifting back to her all black outfit and her wicked high heeled boots. This brought my mind to her now and made me wonder why I didn’t ask more questions. Partly, she was willing to pay some up front, with the rest of the payment on delivery, so it didn’t seem to warrant asking too many questions!

I dressed in some black pants and a black sweatshirt to try and look stealthy, I guess? I grabbed a small backpack and put my camera inside it. I figured taking my camera bag would be a bit too obvious. Anyway, I circled the building a few times and didn’t see anyone going in or out. I figured maybe at this point on a Friday night everyone had gone home? I didn’t see any vehicles around, so I figured it was safe to get a closer look. I worried briefly about security or something, but I figured I wasn’t going to find much standing around looking at a dark building!

I crept in for a closer look, trying to watch for people, cameras, anything. If I hadn’t been told something was going on in this building, I’d actually assume it was abandoned! I didn’t see any windows that looked like they’d be open, and I couldn’t see in any of them. So, I finally decided to try some of the doors. I actually found one down a short set of stairs that was unlocked! Great! Now at least I could claim I just wandered in trying to find a bathroom or something, if I got caught!

The first thing I noticed when I got in was a steady droning noise. It wasn’t deafening, but it was loud and would have made even a casual conversation difficult. I closed the door behind me, briefly debating if I should lock it, but then figuring I’d leave it open in case I needed to make a quick getaway. So, I stood as my eyes adjusted to the dark and trying to determine the source of the noise.

I realized it was a bit brighter inside, so I made my way down a short hallway, to a heavy wall. I took a deep breath to steel my resolve, and carefully opened the door. The noise hit me much harder, and while not ear-splitting, it was quite loud, especially considering how little could be heard from the outside. I stepped inside and closed the door behind me, then glanced around to get a lay of the land.

At first, I thought there were hundreds of people, around moving in lines. Then I realized it was some kind of… mannequin? Maybe dolls of some kind? And they were on conveyor belts?

“What the actual hell?” I said aloud, though I could barely hear myself over the machinery. I looked around the factory floor, but could find no sign of any people, and no activity other than the mannequins being shuttled about.

Was this really the right place? I found it hard to believe there could something immoral or illegal going on with mannequins, but then again, I was being paid. So, I figured I should at least check it out before moving on. So, I started sneaking, looking for any place where someone might watch the whole thing, but after several minutes I couldn’t find any signs or people, no coffee makers, water fountains, not even a bathroom! What was this place?

So, I decided to focus on the mannequins and the conveyors themselves. First, I wondered about the different lines, most of the mannequins seemed to be wearing dark clothing, but it looked shiny even in the lower light of the factory. As I got up close and looked at them, I realized they were actually dressed in latex! Well, this was a turn. Okay, so it was a fetish factory of latex covered mannequins? This was a bit exciting since I loved kinky clothing, and latex was a favorite, so this was a wild thing to run into!

I followed the line down to one of the main areas and saw a series of attachments come out and cut most of the latex off the mannequin. The clothing all seemed to fall into some kind of collection bin. I watched as several dolls went by and realized it wasn’t even the same outfit, there seemed to be a wide variety of outfits coming down. From a catsuit and pumps, to a French maid dress all the way to heavy duty corsets and thigh high boots! I also realized many of them had some kind of bondage gear on them. Some were in just cuffs and a collar, but others had armbinders, gags, harnesses and other heavy duty items.

This was pretty wild stuff! I looked through the collection bin and realized there were panties in there as well. What was really wild was most of the underwear seemed to feature some kind of dildo or two dildos! What was the point of dildos on a mannequin? Most didn’t even usually have orifices, right? This made little sense to me.

I dug through the bin, and found a pair of panties and a gag that were basically intact. I fished them out and put them in my bag. I told myself it was something to show to my employer, but really I was planning on wearing them! You see, I had long been a crossdresser and I loved fetish clothing, like leather, PVC, and yes, latex. Corsets, boots, and gloves were also on my list of favorite items! The phallus in the panties had me a little excited, too. Since I had played with a dildo and vibrator myself, this seemed like a dream come true. Now, I was just hoping there was some way to find racks of the clothes before they went on the mannequins! Maybe I could get myself a whole outfit?

