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Fantasy Unlimited 3: The Second Visit

by Blackfive

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© Copyright 2012 - Blackfive - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; F/mf; latex; bond; nylon; catsuit; toys; insert; public; travel; denial; climax; cons; X

continued from part one

Fantasy Unlimited - The Second Visit


Stephen and Gina are a couple in aged in their early forties, reasonably affluent, despite a family of young teenagers, and living in the United Kingdom near Bristol. Strongly heterosexual and happily married they nevertheless have some interesting tastes when it comes to sexual activities!!

After their last weekend away both Stephen and Gina had instigated "interesting" exploits at home but with a family it was so difficult to find enough time. They also missed the control element that had been experienced in their Belgian weekend as that added the sparkle to the whole adventure.

Unfortunately too the need to find any time for sex at all meant that they were concentrating on the kinky side to the exclusion of normal, consensual, lovemaking and eventually they agreed enough was enough and the kinks at home had to go.

However the kids were getting older and were often away. "While the cats away the mice will play" and to keep the two areas of their life totally separate they booked again with Fantasy Unlimited and this time it was for a longer break than their previous weekend only taster visit as their children were on half-term holiday.

Part 1

It is early on a Friday morning in October and a car is packed with a laughing family heading along the M4 Motorway into South Wales. Stephen is driving with Gina and his wife as they take the children into the Brecon Beacons to their week's break pony trekking. All seems a normal family trip and in many ways it is. The teenagers Timothy and Avril are excited over the pony trekking and looking forward to a week outside parental control. Stephen and Gina are of course also thinking ahead to their own time coming up in Belgium and wondering just what they have let themselves in for this time. As the miles roll on and they cross the new Severn Crossing excitement mounts as at last they turn north off the motorway and head for Brecon.

Three hours later the family goodbyes are said, the parting tears shed and it is back home for the adults. Now tension is mounting for once home they have only a quick turn around time before getting the taxi to the airport and the flight to Belgium. Some preparation has gone on before hand including Stephen's body being smoothed with a depilatory cream just under three weeks ago. He has of course seen the television adverts for waxing and can guess why the joining instructions had specified the creaming three weeks before hand.

Back home and it is up to the bedroom and the dressing for the journey. Fantasy Unlimited had sent the initial costumes and advised on the security risks. There was a gamble they might be strip-searched that was to be part of the excitement of going by air dressed as they were to be. However the current high security risks mean that until they get to the Belgian end the costuming had to be mild. By the time the taxi arrived they were ready.

For Gina it was a fairly basic costume to outward appearances but sufficient to provide both stimulation and a "kick" for her on route. It was a tight peep-hole bra sufficiently tight to give her nipples a squeeze and force them out to rub against her dress. The dress was simple in looks but fiendishly clever in its impact on the wearer. The inside was lined with a thin layer of artificial fur that was barely perceptible to the naked eye but every time the wearer made the slightest movement it tickled and stimulated. To complete the ensemble the dress code instructions had simply read "no knickers, hold-up barely black stockings, four inch heel strappy sandals and scarlet toe and finger nail polish." The skirt part of the supplied dress was of course somewhat short as you can imagine.

Stephen was also dressed in a somewhat unusual manner for a male but in garments that could be excused if caught and not attract too much of the wrong sort of interest from security. He was wearing a shirt and trousers that like Gina's had the cunning fur lining. Underneath he was wearing black support tights over a tight thong and with fairly hairless legs the stimulation from the fur was electric. With the current publicity over the risks of DVT he could get away with the tights without comment if picked on by security. His shoes were a male style but did have both a slightly pointed toe to the cut and a one-inch raised heel within the shoe giving a two inch heel overall and part of raising his anticipation for the much more extreme high-heel delights he had signed up for as part of the holiday. The real sting in the tail for both of them though was in their luggage with garments to be donned after passing through baggage reclaim at the arrival airport and the public transport run in Belgium.

