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From Top to Bottom 12: There's Nothing As Sweet As Candy

by rbbral

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© Copyright 2016 - rbbral - Used by permission

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story continued from part 11

After many stories relating to rubber fetish and associated themes I have decided that, at least for now, this is my last, and for that I wanted to write something very different, and challenging for me So this is a gay rubber story, something I have never tried before. Whether or not it “works” and has credibility is entirely up to the reader, although I have to say I did quite enjoy writing it.

Chapter Twelve – There’s Nothing As Sweet As Candy

Pat had promised to drive us there and so Ryan took his shoulder bag (which always got me excited as to what he may have in there) and we went down to her apartment, not bumping into anyone on the stairs, thank goodness. She whooped with excitement when we entered her flat and made very flattering remarks indeed, inspecting my make-up and saying something to the effect that she would have no chance with the men out there, with us looking like this we would be pulling all the best ones. I laughed but had a feeling that with her new “business” in full flow and the old one still doing well, the last thing she had on her mind were future boyfriends. She spread my cape, resting it on my shoulders and inspected my pink attire, raising the folds of my skirt and chuckling at my imprisoned cock and balls, yet recognising that she knew that this was what I wanted. She said she wanted some photos and we saw no idea why not, so we went through to her playroom and posed for a few, both as singles and together. These would go on her website and I was sure she would be able to entice a few tranny subs to get in contact with her, a beautiful dom, for a session.

We made it down the elevator, me a bit nervous but Ryan I think rather hoping we would get caught, and sat in the back of Pats’ car which fortunately had rear tinted windows. Ryan and I had said little, I think the anticipation of it all was almost getting too much. We sped off, Pat saying.

“Wooo, the smell in here of rubber is almost dizzying, oh it’s such a pity I can’t come with you. You both look fabulous.”

“Don’t worry, we can do a couple of sessions at your place if you want.”

“Are you kidding, oh absolutely, it would be great….free gratis of course. I put some video up on the site of you two, they’ll be breaking my doors down.”

We arrived safely (without being stopped, thank god) and Pat told us to be at the front at 2 a.m. or, she said with a broad grin, we could find our own way home. That idea was both frightening and exciting. We stepped carefully out of the car, me still covered by the cape, and Ryan took the chain and slowly led me inside. By now I was very warm and damp, and a little short of breath, just perhaps a tiny bit of nerves, or the brutally tight corselette. But following obediently behind Ryan’s stunning figure in black rubber – sleek shiny legs and tight waist over a swirling flared skirt - I just had to concentrate on not getting a hard-on and torturing myself in the plastic chastity tube. And that was very hard to do. I took a deep breath as we entered the main bar/dance floor area.

It was around 10pm so the place was starting to fill up. I won’t say our entrance caused everything to stop, but many turned to us as Ryan led me to a space at the bar. I was taking breaths in short bursts and small steps in my high heels. As I walked the front of the cape fanned open slightly and gave everyone a saucy tantalising glimpse at my lightly cuffed hands and of course my shocking pink attire. But I held my head high, and made eye-contact with a few patrons. There were certainly a lot of guys there who I had been with, as a top, and I was wondering how many recognised me now, as I wasn’t masked, and what they were thinking as they saw me now, a beautiful (so I had been told) rubber sub in full sissy attire.

I could see a couple I knew straightaway and they gave me a broad grin and nodded, as if to say, well look at you, haven’t you come a long way. And my god, hadn’t I? So I smiled back and dipped my head slowly, now getting more comfortable by the minute. I sat on a stool next to Ryan and my cape fell open, exposing my full gear. I crossed my legs – not easy to do with by balls steel-ringed and my cock in chastity. I was happy to hear a few approving comments as my layered skirt rode up my thighs, only my cuffed hands resting on my lap denying them the full view. Well, I thought, tempting and teasing is so much more fun, and sexier, than the full frontal straightaway.

