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From Top to Bottom 16: Epilogue - La Vita E Bella

by rbbral

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© Copyright 2016 - rbbral - Used by permission

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story continued from part 15

After writing many stories relating to rubber fetish, bondage and associated themes I have decided that, at least for now, this is my last, and for that I wanted to write something very different and challenging for me. So this is a gay rubber story, something I have never tried before. There is some femdom, maledom and feminisation as well, but it is predominantly a gay rubber tale. Whether or not it “works” and has credibility is entirely up to the reader, although I have to say I did quite enjoy writing it.

Chapter Sixteen – Epilogue - La Vita E Bella
Well yes, it certainly is for me.

As you can see, over the year or so Pat has been moving on in leaps and bounds and probably has more applicants than she can handle. So she’s able to pick and choose, and has a very select and quite well-off clientele. She does use me quite a bit and Ryan likes to sit in on occasion as well. She has very few boundaries to her imagination, and is similar to Ryan in that way. When she is not using her playroom Ryan and I will go there and conjure up some scenes. She has a lot more equipment than we do, so we try to push the limits. Pat will come in often and either help out topping me (it’s nearly always me being topped) or just watch and pick up some ideas. We are quite a threesome.

Sometimes you experience things and want them to continue forever, as you don’t think they could ever be matched. But in reality, they can’t continue forever and can’t be replicated. So you get on with your life with those wonderful memories, and try and create new ones, different but with luck just as good.

It is now over a year on and I am coming to the end of my story.

This is not going to be a tale of further trials and tests over an endless period of time. It is a reminiscence of an extraordinary period in my life when it changed irrevocably. It’s a love story of sorts, but also of training, indoctrination, an initial reluctance, then acquiescent submission, and then open-armed acceptance. It took quite a while, under very knowledgeable coaching of very firm and loving tutors, but in the end they had a very happy and accepting pupil. But then it’s not really the end as there are always more hurdles to jump, more boundaries to push and that of course makes it all the more rewarding, for all of us.

It seems that Ryan has a limitless grab-bag of ideas, trying new roles, clothes, scenarios on me. During our rubber sub/dom encounters/sessions I am now, as he had forewarned me, about 80% sub I suppose. Perhaps during a quarter of these I am a tranny, and always in rubber of course.

For the occasions when I am the top, which is maybe only one in five now, I really have fun putting him through the ropes. It’s a role that I am still very good at, and as I don’t get to do it as frequently as I used to, I have lots of time to catch up and consider some nasty new scenarios.

It’s not as if we are at it like rabbits all the time. No, a lot of the fun is in the build-up. And afterwards our bodies need time to recover and particularly our sphincters. So a lot of the time we have a very normal life, work, shopping, entertaining, and more. Travel we have always loved, and now I have got accustomed to discretely telling to the border guards why the machine goes off at the airport. I actually find it quite fun now, seeing the shock or disbelief on their faces after they take me into the back room. I really don’t care what they think. I’m long past that, and I’m sure they’ve seen everything, and the more experienced say thank you very much and we move on. We take rubber with us on holiday, and that has led to some interesting moments too, but again, who cares? Give me a break. They are after far bigger and more dangerous fry than a couple of gay rubber guys, and while they may find it all a bit titillating or amusing (or sadly, sordid) we move on pretty fast.

Our rubber collection has of course expanded, both male and tranny. We have a few more inflatables, a body bag, more straightjackets, and oppressive helmets. One of my favourites is the heavy duty vacuum bed, which has a very powerful motor. When in it all I can do is concentrate on breathing, I can’t even clench my spread palms, the pressure is so great. He left me in that for 2 hours one time, and it seemed like a day. It was a bit worrying at first as I thought he had left me on my own as I became disorientated, but soon I felt his hands running up and down my body in its drum-tight carapace, tickling, teasing, nipping, stroking, squeezing; it was blissful torture.

What is so exciting about living with Ryan is that life is never dull, he is always adding a bit of spice, everything is, or seems, fresh, he has an amazing ability to come up with new and sometimes very weird ideas. And here I’ll give one last short illustration.

Going out for dinner and a night’s stay over at a hotel a couple of miles from home may seem a bit daft. But as I say again, it adds a bit of spice to the events. And so we booked in at a very pleasant place, took the bags, with some goodies upstairs and went down for dinner. We were dressed very casually to most observers. Of course under our street clothes we were decked out in our identical gunmetal and black rubber cat suits, a favourite of mine. All you do is roll your sleeves up a couple of inches and fold your rubber collar inside itself a couple of inches, and your “normal” clothes take care of the rest.

And this is what I love about going out in rubber incognito. There was an element of excitement knowing you were clad in rubber underneath. There is an excitement of being detected, ot being found out. Does anyone else suspect anything? Do the waiters sniff something a bit strange, rubbery? Because I certainly do as the rubber warms up and I begin to sweat? Does the rubber squeak as we move to the table and get seated? For me this is always a thrill, just Ryan and me in on the secret.

It’s a harmless game, a bit of fun, an innocuous bit-of-a-giggle between us, and it gets me hornier than hell.

