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Hope Floats Part 3: Mermaids

by Nate Walis

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© Copyright 2012 - Nate Walis - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; F/m; latex; objectify; costume; inflate; hotel; mermaid; femdom; tease; mast; oral; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

continued from part two

Part 3: Mermaids

Hope went unnoticed for the short remainder of the day, most of the guests by the pool choosing to leave well alone the toy that had been the subject of such wild attentions. She tried to be philosophical about the whole experience, telling herself that there was nothing personal in the trials she had been forced to endure. These were just people behaving as was natural in an environment that cast off the strictures of modern society and allowed them to go wild for a short time.

But while that was all well and good, it did nothing to help her with the aching of her sore thighs and the feeling of being pounded into submission by mad women under the influence of one too many cocktails.

As the evening drew on she tried to keep her spirits up with the thought that this was her last day in the seal costume and the rest of the holiday was her own.

All she had to do now was make it through the night.

Perhaps the maintenance man would be back for more before morning.

Perhaps she could get more out of him this time than a panicked cock shoved in her mouth.

When she felt a pair of hands gripping her by the flippers that contained her feet, Hope assumed that it was the same man who delivered empty waste bags and oral sex.

She was soon proven wrong.

“Lucky that I found you out here on your own,” Angelina’s voice was instantly familiar and filled Hope with a sense of dread, “don’t worry, we’ll soon have you back to my room!”

The strength of the woman amazed Hope as she was dragged with no serious effort from the poolside and all the way to one of the main blocks of the hotel. Angelina had clearly thought her route out well as they encountered no other guests or staff members as they entered the block through a side door and up two flights of stairs.

Hope heard a door open and close, and then moments later she felt her rear end hit the floor.

“Finally,” Angelina sounded triumphant, “alone at last!”

To the end of her days, Hope would remember the things she went through that night at the hands of the older woman. There seemed no limits to her mad appetites and erotic energy and Hope was the centre of them all for hours on end. She was squeezed, groped, squashed, nuzzled, prodded, ridden, rolled, bounced upon, fiddled with and eaten off until Angelina finally burned herself out and collapsed on top of her, falling into a deep sleep from which there was nothing Hope could do to rouse her.

Hope woke with daylight streaming through the window of the hotel room and assumed that she must have simply passed out where she lay some time after her tormentor.

There was at first no sign of Angelina until the sound of running water gave her away in the bathroom.

Hope had mercifully been left on her belly and she managed to inch her way over to the door where she was forced to wait until Angelina finished her shower and deigned to pay her attention.

“Oh,” Angelina seemed genuinely surprised at the sight of her, “are you still here?” She stepped out of the shower cubicle and wrapped herself in a dressing gown. “I really thought that someone would have been along to collect you by now. Well, I suppose you want to be getting along now?”

She opened the door to the corridor and motioned for Hope to leave.

“Off you go,” there was no hint of the mad passion that had infected her the previous day, “we all had our fun and now it’s time for you to go back to the pool where you belong.”

Hope had no choice but to do as she was told and she crawled out into the corridor at an achingly slow pace. She was somewhat stunned by the total change in Angelina’s attitude, and while it was some relief to be free of the woman’s deranged affections there was also the small matter of being stuck in her costume and so far from the pool.

Any choice she had in the matter was resolved when the door to Angelina’s room slammed closed behind her once her flippers had made it into the corridor.

Hope made as best she could for the building where she knew Alison and her assistants would be located. There was no way she was going back to the pool when she was sure her time in the costume was up. The distance might have been further, but the prospect of being free after so long was too much to bear.

That journey was the slowest of her life as she inched her way along the corridor and down the stairs. Guests that she passed reacted as was natural to the sight of a rubber seal passing by, laughing and patting her on the head as if she was an adorable domestic animal. At one point she was forced to cross the busy lobby and attracted a small band of followers who pinched the nose of her mask and lifted her flippers, trying to make her clap them for their amusement.

Hope almost died when Lennox emerged from his office to see what all the fuss was about, the look of confusion on his face was almost worse than the attentions of the other guests.

Finally she reached the doors of Alison’s domain as the last of the guests realised that the show was over and wandered off in search of another distraction.

At last, she thought as she crawled inside, some me time.

By the time she made it to the door of her room, Hope was weary in both body and mind. The trials of the past forty eight hours combined with the lack of food and sheer amount of alcohol had left her unsure as to whether or not now she had the time to spend indulging herself, she was actually up to the task.