Stephen and Gina had as yet no idea what these were as they were in a plain black sealed packets simply labelled as Stephen and Gina. So what are these day out costumes which have to be hidden under street clothes, give the wearer a constant "kick" on route and be lockable until it is decided by your controller you are allowed to undress? The answer is that Fetish Unlimited provide flesh coloured all-in-one pink rubber suits. The suits have built in feet and torso sections and zip up the back with two small loops at the neck opening matching a hole in the back zip toggle. You put them on, your partner clicks a small padlock or cable tie through these loops fixing the zip so that you are completely sealed in until you arrive at the other end.

The suits are of course not the only required and interesting underwear. For men there is a combined anal plug and tight cache sex garment to be worn first. Your tackle is pulled firmly between your legs and the holding straps go over the anal plug so you are acutely aware of these zones all day. For the women it is a pair of double probe panties so they are also aware of their "bits" all day long. Depending on the duration of time the experience is intended for and other aspects of the fetish experience an adult disposable diaper (nappy) may also be issued.

We leave them for this part of the story as they walk down their drive to the waiting taxi……..

Part 2

In part 1 we left Stephen and Gina's story as they were waiting for a taxi to the airport.  We join them immediately after they have collected their baggage at Brussels Airport.

“OK Gina, you or me to change first?”, Stephen asked with some nervousness but also great anticipation that whatever the clothes would be they would be novel and interesting. “I will”, Gina quickly answered “We'll take the cases into the café area, get the drinks then I go and change and rejoin you there”. “Oh, and we'd better make them small coffees as I've a feeling that whatever this change of underwear is going to be we will be in it from now until we get there without a comfort break!”. Stephen gave her a quick kiss and a hug and they wheeled the luggage carts over to a table before Gina went to get the coffees.

Stephen had been hoping for some relief by being allowed to change first! His bladder was OK, he'd been on the plane, but the ingenious fur lining on the clothes he had now been wearing for about four hours had been gently rubbing on the tights he was also wearing and he was hard as a rock and aching! He knew Gina had also been facing similar extreme experiences since they had left home but the little mewing sounds she'd made whilst tightly grasping his hand suggested to him she'd actually managed a hidden public orgasm at least twice on the plane over. He'd been in the aisle seat, Gina by the window so she'd had just enough increased privacy to risk it.

A couple of minutes later she brought the tray of coffees back and whispered in his ear. “Off you go, I'm not that mean a bitch! I came on the plane you must be desperate! Oh but I am so mean the if there's chastity involved don't , and I will know.” She sat down, rubbing her hand down his chest and over his thigh as she did so. Unfortunately Stephen did appreciate she would know, so as he stood up he too bent over to whisper a message, “You are being a bitch, but yes I know I did promise”. He took the necessary black bag out of his hold-all and went off to the Gents cubicles, not at a run, but certainly at a faster than normal walk!

Inside he found the larger disabled cubicle, quickly opened his bag and gasped. Firstly he could see he would be frustrated as Gina suspected and secondly that he would need the lubricant gel to get into the supplied plug and suit. Taking off the trousers, thong and tights there was a brief relief from the tickle fur but that was not to be for long. He gelled up and pulled on the combo-belt harness. As the elastic waist strap came higher he had to squat sit to get the plug (which wasn't that fat but was slightly longer than his own at home) on the back flap where it need to go and then think the most awful of thoughts to get his penis soft enough to enter the unlaced cache sex sleeve. He strapped that up to the waist belt which pushed the plug in that bit deeper holding it in place and then realised he had to tighten what was in effect now a penis corset on the front panel! The notes in the bag made it clear that the tightness of this would be checked later when it was removed and the results used as necessary! He then had to use the spray lube to get his skin slippery enough to don the pink over-suit before zipping it up using the loose pull cord in the zipper. He quickly put the tights back on before adding the shirt, trousers and shoes and returning to Gina.

