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House of Servitude 2: House of Torment

by Edruber

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© Copyright 2010 - Edruber - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/m; bond; enema; rubber; leather; bdsm; outdoors; oral; anal; reluct/cons; true; XX

continued from parts 1

Part 2: House of Torment

I arrived at the hotel, in style limousine delivered, everything was as promised, beautiful modern suite, large remote control tv., Remote controls where the latest thing, they gave me the keys of the new ford and the registration in my name, I felt affluent rich intelligent executive.

The staff treated me as if I was important and for just a little while I believed it myself, but once I got to sit in the plush sofa in the foyer of my suite all alone, I realized that I was nothing more than a male prostitute and not a very good one at that, my rectum was very painful and throbbing, my nipples where swollen, my dignity and self respect completely shattered, and I was afraid to look in the mirror and regurgitate at the sight of my face.

I was innocently trapped in to it and to a certain point a victim, but, the fact that after being raped several times over, I felt pleasure in giving oral sex, and when the orgy ended,  I actually felt a little disappointed. How would I live with myself? And to think that it’s far from over, maybe I should run back to New Jersey?

At that moment interrupting my thoughts, I heard a voice coming from the speaker of the tv.set, it was the tormentor; "I see you are nice and comfortable just remember we see everything you do, No tricks . Remember to go over today or tomorrow morning and register at the high school. Unless I tell you otherwise, don’t forget to be here on Saturday on time".

Now I knew that there was no escape I was a slave, and there was no running away. The sexual arousal took over me and I went in the bath room and finally masturbated until I exploded for the longest time. Throughout all the activities I had not had a chance to achieve relief, and to my further astonishment, while masturbating just now my thoughts were not of a beautiful naked girl, instead I totally spent myself on the images and feelings of the recent orgy where I was internally washed, raped, forced to provide oral sex to 3 men. I started realizing that my life had changed forever.

In the days that follow life was actually pleasant, I had a luxurious place to live, started school, did not make any friends because I was afraid they could somehow discover my big secret.

I joined the Football team but, I did not think it would last, because a lot of games are played on Saturdays and that’s when I become some other person from a different life.

Well, Saturday came all too soon and instead of dreading it, I found myself somewhat apprehensive, in an aroused sort of way.

I was at the mansion at 1.30 p.m. I was not going to be late. The tormentor escorted me to the little rubber room, told me to get nude and get ready for my enemas. I started trying to suggest some other way that I could clean myself however He slapped me hard across the face, and told me not ever open my mouth other than for a blow job, and after I was naked he led me to the infernal contraption,  tied me to it, gagged  me with the inflatable rubber bladder, and before inserting the tube. I heard the familiar swishh of the rubber paddle, and then I was short out of breath again with the pain of the spanking in my rear and back of the legs. After about 20 or 30 whacks, he shoved the tube up my rear which hurt tremendously because I guess, during the week, my sphincter returned to somewhat normal, and now I had to dialate all over again. The rest was like before the water, the pressure, the cramps, and the release after 5 hours of torture. Then back to the rubber room to get ready for tonight’s gang bang and then some.

He was back in 45 minutes and with him he had rubber pants, ankle length tight and shiny, a slit in the rectal area for easy entrance. Rubber shirt with the artificial rubber breasts with the metal plates inside fitting flat against the nipples, riding leather boots, rubber hood with a gag which after inflated he removed the inflating bulb and a but plug that again was very painful in the beginning and he strapped it into place, he told me that he would remove it at the stables, because after all, I would not be needing my mouth or the plug to be horseback righting. He cuffed my wrists behind my back, and pushed me out to the drive way where a sedan and a chauffeur was waiting. He put me in the back seat, then got in the front and off we went.

We  drove for well over an hour way out north west to a farm near the everglades, after entering past the gate we came to a large farm mansion and about 500 yards beyond it the stables, we got out and walked in a large area with saddles, crops, whips, leather restraining  belts of all sorts bottles of different oils etc… To one side there was a platform about 3 or 4  feet high with steps going up to it, I was directed to go up the steps and stand on the platform where the tormentor removed the butt plug, and with his rubber gloved finger lubed my rectum as far in as his finger would go. A ranch hand came in guiding a horse to the platform almost tripping over his own feet looking at me in that strange outfit, the horse he stopped in front of the platform.

It had the strangest saddle I had ever seen, it was like double the seating area with the front about 1 and ½  inch higher then the back which had a high back rest with seat belts, there where double sets of stirrups for the feet front and back. The ranch hand got a bottle of oil from the shelf and proceeded to cover the front elevated part of the saddle, I was then made to mount the front part sliding and slipping in the oil until getting my feet in the stirrups which where just reachable with the front part of my boots. My cuffs where attached to a leather covered metal  T  in front of me where I could also hold on to stabilize myself a little better.

The tormentor told me to stay in the front and not get any oil in the back part of the saddle. I waited there sliping and sliding  until finally 4 of them showed up all in tight shining leather jump suits with large openings in the front exposing their genitals, and 2 feet belts hanging from each side of their waists.