So, I decided to try and check the mannequins closer. I was a bit below them, so I couldn’t really see the conveyors well. I followed the line, but shortly after the removal phase, the lines moved into some kind of deeper area. I could see the dolls were being given some kind of washing, I guessed an antibacterial scrubbing or some kind of cleansing? It was hard to say from this far back. Once they moved past the rinse, I could see the dolls had some kind of box come over their heads?  I couldn’t see much further back, and I couldn’t figure a way around the rinse tanks. So, I decided to try towards the front and see if I could find some way up to the conveyor there.

In my head, I had started referring to them as dolls instead of mannequins, because this seemed a bit beyond a normal mannequin thing. I was wondering if maybe these were some of those lifelike sex dolls, and this was how they got processed? But why were they coming back and getting their outfits taken off? Maybe they would get an upgrade and go back to their owners?

I approached the front of the conveyor and had pretty much given up any pretense at stealth, I didn’t see how there were any people here! The floor sloped up a bit, so I was able to get closer to the line and I could see most of the dolls were in fact coming to the conveyor belts in their latex clothes and bondage gear, but I couldn’t really see where they were coming in from.

I finally pulled myself up to the factory roller lines and balanced just next to the dolls going past. I tried to grab onto one of the dolls and check it out, but it was going too quick and all I was able to determine was that it wasn’t a plastic mannequin, but felt more like a soft, smooth rubbery substance. Not quite skin-like, but something along those lines. It was also slightly warm, which threw me off a bit. Of course, they all seemed to be wearing the fetish clothes, bondage gear and I could also see most of them had some kind of make-up on. The few I saw looked to be very heavily made up, with lots of eye color and lipstick. Again, as a lifelong crossdresser, I had to admire the heavy look, but I also wondered why they were made-up like this!

Not only were the dolls going fast, but I only had a couple feet of room, and I didn’t want to fall. Instead, I made my way along toward the front of the line, looking for how they entered the system. As I made my way up to the front, I could see some kind of chute where they seemed to drop down and then the lines split out into several different conveyors. I couldn’t see any way up to where the chute came down and I’d have to cross the quick moving belts to get to the front.

I could see the dolls landed on the line, then their feet had some kind of grippers that locked onto them, holding the doll’s feet to the belt, but I didn’t see much else. I was just about to head back when my bag got caught on a doll and my foot slipped on the conveyor. I fell onto the belt itself, knocking one of the dolls out of the way, and my bag tumbled back down to the main floor. I was quickly whisked away and as I tried to move, my foot was caught by one of the grippers!

Oh no! This was not good. I reached down and tried to find a release or something, but I didn’t see anything. I tried forcing it open, but it was not going to give at all. It wasn’t a grip cutting off circulation, but it was tight. The grippers had some kind of padding that let them grip tightly, without crushing my foot. I stood trying to see if I could spot a way to stop the line, when I felt something along my back and then another gripper closed around my neck. In my surprise I put my other foot on the belt right into the lock of the other gripper! I was held fast! And surprised since I hadn’t notice the neck piece before!

As I looked at the other dolls, I realized there was a thin bar that ran up the back and held the dolls up that way. I was on the verge of panicking, but took a few deep breaths and decided to try yelling for help. I was past caring if I got caught, I just wanted off before getting to the cutting station! After a few yells, I realized that with all the noise, there was no way anyone was going to hear me. My heart was pounding, but there was little I could do but ride closer to my fate!

I could feel my heart race as I got closer to the cutting station. The doll in front of me was lifted slightly by the two arms under the shoulders. The doll was only slightly off the platform, but it was held pretty fast.

I then watched in horror as the mechanical blade arms extended to the doll in front of me and shredded the clothes it was wearing. I approached and as the shoulder arms lifted me, I felt my feet were free of the belt and I tried pulling at the collar to see if I could get loose, but the sucker was just stuck too tight.

Moments later it was my turn! I stood as still possible, even closing my eyes and holding my breath! I wasn’t sure how sharp the blades were, but they looked razor sharp and scary as hell! It was all over in a heart-stopping moment, I felt the blades pass just fractions off my skin, shredding my sweatshirt, pants, and even my watch, shoes and underwear! I could feel all the clothes and my watch falling off as I moved relentlessly down the belt towards my fate.

