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Et Tu, Jennifer?

by Unknown

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Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; latex; catsuit; hood; stockings; boots; cuffs; gag; caught; tease; torment; bdsm; crop; nipple; armbinder; rope; bond; revenge; cons/reluct; X

This can't be the right place, Jennifer thought as she parked her car. She checked the piece of paper Robert had given her. It didn't say anything about a do-it-yourself storage place, but the address checked out.

It took Jennifer a while to figure out that Unit #S-11 was way in the back. She moved quickly through the rows of single-story sheds, the darkness only occasionally punctuated by dim naked bulbs hanging randomly over the garage doors.

She didn't hear or see anyone else in the entire complex. This is truly crazy, she told herself. But she couldn't deny the excitement was close to unbearable. It had been more than a week since Jennifer had enjoyed dinner with her best friend Karen's husband Robert. After spending several hours hog-tied in his front closet, she had written a list of her most secret bondage fantasies as she had been instructed.

She didn't recall anything about a deserted industrial park on the outskirts of town, but she didn't have much choice now. Here we are... now, what's that combination for the lock? Jennifer threw up the garage door and peered into the blackness within. Gotta be a light switch somewhere... maybe by the door... aha! Fluorescent tubes flickered and caught as Jennifer hurried to pull down the door before anyone else could see what was waiting inside.

A hanger holding a red rubber catsuit complete with attached hood and a black latex teddy with matching stockings and shoulder length opera gloves dangled down from a solitary chain suspended in the middle of the ceiling. Underneath it was the oversized briefcase lying between two metal loops screwed into the concrete floor about three feet apart. Upon closer inspection, Jennifer noticed the short chains padlocked to the rings, and the big opened lock on the end of the ceiling chain. Otherwise, the room was empty.

"Oh, my," she said out loud.

She put down her purse and walked over to inspect the slippery-looking lingerie. 'Doesn't look like my size'. She felt a flush of titillation. Good. She began peeling off her clothes. Once she was naked, she opened the briefcase. On top were two sets of three-inch wide cuffs made of polished black leather with gleaming silver hardware and four padlocks... one for each of the double straps. Underneath those was some kind of web-like contraption that Jennifer deduced was a harness designed to cover the lower part of her face with a single piece of rubber. 'Oh and here's the ball for my mouth. Ewww'.

But all these devilish toys seemed positively benign compared with the shoes she found at the bottom of the briefcase. "He must be kidding," she said to the empty room as she inspected the long, supple calfskin boots. The heels were at least seven inches long. And the part for her foot looked like it was designed for a ballerina from hell. At the very bottom was a bottle of talcum powder. 'How thoughtful. The cunning little scumbag'. Jennifer shivered as she took the catsuit, teddy and stockings off the hanger and tried to figure out the best way to put them on.

After powdering herself, she sat down on the cold floor and put on the catsuit, when the hood was finally in place she then began rolling the stockings into a thick ring so she could unroll them up her already rubber-encased legs. After several minutes of exertion, she pulled them taut so their tops grazed the crease where her legs met her pubic region. 'Hmmm, nice. Now the teddy...' She stepped into the leg holes and began tugging it over her hips, stomach and chest. She had to bend down to pull the straps over her shoulders, and when she stood up straight, she felt all the air being pushed out of her body.

'That's... kinda... snug...' she thought as the latex dug deep between her legs and squeezed tight against her torso. She became instantly aware of the inch-wide gash in the crotch as her pussy was pushed through the opening so her lips stuck out temptingly.

It took Jennifer a little longer to figure out why the rubber was so constricting across her breasts. Two slits had been cut into the latex, so she presumed she was supposed to pull her tits out through them. This wasn't easy, nor was pulling on the gloves. Jennifer arched a foot, slipped it into one of the shoes, sighed, and began lacing it up. When she had them both on, she stood up, and immediately started to tip over. 'Man, this is ridiculous', she thought as she regained her balance and tried to take tiny little steps around the room. 'It's like being trapped in a permanent pirouette'.

'Time for the gag'. The rubber tasted awful in her mouth, and it took her a while to figure out how the straps were supposed to be arranged behind and over the top of her head. When she was finished dressing herself, Jennifer felt a bit woozy from the erotic flashes. She looked down at her breasts poking out from the teddy like twin whales washed up on a blackened beach, and wished she had a mirror. 'Oh, well. The cuffs would have to do. OK, put them on... whoops, don't snap both padlocks... attach to the chains... can't... quite... reach... there... shit.' Jennifer stood splayed in the middle of the room and cursed her impatience. Robert had never said what time he would be meeting her here.

And did he definitely say tonight?

She was only a little thankful that most of her weight was hanging from her arms, because it made it a little easier to stand in the ballet heels. 'But still... maybe if I just... Nope, definitely not going anywhere soon. Where is he anyway? Damn damn damn... '

Time stopped for an eternity, then Jennifer broke the silence with a yelp when she heard someone working the latch on the garage door. She began shaking as it slowly rose noisily up its runners. Then her heart jumped when she saw someone duck under the door. It wasn't Robert.

"Well, hi!" said Karen, "How's it going? You look goooood." Jesus!

