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Encased for a Lifetime

by Spike Jones

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© Copyright 2001 - Spike Jones - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; M/ff; MF/f; latex; catsuit; bond; enema; susp; outdoors; toys; cons/nc; X

I have been waiting for the right weather forecast for several weeks. The news was good it was going to rain for the next 36 hours. We had been practicing for this day, Linda and I would drive to the park, and there we would take turns walking around the park with our eyes closed. Then we tried it blindfolded. One day we decided to blindfold both of us, this way we could not depend on the other. Then we did it alone while the other watched from the parking lot. We did this about every other day, some people would ask us what we were doing, we told them we were doing a confidence course.

Two months ago we received our newly discovered rubber clothes. We discovered the rubber clothes in a magazine and requested a catalogue, we were amazed at the selection and we wanted to order everything. We are two hot and wild women, but we never had seen rubber clothes before. We limited our selection to a couple of items for each of us, of course we had to select the catsuits, we shivered at the thought of being encased in tight fitting rubber from neck to crutch, fingers to toes. We also wanted our head covered, so we ordered a helmet with eye and nose holes but the mouth was sealed.

We also wanted something to wear outside, so we decided to get a leotard with 8-inch legs. We could wear this under our street clothes. I wanted something mysterious, so I ordered all black. Linda ordered a blue catsuit, a red leotard and the helmet, which only comes in black. Later we found some stylish calf high rubber-riding boots. We were getting very excited waiting for delivery.

Finally our rubber clothes arrived. We opened the parcel and laid them out on the couch, we wanted to try them on right away but we decided to wait for the weekend. I arrived home from work first, I was a ball of nerves and totally wet with excitement. We read and re-read the instructions, we had bought a bottle of cornstarch power, and I thoroughly turned my body white with the powder. When I slipped my foot into my catsuit I had a climax, I just sat there shaking. When I recovered I slid my feet in. When I carefully pulled the rubber up my legs, I was trembling again, as I pulled it up to my waist I climaxed again; I fell to the floor and could not move. 

This is how Linda found me; I so wanted to greet her totally in rubber. Linda scowled me and made me dress her totally first. She was just as excited at the touch of rubber; she trembled every time I slid the catsuit higher and higher. When I zipped the back closed she was like an all blue doll with a big smile. She pulled out her matching 5-inch heels; she walked around for a half hour before we remembered the helmets. When she slipped it on, I was terrified at her dominance. She strutted around mumbling into the helmet pointing at things she wanted me to do, I ran around still half dressed doing her bidding. 

Finally she helped me to get dressed also, I cannot express the feeling of having my body encased in rubber. When we looked into a mirror I almost fainted again. All you could see is our eyes and our long hair that was pulled though a hole in back. We walked every inch of our house. We danced together, we touched every inch of each other and ourselves, we sat down and tried to watch television. We both kept getting up and walking to the mirror. 

I got a taste for some popcorn, when I walked out of the kitchen with a bowl full, I realized I could not eat it with the helmet on. I started to take it off but Linda gripped my hand to stop me, she walked out of the room and returned shortly. She walked behind me and quickly slipped a 3-inch dog collar around my neck; after she fastened the straps I heard two locks click shut. She fastened it snug so I could not remove the helmet or open the zipper. When I protested she grabbed my elbows and handcuffed them behind my back. Then she handcuffed my wrists, I was totally in shock. We joked about bondage but never did anything like this. 

She then produced a leash and attached it to my neck collar; she pulled me up and led me all over the house. Everything she did she led me around behind her. She lead me into the kitchen and made a fresh bowl of popcorn, she had me sit on my legs in front of her and the couch, she then slipped cuffs around my ankles and cuffed each ankle to my wrists. Where she got all of the cuffs I did not know. She must have been reading my mind; she bent over and petted my head like a dog. She whispered into my ear. "I have a lot more surprises for you!" 

After she finished the popcorn she put her helmet back on, she turned off the television and then she released my ankles. Next she jerked on the leash for me to get up. She lead me into her bedroom, I was very scared. She had me sit on my legs on the floor by her pillow, she again cuffed my ankles and then she blindfolded me. I heard her slip into bed. She rolled over in bed and gave me a goodnight kiss. She whispered into my ear, “If I soiled her carpet she would tie me up to the tree in back until I was house broken.” 

I do not know when I went to sleep. All of a sudden someone jerked on my leach. The cuffs were removed from my ankles, my arms were still restrained and I was still blindfolded. I stood and was lead somewhere; the cuffs were removed from my arms. It felt so good to stretch my arms, as I did so my arms were grabbed and something wrapped around my wrists, then my wrists were fastened to my collar very close. That’s when I heard a mans voice say, “You trained her well. She did not resist.” I did not hear an answer from Linda. 

