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The Gift

by Darqside

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© Copyright 2007 - Darqside - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; latex; magic; transform; cons/nc; X

You unlock this door with the Key of Fellatio…

Beyond it is another Dimension,

A Dimension of Orgasms…

A Dimension of Infatuation…

A Dimension of Lust…

You’re moving into a Land of Both Desire and Sex, of Obsession and Fetish,

You’ve just crossed over into…

The Erogenous Zone.


Episode 1: The Gift by Darqside

Meet Cassandra Summersby, known by many of her friends simply as Cassy.  On outward appearance, she’s a normal college girl of the age of 23.  But very soon she’ll be visited by a friend bearing a gift…a gift that will transcend mind and body, sending her spiraling outwards in the space of time and dimension known as…The Erogenous Zone.


“Cassy, don’t forget, Volleyball season starts back up tomorrow, make sure you’re ready.”

“I won’t forget coach, you always remind me.” Cassy smirked.

Cassy walked across campus on foot for most of the day, even though it wore her out, it was good exercise.  She was trim and fit, had great legs, thighs, and even had a little bust to her figure, her long blonde hair streaming down behind her.  It was always a hassle to maintain, but ultimately it was worth it to see the look on her boyfriend Brad’s face when she went out on a date with him in that pink miniskirt of hers.  It flared with black stitch lines and had a nice fluff to it when she walked, almost like she was floating.

Brad was the man she wanted, and nobody else would do… she even told him personally.  He had a firm figure himself, but often times it seemed like she did most of the work when it came to looking good in their relationship.  She had to admit she was a little egotistical when it came to her appearance, she liked to look good for Brad.  And of course Brad was always there to keep her happy, in more ways than one which suited her just fine.

He met her at the parking lot, like he always did, and as usual he had to cop a feel.

“You really shouldn’t do that out in public you know.” She rolled her eyes.  She only made a big deal out of it because copping a feel was all he felt he could actually do with her… his family was so strict he couldn’t do much else… and this frustrated her.

“Oh like anyone cares… we’re an item, everybody knows that.  By the way I haven’t forgotten what day it is tomorrow.”  He grinned sheepishly, his brown eyes gazing deep into her blue ones.

In truth it was Cassy who usually forgot events and holidays, as she was usually caught up in extra curricular activities to pay attention to what days were important… except maybe the night of a game.

“Um… what day is it tomorrow, St. Patrick’s Day?” she asked, in somewhat of a husky bimbo tone.  She actually enjoyed playing along with the ‘dumb blonde’ jokes to great effect.  It was always fun to mess with people when they realized she was a lot smarter than she let on, of course, her boyfriend was smart enough to know better.

“No, silly, tomorrow’s your Birthday!” he grinned.  He opened up his backpack and pulled out a small box with a ribbon on it.  Giving it to her, he said, “Promise me you won’t open it until tomorrow, got it?  Otherwise you’ll ruin the surprise.”

“Okay, okay…. I promise.” She said with a smile.  “I think you’re starting to spoil me with all these trinkets you keep giving me.”  She was of course referring to his habit of giving her various luck charms his family made, as he and his parents ran a Tarot shop and Jewelers store.  She didn’t mind at all that most of what he gave her was jewelry, it always looked pretty on her no matter what.  What made it especially nice was that it was usually handcrafted by Brad himself.

“Even if you think you know what it is… you won’t know what it does, so no peeking till tomorrow!” he smiled.

“I won’t, I promise!” she pouted her sexy pout.  The two kissed in the sunset at the end of a long day at school, and went back to their respective dormitories to study.  Even if it was the middle of the week, she still couldn’t stand being away from him longer than a day, at least they’d be together on Saturday.  Hopefully she could make it through the week.

Of course, the next day was filled with the usual well-wishing and Birthday stuff, she got cake from her dorm mates, a few cards here and there, a phone call from her parents wishing her well out of state, since they couldn’t come and visit.  All of it was pretty standard.  As much as she liked all the gifts and nice comments throughout the day from her classmates (even if it was a school day), an hour or so before her first session of Volleyball practice, Cassy was literally chomping at the bit to see Brad again, mostly because she wanted him to see the look on her face when she opened his present, but also because just being around him was really making her feel… well… hot.

