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The Farm

by slavepaul8

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© Copyright 2007 - slavepaul8 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; slaves; bond; bagged; wrap; electroplay; isolation; reluct/cons; X

It had been a glorious spring day and I had enjoyed the peace and solitude of a walk in the countryside alone. It had given me time to reflect on all the wonderful times I had experienced with my very close friend, dating back to our school days. I am of course, referring to our fun and games experimenting with latex, rubber etc. Progressively this developed into all elements of the BDSM scene. Julie my friend discovered that she was very dominant. For me, I discovered the delights of being very submissive. We had both taken each other to new heights and explored each others interest with passion.

I was deep in the thoughts of my last weekend totally cocooned in heavy rubber. So much so, that I lost my footing on a small bridge across a ditch. I slipped and ended up to my waist in horrible smelly muddy water. I was furious with myself. I was cold, wet, stunk to high heaven and for once, did not have any clothes to change into. I looked around, but could not see any buildings. I carried on walking and eventually saw an isolated farm house, complete with sprawling outbuildings. I made my way toward it.

Upon arriving at the farm, it was immediately obvious that it had been many a year since the yard had seen any animals. The whole place was very clean and tidy, though there was not a sign of life anywhere. I gingerly approached the front door and knocked. There was no reply. Walking around the back, I spotted a small outbuilding that could just be an outdoor loo. I walked slowly toward it and peeped in. Sure enough, it was the welcome sight of a loo. Besides being very miserable, I was now bursting to relieve myself. I entered, pushed the door shut and set about cleaning myself up as best I could.

I was in the room probably 10 minutes. Feeling much better, though still stinking from the ditch water, I went to open the door, but it was firmly locked from the outside. Immediately, panic flowed through me. I had visions of a mad axe man suddenly entering and chopping me to pieces in a long slow agonising death. Panic led to terror and I started to hammer on the door, screaming as loud as I could.

After a couple of minutes, the door flew open. I was dazzled by the light. There was a very tall person standing in the doorway, legs apart and arms on hips. However, the sun was very low and directly behind them, so all I could see was a silhouette. I very nervously stammered out a “th th th thank you for opening the door”, followed by a, “I am sorry for trespassing, I tried knocking, but there was no reply and I really needed to use your facilities, I hope you do not mind”.

A female voice replied. Instantly I felt at ease, knowing that the mad axe man was not there. “Well yes, actually I do mind. I am fed up with people nosing around here, spying on us.” The woman then obviously caught the smell of my filthy clothes. “Phewwwwy. You are in a sorry state. Look, do you wish me to help you get cleaned up? All I ask is for you to stay here the night with me. After that, if you wish to leave, you may be able to”

At the time, I did not hear her words properly. I was so grateful to be given the opportunity to change, that I never imagined any implications.

“Oh, thank you very much. You are so kind.” With that comment from me, the girl laughed out loud – a laugh that I would come to know and fear all too often!

“Here, let me show you the way to my bathroom”. I could see the girl hold out her hand. I stretched mine toward her and our hands met. Like lightning, she gripped my arm tightly and twisted it behind my back. Very soon, my other arm was also in a vice like grip and I heard the sound of handcuffs being locked into place.

“Hey! What the hell is this?” I shouted out.

“Shut up and don’t say another word, unless you want to be gagged, believe me, you will NOT like the gags I use on people”.

I decided discretion was the better part of valour and remained quiet. I was frog-marched into the farm house. The door was slammed shut and securely locked. There was no escape. Inside me, my submissive side was coming alive. I was getting turned on by this treatment. Soon the girl saw I was getting aroused and laughed again, but said nothing.

“You will remain perfectly quiet for the next 30 minutes or so. You may well be shocked, but I promise you, one peep out of you and you will be gagged in a way you have never been gagged before. No matter how submissive you are Dawn, you will NOT like it”.

I went to speak, but saw the look on her face. I thought to myself, ‘How the hell does she know my name? Also, how does she know I am sub? There is only one person who knows that and that is Julie’.

“Remember, not a word, not a sound” With that, the handcuffs were removed and I was told to strip naked. I did so as quickly as possible, with this woman staring at me the whole time. She bent down and took all my clothes and threw them on a huge log fire. I went to say something, but remembered her threat.

“Right Dawn, you will now take a nice long hot shower. Here is a special bottle of liquid soap. It is just what you need to get rid of that awful smell. I will be listening so remember, even in the shower – NO NOISE. I want you to rub this soap vigorously onto every bit of your skin, No part must be left untouched.”

The shower was very hot. The soap at first, felt very soothing. I soon got carried away and was happily massaging the soap everywhere. I soon forgot my fears and what this woman might want me to stay the night with her for. After a while, there was a slight stinging sensation, but I assumed it was due to me being very cold.

The shower got progressively hotter, until it was only just bearable. Suddenly and without any warning, the intensity of the shower increased dramatically – to the extent that the jets of water actually hurt my body as they hit it. At the same time, the water went icy cold. I gasped out and then remembered the gagging threat. I must stay quiet. I shivered away in the shower. I looked down at my feet and was shocked to find a huge amount of hair floating in the water. I gasped out loud. I touched my head to find I was completely bald. I checked my body and there wasn’t a single strand of hair on me anywhere. My skin was totally smooth.

