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Installation 2: Mermaid

by Cdpx

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© Copyright 2008 - Cdpx - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; latex; bodysuit; mermaid; display; mast; cons; X

Installation 2: Mermaid

"Roll up, roll up. See the only genuine, real, live, Mermaid in existence." droned on the American accent from the speaker for the umpteenth time.

Above the speaker was a sign saying, "Amazing exhibit, Mermaid filmed off the coast of California." in bright red and yellow lettering.

Below these two the small wooden booth had a pair of red velvet curtains, which the brown haired woman pulled open to find that there was only room for a wooden seat and a television screen. She sat down but nothing happened.

In front of her a little sign said, "Close curtains for show to begin." She closed the curtains and the television flickered into life.

Outside the rest of the gallery was filling up with the lunch time crowd.

The woman gazed at the screen and saw a craggy outcrop poking above the crashing waves and then the camera sunk under the angry white crested waves and focussed on, the mermaid. Her long red brown hair flowed out behind her as her head popped above the waves.

She pulled herself out of the water using her arms and onto the rock. Her long, wet hair reached down to where her bottom would have been but it was now a blue green scaly tail that flapped in the water as she eventually clambered onto the rock and made herself comfortable. The fins of the tail were four foot across at the widest point and were partly submerged in the surf. The green eyed mermaid, her upper torso bare, revealing large breasts with cold hard nipples as prominent as trumpet valves, as she combed her wet hair using the skeleton of a fish.

The large tank was filled with oxygen enriched water and the bottom of it resembled the shelf of the sea. Surrounding the tank on all sides was a blue background. In the middle was a large flat-topped concrete rock. The front and sides of the tank were made of glass and the back hid the wave-making machine. Behind the camera was Valentina and at the mixing desk was sat Carlos, intently checking the colour levels.

In the tank Suzie swam around, flapping her tail up and down and using her arms occasionally to gain extra momentum. She had been in the tank for a few minutes and thanks to her practise the day before had got the hang of swimming like a mermaid. She had always had a fetish about mermaids, if she couldn't be one she wanted to have one. This, she thought, was probably the nearest she'd ever get to being one.

So when Carlos and Valentina, Masters at Play had told her that their next project was a mermaid as a freak show exhibit she had jumped at the chance without even asking them what it involved.

She was wearing, or it was wearing her perhaps, an elaborate latex suit. They had helped her on with the top half that consisted of the face, arms and upper torso of a woman. They both had to help her arms into it then pull it down her torso and then manoeuvre her head into the head of the suit. It was skin coloured with a painted on face, plastic eyepieces and long red brown hair.

Her mouth was filled with a rubber insert, which would stop her from taking in water. The nose part on the mask was quite big because the tubes from her rubber plugged nostrils went back up the nose and flowed back with the rest of her hair to act as a snorkel so that she could breathe a little longer underwater. In theory she would still be able to breathe underwater with all the oxygen in the water but psychologically speaking it would be hard to overcome the instinctual action that you were drowning.

The bottom half of the suit consisted of a large scale covered tail into which both of her legs were wedged together in. The bottom half of the suit was then glued to the top half to form a watertight seal.

In the water she had easily imagined herself a mermaid. She moved with the grace of a dolphin but had to work on her upper body strength in order to haul herself from the water on the rock.

Carlos and Valentina had been filming for a few hours now and the tightness of the latex, squashing her thighs together and the nearly constant effort of having to move her legs together in order to swim underwater had worked her up into a frenzy of lustful urges.

When it was all too much she crawled onto the rock, lay on her back, lifted her tail up and started rocking back and forth slowly at first and then quicker and quicker, releasing and contracting the muscles in her vagina. Beneath the latex her nipples were hard and erect so to help her over the edge she squeezed her sensitive nipples with her fingers, hard. She was moving about on the flat rock getting ever closer to its edge.

She was oblivious to her surroundings as she continued on her path towards nirvana.

Carlos and Valentina looked at each other and smiled, the video camera still rolling.

Suzie's breath was becoming shorter and shorter and the muscles and sinew in her body were becoming tense and rigid with the slow inevitable build-up to her explosion of ecstasy. She let out an almighty scream and promptly fell off the rock into the tank.

Beneath the mask she smiled a smile as wide as the Pacific Ocean.

The woman got up and left the booth. She had quite enjoyed the short film of the mermaid swimming in the sea and brushing its hair but she couldn't decide whether it was art or not and pulled back the curtains with a puzzled expression on her face.

Pride of place in Suzie's home was occupied by a large still photo of her as a mermaid and amongst her video collection was a four tape entitled, "The Mermaid", original version, unedited.




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