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by Neo Socrates

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Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bond; naked; cuffs; latex; suit; bdsm; whip; tease; torment; oral; climax; denial; femdom; cons; X

He was blindfolded. His hands tied behind his back. His mouth gagged. He was sitting on his knees, and they were starting to hurt from the hard floor. His ankles were cuffed to bolts on the floor. He was naked and cold, except for a pair of very tight briefs. The briefs hugged his balls and penis very tightly, making his balls ache from the pressure and his penis hard from the mere friction. He was shivering, and a bit scared. Not able to see, or feel anyone around him. In silence, he awaited her.

He wanted her to come, he longed for her, and that scared him. He was terrified of the fact that he wanted her to come for him, that he wouldn't be able to leave even if he wanted to.

Those thundering heels, he could finally hear them. They echoed loudly inside the unfamiliarly large chamber he was in, each click of the heals so loud it felt like bullets piercing his heart. She finally stopped right behind him, and it became quiet again, and remained like that for a few moments. A few moments too long, that is. He was breathing heavily, his heart thumping, and cold sweat drenching his body. The sudden, creepy silence unnerving to him, what with his eyesight taken from him.

Suddenly he felt searing pain across his bare back as he felt a crop slash his body. He hissed through his gag, but absorbed the pain and remained quiet as much as possible. She loved him for that resilience. For the way he absorbs her torture quietly, and still loving her. Nothing brought her more joy than the look of his sweaty, whip-marked body as it shook under her crops and whips. It also helps that he was well-belt, giving her more incentive to test his resolve and endurance.

This time, though, she could not wait. She quickly dropped the crop after that one but fierce slash. She went down almost to her knees and hugged him from behind. Her latex covered breasts and belly coming in contact with the naked flesh of his back. He felt her latex gloved hands on his chest, as she rubber his skin with her palms and fingers. Her mouth right next to his ears, saying nothing. All he could hear was her slow, regulated breathing. Her warm breath tickled his neck.

She moved her latex covered fingers onto his neck, slowly chocking him until he felt dizzy and about to faint in her arms. Alas, he held on, for her. He remained erect until she released his neck. This made her pussy drip with lust. She cupped his chin, and slowly brought his face back until he was facing up. briskly she removed his gag, stood up, leaned down and kissed his lips deeply while holding his head in her latex covered arms. He let himself go in her arms, giving up his soul to her, as she sucked it through his mouth.

She couldn't take it any longer. She let him go and stood up. She walked in front of him, her long armed latex leotard rustling as she did. She selected this latex outfit especially for this session. It covered her whole upper body and arms, and had a long neck, but it was open from beneath, leaving her pussy and ass exposed. Instead, it had garter strings that pulled up her matching latex stockings. The whole outfit had the effect of highlighting the white flesh of her ass and pussy, between the latex.

She stood in front of him, and quickly moved closer until her pussy was right in front of his face. She held his head in her hands and pulled his mouth and nose right into her pussy. He knew exactly what to do, and immediately started kissing. Soon enough the kissing became licking, and he focused on her outer lips and clit. He knew how to please her. He felt her lean further onto his face, her clenched fists pulling at his hair harder, trying to bring him even closer into her pussy. He opened his mouth wider so it covered the whole pussy, and sucked. Her pussy lips were sucked into his mouth, and swelled under the pleasurable pressure. His tongue focused exclusively on her clit. She was shaking by now, her legs buckling and her weight supported only by his face.

Her moaning started to get louder and louder, echoing inside the large chambers, until she was on the verge of orgasm. She felt the waves of pleasure rake her body, starting from her clit and hitting her brain with intense pleasure. She could not take it any more and her screams became guttural, almost animalistic, not caring about anything in the world except for the great pleasure she was feeling between her legs. As always, he never let her down.

Her orgasm finally subsided, and she slowly started to gain her composure. He did not dare take his mouth off her, until she pushed his head away with the palms of her latex gloved hands on his forehead. He remained quiet, happy that he could breath again, and happy that he brought her pleasure. He was addicted.


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