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Herb and Ada's Hidden Room

by NorthernWolf

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Storycodes: M/f; MF/mf; collar; bond; latex; roleplay; crop; sen-dep; drug; cons; reluct; X


It took some time but I had finally persuaded Beth that we needed a place of our own in the country. City life was noisy and crowded and we both craved some isolation and quiet time together. We looked at a number of properties and finally settled on a century old farm home two hours north of the city. It was in great shape and needed only a little decorating. The best part about it was its lack of neighbours and isolation from noise and light.

The owners, Herb and Ada Black, had lived in the house for the last thirty years. Herb had been a local banker and, before becoming his wife, Ada had been his secretary. They had been very prominent in their small rural community and were on the boards and committees of almost everything. They were in their sixties when, returning from a dinner out, they had died together in a highway accident. They had no children and the estate had listed the property at a reasonable price, furnished, so that the money could be wired to distant relatives. The closing was only one month, and six weeks after we first found “Manor Farm”, we had our country home.

We arrived on the Friday afternoon we took possession having taken the next week off from our work. Beth was as happy as I had ever seen her and was soon exploring the house.

“Tim,” she kept calling from different rooms. “This will be perfect for this or that; this can be a main floor office; there are five bedrooms up here; the basement is half finished; wow, they modernized the kitchen; and so on.”

Several hours later we had started a fire in the main room wood stove and were sharing a bottle of red wine before dinner when Beth asked, “Did you notice the room behind the office? I didn’t look at it. It must be storage.”

 “I didn’t see a room there when I looked, I thought the only doorway was the entrance I went in. Why do you think there is another room there?”

Taking our wine with us we walked through the kitchen to the newly named ‘office’. Beth pointed out the window which faced south. “I noticed the window because of the great light from the south, but come with me and look at this.”

Beth led me outside and around the side of the house pointing out the window to the office and then walking behind the house. “See, the window to the office is thirty feet from the end of the house but in the office it is only a few feet from the back wall. There has to be another room there but I don’t see any windows or a door on this end of the house. The office is maybe twenty feet wide so there is a whole twenty by thirty piece we can’t see. It must be a room of some sort.”

Heading back inside we went back to the office and I could now see that she was right, there had to be a room there but there was no obvious way to get in. We searched the back wall banging and pushing almost every part but found nothing.

Leading Beth downstairs to the partially finished basement we made our way to the back wall. I said, “If we’re right we should be under your strange room right now.”

Shining a flashlight on the ceiling joists we saw lots of cobwebs and dust but not much else. “Look, Tim,” Beth said pointing upward, “No cobwebs or dirt, the area is clean all around that empty light socket.”

Moving a convenient stool under the light fixture, I stepped up to where I could touch the light fixture with my hand and twisted. A long section of dusty ceiling detached itself and lowered to become a stairway.


Beth asked me to go up into the room first. I accused her of not wanting me staring at her ass, but started up anyway. As I reached the top of the stairs a motion activated light came on softly illuminating the room as I entered. Beth quickly joined me after the light came on. Looking around we could see a computer, a big flat screen TV and bookshelves filled with picture albums and CDs. A row of large cupboards lined the back wall.

“Wow,” said Beth, realizing we had found the Blacks’ secret room, “I wonder what they used this for?”

Beth started to snoop through the closets while I pulled a few of the photo albums off the shelf and flipped the first one open. “You can bet that there was a lot more to the Blacks than this community knew,” I said, staring at an older Polaroid photograph of a young naked woman smiling at the camera. “Do we know what Ada Black looked like?”

“Yes,” Beth answered. “I saw their wedding picture downstairs. They never had the chance to clear their personal stuff. She was a very pretty redhead, with a figure that kind of puts mine to shame. Why?”

I showed her the photograph. “Is this her? I think you compare very nicely, nearly the same size.”

“Jesus, Tim. It is her, and almost the same age as their wedding photo,” Beth answered softly. “We have taken the odd picture like that but I would never leave photos like that lying around.”

