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The Initiation

by DollMaster

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© Copyright 2007 - DollMaster - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; latex; bond; enema; bagged; wrapped; rubberdoll; toys; cons; X

Kat had been waiting months for this day to come for months. The past three months had been a blur of pleasure for the young girl. She was 19, and a serious rubber fetishist. It had taken her six months of searching for the special group of people of which she was about to join. Each and every one were rubber fetishists to the extreme. It had taken a of effort just to get invited to one of there parties, and ever more to actually be considered for membership. She had to pass a rigorous physical and disease screening program before she could enter their large mansion in the country.

Her sponsor, who she only knew as Michelle, took her inside, and she was amazed at what she saw. Everything in the grand house was covered in black, shiny rubber, from the walls to the furniture. Kat could feel herself getting wet already.

"Please follow me, Kat. We must prepare you."

Kat nodded silently and followed her to a large bathroom, tiled in pure white. A maid, covered completely in tight, black rubber and wearing 7-inch ballet boots, walked slowly over toward them.

"Rubber Maid, this initiate must be cleansed. See to it."

The maid nodded silently. Kat noticed that her mouth had been sealed over by the hood, and only her eyes shown out. The maid led her over to an open shower, no more than a shower head sticking out of the wall with a drain in the floor.

"You must remove your clothes, Kat. You won't need them while you are here."

Kat smiled and stripped. Quickly, she stood naked and shivered slightly. It was chilly in the room. The maid motioned for her to stand under the shower head as she turned it on. The warm water was soothing, and Kat just stood there while the maid rubbed her body all over with her rubber-clad hands. The maid squeezed some lotion into her hand and spread it all over Kat's body.

"The lotion will remove all body hair and soften your skin. In time, it will become impossible for your hair to grow back."

Kat smiled as the maid toweled off her body and smoothed moisturizing lotion over her skin. Then, she motioned for Kat to follow her to a strange looking device. It was a black leather saddle with a rounded metal plug sticking up out of the saddle.

"You must be cleansed inside, as well."

Kat had never had an enema before, but was willing to try anything once. She got up onto the saddle, and the maid slowly eased her ass onto the metal plug. It hurt as first, but after she got used to it, it was actually kind of comfortable. Suddenly, she felt warm water slowly fill her up. Then, the plug widened, making Kat yelp softly, and all the water in her drained out. This was repeated again, making sure Kat was totally clean. The rubber maid helped Kat off the saddle, nodded toward Michelle, and stood up against the far wall and plugged something which looked like a headset plug into her smooth crotch.

"Each of the maids is equipped with a vibrating pussy plug that runs on DC current. She stays like that until called for. Now, we must get you dressed. You must be freezing."

Kat nodded. "Yes, ma'am."

Michelle smiled. "I'm sure we could find something for you."

Michelle led Kat into the large, communal closet, and she was floored. Literally hundreds of black rubber catsuits were hanging along on wall, along with many large dressers which she could only guess held even more rubber outfits.

"We'll start out with a basic catsuit. Don't want to to overdo it on your first day." She handed Kat a full catsuit, with feet, gloves, and an open-faced hood. Kat was a little disappointed. She wanted to be completely covered in shiny rubber. Michelle told her to turn around as she unzipped the catsuit. Kat stepped into, and started falling into the rubber trance she loved so much. The rubber gripped her legs tightly, and she loved it. Michelle pulled the suit up over her hips. Kat felt something hard, rounded, and slippery press against her ass, but before she could react, her sphincter involuntarily pulled it deep inside her. After her cleaning, it went in without any pain. Kat clenched her muscles around it and smiled. She slipped her arms into the molded gloves and Michelle slipped the hood over her head and zipped her closed. Kat was thrilled. The suit looked like it had been painted on. Her nipples showed plainly through the tight latex, as did her pussy cleavage. Her juices would have run down her leg had not the rubber kept them in.

"Now, let's get you someplace to sleep. You've had a long day."

Michelle showed Kat to a large room, where several people in tight rubber mummy bags lay on the padded floor sleeping. Michelle retrieved one from a shelf and zipped it open.

"Nighty night, Kat. I will be by in the morning to wake you."

Kat stepped into the black body bag and slipped her arms into the built-in sleeves. Michelle pulled the tight hood over her face and adjusted the breathing tubes in her nose. She gently lay the rubber bundle down and Kat soon went to sleep, dreaming of endless rubberized sex.

* * * *

That was three months ago, and Kat's initiation into the secret society was at hand. In the past three months, Kat had been subjected to every form of rubber pleasure she could think of, and few she never could have dreamed of. gender didn't matter. Race didn't matter. Only her love for rubber mattered. And now, her time had finally arrived. She would become one of them.