I shivered as the sweat of fear from harrowing ordeal began to cool on my bare skin. I felt even more vulnerable being completely naked. I’m not sure why, I guess it was psychological? After all, I would have been held fast either way, but now I was naked and afraid, literally!

I watched the doll in front of me pass into the spray station and saw a number of jets spray every last bit of the doll. The chemical smell was really strong as I got closer. I hoped whatever the spray was, it wasn’t toxic or anything! I realized there wasn’t much to do but hold my breath again and hope. I did also take the last moment precaution of closing my eyes, hoping the chemicals wouldn’t get through or burn too bad. I also realized the foot grippers were sliding further open, so my feet were almost four or five feet apart, near the edges of the belt! With my legs splayed open, my crotch was quite exposed, so I felt even more vulnerable!

The water sprayed on me and I almost gasped, but kept my wits, and my mouth shut! The spray was forceful and cold. I could smell the faint chemical tang and could feel my skin buzzing in an odd way. I also hoped I wasn’t allergic or anything. I was about to open my eyes, when I heard another set of jets and felt myself being sprayed again. Again, the shock and cold hit me and made me shiver with both cold and fear. It took me a moment to realize the chemical smell was gone. I guess the second jets were the rinse? It took me a moment to realize the strange sensation I felt on my skin was actually my hair!

Holy hell! All of my body hair was gone! I was completely hairless from my feet all the way to the top of my head! I was set back down on the belt and the grippers reattached to my feet. If I’d been thinking clearly, I would have probably tried to avoid them, but I was too busy blinking the water out of my eyes and trying to feel around. Sure enough, my skin was about as hair-free as it could be. Blinking, I could even feel my eyelashes and yes a quick check and even my eyebrows and head hair were gone! This was a bit much to take psychologically, but the machines were relentless and kept me moving toward my fate.

As I came out of the wash station, I could see the factory opened into another area. I looked around hoping there some people here that would be able to free me, but alas it was just me and the dolls. I sighed wondering what this crazy contraption had in store for me next!

I could see the next thing was a box descending over my fellow doll’s heads. Naturally, I couldn’t see what was going on, but I was definitely going to find out! Sure enough, moments later the box came down over my head and I could see a series of lights, sensors and more machine arms. I had a brief moment of terror thinking these were more blades, when I realized they were pads and brushes. Seeing the brushes threw me back to the make-up and I realized I was about to get a wild make-over!

Again, I tried holding as still as possible and also closed my eyes, not wanting to get a brush in the eye! Though as I did, it occurred to me , the dolls probably shifted and moved, so the sensors must be to make sure they get the dolls correctly done, even if they’re not lined up perfectly. I could feel the brushes and pads moving over my skin. My face seemed to be getting hit everywhere at once. It was a bit overwhelming and felt really strange! I didn’t know how else to manage it, so I just tried to wait patiently, assuming it was designed to be quick and figuring it would be over fast. I could also feel something happening to my fingernails and toenails, so I assumed I was getting a mani-pedi, too!

Sure enough, just as I was beginning to wonder how much longer it could take, the brushes withdrew, something cold like a gel was sprayed on my newly bald head! Then, I could feel warm air circulating in the box. Finally, after a few moments, the box withdrew. I felt the oddly familiar weight of make-up on my face. I could feel my lips, eyes, cheeks, most of my face had been done. I looked down and I could see the bright red gleaming on my finger and toenails. That was one way to get your nails done in record time! If not for the scary ride, this might be a good way to speed up the nail salon process!

So, as I was admiring my new nails, I felt something heavy on the top of my head. I tried to look up, but whatever it was, had a decent grip and was pushing down hard. After a few moments, but seemed a lot longer, the pressure relented. Though I could still feel something heavy on my head. As I moved it a little, I could feel hair brush my shoulders, so I deduced a wig had been placed on my head. I reached up and pulled on the wig. I could feel the pull on my scalp and I guessed the gel had been some kind of quick drying adhesive. I had a wig glued to my head! I could also feel my eyelashes as I was blinking, so I must have had fake eyelashes glued on. I wondered if they drew on eyebrows, too. How crazy is that? I was being forcibly made over into a sex doll, and I was worried about my eyebrows matching my hair and eyelashes!