“Hardly lying around,” I said chuckling. “Hidden in a secret room in their own secluded house seems pretty discrete to me. This photo is the first in the album labeled ‘1’. There are fifteen albums. Care to snoop with me?”

Beth squeezed in beside me more than eager to snoop through the photos. I flipped the album open a few pages further turning up another Polaroid of Ada but this time her hands were bound together with rope. Several pages later her hands had been tied behind her and rope wrapped around her above and below her large breasts.

“I think we have figured out their hobby,” Beth snickered as each picture of Ada showed her in various states of bondage. “Let’s take a look over here in some of these cupboards.”

Placing the photo album back in its place I joined Beth across the room as she opened a cupboard door. Inside were dozens of erotic outfits on hangers. Beth pulled out a black latex piece and held it against herself. “Like,” she said?”

The piece was a latex bathing suit, with openings for a woman’s breasts to fit through and slit through the crotch making the lower sexy parts accessible. “How could I not like that? Any man who didn’t would have to be dead from the waist down.”

“If you are really nice to me I may even try this on a bit later,” Beth said purring. 

Setting the latex aside Beth opened a second cupboard where they discovered multiple coils of rope. Some were half inch thick soft cotton while others were mean looking itchy hemp. Hanging on hooks above the ropes were iron shackles and handcuffs. Reaching in I lifted a stiff five inch leather collar off a shelf and held it out to Beth. After examining it closely, Beth placed it around her neck and turned so I could fasten the row of three buckles. Once tightened Beth’s head was held slightly chin raised and immobile. Noticing the odd shape of the buckles I looked again on the shelf the collar had come from and found three small locks, one with a key in it. I ran the locks through the fitting on each of the buckles and clicked them shut.

“How does that feel,” I asked?

“Very confining and I definitely feel controlled but it is very sexy in a weird way” Beth replied having a little trouble speaking. “Please take it off now.”

I undid the locks and removed the collar which Beth set aside, saying she might wear that later as well. The evening was looking very interesting.

“Let’s pick one video at random and see just what kind of movies the Blacks enjoyed,” I said, knowing I knew the answer to that already.


Beth chose a video from the left end of the shelf, assuming it was the oldest, and handed it to me settling herself on the sofa in front of the flat screen TV. I popped the CD in the player and joined her with the control unit in my hand.

We expected to see the Blacks involved in some sexual exploit that included dressing up and/or tying up Ada, but the CD started very differently. It started with the Blacks entertaining in their dining room, the Blacks looked to be in their mid-fifties but Ada was just as beautiful as she had been in younger years. She was dressed quite elegantly, in a knee length, rather tight, skirt and high boots with a white blouse.

At the dinner table was a younger couple who looked to be in their late thirties. The woman was attractive but slightly overweight, her husband looked like someone out of GQ Magazine. Tailored clothes, styled hair and a small mustache gave him a slightly gay look. Herb Black appeared as expected, a well-dressed but casual country banker entertaining at home.

The video was quite boring as the Blacks entertained their guests. Ada was the perfect hostess flirting gently with the younger husband and Herb being the attentive listener to the younger woman. Part of the video was edited out and soon the guests were leaving. As Herb closed the door behind them he tuned to Ada saying,

‘You were quite naughty teasing that young man like that and should be ashamed. We will proceed to our sanctuary where I will decide what to do about this behaviour.’

The video switched to the secret room where Ada was standing in front of Herb who sat quite comfortably in a large lounge chair. ‘Tell me Ada, which parts do you believe that young man was most interested in as you shamelessly flaunted yourself at him?’

‘Please Sir,’ Ada responded, ‘I was just being polite, not flirting.’

‘Answer my question, my little wife. Point out the parts attracting his attention.’

Ada slowly brought her hands up to cup her breasts, ‘These Sir, I believe he was interested in my tits,’ as she began to remove her blouse and then her bra.

‘How wanton of you to tempt him like that, raise your hands and place them on your head. What do you think he wanted to do to your tits and how can you be sure it wasn’t your sweet pussy he was attracted to?’

‘I am truly sorry Sir, as I spoke with him I allowed him to look down the front of my blouse. That is why I think it was my tits.’