So that night we ate a pleasant dinner with a good Bordeaux, not too much food as we would be getting up to a bit of aerobic gymnastics later. The conversation was muted and wide ranging but there was an undercurrent of what was to come. By the light desserts I was sweating profusely and this was settling in the seat of the suit, I just hoped the zip would not leak, that would be very embarrassing indeed. The hot rubber gave off a very pungent yet sweet aroma, one I love of course, but surely it must have been picked up by others. If it was no one said anything, but then what do you say? Excuse me, are you wearing a rubber suit under your clothes? No, this wouldn’t do, you just keep it to yourself.

Soon the meal was finished and we went to our room, discreetly. This time though there was going to be no top/bottom scenario, and no rubber tranny gear. We were just mano a mano. We would see how the dynamics of the evening transpired. And this time Ryan allowed me to take the reins, so to speak. We were quickly out of our street clothes and looked like twins in our grey/black suits, just our hands and heads uncovered. But that was soon taken care of as we both donned identical masks. These are very tight and with no zip so we have to help each other align eyes and nostril holes. Both have the option of blindfolds and gags by having stud fastenings at temples and cheeks. But these would be used later, for we took plenty of time in caressing and kissing and playfully wrestling as we warmed up for the big event. As always we weren’t in a hurry, for there are so many options available, licking, sucking, nibbling, biting, stroking.

We finally got to the crux of the matter and this time it was me on top, literally. To enhance the bondage experience we had brought along lots of thick rubber-covered sponge cuffs in our overnight bags. Also over the last few months we had been experimenting with bungee cords. We had perfected these and now had a wide selection of lengths and these could be adjusted with round roller bars. I like the bungee cords as even in bondage it is possible to stretch your limbs to eliminate any cramps, and yet they always pull you back to rigid bondage. After our foreplay I now had Ryan precisely where I wanted him.

He was now face down and stretched out on the large bed, arms and legs in an X profile and cuffed to each of the four legs of the bed. For improved access to his love channel I had placed a pillow under his hips and now his arse was raised in a wonderfully vulnerable position. The catsuit was skin tight and his muscles are beautifully sculpted as he wriggled with excitement. He had been giving a commentary of inspiration through most of his bondage but I eventually decided I’d heard enough and thrust an inflatable gag into his mouth and pressed the stud fastenings on each cheek. Then, and this is always the fun bit I screwed in the inflator, squeezed the bulb and watched, fascinated as his cheeks began to bulge out.

I always like looking into the eyes as well when I do this, the silent plea, the plaintive stare for help, no, fat chance. When satisfied with the two large swellings comprising his stretched cheeks and the pleading hhhmm’s from him I unscrewed the inflator and then placed the custom blindfold over his eyes, and pressed in the studs. I now sat back and took a breather, for I was back to my former role of top and I had my partner helpless below me. I still love this role, I don’t play it as often but that just means I appreciate it more when I get the opportunity.

I caressed his beautifully muscled thighs and calves and patted his contoured buttocks encased in the drum-tight rubber. His bum hole was exposed inviting an attack but I was in no rush at all. I stroked the smooth black surface, tickling him, my fingers running up and down his quads, then his cheeks. I settled between his outstretched legs, still transfixed by the captive beauty below me. I pressed my hands on his cheeks and prised them apart. The zip held them apart like that and his tender rosebud was ready now for my assault.

I rolled a condom on and lubed myself; then placed a dollop at his entrance and the coolness of it made him flinch just a little. Now I ran the end of my cock up and down the sweet valley between his cheeks and watched his sphincter marginally retract. It was perhaps a subconscious reaction as Ryan was, I’m sure, gagging for it, literally. So I took my time as I pressed my cock at its target, tickling him, up and down his cleft. Then I teased him and pressed on further. Initially there was resistance, naturally, but I persisted and then as my head breached him I heard him moan in pleasure and raise himself to me in full submission. I pushed further and then the head of my cock breached his muscle and I was in, ooooh. I took a breather then forced myself further into him as I supported myself on bent arms either side of his shiny stretched body. Quickly we were as one and I just stayed like that, fully embedded, for a few seconds. Oh, the bliss of it.

And then for the next half hour I played with him mercilessly, in and out, slow and fast, holding it in, and withdrawing until just the head was inside him. He grunted and groaned in unison with my thrusts, mmm, mmm, mmm, and I knew, I knew very well, that he didn’t want me to stop; he was now on another plane. Yes, he was just an anonymous black and grey body, shimmering obsidian from head to toe, but I stroked, tickled and caressed, for under that unyielding skin was my lover.

When I had shot my load and finished, I rested half draped on his back, my arms folded around him, breathing heavily. A strange sight we might have been, two identical sleek bodies clamped on each other, truly a beast with two backs. I didn’t want to release him, just keep him immobile by my side, as I stroked his firm sleekly encased body. He was like a prone statue, a perfect David, but even better when sheathed in rubber. Finally I pulled the deflated gag out of his dripping mouth and then released him. Ryan gasped for breath and was full of compliments. We were both pretty exhausted, me certainly more than him. We undressed leisurely, we were soaked in sweat, and then we cleaned, dried and powdered our suits and had a long shower. We went to bed naked, I would have preferred rubber but we really had to take a rest. We had a long uninterrupted sleep until Ryan woke me quite late next morning, whispering.