Her omeko as she liked to refer to it from her Japanese language class, was starting to bug her as she waited for Brad to show up in their usual meeting spot.  Just thinking about his hunk of humanity was starting to burn and fester thoughts in her.

She knew of course, her parents would freak out if they ever found out Brad was doing anything beyond his bounds.  Sure, they were going steady, but her folks were old-fashioned, and wouldn’t accept anything short of tying the knot.  But to be honest she was having trouble waiting.  Not so much for Brad, but for pleasure in general.  In fact to compensate for this, she would periodically ‘jill-off’ just to feel better.  The fact she was in her Volleyball uniform, which looked more like a cheerleader uniform (stupid coaches and their financial funding), was actually more of a turn-on for her.

Maybe Brad couldn’t make it, she’d assumed.  Well, time was running short, and she had to get to practice soon… and it was her Birthday.  So she decided to open up the present, even though Brad wasn’t around.

Inside was a ring with some sort of padlock-shaped heart symbol.  Instantly she recognized her birthstone, Peridot, embedded inside it.  Also, she found a note:

“I’m glad you finally decided to open the gift instead of waiting for me, it shows you can make decisions on your own…”

At this she groaned.  Brad knew her all too well then, as she had a habit of being something of an exhibitionist with her things.

“…I’ll meet you at the Volleyball Court , and watch as you play.  Wear this ring, and hopefully it’ll unlock your true potential.  Good luck, and Happy Birthday, Love Brad.”

“Oh, so it’s some kind of good luck charm that’s supposed to improve my Volleyball game?  Who knows… maybe it’ll work.” She shrugged and put the ring on her left ring finger.  It fit perfectly snug around her finger, and she didn’t sense the slightest looseness of it.  The stone carved and embedded in it was designed to wrap around her finger, so as not to jut out… apparently perfect for sports.

When she got to the volleyball court, the teams were stretching and setting up the net.  She looked in the stands to find Brad waving to her and cheering.  She smiled and waved back.

After a while the game began.  It was an exhibition, so the girls on the team played against each other, black-shirts against white-shirts.

“More like black-boobs against white-boobs.” Cassy smirked, she knew how tight-fitting the shirts were to the girls during practice.  She was a white-shirt, of course.  The shirt felt snug and tight around her breasts like a bra, and even hugged her hips a little, tight clothes had a habit of exciting her.  She was counting on Brad spying a little ‘bounce-action’ from her, and she was more than willing to give it to him.

After a few serves, it was apparent that both sides were pretty even, which made the simple exhibition match all the more exciting.  It was Cassy’s turn to serve.  Tossing up the ball she hit it hard and high, not too high, but put enough spin on the ball as to make it come down for a good spike-serve from one of her teammates.

The serve was spiked across the net, but bumped back over, hard and fast.  Too fast, at least for her other teammates to react.  The ball was too far away and too low, she didn’t think she could save it.  She dove.

Much to Cassy’s surprise, she managed the bump the ball back across the court, which made the crowd cheer.   After a few exchanges her teammates managed to spike it home.

Was it just her imagining things?  Or was she faster on those returns than usual?  She seemed to be able to track the ball’s movement better, that was certain.  The more the game went on, the more it seemed like all eyes were on her.  Either when she was setting, serving, or trying to drive the ball over the net.

After the exhibition game finished, her coach walked up to her and gave her a friendly swat on her behind.  “Great game, Cassy, you’ll go far this season, I’m sure of it!”  She smiled, while rubbing her rear ruefully.

After the usually throng of friends gave her the usual congrats, and Happy Birthday, she walked behind the stands where Brad was waiting.

“Wow, Cassy, that’s the best I’ve ever seen you play.  You were spot-on tonight.” He grinned.