‘So you are confessing that you intentionally tempted the young man? Put on your latex suit and bring me your collar.’ He said, as the first video ended.

I said to Beth, “I know it’s weird but we could have fun with this. When we watch each of these movies we could act out what they were doing. I admit, it could be a bit more involved for you, but the idea is really turning me on. Bring me that collar and strip like Ada has done.”

Beth hesitated for a bit. Slowly she removed her blouse and bra and slowly slid her skirt and underwear to the floor. She picked the latex outfit and the collar off of the shelf handing them to me placing her hands on her head. I helped her stretch into the latex suit enjoying her breasts as they popped through the openings. She adjusted the bottom so her puffy lips were exposed, shaved bare as Ada’s had been.

“Is that how it is supposed to look?” she said, coyly.

I fastened the leather collar around Beth’s neck and pulled each buckle a notch tighter than before. Beth gasped slightly and as I locked each of the buckles with the padlocks. Telling her to remain standing, I started the next video from the shelf.


As the second video started, I pointed out to Beth that her tits were very similar to Ada’s, large D cups with hard and erect nipples. In the video Herb walked around Ada who remained still as ordered and chose several leather boot laces and two silver rings from the shelf. Slipping a ring onto the first lace, he wrapped the lace twice around the base of Ada’s left tit, pulled it tight and tied it off. He repeated the binding on Ada’s right tit. Ordering her to place her hands behind her he fastened cuffs to her wrists.

“Beth, let me know if this is too tight,” I chuckled and proceeded to fasten both of her tits as Herb had done Adas’ before cuffing her hands behind her back. To increase the effect, I pulled Beth’s elbows together and bound them with a short length of rope. This forced Beth’s tits outward increasing the tightness of the leather laces. “I like that look, what do you think?”

Beth was having trouble speaking with the tightness of the collar and the strictness of her arm bondage. “Perhaps not so tight, and I might enjoy it more,” she whispered.

“Give it a bit more time and you will adapt to it,” I replied.

In the video, Herb and Ada had had a similar conversation ending with Herb asking Ada to walk around the room while he watched from his chair, before he released her. This was obviously not new to Ada. She had a spring in her step as she picked up her knees and paraded like a pony around Herb. Her breasts responded to her bouncing steps moving up and down as far as much as her bondage allowed them. ‘I must stop soon,’ Ada begged. ‘I can barely breathe and the prancing is making me short of breath.’

 Herb rose from his chair and stopped Ada and bent her over the back of his chair as the video ended. 

“Beth, please start doing laps around the room and keep your knees high as you do. I would like to see you work up a sweat like Ada, the good pony, did.”

Beth was slow to copy Ada’s performance. To encourage her I picked a crop off of the shelf and moved behind her. One solid whack across her ass had her moving, picking up her knees and bouncing her tits as she did. I only insisted on two laps before I stopped her, kissed her on the mouth and began to remove her collar and bondage. 

When she was free and sitting in Herb’s chair she surprised me.

“Tim, after you tightened the collar, I wasn’t enjoying what we were doing, but with my breasts tied and you insisting I prance like Ada had done, I got really turned on. Thank you for stopping me, but honestly I would have kept going as long as I could. The rest of the videos are going to be very interesting.”


After resting for a bit Beth asked, “Nothing we found today is really very severe. It all seems like harmless BDSM play, but nothing worse. I wonder why they went to such trouble to build this room just for that. I mean, these are the sort of bedroom games a lot of couples like to play. Maybe they were concealing more than we found. Let’s look around a bit more and ignore the photos and videos. What’s above us here?”

“There must be some sort of attic space. The house roofline runs right over this consistent with the rest of the house. If there is another stairway I can’t see the handle on the ceiling to open it,” I answered.

We started in one corner and began examining the walls. There were no windows or doors on any of the walls but then Beth noticed that the shelving unit holding the videos and photo albums looked bulky. Close inspection showed it to be twice as deep as the shelves were. We began looking for a concealed latch somewhere. Finding nothing I got frustrated and kicked the unit at its baseboard. With a click the whole unit moved a few inches from the wall. I pulled one and the unit swung effortlessly revealing a narrow stairway to the attic.