“I suppose we have to check out in about an hour or so, fancy a quick one?” What a question I thought, and so we did our ablutions and helped each other to dress in our identical suits and masks again. I was already hard and ready for him, and was pleased to see he was as well.

“My turn to top?” He said with a glint in his eye.

“Seems only fair.” I replied, wondering what he had under his sleeve, but more than happy to be the sub again. Quickly he manoeuvred me onto my back on the bed. Then he lay down beside me, stroking me all over, and began concentrating on my hard cock and ringed balls. After a short while he cuffed my hands wide to the sides of the bed with a pair of cuffs and bungee cords, then, as I had done, slipped a pillow under my hips. He stretched my legs wide and placed rubber cuffs around my ankles. Then he raised one in the air, attached a bungee cord to it and pulled it towards the headboard, he repeated this with the other ankle and quickly I was stretched out, my legs at a 90 degree wide angle, and raised at 45 degrees from the bed, all this making my arse very easily accessible, which was exactly what I wanted. The bungee cords were forgiving so I could at least wiggle my legs, but they soon pulled me back to their original position. My now comprehensive submissive nature was in full cry, I really wanted him to fuck me good and hard. Yes, tie me down, gag me and fuck me. Bring it on, I thought.

But instead he lay beside me, kissing, stroking, massaging me, playing with me, in all the right places. He retrieved the inflatable gag and with a your-turn-now look he placed it at my lips. A little reluctantly I opened my mouth and accepted it, sucking on the soft bladder. I really wanted his cock in my mouth, not the rubber bladder, but that was too late now. He pressed the studs either side and screwed in the inflator. I knew what to expect and I love the feeling as the bladder comes alive and expands in my mouth, flattening my tongue and pushing out my cheeks. I mmmfed in satisfaction as he tested my cheeks, gave me a couple more squeezes then, satisfied, patted me tenderly and unscrewed the inflator.

“Oh, you look so good now, nice and dumb and, let me see, hmm, blind too?” And the last view I had was him smiling as he wrapped the blindfold across my eyes and secured it at my temples. Now I was truly blind and mute and completely helpless. He could do anything he wished now.

I felt something cold and wet on my cock and balls. Ohhh, what the hell. It must have been a cold towel, and it very quickly did its business, for I went flaccid quite quickly. Now I felt cool metal around my cock. Oh no, he was going to place the gold chastity cage around my cock. Swiftly he squeezed my cock and eased it through the gold rings, and I heard a click at the base of my balls, and knew I was captive again.

Oh come on, this just wasn’t fair, and I mmmfed my displeasure into my cheek stretching gag and shook my head, but all I heard was an evil chuckle, and felt a friendly pat on the cheek, the bastard! Well if he was going to fuck me, okay, but I thought I would at least get a warm wet blowjob out of it as well. Evidently not.

Yes, I was terribly vulnerable, legs raised and spread wide, and my cock and balls steel and gold encased, exposed and screaming for attention. Come on, come on, I mmmfed into my cheek stretching gag. Nothing happened. I heard movement in the room, Ryan dressing? Ryan packing? What the hell is…..

“Okay my lover, oh you do look good enough to eat there, but….gotta go! I’ll leave you to the cleaning lady.”

“MMMMPH!” I screamed, and felt a reassuring hand on my gold-enclosed cock.

“I know, I know, it’s a dirty trick, but you have to admit it’s all a bit exciting. Can you imagine what the poor cleaning lady will say, seeing you encased in rubber, your cock in gold chastity. They see a lot, these cleaning women, but not anything like this I think. And so my dear lover you had better come up with a good story. I’m sure the manager will be all ears.” I felt his lips kiss my cock through the gold rings, and then, no, no, I heard the door close. Jesus, he really had gone too far this time, what the hell could I come up with as an “explanation”.

My heart was pounding as I tried to make some sense of this. Okay, so a burglar broke into my….yeah, right, and dressed me in rubber before leaving! Come on, come up with something. I clamped down on the mouth stuffing gag, my legs were fine, I could stretch them and then relax and take the tension from the bungee cords. But, oh boy, did I look a sight.

Hotel managers and room cleaners are used to coming upon the strangest of vignettes in their rooms, and I’m sure they’ve encountered the occasional bound subbie or tranny. I’m sure they’ve even come upon the odd dead body. But me, dressed in figure-hugging rubber, blindfolded and gagged, my balls ringed permanently, and my cock in an ornate gold chastity cage, well, this might take the biscuit. So I had to have some sort of explanation, and I had no idea what I could come up with.

The seconds passed, the minutes passed, I sucked on the gag and stretched my legs a few times. No, there really was no explanation, I would have to just tell the truth. I didn’t try to wriggle out of my bondage, which was impossible, so I tried to relax. Then after a few minutes I heard a noise at the door, yes, someone was knocking and now letting themselves in. I had a faint hope it would be Ryan, but knew that was very unlikely, so, apart from a burglar, also very unlikely, it would be the maid, so I tried to calm myself and waited. I heard a faint voice, female.