With that, the water temperature improved and I warmed up. The mystery woman entered and turned the water off, handing me a huge soft towel. “Here, dry yourself slave”. I took the towel and automatically thanked her. “You have been warned slave – no noise. Now shut up whilst I finish preparing you for the evening”.

I carried on drying myself. The towel was very soothing on my skin, now totally denuded of all hair. Inside, I was quivering, wondering what on earth was going to happen to me and could I possibly escape if necessary. However, the submissive side of me was getting very excited – and it showed!

With another loud outburst of that laugh, the woman spoke again “My oh my! You are a horny slave aren’t you? I can see I am going to have lots of fun with you”. She walked out of the room, returning a few minutes later with a bathrobe. I accepted it off her, this time, without a sound coming from me. She complimented me on learning quickly.

I was led from the bathroom, into a lounge. It was a well furnished room, with lots of expensive furniture. I was beckoned to a luxurious deep leather arm chair. I sat down in it, the smell and the feel of the leather was superb. Again, she laughed at me when she saw my reaction to the leather. “I need to leave you here just for a few minutes, whilst I check that my assistants have prepared your, er, room for you. I won't be long little slave”. With that, the woman left the room, pushing the door to behind her, but not closing it.

I sat and looked around admiring the furniture and the layout of the room. My eyes then focused on a window, which was slightly open. I wondered to myself that this could be the only opportunity I get to escape. One part of me argued that a night here could be fun, whilst the sensible part screamed inside me – RUN!

I crept across to the window. Sure enough, with just a few paces across a courtyard, was the track that led to freedom. All I had on was the bathrobe, but it would keep me warm. I opened the window and eased myself through it, dropping quietly to the courtyard. I pushed the window to, looked around furtively and made the few paces to the lane. One last glance at the farm house struck fear in me – I could now see 4 CCTV cameras dotted around the courtyard – every single one of them was pointing directly at me. My heart sank, there was no escape. Even if I ran down the track or hid in the woods, I would be caught. Heaven only knows what the reaction of this woman would be.

I walked back to the window, but it was now firmly locked. I peered in and the woman was sitting in the chair, recently vacated by myself. I then spotted a folded up piece of paper on the window ledge. Slowly I picked it up, unfolded it and read:-

“Dawn, I am bitterly disappointed in you. You should have realised that you could not escape me. You will now report to preparation room number 3. Walk right around the outside of the farm house. You will see some converted barns. Each one of them is numbered. Knock on the door of No 3, then get down on your hands and knees with your eyes firmly looking down at the ground at all times.

PS leave the bath robe here, on the window ledge and do not show any sign of modesty as you walk to the treatment room”.

I glanced around, but could not see anyone. I removed the robe and dropped it on the ledge. Holding my head high, I did as ordered. It felt very strange, not only walking stark naked outdoors, but also with the complete lack of hair.

I stood outside No 3 door – a huge oak door that was very imposing and looked impregnable. I rang the old fashioned bell, then immediately got down on all fours, as ordered. I heard the sound of high heels clicking on a stone floor. This was followed by the noise of numerous bolts being slid open on the door. Slowly the door opened, but I dare not look up.

A pair of impossibly high spiked heeled boots appeared in front of me. I stared at them intently, admiring them. Very slowly, the boots walked right around me. I then felt the weight of a latex clad body sitting on my back. The spiked heels dug into my sides and I took that as the signal to crawl forward, with the unknown person still on my back, riding me like a horse. The feeling and the sound of the latex on my back was very arousing. I wanted to look at the person, but dared not to.

Eventually, we came to a halt and the person climbed off me. Suddenly, I was blindfolded. I was then told I could stand up. “Thank you” I uttered. I instantly shuddered, hoping that the woman here was not the same person who told me not to make a noise. My heart sank as I heard a “tut tut tut, you still have not learned anything little slave”.

I was pushed to a wall, where I was brought to a halt, facing the wall, presumably so I could not see the room when the blindfold was removed. Suddenly I could see again – but only the cold stone wall of the room.

The woman returned with what looked like a massive steel speculum. My heart sank, surely I was not going to be made to suffer the indignity of one of them. Instead of inserting the speculum in the usual place, without a word being said, it was forcibly rammed into my mouth. The cold, cold steel was numbing my mouth. The speculum was then locked in the open position, forcing my mouth open to an impossibly wide position. The whole thing was secured by a steel clamp around the back of my head, to stop it sliding out. It felt like my mouth was going to burst open, or rip apart.

The woman laughed her usual laugh again as she surveyed her handiwork. “I told you you would not like my gags, didn’t I slave?” I nodded agreement. “Right, well, you know why you are wearing it. This time, it will stay in place just 5 minutes – 5 measly minutes slave. However, the next violation will see it stay in place for 30 minutes, then in additional increments of 30 minutes for every new offence. Do I make myself clear?” I nodded my approval.

“Right slave, whilst the gag is fitted, I will tell you a few things about me. I have removed the blindfold as I like to see the look of suffering in my slaves expressions. My immediate thoughts went to my own predicament. I bet she could certainly see the look of suffering in my eyes. The damned gag was mind numbingly painful. It felt like my jaws were going to rip apart at any second. She got pleasure out of seeing people suffer – the sadistic bitch, I thought to myself.