Ryan passed me a glass of wine and with my cuffed wrists I rather clumsily took a good mouthful. Yes, that was better; I licked my lips, tasting the wine mixed with my lipstick and gloss. Soon however all the nerves had gone, and I was enjoying all the attention, pushing out my rubber tits and allowing my skirt to ride up, and occasionally show off my imprisoned cock and ringed balls. Ryan and I chatted small talk, with him constantly placing a hand here and there, pulling back my hair and admiring my ear rings, then stroking my thigh or thin waist or smooth cheek. I was desperate for a fuck and could feel the beads of sweat rise on my forehead, but Ryan simply dabbed my face gently with a napkin.

Look at me all you want, I thought, this is me, the new me, without any shame or embarrassment and you would be very lucky to have a piece of me like this. A few old friends approached and also made small talk, as well as commending me on my appearance. I suppose they could have been a bit snide, considering my new “role” but to a man they weren’t. There was no sarcastic “look at you now” stuff, they were all very supportive. And they all seemed a bit surprised – and why shouldn’t they be – at my transformation. They wanted to know everything, how, or why it had taken such a short time, while I told them I couldn’t be happier although I had entered this role somewhat grudgingly at first. Did I miss the top role? Well no I said, because I can still play that too, just not all the time. So I stressed that I was now getting the best of both worlds, and that I was loving the rubber tranny role play, for this allowed me to play out a really fun character, letting it all out.

Ryan, as always never one to be shy, undid my cape and placed it on the bar, then asked me to stand and proudly raised my skirt and showed off the steel ring around my balls, making it clear it was permanent. He allowed them to place their hands around my severely reduced waist and cop a feel of my tits. He was treating me a bit cavalierly, as if I was his possession, well maybe not possession but certainly his plaything, and plaything I was happy to be. No, I didn’t mind at all. He could show me off as much as he wanted, for I was really enjoying flirting like this, not too flamboyant but just playfully coquettish. I would get a hug from an old friend, a kiss on the cheek and I would toss my hair and show off the ear rings, which everyone loved.

As the evening progressed I got hotter and wetter (and hornier) in my rubber finery, but noticed that my body was gradually getting used to the stricture of the corselette. Similarly I was gradually disciplining myself to control myself and not get an erection. The steel ring I barely noticed any more, but now even the chastity device I was getting accustomed to as well.

Then, at last, Ryan placed the cape over my shoulders, clipped it under my chin, and whispered.

“Come on gorgeous, let’s go to a playroom.” As I stood and the heavy cape shrouded me, rustling against my rubber outfit underneath, I was already hardening and my whole body shuddered in anticipation. Yes, at last. He attached the chain to my collar, collected a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses and led me across the dance floor, which parted with murmurs of appreciation, and I returned a confident, beaming smile of “yes, I know where this is leading.”

In our playroom he placed the bottle and glasses by the bed, as I stood next to it, sweat rising on my brow in eager anticipation. Then, drawing back my hair on one side exposing one ear ring he kissed my neck and whispered.

“Just stay like that for a couple of minutes.” I closed my eyes, and breathed as calmly as I could, given the circumstances, and the corselette. Seconds passed like minutes, and then I heard a voice, a familiar voice.

“Oh my, pretty in park, the birthday girl as a birthday gift, all wrapped up in a beautiful rubber parcel, and ready to be unwrapped. Oh I am the lucky one.”


I opened my eyes and she was in front of me. I opened my mouth about to say something, I don’t know what, but she placed a rubber covered finger on my moist lips, shaking her head and smiling.

“No, no, let me do the talking for a bit, and let me take in all your beauty. Well, I suppose I should be jealous, but I’m not, not at all. Stunning, simply gorgeous, but I have to say I’m not really surprised. When we first met and I managed to persuade you to take off your master’s mask, I knew that second what you could become. Yes, I knew it would take time, not just physically but psychologically as well, I knew that would be the hard bit.”