“Hello, hello, good morning, room service, cleaning lady.” The voice was heavily accented, Baltic perhaps, for pretty everyone in the hotels nowadays seemed to be from that region. The door closed and there was a second’s silence, before…..

“Ohmyohmy.” Followed by a stream of a language I didn’t understand.

“Youokay? Hello, sir, you okay? Ohmygod, I call manager now.” And some more foreign mutterings. I shook my head violently, no, not the manager I mmmmfed into the gag. I could perhaps persuade the girl all was well, if she could just release me, but I didn’t really want the manager there as well. I waited for her to release me, surely she would at least do that. I mmmmfed again.

There were a few more seconds of silence, then I felt a hand delicately stroke my raised thighs, then my trapped cock. What the fu..I mmmmfed through my gag. Then a hand was stroking my masked face, what the hell, just let me the fuck out of here I thought. Wait till the manager hears about….no, no, maybe not a good idea. The hand moved to the side of my head and pulled at the stud fastening, good, she would let me go now; I just wished she’d take the gag out, then I could explain and she could release me. The blindfold was folded over and staring down at me was….


I should have known, Ryan was up to his tricks again, and he really did have me going there for a while. And Candy was grinning from ear to ear. You bastards, I screamed into the gag, and of course all I came up with was another mmmmff. She leant over and kissed my gagged rubber–covered lips.

“Special room service today sir.” She moved her hand to my trapped cock, then rolled my balls in her palm. “I have my key with me, but I’ll leave you in frustration for a while first, hhmm?” No, I didn’t want that, but I was hardly in a position to argue. I could feel my cock swell and begin to try to escape its cage, fruitlessly, as my flesh pressed out between the rings of gold.

As always Candy looked quite beautiful, this time the epitome of the saucy French maid….perfect for providing room service, and I couldn’t wait for the service to begin. She stood up beside the bed and twirled round.

“We here at the hotel strive to provide for all your needs sir, we are proud to offer a full service, you like my uniform sir?” She laughed, having fun playing the role to its fullest. I mmmfed and nodded approval, feeling my cock harden again, desperate to be released from its captivity. Her short black rubber dress came to only mid-thigh, covering her black stockings, and when she raised her skirt, black panties with white edging. Her corset pulled in her waist and pushed out her false boobs, giving her a perfect figure. Her sleeves ended above her elbows, covering her long black gloves, and she had a cute white apron completing the ensemble. How did she get in the hotel? Well I saw on the chair at the foot of the bed a long coat, scarf and knee-high leather boots. Yes, easy to pass reception like that, a beautiful woman going to the elevator, no one would stop her. Her wig this time was jet black to match her outfit, and her make-up, as always, perfectly understated. Stunning.

Candy would take care of me, I was in good hands, and immediately relaxed to revel in the moment. She stood at the end of the bed between my outstretched legs, coquettishly raised her skirt and leisurely eased herself out of her panties, carefully drawing them past the tops of her shimmering stockings. Her cock was hard and exquisitely pushing out the front of her skirt. Oh, I so wanted that in my mouth, to wrap my tongue around it, to lick the purple end.

She knelt between my legs, running her finger between my cheeks, tickling me cruelly. My cock wanted to spring its cage, but the beautiful gold captor would not release me. I mmmfed loudly, expressing my frustration, and Candy chuckled again, well aware of my mounting hunger for her. She continued to stroke my tender hole and playing with my balls, then came close and kissed the rubber gag covering my mouth. Mmmmff please, I implored with my eyes. She continued to caress me, stroking my parted thighs and my puffed-out cheeks. My cock was really quite sore, trying to escape its gold prison. I continued to mmmff, in frustration and mounting excitement.

At last she rolled on a condom and a single surgical glove, then lubed it unhurriedly and ran some lube up and down the valley between my cheeks, and then with her forefinger forced some into my expectant hole. Now with a cool smile she got herself comfortable, placing her hands either side of me. She looked down at me, and I nodded, hungry, desperate for her. I felt the head rest at my entrance, she didn’t need her hand to guide herself into me, she didn’t move her eyes away from mine as with a slight compression of her glossy lips she pushed forward and I felt her breach me an inch or so, past the wide head. She continued to look down on me as she pressed further and I gladly accepted her as in one complete smooth movement she effortlessly pushed herself into me all the way to her root.

She let out a quiet groan, and I mmmmfed a long cry of satisfaction. For at least thirty seconds she did nothing, simply lay over me, embedded fully within me, absolutely filling me. I closed my eyes in absolute bliss, leaving her to do what she wanted, when she wanted (as if I could stop her!). Soon, pressing her lips together in concentration, she was taking up a very slow rhythm, no jarring or thrusting, just controlled effortless pumping.