“Yes slave, I am a sadistic bitch. I know exactly what you were thinking by the way you were looking at me. You cannot hide any of your feelings from me. I am expert in reading peoples reactions. Right slave, a bit about me. My name is Alex. If I ever allow you the pleasure of speaking to me, you will always refer to me as Mistress Alex. Nod if you understand”. I nodded agreement. “Good. However, right now, you will be going through a period of abstinence, you are not allowed to speak to any one – either myself or any of my assistants, be they Dommes or other subs. You know the signal now for replying – do you understand?” Again I nodded.

“Well done slave. Nodding or shaking your head will be your only form of communication until I tell you otherwise. At times, I will try very hard to get you to speak, but be warned – 30 minutes next offence, then an hour, then hour and a half and so on – understand?” I nod yet again. Hell how my whole head hurts with this infernal gag.

Alex looks right into my eyes, she slowly gets closer, until her head is almost touching mine. I look straight into her eyes, not daring to even blink. Suddenly she smiles, then gives out that loud sadistic laugh again. “I can see you have a very defiant streak in you Dawn. You are going to be fun to work with. However, I will break you down. You will get to fear my presence. Indeed, you will even get to fear the threat of me paying you any attention at all; such is my power and control over my slaves”. Again the laugh comes and she stares in my face. “Hmm, I sense you are laughing at me slave, not believing what I have just said. Don’t worry, they all do that at first, but soon I break them”.

“Hell”, I thought to myself. “This bitch certainly can read minds – it was not just luck the first time. I will have to try and mask my thoughts”.

Again the laugh echoed through the stone, windowless room. “Don’t even think about doing that slave. Do you know, I once had a slave who was exceedingly difficult to break down? It took me ages to finally turn her into the total and utter lapdog that she needed to be. Even a month in my solitary confinement heavy rubber cell did not break her. She was strong. In the end, I managed it. I chipped away at her all the time, exceeding her limits of pain and discomfort. Not allowing her any time to relax, she was always under my control. Eventually, she broke too. I then realised that she had the right potential to become a Domme. I therefore put her through another training course, teaching her all the little tricks of the trade. When I tasked her to assist me breaking other slaves, she was able to relate to them well, considering she had been there and suffered what they had to”.

There was a pause as she removed the gag. I closed my mouth and started rubbing my jaws with both hands. Mistress Alex suddenly became very angry. “Did I give you permission to move? No I didn’t. Slave, you have to learn that you don’t do anything without me giving you permission. The only thing you can do freely, is to breathe. Mind, at times, I will be controlling that too. Get yours hands back behind your back slave”. I did as ordered.

“Oh, one last thing slave – and remember, no noise. You may well wonder why I told you that story of the slave who was very hard to break. Well, Julie was very submissive and really relished all the punishment I gave her. But sooner or later she had to give in. Yes Dawn, I am talking about YOUR Julie – your Mistress Julie, the one you have shared your experiences with. When she qualified as a Mistress, we became good friends. However, she has not forgotten how I broke her. She still treats me as her Superior. She knows full well that if I wanted to use her again as a slave, then that is what will happen”. Once again the laugh echoed around the room.

Mistress Alex paced around the room, her spiked heels making wonderful clicking noises on the stone floor. “Dawn, my new little slave, don’t worry; I am not going to try to break you in one day. It will happen during the course of time. You have had a long gruelling day. I will let you relax for the evening – in tight latex of course. Have a last glance at your perfect body, it is the last time you will see it for a long long time”.

I peered down and looked at my breasts; they were still pert and firm. My nipples were hugely erect, indicating my excitement.

“Right slave, I have to go tend to some other business. I might see you later this evening, to leave you nice and uncomfy for the night. I am going to leave you in the capable hands of 2 of my helpers. They know exactly what I expect of them. If they fail to please me in the way they present you to me as a new slave, waiting induction, then they will be severely punished. You will learn fast here, that each punishment I give to people is increased in severity next time around. They know what happened to them last time, that is enough to fill them with dread for their next misdemeanour. Remember – no talking, all you can do is to nod or shake your head”. As her heels clicked across the floor, the laugh filled the room until she was out of earshot, well down the corridor.

I remained motionless. She had not told me I could move. I was still naked staring at the stone wall, about a foot in front of it. I dared myself to just turn my head to see what was in the room, but then thought there could be cameras. This was a further part of the test.

I soon heard the unmistakable sound of latex suits shuffling toward me. They both came into my sight, as much as possible, given my close proximity to the wall. What a sight! They were almost identically dressed. Not an inch of skin showed anywhere. Their black shiny latex suits were impossibly tight. They teetered on ridiculously high ballet boots and their waists were reduced to an impossibly thin size by the very heavy rubber corsets laced in place. There was only one way to tell them apart – one of them had a huge rubber dildo where the mouth should be and the other had a hollow tapered rubber tube forced right in her mouth and fastened in place. It was pretty obvious that this tube was meant for the dildo to live in now and again. I could imagine Alex’s delight in watching these two latex slaves do a forced simulated sex act together.

One of them went behind me and placed a hood over my head. They then stood either side of me and arm in arm, led me across the room. How they managed to see through the tiny peep holes in their heavy rubber hoods, I don’t know – but at least they could see something – I couldn’t! The feel of their latex suits rubbing against me was such a turn on. When they relaxed their grip on my arms, I quickly started to rub the latex covered breasts of the girl with the dildo on her face. Hurriedly she pulled herself away and the other girl removed my hood. She beckoned to me to look up in the corner. I saw a camera staring at us. I nodded my head in acknowledgement.