She smiled seductively, “So, Brad, did you get an eyeful?” she raised her arms behind her head, deliberately making her chest jut out.  The tight white shirt made her breasts well-shaped.

“Oh you know I did.” He said, taking her in his arms.  “I watched three volleyballs bounce up and down all evening.”

She showed off her ring with gusto.  “So this is what you were so excited to give to me?”

“It seems to have worked, probably one of my first really successful good-luck charms.” He smiled.

“You said in the note it’s supposed to ‘unlock my potential’, how does that work?”

“The way it works is, the ring provides you with great luck and blesses your potential to do great things while the padlock on the ring prevents you from ever taking it off until a certain time and place, it’s supposed to come off when you finally achieve your potential.”

At the phrase ‘prevents you from ever taking it off’ she instinctively tugged on the ring, and it was stuck, good and tight.

“Now why exactly did you do that for?” she asked him, somewhat perturbed.

“I know you have a habit of losing jewelry, Cassy.” Brad replied, “So I made it so the ring is locked on your finger.  It gives you an infinite amount of potential.  If you don’t like it I have the key back home.”

“You and your superstitions.”  She smiled, and kissed him for it anyway.

“It’s supposed to come off naturally when you’ve ‘unlocked your potential’.” He winked.  “I’m sure you’ll do great, Cassy.”

“Thanks for the gift, Brad, even if it’s a little weird.  But if you ask me, I’m your good luck charm.”  She flaunted her round hips at him, to make him blush.

That night, Cassy couldn’t sleep.  For some reason the thought of having the ring locked onto her finger was bothering her.  Not in a bad way… but something about it made her feel hotter than usual.  It wasn’t like Brad to keep tabs on her like that, of course he was something of a voyeur when it came to his girlfriend, and she counteracted this with her flaunting exhibitionism.  She considered herself a slave to clothing and fashion.

At night for the past few weeks, she’d been training herself to walk in ballet-toed heels, and she even went so far as to buy an iron ballet-trainer.  She couldn’t wait for the look on Brad’s face when she was able to walk gracefully in such insanely high heels, he’d flip.  It was slow-going however… and hurt like crazy when she did so much as put on the trainers.  Despite the pain at night she slipped the trainers on her feet, forcing them to point downward, and using a special locking combination on her ankles, she fell asleep, focusing on her birthday gift locked onto her finger.

Cassy woke the next morning to receive an unusual sensation, or rather, lack of sensation.  Her toes and ankles were, for some reason, not hurting her in the morning.  She unlocked her feet from the trainers, and they were highly tensile and flexible.  She could focus her toes on their points on the carpet barefoot, without so much as a wince.  Her balance seemed to be better too.

She would just have to test out her ballet-boots then, just to be sure.  If she could get used to walking in those, she’d practically knock Brad over.  She decided to freshen up in the shower.  Taking her nightgown off, she looked in the mirror while brushing her teeth.

Was she seeing things?  Her complexion was a lot clearer than last she saw.  All the sunspots and freckles she had seemed to have disappeared.  Something else was different too… was it her imagination or were her hips and breasts fuller?  They didn’t feel any heavier… in fact she felt stronger than ever.  She of course liked to have at least a little muscle tone in her abs.  Her crystal blue eyes were the same, but her lips seemed redder for some reason…. she wasn’t even wearing lipstick!

She brushed off the notions she was having as just her walking into mature womanhood.  After her shower, she reached in a nearby bathroom cabinet for a towel… accidentally, she scraped her ring finger along the side of the cabinet.  She heard a gentle click.

She pulled back her hand in surprise.  Looking at her ring finger for damages she noticed, much to her astonishment, that the heart-shaped Peridot padlock that was supposed to lock onto her finger was now unlocked.

“That’s strange, is it broken?” she was now able to slip the ring off her finger.  She was a little disappointed that the ring unlocked itself so soon.  She thought she would keep it on for at least a week, if only to make Brad happy she was wearing it.  She tried to slip it back on her finger, but the ring kept sliding back off.

Now she was really disappointed.  She decided to call Brad.

“What now?  You say it’s broken?”