I didn’t care that I was gagged, I would have liked to rain kisses on her luscious mouth, but I was in heaven as it was, with her rhythmic poundings. Time seemed to stand still as she continued. I sucked on the rubber bladder filling my mouth, wishing it was her cock, but then she was working wonders with that in another locale. Although the nerve endings in my arse were being rubbed raw, or at least it seemed like it, I did not want her to stop. This carried on for many minutes, I don’t know how long as time seemed to stand still, but eventually she leaned over me, crushing my caged cock and ringed balls. With her eyes closed, concentrating and with a really deep violent thrust, she came, then after a few shudders she simply dropped onto my chest, her head by my shoulder and her hands holding my head gently, stroking me

We didn’t move for a couple of minutes, I wasn’t as exhausted as Candy of course, she had done all of the work, but I was enveloped in a warm blanket of consummation. She withdrew slowly from me with a sigh, but I didn’t want it to be over, we had maybe 15 minutes before check-out, and that was plenty enough for me in the mood I was in. So I grunted and mmmmfed through my gag, and Candy got the message as I mimicked a fucking motion, raising and lowering my hips. She pulled herself up, pulled off the condom, put a finger to her lips for silence and released the stud fastening on one side of the gag strap. She pulled on the strap, almost dislocating my jaw as the sopping gag plopped out, and before I could say anything she tipped the contents of the condom into my mouth. I was fine with this, but didn’t want to waste any time so swallowed her salty seed. Then she leant over me, her cock in my face and I gladly licked her clean. Then I said.

“For god’s sake get me out of this bloody cage of yours.” She sniggered and waggled her finger, enjoying my discomfort, then quickly got up and with the key at hand, released me from cock captivity! Oh, the relief. Immediately I became hard, my poor cock had been screaming for some action and now at last was to get it. She dropped back between my legs and took my cock in her mouth. What a sight she was, her jet black wig bobbing up and down on my rigid member. She knew that time was of the essence, but quality is assured with Candy. She rolled a condom onto me, moved forward, her legs now either side and with a very self-satisfied stare, like a mother hen over her eggs, lowered herself onto me. She didn’t even have to guide me in, it was automatic, expert, done by feel and touch. I was quickly past her cosy entrance and she lowered herself, impaled herself on me, down to the root.

I let out a loud aaaaahh yeeeees as she then began to rock her hips. She didn’t so much go up and down, but round and round and forward and back, it was wonderful. She then leant over again, careful not to pop out and our lips met and she kissed me rapaciously, I could hardly breathe. Then with a smirk, she separated and before I could take in another breath, she lowered my chin and whipped the gag strap across my mouth, the large hard bladder plopping in before I could react. She laughed again as she pressed the stud on my cheek, and I was made dumb again.


Maybe I should have been mad at her, but I wasn’t, I was having too much of a good time. And I loved being completely, absolutely at her mercy. My cock, balls, arse and mouth were all defenceless, and she could do anything she wanted, for as long as she wanted, I was more than content with this. This was how far I had come.

I pretended, by whimpering, mewing into the gag rather badly, how displeased I was with my mute predicament, but she knew me well by now and just sat back on her haunches riding my cock. And how divine she looked, her shimmering black maid’s uniform, tits pushed out, waist cinched, and her cock under the flared rubber of her skirt, beginning slowly to harden again. I could have gone on like this for ever, but we had to leave the room soon.

And Candy knew this too, and I could feel her clench her cheeks, gripping my cock tighter, I knew she was trying to draw me out to a bursting orgasm, and before long I couldn’t hold on any longer. With a muffled mmmmmff and a final thrust I came. Above me she looked very happy with herself and rode me a couple more times till I became soft, then raised herself and withdrew. With an evil smile she pulled off the condom and licked me clean.

“Well that was a lot of fun, very tasty indeed, maybe I should leave you here for the maid to find, the real maid that is, she would have a heart attack, poor girl.” I knew she wouldn’t do that, she was just pulling my leg, but I made a token shout into my gag, mmmmfff.

She released me from the bungee cords on my ankles but left my wrists tied. Then she cleaned herself and pulled her rubber panties back on tucking back her cock and balls. She lay down next to me, leaned over and kissed me on my ballooned rubber cheek, holding my masked head in her hands. Then, resting on one elbow, she said quietly.

“Donna…Don, I think it is now time I shared a secret with you. Now no one knows this in our little….community, no one, not even Ryan, but after all the times we have had together, not many in quantity, but certainly in quality, I think, I know I can trust you.” She stroked my masked head again and I mmmfed and nodded.

“It may take a while to tell, and I want you to let me tell it, start to finish, so I’m going to keep you gagged, no interruptions, after I have finished you might not have quite so many questions,” she smiled, “but I think now is the time, so, here goes. You know I am a very private person, some might say secretive, you haven’t been to my place, nor me to yours. Well this may explain it a bit for you. You see Donna, I’m married.”

I didn’t say anything, well couldn’t, but my eyes widened in surprise. She smiled again.