Suddenly, Alex’s voice came over a loudspeaker system “slave Vanessa – I am most disappointed in you. You have 10 de-merits for communicating with another slave, in this case pointing out the position of a camera. Both of you receive a further 25 demerits for being slack and allowing slave dawn to gain pleasure from feeling your latex. Slave Vanessa that now gives you a total of 99 demerits since your last punishment. You know the magic figure is 100. Slave Trudy – you now have a total of 105 demerits. (Loud laugh). Boy oh boy, am I going to have fun with you later. As for you slave Dawn, it seems you just do not want to learn. It is patently obvious that you love latex. Mistress Julie has already told me this, but I think she underestimated, or gave me false information. Trudy and Vanessa – forget the nice easy evening relaxing in latex that I had planned for dawn. Take her across to treatment room 1 and prepare her for the maximum stay in the induction cell. We will see if she really likes latex or not”. Another long loud laugh until Alex turned the loudspeaker off.

Trudy and Vanessa looked at each other. They appeared to be in fear, but I sensed it was not so much for their impending punishment, but more for what lay in store for me. I thought to myself, ‘great! Alex, give me as much latex as you wish, I love it! I am in heaven’.

This time, the latex slaves took no chances. The hood was securely fastened around my neck. A heavy leather collar was also strapped in place. This was hugely wide and forced my head up. My arms were pulled very tight behind my back and laced from wrist to above the elbow in an arm sleeve. It was most uncomfortable. My ankles were manacled, the chain between the ankles gave me minimal movement. I had to hobble to move. I felt a lead being clipped to the collar. The lead was tugged and away we went. The girls walked quite fast and I had to be very careful not to fall over with the ridiculously short paces I had to take.

I sensed we were now outdoors. My feet were getting wet and I could feel rain pouring down onto my skin. I had forgotten that I was still naked! Soon we were back indoors. I heard the heavy door lock shut behind us. All my bonds with the exception of the hood, were removed. My hands were cuffed and secured to a frame on the ceiling, pulling my arms well above my head. I heard the clicking of a ratchet and felt my arms being lifted still further. Eventually, I was on tip toe, then my feet were clear of the ground altogether and I was suspended by my wrists.

A VERY wide spreader bar was secured to my ankles, really forcing my legs apart. I mean well apart – I didn’t know I could open them so wide! Another clicking noise and my legs started going up in the air on another hoist. I could imagine how very vulnerable my entire body must have looked.

One of the girls ran her latex covered glove right down my body, from neck to toe. I moaned in pleasure. Hopefully Alex didn’t hear it! Some latex clad fingers probed inside me, bringing me to the point of climax. I dared not make a noise though. I could only assume that Alex had allowed the girls to do this, or they would have been heavily punished for it.

My numbed brain suddenly identified that something very cold and hard was slowly being inserted in my vagina. I was dying to ask what was happening, but managed to stop myself. Further and further in the cold object went. Eventually, there was a puffing sound and I felt something inflate inside me. I then realised that I had been fitted with a catheter. That had to mean I was to be confined for a long time. Attention was then paid to my backside. Again, I felt a very cold object slowly being inserted up my anus. This again went very deep and was inflated to hold it in place.

My legs were lowered back down, so that I was now just suspended by my wrists. I heard something being dragged across the floor. I didn’t know it, but it was just a platform, to allow one of the girls to stand on, to reach my arms. I became aware that a cool thickish cream or liquid was being rubbed into my arms, starting from the cuffs and working to my shoulders. At the same time, the other girl started applying the same liquid to my legs. I was getting quite aroused as they rubbed the liquid into every single part of my skin, except for my head, hands and feet. Oh how I longed to be allowed to climax! The spreader bar was removed and I felt the oh so wonderful familiar feeling of a tight rubber suit being slid up my legs. This one though, felt different. I could feel numerous bumps in it.

As it turned out, this suit was in 2 pieces. The leggings were slid up and into position. In my innocence, I assumed that the liquid was just a lubricant to allow easy fit. I could feel the tubes of my catheter and enema being carefully threaded through holes in the leggings. The bumps on the inside of the rubber were not very comfortable; I was puzzled as to their possible use. Yes, they were annoying, but seemingly innocent enough.

I felt myself being lowered to the ground and my arms released. This was to allow the upper part of the rubber suit to be fitted. I certainly was impressed with the liquid – I had never experienced such an easy fitting rubber suit. Again, the upper body rubber suit was covered with numerous bumps, including what felt like metal plates over my nipples. The girls paid particular attention to my waist. They seemed to be using more liquid, then secured a strap or something, very tightly around my waist. Only my hands and feet were exposed, as my head still had the rubber hood fitted.

Two pairs of hands slid all over my latex prison, checking there were no wrinkles and doing just enough to get me highly aroused. I so longed to ask them to continue until I climaxed, but thought better of it. Again, my wrists were secured and I was raised just on to tip toe. The rubber suit was being brushed with yet more liquid. I could then feel my legs being wrapped tightly with more rubber – layer number 2. Each leg was individually wrapped very tight. The same attention was applied to my arms, but not my torso. This puzzled me, but not for long.

