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The call from Felix was a shock.  His voice was weak and hoarse.  “I need to see you urgently,” he said, “I’m in the hospital, I got cancer.  I need your help to take care of something.”

I had known him for a few years, but had talked with him only three times at meetings of the Rubber Club.  I found him very secretive; he never talked about his personal life.  So I was surprised that he would ask me for help.  But when someone tells you that he is dying, there is really no choice.  I told him that I would get a flight the next day and got the address of the hospital from him.

He lived in a town about 200 miles north of me and I was there at 11 a.m.  He looked awful, had lost a lot of weight and the color of his skin was almost transparent.  “Thanks for coming on such a short notice,” he said.  “Pull up a chair.”

He was in a private room and we could talk freely.  “I have been taking care of two women,” he said, “who are not capable of living a normal life.  They are both rubberists.  Petra is 40 years old and has a split personality; at times she is dominant, at others she is submissive.  She is very smart but has no control over her mind.  When she is dominant she becomes a bit vicious and treats the people around her as her personal slaves.  When she is submissive she wants to be tied up in rubber and becomes an out-an-out masochist.”

“Rosie is a mute and lives and sleeps in rubber.  She craves being tied up in and masturbates almost constantly.”

“They are at my house, which I remodeled so they don’t need to have contact with the outside world.  Everything is delivered and can be received by them without actually meeting anyone.  The legal and financial affairs are taken care of by a lawyer, who is a married rubberist and understands.  But they have never been by themselves and when I die someone else needs to take care of them.  You are unattached and I have always had the highest regard for you;  you would be the right person.”

I was stunned.  No wonder Felix had never talked about his private life.  “Are they being held against their will?” I asked

Felix shook his head.  “They are there voluntarily.  They can leave anytime they want to, but they really have no place to go.  They would be lost in the outside world.  They need someone like you.”

Felix was getting weak and closed his eyes.  I felt sorry for him, but couldn’t see myself uprooting my life on a moment’s notice.

When he opened his eyes again, I promised to pay them a visit and see for myself..  I cut the visit short and told him I would come back after I had been to his house.  He shook my hand weakly and nodded.

*     *     *

I drove to Felix’s place in my rental car.  To my surprise it was in an industrial area, between a sheet metal manufacturer and a large warehouse.  It has once been an industrial building, perhaps a small brewery.  There were no windows and no front door.  A sign said “Deliveries in the back.”

I parked my car in the back and rang the door-bell, noticing a TV camera mounted on the wall.  The door opened automatically.  I entered and found myself in a small, bare room.  The door closed behind me and locked with a distinctive click.  A female voice from a speaker said, “Yes?”

“I’m John,” I replied, “Felix sent me.”

“Take off all you clothes and put them in the drawer with the blinking light,” the voice commanded.

“I beg your pardon?”

“Take off all you clothes and put them in the drawer with the blinking light,” the voice repeated.

Built into the wall were several drawers; one of them had a blinking light above it.  I pulled it out, undressed,  put the clothes and shoes in it and closed it again.  Two TV cameras were observing me.

“Now open the next drawer and put on the rubber suit.  Pull your cock and balls through the crotch hole.”

A new blinking light came on over a different drawer.  I opened it, took out a rubber suit, put it on and pulled my private parts through the opening.

“Now go to the next blinking light and stand against the wall.”

The third blinking light was in a slight indentation in the wall.  I did as I had been told; a small door opened at crotch level and my private parts were immediately grabbed and tied fast with some sort of rubber tubing, pinning me to the wall.  I heard a clicking sound behind me and the lights went out in the room.  I felt my wrists being cuffed behind my back and a tight latex hood was pulled over my head; it had no eye openings.

A voice behind me asked, “When did you talk to Felix?”

“An hour ago, in the hospital.”