“Okay, I see, maybe not too shocked. Happily married, very happily, and no, not a gay marriage, a straight marriage. And to the only girl, woman I have ever loved, my childhood sweetheart. We grew up together, from the age of 3 or 4 we were inseparable, we were both single children, virtually neighbours. We played together, we laughed together and we cried together. We knew even at a very early age we would be as one, we were two halves of a whole, a perfect fit, we knew that, even then. Oh, and we played, ha ha, and here you may see what is coming, what may have been the start, but who knows. I some of our games we played dress-up and I never thought it strange, we were just little kids, she was a real tomboy but liked to dress up as well and she would sometimes dress me up and try make-up on me, and we giggled and laughed. So I suppose you could say it’s all her fault.” She laughed quietly, reminiscing.

“I have never been with another woman, had no desire, and I know she has never been with another man, although she has had many admirers, for she is beautiful, bright, clever and most important, understanding, yes?” Now Candy rolled onto her back and there was silence for a second before she continued.

“We are only 10 months apart so we went to school together, and I was her shadow, protecting her when necessary, although she had a mind of her own and could defend herself pretty well, but kids can be…well, you know. Then when I was 13 I was sent away to school, yes ha ha, the dreaded all-boys boarding school, and Connie, that’s her name, was sent to a school in Switzerland. So we only got to see each other in the holidays which was hard. I have never been a fan of single-sex schools, even though I’m a product. It’s daft to say that they somehow coerce you to an attraction of the same sex, but with all the testosterone flying and puberty going on it can be….confusing. And as I passed through, and grew older, into a young man, ha ha, I was attracted to some of the guys at school but never….consummated, there was some kissing, fondling, exploring but I never went all the way, so to speak, because I knew that Connie would be waiting for me. It was hard and I was quite confused.” She moved her gloved hand and took hold of mine.

“Then came university, and we were lucky that we went to the same one, well we managed to engineer it that way. Over the years at uni we just got tighter, we both had long degrees to finish and there are so many temptations there but it just made us stronger. And we played hard too, it was there that we went to parties and a few fetish parties too, it was Connie that took the initiative there. We carried on dressing up, under the umbrella of fancy dress parties and Halloween and so on, but Connie was no fool and could tell that I was enjoying all this, as most of the time I would go tranny, and even then I was pretty good at it. She’d help me with the make-up and we’d have fun flirting as two lesbians, and at uni, well no one turned a hair. And by then it was clear to me that I was bi, but not just bi, I liked to see guys dressed as girls.” She laughed again and rested on her side and took my cock, almost contemplatively in her gloved hand.

“And then came my epiphany, I don’t like the word but let’s say it was that life-changing moment. At a fetish event, that by the way Connie suggested we go to, I saw two guys in tranny gear, but in rubber. Their make-up was a bit over the top, but they had good bodies, shapely in the right places and looked very good in stockings, heels and tight dresses with false boobs. I was in drag, but just fishnet stockings and leather skirt, what these guys were wearing was what I wanted. It was the first time I had seen a man and wanted to fuck him, that’s how strong the effect was on me” Meditatively she was rolling my balls now, but despite the distraction I was not finding it hard to concentrate on her story.

“We had a great evening, as I always do with Connie, but I could see that she had not missed anything, as my eyes had kept wandering back to the two rubber trannies. We were in our last year and pretty assured of good degrees. And here again is another of those moments, for she was studying to become a psychiatrist, yes, would you believe it. She had seen my interaction with the rubber trannies, and me not being able to take my eyes off the shimmering, tight rubber. When we were in bed she asked me, calmly not confrontationally, was I gay, was I bi, what was it with the rubber?” Now Candy was gently holding my cock.

“And in the dark, staring at the ceiling, it all came out, all of it, what had happened at school, all the schoolboy fumbling, how I love tranny dressing, and now the sight, and smell of the rubber. I was bi, but I was attracted only to the degree to that the man must be in rubber, I knew that immediately, absolutely immediately. I found those rubber men really attractive. As I do you.” She gripped my cock a little harder and smiled. 

“I had not worn rubber yet, but my fist recollection of it is as a child seeing my mother putting on her old-fashioned rubber bathing cap and somehow being stirred by it. There must have been other times but somehow I had sublimated them. As I grew older I did get turned on by seeing women, and men, in rubber scuba suits and masks. However I still hadn’t been with a man and I told her this. Apart from the births of my children this was the last time I simply cried, and cried. Not because I felt I had been caught out or anything, but I was terrified I would lose her.”

“We talked all night, all night, me sobbing, saying I would quit all that just if she would stay with me. I had loved her as a child, growing up, and now as a woman. And she of course is much cleverer than me, and furthermore she had an advanced education in this stuff, ha ha. She said that this compulsion was deep within me, and would always be there, it was part of who I was. Then she said she wanted to be with me forever, you see she trusted me, trust, simple word, but with so much weight. When she said that I nearly fainted, but the cat was out of the bag, and wouldn’t be put back. So what would we do? How were we to live in the future? Well it took quite a while before we became comfortable with our new relationship. But that night I made love to her like I had never done before; no blood, but a lot of sweat and tears, hhmm.” Mutely I looked over to Candy and I could see her smiling and her eyes watering.