Then terror struck. He told Linda it was time for him to start training her and me to do his bidding. He removed my blindfold, as my eyes adjusted to the light I saw Linda in her blue catsuit and black helmet, her wrists were bound to her neck also. She had fear in her eyes. I turned and looked at our capturer, he had a really good-looking body. He had on rubber pants and short sleeve shirt; he had a rubber eye mask on. He had black hair and moustache and goatee. 

He looked at me and said I must be ready to relieve myself; I was so scared I forgot all about it. I tried to nod a yes, but the collar would not let me. He reached down and carefully unzipped my crotch. As he sat me down on the toilet the pee gushed out. As I was peeing he was doing something by the sink. He helped me from the toilet and told me to lie face down on the floor, he put something under my hips to raise them, and then he shoved something way up into my ass hole. Then he pulled a belt around my hip and cheeks and pulled it very tight. He then released an enema into me. 

He then turned to Linda. He told her he had something special for her. Since she was going to be her pussy; he was going to treat her like a pussy. He led her to a litter box in the corner of the room, he opened her crouch zipper. He told her she was going to use the litter box from now on. As she was pissing he returned to me, I was so bloated by now. He took the bag from the hook and gave it a big squeeze; it felt like ten gallons rushing in. He reached over and removed the nozzle, I was ready to rush to the toilet, he grabbed my waist and held me. He then started to zip up my crotch, he released the belt and finished zipping me up. He then pulled the belt around me again and pulled it tighter. 

He returned to Linda squatting over the litter box, he helped her to the floor and shoved the nozzle into her ass hole. He filled the bottle in front of her and hung it back on the hook. When he released to enema Linda jumped, he asked her if she liked the hot enema. 

He turned to me and I thought he was going to let me relive myself; instead he led me to the kitchen. He attached my wrists to my waist by a length of chain, he told me to fix him a bacon and egg breakfast. While I was doing this he retrieved Linda. She also had a belt around her hips and butt; I could see in her eyes she was talking this harder than I was. 

After he ate breakfast he walked us into the bathroom, he removed the belt from both Linda and me. He told us to get ready but not to relieve ourselves just yet. He removed all our bondage and then told us we could relieve ourselves, he turned on the exhaust fan and walked out. I sat down on the toilet and Linda squatted over the litter box. After a long time I got off the toilet and zipped up my crotch, I walked out looking for him but I could not find him. I returned to Linda, she would not move from the litter box. I pulled her away and showed her that he was not here. 

I motioned to Linda to unlock my collar. She refused to move. I slapped her and motioned to find the keys. She did. I removed my collar and helmet. I discovered it was Saturday night. I removed Linda's collar and helmet. When I removed her helmet we both asked who that guy was? 

That was our first exciting weekend in rubber. I could not help dreaming back to it as I prepared for tomorrow. 

Linda had to go on a business trip for a couple of weeks. I was laid off of work Friday. I was all alone. I slowly pulled on my catsuit; it still excites me to feel the rubber enclose my body. Linda had ordered some surprises for me, not to be opened until a day like today. As I opened it I found inside were a 5-inch long and 1 ½ thick dildo, also a 6-inch by 1-inch thick butt plug. She also had included a Vagina butterfly. There was a belt with batteries and some squares. Also enclosed was a new helmet, it had no eyeholes, tubes that go into the nose, and a long oval gag with a tube in the middle. I was going to sleep in my catsuit again so I could be ready early tomorrow. 

My alarm went off at 5 a.m. I pulled on my riding boots and ate a quick breakfast. I read Linda instructions: To insert the dildo and butt plug and cover the over dildo with the butterfly. Attach the wires to the squares on the belt and over this I was to put on my leotard. I picked up the helmet, dog collar and locks, along with my car keys and drivers license. I started to walk to the car, that’s when the first vibrator went off and I went down to my knees on the grass. This was the first time I had been outside in just rubber. 

I drove to the park and parked in the usual place, I had felt every bump in the road, the dildo and butt plug had made their presence felt with each hole or bump in the road, it was like getting screwed a million times. It was still raining as predicted; I got out of the car closed and locked the doors. I put the keys on the front tire. I pulled on the helmet and let the gag slide deep into my mouth, then I put on the collar and locked it. It was raining much harder now. I felt so giddy with excitement. 

I started walking as I practiced beforehand; I made it across the parking lot and onto the path around the park. That’s when I bumped something and someone yelled at me. It was hard to understand him in this helmet. Next thing I knew someone was holding my arm, he was talking to me a lot calmer now. He told how impressed he was with how I was dressed. He then asked if he could walk with me, I was grinning from ear to ear and nodded YES. He asked me to wait while he tied up his horse. 

When he returned I reached out and felt him, he had on slick rain suit, he also had a nice build. He told me he had on a rubber rain suit also and that he likes to ride his horse in the rain in rubber. As we were walking along the path, he pulled me off to the side, down another path and on to the merry go round. After going around several times I was dizzy and disoriented. Next he took me to the slide and we went down it several times, I felt like a kid again. He then pushed me on a swing as I held on for dear life. But the worst was the teeter tater, every time he bounced me the dildo and butt plug went deep into me and those vibrators still kept going off randomly. I was going crazy. 