I really wanted to see what I looked like. Here I was heading to an uncertain fate, and I was worried if I looked cute or not. As luck would have it, the walls closed in to a narrow corridor and I was able to see myself in the gleaming polished metal walls. It wasn’t quite a mirror image, but what I saw was pretty wild. I could see a heavily-made over blonde staring back at me. If I couldn’t see my hand moving up to touch my face, I wouldn’t have believed it was me!

Clearly overdone was the goal and red must have been my theme. I had light red eye shadow, that darkened out to a wing past my eye. The dark black eyelashes looked a stark contrast to my red eyes, my cheeks and face were lightly rouged, but my lips were done in a bright fire engine red that basically screamed ‘cocksucker’. Pair that with the bright red nails, and except for my cock, which was still quite flaccid due to the crazy nature of everything, I looked like a naked sex doll.

I was brought back to reality by the next station coming up. I could see the doll in front of me lift and then break off into a different belt. It was kind of a strange moment, like losing a travelling companion. Also, it meant I didn’t have as much warning about what was coming. The arms lifted me up again and I tried to remind myself not to put my feet back down on the grippers when I was done. As I was thinking that, several things happened at once. First, I could feel something pulling at my feet, while something was wrapped around my mid-section. I tried to look down, but it was tough with the neck gripper and the arms holding me up. Whatever was on my legs felt soft and smooth, so I was guessing some kind of stockings? The part around my midsection covered me from waist to just about the shoulders and was pretty solid. When it started pulling tighter, I guessed it was a corset. When it felt like it was squishing me in half, I was confirmed it was a corset!

As that was going on, I felt a new sensation on something else sliding up my legs. This was followed by surprise coldness at my ass! I had a brief moment to wonder what was going on when I felt the latex panties pulled the rest of the way up and I felt a strong pushing at my ass. I realized the phallus on the panties was being lubed up and the machine wasn’t going to take no for an answer!

I tried to relax since I knew tensing would just it make it hurt more. The machine slowly but insistently shoved the latex cock up my ass. Once the head popped in, most of the rest of it slid in, too! I tried to remember from digging around the bin how big the plugs were. This one certainly felt huge! While that was going on, I felt something else happening at my feet, all while the corset was still being tightened!

 I was worried the machine would tighten the corset too much and actually hurt me, but once it was down several inches, it stopped. I assumed it tied the strings off. Once the rubber cock was buried with what had to be at least 8 or 9 inches in my ass, the panties were pulled all the way up. I could feel them trapping my limp cock in the front, while my ass tried to repel the invader back there. Since the latex gave a tiny amount, the dildo would slide out, before the latex pushed it back in. The effect was that I was basically fucking myself with this large dildo. Naturally this was turning me on, but my cock was trapped by the latex in the front, so it could only bulge a little, not actually get fully hard. It was almost like a weird rubber chastity cage!

The sensation at my feet grew and I realized something else was being pulled up my legs. It felt pretty solid. I briefly had this idea to try and fight or escape, to do something! But I was basically broken and just hung there like a good little dolly, waiting for what would happen to me next! It took me a moment to realize that they were boots being pulled up my legs. At least I assumed they were boots, they certainly hugged my legs tightly and felt like some kind of tough material, leather was my guess. As the boots kept pulling up, I realized they must have been at least knee high, maybe thigh high. As my feet slipped into the bottom, I also realized these had a seriously high heel! I felt how my feet were pointed almost straight down and I wondered if they were ballet boots! While the idea of wearing ballets was exciting, it was also a bit terrifying since the highest heel I’d worn was 5 inches and this was at least 8 or 9! As I felt the laces being tightened, I realized there wasn’t much to do but hope that I didn’t need to walk far!

I also felt the machines grip my wrists and a moment later gloves were being pulled onto my arms. I briefly hoped they were opera length since I loved that look, but the longest I had at home were elbow length! I then chided myself for cheering on the damn machine that was turning me into a doll! Oh well, not much to do, but see where all this went and hope I could get free at the end! Maybe this would be how I could get my new outfit?

I felt another slip at my legs and wondered what it could possibly be doing now?! A few moments later, I felt the skintight dress pulled up to just above the bustline of my corset. Though I could feel the hem was well short of the tops of boots. A latex minidress was my guess.