“She knows where I go, and what I do, and whom I do it with. She knows everything, because I tell her. We married after we had both set up our practices and we are living a life many would be jealous of. We are both successful, for what it is worth I am an architect and do quite well, and her practice is fine too, and we have all we would ever want. We have three children, 5, 4 and 3, we wanted three all along, and to have them at short intervals. Other than the confessional that night their births were the only times I have cried, although for joy. And like any parents we think they are the most wonderful in the world, and like all children they will push you to the limits the little buggers. All my rubber clothing is downstairs in daddy’s study, out of bounds for the kids. When they get older then Connie and I will have to have a rethink about how to accommodate my “pastime”. We’ll come up with something.” I had now grown hard again under her expert hand, and I saw her look down.

“We should have time for a quick one, don’t you think, and I can finish my story. I lust for you Don, or Donna, I prefer Donna as you know.” She slipped out of her taut panties and I could see she was hard as well. Her head moved to my cock and in between licking and stroking she continued.

“Yes, I lust for you, you know I have been with only four men, two at the club prior to you, then you and Ryan, Ryan of course while you were undergoing our training to become the perfect rubber tranny sub, which you are.” She eased her tongue up my shaft as if licking an ice cream.

“I lust after you,” she repeated, “and I lust after Connie, and I love Connie, yes? Just as you love Ryan. Connie knows about you, what we do, and knows I will always return to her, and she accepts that, because she knows I am happy, and a sign of love is wanting your partner happy.” She pulled down the heavy steel of my ball ring.

“Many would find this strange or unacceptable in a partner, not what I do, but that Connie will tolerate it, even encourage me. For me, that makes her all the more extraordinary.” She slipped a condom over my shiny cock, spread a dollop of lube and spread her knees either side of me. I mmmffed in hunger for her. Then, just as she had done before, she manoevred her luscious arse over my cock, pulled her cheeks apart and unerringly lowered herself onto my cock in a precise locking of bodies, taking short breaths, her eyes closed.

“Ooooh, you see, the thing is….oooh…my relationship with Connie, other than we have children, and she is female, very female, ooooh, is very similar to that of you and Ryan. You love each other, without question, and if one of you is having pleasure, the partner is happy too as, always, they will return. Remember I don’t do this every night, not even every week, maybe once a month perhaps, oh, oh………and I make love to Connie a lot more than that and I am vetry happy to say, we get huge satisfaction from it.” She is now riding me, very slowly indeed. Her cock has rested, rock hard on my stomach but I can do nothing.

“Connie helps me with make-up, not very much now as I have become expert at it. She helps me with my corsets, as they are real beasts to get into sometimes and will make suggestions on my selection of rubber.” She looked down on me, smiling, rather pleased with my powerless position, then clenched her buttocks.

“She has some of her own rubber clothes, bras and panties and stockings, she has some tights with holes at crotch and bum, and,” she grinned “one pink and white catsuit…oooohh, and she looks stunning in them. She isn’t a fetishist at all, but the thing is she doesn’t find it distasteful, she likes the firm grip of the rubber, the shine, and doesn’t even mind the smell, she knows she looks great in it, for as we all know rubber enhances the curves of body wonderfully, and she has a great firm body, even after three babies in quick succession. So we can occasionally play at home, the kids may be in bed or on a sleepover. She gets pleasure from this, sometimes a little, mild bondage, and she tells me that she loves to see me get pleasure from it and I realise again for the n’th time how lucky I am.” There was now a sheen of sweat on her face as she breathed faster.

“We go to fetish events, not our gay club, but bigger events in the city, and she has a fun time, because she likes to dress up and have fun, something we have always done together, ha ha, and remember we were going to clubs at uni, and considering her profession, she’s pretty unshockable. All she ever asks of me is to be honest with her, and to be safe, consensual, and hygienic in my trysts. Not a lot to ask, is it?”

Now she is grinding her hips and I’m grunting into my gag, pushing forward my hips, and I have to come, as she comes as well, spurting her seed over my chest and up to my chin. After a few seconds she withdrew and lifted herself off me, came back from the bathroom with a wet towel, cleaned herself then took off my condom, licked my cock, giggling as I mmmffed into my gag. She pulled on her panties, smoothing them over her firm cheeks then adjusted her stockings and dress.

“We don’t have late departure so they may charge us some fee, but I think it was worth it, don’t you? Maybe I should leave you….oh no, I’ve done that joke, haven’t I?” She freed my srists from the bungees and I grunted a mmmmf of relief. I released the stud on my gag and carefully pulled it out of my gaping mouth. What a relief that was. I took a few breaths and swallowed, my throat, not surprisingly, being a bit tender.

“Thank you, do I have to tell you that was wonderful?” I kissed her lightly, and held her head in my hands.

“I am flattered, honoured that you would tell me your, well, life story I suppose. To feel trusted by you like that is quite humbling. I am so happy for you and Connie. What a woman she must be, I would love to meet her, but would she me? Perhaps not. You are very lucky to have her, just like I am with Ryan.” Was I getting a bit maudlin? “And of course I will always be available for depraved sessions of rubber, bondage, transvestite debauchery.” She grinned.

