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From Top to Bottom 13: It Really Can't Get Any Better, Or Can It?

by rbbral

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© Copyright 2016 - rbbral - Used by permission

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story continued from part 12

After many stories relating to rubber fetish and associated themes I have decided that, at least for now, this is my last, and for that I wanted to write something very different, and challenging for me So this is a gay rubber story, something I have never tried before. Whether or not it “works” and has credibility is entirely up to the reader, although I have to say I did quite enjoy writing it.

Chapter Thirteen – It Really Can’t Get Any Better, Or Can It?

“Hey, sleeping beauty.” I feel a tender gloved hand on my cock.

“Wha…oh, was I asleep? Shit.”

“Hm hm, yes, you looked so calm and peaceful, I wouldn’t say it was the sleep of the innocent, but I didn’t want to disturb you.” She was now lying on her side, observing me fondly, stroking my tightly enclosed balls now.

“Well I don’t want to waste time, how long was I…”

“Slow down, you were flat out for half an hour or so, we have tons of time and you need to recuperate for the next session anyway.” With a sly smile she handed me a glass of wine.

“My mouth was a bit, how do I say, sticky, so I’m a glass ahead of you. This should serve as a good mouthwash eh?”

“Oh, I don’t know, I rather like the aftertaste I have.” I chuckled but I took a swig nonetheless.

“Okay, ready to take advantage of me? You want to top me now? Although dressed as you are in your pink rubber frills might make it difficult for you to pass as a top, hhmm?” This was true I thought but I certainly was ready and willing to give Candy a proper rogering. I stood up and adjusted my frills, then pulled up my bodice and stockings.

“I’m ready if you are.”

“Oh, try to stop me.” And she stood opposite me, then inspected my face. “Although after all the action earlier I think we need a bit of repair work.” I looked at her make-up to and it was a bit smudgy. She got her bag from near the door.

“Girls never go anywhere without their repair kit.” She laughed. “Let me do yours and you can do mine, quicker that way.” And so we took a few minutes cleaning the old and replacing with the new. The playroom had a small washbasin and mirror in the corner and we quickly wiped down and applied some new makeup. I liked doing this, I had done my own of course, but doing Candy’s was fun. We joked a bit as we selected colouring, shading etc and soon we were as good as new.

“My god, but you look good enough to eat, which is what...” she laughed and dropped quickly to her knees, raising my multiple skirts and disappearing. “…I shall do now.” And she gripped my bum cheeks hard and sucked me into her warm mouth, oh my goodness. I looked down and saw my pink skirt draped over her blonde waves, as she bobbed in and out. It was stupendous….but I wanted to see her.

“Candy, would you mind if you helped me take off my dress, and then I could see you better.”

“Hhmm, erm no, of course not, actually I’d like to see you matching me; panties, stockings, gloves and corselette.” She withdrew from under my skirt, licking her lips and beaming. “We’ll look like a couple of very naughty twins.” She went behind me, and quickly unzipped my dress, helping me to roll it down over my hips and out of it. I have to say I felt a lot cooler straight away. She stepped back and her eyes almost devoured me.

“Yes, phew, pretty in pink for sure.” She closed in. “Perfect figure, slim waist, veeeery shapely legs, and an agreeable firm bottom, yummy. And what do we have here?” She took my cock in one hand and my balls in the other, pulling down on the ring.

“Oooh, aah.” I gasped in part pain, part pleasure. She knelt again, her blonde head advancing on my cock and she was licking and lapping again. I placed my hands on her beautiful wavy hair and stroked it, encouraging her, while she stroked my thighs and then buttocks. Oh, oh, my head was almost swimming. But she was such an expert, as soon as she detected me coming, she pressed a finger behind my balls and withdrew her mouth, chuckling. She did this for a while, before she was ready to have me fuck her. Oh, I wanted to do that all right, but this time we tried something different.