A few moments later, I was able to confirm my suspicions as I neared another closed in part and could see myself. Holy shit was I hot as hell! I couldn’t believe the blonde latex slut that was hanging helplessly was me! The boots were extreme and yes they were pointed toes like ballet boots. They did seem to be some kind of shiny patent leather going up to about mid-thigh. The hem of the dress started several inches above that, just below my asscheeks. The panties and my anal friend weren’t visible, but I could sure feel them! Then the dress wrapped itself around me and the skintight corset was just visible. The corset was also tight enough it gave me the illusion of some tits. Small ones, but tits none the less. Then the long gloves and the over the top make-up made me look like some kind of glam model or maybe fetish goddess , or a kinky sex doll!

That led me to wonder about my destination. I had visions of me being rescued by some plant workers, who have me show my gratitude with my mouth and ass as they rescue me! With the large cock already buried in my ass, it was hard not to focus on! I was so focused on being ravaged by multiple plant workers, that I missed the next area had come up, until the machine was pulling my arms behind me and I felt something slip over my wrists.

I now remembered the bondage gear and tried to fight back, but it was far too late. I was too tired and the pull of the machine and the leather was too much. It only took a few moments to slide the leather armbinder up and be buckled around my shoulders. I then felt something settle on my head. I felt a series of buckles, and the machines very insistently pushed a large ring gag into my mouth as it buckled the rest of the harnesses around my head. The gag seated deeply in my mouth, the soft leather pulling at the corners of my mouth. I could tell that was going to get uncomfortable before too long!

Between the armbinder and the corset, I was already pretty limited on upper body movement! I could feel the machine doing something else around my shoulders. It took me a moment to realize it was wrapping something around my neck! Oh wow! What else? The machine wrapped something stiff and leather around my neck. Whatever it was, it was fairly large! Going from my collarbone, all the way up my jawline! As the leather tightened, I could feel it pushing my chin up and forcing me to keep my head in one position! I was being put into a posture collar!

I could also feel it doing something around my ankles at the same time! What the hell else was it doing? I felt something wrap around my ankles, but I couldn’t tell what else happened. I was a little worried, but it was hard to focus and I was getting very turned on by the bondage, and I was already aroused, and frustrated by the dildo in my ass and my cock being trapped in the latex. I was trying to figure out a way to get my cock free when I was placed back onto the conveyor belt and everything set me down.

Though, I was pretty helpless to do much of anything! I turned as best as I could to look at myself in the reflection of the metal, and I was astounded! I really looked like a bondage sex doll! If I didn’t know it was me, I’d never suspect there was a person trapped in all that leather and latex!

The belt moved into a dark area and I could hear the factory sounds fading into the background. I reached the end of the line and came to a momentary stop. Then, the arms grabbed me and moved me into another room. I could see several other dolls in various outfits and degrees of bondage being loaded into cargo shipping containers! Oh no! I was going to be packed and shipped!

As the arms lowered me down, I moved away from where most of the dolls were stored, and was somewhat shocked to see my employer! Mrs. Bonds! Oh, thank goodness! My heart raced, she had figured out I was in trouble and was here to rescue me!

I was lowered to the floor and felt a momentary sense of relief. That was until I looked at her face, and saw that she wasn’t surprised at all. Or weirded out… or any other reaction I’d expect from someone who found me in that situation! In fact, she had kind a smirk, almost an… evil smile on her face. I suddenly had a very bad feeling and a sinking sensation in my stomach. Also, a lot of pain in my toes, since I was standing on my tiptoes in those damn boots!

My hunch was confirmed a moment later when she spoke to me, “My, my, you turned out to be a sexy little sissy, didn’t you?” I tried to fight back, but could only gargle out of the ring gag. Which mostly succeeded in dribbling drool over my chest? Well, my tits, I guess. Certainly my cleavage, at least.

Mrs. Bonds shushed me gently, then started running her hands over my bondage, “And we certainly lucked out with you getting the Bimbo Fuck Slut treatment.” She felt the firmness of the boots, the security of the armbinder, the tightness of the posture collar and the immobility of the head harness. “So, wonderfully trapped aren’t you?” she said, sliding a finger into opening of the ring, feeling around my tongue and mouth. I felt rather violated, but for some reason that just turned me on more!