As she continued to talk, she walked slowly around me, not taking her eyes from me, placing a hand gently here and there, making me shiver. And I was able to take in her beauty too. She was wearing what I could only describe as a businesswoman’s power suit, but of course in shimmering rubber. It was a two piece suit in gunmetal grey, the skirt was tight at her corseted waist but quite flared (allowing easy access later, I hoped) and ended just above her knees. The jacket had broad shoulders, long sleeves and was single breasted, narrowed to the waist and then flared over her hips. Under it she wore a brilliant white shirt, with turned up cuffs under the sleeves of the jacket, and a high collar buttoned to her throat. She had no tie, but a gold two inch diameter medallion, similar to mine, was at her throat, held by a gold chain under her collar. I could see the outline of the medallion, a woman’s facing front, on her head a 50’s bathing cap with chinstrap, over her eyes goggles and in her gaping mouth a large rubber ball. It was shocking of course, but also to me, very sexy. She wore black rubber gloves tucked under her cuffs and her stockings were of skin tone rubber with a perfect seam extending razor straight up her legs and under her skirt. The shoes were 4 inch classic black pumps. Her wig this time was a Marilyn Monroe wavy blonde to her shoulders. Again her make-up was minimal, she needed so little. She was perfectly understated, a study in professional smartness, and all in rubber. She rested her hands by her sides, aware I was staring, open mouthed at her. She raised her hands palms down, as if in question.

“You approve?” It really wasn’t a question as she had seen my reaction, and I could only nod. Then she approached me and released the chain from my collar.

“Now, let’s have a really good look at you.” And she quickly unclipped my cape and placed it on the bed. Again, I took in a gulp of air, I was actually trembling a little. She circled me again.

“No imperfections, none. You are made for this, as I knew you would be.” She placed her hands around my waist.

“Now that is some corselette you have there, but perhaps we can get you down another inch or so in the future, haha. And the boobs, they are quite a handful, aren’t they? As good as mine, and no teething troubles with the heels I see, you should be able to take a couple more inches, no problem. And now the face, let’s see.” She placed a hand on my cheek, drawing back my hair and exposing the ear ring.

“Oh yes, that face could probably launch a thousand ships, haha. Perfect, and your make-up application is just right. Like me, not too much, a hint of this and a touch of that, yes, just right. My my, haven’t you come a long way? And you have the ear rings, wonderful. So are you a proud and eternal rubber slave Don? No, don’t say anything, I can see a quizzical look on your face, yes? Well here I have to own up a bit and tell you a story.” She came close and I could feel and smell her warm rubber next to me, she played with one of my false boobs, without taking her eyes from mine.

“You may have detected by now that I have been keeping an eye on your progress. Here, sit on the bed by me. Don’t worry about the rubber bow around your wrists, we’ll have that off soon, but first you should get the whole story of the last months, and your transformation, or in my opinion, elevation to your new role.”

I was quite dizzy now and needed the seat, and as collected my thoughts Candy passed me a glass of wine. She placed a hand around my narrow waist.

“So, no doubt lots of things swirling through your mind right now. All right, here’s how it went, from the start. The moment you unmasked yourself with me all those months ago, I knew immediately you would be the perfect rubber tranny.” She ran her hand up and down my trembling thigh. “But I knew you considered yourself the perfect top, and believe me you were, but with your figure and your facial structure, what a waste you were as just a top. I couldn’t convince you there and then, because your mind-set just wouldn’t accept it. I knew this would be a protracted exercise, a lengthy education shall we say.” Her hand now moved under my skirt and tenderly rolled my ball ring. “If you were going to go down that road, you would have to go willingly. I knew that, and by perfect synchronicity, in steps Ryan. What are the chances that would happen, love at first sight, perhaps, or maybe it took a little time.” She now moved her hand to under my chin and turned me to face her.

“Now, what you have to understand is that this wasn’t some conspiracy, not at all. I am in the background here, giving advice, making suggestions. Ryan fell for you the moment he saw you, he may have played a little hard at first, although not really from what I hear. He knew he was a switch from a very early age, unlike you, haha. But he saw in you the perfect sub, as I did. The only person who didn’t know was you. Here, lie back and get comfortable, my what a beauty you are. And I’ll just lie on my side here next to you, and admire you.”