"Surprised, Jennifer?" She smacked her riding crop into the leather glove on her hand. "Me, too." Jennifer's eyes were as round as Frisbees. There stood Karen in leather breeches and thigh high riding boots with a red jacket covering a white silk shirt knotted around her waist. She was carrying a large suitcase that looked like a larger version of the briefcase. "Robert's told me everything. We're like that as a couple. No secrets. Especially a juicy one like this." Karen strode behind Jennifer and gave her ass a hard pinch. "I especially like the list, Jen. So creative. And perverted. I never knew."

She walked back around and stood in front of Jennifer's suspended body. "Man, I wish I had your tits." Karen reached out and grabbed one of Jennifer's rubber-covered nipples between her leather-clad thumb and forefinger.. "I guess I do tonight." She tightened her grip and slowly pulled her breast toward her. "Mmmm." Her other gloved hand jerked forward to slap Jennifer's stretched flesh. "Yes indeed. A fine pair of hooters."

Jennifer couldn't believe it. How could Robert tell her? The crop became a blur as it smacked Jennifer's crotch. "I've always wanted to try being the master, but Robert never lets me." Smack, this time on her ass. "But this is almost better." Smack, smack across her breasts. "Much better." Smack smack smack smack. "Oh, I like it when you moan and groan. Is that what I sound like? No wonder Robert likes it so much."

By the time Karen put down her crop, most parts of Jennifer's body were burning bright red under the catsuit. "Wanna see something cool?" Karen reached into a side pocket on her jacket and pulled out a huge plastic dildo in three sections of increasing width so it looked a bit like a Christmas tree. Reaching into the other side pocket, she pulled out a tube of K-Y and began squirting the jelly along the sides of the monstrous plug. "Don't be so bashful. After all..." Karen walked behind her captive and pushed the tip into Jennifer's defenceless hole. "You deserve it."

Jennifer could do nothing to stop the intruder from its fateful journey deep into her resistant cavity. "There we go... hold on... let me just stretch the rubber over the base... ah... perfect."

'So big... so... full...' Jennifer's breathing turned into grunts.

Jennifer stared at her friend with horror as Karen picked up her crop from the floor. Every strike made her ass contract into a deeper agony, but she couldn't do much more than wince. "That's enough for now." Jennifer hung limply from her bonds as she watched Karen open the suitcase. First she pulled out a long adjustable metal bar, then a shorter version with two wide cuffs on the end. Next came a few coils of nylon rope. Finally, she brought out a rubber arm binder that didn't look much wider than one of the gloves she was already wearing.

"Hmmm, let's see... better start with the rope." Karen went to work harnessing Jennifer's upper body in hemp. When she was finished, she tied one end of a long line to the rope between her breasts, then stood on the briefcase to thread it through the metal ring in the ceiling. After some deliberation, she knotted the other end to the rope between Jennifer's still-spread legs. 'What's with the slack?', Jennifer wondered. Karen reached up and unlocked Jennifer's wrists from the chain. 'Can't... keep my balance oh... '

Jennifer fell backward until the rope went tight, leaving her suspended in a semi-sitting position. "Ouch." Karen walked behind Jennifer and knelt down. "Give me your hands." Jennifer hesitated for a moment, but she knew her fate was already sealed. "Very good." The gloves were replaced with the binder that fused Jennifer's elbows, as well as a large section of her upper arms. "Wow. Now I know why I wouldn't let Robert use one of those on me."

Jennifer closed her eyes and tried not to think about what her weight on the rope between her legs was doing to the butt plug. Karen adjusted the long spreader bar between Jennifer's ankles, then secured it so the chains holding her feet to the floor were taut. The shorter one went between her thighs. "Almost done, girl." Jennifer felt something being attached to the end of the binder, then her arms began stretching down, down, down... "There," Karen said as she finished tying the end of the rope to the long spreader bar. "That should keep you for a while."

Jennifer hung her head back and yowled into her gag like an animal caught in a trap. The tension of the rope pulling down on her arms was beyond awful, but it was easily matched by the rope around her breasts... between her legs... and the plug... "Oh, I almost forgot... you wrote something about nipple clamps..."

Karen pulled out a pair of evil-looking pincers with metal tips and thick springs. Long chains trailed off from the joints where the handles crossed. "Try these."

'Oh... oh... OH... OH...'

Karen stood on the suitcase again so she could push the chains through the loop hanging down from the ceiling. 'Oops, too short', Jennifer thought when she saw the ends hanging maybe a foot over her suspended torso. Then Karen reached into her jacket and pulled out two metal balls with small hooks sticking out of them. "Found these in Robert's grandfather's basement. Don't really know what they were for, but they sure are heavy." She slipped the hooks around the last links of the chains, then let the balls drop from her hand.

Jennifer thought her tits were going to tear off her body. "Ah. Perfect." Karen stood back to admire her handiwork. "Oh, stop whimpering. You asked for this. Hell, you wrote it down." Jennifer barely heard her friend's admonitions. "I think I'm going to let you think about this for a while. Oh, don't worry. Robert should be here. Eventually. And once I'm sure you two are having fun, I'm going to give David a call and invite him over for some friendly foreplay. Who knows? Maybe we'll even take a little drive out this way."

Jennifer groaned and tried to arch her back. "Something about the punishment fitting the crime. But we can still be friends." Karen pulled up the garage door. "Or something."

The fluorescent lights went dark. "And hey, nice shoes."

Karen's laughter was cut off by the creaking of the door's wheels as they shot down their runners, then slammed shut.


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