The girls turned their attention back to whatever they had done to my waist. It turned out they had glued the two halves of the suit together. The glue had now set, so they could continue with their next phase. I felt the very familiar feeling of a corset being wrapped around my waist. This was a very heavy rubber corset, with both straps and laces. The straps were secured as tight as they could be. Even this felt pretty tight to me. Over the next half hour or so, the girls took it in turn to tighten the laces to their amusement. I was gasping for breath, almost unable to breathe. Eventually, they tightened the straps again and that was it. I could remember the sight of them in their corsets, so guessed I looked pretty similar. I was lowered to the ground and my wrists were released. This time, a heavy rubber collar was secured around my neck. Again I was led by a lead, but I could hardly move my legs, the rubber was that tight and effective in restricting movement. I thought I heard a faint chuckle from one of the girls when she saw me struggle to move, but perhaps I didn’t!

Obviously though, I did, as suddenly Alex’s voice boomed “Slave Vanessa – 10 demerits for chuckling at another slaves situation. That takes you to 109. You know what that means. Additionally, you will receive a very public humiliation on my next visit away from here. Think yourself lucky I am in a good mood”.

I was led into what seemed to be a much smaller room, as the acoustics were different. I was pushed up against a bench and I assumed I had to sit on it. Long ballet boots were being laced on my feet. The boots stretched up to my knees. Good job I am used to walking on them, I smirked to myself.

Again Alex boomed out (how the hell had she heard me I thought. She certainly could not have seen my smile under the hood. “Slave Dawn, I can see you are going to be very troublesome. This is deadly serious; it is not a laughing matter. You still have not realised just how vulnerable you are in your current position, have you?”

This time I forget the protocol, plus Alex's warning that she may try to get me to speak out. “Yes Mistress Alex, I …. Oh hell!” I stopped as the realisation hit me.

Alex’s sadistic laugh boomed out. “Well, well, well, you sure have a lot to learn. Now, let me total up Trudy’s and Vanessa’s demerits. Let’s see. Trudy is on 105 and Vanessa is on 109. That makes 214 demerit points. I will be kind to you – I will convert those points into hours that you will spend in my latex indoctrination cell. But, being as you are new here, I will be extra kind and halve it – you will therefore stay in the cell for a 107 hours. That is a mere 4 days and 11 hours. Think yourself lucky my girl. Most people have a long stay in there and emerge jibbering wrecks, utterly dependant on latex after that. I will not put you through that so early in your training”.

Hearing that, I let out an involuntary and almost silent huff of disapproval. Instantly, Alex picked up on it. “Slave dawn – just what is your problem? You wont learn and I have been very patient with you. I now give you permission to speak. In fact, I ORDER you to answer my questions totally and without question. Do you understand?”

I replied “Yes Mistress Alex, I understand.”

“Trudy – remove her hood, I want to see her face and expressions”. Trudy came up to me and fumbled to remove the collar so that she could lift my hood off. “Trudy, stop fumbling. I am on my way down there, make sure she is ready for me by the time I get there, or you will be joining her in the other isolating cell”.

Trudy worked fast and furious. I could hear Alex’s heels clicking on the floor, getting louder. My hood was lifted off the very second she walked through the door. Automatically, the two slaves dropped to their knees. I was still standing, unable to bend due to the rubber I was wearing.

Alex clicked right up to me. “Why are you not on your knees slave?” she demanded.

“Because I cannot …….”

I was cut short by Alex. “Shut up! That was not an invitation to speak. How dare you argue with me?” I remained silent.

Alex walked right around me, slowly, examining the girls’ handiwork. “I am pleased with what you have both done – so far”. Alex’s attention was then wholly on me. “You will reply quickly, accurately and honestly to my following questions slave dawn”.

“When I informed you that you would spend 107 hours in the isolation cell, you scoffed – why?” Alex’s piercing, all knowing stare was hard and cold, right into my eyes.

“I um, well, no real reason Mistress Alex”.

Alex shook her head and turned to Vanessa. “Get me box one NOW!”.

I now began to worry – what the hell was in box one? Vanessa disappeared out of my view, my eyes automatically followed her and I turned my head ever so slightly to see her. “Slave, get box two as well – this little slut sure has a lot to learn”.

My heart pounded – either I had a lot to learn, or I was going to enjoy whatever Alex threw at me. Deep down though, I knew that it would be the former. With all my time with Julie, she always stopped if I begged mercy. However, it was obvious that Alex did not know the meaning of the word mercy. In fact, I would bet that she only started to get personal pleasure, inflicting more punishment AFTER the word mercy had been used.

Alex disappeared behind me. I dared not look. I heard Vanessa return. Again, she stayed out of my sight. I looked at Trudy, she was practically shaking in her boots. She obviously knew what I was about to receive. Alex ordered Trudy to report to her as well. I heard a muffled voice giving instructions to the 2 slaves. It was also pretty obvious that they could not reduce any punishment that Alex was about to give me. To do that would be suicidal – they would end up with not only that punishment, but far more in retribution. I correctly assumed that the slaves had been put in charge of a box each. I still had no idea what each box contained. I also did not know that simply by the use of their names, both slaves had been ordered to increase the settings on their respective control boxes, one notch at a time, unless a specific setting was ordered by Alex.