At the top of the staircase they found a much smaller room than that below. Much of the room was taken up by two large metal boxes. Each one formed a cube measuring six feet on each side with a door on the side facing the room. I turned the latch and opened the first cube’s door. The interior was lined with the type of black rubber wetsuits are made of. Other than several small holes in the top of the cube covered in heavy black screening, there was nothing else. The second cube was identical. Beside the cubes on racks were a number of latex garments ranging from full suits to hoods and fingerless gloves.

“Now this stuff is weird,” whispered Beth running her hand over the latex pieces.

“Weird, yes,” I responded, “but sexy as hell. Step into the cube, I’ll leave the door open, and you can tell me how it feels.”

Beth warily placed a foot in the cube and then stepped inside. Moving further in she turned and asked me to close, but not lock the door, so she could experience what it was like. I gently swung the door shut and waited for over a minute until Beth pushed the door back open.

“There is no sound in there, no light and no way to tell whether I was in for a minute or an hour. It is a total sensory deprivation box. I had to feel my way along the wall just to find the door side. I was lost in there, I can’t imagine time in there wearing one of these suits, a hood and restraints. Quite the turn-on for some I guess but you would really have to trust the one outside. I wonder what they used them for and, if they were just for Ada, why have two?” 


Returning down the stairs to the first hidden room I selected a third video from the shelf, sat down beside Beth and pushed play. Ada was once again dressed as she had been for the dinner party but now she was sitting between the two younger guests from before but now they were in the secret room having drinks. 

“We have invited you to this special place of ours for cocktails because we sensed something in you and because Dave here seems to have a special interest in my breasts,” Ada said rising and slowly unbuttoning her blouse. “That is not a problem for us,” Ada continued as she removed her push-up bra, “but I feel a bit uncomfortable having the only bare tits in the room. Carrie, join me why don’t you?”

Ada leaned over Carrie allowing her large breasts to push into Carrie’s face and began to unbutton Carrie’s dress in the front. 

“She will never allow that,” snapped Dave.

“Sure she will, watch,” laughed Ada”‘and a lot more now that you have both finished your drinks.”

Ada slowly pulled Carrie’s dress straps and straps down her arms and then pulled her dress and bra to her waist. “See Dave, she is very co-operative. Herb, look at these tits, that dress certainly hid these beauties well.”

Herb entered the frame and moved behind Carrie, leaning over her and seizing each of her nipples in his fingers he pulled her large breast upward and held their weight while Ada tied a leather thong tightly around the base of each. Herb let the tits go and they fell back to Carries chest but now bulged out like tight softballs with nipples. Carrie made no objection.

“You see Dave,” Ada explained, “she has no resistance at all and neither do you. The drug is quite harmless but will keep you both compliant and horny for a few hours. I’ll do you.”

Ada knelt in front of the young man and undid his shoes and then his pants pulling them all off including his boxers in one motion. Smiling at Dave’s massive erection she proceeded to wrap his balls tightly with another leather thong tying it off with a tight knot. “Let’s get our guests dressed Herb, then we can enjoy them and then show them upstairs.”

With both Dave and Carrie helping, the couple were quickly stripped and dressed in tight latex suits. Ada checked to make sure Dave’s cock, tied balls and ass were sticking out through their opening and then did the same with Carries bound tits, pussy and ass. 

Herb fastened their hand behind their back with more leather laces and pulled their arms sharply upward. Ada fastened one of the tall punishment collars around each their neck while herb tied off their arms to the steel loop on the back of the collar. Ada then showed a side we had not expected as she swept her long nails across Carrie breasts leaving multiple red gouges. Turning on Dave she viciously racked his bound cock and balls leaving similar gouges.

‘When I spread the ointment you know the pain will overpower the drug and they will know what’s happening,’ Ada commented.

‘Yes, but that’s the fun part isn’t it?’ Herb laughed.

Beth paused the video and turned to Herb, “they were sadists. Who would have ever guessed?”


To Be Continued ?

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