“Well it couldn’t have unlocked this soon without a reason.  You just gave it to me yesterday.”

“Hmm… I could’ve sworn I made it the way Grampa said it needed to be made.”


“Yeah, my grandfather has been making charm rings since he was my age, and he’s a master jewelry-maker.  I followed his instructions to the letter in making that Unlocking Ring, even the metal carvings, it took me a month.”

Cassy realized Brad had put his whole heart into making that ring for her, and now all she could do was complain about it.  She felt really bad.

“I’m sorry Brad, it’s still a pretty ring… it just, unlocked itself.  I know you worked hard on it.  I just wish I could give you a hug right now, to make you feel better about it.”

She imagined herself giving him a hug, she wanted to give him a long and tight embrace, and kiss him tenderly.  She knew she couldn’t always be with him during the day, but if she could picture it at least they could dream.

“Is it just me or is it getting warm in here?” Brad said over the phone after a period of silence.  “Something must be wrong with the thermostat over here.  I really should get back to doing my homework. I’ll take a look at your ring later today, okay?  You know I want you to win, and I love you.”

“Okay, honey… I love you too… bye.”  Cassy hung up the phone.

For some reason she felt energetic.  She wanted to start the day with some excitement.  She decided she was going to try those ballet boots on after all.  But she wanted to be subtle about it.  She didn’t even want Brad to notice, really.

Not only did Cassy have a thing for tight clothes, but she also liked to wear rubber clothing.  She had a passion for latex, even if it was a secret one.  So she decided to dig deep into her closet and find something interesting to wear.  That’s when she found it.

In the back of her closet, she found her pair of black rubber hip-huggers.  They looked like jeans with tight pockets that wrapped around her hips, they would show off her butt nicely.  Before she did anything, she slipped on her rubber ballet-boots with red material and black bases.  They would look incredibly hot if anyone were to look at them, assuming they looked downwards to notice.  To be subtle, she slipped her rubber pants over the tops of them, poking her red heels through.  Finally, so as to be somewhat conservative, she wore a simple red tank-top, somewhat tight around the bust and bra of course.  Topping this off with a little make-up, she grabbed her back-pack and was ready to face the day.

It was stunning, really, to find out she could walk naturally in her heels that she’d trained only a couple weeks for.  It didn’t even so much as put any strain on her knees or ankles.  She found the rhythmic klak-klak-klak of her en-point heels on the sidewalk to be very hypnotic and sexy to her ears.  In fact the balancing act she made while doing so was making her hips roll unnaturally wide as she hobbled down the street in her tight hip-huggers.  It was beginning to make her omeko start to boil.

Going upstairs to various classes wasn’t too difficult either…. a lot easier than she could’ve even hoped!  Something was different however… and she couldn’t put her finger on what, exactly.  It wasn’t just her clothes, of course.  She was just trying to be a little different, that’s all.  Of course a few guys gave her the eye, but most already knew she was ‘taken’.

The first time she noticed something was at the library, while studying.  It was strange, but a classmate she knew was sitting across from her, reading a book.  Cassy couldn’t help but notice, but she could see the girl’s chest rising and falling, however subtle.  She almost felt like she could feel the air between herself and the girl.  It felt like the air was heavy and thick.  She could breathe, but it just felt like everything was… well… visible.

Cassy stared intently as the girl from across the room was reading her book.  It came as a surprise to Cassy that the girl had very noticeably large breasts that just about covered the pages of the girl’s book.  Cassy knew what it felt like to be felt up from Brad when he caressed her breasts, but she somewhat had her doubts if this girl had had that experience.

The girl, despite her breast size, was rather plain-looking.  She had gangly hair and wore thick glasses and wasn’t exactly trying to get anyone’s attention with her clothing.  Definitely a nerd in the classic sense.  Cassy somewhat felt sorry for her, as she recalled this girl never had a boyfriend, even if she was ‘well endowed’.