She playfully pushed me back on the bed and slipped a pillow under my buttocks, then expertly lubed my rock hard cock (I was almost desperate). With a wicked smile she straddled me, stretching her stockinged legs either side, facing towards me. She then leant back, and finding my cock guided me to her snug entrance. She closed her eyes, working just by touch, a blissful smile creasing her face as she oh so slowly sank onto my cock.

Yes, there was some resistance at first, but she continued to lower herself, rolling her hips. First the head was in and then after a few seconds, my shaft eased past her muscle and she descended further, until she rested, fully impaled, on my thighs. She expelled a long, long breath, and began to very slowly roll her hips again. Her cock and balls lay on my groin, and I took her cock in one hand and her balls in the other and gently tickled them. We played like that for a while, her on top and really very much in control. She raised herself a few times and then almost stomped back on my root, groaning in pleasure.

Now she leant over me, and I raised myself to meet her, she almost popped out but I could feel her clinch her buttocks and the head of my cock was trapped. Our eyes met, each of us breathing hard, through the effort and the brutal corselettes, and we tilted our heads and kissed. She was moaning softly, almost to herself. Then she began to kiss me aggressively, voraciously. Soon she sat back on her haunches, leant back until I was as deep as I could be, and looked across at me, and nodded. I thrust twice and she wailed as she came, all over my rubber corselette, between my breasts, almost reaching my face. And I came too, raising my hips, pushing hard into her. She held her position for a few seconds, shaking, then dropped onto me exhausted, laughing quietly.

We lay like that for a few minutes, my arms around her, and her hands stroking my face. Then she rolled to her side, and lay next to me. She looked across and laughed.

“Oh god, what a mess we are.” She ran a finger down my corselette, and licked her own come.

“What naughty twins we are. Oh that was about the best I thing I’ve had, not super deep but being on top was brilliant, looking down on you, feeling you in me.”

“I loved it too, looking up at the sheer bliss on your face. You are so flexible, I thought I was the double-jointed one, but you were like a pretzel there for a few minutes. Worth it though.” We said nothing more, and I just drifted off, through a perfect afterglow.

A familiar voice awakened me, I must have fallen into a deep sleep, exhausted and sated.

“Not one sleeping beauty, but two. And not the sleep of the innocent. Look at you both.” A deep laugh. “Slinky rubber stockings, corselettes, panties and gloves, all matching femininity, except for those cocks and ringed balls, of course.”

Ryan was standing next to the bed, looking down at us, arms crossed in front, supporting his ample rubber encased boobs. He had clearly retained the room key and sneaked in while we were asleep, drained after our night time acrobatics. He was still in his dominatrix outfit, all shimmering black rubber – stockings, flared dress, gloves and high heels, topped by his matching pageboy wig. He was grinning from ear to ear. He leant over and kissed me and my hand moved up his shiny stocking to the mound at the front of his panties.

“Oh, you are a minx, aren’t you both just too pooped?”

“Well,” I murmured, “it depends on what you are suggesting?” Next to me Candy stifled a laugh as he woke.

“While you have been having unbridled carnal knowledge I have been socialising, chatting, making friends, a little dancing and drinking.” I saw he had brought a fresh bottle of wine and another glass in with him. “It’s been a lot of fun, but well,” He faked a pout like a schoolboy, “no sex at all, hhmm? Saving myself you see, so you two had better not be too shagged out to show me a little tender, and not so tender, loving.”

I was certainly tired, and sore in all the right places too, but who could turn down an offer like that? Candy and I could share the “workload” and once we got going I knew all three of us would be going at it like rabbits.

“Three bum holes, three cocks, and three mouths, the options are really quite interesting.” Ryan purred. “We have less than an hour, so let’s not waste time. Now you are in your underwear and I’m dressed in all my dom finery, so what’s it to be? I dress down to my flimsies or you dress up?”

That was a hard question. I was getting to quite like the freedom of playing in just underwear, although the corselette wasn’t exactly freedom, but then Ryan looked so good in his black rubber dom outfit. Although I was still sweaty, I had cooled down and for the final “lap” I figured I could handle the extra layer of pink rubber, so we decided on full rubber enclosure.