Alex herself spread my legs wide apart with a spreader bar. She then cuffed my wrists once again and lifted me up until my booted feet were practically off the ground.

“Trudy, Vanessa, give this slut setting one.”

Suddenly, my whole body started moving slightly. It felt as if I was being given a total body massage. I now knew what all the uncomfortable bumps were inside each suit. They were all the contact points, to inflict electric shocks on me. My entire body was involuntarily moving. It was such a turn-on. Alex stared right in my eyes again. “Slut dawn – see, you have not even earned the right to be called a slave yet – you will answer the following question with a simple yes or no. Have you ever heard of a person being given multiple orgasms, to the point where they become as bad a torture as any pain can be?”

I laughed slightly, then gave the answer, “No Mistress Alex”.

Alex replied, “Oh, you find that amusing. Well, I can assure you that it is a very effective form of torture. You are not going to experience it now, but you sure will real soon. Do you have anything to say to that? You will answer that question”.

I stupidly replied, “Well Mistress Alex, I will look forward to that occasion with relish. I love multiple orgasms”.

Alex turned away from me for a moment, before returning. “Trudy, Vanessa”. That was the girls cue to increase the strength. Immediately the massage got more intense. The pleasure was mind blowing. I moaned loudly. I couldn’t care less if Alex did not approve. Without any warning, I had a spontaneous orgasm. It was without doubt, one of the best I had ever received. I semi collapsed, my arms taking even more weight as I was totally relaxed. Yet still, the electrical massaging continued.

“Slut dawn – out of the kindness of my heart, I allowed you that bit of pleasure, though heaven knows why. I can assure you that that will be your last pleasurable climax for a very long time. Now, look at me – back to my original question – why did you scoff when I told you that you would spend 107 hours in the isolation cell? “

I was still recovering from the wonderful orgasm and was a bit groggy. It took me time to get my brain back into focus on why I had scoffed. “I, I do not remember Mistress Alex”. I said.

With that, Mistress Alex turned her back on me and said, “Trudy, Vanessa, go to setting 5 NOW”.

Instantly, my whole body was racked with pain. It felt like I was being continually stabbed with a thousand sharp needles, being pushed in and out without respite. Alex turned to face me, she stared at my body writhing as much as my semi-suspended bondage would allow. I could see a sadistic smile on her face and in her eyes. I shut my eyes but was determined not to give her the pleasure of making me beg so soon. “Back to 3” she ordered. The pain stopped, but the nice erotic massage now felt like a really rough and ready one. It hurt, but was bearable.

“Slut Dawn, it simply is not worth trying to be clever with me. Why did you scoff at me? Oh, before you answer, just bear in mind that the last setting was only a third of the way. It goes up to 15. No one has ever taken a level greater than 10. However, I think over a course of time, you will make me take you all the way. I look forward to that.”

“I am sorry I scoffed at you Mistress Alex, it was not intended”. I thought this would keep Alex happy – did it hell!

“Trudy, Vanessa, level 6 – NOW!” Again my entire body was racked in unbelievable pain. Julie had never taken me this far. Yet somehow I was enjoying it. I screamed out in agony. This made Alex laugh out loud as that is exactly what she wanted.

“Slaves – level 4 NOW”. Level 4 was just about bearable, thought it still hurt like hell. My body still writhed involuntarily against my bonds. Alex approached me. “Are you ready to tell me slut Dawn?”

“Yes Mistress Alex. I scoffed, because even Mistress Julie has cocooned me in a latex prison for 7 days, so I felt that 4 days and 11 hours was not really a punishment, Mistress Alex”. I gasped with the pain of the shocks still.

“Slaves – switch off”. With that, the pain stopped and again I slumped in my bonds. Alex approached me, she gently massaged my latex covered breasts. “Oh, my sweet little slut dawn wants to become a rubber slut does she? Are you telling me that you would like me to INCREASE your time in the isolation cell? You will answer with a simple yes or no”.

“Yes Mistress Alex.” I replied.

“Considering that you are requesting more punishment that I was planning, I will grant your request. However, you must not question my new time span for you in the isolation cell. Perhaps you should know, it is nothing like the 7 days of rubber that Mistress Julie has given you in the past. You will now be prepared for the cell and you will be told of the new duration just before I shut down your ability to hear.”

“Thank you Mistress Alex”. I shuddered – I should not have replied.

Alex smiled as she walked away, muttering – “you will regret that, you will regret that my little slave”. As she opened the door to the outside world, her loud sadistic laugh once again echoed around the walls.

I was still practically hanging by my wrists. I could hear Trudy and Vanessa disconnecting the boxes behind me. Without any warning, I was hoisted high into the air by my wrists. The spreader bar was removed. I looked down and saw them positioning a very thick rubber object below me. Trudy (I think), lowered me whilst Vanessa held apart an opening in the rubber “thing”. With my feet just off the floor, my lowering stopped. Both girls then slid this heavy rubber sleeve, up and over my body, effectively putting my legs and body up to my neck, in a very tight rubber sleeve. I noticed some huge straps on the side, so it was possible to tighten it even more. Once the sleeve was roughly in position, the girls made sure that all my tubes and wires were correctly located and were not trapped. I was lowered to the standing position and my arms were released. They instantly fell to my side, as they had been hoisted above my head for so long. In this position, the girls liberally spread more liquid across the rubber covering my torso and proceeded to mummify my torso, this time encompassing my arms.  My hands disappeared under the multiple layers of rubber wrap that were applied. Each new layer had more liquid applied too. I was still at a loss to understand what it was, as lubricant was not required for the wrapped rubber.