It was a strange thing, really… more of a distracted imaginative idea… but Cassy imagined herself gently caressing the girl’s breasts.  She subtly lifted her fingers from her book… and staring from a distance, motioned her fingers across the girl’s breasts in a somewhat massaging motion, kind of like ‘crushing someone’s head with your thumb and index finger’.  She imagined herself stroking the girl’s breasts, encouraging her to reveal herself more.  It was a strange thought really.

Cassy couldn’t believe her eyes but… she thought she saw the girl wince from across the room.  The girl was subtle about it, but she adjusted her bra, sighed, and turned a page in her book… shifting her shoulders.

Cassy wasn’t sure what she saw, but… it seemed interesting… maybe coincidence.  It seemed somewhat comical, even.  She imagined herself stroking the girl’s humongous breasts and cupping them… even forming her hands like cups around imaginary breasts.

For a moment it appeared as though the girl’s breath caught in her… she was still looking intently at her book, but something was distracting her now, Cassy could tell.  The girl cleared her throat.  Cassy still had her hands cupped underneath nothing but air… a dark smile spreading across her face.

For a second Cassy jiggled her hands and hid behind her book, her eyes fixed on the girl from across the room.  Just as she did this, the girl’s breasts bounced, seemingly all of their own accord.  The girl was taken aback and blinking in surprise like she’d had a sudden hiccup, then privately, ruefully, she hid behind her book.

Cassy could tell the girl was rubbing her nipples from the strange jolt she’d received.  It was all Cassy could do to keep from snickering out loud.  Cassy wasn’t sure what to make of this.  It was uncannily amusing first and foremost… but also somewhat sexually stimulating.  She couldn’t explain it, but somehow she’d been able to touch that girl… without touching her!

Another dark thought entered Cassy’s mind.  Quietly, secretly, she slipped her hand underneath the table, so subtle that nobody could see.  Picturing an exposed labia and clit, Cassy put her index and middle finger together and gently moved them up and down underneath the table in soft, generous motions.

Cassy watched enthralled with delight as the girl’s eyes went wide and winced as she tilted her head.  The girl’s legs squirmed as she shifted her weight.  Her face was flush, and she had an awkward open-mouthed expression on her face.  Cassy stopped for a moment and glanced away, trying to hide her deed.  The girl quickly closed her book, her eyes were frantically darting around the room.  She glanced at Cassy for a moment, but it was a look of embarrassment rather than suspicion, as she quickly looked down and then ran to the Ladies’ Room.

Cassy was indeed curious.  She had to know what had happened to this girl.  She had her suspicions of course… and it was most definitely Cassy who was to blame for the girl’s… plight.

Cassy decided to do a little snooping.  She walked casually over to the Women’s Bathroom and gently put her ear on the door to see if she could hear anything.  It was a single bathroom, so most likely anyone in the library would not know what went on in there, even if girls tend to go to bathrooms in pairs.  The door was locked, so Cassy knew without a doubt that her ‘victim’ was in there.

Cassy was astounded to hear the girl moaning softly in the bathroom.  The girl was literally ensconced in her own juices, orgasming right there in the stall.  Normally it took much more for even Cassy herself to get set off, but this girl appeared to be very sensitive.  Cassy heard heavy breathing in the bathroom, and it was obvious the girl was very stimulated.

Cassy knew it would probably send the girl over the top if she did it, but she just couldn’t resist one more fondle… imagining the girls large breasts and taut hymen… she stroked both gently with each hand,  leaning casually against the door with her back turned to the wall so that nobody could see what her ‘idle’ hands were doing.

She heard a gasp and a yelp in the bathroom as the girl began to pant heavily, in what sounded like heavy gasps of desperate lust.  Cassy decided to leave the poor girl alone, and stood casually outside the bathroom, innocently waiting for her to come out.

It took a few minutes, but it seemed the girl regained her composure.  She performed a ‘nothing’s wrong with me’ flush, and washed her hands.  When she left the bathroom… she looked at Cassy, who tried to appear nonchalantly waiting to get in the bathroom.