So Ryan then helped each of us dress, commenting that this was just as sexy, maybe more than taking it off. And I think all of us agreed on that’ squeezing into another layer of rubber just made me all the hornier. As he pulled the zip up to my neck I could feel myself hardening in anticipation. Here I was, all rubbered up in pink tranny finery with two beautiful rubber trannies about to take me in their very capable arms. I could almost come at the prospect.

What I liked about this whole scene was the complete absence of jealousy or rivalry, Ryan had always shown this, he was comfortable in his relationship with me, and knew that me having sex with Candy, or Candy having sex with him, would not break our bond but strengthen it. And Candy knew this too, and was happy to accept it. Some may find this “relationship” strange, but not me, we all knew where we stood, and in that respect Ryan and I were a lot more honest than many couples, gay or straight. So the first few minutes after we had dressed fully we just stood in a sort of triangle caressing and necking and I noted that straightaway Candy’s and my skirt were beginning to balloon at the front. Ryan’s poor cock was still trapped behind his tight panties, but I would soon take care of that. The smell of the rubber on hot bodies was almost overpowering, but for me, and I think the others, it has always been an aphrodisiac. Despite the fact that Candy and I had been locked together for about two hours, in all manner of positions, I was hungry for them both. Yes, I was a bit sore but there was plenty of time in the next few days to relax and recover. How many times would I get the chance to be with these two beauties again? Well many, I hoped. I took a breath from smooching Ryan.

“We’re like “The Three Graces” aren’t we?” I chortled.

“The Three Graces, whichever version, dressed in rubber, now that would be a sculpture that the nation should pay a lot to keep.” Ryan chuckled, as we continued to warm ourselves up. I really couldn’t wait and so dropped to my knees, raising Ryan’s black skirt and diving under. In the fusty rubbery semi darkness I eased my hands under the tight waistband of his panties and pulled them down. As his cock sprang out I folded the front of the tight rubber under his balls, so both were nicely supported. I could have taken it nice and slow, but no, not this time, I gulped in his very familiar cock, taking him to the back of my throat, moaning softly. I was sure Candy and Ryan were having fun above me, necking and fondling, and Ryan no doubt was giving Candy’s cock his full attention. But I didn’t mind, I didn’t want this to stop, however I had to withdraw abruptly as I could feel Ryan on the edge, so just knelt there, happy as a clam in the rubbery semi darkness, caressing Ryan’s curvy thighs and curvy bum. Some may have found this claustrophobic but not me, to be suffocated in rubber with Ryan’s cock in my mouth, well, what could be better?

Perhaps while I was in my rubber darkness they had been conjuring up a scenario. For in perfect unison they lifted me up on all fours onto the bed, then Ryan knelt in front of me and Candy swiftly moved to my rear. Immediately I got the message and was more than happy to oblige. As Ryan raised his skirt once more and I inched forward to place my tender lips over his cock, Candy rolled a condom on, and then raised my skirts and I felt the cool application of some lube. I was sore down that end too, but too hungry for them to do their way to care. With my lips sealed over his member, I felt Candy ease her way forward, teasing me, and I waited for her imminent thrust. Ryan’s hands were stroking my head through his rubber skirt and now Candy gripped my slim waist and I felt her push her head into me, oh my, what contentment. I snorted a moan of pleasure as I sucked Ryan in, holding my breath, running my tongue under his shaft. Soon I felt Candy’s balls slap my rubber buttocks as she methodically pumped into me, then out, like a steel piston. No doubt above me they were having a good kissing session, but I was concentrating on pleasing them both at the same time, and quite frankly I think I was doing a pretty good job playing the perfect subbie.

I would have liked to have gone on like this for as long as they wished but after a few minutes they had another idea, and seem to want to speed things up a bit. Ryan grasped my head in the folds of his skirt and started to work up a rhythm of his own. Impaled on Candy’s cock I had little recourse other than to comply, he started to speed up, pulling my mouth all the way onto his root, while Candy speeded up as well. I knew they were both near to coming in sync and prepared for the discharge at both ends. Ryan’s hot sperm hit the back of my throat as he withdrew partially to allow me to take in oxygen and swallow gladly. Candy came inside her condom but I could still feel the hot juice under the thin rubber against my insides. They withdrew, and while I gasped for breath and lowered myself to lie on my back, they cleaned themselves up.

