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Installation 4: Ice Queen

by Cdpx

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© Copyright 2008 - Cdpx - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; latex; encase; ice; display; mast; toys; cons; X

Installation 4: Ice Queen

Suzie could feel all her extremities despite not being able to move a muscle and the temperature outside her twin-skinned suit below freezing. Inside her pristine white attire she felt warm and cosy. Carlos and Valentina had ensured that the fit was snug and air and watertight and had struggled to pour her into the suit.

She peered from behind the mirrored eyepieces through the clear ice at the group of onlookers who looked back at her intently.

She couldn't hear what they were saying so she tried to imagine what they were saying a mere three feet away.

She had been standing for a few hours now supported by her legs and the ice that encased and enclosed her. The ice and the pressure of her rubber suit pressed relentlessly all over her body.

"Val, I think it's going to take both us to get into that suit you know," said Carlos while examing a thick white latex catsuit.

"Yes. It will," replied Valentina, nodding sagely in Suzie's direction.

The studio the three of them were in was large but warm and was filled with paint, plaster, metal, moulds and various other items which littered the place giving it the appearance of a large untidy warehouse.

The hood was fitted first, which resembled a hangman's cowl and had a fitted foam lined interior. It had tinted eyepieces, rubber nostril inserts and a mouthpiece that Suzie fitted into her mouth.

They both helped her into the suit; a double skinned white rubber creation with socks and gloves. She squeezed her feet into the neck hole, the only entrance. She had been coated in a lubricant that would also keep her body warm. She slid into the suit which when it was on fitted very tightly and snugly indeed.  The two parts were sealed and glued together where they touched.

The mouthpiece fed through her suit and ended in her right hand, to which was affixed a white whip. The breathing tube fed into the hollow handle and continued as part of the whip itself.

On her feet she wore white, knee high, lace up steel heeled stilettos with fur trim around the top.  She also had on a pair of white leather fur trimmed gauntlets.

"Well what do you think Carlos?" asked Valentina.

"Perfect," nodded Carlos with satisfaction.

Suzie looked at herself in the full-length mirror that stood at one end of the studio. The outer skin of the suit had a face on the mask, that of a pale, blue eyed, red lipped Norse Goddess, long platinum hair tied in plaits hanging down over her fake cleavage peeping from within a fur lined cocoon.

The outfit was completed by a crown; a long fur trimmed cloak with a hood which was turned back. In her left hand instead of an orb she carried a high-heeled court shoe, the whip substituting for the sceptre.

Her suit, lined with insulation next to her skin was then filled with a millimetre thin layer of liquid mixed with antifreeze which was pumped in at the back of the head and the small of her back. Lastly a white leather corset and white leather neck corset were tightened around her already slender waist and neck.

For the past hour Suzie had been rubbing herself against the knobbled nodules lining the front of the crotch of her suit, squeezing the thick ribbed and grooved dildo which had expanded inside her when the suit had been pumped with liquid and felt the long smooth anal butt plug penetrating her squirming rear. The cold unyielding pressure of the ice had allowed only the smallest of movements but that was enough to turn her on.

The thought of people only three feet away from her lustful body was yet more fuel to her growing fire of an orgasm. The ice had been made with the purest water so that it was transparent. The crowds flocking around the block of ice would not have noticed the small protrusion at the top of the block as it was too high to see. Air was being sucked in and then expelled out at regular intervals.

Beneath the hubbub of conversation and shuffling feet they would not have heard the scream of pleasure lasted for a full fifteen minutes.

When Carlos and Valentina had neutralised the glue and pulled the hood off a weakly smiling vacant looking Suzie stared back at them, her skin flush and warm to the touch.




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