The girl had guilt written all over her face as her eyes shifted downward, her face beet red.  She looked like she’d had a secret wild fantasy fulfilled out in public that nobody knew about.  Beads of worked up sweat dribbled down the side of her face as she pushed her thick glasses up her nose.

She cleared her throat and tried to say “Excuse me,” as civilized as possible… but it came out somewhat choked.

Cassy glanced at the book the girl had been reading in her arm.  Animal Biology and Behavior.  She turned to the girl.  “Must be a good book.”

The girl winced and bit her lip in response.  The girl practically ran out of the library as fast as she could.  Of course ‘running’ being a loose term.  She seemed to be wobbling as she ran as her legs were somewhat spread apart.  At this Cassy just about burst out laughing.

So then what was Cassy to make of this newfound gift of hers?  She’d read about telekinesis and the theories behind it.  But it was obvious this ‘ability’ of hers wasn’t telekinetic.  She couldn’t lift things with her mind, that was a certainty.  It was more like, she was able to tune into people’s physical wavelengths, how they feel physically and sexually.  She could even see these ‘waves’ around people whenever she walked around.

It was a strange discovery.  Not only could she manipulate people’s sensations, but she could read them too.  Not quite like reading people’s thoughts, but more like their emotions.  She could empathize with people much easier than before. 

“Not unlike what girls can normally do,” she admitted.

It seemed as though it wasn’t so much a mysterious unfamiliar ‘gift’ as it was an extension of things she already knew how to do.  Cassy was already imaginative and creative, she got good grades in her Writing and Art classes on creativity.  She also liked to think she was sensitive to other people’s feelings.  And she certainly didn’t feel confident enough to turn into a super hero.

She also suspected that her skill in the Volleyball game and her ‘Heel Training’ had something to do with what she was doing now, her energy throughout most of the day, the lack of fatigue, the fact she felt incredibly horny and sexier than usual… but how were they connected?

Her thoughts were broken by a Volleyball that nearly bounced off her head.  She instinctively caught it.

“Hey Cassy!  Nice game yesterday… keep it up…” one of the girls on the team teased.  Cassy smirked and threw it back at her, almost as strong as it had been thrown.  It nearly knocked her off her feet… but she caught it.

“Damn girl… you got a strong arm.”

“Sorry… I’ve been practicing a lot.”

That’s when the thought occurred to Cassy.  All of this seemed to happen the moment she wore Brad’s ring.  It was a strange thought, but she couldn’t help but wonder at the possibility.  He had said that the ring was supposed to ‘unlock her potential’ hadn’t he?  And the ring unlocked itself from her finger that morning…

It had to be more than a coincidence.

The first thing Cassy thought of was to ask Brad.  But would he believe her?  Brad believed in the luck of the charms his family made, but would he believe what happened to her?  That she felt sexier than she’d ever been?  That she could sense things around her she could never even see before?

“Speak of the angel.” Cassy smacked her lips.

Brad was just walking down the block when he saw her.  But the look on his face was one of shock and awe, then he appeared to be grinning.  If he grinned any more his head would fall off.

“I’m trying to figure out what’s different.” He began.  “It’s not your hair, of course that’s always hot, you didn’t get a make-over…”

Cassy did what she always did in front of the man she wanted so very badly.  She posed sexily in front of him.  Even if it was out in public, it was for him, and that’s all that mattered to her.  He began to look her up and down.

“You’re ‘bigger’ for one thing… in more ways than one.” He said gently, caressing her face.   He pressed his hand deep into her thigh, feeling the smoothness of the black rubber pants she was wearing.  He’d seen her pants before, but not in the ensemble she currently had on.  A tight red tank top, emphasizing her bust size (and cleavage if one looked carefully), her robust rear as it shone like a black orb in the sun, her lengthy legs… and he was surprised to find she was wearing ballet-toed heel boots.  In fact, she’d been on her toes for the greater part of the day and nobody seemed to notice but him.