Soon they lay either side of me. I had been hard the whole time but had not had a chance to come, although I had a feeling that they would take care of that later. As we caught our breaths, we shared some wine, my throat probably needed more than that as it was quite tender, but for now it certainly worked.

We didn’t talk much, but just revelled in what had passed. I knew that we had maybe half an hour or forty minutes left before they kicked us out and that if they could recharge their batteries for twenty minutes or so we could get in one last bit of action, and I for one certainly didn’t want to miss that chance. So there we lay recuperating, looking up at the ceiling, three of us in our rubber tranny glory, businesswoman, dominatrix in black, and pink…well, sissy, I suppose. We were no doubt a very strange sight to the uninitiated. It was Candy that finally broke the stillness.

“I think the birthday girl deserves one last present before we go.”

“Hm hm, definitely,” Ryan replied “and I have bought something with me. Don’t move, I’ll get it.” I wasn’t sure I liked the sound of this, as I had been the “beneficiary” of Ryan’s wicked mind many times. In truth though, in the end I had always enjoyed it. He leant over the side of the bed towards his bag and turned back with a triumphant smile and something behind his back.

“You’ve worked very hard tonight so for a final fling you don’t have to do anything, just lie there like a good sub and satisfy us both, okay? Now open your mouth.” This intrigued me and so, like a good sub, I meekly opened my mouth. And Ryan produced a harness of thick rubber straps and buckles. He happily opened it out and I heard Candy chuckle. I could see on the inside of the curved mouth pad a thick rubber cock-shaped gag.

“Just raise your head a bit.” Ryan said softly as he arranged the straps. This was interesting I thought and opened my mouth to accept the gag. It was a good size and attached at the base was a snorkel-type mouthpiece where my two sets of teeth slipped into snugly. Ryan now arranged the harness – bifurcating my nose and over my head, under my chin and ears to attach at a round pad at the back of my head. Candy helped him adjust the straps and once tightened to his satisfaction it was a very efficient and secure fit.

“Okay?” He smiled, and I nodded.

“Now the interesting bit, for me anyway.” At the front of the pad I had seen a thick bayonet type screw and I watched as Ryan delved in the bag again and produced three large rubber dildos. Licking his lips theatrically he inspected their different sizes.

“Well now, this is the fun bit for me, I think I’ll take this one, a bit like your cock, so Candy and I will get double the pleasure from you.” I chuckled behind the gag, I was actually having fun with this. He leant over and with a single half-turn attached the black rubber dildo to the mouth pad clamped onto my face, then rolled a condom over it. He glanced at Candy.

“Top or bottom, your choice?” And I heard Candy giggle.

“I’ll take bottom for now thank you.”

“Okay? Let’s have some fun.” And Candy was up on her knees pulling back the folds of my dress and her head was down and onto my cock. It looked like my arse would at last get a breather as they were going to have double-cock fun with me. She sucked expertly and whilst I was now pretty tired, she managed to get a reaction as I hardened under her attentions. Meanwhile Ryan was leaning over me kissing me gently around the cock, then moistening it with some saliva. For a few minutes they continued like this until by silent signal, they each lubed the cock they had assigned themselves. Then they raised themselves to straddle me at both ends. My view was not great from where I was lying on my back but could see that Candy was facing forward and now Ryan had his back to me and facing Candy straddled me, his calves on my biceps. I looked up as he raised his black skirt and began to lower himself onto my face. The tight black panties gripping his cheeks descended on me, and the hole at the entrance to his rear got larger and larger. I moved my head slightly and aimed at the target, the brown puckered hole. It shivered slightly as I made contact, then relaxed as he got a feel for me, and lowered an inch or so. I heard him sigh with pleasure as the round head strapped to my mouth began to disappear into him.