I was now totally helpless and unable to move any part of me, other than very limited head movement. I now understood why Alex had removed all my body hair! I became grateful for this fact. The girls wheeled something in behind me and between them, carefully lowered me to a lying position on a wheeled trolley. They then took me for a ride! I was pushed through to yet another room – this time a very small room with an overpowering aroma of rubber and latex. My smelling senses went wild and I took in deep breaths of the wonderful smell. Oh how that smell turns me on so! I saw the girls open a small heavy metal door that had huge locks on it. I also noticed connection points for wires and tubes, plus a control panel and curiously, what looked like some taps. The inside of the door had a very thick layer of rubber on it. I was intrigued and by now, past caring!

My entire rubber prison was once again smothered in a liquid – this time it was a lubricant. The height of the trolley was raised until I was at the same level as the metal door. I peered in whilst I was still able to so. All I could see was what looked like dense black rubber. There was no room inside at all. I was puzzled, but not for long! Vanessa pressed a button on the control panel. A motor whirred and a very small slit appeared in the middle of the dense rubber. Trudy pushed her hand into the rubber – it reminded me of a vet shoving an arm up a cow’s backside. I laughed out loud. Both girls stopped and looked at me for a minute.

When Trudy extracted her arm, she was holding a steel cable, complete with steel clip. This was secured to a shackle on the base of my rubber prison, near my feet. Another whir and I felt myself sliding in, toward the dense rubber and through the small metal door. The gap in the dense rubber was VERY small and the whole thing was an exceptionally tight fit. Inch by inch, my body slid inside. The pressure as my legs slowly disappeared into the rubber is impossible to describe, but at the same time, it was very exciting to be so helpless.

Soon my torso started to enter. When my breasts were compressed through the rubber, I almost climaxed again. Of course, this extra pressure added to the intense discomfort caused by all the bumps in my inner suit.

The motor stopped. Only my head was outside the door. Alex appeared in the room. She looked mad. “Why did you laugh at Trudy just now slut Dawn? There is nothing funny about your predicament, I can assure you! You will answer my question”.

I was giggling again. “Sorry Mistress Alex, it is just that as Trudy’s arm went in to the rubber, it reminded me of a vet ramming his arm up the back of a cow!” I laughed again. I think Alex almost lost her composure and wanted to laugh too, but she maintained her strict persona.

“Slut Dawn, you are in no position to laugh and joke. You certainly will not be laughing in a minute, when I complete your imprisonment and inform you of the length of time you will spend in here. All I can say, is at the end of this rubber isolation phase, you will never again want to be without latex or rubber cocooning you, for even a single second. Trudy, Vanessa, the final touches please”.

Both slave girls went off to get more items. I saw a wonderful very heavy rubber hood and lots of tubes and wires. My head was lubricated and then squeezed inside the hood. This was strapped tightly around my neck. I could feel more liquid, then more rubber wrap going around my neck, but I could breathe ok. There were 2 openings in the hood – one for mouth and one for one ear. The construction of the hood around the other ear totally deafened the one ear. I could feel someone fumbling with the mouth hole and felt a tube being inserted. I heard Alex’s voice one last time.

“Right, my stupid little rubber slut, oh she who thinks she can take anything I can throw at her. Here is your first test. First, here are some explanations for you. All those layers of liquid that have been applied, including the first one on your skin – well, they are all permanent high strength rubber adhesive. It cannot be broken. The layers of liquid on the rubber wrap create a chemical reaction and the wrap merges into one hard shell. It is very difficult to remove, without cutting it off. Now for the best bit. Your body is tubed and wired. You have already felt the effects of some of the wiring. There are plenty more surprises for you. You will breathe through the tube already glued into your mouth. Fortunately, this prevents you from talking any more. You will also receive drinks and liquid food through this tube. Oh yes, one last thing, you asked me to increase the 107 hours I originally sentenced you to. I was being kind hearted, as it should have been 214 hours. However, because of your bravado, those hours are going to become days. You will serve at least 107 days in this cell. Perhaps I will leave you in there for the full 214 days.”

With this, I heard gasps from Trudy and Vanessa, even through their layers of rubber. Alex snapped at them. “Right you two are now in for it. Go and get isolation cell 4 ready for you. I am going to squeeze BOTH of you in there, perhaps for as long as Dawn is going to be in this one”.

Alex then focussed back on me again. “Right Dawn, my little sweet idiot. One last thing – on several occasions during your confinement, you will be subjected to continual intense pleasure – just as I explained earlier. You won't be laughing soon, when you keep getting orgasms. They will become sheer torture. See you in either 4 or 8 months.” I heard one last sadistic laugh from her, as she sealed my last ear, then silence. I could not sense anything. Total silence, total darkness. The only senses I had, was to smell the over powering smell of latex and to be able feel pain through the suit.

I felt myself sliding further into the rubber cell, until I was completely inside it. The door was shut, as I felt the additional pressure against my head. I was helpless.