When she opened the door she was surprised to be greeted with the sight of a man in hotel uniform already inside.

For a moment Hope assumed he was simply there to fix something that had broken whilst she was otherwise indisposed, but then she realised that he was halfway through undressing and the balance of the equation was suddenly thrown off in her mind.

At the sound of the door shutting behind her, the man turned and almost jumped out of his skin as he saw her for the first time.

“You scared me to death!” he tried to make his discomfort seem less than it was. “I really thought that there’d been some mix up and I got a room to myself!”

Hope almost slapped the side of her own head as she recalled the details of the event that Marie and Geoff had confided in her before the trip. This was a strictly no singles event and although guests did not have to register as part of a couple, the organizers would in that event match them with another single guest in a twin room. She had honestly pushed the fact out of her head before arriving and it had become hopelessly lost under the weight of her experiences thus far.

“I’m Jack,” he was young and nervous, trying very hard to seem anything but a madman in just as awkward a situation as she was right now, “and you are?”

“Hope,” she made the effort to smile, “looks like we’re room mates.”

Hope supposed she could make the most of the situation, there was no law she had to have anything to do with him and he seemed within the realms of normal for the kind of event they were attending.

The only thing was she could not shake the feeling that Jack was familiar somehow.

“So where have you been all this time?” Jack asked. “Having so much fun you never got back here?”

“Something like that,” Hope sat down on the bed she presumed was her own.

“I’ve been too tired to do much,” Jack shook his head, “got this deal where I have to work half the time I’m here to pay my way.”

Hope was about to admit that they had that much in common when the pieces fell into place. She pictured Jack’s face gripped with panic again and this time beneath the peak of his cap, which lay on the bed behind him.

“You managed to have some fun round the back of the pool the other night though,” Hope surged to her feet and was amazed to see Jack back off so hastily that he ended up flat on his back across the bed, “how did that blow job feel, you bastard!”

“That was you?” Jack looked as though he was about to die of shock, “I…I’m sorry…I mean, shit!”

“What’s the matter?” Hope gazed down at the panicked young man. “Don’t like women who can tell you to get the hell away from them?”

“No…yes…I don’t know what I mean,” Jack struggled for words. “I know it was low, but they’ve been working me like a dog here. If you’re lucky you get to be part of the action, but otherwise you just end up watching everyone else have fun while you work and sweat the time away. I just wanted to get involved somehow.” He turned his face from her as if he was too guilty to look her in the eye. “If you want to turn me in I won’t stop you,” he shook his head again, “screw it, I’ll even admit it.”

Hope hated the fact that she understood a lot of what he was saying and that he was still making her feel that same misplaced pity for him.

“I’m not going to make a fuss,” Hope turned away and say on her bed, “at the end of it all you could have done far worse and it’s not like you were in any danger of choking me with that thing anyway.”

“That was the pressure…” Jack stopped talking as he realised he was in no position to defend the stature of his manhood, “…sorry again.”

“Let’s agree to move on,” Hope offered a truce, “I have a feeling you don’t normally do that sort of thing, so try not to disabuse me of it…okay?”

Jack nodded.

“I suppose as a starving student who happens to be female I probably had an advantage over you anyway,” Hope was starting to remember the fact that Jack was not unattractive, despite herself. “What landed you here and working as a wage-slave?”

“I do quite well selling mobile phones back home,” he gestured to a large holdall jutting out from under his bed, “I might have afforded the price of a ticket if I hadn’t blown so much on that lot.”

“What do you mean?”

As way of illustration, Jack got up and emptied the bag onto the bed.

Rather than clothes, towels, sun-cream and all the essentials one might have taken on a holiday; the bag disgorged a plethora of items more commonly associated with the inner workings of a torture chamber than an escape to the Caribbean sun. Hope noted whips, clamps, masks, handcuffs, ball-gags, restraints of various shapes and sizes and glimpsed other things only in a snippet of leather, metal or shiny later rubber.

“Never get to use this stuff now,” Jack dropped the bag on the floor.

“Never say never,” Hope shook her head.

Her attention was fixed on a pair of latex garments that had unrolled when they hit the floor before being partly buried by the avalanche of bondage gear. They were shiny and patterned with exaggerated patterns of scales, one deep blue the other a rich purple, they ended in thick rubber fins perhaps two feet long by three wide.

They were a pair of latex mermaid tails the match of anything Hope had seen the rubber sirens by the pool wearing.

“Hoping to catch yourself a pair of mermaids?”