Gina of course had been slowly sipping her coffee and also anticipating what she was to wear and as the time ticked by she felt more and more excited and then Stephen did return. “How is it love? “she asked.

“Marvellous” he replied, “but I'm not telling you anything now. Can you get me another coffee please then off you go.” Despite knowing what he was now wearing Stephen downed his cooled coffee whilst Gina went to get him the second cup. Knowing how much she liked erotic watersports activity this was just a bit of kidology on his part as he was already committed whatever happened. She came back with his coffee, kissed him, grabbed her own bag and went off to dress herself too.

For Gina it was a very similar scenario except for the sting in the tail, her legs were far more exposed in the short skirt and she was conscious of the fact that her rubber coated legs would be on show as soon as she left the cubicle, although this was partly negated by the hold-up stockings. She had to do it, eventually opening the door and heading back to her partner. “WOW” he gasped on seeing her. “We've still got to finish these costumes off for each other but time to head on now”. With that he moved behind her finding the cord of the zipper, slipped that inside and pulled the zip back up before putting the small padlock into place. She in turn did the same to him. "Oh my God, what've we done" they both squealed as they knew they had sealed themselves in, knowing it was for another two or three hours. “Come on, it is getting late now let's get the train!” was Stephen's next comment and they descended to the basement level of the airport terminal and the Belgian rail system.

The journey across to Eekloo and the Fetish Unlimited base was one of mixed emotions. For Gina her exhibitionist desires were being satisfied as she was sure people could tell she had on the rubber catsuit, the suits were hot to wear and both were finding them uncomfortable as the plugs moved inside them with the swaying of the train and the waistband of the plug harness also pressed on their bladders. Gina could go easily if she wished but was trying not too, Stephen had tried as his desperation was more intense but the penis corset nature of the cache sex was hampering this so it was a slow release.

Eventually they reached Eekloo and got their taxi to the Fetish Unlimited hotel and reached Reception to check in. As on their first visit all the staff were in fetish versions of the normal hotel maid and waitress costumes and the atmosphere one of control and anticipation. “Ah yes, Stephen and Gina glad to see you back again, Room 7” was the welcoming comment that met them. The events board confirmed they had booked for the correct time slot, although today's entry just read “Dinner - fetish dress”, as it had for their last visit, and Saturday's entries read “Day time – taster workshops” and “Dinner – character costumes”, again as per their last visit, it was the poster board entry for the coming week they were exited about “Flora and Faun(t)a(sy) Week, a week of unsurpassed pleasure and fetish fun based around a plant and animal theme. Book the week you won't regret it!”

Helen one of the staff maids approached and led them up to Room 7 on the first floor that was to be their base for the weekend. This came with a sense of deja vu as it was both Room 7 and Helen who had led them on the same walk on their first visit although as it happened this had been a pure chance coincidence, Fetish Unlimited are good, but not quite that good. Helen was not just an ordinary maid of course this is, after all, a fetish holiday hotel and her costume was appropriate. Her whole image was of control and purpose. Beginning with towering thigh boots in glossy black leather with five inch heels and a crossing pattern of laces the eye was drawn upwards over sheer black nylon clad thighs to the briefest of mini dresses also in glossy black. With a white blouse emphasising her nipped in waist Stephen couldn't help but attempt arousal despite his painful bladder and the tight restrictions whilst Gina was, as last year, thoughtful. Of course they asked what the content of the week's experience was to be like but only got the predictable reply "Wait to be pleasured".

Helen did have the keys and got them to undress ready for a shower, to look at Stephen's lacing attempt and record the result and get them redressed for the evening. As she noted down the notch 6 result on her clip board Stephen did think should he ask what that meant, but thought better of it! He knew the answer would just be “Wait and see”, remembering the fun he had got as a result of doing just that the last time they were here he simply waited for Gina to finish showering before taking his own. Yes he thought, there is something to be said for taking your time and waiting to be pleasured!

To be continued in due course....


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