“I’m sure you have so many questions,” she chuckled evilly, “but sadly are in no position to ask them, or do much of anything really. Such a delightfully helpless little sissy girl.” My eyes widened as she mentioned sissy again. She smiled wider, “Oh yes, I know all about you and your… proclivities? Such a variety of naughty and kinky websites that you frequent. Such a dirty little girl, right Shawna? That is what you call yourself, when all dolled up?”

She chuckled, “No answer? Oh well, it doesn’t matter. You’re going to get a new name soon, but we don’t really have time to discuss that now.” I tried to shake my head or say something, but there wasn’t much I could do with her finger raping my mouth.

She withdrew her finger and wiped the spit on my right tit. She then pushed something else into the ring, filling the open hole completely. It took me a moment to understand the steady hissing sound was a pump. She was pumping up an inflatable gag in my already gagged mouth! After a few moments, the mouth filler began to grow and I could feel it with my tongue. I should have known it was an inflatable penis gag! I could feel it just filling my mouth and just starting to push to my throat when Mrs. Bonds stopped, looking evilly at me, “The trick is to inflate it enough to fill the mouth and just tickle the back of the throat so it almost hits your gag reflex without actually triggering the reflex.” Sure enough, she pumped once more, looked at me then pumped one more time. And yes I could feel the tip of the fake cock just hitting that spot without actually triggering me to gag.

“Let’s so how the rest of you fared,” and her hands ran down my tits, briefly teasing my nipples, then feeling down the heavy boning of the corset, down to my stocking tops and garters, and back up, lifting the hem of my dress and running her hands over my latex panties. My breathing started to go ragged as she traced my trapped cock. “My, my, some nasty little sissy is really enjoying her predicament,” Mrs. Bonds purred. I tried to shake my head, yell no, deny it in some way, but she rubbed my cockhead and all I could do was breath heavily. She smiled, “Of course, I bet a lot of that, has to do with your friend back here,” and she reached around to the back of the panties, pulling the dildo most of the way out, then ever so teasingly and slowly, pushing it back in. All I could do was breath and shudder in delight.

That made Mrs. Bonds smile like the cat that ate the canary! She then pulled my panties open in the front and my trapped cock shot up to rock hardness. “Such a cute little clitty,” she teased. Admitted, I wasn’t huge, but I was 5 inches or so, big enough, I’d always thought anyway. No matter what, I was prepared to beg or whatever for her to give me some kind of release. Jerk me off, let me hump her leg, something! Anything, I was so worked up!

Mrs. Bonds ran her hand through the pool of spit on my tits, getting her hand pretty wet, she then wrapped it around my cock, and began to stroke slowly, teasingly. “Here’s the deal sissy girl, I’m going to stroke your little clitty here and then when you shoot your goo, I’m going to finish preparing you for your new owner.”

I was so lost in the haze of pleasure as she slowly stroked me, that the word owner, didn’t fully sink in. I was trying to increase the friction, by moving my hips, doing something, but I just couldn’t get anything more except an evil smile. “Oh, does my little sissy girl, want to cum?” She teased, I tried to nod, beg, but all I could do was breathe heavily!

Thankfully, she seemed to take pity on me and began stroking faster. My tense body was so pent up, I knew it wouldn’t take long, and sure enough after just a few minutes of steady stroking, I began to buck in my bonds, my already limited breathing became even more ragged. Then she reached back and started sliding the dildo in and out of me! Then, as I approached the point of no return, she stopped stroking! No! No! Oh no! What? Oh no, I could feel my hips bucking what little they could move and my clitty started pulsing and I could feel the cum, but it was more of a dribble than a full blown eruption. I could feel the cum leaking and squirting, but there was almost no actual orgasm to go with it. She’d given me a ruined orgasm!

Oh my, and that was just as frustrating as I imagined it would be! I almost felt hornier than when she started. Though I was quickly losing my hardness. As I panted for air, I could feel the gag being deflated and removed. I drew some more air in that way, and Mrs. Bonds kept going. “Awww, did poor little sissy girl not get the spurt she hoped for?” I looked up at her, hoping to plead or appeal for some pity, but when I looked, I saw only cold malice and pleasure, she was enjoying this! Then she held her hand up to my mouth and pushed the puddle of my cum into my mouth. “Here you go sweetie, you made the mess, only fair you clean it up!” She chuckled as I could feel the cum pooling on my tongue. It was hard to swallow, so instead, I got a real good taste of the salty sweetness that was my own cum. As I focused on trying to swallow the puddle of girl-cream in my mouth, I felt her doing something to my clit, I mean my cock! What now?