Meanwhile at the other end Candy had raised herself up on my spread thighs and leaning back had finessed my cock at her rear entrance. Now she lowered herself and stopped as my head pressed into her and disappeared. I could hear them both chuckle in shared pleasure.

As I lay there, prone under my two lovers, the irony of my predicament did not escape me. How much more sub can you get? I was simply two cocks now, satisfying two men who took their time and their pleasure as they wished. Considering what I had once been, and not that long ago, this was indeed an extraordinary transformation. Some may say a descent, a decline, but not me, not at all. I had now become so aware, so used to my new role, that I was loving every second of this.

And I was sure my lovers were too, for they were close together, facing each other, and I’m sure kissing, fondling and stroking to their heart’s content, and there was not an ounce of jealousy in my body as I pondered this. While I did so, Ryan’s rubber bum rose and fell on the cock extending from my mouth. I could see that all right when he rose, but when he fell so too did his black skirt, which then shrouded me in very smelly rubber darkness. A couple of times he dropped right down onto my mouth pad with a groan and I was for a moment suffocated by his rubber panties clamping onto my face. And at the other end Candy rose and fell, at her own pace on my cock, her hands occasionally moving behind to calmly roll my ringed balls between her rubber fingers.

Oh, it really couldn’t have got any better. No, not a chance.

I could have gone on like this for as long as they wanted, but time was running out and 2 a.m. was approaching I was sure. So I heard them whisper above me, and they increased the pace. I moved not an inch as they bounced up and down on me, me being no more than a sexual trampoline. I knew now they were wanking each other off, and a joint orgasm was definitely in the cards and I tried to synchronise mine too. I heard them start to groan in unison, faster and faster, and by some strange sexual symbiosis, we did indeed come as one. Now that takes some experience.

After a few silent seconds they were off me, Candy removing my condom, Ryan from the one on my dildo gag. I looked down past the dildo still stuffed in my mouth to see their juices streaking my pink dress between my fake boobs, I was quite a mess. As Candy got a wet towel from the small sink Ryan unstrapped the harness from my head, kissing me on my sore lips as he arranged my hair into some order. We wiped ourselves down, almost too tired to say anything, but all aware that what we had experienced had been a bit special.

Impossible to top really, I thought.

Before we had to leave the club we tidied ourselves up, accompanied by some laughs and sniggers, as we wiped and cleaned ourselves, and our clothes. As I helped Candy straighten her skin coloured stockings, getting the seam razor sharp, she looked so serious in her power business suit, I had to laugh when I considered what we had been up to. Then some reapplication of make-up and a series of lengthy hugs followed. We had offered Candy a lift home, or to our place, but she demurred. Where she went after her evenings of rubber sin we didn’t know and we all respected that. We knew we would see her again, soon we hoped, as I for one certainly felt that a bond (no pun intended) had been forged between the three of us.

Before she went however from her small bag she produced a felt-covered box. Oh oh, I thought what have we in here? She offered it to me, saying I could open it now or later. I looked at Ryan and he nodded which I took to be now. Okay, here goes, and I raised the lid.

I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised, and I wasn’t really, not at what the gift was, but that she should go to the effort (and expense - considerable expense) to make it for me. From the look on Ryan’s face he was already aware of what it was, so again it seemed I was the subject of a small plot.

Laid out on the black velvet was a male chastity device, and the first thing I noticed was that it was made of gold. My mouth opened in shock, but Candy chuckled and said.

“It’s a gift from both of us, a birthday present you won’t forget, we hope. Ryan helped with the cost and I came up with the design, or most of it.” She placed an arm round my waist as I studied it.

“But this cost a bomb, hundreds of…..”

“Yes, but we wanted the best for you, never mind the cost, just have a look at it and tell us what you think.” I sat back on the bed, and they glanced at each other and sat either side of me.

“Look I don’t want to insult you, or whatever, but I don’t want any perman..”

“Haha, no, no of course not.” Candy clinched her arm around me.