“So am I supposed to think that I ‘keep you on your toes’?” he smiled at her.  The look in his eyes was different from usual.  He was usually laid back and friendly with her.  But now something was there.  A need was there… something she’d been begging for.  Everything seemed so much more intense… more than ever before, so much louder to her senses.  His lips and sculpted face came ever so close to hers.  She could hear his deep breathing as they gazed into each other’s eyes.  She thought if he’d kiss her then, she’d lose herself completely… to hell with their parents and their thoughts of marriage before sex.

It was hard.  For a long moment it was so very hard to break away from his gaze.  But she did so.  A mere hug was all it took, and they were back to being boyfriend and girlfriend, nothing quite so strong.  Although she felt him, more prominently than she’d ever felt his feelings before.  It was intoxicating, just the sheer emotional senses she got from him.  She knew it was the strange knew gift she’d been given… but she was afraid to tell him.

She reached in her backpack and pulled out the ring, complete with it’s original box.  It was unlocked, much to his astonishment, and he didn’t know what to make of it.

“Are you sure it’s damaged?” he asked, “And that it didn’t just unlock by itself?”

She didn’t know what to say at this point.  She knew what she had said earlier, and she also knew what she wanted to say but didn’t have the courage.

“I don’t know…” the safest answer at the moment.  But she could sense his feelings of suspicion washing over her.  She knew he couldn’t read her thoughts, but the presence was there… the feelings that perhaps what he did actually worked were there.  His mind was conflicted with theories of what happened.  But even more so she could sense his lust for her.  A deep hungry lust.  The kind a man has when he’s held himself back for a long time and feels starved.  For a moment she was scared, but at the same time desired that hunger inside herself.

After a moment, she exhaled…. and all the feelings she sensed before were silent.  She somehow managed to block them out.  It was her gift again, it could apparently be shut on or shut off at her will it seemed… a powerful sixth sense if ever there was one.

“Well, in any case, maybe I made the ring a little too loose.  I was thinking about the padlock on the ring too much I think.  I’ll fix it, hon, don’t you worry.” He smiled again.

The two embraced again and kissed, this time somewhat quickly, as they had their other classes to attend, this being the only time they often met during the week.  Saturday would come soon, Cassy was sure of it, and then… they would be…

Brad’s cell phone rang, abruptly cutting off the moment, perhaps for the better, Cassy was somewhat relieved.  She felt somewhat scared of her new abilities… they were loud and frightening and intense, like bright vivid colors dancing about her senses, what was even worse is that they seemed to be enhanced whenever she was turned on.

“Okay Grampa… I got the ring… we can work on it later next week.  Okay, I’ll get to class.  See you.  Bye.” Brad snapped his phone shut.

“Well I guess we both have places to go, then.  You know I’ve got work tomorrow so I won’t see you till Saturday.” He said, somewhat perturbed by it.

“Saturday then.” She smiled, and gently kissed him goodbye on his cheek.

“Listen… before I go I just want to tell you… I know my folks aren’t exactly into us having sex before marriage but… I love you… and I really want you to know that I want you.” he admitted.

She didn’t know what to say at that point.  It was as if he’d said all she wanted to say for her.

“Please…” he said, while walking away behind him… “Just wait for me.”

“I don’t know if I can wait much longer.” She thought.

Later that night, Cassy once again could not sleep.  It was strange but… her senses were getting the better of her.  Even her own personal emotions seemed amplified by her ‘gift.’  Her sex drive was pounding deep inside her mind like a loudspeaker.  All she could think about was having sex with Brad.  It began to drive her crazy.

It was a distracting notion but, she decided she needed to take the edge off somewhat.  It had to be done, otherwise she just couldn’t sleep.  She decided to go into her wardrobe and pull out something sexy… something… binding… for her to wear.  Perhaps to calm her down.

It was her own personal secret actually… something she didn’t even tell her dorm mates, something she wouldn’t even say truth to in “Truth or Dare”.  She enjoyed latex, and very much enjoyed it as it covered her body.  It was a secret fetish, only partially known to Brad… he only knew she liked to wear parts of the clothing… not whole bodysuits.