“So this is all Ryan’s initiation, he was the one that got the ball rolling and he also knew it would take time, but once you had accepted the role of rubber gimp, that was the first step, the big one, well we were on our way. By the way, I was here the night you came in here as his rubber gimp and what a sight you were. When you went off with that couple of cute boys for a session, Ryan and I had a chat. We were both convinced of your true calling, all it would take was time. I said to him I would help in any way I could but remember this, all this is Ryan’s doing, and yours of course. I am just a very appreciative observer and advisor, and soon, participant. Yes, birthday girl, we will have some fun this evening, one you will not forget in a hurry.”

“So I was a kind of….project?” I said, with just a hint of cynicism.

“Hhmm, yes I suppose. You are certainly no ugly duckling, but I knew that there was a beautiful swan in there, that just needed a little encouragement to come out.” She chuckled. “It’s more the Eliza Doolittle analogy I think, if you want one. Ryan, or I, could have been Higgins, take your pick, but we rather liked the challenge, I don’t think conspiracy is the right word, you were just a bit lost as to who you really are and needed assisting down the path. You might have found it on your own but perhaps we speeded it up.” We drank again. “Anyway, the bottom line is, I suppose, you have no regrets?

“Well…no, you can see that, but just a sense maybe of being manipulated a bit.” Candy chuckled and pecked my cheek.

“Possibly, but as Higgins would say, all for your own good.”

She helped me take another gulp of wine, this was a lot to take in, but now that I thought about it, it was not really that surprising, the calm steady hand of Candy behind the scenes of my gradual conversion.

“So Ryan and I became friends, not lovers, for we have a mutual mission, and a mutual lover, you. Ryan is a man who has no jealousy whatsoever, no grudges held. He loves you and wants you to be happy. If that means you spending some quality time with me, fucking me even, he’s more than content with that. He knows you will return to him, won’t you? And I am fine with that.” She stroked my thigh tenderly.

“I have my own life that I am very happy with, here and the outside world, I am by nature a very private person, and I like it that way. I keep my other life very private. Much as I love having sex with you we couldn’t make it as a couple, believe me, but we can certainly have some fun here, some titanic sex when we want.” She drew back my hair exposing an ear ring.

“Do you like the ear rings?” I nodded. “Good, I put a lot of hours into them. Don’t look so surprised, it’s one of my hobbies, working with jewellery, and gold, not near enough to make a living, and I do all right in my real profession anyway, but it pays a few bills, and I like to see them appreciated by clients. The design was a collaborative effort with Ryan. And this pendant I designed too. Actually,” she chuckled, “I have some more ideas for jewellery for you, they would look stunning.”

I was getting to relax a bit more now having adjusted to this strange tale.

“Don’t tell me, it involves some kind of piercing, yes?”

“Donna, remember this again, everything you do, or have done to you, will be your wish, nothing forced, it will be your choice, as everything has been so far, right? So a nose ring or nipple rings or a tongue ring will be your choice, and I’ll be delighted to design the jewellery. Don’t shake your head, look at you now; you wouldn’t believe three months ago you would be here dressed like this, would you? So all I say is never discount anything.”

And of course I had to admit that was true, and once more I appreciated the small step philosophy they had adopted, gradually getting me used to something new, accepting it and then moving on, progressing further into my transformation. Part of me was still a bit mad, a small part only, in being the prize guinea pig in their very clinical experiment, with these two extraordinary guides in the background engineering my conversion. And now I had two lovers who knew that this was the real me, and I was in no position to argue that subject, nor did I want to. It was subtle, and for me at least, seemingly impossible to stop, even though I knew I could. I was broken out of this thought by Candy, sly grin on her face, as she finally released the rubber bow around my wrists and moved her hand to my layered skirt.

“Now let’s see what we have down here.” She pulled back the first outer layer, then the next and the next as if unwrapping a Christmas present. I was now in some discomfort, as not surprisingly I was hardening. Quickly my cock and ringed balls were exposed.

“Hhhmm, you must be bursting, poor thing. Now let me look at this steel ring.” She twisted it around, closely inspecting it.