The woman kept on asking questions for another 15 minutes, while I was standing against the wall, blindfolded in a rubbersuit, with my penis and balls in severe bondage.  Finally she said, “O.K., Felix called us.  We just wanted to make sure you are the one we are expecting.”  I felt the rubber tubing being loosened on the other side of the wall and then I was able to stand back from the wall.  The woman said, “I’m Petra, come with me.”  She guided me through a door and then removed my hood.  Two rubber-clad women stood in front of me.  Petra was the taller one and clearly was a body builder.  Her arm and leg muscles bulged under the rubber suit.  In contrast the other one had an almost delicate body, with an incredibly small waist.  “This is Rosie; she can’t talk but she can do everything else.”  Rosie seemed very shy; her eyes were cast to the floor.

Rosie knelt down in front of me and proceeded to pull something rubbery over my penis and balls.  My hands were still cuffed behind my back, so I let her do it without protest.  When I looked down my private parts were bright red and very shiny and Rosie was sucking on my penis.  Petra, standing behind me, pulled a tight red latex hood over my head.  A soft, large rubber gag filled my mouth.  This time there were eye-openings.  Petra told me to spread my legs and then went away.  Rosie started tying up my balls with a long latex ribbon.  I stood still and closed my eyes; my balls were beginning to hurt.

Petra came back with a high-backed chair on rollers.  She simply picked me up, lifted me up high and slid me into the chair so that my hands were now cuffed behind the back.  There were rubber belts hanging from the chair and with amazing speed both of them closed them, strapping my entire body to the chair with my legs far apart.  A vacuum suction device was pushed over my penis and started pulsing rhythmically.

“You are going to get a tour of the house now,” Petra said and started pushing the chair toward an ancient elevator.  We moved up one story and the door opened into a long hallway; there were two doors on either side.  “Here are our bedrooms; the first one is mine,” Petra said and pushed my chair into the room.  There was a bed, covered in green rubber, a recliner in the same color and two doors.  The first one led to a spacious bathroom with a bathtub and a shower; the second door revealed a large walk-in closet, filled with rubber garments.

She pushed my chair across the hallway into the next bedroom.  “This one is Rosie’s,” Petra said.  “You can watch; she always takes a nap about this time of the day.”  The layout was identical to Petra’s bedroom.  On the bed were two rubber garments and Rosie immediately started to put on a heavy rubbersuit with attached boots, gauntlets, a hood with a built-in gag and a dildo with a knob handle on the outside.  Petra zipped the suit up, put Rosie into a heavy rubber bag on the bed and pulled some ten attached rubber straps tightly around her.  As Petra inflated the gag and snapped blindfolds onto the hood, Rosie started to masturbate. 

The suction device on my penis had been pulsing slowly, just fast enough to maintain the erection.  Now Petra reached behind my chair and then left the room. The pulsing now was more intense and faster.  The action of the suction device was bringing me closer to an orgasm but I couldn’t quite reach it.  I was watching Rosie squirm in her rubber bag and have one orgasm after another and I desperately wanted to come too.  I had never been so turned on yet frustrated in my life.

After more than an hour Petra reappeared,  pushed the chair out of the room, turned off the light and closed the door.

We went to the third door, which opened into an identical bedroom.  “This was Felix’s bedroom, she said and sat down on the bed.  “I’ll miss him, he was a terrific rubberslave.  I only hope you are going to be half as good as he was”. 

I wanted to tell her that I was here only for a short visit, that I had a plane reservation for tonight, but the sound that came through the gag was more like a grunt or a moan.  And I couldn’t move my head or any part of my body to protest.

“He never complained,” she went on, ignoring me, “even when I kept him tied up for a whole day or all night. Or  when I worked on his cock and balls and wouldn’t let him have an orgasm for two or three hours.  He was a true rubber man and he told me often how much pleasure I gave him.  He certainly gave me a lot of pleasure.”

She was quiet for a moment, but then shook herself out of the sadness.  “So, here is the deal:  I am going to give you the same treatment I gave Felix; I will accept you as Felix’s successor.  Both Rosie and you will be my rubberslaves.  I let you have sex with Rosie, but it will be under my supervision.”