Michelle led her silently towards the large hall. Kat wore a tight, white latex dress, symbolic of her status as a new initiate. Michelle wore a full body black latex catsuit and faceless hood. Michelle left Kat at the back of the hall to make her own way toward the front. Every member of the rubber society sat in the same outfit Michelle was wearing, and faced forward. At the front of the hall were five people. Four were priestesses, and were the most bizarre people she had ever seen. Each wore a thick black rubber catsuit with enormous breasts and a mask which was sculpted to their features. They were sightless, and instead of lips, they had pussies where their mouths should have been. She looked down, and an impossibly thick cock jutted from each of their crotches. They were all the ultimate hermaphrodites, epitomes of both the male and female sex. The fifth person was definitely male. He wore only a latex body harness, a bizarre gas mask, and rubber pants with cock sheath. He stood fully at attention.

"Initiate, you come to seek entrance to our order?"

"I do." Kat said softly.

"You must pass one final test. Priestesses, prepare her."

The four beautiful hermaphroditic priestesses each took an arm or leg and began to mummify her in thin black rubber bandages. Soon, her limbs has dissolved into black. One of the priestesses took a strange looking device, like a dildo and an short butt joined to a curved rubber piece to set them at the proper angles. The priestess slid the butt plug into her now-loose hole and firmly pressed against her cheeks. It made a sucking sound as it was drawn inside. The rubber priestess then slipped the dildo end inside Kat's glistening sex. Kat's sphincter drew the rest of the butt plug inside her, taking the dildo along for the ride. Kat wanted to moan, but held her tongue.

The other three rubber priestesses continued to wrap her tightly in the rubber bandages, especially around her crotch, driving the dildo/butt plug deeper into her. Soon, she was encased from the jaw down in black rubber bandages. Two of the priestesses pushed her arms and legs together, and the other wrapped her in a second layer of rubber bandages. She felt her body being squeezed more and more, and loved every second of it.

It was over too fast, and she stood completely encased in black rubber bandages, only her head showing. The head priest produced a mask from behind his back. It looked very heavy, and had a stylized female face on it. It had no zipper, and he pulled it over her head. It was extremely tight, and Kat wondered how long she could last. He arranged the breathing tubes in her nose and smoothed the neck down. It seemed to bond to the bandages, and is was hard to move her neck. Then she felt something like paintbrushes over her body, smoothing some thick liquid over her. She quickly realized it was a thick liquid latex. As it dried, she felt even more and more compressed. She barely felt the priestesses run their rubber hands over her body. It was completely smooth. They must had really painted that stuff on, she thought.

She felt herself being lifted up and put back down again. The was some pressure against her crotch, and her dildo/butt plug came to life. She would have moaned if she could, but the layers of rubber and the heavy mask prevented. Soon the orgasms began to come, harder and harder each time, until she passed out from the intense pleasure.

* * * *

Kat awoke, unaware of where she was or how long she had been there. The buzzing in her pussy and ass gave her a pleasant reminder. She sighed and felt hands picking her up and and standing her upright. She felt something running down her back, and felt the rubber being peeled away from her back and her head. The mask was pulled away, and she saw a zipper had been installed, allowing her to enjoy the feeling of her own custom mummy bag again. The first face she saw was the priest's. He handed her another rubber mask and motioned for her to put it on. She pulled it down over her head. She found she could neither see nor hear at all. The mask gripped everywhere on her face except just around her mouth.

"It has been decided." said the priest. "She is not worthy. She will become a toy."

Michelle raced to the priest.

"Please reconsider, Master. She is young, and has much yet to experience."

"It has been decided, Sister. All know that he who enters here desires only the love of rubber, not experience. She will become a toy."

The hermaphrodites walked Kat out of the hall. She was oblivious to her fate. They took her to another room, and another mask was put on her, thicker than the last, which forced her mouth open into an 'O' and shielded her teeth. She was put into a very thick rubber catsuit, so that she couldn't even feel the priestesses touching her. A thick, hollow butt plug was inserted into her anus, leaving her permanently open. A thick rubber shield was placed over her pussy, with a thick, hollow dildo put deep inside her. She would never feel any sort of sexual stimulation again.

Her hands were forced into tight mittens shaped like a very thick dildo, and her feet were put into the strictest ballet boots. From the outside, she looked like a smooth, shiny black rubber doll without facial features except for a open mouth, large, nipple-less boobs, dildos for hands, a permanently open pussy and anus, and feet forced into an eternal point, with rubber dildos sticking out from the end of her toes. She was the ultimate rubber fucking doll, and the members of the society began to file in to use their new toy.

Michelle was the first one in, a long black dildo strapped to her crotch, ready to feel only the love of the rubber. She knelt behind the doll and began to fuck her anus. Kat felt only the pressure against her ass, and wondered what was going on as Michelle screamed in climax and the rest of the rubber lover's descended upon her.



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