“Ah,” Jack seemed oddly embarrassed for a man in possession of a bag full of bondage paraphernalia and attending a week-long event built around the chance to use its contents, “not exactly. They’re supposed to be for me and a woman.”

“You’re kidding?” Hope walked to where they lay on the floor and picked up the blue tail.

“No, I’m really not.”

“Which one’s yours?”

“That one,” he nodded towards the tail she was holding. “I figured that as I always had a thing for mermaids, this was a place that I might find one. Not that I’m likely to get near the ones down by the pool. You know those women aren’t on the payroll like us? They’re paying the organisers to play the part for the week, if you can credit that!”

Perhaps it was the revelation that she was never going to join the ranks of the official mermaids out by the pool that made up Hope’s mind for her. On the other hand perhaps it was the fact she was pretty sure she had Jack ground down to a point where he was unable to fight back. No matter which, she decided that she had had enough of being on the receiving end and there was far more to be gained from exploiting the defeated man in front of her than from simply handing him over and going back to watching a gaggle of rich bimbos playing the part she wanted so badly.

“Shut up,” Hope tossed the blue tail at Jack as hard as she could, “you owe me seriously for that cock in the mouth and I’m going to see that you pay.” She scooped up a leather whip perhaps three feet in length from the floor and jabbed the handle at his face. “You wanted a mermaid, and you’re going to get one… problem for you is that she’s going to be a monster of epic proportions and you’re going to be her bitch. Do you understand me?”

Jack nodded, his face flushed with a bewildered mixture of shock and relief to be firmly back in a world of terminology that he understood rather than contemplating criminal charges.

“Now take off those clothes and put that thing on,” Hope was becoming more comfortable with the idea of dominating him with every moment that passed. A feeling of satisfaction spread through her as she watched him hastily shrug out of his uniform and toss his underwear over his shoulder. He slid his legs into the tail and struggled to pull the thing up while his feet fitted into the rigid mono-fin at the base.

Hope watched his progress, threatening him with the whip at any moment he stopped his efforts or happened to look in her direction. She realised that despite his edgy movements, Jack had done this before and soon he was yanking the last few inches of the tail into place at his waist and testing the fit of the costume by flipping his feet to move the fin.

The sight of the finished product had washed away a great deal of Hope’s burning anger towards Jack and as she maintained her harsh demeanour, she was at the same time coming to the conclusion that she had fallen lucky in some ways if not others.

It would have been trite to say that Jack worked out, but it was clear that he did. Above the blue latex of the tail, his torso was sleek and toned like that of an Olympic swimmer. His arms were built with strength rather than bulk and his hands spoke of nimble dexterity. Hope noted again that his face was far from unappealing below his close-cropped hair.

If Hope had been asked to describe the body of a merman, he would have come as close as possible to her own mental image.

The best thing was that on top of all that he was totally under her power.

“Get on the damn floor,” she gestured with the whip, “who told you there’s anywhere else you could park yourself?”

Jack slid onto the floor and kneeled in front of her with his eyes downcast.

“That’s better,” Hope lifted his chin with the whip. “Now I want to be a mermaid,” she gestured to the purple tail, “you’re a merman, so you should know how to make me into one, right? Or do I have to sell you to a freak-show and buy a vibrator to replace you?”

Jack’s head nodded desperately and Hope could sense that he was starting to slip into his role as much as she was herself. He crawled across the floor to retrieve the tail and was soon back, kneeling in front of her as if asking for more instructions.

Hope pulled off her T-shirt and threw it at the cowering merman, who offered no resistance. She kicked her shoes at him and then unbuttoned her shorts, which she allowed to drop around her ankles before stepping out of them.

“Take these off,” she nodded to her panties as she unhooked her bra, “and if I feel your fingers touch me once…”

Jack’s hands trembled as he reached up to inch her last item of clothing down her legs. In all the time it took him to complete the task, Hope could have sworn that he did not draw a single breath until it was over.

She pulled a chair into the middle of the floor and sat herself down in front of him like an irate monarch sitting naked on her throne. Legs together and feet pointed towards the submissive merman, Hope silently invited him to approach her with a wave of the whip.

Jack did not need to be ordered or cajoled into the task at hand and he quickly slipped the purple tail over Hope’s feet, fitting them into the mono-fin and starting to pull the latex skin over her legs. Inch by inch, Hope swore she could feel the effects of the trials she had endured being washed away by the excitement of seeing the costume covering her lower body. Jack’s efforts were expert and gentle as he completed the process of transforming her into the mermaid he had hoped to find during his trip and he suppressed a show of glee as he realised the tail fitted her almost perfectly.