She stood up.  “This will be your room now.  You are about the same size as Felix, so his rubber garments should fit you, but let’s check it out.”  She unfastened all the straps that held me to the chair, removed the suction device and took my handcuffs off.  I stood up too and we went into the walk-in closet.  She selected a heavy rubbersuit and helped me put it on.  It had attached rubber boots, heavy gauntlets and gasmask.  She zipped up the suit in the back.  It felt tight and I had difficulty walking and moving my arms.  “Perfect,” she said.

We walked out of the room and into the fourth room.  It was a large rubber wardrobe.  “This is where we put the old garments, there are about 600 of them.  It’s fun to wear them occasionally.  But we have about ten new ones made every week.”  I walked along the rows of rubber garments; there were suits, pants, bags, dresses, skirts, coats, capes, aprons and straight-jackets; on shelves were rubber boots, gasmasks and helmets and in numerous drawers I found briefs, cuffs, belts, hoods, gags and blindfolds.  Rubber heaven.

“Here,” she exclaimed, “put this on,” and held a heavy black rubber coat toward me.  I slipped into it and she tightened the belt around me.  I was already hot in the two rubbersuits and was getting hotter.  “I know you have been wanting to have an orgasm,” she said, “but that will come later.”  She opened one of the drawers, took out a pair of wrist chains and snapped them on behind my back.  “Just to make sure you don’t masturbate,” she added.

A bell rang and she went into the hallway and pushed a button on a box.  “UPS,” a male voice said.  “I’ll be right there,” she answered.  We walked to the elevator and descended to the street level.  In the area where I had entered the house were two TV screens, showing a UPS man in the entry room with a stack of boxes.  Petra opened a drawer, took out the electronic delivery gadget, signed it and put it back into the drawer.  The UPS man took it out on the other side, waved good-bye and left.  Petra went into the room and got the boxes.  As she unpacked them she commented, “We never have to meet anyone from the outside face-to-face.  We have everything delivered this way, even groceries.”

When the unpacking was finished we went back to the elevator and descended one level.  The sight that greeted me was breathtaking.  It was a very large dungeon, with stone walls and an arched ceiling.  There were long rows of bondage implements; some I recognized, others I couldn’t figure out.  They all looked very professional and much used.

Petra stopped in front of a gynecology examination table.  Again, without much effort she lifted me up and put me into the chair.  She unfastened one side of the wrist chain, snapped in on my wrist in front of me and hoisted up the chain with a winch.  She opened my coat buttons and tied my legs to the stirrups. With two rubber straps she tied my torso and head to the chair.  Then she sat down on a chair between my legs, opened the crotch zipper of my outer rubbersuit and fished out my rubbered penis and balls.  The upper part of the chair was raised so I could see what she was doing.

During the three-hour ordeal that followed I experienced the most the most intense pleasure I had ever felt, interspersed with brief periods wild pain.  Petra removed the ribbon which had been wound around my balls for the last two hours and the red latex sheath.  My balls were numb.  Then she fastened contact straps around the scrotum and on the tip of the penis and connected and electrical box.  The current felt pleasant until there was strong shock, which made me twist in my bonds and moan into my gag.  Satisfied with the effect, Petra went away; the machine continued stimulating and delivering shock in random intervals.

About an hour later Petra came back with Rosie, who was now wearing a green rubbersuit with an open crotch, an attached hood with no eye opening and green rubber boots.  Rosie lay down on a soft rubber form that had two dildos, one went in her vagina, the other into her mouth.  She then sank into the form until he was completely engulfed by it.  Petra closed three straps across the top and flipped a switch..  The form started to quiver and I could hear Rosie moan faintly.  Then came the orgasms, one after another.

Petra now sat between my legs again and started working on my penis and balls.  She replaced the contact straps with clamps, which flattened both the balls and the penis and made electrical contact with them.  When she reattached the electrical machine there was a strong tingling sensation just on the border of being painful.  Then she slowly tightened the clamps; the pain became real but I was getting close to an orgasm.  When she was sure that I couldn’t actually reach an orgasm she checked on Rosie again and then lay down on a nearby rubber-covered bed and masturbated slowly with a large dildo.