“Seamless, barely a sign of the join, and a perfect fit too, your ball sac is so much prettier now, firmer, no ugly wrinkly sag and your snug balls are perfectly outlined, just a nice mouthful, haha. How do you feel about it? You accepted it, are you having second thoughts now, it will be a beast to cut off.”

“So let me guess, this was another of your designs? I can’t believe it.”

“Guilty as charged I’m afraid.”

“I have to admit its wonderful workmanship, as are the ear rings, no, I’m pretty comfortable with it now. I can see, along with all my hair removed it’s a distinct improvement down there.”

“Good, I think so too. So, let’s get this chastity tube off you, and you can relax.”

“Oh god, yes please.” So Candy had got the chastity key from Ryan – another conspiracy – and deftly released me. Almost immediately I was hard, my cock pointing up high, screaming for attention, the skin of my ball sac stretched tight by the steel ring at its base. With the release of the chastity tube a wonderful calmness swept over me. Yes, I had been the subject, the beneficiary I suppose, of a conspiracy, albeit benign, but what had come of it? I had embraced my new role, it had opened up new avenues, and definitely new pleasures. I could still top in the future if I wanted to, and I was sure I would. But right now I was in the very capable hands of a real master, or rather mistress. Whatever was going to happen this evening I knew it would be a treat.

“We have plenty of time, hours, so we can take it nice and slow.” Candy said as she ran her rubber finger up the shaft of my cock. Her black gloves were thin and her touch was that of a bird, or perhaps a feather. Then it moved to my sensitive balls as she ran circles over the taut skin.

“Oooh, you’re going to have to slow…”

“Hhhmm, yes I see, I’m flattered my skills are so honed that all I have to do is this, here, I’ll give you something else to concentrate on.” She stood up. “I’m going to get hot and sweaty soon, so how about you stand up now and get me out of my “professional suit” ha ha, and we can get down to business?”

I needed no further encouragement and quickly stood facing her. We were eye to eye, of similar height, with and without high heels. She had a wry, anticipatory smile on her face, so before disrobing her I leaned forwards and our lips touched lightly. This was no tongue-down-throat assault but just a precursor of what was to come, a calm-down-we-have-half-the-night introduction. I could feel her warm breath on mine, smell the light make-up and warm rubber. Her arms smoothly encircled me as she opened her mouth fractionally. Our lips touched and there was a shock of electricity as I moved my head sideways, lips rubbing and our breasts pressed together. Then she pressed a touch harder and I was clamped on her, my tongue moving forward.

“Hhhmm.” Was all she could murmur and I reciprocated as my hands went behind her neck, and suddenly hers went down, raised my skirt and kneaded my rubber covered bum. Our false tits were now squeezed hard against each other and my cock had already raised the folds at the front and was rubbing the front of her skirt.

There was a single short zip at the back of her skirt and I quickly lowered it to her hips and she expertly stepped out. I had earlier seen a slight bulge at her groin under the skirt and once she had exposed herself I could view the culprit. Her tan stockings were self-hold and she had a pair of plain white panties, no frills, just plain. Through a hole in the front, just like mine, were her cock and balls. Her cock was quickly hardening and underneath I spied a steel ring at the base of her balls.

“No, not permanent.” She said, as our lips finally parted, “but I thought I would wear it in your honour. I designed it of course, and if you don’t wear it all the time it can get a bit tight, but I thought you would like to see me like this, yes?”

I beamed and nodded as I began to unbutton the tight jacket, taking my time as our lips sealed again. Then came the white shirt, but first I released the gold pendant from her throat. It was a beautiful piece of work, and right then I hoped she would do some more jewellery for me soon. Whether that entailed piercings I had not yet decided. I stripped her slowly, top button, then the next, exposing her prominent boobs. She had an identical foundation corselette as I had, in white rigid rubber, cruelly pulling in her waist and the rounding over her hips. Her black gloves I could now see were shoulder length, just like my pink ones. She stepped back and I took in a breath. White corselette and panties, skin coloured stockings and black gloves, nothing more. Her cock was pointing at me, demanding attention. Her lipstick was a little mussed and I raised a hand to repair, but she laughed and pushed it aside.