Truth be told, it was her form of an isolation tank, only sexier.  She had her own room, so nobody could see her, even her shades were drawn shut.  She had grown to love the suit only as a means of getting certain ‘frustrations’ out of her system, that was all… or so she thought.

The first thing she did was lube herself up from top to bottom with lubricating cream, all orifices covered.  Next, got her special suit, it zipped up in the back with a pair of ballet boots attached at the bottom.  Now that she’d gotten used to the other boots, these would be a synch.  Lastly a black thick rubber corset that laced through the back to wrap around and buckle and clip together in the front.  Additionally, she had customized the suit with a pair of plugs on the inside that would pop in neatly, sealing her in rubber heaven.

It took a few minutes of squeezing, sliding and pushing, but her body was now covered from the neck down in rubber.  She tied her hair in a neat pony-tail and slid it carefully through a slot of rubber hood that zipped up through the back of her head all the way to her neck.  The hood had a special set of black semi-transparent rubber that covered the eyes and lips, making her face a dark formless mass.  The hood would then zip and lock seamlessly onto a neck-piece that locked her neck from moving.  The keys she graciously placed in a bed table drawer.

She looked in the mirror.  From top to bottom, with exception to the long tuft of hair trailing down her back from the top of her head… she was covered in black shine.  Her fingernails stretched the cloves to sexy perfection, and her hips and breasts were naturally pressed outward due to the tight corset.

She was isolated at last… and enjoying it.

It felt so quiet, and so dark in the unlit room.  She seemed to feel full at last… the things inside of her seemed to keep her quiet.  For a while it felt peaceful.

Then, in a strange moment of lust, she felt herself.  Not just the sensation of skin on rubber.  But the sensation of her ‘gift’, as if it had suddenly re-awoken inside the catsuit, a darker hungrier demon than before.

It started out her dreaming about Brad… the imagining of her stroking his penis.  Making it engorged on her member, pressing it deep and hard against her pelvic bone.  She imagined his lips pressed hard against hers.  She imagined his tongue digging deep inside her pussy.  She imagined his cock stuffing her mouth and exploding in it, while she drank every last drop with lustful abandon.  She imagined her clit being pressed and soaked with her own juices.  Just these thoughts alone made her cum deep and hard in the suit.

Then… after a time… a new barrage of thoughts came to her.  She imagined herself… outside of herself actually… begin to caress her breasts.  The sensation was unmistakable.  She did this of course, purely on sexual reflex.  She began to duplicate herself in her imaginative mind.  Her hands caressing her body, pressing, digging, poking, teasing… massaging.  Everything to please herself.

Her black rubber hands were in her sex, her mouth, her sphincter… her breasts were being stroked to the point that her nipples erected to tiny pyramids.  She imagined herself sucking upon her own breasts… and not relenting, because it felt good.  She felt her self orgasm and lactate and spasm.  The darkness she saw only generated more stimulation in her imagination.

After a time, she began to lose herself to all these thoughts.  Lying down on the bed, her mind was able generate all these sensations on her body, every time she imagined herself with lust, she dreamed of another version of herself fulfilling that lust.  Because it was her mind… all of it was real… all of it was… the gift… and she could not stop… she could never stop… the unlimited lust given her would not let her be denied, she had reached the potential of who she always wanted to be… always fulfilled.

The next morning the phone rang.  The answering machine received it.

“Hey Cassy… it’s Brad.  You’re not going to believe this but… I had the weirdest dream.  I dreamed you were sexing me something fierce last night.  You had this black catsuit and everything.  I didn’t know you were into kinky stuff, Cassy.  It… it felt so real.  I think I had a wet one… don’t tell Grampa I said that though.  Listen… I know I’ve been kinda slow in our relationship, but I really do want to be with you.  I mean it.  For the rest of my life.”

…. Cassandra Summersby, lost in her own sexual desires while simultaneously fulfilling them.  Perhaps her mind still exists, perhaps it is still becoming even more than she originally was for her sexual fulfillment that had been denied her.  Is her dream a living heaven or a binding hell? 

The questions remain bound and gagged forever in… The Erogenous Zone.



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