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For A

by OzFet49

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© Copyright 2007 - OzFet49 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; latex; catsuit; M/f; bond; oral; bagged; toys; cons; X

I’d been overseas for 3 months, with only phone contact with A. Now I was back.

Instructions had been given from my last stopover for her preparations.

A had to be ready at 8.30. She was to be dressed and blindfolded in her black latex catsuit and hood with the remote control butt plug inserted. All the rubber was to be laid out neatly in our playroom along with all the implements of punishment and pleasure.

I entered the house at 9, deliberately late from picking up – and putting on – my new shiny black rubber catsuit with open face hood. Quietly, I shed my outer clothes and pulled the hood over my head. The smells of rubber and latex filled the room, drifting up from the basement playroom door. I stopped and savoured the perfume, becoming hard as I visualised what waited below.

Soundlessly, I descended the stairs and entered the playroom and stood watching A as she knelt on the padded rubber floor. As instructed, over her catsuit she wore the voluminous red satin rubber lined mac, fully buttoned with the hood pulled down over her face. Her hands and ankles were cuffed with short chains connecting them behind. I could see she was trembling enough for the mac to rustle.  I knew that sound would be driving her wild.

Wordlessly, I stepped forward and grabbed the edges of the red rubber mac’s hood and pulled her rubber covered face against my straining cock. She moaned as she pushed forward against my black rubber, her mouth trying to get my cock through the tight latex.

I pulled back and told her to be still. Inspecting the display of implements I selected a broad rubber belt and tightly secured it around her elbows and under her breasts, pushing them up in the rubber. Using force I pulled it in another 2 notches, making it really tight. She gasped at the severity.

With her kneeling bound in front of me, I released my throbbing cock from it’s rubber and gently pushed the tip into her mouth, holding her head by the rubber hood I slowly pushed my cock all the way in. Her tongue instantly flickered to life, rolling around the head and into the eye. I pulled back, leaving just the head at her lips. I gathered the edges of the mac hood in one hand and tightened it around her rubberised head. I was able to control her thrusts and slowly I re-entered her mouth with my straining cock. Almost unable to contain myself I pushed in and out of her eager mouth, slowly then faster and faster. A was frantically sucking the bulging cock, writhing in her rubber and bondage as she desperately wanted to make me cum. Unable to hold on any longer I let go with a roar and pumped a flood of cum into her mouth and down the back of her throat. I breathlessly warned her not to swallow and withdrew, pushing my wet cock back inside my rubber catsuit.

Quickly I seized a thick black rubber cock shaped gag and thrust it into her cum filled mouth, buckling it tightly around her head I pulled A to her feet and hungrily kissed her rubber covered face, holding her bound rubber covered body tight.

Still holding her tightly, I spent several minutes telling her how I’d missed her and our rubber bondage. A grunted her pleasure at my return through her rubber and cum filled mouth.

I told her she was in for a long night of rubber bondage and pleasure. She shivered in anticipation as I held her.

Stepping back, I surveyed our range of bondage equipment and rubber. Deciding A needed some severe bondage, I tilted the adjustable rubber covered bondage table and hung the opened thick black rubber bondage bag on the end. Knowing A adored multiple layers of rubber, I dressed her in a black rubber lined SBR floor length cape and pulled the hood over her head, she quivered as she felt the cape draped and fastened around her. Next was a shiny blue latex cape that was tight enough to compress the SBR all around her rubber enclosed body.

Leaning her back against the bondage table I pushed up her rubber layers and unzipped the crotch of her catsuit, my fingers found her wetness and I rubbed her clit, feeling it go harder as I gently teased it. Grasping the large rubber remote controlled dildo, I slowly pushed it into her wetness, causing her to moan and buckle at the knees as it went in.

Next I retrieved the black rubber body bag and manoeuvred her feet into the bottom as she leant against the rubber covered table. I decided more bondage was needed over the 4 layers of rubber – catsuit, red mac and the black and blue capes. I added 3 more thick rubber straps, one around her upper arms constricting A’s breasts between that and the elbow strap, another above her knees and the last below her knees.

A was truly rubber bound and helpless as I pulled the tight rubber body bag over her body and zipped it to the neck, securing the neck collar tightly. I pushed her back and tilted the bondage table to horizontal.

All through the process I’d been giving A a running commentary on what I was doing and how good it looked while running my hands over her rubber bound body and teasing her rubber covered nipples. By the moans and squirming I knew she was really enjoying herself.

With A rubber bound on the table, the next step was securing her to the table. I got a 20m length of soft white rope and tightly wound it around her and the table, when I finished A was as tightly bound as possible. Pulling back the 3 outer hoods from her head, I gently inserted the nostril tubes of an inflatable hood and secured it safely over her rubber covered head then pumped it up tight and pulled the rubber hoods back in place.

Turning both remotes on to a random program, I kissed her rubber inflated head and whispered for her to enjoy. This was just the start.

I settled into a rubber covered chair and prepared to spend the next few hours watching A as she endured her bondage and my random torment.



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