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If Things could go this way...

by Chryslerman

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If things could go this way...
by Chryslerman

Let me start with a small history. I grew up in a very religious household, and knew by the time I was 14 or 15 that I was different. I knew I liked being in various bondage positions and knew that I liked men, and had a slightly feminine side. I had a friend that I met when I turned 15, she was 4 years older than me, and had graduated the year before. Our parents were friends and we got along as really good friends too. As I grew up, she and I could spend time together without there being any sexual tension, so it was inevitable that we got together and got married.

It was expected of me to marry and since I was still hiding my true feelings, it  felt right that I do as expected. My wife and I started going out and one night I proposed to her. We were married 6 months later. We had 3 kids, and my wife had 2 miscarriages as well. I tried, but never could get up enough courage to tell her of my 'need' for bondage. I certainly couldn't tell her about my orientation, although I thought she might guess at times, because we would sometimes go for 30-60 days without doing anything (always because of me – She wanted something almost daily). After 12 ½ years of marriage, and my career taking me to 3 different states during our marriage, our kids being constantly yanked out of schools, they have some behavioral problems, I couldn't take it anymore!

I was in a job, that for the first time, put me in close proximity with a bunch of guys, many of which were very well built and good looking. I had problems controlling erections and was having Anxiety Attacks, and couldn't handle the feelings of being stuck. I had a Massive Anxiety Attack at work, and was sent by the Plant Physician to get further medical help and counseling. During this time I started looking more closely at things on the net, and learning more about my feelings. I started talking to people on the net and met a few as well. Ones that were into Bondage that is. I met someone going to college that was into Mummification, which I love, and met him a few times for mummification sessions. I also met someone whom I get along with fantastically. 

He's older, but we both like a lot of the same things. He's a top and I'm a natural bondage bottom. We look enough alike that people think we're related. Brothers, Father-Son, cousin... You name it. He lived out of state though. I had since broke up with my wife, and he asked me to move down with him. I accepted, and really liked it. But soon, problems that my wife was having, and guilt on my part, I started having to drive 7 hrs each way at least weekly dealing with things here and where she was. Finally, on a trip back to my home, I snapped! I had a Massive Anxiety Attack on the highway, and I couldn't deal with everything anymore. 

I spent 2 weeks trying to piece my life together and trying to deal with everything. I sent letters after the first week to both of them saying that I would be going back to my wife's in 1 week to talk, and then I'd be going to my home to talk to my friend there. Hopefully I'd have some semblance of a life.

When I got to my wife's home, My friend was there too! They had got together, and seemed to like each other as friends, and were deeply concerned about me. They gave me an option that I thought of myself. So that the family could stay together, and me still be around, my whole family would move down too, and all of us stay in the house together. She would care for his elderly mother who also lived in the house, and we'd have some semblance of a normal life (As quirky as it could be with all of us together!) She had been told of my feelings (bondage, orientation, etc) and she was ok with it. It certainly made things easier!

She got into putting me into various bondage positions and also bringing him into things too (Not sexually though). We had really started to get along as a big family. Things were ok, but I kept feeling trapped inside. So, I started to hint at things I'd like to progress into. Enforced Chastity, being kept in some form of bondage during the day, mannequin-ism, etc. One thing I had hinted at, but was quickly told she would have absolutely nothing to deal with was feminization. She said she married a man, and that’s all she wanted! So, I gave up on at least that point.

So, as time progressed and conditions allowed I was made into different forms of bondage. Mummified for the day, sealed in rubber during the day, put in a leather sleepsack and locked into a coffin-sized box, and so on. As things progressed more, and I was spending longer and longer times in these positions. I was getting to be able to spend more and more time this way, and I was loving every minute of it. Once, I was wrapped totally in about 6 layers of saran wrap, only leaving a hose in my mouth to breathe through and then wrapped to a table and left for the day. I was loving it. Then one day, I was told I was going to be put into some long term confinement. 

I was given an enema, and had my legs, arms and chest shaved. Then I had a Texas Catheter put on and had a breathing tube installed in my mouth, nose and ears plugged and then put into a tight lycra catsuit, with the catheter hose pulled through the bottom at the ankle. I was then put into a tight thick 1 piece rubber catsuit style wetsuit. A tight thick latex hood with eyeholes was put on me, and then a molded heavy foam-rubber bodysuit was put on which was molded to look like a well built male mannequin, totally covering my entire body, including my face, with a small hidden hole for my breathing tube and lenses over my eyes. I could see out, but no one could see in. I couldn't utter a sound I was so restricted! Couldn't move, nothing! What a rush!  I was then dressed in really nice clubbing clothes and carried up stairs to the Living Room, where I saw they installed a pedestal with attachments coming from the wall. A spot light shone down on it.