She indulged herself for almost an hour, having an orgasm every few minutes.  Then the bell rang again.  She jumped up and answered it, then took the elevator upstairs.

My private parts were by now numb, I could no longer feel the clamps but the electric current kept me constantly close to an orgasm.  I watched Rosie in her rubber form and I had an immense desire to join her and have an orgasm too.

When Petra came back she released Rosie and the two of them removed the clamps.  Rosie sat between my legs, pulled another latex sheath over my private parts and began to slowly suck my penis while massaging my balls.  I had a massive orgasm inside a minute.

*     *     *

As I lay there, totally exhausted, Petra appeared with a long stripe of rubber and began to wind it tightly around my scrotum.  Then she pushed my private parts back into the rubbersuit and closed the zipper.  “Rosie and I are going to make dinner now,” she said while she undid the straps around me.  “In the meantime you are going to get the heat treatment.”

She let my arms down and lifted me off the chair right into a thick rubber bag that Rosie was holding open.  My hand were still manacled in front.  Rosie zipped up the bag and Petra pulled some ten straps tight.  Then the two of them carried me into a small room, strapped me down on a narrow cot and left; I heard the door being locked from the outside.

At first nothing happened.  The room was dimly lit and lined in wood.  The heaters above me began to glow and steam started hissing.  My gasmask started to fog up and I was beginning to feel the heat.  Within twenty minutes (I guessed) I was sweating profusely and the heat was getting intense.  But the heaters kept on glowing and steam hissing.  I began to masturbate, but my penis and balls hurt from the tight bondage.  The rubbersuits began to fill with sweat.

Then, suddenly the steam stopped, the heaters shut off and the room went dark.  I masturbated furiously, despite the pain and finally had an orgasm.

I was in there for perhaps another 30 minutes when the two women finally came and carried me out.  They put me on a gurney, took me upstairs to my room and dumped me into the bathtub, filled with hot water.  Petra removed the straps, unzipped the bag and unlocked the wrist chain.  “Clean yourself up,” she said, “take a cold shower and then put on the outfit I laid out on the bed.”

With great haste I turned on the cold water and opened the drain.  As the water cooled down I struggled out of the rubber bag and the heavy coat.  Then I managed to grab the zipper in the back of the outer suit and pull it down.  I peeled off the heavy suit and unwound the long rubber strip around my balls and penis.  I turned on the shower and removed the inner rubbersuit, as I gulped down water from the shower.  When I was no longer thirsty and had cooled down I dried myself and lay down on the bed naked, next to some rubber garments.  I fell asleep immediately.

*     *     *

I felt a rubber-gloved hand squeezing my balls and woke up abruptly.  Rosie was standing over me, gesticulating that I should get up and hurry. I looked at the clock; I had been asleep for nearly an hour.

Rosie was wearing a long voluptuous dress made from bright-red latex, long latex gloves and a thin, tight-fitting latex hood.  She helped me into a tight black rubbersuit that had been laying on the bed.  We hurried to the dining room.

“It’s about time,” Petra said angrily.  I sat down and we ate in silence.  As we were finishing our meal Petra said quietly, “Felix died half an hour ago.”

Rosie began to sob.  “I’m very sorry for both of you,” I said.  Petra looked at me for a long time and then said, “He put the house and the account in my name, you know.  I’m the boss now and you are my rubberslave.  But right now I need you to take care of Rosie.”

I took Rosie to her room and put her on the bed.  I lifted her dress and found she was wearing a large number of fine latex petticoats underneath.  I lifted them all and entered her.  Our bodies were buried in a mass of rubber.  I held my own orgasm for nearly an hour and let her come repeatedly. 

I lay back, exhausted and hot; she cuddled up with me, holding my rubbered penis.  Then we both fell asleep.

