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Frizo's Inventions 2

by Phileas

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© Copyright 2007 - Phileas - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; bond; gag; toys; public; cons; X

Test run - Day 1 - part 2

As we enter I see that she as prepared something for me to dress in.

I’m still adjusting to my predicament and without thinking I try to ask her what this is all about. But the only thing that can be heard is the sound of the air pushed out of my mouth, but not any words.

But that’s quite normal since I have a gag actually glued to my teeth that completely blocks my vocal chords.

I’m also dressed in a latex suit that secures my arms in a sort of arm binder and covers  me completely in black latex from my ankles to my neck with the notable exception of my butt, my pussy and my bulging tits.

Anna tells me to sit on the bed.

“Ok, honey, Frizo asked me to entertain you, and what is more entertaining for us girls than a shopping spree?”

Omygoddess, it’s Saturday, everywhere will be packed with people, and I have to go around dressed like this? Apparently so.

“But now Carrie, we have to get you prepared. Open your legs.”

I recline on the bed and open my legs, then I see Anna sitting on a stool between my knees. She takes a towel to protect the sheets and she takes a razor.

“Stay perfectly still, it will take just a moment.”

I look to my side and I see that there is a mirror in the corner of the room, it’s positioned so that I can look at my pussy as she is shaving it clean.

In the past I had done the “Kojak” myself, but today bound without the use of my hands, shaved by a woman, I immediately realize how sexy is the situation.

I’m so lost in my reverie that I do not sense how much I’m trembling with anticipation. I’m brought back by Anna pinching one of my nipples.

“I told you, to stay perfectly still!”

I snap out of it, and once again try to protest by talking. No success.

When Anna finishes her job she takes me and leads me to the attached bathroom.

“Ok, now you sit there and do your business, then wait for me.”

As I got a moment to think about it, it’s a nearly comical scene, me dressed like that seated on the toilet, waiting another girl who has prepared god knows what for me.

It could easily be some kind of Candid Camera, don’t you think?

After I have relieved myself I’m left feeling the situation. Now I get the thickness of the suit, not only it is shaping my body, acting like a corset and pressing my butt cheeks but it’s also fighting my body.

If I relax my legs they are forced to return to the straight position, if I relax my back I’m pushed towards the very upright position that I had when I was suited.

Right now it is no problem to maintain position, but I figure that after a while I will have to follow its desires.


Obviously this is not a discussion I can engage in right now, so I sit on the loo and wait for Anna to come and get me. As she enters the room I see that she has changed clothes, she also has put on some latex surgical gloves.

Then she proceeds to clean me, and she washes my nether regions, with absolutely no help by me. After that she leads me again in the bedroom.

“Ok, open your legs and, trust me, relax.”

I see that she as prepared something on the bed, there is a roll of adhesive tape, and there two things that make me curious as a cat.

They are composed by a series of steel balls connected with a rope. The balls are increase in width as you move along the rope. She takes the longer series of the two and then she kneels in front of me. I try to look as she is fumbling with my labia then I feel she is inserting the balls in my pussy.

At first I’m pretty startled, they are cold.

Still I feel she is inserting then with exceptional ease, like an hot knife through butter. I’m part relaxed and part intrigued by the feelings. After the third ball I feel filled, I grunt to give her a signal of my discomfort.

“Don’t worry, there is just one still to go. Relax.”

With that she pushes the last ball into me. There is a lot of pressure as the other balls pushed by the last make their way into me.

“Ok, now you must clench!”

I can look at myself in the mirror, my pussy has swallowed the balls, the only sign of them is the rope that exits.

Anna takes it and secures it with the tape to my abdomen, then she prepares a lot of short pieces of tape. And then with one hand she squeezes my labia while with the other uses the tape to actually close my pussy.

I know that Anna is a trained nurse, and I’m amazed with what she is doing with my pussy, she is closing it as if it was a wound to close.

“So what has to stay in, stays in, don’t you agree?”

