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Good Girl Christmas

by Steff

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© Copyright 2013 - Steff - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; other/f; M/f; latex; corset; stockings; hood; gag; cuffs; armbinder; toys; insert; bond; hogtie; gift; oral; climax; cons; X

It was Christmas Eve and Ivy was alone in her 2 bedroom apartment. It was not because she was a bitch or not attractive. She was just shy, very soft spoken and shy. People just knew she was a hard worker and a fair person. Everyone liked her as a friend but they all saw her as a little sister. She was fine with that but there was one guy that she wanted more from, Ron. Ron owned a large ranch outside of town, she worked there in a part time job over the weekend. Like everyone else in town she thought that he really didn’t see Ivy that way. She however liked him in a different way. She like the sound of his voice, his gentle nature with everyone; especially kids and the fact that he was drop dead gorgeous.

Ivy finished cleaning up after fixing dinner and was just about ready to watch a movie when she heard something moving around in her bedroom. She got up to see what kind of mischief the cat had gotten into. When she entered, sitting on the bed was a box about the size that designer boots come in. It was wrapped in shiny red paper, green ribbon and a bow. She noticed there was a tag tied to the ribbon addressed to her. Naturally she read the tag:

Ivy. This is for you since you were a good girl this year.
Signed, Santa.

She snickered at the “Santa” signature but said, “What the heck.” She set the card down and opened unwrapped the box. Under the paper was a plain box that had a seal impression on the top. The seal looked like Santa’s sled. Again she snickered but opened the box. Inside she found bright red latex, lots of latex. She pulled out an open bust corset with garters, panties, high stockings, shoulder length opera gloves and a pair of knee high 6 inch heeled boots.

Ivy had always liked the feel of latex and wearing the few items she had. As she examined the stuff in the box she could tell that this was not the cheap stuff she could afford. She picked up the card and examined closer but got no clue as to who REALLY sent the stuff. After a few minutes she decided to go ahead and try the stuff on. She started with the panties. After she lubed them up, with the enclosed bottle of lube, then she slid them up into place, besides being tight they felt really comfortable. Next came the stockings that were also tighter then she expected but felt good. The corset was next. She wrapped it around her waist and connected the hooks in the front. Once the last hook was connected she tightened the corset as tight as she could. Once she was done she had taken three inches off her waist. Now that the corset was laced she attached the garters to the stockings then lastly she put on the gloves and boots.

Finally Ivy was finished putting on the latex and went into the bathroom to see how she looked. Looking in the mirror she liked what she was looking at. The bright red latex contrasted nicely against her skin. The top of the corset worked like a push-up bra and gave her impressive cleavage. After spending a few minutes looking at herself she decided it was time to go to sleep. When she returned to the room she noticed that what she thought was the bottom of the box was actually a divider. She pulled the divider out and saw more latex items but it was all bright green.

The contents of the lower half of the box were really interesting. First was a hood that had no openings for eyes but had holes to breathe through the nose and it had a built in ring and opening for the wearer's mouth. There was what looked like a latex chastity belt that had two phalluses attached to it. There was two pair of cuff that was connected together. Lastly was a latex monoglove armbinder that closed with a zipper. She removed everything and after laying it all out on the bed she picked up a piece of paper that was under all of the items. The paper explained how everything worked, where and how to put them on. There was also a computer disc that would be used to control everything

Ivy re-read the instruction and then decided to try some of the items. The first thing she did was reach between her legs and discovered that, like the paper said, there were sleeves built into the panties she was wearing that would slide into both of her holes. She started the computer program loading onto her computer then she went to her night stand, removed the slender vibrator she plays with and used it to slide the sleeves into place inside herself. When she walks back to the computer room the sleeve felt comfortable but they moved just enough to make their presence known and to keep her excited. When she got to the computer the program was loaded and had already tested everything. With her Wi-Fi set-up she could be anywhere in the apartment and the computer would still control the stuff. The program recommended a trail test run to get everything set-up for her. She figured that since it only took 30 minutes, she would go for it. After getting the program running and reading the instructions she went to get started.

When Ivy got to her bedroom the first thing she did was lube up the phalluses and the chastity belt. Ivy stepped into it and slide it into place. The phallus slid easily into her ass but she was really surprised at how much she enjoyed the feel since this was the first time she had had anything larger than her little vibrator in it. The other phallus slid into her pussy and then she pulled the rest of the belt over her corseted waist. Next she attached the cuffs. One pair went around her ankles and the other went around her legs above her knees. Since the cuffs were already locked together she could now not separate her legs. She went ahead and positioned the armbinder behind her back, buckled and adjusted the straps. Following the directions the hood was next. Just like the directions said she opened her mouth and worked the ring behind her teeth. Next she folded the hood over and around her head. Lastly she zipped it closed.