The Master came up on the platform first and got behind me with his dick tight against my rear entrance, now I was allowed to slide back into him. He slowly started getting large and hard, and when he reached full erection, he pressed against my entrance and pushed it all the way in making me wince with pain with his size. Now he tied his seat belt around his waist holding him firm to the seat then tied the belts hanging from his side around me bringing  us close but with about 3 or 4 inches slack.

Now I understood the madness of the whole thing; as the horse walked, I would slip and slide forwards and backwards providing an automatic fucking movement and if he wanted short fast strokes he would make the horse trot, long slower in and out strokes he make the horse gallop. The tormentor reached inside my artificial breast, activated the nipple exciter which got me so hot we almost did not need the horse. We went for a 50 minute ride, the Master came inside of me 3 times and I came inside of my rubber pants once, hopping he did not notice. The horse was pulled up next to the platform the Master got off and the next guest got on entering me with a larger dick then the Master, and we were off again in search of several orgasms. This individual kept screaming loudly "YESSS yessss Ohhh BABY WHAT AN ASS!"

"Ohhhhhh here I come, Ohhhh Here I comeeee". Of course we were all alone in the middle of the woods the only one that could hear was me, and if I did not have the gag in my mouth, I probably would be yelling also. Every trot pushed me in and out of that gargantuan dick and pulled on the rubber pants massaging my own erection putting me in constant sexual ecstasy.

I was on the horse for 5 hours all total I satisfied 4 huge hungry dicks, and had four orgasms myself. When I was taken off the horse I could hardly walk, I was shaking, trembling and dizzy.

The tormentor put the plug back in my ass and we got in the car and returned to the mansion.

Back inside he took me to a large well padded saw horse stand, tied my legs to the sides and my arms as well leaving my ass sticking up and vulnerable. He picked up a handle with many heavy strands of rubber hanging from it and beat my ass to a 3 alarm fire. I could not hold the tears from rolling down my face it was a painful beating and yet I had an enormous erection when he finished. He said; "That’s the Master’s punishment for your coming in your rubber pants without his permission . You were going to be dispensed for the rest of the weekend but because of your insolence, you’re going to be tied up in rubber all night and tomorrow all day you will suffer several spankings and you will be tied in the rubber wall for any guest to play,or fuck you or spank you."

He made me get naked, take a shower then put me in a rubber straight jacket and tight rubber pants with feet and a large butt plug, then made me lay down in the rubber bed and tied me to it with the straps. A hood over my face with a dick shape gag. I heard faintly because of the solid hood covering my ears.* sleep tight * and as he left he must have pressed something because the plug in my ass started to move ever so slowly and it kept moving making impossible for me to relax and sleep.

I was tired, thirsty, hungry and disappointed that I didn’t get the rest of the weekend off but the part of not getting food for such prolonged period, really bothered me, but if got any food in my bowls, I would have to be cleaned up all over again and I preferred going hungry than go through the enemas and deep cleaning. Even though the room was kept at around 60 degrees, I was hot and sweaty encased in rubber, and the best I got was a little dozing off here and there.

In this place there was no way to tell what time it was or how long it had been, however the door opened and the tormentor came in, unbuckled me from the bed, released me from the rest of the rubber and took me to the shower, after which we went back to the room and he made me dress in the rubber pants with the slit in the rear, the shirt with the breasts and nipple teaser, boots high heels, hood with eye holes nostril holes and mouth. We marched to the guests quarters and between the rooms and the tv and entertainment area, there was a hallway with a partition dividing it with access on both sides, it was covered in rubber with holes through it, 3 of them about one and a half foot high with padded 2 feet long boards across from on side to the other. I was pushed through the hole bent over resting my belly on the board, my ankles cuffed to the floor and my wrists cuffed on the other side, so now I was half on one side half on the other with no way to see behind me.

I was getting as comfortable as possible, when my rear was slapped hard a couple of times, then a finger started lubing my hole and next the pressure of a large erection pushed through my sphincter and went all the way In,  causing me pain for a few minutes and then the large intrusion started pumping with a vengeance which with the nipples action caused me to spout an erection inside the rubber pants and again with the constant friction, gave me an orgasm coinciding with the one from my intruder.

Another one came in front of me, at least this one I could see, he was totally naked wearing only cowboy leather boots and a large erect organ that he shoved in my mouth and started pumping in and out holding my head with both hands. While this is going on in the front, I felt someone grabbing my dick through the rubber and shoving a vibrator up my ass.

The hours past with constant actions of some kind until the tormentor came, uncuffed me from the wall led me to the shower, after which I was given my clothes and allowed to leave with the orders to return on the following Saturday at the same time. As I drove back to the hotel I could not help but to wonder; these people stay up at nights thinking of these incredible devices of sex? Don’t they have anything else constructive to do in life?

I guess the answer to that came the following Saturday when I went back.

Continue on chapter 4.

By edrub.



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