In less than five minutes the crevice of my vagina disappears under the white tape and I can feel the pressure of the balls sealed in me.

“Ok, turn around and lay down on your chest on the bed.”

Then I know there is something prepared also for my butt and as I’m thinking it, I see she is taking the second device. The fact that she starts to put some lubricant with the fingers in my anus, actually leaves me with no doubts at all.

The anal insertion is not so smooth as the previous one, I feel the pressure just after the second ball and as I grunt, she answered.

“Relax, my dear, only another four and we are all set!”

Four? FOUR!!!! Goddammmiiiiitttt I’m not a jewellery box.

After the last one, she seals my anus with more tape.

“Ok, let’s get you dressed, we have to go to the mall!”

To the mall??? Is she crazy or what? As I try to protest I face once again the problem with my gag, the problem being it is a gag, so I can’t protest.

Anna seems totally oblivious to my protests and prepares some pantyhose for me to step in.

Then it’s the turn for some formal pants.

“Ok, sit on the bed.”

As I sit I feel the balls shifting into me. Oh my god, these are some Ben Wa balls (those steel balls with a weight in the hollow core, that keeps shifting around), they touch my g-spot sending shivers on my spine. I try to reach my crotch with my hands but….. ok, I think you know the rest of the story, dammit!

She prepares some shoes, they are not too high, then she prepares a sweater to top off my outfit. The sleeves are equipped with two plastic hands and there is something that makes up for the arms. She looks at the final effect then just to be sure, she removes the sweater, she picks up a leather belt and with that she secures my arms on my back encircling the whole torso and closing it under my breasts. Then she puts the sweater back on and I finally can see myself in the mirror. I’m astounded.

I’m in front of a mirror, totally mute, unable to move my arms, with my pussy and my butt filled with Ben Wa Balls and nothing is showing on the image reflected.

My real arms are pinned on my back and you can see them only if you look close. Clever.

I blush as I see how my tits bulge under the sweater, but still nothing can be seen of my bondage.

Anna takes my coat, she puts it on my shoulder, then she works my fake arms in the sleeves and she leaves it open in front, so as not to obstruct the vision of what is underneath.

“Ok, lady, let’s go!”

I really don’t know where I find the strength to follow her.

She leads me out into the garden, and she open the passenger door to let me into the car. She is dressed formally, like me, and she has a backpack she puts on the rear seat.

We left the house and after twenty minutes Anna parks the car in a space near the street. We are in a residential area and there is not a mall in sight.

I look at her puzzled as she help me exit the car.

“Don’t worry, Carrie, the rest of the trip is by bus!”


With that she takes her backpack and we start to walk towards the bus stop where I can already see there are others waiting for the bus!

The ride on the bus is nonetheless interesting. At first I convince myself that everyone on the bus is like Superman, and all of them with their X-Ray Vision has a clear image of what is hidden under my clothes.

I have to admit, I became self conscious and I swear that, if I could, I’d cover myself with my arms.

As we take the bus Anna directs me to sit near the windows. After the first bump of the road I struggle to control myself, the movement of the bus is reflected on the seat and from there it moves through the balls. I swear I can hear the metallic sound of the balls touching in my pussy and in my ass.

The feeling is like someone with a very long finger is tickling a very ticklish part of me.

Remember there was a song, something like: “There is an insect in your ear and if you scratch it it won’t disappear.” Look, I can’t even scratch!

I really don’t know how much can I take this. I’m pretty terrified at the thought of being ravaged by an orgasm in the middle of the bus. Yet I see some of the men in the bus staring directly at my boobs. Boy, they are big.

Anna must be a pretty good mind reader since she looks at me, puts an hand on my knee and just smiles.

As we arrive to the mall, I realize it must be packed! There are a lot of cars in the parking lot, I imagine myself in a crowd of people running around, and children everywhere.

What if I get pushed and I fall? How I can call for help!

The thought makes me worry, but the same thought makes me horny as rabbit in mating season!

