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Going out with a Bang

by Hazard

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© Copyright 2000 - Hazard - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; latex; bond; jail; execution; cons; X

This is one that I wrote for Vicki at Necrobabes but they haven't updated their text stories for ages so if you like it, go right ahead.  I don't know if you're into the concept of crossing the line, as opposed to just flirting with it, but this has plenty of latex and bondage to keep you happy.


I told him, I have no regrets.  The chaplain.  He was just here again.  Wanting me to repent, to save my soul.

I told him.  I told him "I am about to experience the ultimate high."  Something he will never know.  I tried to explain the magic of knowing the hour of your own death.  The power of the knowledge.  The sense of control as you move unerringly to that moment in time and space.

You all fear death.  You fear the unknowing.  Every time you get into your car or board a plane you can't help but wonder.  This time?  Will something happen this time?  You have no control.  Death stalks you and though you see nothing, smell nothing, hear nothing, you know death is waiting.  Waiting in its own time, not yours.

I know.  I am safe here.  Nothing can harm me short of a major earthquake and there hasn't been one of those in this state for half a million years.  I am untouchable.  I know as you never can that my life is perfectly safe.  Nothing can change my lifespan by one second.  I am in control.

Yesterday they asked me for my last request.  I laughed at their looks when I told them.  They look at each other when I laugh.  Wondering if perhaps I am slightly mad.

My dinner was excellent.  A medium rare filet mignon with sauteed mushrooms and a glass of burgundy.  They didn't expect me to be able to eat it.  Why not?  It was delicious.  I savored it as though it were a condemned woman's last meal!

Ah.  Here they are with my last request. 

Jane, the chubby blond, helps me remove my overall.  Linda, the tall dark butch one, removes the plastic safety wrap, rotates the lid and starts squeezing talc over my naked body.  I encourage Jane to rub it in, to get it to every square inch.  Every square inch.  I can tell she is enjoying touching me.  My body is getting hot and she senses it, catching my eye briefly.  Linda holds back.  Having half emptied the talc, she takes a step away and watches as Jane caresses me with her white-powdered hands.

Jane pulls away with an obvious effort.  She doesn't want to stop and I don't want her to but I know that time is marching.  I can't be missing my appointment.  She reaches into a plastic bag and pulls out a pair of royal blue latex stockings.  I lift one foot and she slips the first one over it, massaging the slick rubber up my leg, smoothing its silky tightness against my skin as she does.  At the top, she lingers for a moment, her hand brushing my pussy as she lets go. 

Oh.  Oh my.  Not yet.  With an effort I regain control as she starts up the other leg.  My skin is on fire.  Every touch of her hands through the polished latex is driving me wild.  I feel an orgasm approaching but I force it down.

She slips on a pair of shiny white latex panties.  They are slick and tight against my pussy and around my waist.  She presses against my sex and I gasp with pleasure.  I am so hot.  I am dripping.

Jane wraps the royal blue latex garter belt around my hips and fastens it to the stockings, taking her time, pressing the backs of her hands into my flesh for purchase.  My sex is throbbing hot, shards of lightning ripping through my body.

Now Linda steps close holding the silver corset.  She holds it up to my belly as Jane takes the sides and wraps them behind my back.  I feel her threading it and then Linda takes my arms and leans back as Jane starts to tighten.  Quickly, my breasts are pushed up to rest in the tight half-cups that barely cover my erect nipples.  I have fair-sized breasts but the pressure accentuates them and they bulge provocatively.  Jane and Linda play tug-of-war with me as I feel the air pushed out of my lungs, my diaphragm crushed under the stiff whale-bone.  I feel like I could die right now from lack of air but my little gasps are enough to keep me going.

My heart is pounding against the corset.  I hear it thudding in my ears.  If they hear it, they will think it is fear.  It is not fear.  It is ultimate excitement.

Jane slides full-length gloves over my arms.  They match my stockings perfectly.  I feel her press between my fingers, tightly fitting their shape to mine.  I cannot help but run my hands over my body, a small cry escaping my lips at the beautiful feeling of latex touching latex, sliding, then rubbing with a delicate vibration, then sliding again.  I bring my hand up to my face, running a latex finger over my lips, inhaling the rubbery goodness.  My other hand yearns to slip between my legs but I fight the desire.  That time will come.  I must wait.  It takes all my effort as my body struggles against me.  I feel like I am fifty feet underwater, out of air and struggling to rise to the surface before my lungs burst.