I don’t know why I bothered asking. It had to be evil. And it was probably going to turn me on. Sure enough, I felt something wrap around my balls, and I could feel something hard and plastic over my clit head. A few moments later and the click of a lock confirmed, I’d just been locked in chastity! I was simultaneously thrilled and terrified. Thrilled because I’d always wanted to try chastity, but scared because this madwoman was in control of me.

As I was able to swallow down the last of my jizz, I realized, someone else was in the room with us! I hoped this was someone to rescue me! But as Mrs. Bonds turned as looked at the newcomer, they both smiled. Shit! “Hello, Mister… Johnson,” she smiled and they shook hands. He kissed the back of her hand like a lady or princess or something. Then he turned to look at me.

“Oh my! Darling, you have outdone yourself this time!” he grinned, but not in a nice way, more in a predatory way that both thrilled me and scared me. He came over and began checking me out the same way my captor had. Suddenly the words ‘owner’ rang back in my head, and I was even more scared! He ran his hands all over me, checking out the merchandise, so to speak! This began to arouse me, and I could feel my clitty trying to rise up, and being held by its plastic prison. Oh, that was frustrating!

His hands ran all over spending extra time teasing my nipples, playing with my ass and fucking me with the dildo. That got some groans out of my gagged mouth! Then he toyed with my bondage before teasing my locked up clitty a few times.

“Here are the keys to all her locks,” Mrs. Bonds said passing over a ring of keys to the man. He smiled with evil intent and then began sliding his fingers into the ring gag.

“The ring gag and posture collar are an excellent combination,” he smiled as he felt around my helpless mouth.

“Yes, I thought so. I have an inflatable gag to ensure she keeps quiet for travel, but I figured I’d leave it out for now in case you wanted to… sample the wares?” Mrs. Bonds smiled as she winked at me.

The man smiled and chuckled, “Yes, that is an excellent idea!”

Mrs. Bonds offered, “Please allow me to set her up, you don’t mind if I enjoy the show?”

The man smiled and shook his head, “Not at all, besides sissy should get used to performing now, she’s going to be putting on a lot of shows!”

Mrs. Bonds pulled up on my armbinder, and I was automatically bent over at the waist. She did something and a moment later my armbinder was secured up high, pulling my arms up roughly above me. This put me in an effective strappado. Then she did something with the head harness, pulling my head and hair back, so that I was looking straight ahead. I could see the man playing with his cock through his pants. It looked pretty large!

Mrs. Bonds stepped aside and gestured to my helpless form. The man stepped up and confirmed my guess, pulling out what had to be at least a 9 inch cock, maybe 10, and it was pretty thick! Definitely twice the size of my… clitty. I admitted defeat. After all, my small cock was locked in chastity, I was dressed as slutty fetish fuck doll and was about to be raped by a real man with a large cock. I was a sissy and my clitty was useless compared to his piece of meat! And help me, I was kind of looking forward to being used by him!

The man stepped up to my upright and helplessly open mouth. “Stick out your tongue, sissy girl.” I obediently slipped my tongue out of the ring. “She is a good girl,” he said to Mrs. Bonds.

“She was picked for a reason,” was her breathless reply. From what little I could see of her, she was playing with her tits and had her other hand up her hiked up skirt. I guess she was literally getting off on this!

I stuck out my tongue, and the man presented his cock to my tongue. I began to lick it as best I could. He obliged and moved his cock around, giving me access to the whole of his large dick. It looked even bigger up close like this!

I guess he tired of the foreplay, since after having me tongue his balls for a few minutes, he quickly pushed his cockhead to the gag opening and slid it in. This pushed my tongue back down and his cock quickly filled my mouth, the head pushing to the back, finding the entrance to my throat. He pushed in and I gagged a little. He just pulled back, and kept hitting that spot multiple times, making me gag over and over. I realized from his breathing he was getting excited and was enjoying the power over me! Making me gag was just a way to make me feel even more owned!