“Do you think we want that lovely cock of yours locked away? No, look under the bottom here at the join of the two rings, there’s a very small lock, and I have the tiniest of keys here, two copies, one Ryan already has and one, if you permit, for me.”

Still a bit in shock, I nodded. I took the device out of the velvet container and noticed first its heavy weight, I was stunned to see there was a lot of gold there. It comprised a series of rings, like plain male engagement rings, and quite thick. There were five of them, the two thickest where the root of my cock would be, and behind the head. They were about three quarter to one inch apart and I’m sure Ryan was very familiar with the size of my relaxed cock. They were connected (welded?) by two lengthwise gold rods, the same width as the thickest rings at the root and behind the head. One shaft ran along the top and one underneath, securing them into a rock-solid slight curve. The covering of the head was another matter. This was five lengthwise short rods that curved inwards and were connected to the last ring that surrounded the head meeting opposite the end of my urethra where they connected to a small perfectly round ring. The ring at the root was connected, in a figure of eight form to another matching gold ball ring, which would no doubt lock over my permanent steel ball ring. Between the two I was barely able to discern the tiny keyhole.

It was a fiendishly clever design. Like any good chastity it would efficiently prevent any chance of an erection, but this one was really quite beautiful, and expensive!

“It’s beautiful Candy.” And Candy looked pleased with my compliment and hugged my slim waist again.

“Ah,” she smiled across me at Ryan, “but the test is, is it functional?”

“Yes, not much good if it looks great but doesn’t work properly, hhm?”

I knew this little charade they were playing, like scientists testing a theory, all innocent.


And I had to say that it did intrigue me as to how it would look, and feel. So I didn’t take long before I nodded and then with both hands raised the folds of my skirt exposing my limp, and very tired cock.

“Oh, all right, get on with it.” I said in mock irritation, but really quite excited at the prospect. They chortled in unison and I watched intently as Ryan gently took my tender cock in his rubber hand - which despite his tender administrations was far too tired to harden – and fed it through the first ring. As the head was wider than the shaft he had to squeeze it gently to get it started but then it slid fairly easily until it reached the other thicker ring at the end. A little more encouragement and the head glided into the curved golden cage, and the last ring set itself behind the head. It was not tight at all and there was a little play between my shaft and the stunning gold rings, but I knew that when I would begin to get an erection it would keep me under control very quickly. Candy raised my cock and looked down and nodded in approval when she and I saw that the small ring at the end perfectly encircled my urethra. She now attended to the ball ring which was open and spinning on its axis. She took this and catching my eye, raised her eyebrows seeking I assume, my consent.

Was I really in a position to say no? Well, I suppose I was but as I was now so far down this road, I nodded back and watched her position it round the permanent steel ring encasing my balls and press. The ends began to close and when it was snug over the much larger steel ring, pressed further and I heard a very faint click. I took a deep breath, I knew they each had a key, but somehow there was a sense of finality about it. This, again, was I suppose what I wanted to be – imprisoned, confined, restrained - under the ultimate control. They got me to stand, and still holding my skirts raised at my waist I felt the weight of the gold device pull down on my cock. I was certainly much more aware of it than the relatively lighter ball ring, and of course it was wonderfully efficient in keeping me under control.

“Perfect, Candy, brilliant.” Approved Ryan, and Candy nodded, very satisfied with her work. She showed me her tiny key.

“Now this is mine, in case of… emergencies I suppose, but Ryan is your master, so he has one too, and I think that he’ll be the one to decide when it goes on and comes off.” It was odd hearing her say this, but I didn’t aver otherwise. It was part of the game or scene I suppose. But I knew that when I would wear it that it wouldn’t be just his decision, for it would be mine as well, when I would want to wear it.

“We have to go, I can hear them clearing up outside. So I’ll see you soon again, I’m sure. It’s been a great night, now I’m going to change in the back, take care now.” Candy hugged me and kissed me tenderly, Ryan watching without any sense of jealousy.

“Thanks for everything, and yes, we’ll see you soon.” She gave Ryan one of those knowing looks, pecked his cheek and left, looking superb in her power suit of rubber.