See, I’m free to walk around but at the same time not able to even go to the bathroom by myself, if someone asks me something I can’t even answer him….. It’s the ultimate bondage!

The bus stops and it’s now time to go into the mall.

Anna gets close to my ear and tells me softly:

“Ok, dear, if you wanna go on, just nod with your head, else we stay on the bus and we return to the car.”

I feel butterfly in my stomach, I once again try to speak, but then I remember that I have only to nod if I want to go on. I’m horny and aroused from being in public while bound helpless. I look forward to the excitement of the situation, and then again, I’m pretty far from home nobody knows me so there gonna be no problem. After a minute, I nod.

We leave our seats and we go towards the exit of the bus.

I pass by a boy then I have to stop in front of him since an eldery lady has generated a queue right there on the bus. She has problems with the steps of the bus. I try not to make eye contact with anyone, just to keep clear from discussion I know I cannot sustain, when I feel an hand crawling on my leg, just above the knee.

I’m frozen, I really don’t know what to do. Should I scream at the top of my lung? No way. Should I run? We are packed in the central aisle of the bus, nowhere to go without pushing and shoving people apart. I should swat the hand like a bug away.

User message: option not available. Doh!

I stay perfectly still not allowing myself to move. He takes the chance and does not stop. His hand crawls under my coat, reaching my ass.

I can feel his caress through the fabric of the pants and I feel his hand actually grabbing my ass, I feel some fingers pressing between my cheeks, then the same fingers finding the rope of the balls.

I try to move away but there is not space to move, the lady is taking like ages to leave the bus. His hand is going to my anus and obviously feels something in there between the crumpled fabric of the pantyhose. I’m shaking as those damned fingers reach my pussy finding something obviously unusual there also.

Then the people move and I quickly walk away following Anna, I turn myself just a second to see this boy 18 or 20 years old, looking directly at me, puzzled.

I walk with Anna into the mall, but if I was to look back, I’d probably see the boy descending the steps of the bus and following the people into the mall.

I walk with Anna beside me. Sometimes she gestures me to look at some display  in the shops of the mall. I limit myself to coyly smile. I have the opportunity to look at myself in the mirror once again.

I know that underneath the clothes there is a latex prison, I mean I’m in it, but if I didn’t know I could not guess looking at my reflected image.

I got some stares from some boys around the mall, I think we can call it “the boobies effect”.

We went trough various shops and I had a moment of real embarrassment thanks to Anna. We were in a lingerie shop and I was following her around, then abruptly she takes a satin set of a bra and a culottes and asks to one of the girls in the shop to use the changing room to try them, since she wants to surprise her husband.

Then she asks to the girl to keep an eye on me, because, she says, I had recently had an accident and I don’t react well to being alone. Could she please show me some lingerie while Anna is in the changing room?

Ok, now just tell me how can I engage in a conversation with someone arranged like this? Can I panic right now? Please?

I have to make a super mega effort not to start shaking with embarrassment, also the balls are starting to have some effects on me. As Anna looks at me and smiles, while going to the changing room, I’m approached by this young woman that starts bugging me asking I like more satin or lace, g-string or panties, normal or push up.

I see she is just doing her job but while she is trying to sell me something I can’t actually carry or wear without an help, I’m being stimulated by the movement and the weight of the balls.

The ones in front are actually pushing on my taped labia trying to exit from their recess. The other ones, behind, actually have stimulated my sphincter and now I’m feeling the need to go to the bathroom and actually expel them.

So you see, push-up or g-string? Plllleeeeeaaaaaseeee!

And Anna is taking her damn time to try some culottes!

Let’s say that I limit myself to smile and nod to my assistant, then I start to do the pee dance, moving from one feet to the other.

After what seems to be an eternity, here is Anna, she says she is good with her purchase so she pays and push it in the backpack.

I look at her with my eyes trying to psychically tell her my problems.

“Ok, do you need to go to the bathroom?”

I nod.

“Problems with the front?”

I nod.

“Problems with the rear?”

I nod.

“Ok, but first we’ll have something to eat.”





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