I lay there, thinking she is bluffing. Very soon, my body gently tingled all over, as someone was operating the controls, or perhaps it was on a totally automatic system? I also suddenly sensed that my bladder and bowels were slowly filling up –one with hot and the other with icy cold liquids. Boy, was I in trouble!

After a short period of time, I suddenly became aware of someone close to me. I could hear a muffled voice, I could feel hands on my rubber suit, seemingly gaining access to my head. Daylight hit my eyes like a blinding light as my hood was removed. I blinked several times, but could not focus on the person whom I only saw as a blurred object. My mouth was still fitted with a breathing tube, so I could not speak.

Slowly my sight returned to normal and I saw Julie, hurriedly undoing my bonds. She was speaking to me, but I didn’t really take it all in. It sounded as though she was saying sorry, over and over again. My entire body was just numb. As my senses returned, a tingling sensation started. I was confused, almost dazed. What on earth was Julie doing here? Surely she has not disobeyed Alex?

After a few more minutes, I was free of all bonds and could see properly. I was amazed to find myself in our own house, in one of our own playrooms! It suddenly dawned on me that I had been dreaming it all – perhaps even hallucinating!

Julie fumbled at the zips and straps of the multiple layers of rubber cocoonment she had placed me in. I could now understand what she was saying. “Oh Dawn, I am ever so sorry. I should not have pushed you so hard. 10 days cocoonment was just far too much. Too much of an increase on your previous best of 7 days. You must have been having terrible hallucinations, judging by the noises you were making, even through the tubes and masks. Sorry Dawn, I really am.”

I looked at Julie and smiled. “Don’t say sorry, I had a great time. Was it really 10 days? It doesn’t seem like it. In fact, you released me just as things were getting interesting. I must have been dreaming, but it seemed oh so real”. I grabbed my dressing gown and put it on.

Julie stared right into my eyes. “Well dear, tell me all about it later. No doubt you want to go get cleaned up and take a shower. Would you like a nice cup of tea first?”

“Yes please Julie, but as the kettle boils, I will have a glass of orange first. You go get the drinks ready please, I will get some feeling back in my arms and legs then join you”. Julie kissed me on my forehead and left.

After a minute or so rubbing my legs, I gingerly stood up. With support, I was ok. A couple of circuits around the room helped, so I slowly made my way to the kitchen. There on the table was the glass of orange. As I arrived, Julie stood up and poured my tea. I thanked Julie, grabbed the glass and took a few sips. I sat down and took a few more sips.

“Julie, that session was fantastic, thank you. It sure doesn’t seem like 10 days. Okay, I know I was not secured in the same position all that time, but the time I spent totally enclosed only seems like 2 or 3 days. We must do that again when I have recovered a bit more”.

As I carried on sipping my orange, Julie spoke, “You really are hooked on the scene Dawn. But right now, you need a little time to recover. You really want to be cocooned again for 10 days? Christ that takes me back to the days I was a submissive. Oh, talking of that, a few days ago, I bumped into a dear old friend of mine. She knows me well and has suggested that we pop across to her house Sunday afternoon, for an informal chat. She thinks she may be able to help us to develop our activities in the scene still further”.

I stared at Julie. “You have been talking to someone else, divulging our closest secrets and interests to another person? I …..”

Julie cut me off. “Don’t worry Dawn dear. Alex taught me everything I know about the scene. She broke me in as a submissive many years ago. She really is one hell of a sadistic…….” Julie stopped, as I had gone totally white and had dropped the glass, the remains of the orange dripping on to the floor. “Dawn – are you alright? You need help – those 10 days were just far too long……”

“No Julie, listen. I told you I was having a wonderful dream. That dream centred on a sadistic Mistress by the name of Alex, who had an isolated farmhouse and several female rubber slaves. She told me that you had been her most challenging slave and you took a long time to break……”

Julie came and sat down. She held my hand. “Dawn that is exactly what happened. I was difficult to break; I took all the punishment she gave me. In the end, she put me in her rubber isolation cell for 31 days. This was to ensure I knew where my place was and made me realise I was totally dependant upon my Mistress even to breathe. No one had ever spent that long in that cell before and as far as I know, no one has since. I can tell you now; those continual climaxes for days on end are one of the worse tortures a girl can have. I didn’t believe her, but having experienced it, I now know.”

“In my dream, I had just been sealed in it for a minimum of 107 days. Why didn’t you ever tell me about this Julie? Also, how on earth have I managed to dream all this? Do you think my dream of me suffering and being imprisoned there will come true too?”

Julie smiled and again took my hand. “Well Dawn, Alex is very interested in you, hence our invite. I told her that you are far more of a submissive than I ever was. She enjoys a challenge. She told me that no one else has ever lived up to my level of tolerance of her tortures and torments. She is craving to have another like me. She wants another female to take to new levels. So yes Dawn, if that is what you want, when we go there Sunday, you will not be coming back here for a long time. In fact, knowing Alex, neither of us will – she will either use me as a Mistress or will enslave me again too. The great thing is – I don’t care, I really am looking forward to it.”

Sunday came, as we drove up the driveway to her farmhouse, I instantly recognised every last detail from my dream. “This is it Julie, identical to my dream. I think I am going to enjoy this!”



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