“Don’t worry about that, it’s going to get a bit messier I think, yes? I have bought a kit with me so we can make ourselves presentable later. Now, I know you will be hot, but would you mind if you kept your clothes on? You look so divine, I just want to plunder you, and I’m assuming your rear has been left undefended? You have panties like mine, with a hole at the rear ready for action?” I moved close to her again, whispering.

“Oh yes, I’m ready all right, for anything.”

I have always referred to Candy as “she”, simply because to me at least, she’s not playing a role, she is simply “being”. It’s a cliché of course, but she is no natural, nothing forced, nothing over acted, nothing fake, nothing overtly camp. She is so easy in this persona it’s extraordinary. Silly to say, I know, but apart from the cock and balls sticking out and waiting patiently for my attention, and the fake, albeit very lifelike boobs, she is all woman.

And that of course is the inexplicable paradox, I am gay and I have no desire to be with a woman, but I’m with Candy, an almost perfect facsimile except for, and here we go again, the cock and balls and boobs, for it is those appendages that I desire. I want her cock in my mouth, in my rear and her balls slapping my cheeks as she plunges deep into me. And I can’t wait for us to start. The stockings and heels accentuate her very passable legs, the panties are snug around her shapely buttocks, and the corselette squeezes her waist and thrusts out her boobs. It’s not sissy I feel, but feminine, and there’s that paradox again.

I am analysing everything to death, when I should be seizing the moment, and that is what I will do. I wrapped my arms around her slender waist again, kissed her on the neck, throat, and then mouth. Our cocks are now sparring, for hers has now slipped under my skirts and is rubbing mine. I can feel even the steel rings imprisoning our balls touching. This could go on forever, but we have other things to do and it is me that made the move. I dropped to my knees, whispering.

“I want you in me, now, I can’t wait.” And I took her rampant cock slowly into my mouth, easing inch by inch down the shaft. I take pride in this skill, I know I am good at it, and it’s not something I will rush, even though I am desperate for her to impale me. I took her cuffed balls in one hand and stroked them tenderly as my lips moved up and down her shaft. I twisted the steel ring at the base of her balls, and then pulled it down a fraction, making the skin around her balls even more sensitive. I heard her expel a large breath. Yes, I do love this power. I took a deep breath, inhaling the pungent rubber of her tight panties and sank her cock deep to the back of my throat, overcoming the gag reflex comfortably. Then I raised an inch or so and then dropped again. I can hold my breath for a minute I suppose and I like to do this for as long as I can, vibrating the back of my tongue along the hard shaft. Candy said nothing, just resting her gloved hands on my head, not pushing me in any way.

After a few minutes I heard her say.

“Okay Donna that is fabulous but now it’s time for me to return your favour of a few months ago.” Oh yes, I thought and withdrew, while she swiftly rolled a condom over her shining member. She smiled and sat on the edge of the bed.

“We’re not going to get the greatest penetration but I want to look at you while we fuck, and I assure you we’ll take our time. I know you are very flexible so let’s see how we can get it to work.” She spread her legs, and her cock was now pointing in the air. I expertly squeezed some lube on the condom, then I spread my legs and straddled hers, raised my skirt, also leaning back a touch. I rested my hands on her shoulders as she placed hers around me, under my skirt and onto my buttocks. Now our eyes met and did not waver. Her mouth was slightly open, a look of anticipation on her face. I bent my legs a little and she started to guide me onto her. I smiled as I felt her head at my entrance, unerringly finding its quarry. Her smile widened as she wriggled my waist just a tad as the head settled securely between my cheeks. Now all that was needed was gravity!

I relaxed my thigh muscles and imperceptibly lowered myself. She was leaving it up to me, all she was doing was making sure we were on target. Her hand went under my skirt and pulled gently downwards on my ball ring, some encouragement I thought, and dropped another half inch. The widest part of her was now stretching my willing entrance, but I was no longer a virgin and the muscle relaxed as I lowered myself another half inch. Now the head was inside me and only the shaft remained. I closed my eyes, aaaaah, I was almost in another world now. I raised my knees either side of her, stretched them out sideways fully 90 degrees, hhmm, that was better. My skirt, and cock and balls were now squashed on her firm corseted stomach and she had withdrawn her hand and now supporting me around my waist. I was surprised at how deep she was able to get, and rolled my hips to get some friction going. She lifted her head and looked up at me – no words were necessary, this was just too good to break it with mere words.