After adjusting the hood she decided to go for it. She moved to the center of the bed folded her legs, reached around behind her and after a few blind attempts she was able to clip the end of the armbinder to the link connecting her ankles together. Ivy then slides her arms into the latex armbinder she attached behind her. A few seconds after she got her arms positioned the zipper on the armbinder started to quickly rise. After just a few seconds the armbinder was completely closed. Her elbows and forearms were forced together and despite her struggling she could not separate them.

Ivy spent the next few minutes testing her binds only to find out she could not get loose. She stopped her struggling when she heard talking in the room next to her.

“See! I told you it would work,” Ivy heard. It sounded like a woman but her voices had a strange tinkle to it.

“Ok you were right,” another tingly female voice replied. When Ivy started to panic and really fight against her bindings, the voice said, “Ivy… we are not going to hurt you. Like the card said your outfit is a gift from Santa. We are here to give you the second half of the gift.”

Ivy didn’t understand why or how but she calmed down and her fear went away. She felt two sets of hands lower her onto her side then she felt a tingle all over. She felt her corset tighten up and the slack get removed from the end of the armbinder pulling her into a tighter hogtie. When the tingle stopped she could tell she was not lying on her bed but on shag carpet. She felt something get wrapped around her neck and loosely tied.

The first voice said, “Merry Christmas.” The next thing that happened was the phalluses inside her started to vibrate and wiggle around. Ivy struggled against her bonds but still was not able to get loose. After a couple minutes the vibrator had Ivy on the edge or cumming, however they would not push her over the edge and all she could do was lie there moaning in sexual frustration…

* * *

Ron had taken over his family ranch at 18 when his parents passed away. He loved everything about the work; the open air, the space, the horses… everything. The only problem was he was lonely. Living outside of town he didn’t get many visitors plus he was also was not very outgoing. Another thing that worried him was he was afraid that when the girl he dated found out that he like bondage, latex and possibly pony girl play she would run away, tell the whole town and her would be labeled a freak for the rest of his life. There was one woman that worked for him part time that he really like, Ivy. When they were working they would talk and enjoy each other’s company but when work ended she would leave in a big hurry. He never saw her on his trips into town so he only saw her when she showed up for work.

It was Christmas Eve and Ron had decided to turn in early. Just like last year he had volunteered to help serve food at the local homeless shelter for the Christmas dinner and he wanted to be well rested. He was woken up at midnight by some noises. He followed the noise into the living room and turned on the light. He saw several presents under his Christmas but what really got his attention was lying in front of the tree. There was a blond haired woman tied up moaning on the floor.

He walked up and examined her. She was wearing bright red latex and restrained in bright green latex. She was wearing a corset that was heavily boned and really tight. It looked like she lost 5-6 inches from her waist. The corset also pushed her breasts up nicely. Her legs were encased in red latex stockings and she was wear matching latex boots. Her legs were cuffed at the ankles and knee by green latex. Her head was encased in a green latex hood that only had opening for her nostrils and her mouth. Ron could also see that her mouth was held opened by a ring gag that was built into the hood. Her arms were bound in a green mono-glove armbinder that kept her forearms and elbows together. That also helps make her breasts look good enough to eat. Her armbinder was clipped to her ankle cuffs putting her into a nice hogtie. There was a green ribbon with a card tied around her neck so he untied the ribbon and read the card.

Ivy struggled for a few minutes then she felt the ribbon around her neck get untied. Next she was shocked to hear Ron say, “Since both of you were good this year and you both wished for the same thing here it is. Ron and Ivy…Merry Christmas…Santa.”

Just when he finished reading the card the vibrator increased in activity and her clit was also assaulted by pleasurable vibrations and Ivy exploded into orgasm. The orgasm rocked her with so much force she just groaned loudly twitching and writhing in ecstasy. The orgasm continued for several seconds then finally stopped then the vibrations stopped. A few minutes later she regained control of her breathing.

“That was quite the show. Ivy is that really you?” When she nodded yes Rob unzipped and removed the hood. “How did you pull this off?”

Ivy looked at him and replied, “I didn’t. This stuff was in a box at my place, I tried it on and you know the rest.”

He circled her couple of times admiring the view before he asked, “Is the card true? Is this what you want for Christmas?”

She turned as red as the latex she was wearing, “This is not exactly like how I pictured our first date but I am willing to if you are.”

He grinned, “You have no idea how much I am glad to hear you say that.” He then put the ring back into her mouth and zipped the hood back into place. He sat her up onto her knees, grabbed her face and shoved his hard cock into her mouth.

Because of the ring she could not suck well but she knew Ron enjoyed himself because he came inside her mouth quickly. He pumped a few more times making sure he was done then he pulled out. After laying her back onto her side the vibrators inside her came to life and in no time she was cumming again.

After 2 rapid orgasms she heard him say, “Well Ivy I had a busy day so I am going to sleep. I will see you in the morning. I am looking forward to seeing what else Santa gave me.”

She heard the light get turned off and she knew Ron left her there until morning. She also knew she was in for a long night since she was well on her way to another orgasm and the vibrators were still going strong.

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