“Okay, my darling rubber sub, wrists crossed.” Ryan said as he took the strip of pink rubber and coiled it around my wrists. As before he left it loose, arranging the ends in a bow, for it was merely a symbol of my obeisance. Then he draped the long cape over my shoulders and pressed the stud at my collar. Again I shivered as rubber rustled over rubber as he clipped the chain to my collar and we were ready. He picked up his bag of goodies and with a proud beam and a glance back led me out of the playroom, for the first time in over three hours and into the main dance floor and bar area. The cape parted naturally as I followed him, flashing the folds of my dress and my lightly cuffed wrists, but I didn’t mind. In fact I was a bit saddened to see that most of the patrons had left as I rather wanted to show off. There were a few saying their goodbyes, and they looked on approvingly as we passed, and we smiled and nodded back.

Pat’s car was right outside with the back door open. I saw her look back from the driver’s seat and laugh.

“One minute late, I was just thinking of driving off and leaving you to walk home like that, haha, now that would have been a sight.” I didn’t think she meant it, just having a laugh, but the idea of walking back both terrified and excited me at the same time. We settled down in the back seat and at that moment a tremendous feeling of tranquil exhaustion engulfed me. I closed my eyes as she drove slowly through the streets, with very few people about. My throat was aching, my arse was sore and my imprisoned cock more than a little sensitive.

However, I could hardly have felt better.

“So…..come on, how did it go? Good birthday?” She asked, without taking her eyes off the road.

“Oh…it was okay, I guess.” I replied, keeping as straight a face as I could. Ryan didn’t bite though, he simply placed his arm around me and pulled me closer.

“You do look a bit tired I have to say.” She looked in the rear view mirror.

“I think shagged out is the term I would use.” I chuckled to myself. “I’ll be taking it easy for a short while, need to recuperate.”

“I don’t want the lurid details,” but I knew she did really, “I can only imagine. Maybe you can give me some ideas for a session with a couple of bi clients I have.”

“Would love to, but give me time to recover, I’m a bit sore in all the right places. And Candy made me a special birthday present.” As we were at a set of lights, which we knew were long, I didn’t think she would crash the car, so Ryan was happy to help me pull up the front of my cape, and I then raised my skirt. I had a long time ago lost all sense of embarrassment in showing off my cock and balls to Pat. After all it had been me that accompanied her on her first visit as a dom to the fetish club, and during that she had honed her ample dom skills on me, my cock and balls, and my arse. So I raised my skirts with confidence. She turned back and with a look of a real professional now, said.

“Oh my, that can’t be, is that gold. That is beautiful work all right. You’re under serious control there Donna, haha.” Then she thought a second. “You’re not going to tell it’s perman….no.” And I shook my head.

“Ryan and Candy have keys.”

“Looks nice and snug, the perfect fit. And gold too, someone must love you very much for that.” She moved her eyes to Ryan, and he smiled proudly.

“Oh yes, we do.” I noticed the “we” for Ryan was quite happy to include Candy in this. “We love him so much we want to keep him under control so we can enjoy him for ourselves. But you can borrow him when you want, Pat, I’m sure he would like that.” And by now I was more than happy with that.

We sat in warm, sweaty comfort as Pat drove us into the underground car park. As we approached the elevators, me still held captive (loosely) under the full cape, she said.

“Elevator or stairs?”

“Elevator.” I smiled, I really didn’t care anymore if we should bump into a neighbour, such was the confidence and comfort I now had with myself and my rubber persona. As it turned out no one, not at three in the morning accompanied us. At Pat’s floor, she hugged us and said.

“Any chance of asking Candy to make me a couple of all-purpose steel chastity cock devices like that? Oh and the ball ring too. I think I can persuade a couple of my clients to wear them when between sessions. They will go crazy waiting for the next session.” It occurred to me that Pat certainly knew the sub psyche; the idea that a sub would go a week, or perhaps more, with his cock and balls in chastity was wonderfully cruel, and I have to say it rather appealed to me too. I would be bursting for sex after that lengthy enforced chastity.