We are both very experienced at this and know when one of us is near the edge, and with just a look from one of us, we could stop, take some oxygen and wait, then off again. These encounters should never be rushed. When you are on this level of pleasure, you tend to lose track of time, I have no idea how long we continued, but it was the cramping of our limbs that triggered a change in position.

I wanted her full-length deep inside me now, so I raised myself and assumed the doggy position in seconds, flirtatiously raising all the layers of my skirt. Immediately she was behind me, massaging my thighs then my rubber covered cheeks. I was desperate but had to wait no longer as I felt her cock at my rosebud again. She gripped my slim waist firmly.

“Here we are at last Donna, with so much fun to be had now, and which you denied yourself all those months ago, silly subby.”

“Stop taunting me and just fuck me, will you, dammit.”

“I don’t know why you are in such a hurry,” she chided me, as I felt her cock press between my cheeks, “what a beautiful bum you have and I for one will bide my time.” She now placed her hands on each buttock and pressed them apart, then the pressure built and the head of her cock breached me.

“Hhmm, that was pretty easy, now we’ll move on.” It seemed that we had moved on from our tacit pact of silence earlier, to a mutual commentary.

“Ooooh, please yes.” I moaned as she forced further into my rear. Then at last she was home, and I could feel her thighs against mine and her balls tickling my cheeks through the rubber. And she stopped and just held me there for a few seconds, and then rather than thrust in and out, she lowered, and raised her thighs, while staying deep within me, her ringed balls rubbing between my cheeks. The effect was that I could feel her hard cock almost alive within me. I gasped.

“Like that?” She had now taken one hand off my waist and had found my cock under the folds of my rubber skirt and was running a finger up and down the shaft.

“S…st..stop now.” I whispered for already I was about to explode.

“Oh I am flattered, haha, so you agree, nice and easy.”

“Oooh, yes, sheez.” And she just knelt motionless, waiting for me to calm.

“When I look down on you like this in all your pink finery, I could probably stay hard all day, your panties covering that lovely bum of yours, your shapely legs in those taut stockings and your tiny waist, although I do think we can get it down a bit more. And I recall your face and it just makes me harder.” All this flattery wasn’t helping as my cock started to shudder, stretching the already strained skin over my balls. Candy, as ever, sensed this.

“You are a horny rubber slut aren’t you, haha. Okay, we’ll stop here for a bit.” She leant over, withdrawing slightly and drew my hair back, kissed me on the cheek.

“I do hope you are relishing this as much as I am.” And with a snigger, she thrust, almost violently, into me.

“Fu….ooooh, oh yes.” And again she stopped, with me stuffed full with her.

Again, my sense of time was lost as she was keeping me on the edge expertly. One second she got into a rhythm, but only for a few seconds, then she just held it. I became almost frantic for relief, not knowing what she would do next, in or out, up or down, there was no rhythm, and that is what made it so exhilarating. But all good things, as they say…..

Without any preamble she came within me, pulling me firmly back onto her. So quick it was I had not come myself, but she had ideas for that. She expertly withdrew, whipped off her condom and rolled me onto my back. Before I could react, she was straddling me, in a perfect 69. She pulled back my skirts, and her mouth was on me. I looked up and there was her softening cock, still gleaming with her juices. I slipped my mouth round it, tasting her come and the pungent rubber of her panties. I heard her hum with pleasure as she sucked and licked me. She would probably need a half hour or so to recover and get hard again, but this didn’t stop me make a meal of her tasty cock and captive balls. Obviously I couldn’t hold on forever and she had a really expert mouth, so too quickly unfortunately, I exploded, and she gobbled up every last drop of me, humming happily to herself. Now both completely sated, we extricated ourselves and lay back together on the bed.


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