When we finished having fun in the park. He asked if I wanted to ride his horse back to my car. 


He had me walk over to something and climb upon it. It was a picnic bench. He left me standing up there in the rain, I was too afraid to move. It seemed like hours before I heard him and his horse return. He took my hand and told me how to mount the horse. When I landed on the horse with my legs spread, the dildo and butt plug almost came out of my mouth. He made the horse run, gallop, and walk. I was going crazy with all this movement. 

I did not notice how long we had been riding, when we stopped he helped me down and I felt another hand take my arm. I heard him tell someone to secure me. He also told someone were my car keys were and to hide the car. I fell to my knees and said "damn!" 

Next thing I felt was a sharp hard whack on my ass, I was told to get up and walk or I would get more. I walked along with her, then I felt cuffs being wrapped around my wrists and ankles. My arms were spread over my head and secured. My legs were pulled out from under me and secured; I was now hanging by my wrists. My collar was secured back. My feet were put onto some pegs to take some of the weight off my wrists. 

Everything went quiet. As time went by it felt like I’d been bound here forever, those pegs were digging into my feet. Something was put into the tube in my gag; every so often something would squirt into my mouth. I don’t know how long I’d been left hanging there. 

Later some woman came and took me down; she told me if I did not cooperate I knew what would happen. With that she gave me a whack on my ass. She then led me away. Next I heard several voices. One being the guy in the park. He instructed the other to get me ready. The woman told me to climb on the table and lay still, they secured my arms, legs and neck again. He asked where I was from. They started feeling me all over, their hands caressing my latex covered body. When she reached my crutch, she said maybe I was a he or he/she because I had something in my crouch. They noticed I had a leotard on. They had to remove it. As they about to release my hands, she yelled “Stop and put on the mitts”. Something was slipped on my hands and I could not use my fingers or thumb. 

They released my arms and removed the leotard. They then removed the belt. She said she bet she knew where the wires went. At that she must have turned on all three vibrators. They secured my hands again and she said to leave me alone again. I must have had a dozen orgasms before they returned. When they returned she unplugged the wires, they opened my crotch zipper. She said "MY O MY" was I having fun. They removed the butterfly and attempted to remove the dildo, I tried to keep them from doing it but I got a terrific whack on my tits. My legs jumped apart and they pulled the dildo out so slowly I came again. They stood and laughed. When they attempted to remove the butt plug, it would not come out, they whacked my ass a couple of times telling me to release it. When they realized it was frozen in they called the park man. 

He told them to give me an enema of oil and K.Y. gel. He mentioned that I enjoyed enemas. That is when I recognized the voice. He was the one that trained us in our house. How did he know so much about us? 

They had problems getting the enema around the plug it hurt like hell. Finally they got some of the enema into my ass. Then she started working the plug like she was fucking my ass. She really liked doing it because she fucked me to an ass orgasm. 

When she pulled the plug out, they told me to roll on my side. They started unlocking the collar; I thought I would finally see some light and just who these people were. When they slipped the helmet off all the lights were off, I still could not see anything. They immediately jammed a gag into my mouth that was so big, they almost dislocated my jaw. Then they put a blindfold on me. 

They put something into my ear and poured something over it and filled my ear. They told me not to move an inch. They then put a block under my head and fasten my head to it. They left me like that for a while. When they returned and rolled me onto my other side, and did the same to this ear. I could not hear a thing any more. There I lay deaf dumb and blind and bound to the hilt. They removed the blindfold and started slipping a helmet on me again. This one was heaver and it had a zipper in back. It was so tight is squeezed my head. They pulled my hair out through the top. She then told him to be sure to put the sealer in the zipper as the helmet would not be coming off for a long, long time. The helmet had a gag with a tube in it also. 

Next they worked on my crotch. They stuck a catheter inside me and glued it in place. Then they stuck something into my pussy lips and also glued it in place. They then glued a big tube into my ass hole. They slipped my legs into another rubber catsuit. Like the helmet it was much tighter and heaver. When they got to my crotch she told him to feed the tubes out the appropriate holes and glue them in place. When they slipped my hands into place, my fingers had a tube like a glove but it was built like a mitten. They glued the zipper like they did in the helmet. Then they glued the neck of the catsuit to the neck of the helmet. A collar, wrist and ankle cuffs were locked on. A wide belt was put tightly around my waist. 

When complete I was walked back to my position and spread eagled again. 

When I was fully restrained. I voice came through my earphones. It was Linda's. She asked me how I like my rubber prison. She told me I would be receiving a lot of training. Then I would be put up on the auction block. She told me she already had another girl to replace me. She would get her fired from her job. She would have someone pose as her and dispose of her assets. She too will disappear from the face of this earth.


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