“I’m sure she would.” I answered and with a satisfied grin, a last look at me, a nod of approval, she left us. Once in the flat I moved to the bedroom and stood motionless, exhausted, and blissful, my rubber bondage, such as it was, hidden by the heavy cape.

“Thank you, for everything. It was the best birthday any rubber sub could have.” I whispered.

“Oh, my pleasure, and Candy’s too, I’m sure.” He unclipped my leash and then released the cape, drawing it over my shoulders.

“Hm hm, oh I could fuck you now, you look so tasty, but I think we’ve had enough for tonight…or certainly you have. No, we’ll just strip and shower and have a long night’s sleep.” Which, to be honest was fine by me, I was still sore and tender, and the shower would be great but I needed some time to charge the batteries.

So we helped each other to disrobe, very slowly. I found this very exciting, despite my cock being trapped in a cage of gold. Ryan first quickly released me from the lightest of bondage around my wrists, then turned me round and unzipped the pink dress. I stepped out of it and he then – blessedly - began to untie the rear of the corselette. It was an enormous release as it dropped to the floor and now all I stood in were stockings, pants and gloves. I was drenched in sweat, it dripped off me, and the feeling of release was incredible. Now in turn I undressed him, first the lovely black dress then tight corselette. So we were twins again, except his cock was hidden behind his tight pants and mine trapped in gold bands. And then I began to feel myself harden.

I looked down and saw my pink flesh began to enlarge and stretch and push out between the unyielding grip of the chastity cage.

“Oh, oh no, just leave me for a second or release me, ow, shit, ow. When are you going to get this off me?” But Ryan made no comment and of course found it hilarious at first, he took no pity on me and went to the bathroom to complete his undressing, while I tried to calm down. Eventually I did and pulled off my stockings, gloves and then panties. I carefully pulled off my wig, leaving it by the bed. Then I picked up all the rubber clothes and went to the bathroom and saw all of Ryan’s in the bath, and he said.

“We’re both pooped, we can soak them here and finish them tomorrow.” And he entered the large shower. I followed him in and we washed each other unhurriedly. The make-up came first and then we sponged ourselves in all the right places. I was very sore and a gentle massage of my cock and arse nearly got me hard again. All I was doing was concentrating on not getting a hard-on, and I managed to do this, despite all the attentions of Ryan. After I was made sparkling clean we towelled off and I applied some cooling antiseptic cream to all my tender areas, then we brushed our teeth and went to our rubber covered bed.

We were quiet for a while, I was just completely shattered, and then I had to ask.

“So, come on, when does this come off?” He gave me an amused look and said.

“Wait until the morning, you look really quite lovely with it on, and anyway we don’t want you getting any ideas tonight.”

“Ha ha, fat chance, I can hardly move right now. I’m so sore.”

“Well get to sleep then.” And he hugged me tight as I drifted off within a few seconds.

And so here I am, on my own between the rubber sheets, looking up at the ceiling, reflecting on the last 12 hours. Ryan got up early, well relatively early, and went to a consulting job he hadn’t told me about. Before he left he came back to the bedroom and showed me an envelope.

“The key is in here. I’m going to post it to us….sheez I hope the mail doesn’t lose it, haha. It will be good discipline for you, getting used to it.” And he shot out as I shouted after him.

“Hey wait a minute, there’s no post collection on a Sunday, they’ll only pick it up Monday and we won’t….” and I heard him chuckle as he closed the front door. So I was going to have this on until at least Tuesday, assuming an efficient delivery, or perhaps longer.

And yet - no surprise really any more - I was not actually perturbed at the prospect.

And therefore for the next two days or so, I wore the heavy gold enclosure over my cock, and I got used to it, faster than even I thought I would. Washing and drying was a bit cumbersome but pissing was easily accomplished, and so, just like my permanent ball ring I adjusted to it. Yes, I could adjust very easily to all the tests Ryan, Candy and Pat kept setting before me.


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