*     *     *

I felt something press against my face and before I could fully wake up I passed out.

When I came to I was inside a heavy rubber bag, hanging from the ceiling in the dungeon.  My arms were held in inside pockets and my mouth was filled with a large gag.  Before me Rosie was strapped to a whipping contraption in a thick rubbersuit and Petra was whipping her behind.  The clock on the wall said it was 2 a.m.  I heard the sound of the whip cracking through the rubber encasing my head, but there was no sound from Rosie.

After a few more strokes Petra stopped and sat down in an easy-chair.  She was wearing a massive black rubber coat and a gasmask, with the hood of the coat tied over the mask.  She put her arms through the pocket slits of the coat and masturbated for a long time.

She finally stood up and released Rosie, who immediately sank to her knees and buried her head in Petra’s crotch.  Petra pulled her up and the two of them came over to my rubber bag..  Rosie let it down, unzipped it and started to pull it off me.  As soon as my wrists emerged from the inside sleeves Petra grabbed them and Rosie fastened a pair of rubber handcuffs on them.  Then they shackled my legs and put me into a chair.

Rosie now spread two large bags onto a bed and climbed into one of them.  Petra pulled the hood of the bag over her head, zipped up the bag, fastened several rubber straps around it and inflated it.  Rosie immediately began to masturbate inside.

Petra lifted me from the chair, put me into the second bag, pulled the hood over my head and inflated the bag.  I could breathe easily but I was in total darkness.  Rubber pressed against every inch of my body; I could only move my hands, which were holding my rubbered dick.  I started to masturbate and had a shuddering orgasm within a minute.  I relaxed and fell asleep.

During the next six hours I woke up periodically, masturbated again and had six or seven more orgasms.

*     *     *

When I felt the bag deflate I was apprehensive about what Petra had in mind for the next ordeal.  I liked it in that bag, anything else was bound to be much less pleasant.  But when the zipper opened the Petra standing over me was different.  She was wearing a demure latex maid’s outfit and said, “I’m so very sorry, I made a mistake.”  She helped me up and together we got Rosie out of her bag.

“I am ready for any punishment you have in mind,” Petra added.  I stood there, dumbstruck by the change in her demeanor, but Rosie came forward and put Petra into a rubber hammock, laced it up so that Petra’s body was tightly encased and stretched the hammock until Petra groaned.  Then she took me by the hand and we went upstairs to her bedroom, stripped off the rubbersuits and took a shower together.

Afterwards I went to my bedroom, found the clothes I came in and put them on.  Rosie made a sad face when she saw me.  “I am going to have to go now,” I said. “But I will try to come back.”  She clung to me, but I was firm with her; I had to get out while Petra was in her submissive state; there was no way to tell how long that would last.  I went out to my rental car, drove it to the airport and took the next flight home.

*     *     *

I didn’t know what I was going to do next.  I called Felix’s hospital and they referred me to an undertaker.  He told me that everything had been taken care of; Felix had already been cremated, as was his wish.

I went about my business for the next week, but I was thinking about Rosie and Petra all the time.  I finally and abruptly came to a decision one night as I was in my rubber bed, wearing two rubbersuits, a blindfold latex hood and a gag, masturbating slowly.  I had enjoyed being tied up by a rubber-clad woman and the sex with Rosie was incomparable.  I  was ready to give up my freedom for the pleasure of a total life in rubber.

The following day I quit my job, gave notice to the landlord and packed everything I had into my van.  In the morning I drove the 200 miles to Felix’s house and rang the bell of the rear entrance.  The door opened and I emptied the contents of the van into the entry room.

The door closed behind me and locked with the same distinctive click.  Petra’s voice from a speaker said, “Yes?”

“I’m back,” I answered.

“Take off all you clothes and put them in the drawer with the blinking light,” Petra commanded.

I stripped naked, put the clothes in the drawer and put on the rubbersuit in the next drawer.  I did as I was told, just like the first time.

“Now go to the next blinking light and stand against the wall………



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