Hope caught sight of herself in the mirror and smiled as she flicked her tail fin in satisfaction. The effect of the tail contrasted so well with her own naked skin, vivid purple latex against pale flesh, that she felt like she had simply been picked up and dipped in liquid rubber before being moulded into her current shape.

Some might have wanted to see the scales merge with the skin to create the illusion that she was a genuine creature of myth made flesh.

But Hope was not one of them.

She thrived on the feeling of the material under her fingers and the sensation of her legs being pinned together beneath the rubber skin. She flexed her tail and delighted in the fact that the fake nature of her new form was so blatant and obviously man made. Hope had never wanted to be the kind of mermaid that existed in fairy tales; she wanted to be the kind that writhed around while bound in latex and were played with until they could take no more.

And there, Hope realised, was a problem.

She had never really taken the time to actually think what she wanted to do or have done to her as a mermaid. The whole idea had been so seemingly impossible and wrapped up in so much anticipation that the practicalities of a rubber tail had never been something she had pondered. So now that she was sitting there complete with scales and fins, she found that she was quite at a loss as to what happened next.

Hope gazed down at her latex crotch and then at Jack’s with a look of disappointment on her face.

He was aware of her pause, and catching her attention made a T with his hands to appeal for a “time out” from the roles of domination and submission they had both adopted.

Hope nodded to show she was willing to drop the act for a moment.

“I think I know where your thoughts are going,” he placed a hand on his groin. “I was never planning on being less than intimate with my mermaid. These things have access front for me and rear for you.”

“You have protection?”

“No need,” Jack had begun to open a previously hidden opening in his tail, “there’s a sheath inside both. Mine goes out while yours goes in, for the obvious reasons.” Hope saw what he meant as his penis emerged from the opening, covered tightly in finer latex the same colour as the rest of his tail. He was clearly quite enjoying himself and Hope felt an unexpected feeling of anticipation to be so close to his member in such different circumstances.

Hope slipped back into the roll of mermaid dominatrix and seized his penis in her free hand. The feel of the latex was exquisite on top of the warmth of his shaft and she swore the beat of his pulse quickened moments after it was in her palm. She gave him a tug and was amused to see him fall backwards onto the floor, his tail twitching at her harsh attention.

“On the bed,” she released his penis and pointed with the whip.

Jack scrambled onto the nearest bed as fast as he was able, all the time trying to manage his latex tail and erect member as best he could. When he was on the mattress, Hope yanked his tail around so that he was sitting with his fins on the floor and his backside on the bed.

She stood and hopped as best she could to present her back to him before lowering herself down onto his lap, trusting him to support her weight and know on instinct what was expected of him.

There was a moment of confusion as his sheathed penis sought the opening in the back of the latex and then a rush of sensation as it pushed into her own tail. Seconds later she felt him enter her and she pressed down on him, forcing him deeper into her body. Hope rode him as long as she was able, letting his arms and his lap support her totally and caring only for the pleasure that made her beat her tail fin against the floor and claw at her naked breasts.

Soon he could support her no more and they collapsed onto the bed with all notions of dominance and submission forgotten as she sought to press herself into his body and he took hold of her own in a manner that spoke of sheer physical desperation. Unable to straddle Hope, Jack instead simply pinned her tail to the bed with his own and continued to thrust into her from behind. Hope pushed aside the pillows in an effort to avoid suffocation and gasped for breath a mere few seconds before the pressure of Jack’s climax forced her own and she literally screamed with satisfaction.

Afterwards, Hope rolled on top of Jack’s motionless form and propped herself up on her hands so that she could be sure she had his attention.

“Get some sleep while I order room service,” she had a glint in her eye that worried Jack; “you need to get your strength back as soon as you can.”

“Why?” he seemed genuinely puzzled.

“Because we have at best two more days on this trip; and in that time I want to do as much as I can cram in without taking this thing off. So you’ll be spending most of that time carrying me wherever you can’t push me in a wheelchair.”

“Oh,” he thought for a moment, “can I still wear mine in the hotel room?”

“I’ll think about it,” she replied while knowing full well that she intended to use him as a built in feature just like the shower or the sink, “based on how well you perform for me.”

In her head, Hope was already dreaming up uses for a submissive merman that would have made his toes curl.


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