I was moved into position and the attachments from the wall were hooked to me, ankles, waist, upper shoulders and hooked to the hat that was put on me. The attachments were well hidden and from the pictures I was shown, could not be seen. I couldn't move or fall down that’s for sure. That’s when I was told that the kids would be home soon, and the whole family was going for a boat ride. I was left there as a mannequin the rest of the day, and I was able to get some sleep. The next day things went normally in the house with me still in the corner, my wife did come up to me, smile and reached down to the pedestal and unhooked the catheter bag and installed a new one in the pedestal for me. She brought over a bottle that had a special end on it that matched the hidden tube coming from my mouth and I sucked down a full quart of something like Gatorade. It tasted wonderful going down, and helped quench my thirst.  I continued to be kept there for the rest of the day. 

That night, after the kids and his mother had gone to bed, (They had been told I had to go visit my parents for awhile) My wife and My friend came over and set down in front of me. They informed me that he had to go to Indianapolis for a company meeting tomorrow and that my wife and the kids and his mother where going to my Brother-In-Laws while he was gone. They decided what to do with me. 

I found myself being carried back down stairs and stood against the wall. I had my clothes changed to a Football Uniform. I now had the kind of build for it in my Foam-Latex body suit. I had the Jock and cup put on, the pants with all the pads, the shoulder pads and jersey. Then the helmet. The catheter hose was pulled through the back of my sock. I was able to see myself in a mirror! I was in a very nice looking uniform from a local college. Apparently, they either purchased or borrowed one for a mannequin display. I have a football fetish, so this was like heaven! I was then led back upstairs, the catheter tube was reattached, and I was reattached to the wall. The only attachment points showing were at my ankles above the cleats. They were able to attach the helmet to the hat attachment. The rest were hidden by the uniform. I felt great! But, what about their leaving?

I was locked into a display stand, in a form of bondage that was so restrictive that I couldn't move anyway even if I wasn't locked into something. What was going on? They then looked at me, and smiled and left to go to bed. I had a hard time going to sleep. I woke up to the sounds of the kids and my wife getting something to eat and taking things out to the van. After everyone was out, my wife came over, blew a kiss to me and walked out the door.

Soon, my friend came out and told me that I was going to be hooked up to a machine that would give me 2 oz.s of Gatorade that has additional proteins and enzymes in it to keep me healthy. I would be attached to my breathing tube in a way that I could still breathe fine, but would be able to pour into my mouth at the required times. It was on a timer to let me sleep uninterrupted during the night. I radio would be left on, at low volume to keep my company, and that I should enjoy the next few days they were gone. I had a mannequin fetish, so I should be able to enjoy it. He hooked everything up, checked the times on the timer and made sure the machine had plenty of the liquid in it. He then walked back, got his bags, and left locking the door behind him.

I was in heaven, but at the same time, I was scared to death. It was so hard spending that much time there in one position, and not being able to talk, move, etc. Finally on the 3rd day, I heard the phone ring and the answering machine kick on. It was my wife! She said that they decided to stay 2 more days and for him to make sure the 'Object' was cared for. Oh great! I hope he's getting home soon. Later on I heard the answering machine pick up the phone and I heard a strange beep. The messages were playing! Someone was getting the messages remotely. After it was done, the phone rang again. It was him! He stated on the machine, knowing I could hear, that he was stuck for another day and half because of the weather. He couldn't get a flight out, but there should be enough fluid for me until someone came home. Then he said "Have Fun... I know you are!" and he hung up. Oh Shit! I wanted out. This might be more fun if I had been worked up to this, but this was different than anything else I had been in since I had been on my feet for 5 days now. 

Several hours later, a friend that is also into the bondage scene and goes to college, and has come for some mutual bondage play with us, unlocked the door and came in. He saw me in the corner and came over. "How are you doing in there?" he asked.  I was in no way able to answer him but wishing I could scream at the top of my lungs; ‘Get me out of here!’ 

He stated that Jim called him with the location of our extra key for lockout purposes and told to check on me. So he drove 5 hours to help! He said he was to change the catheter bag, and give me more of the fluid in the machine. He checked my airway and that I was ok.  Then he said he was there for more too. My friend wanted him to check on me then, get into a bondage position himself tomorrow morning. He spent the day watching TV and talking to me. That night, he went to bed on the couch and fell asleep. The next morning, he woke up and checked up on me, then told me that he was to go down to the "dungeon" and lock the chastity belt on himself, put the hood with the inflatable gag and breathing tube on, then cuff his ankles and wrists to the chains attached to the wall, and wait for him to come home. 

He went down stairs and left me standing there, waiting. Then a couple of hours later, I heard a car pull up. It was him! I would be free soon. He came in, carried his stuff to his room, and came in and looked at the machine, said Hi to me, and that he'd get me tomorrow when my wife was home. I was in tears. I wanted out. I spent the night there. That morning he came in and checked on me. He disconnected the machine and put it away. Later that morning, I heard everyone come home. The guys came up and helped everyone in and get settled. They were all tired and went to there rooms to take a nap. The guys and my wife then unhooked me, and quickly took me downstairs and started taking me out of my strict bondage. It was slow going, and I was so sore, but I was helped into the shower and given a nice thorough shower.

Afterwards, It felt so good being out, and I was so sore and stiff. But, I loved my time like that, even though I wasn't used to it, and after giving everyone a hug, I had to ask, "When are we going to do that again?"

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