Jane takes the wide fur-lined leather collar and fits it snugly around my neck.  Matching cuffs go above my knees and elbows, on my wrists and ankles and around my waist, each with a tiny lock so they cannot be removed.


Linda hooks my wrist cuffs together with a shiny chain while Jane is connecting my elbows behind me.  Linda hooks another chain to the center of the wrist chain and passes it between my legs to Jane.  Now it is Linda's turn to linger a while, letting her hand push and rub against my hot thighs. 

Ah.  A moment.  Let it build, let it build.  Now stop.  Keep the lid on.  Just a little while longer.  Oh my Lord, what heaven awaits me!

Jane hooks my wrist chain to the back of my collar, forcing the chain to cut hard into my pussy.  These chains were made especially for me.  Their clasps are carefully constructed for one-time use.  Once they are slipped over the hooks on my cuffs, there is no room to re-open them so they cannot be removed.  At least, not without some heavy equipment.

Linda squats down and hooks my ankles and knees together, hobbling me.  I am totally helpless now.  I am totally safe.  I feel my mind leave my body for a moment to look down at myself, encased in latex, cuffs and chains.  I am revelling in the knowledge that I am dressed in the ultimate bondage.  I can never, ever, take it off.  My pussy is dripping at the thought and I can feel it engorging inside the tight latex.

Never.  Ever.

We are just in time.  Three people enter, obviously shocked at my appearance although they had to have been told what to expect.  The chaplain looks into my eyes but something in my expression frightens him and he turns his eyes to the ground.   The others just look disgusted as though I am ruining their reputations.

A wheelchair is brought as walking would be too slow with my hobbled legs.  There is some cafuffle as the chair is too narrow to allow  for my cuffed arms but with a little effort they squeeze me in.  As they wheel me off, I close my eyes, sending feelers out to every inch of my body, glorying in the touch of latex and the tightness of my bonds as the vibration of the wheels sets my pussy on fire again.

The brightness comes straight through my closed eyelids as we enter the room.  I look around at the machinery.  At the table with its erotic restraints.  At the large window that looks out at my audience.  My audience, come to watch me perform the ultimate act.  I drink them in, fixing every face, every look, in my mind.

Jane is standing beside me holding a black silk blindfold.  She has an apologetic look on her face as though she is doing something against my will.  I grin at her and nod my head.  She fits the blindfold over my eyes and ties it behind me.  The insulting intrusive brightness is gone, replaced by a total gentle blackness.  Sounds are immediately amplified as hearing takes over for lost sight.  Without the distractions of my eyes, the feeling of skin in latex is intensified and my sex, briefly damped, is rekindled.  My heart pounds again and I struggle to breathe inside my tight corset.

Hands take hold of my arms and help me stand.  I make no attempt to support myself.  I am revelling in the helpless feeling of tight bondage.  They half-drag, half-carry me to the table and lift me onto it.  My head rests on a soft pillow.  They spread my legs to the limits of the halter chain and strap them to the table.  Another strap is placed over my collar.  With my arms chained back and front and my stiff collar holding my head, I am now immobile.

In my head, the clock is ticking steadily.  I know exactly how much time I have.  I test my bonds and find them satisfyingly tight.  I listen to the hushed voices in the room going over their checklist.  I writhe a little to accentuate the touch of latex.  I feel my mind travel down my body to take up residence in the heart of my sex.  The spark I have been nurturing for so long is ready.  I feel the shockwave like the rumble of a distant freight train building between my thighs.

Distantly, I feel a hand on my arm as a cool swab rubs my skin but the orgasm has taken over now. 

My sex is exploding, throbbing, ripping through me.  Oh God.  Oh my.  I gasp with my crushed lungs as thunderbolts blast in my head.  My back arches upwards as though it will break.  Ahhhhhhh.

I feel my cheeks wince involuntarily as the needle pricks my arm.  I am still riding the orgasm as the warm liquid starts to merge with my blood.  My face is hot. 

Oh God.  I'm coming again.  I'm coming again.

Right on time.


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