He then pushed harder, grabbing onto the back of my head, pushing his cock into my throat. He went quite deep on the first stroke. He pulled back, let me catch my breath, then pushed in again, going deeper with each thrust until he pushed all the way down and buried my nose in his pubic hair, his balls hitting my chin. He growled a bit, holding me down, even pushing me further down on his cock!

He then pulled back and began really slamming his cock into my mouth and throat, fucking my face with his monster! He started to get a good pace, and I began to wonder if he was going to cum in my mouth, or throat. But suddenly he pulled out, leaving me with a large amount of drool dripping out of my gag.

He quickly stepped around behind me, pulled down the panties and ripped my anal intruder out. He quickly replaced that with his cock, burying it to the hilt in my ass! I moaned as he ground his hips into me. He grabbed my hips and pulled me back, grinding his cock into me. As he pulled out most of the way, he growled and slid all the way back in. I was so pent up, the penetration felt amazing!

As I groaned with each stroke, I saw Mrs. Bonds had her eyes closed, mouth open and was shaking and moaning. After a few moments, she came down, locked eyes with me and stalked over to me. “Stick out your tongue again, sissy.” I complied and she quickly pulled my face into her crotch. I could smell her arousal and she smelled wonderful. My tongue made contact with her pussy and she grabbed my head, pulling me deep into her sex. She tasted even better! I was enjoying tonguing her immensely, and was almost kind of sad I had the gag in and couldn’t really go down on her. Then she basically began humping my face and tongue. She breathlessly pulled me even deeper into her sex and squeezed her thighs on my head. I couldn’t breathe, so all I could do was keep licking and hope she didn’t cum too long! If she multiple orgasms, I was probably going to pass out.

It only took a few moments, but felt like a lot longer, as she slowly ground her way back down from her orgasm. She let go of my head and I tried to let my head drop, but the harness and hair grip wouldn’t let me. So, I hung there, the taste of her filling my mouth and her cream covering most of my face.

My gentleman caller hadn’t been idle during this. In fact, he was plowing my ass with his large cock like a pro. He must have been hitting my prostate, because each stroke felt wonderful. I could feel my clit trying to swell in its cage. This had me gripping the cock with my ass, trying to milk the cum out of it. Hey if I was going to be a slut, I was going to be a good slut!

The man began picking up the pace, and I wondered again if he was going to cum in my ass. When he suddenly pulled out, stepping around to the front, he quickly drove his cock into my mouth and right down my throat again! At first, I had a moment of revulsion since that cock had just been up my ass! But there wasn’t much I could do as he slammed into my throat a few times, then pulled me all the way down and groaned as he bucked and came deep in my throat, bucking his hips and grinding away. Then for the last few squirts, he pulled back, shooting a few squirts on my face. Then he put his cockhead in my mouth, and milked the rest of his load into my mouth.

He ordered me to put out my tongue again, and I did, giving his cock and balls a thorough cleaning. He then pulled away and pushed the inflatable gag back into my mouth, pumping it up to its mouth filling completeness. Mrs. Bonds reinserted my anal toy back in and pulled my panties up. As she undid my bonds and pulled me back up.

She leaned in and whispered in my ear, “I did give you a special present in your toy, sissy girl.” Then I felt her do something and the dildo began to vibrate. Not enough to get me off, but enough to be quite enjoyable.

The man, Mr. Johnson, though I was pretty sure I was going be calling him Sir or something similar, hooked a leash to my posture collar and he slowly walked me to the waiting machine arms on my poor little toes. He and Mrs. Bond talked quietly.

“So, Mr. J, what are you going to call her?” she asked as he handed her an envelope bulging with cash.

She smiled and took the envelope as he replied, “Well, I think with how she is done up, Bimbo will be a good name.”

“Oh, does that mean you’ll be getting her done up even more?” she asked. I was hooked back to the machine and it lifted me in the air. They watched me lustfully as I was moved over to an open container.

“Oh yes, piercings in her tongue, nose, belly button, nipples and clit. Tattooed make-up in the sluttiest style and colors. Definitely a tramp stamp, and probably some other slut tattoos, my name on her ass will be good. Plumped up cock-sucker lips, oh and of course, the largest tits she can fit.”

They both laughed as the lid closed and I was prepared for delivery to my new life as a bimbo slut fetish doll!



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