“Well, that’s a relief. I wouldn’t expect anything else. Talking of which,” she placed her palm under my balls, “you’ve had this ring on how long now, eight months, ten? Your ball sac is starting to get a bit saggy. It’s still quite smooth but not as taut as before, natural stretching of the skin. I think you need a refit, a replacement, a longer ring, maybe an inch long now and heavier of course, that will stretch your skin and make your balls nice and smooth, hhmm?”

“Well, I don’t…I thought this was permanent.”

“Nothing is permanent, not this anyway, and I have all the tools at home, drills, and the tiniest cutting equipment. Remember I designed your ear rings. No, it will be pretty easy to get off with the right tools, and a steady hand of course, ha ha.”

“Yes, definitely a steady hand please.”

“I can engrave it as well. I think you would like that. It’s all your decision, and you know I would like to ring your nipples, so easy to punish you when they are ringed. I want to see you in tranny rubber next time, you have a lovely body,” he stroked my face through the mask, “but the face is even better, not hidden behind the mask, here, let me help you with that, it’s a tight one all right and we can’t have you going through reception with it on, would be fun though wouldn’t it?”

Once it was off I rubbed my hair dry as she reapplied her make-up expertly. Then without saying she took my soft cock in her hand and purposefully eased it back into the gold cock cage and locked it to my ball ring. I really wasn’t too happy with this, but to be honest, I was now dog tired and my poor cock needed some rest for a while, so maybe it was for the better. It would be up to Ryan as to when it would come off. I tucked my cock and balls away and zipped up.

She came to me and we hugged, we were now at a point where we didn’t have to say much. We knew what we meant to each other and we just held on for a few seconds, catching our breath. I pulled her to me, my hands couldn’t resist grabbing her shapely rubber arse and she laughed and kissed me.

“That was pretty naughty of you two, you are quite the conspirators. I feel very lucky having you both thinking up diabolical scenarios for me.”

“Not just for you, we have a lot of fun too remember.” She rubbed herself against me, knowing full well my cock was in chastity and this was sheer torture.

“Well, call it any way you wish, thanks for everything.”

Neither of us was going to change out of our rubber, we didn’t have the time, or inclination. We were both hot and very sweaty, but too bad, we would be home shortly. I pulled my slacks and long sleeved polo neck over my tight suit, turning down the collar and rolling the sleeves up a couple of inches. I laced on ankle boots. The mask, and cords and other goodies all went into my small overnight bag, and basically I was ready.

Candy meanwhile was slipping her shapely legs into a pair of tan thigh boots, with zips on the insides. As she sat, I knelt between her spread legs and helped her, my face inches from her rubber panties, inhaling her heady rubber aroma. She looked stunning in them when she stood up, and then clothed herself in a matching cashmere coat, which covered her from neck to knee. Then I helped her pull on tan leather gloves over her rubber ones, and a silk scarf around her neck. We stood a foot apart admiring our camouflage, to the innocent observer there was no hint of the figure-clinging rubber we were wearing underneath, well except perhaps the sweet aroma.

We said very little now, just celebrating the great times that had passed between us, and looking forward to many more. We tidied and left the room together and came to reception. I think the morning staff must have been different from the evening staff, for they didn’t charge for late departure and I checked out without any problem. That is apart from a second look from a couple in the elevator, the wife sniffing audibly, and the girl at reception giving Candy a second look. Maybe that was the obvious perfume of rubber that must have surrounded us or just that Candy was so striking. Oh well, it would give them something to think about.

As we walked down the road, she slipped her hand through my elbow, pulling me closer and I said.

“We should do this more often, that place offers the best room service I’ve ever had.” We laughed together and I placed my arm over her shoulder as hers encircled my waist. As people walked by we were given plenty of second looks, but I think it was Candy they were observing and how stunning she looked. And of course what a lucky guy I was. We were walking back to my apartment, perhaps a half hour walk.

“Do you want to come….?”

“…back to your place, haha. Very original, Don. No, no thanks Don, it would be lovely to go there and see Ryan of course, but I have lots to do today. Anyway I am nicely warm, sweaty, and a little tender, and will need a rest for a bit. With you and Ryan in the same room god knows what would happen. No, I have to get back, but thanks, and I mean for everything.” She pulled me to her and I held her tight. Our lips brushed as I inhaled the pungent rubber that cocooned us. I wanted to kneel and burrow my head under her coat and nuzzle her panties, but, well not here on the street. So we kissed for a short while, and as a cab ambled by, I hailed it.

“We’ll do this again, and more.” Candy said as she entered the cab, the driver looking back, his eyes nearly popping out as Candy saucily parted her legs. We smooched again, and then she was gone.

So there you have it, another chapter in my odyssey. An odyssey is a journey, a pilgrimage. And this is what I have undergone, hesitantly at first, then with firm encouragement from experienced guides with open arms. This is not about a fall and decline, from the heights of being a top, to the depths of being a bottom. Of course not, it is about an awakening, an embracing of a new and very exciting part of my life. There is no destination, for all the pleasure is in the journey, new challenges, new adventures.

I am so lucky to have Ryan, mature beyond his years, a fertile and evil imagination without bounds. I know he has ideas for me in the future and maybe I’m just a bit nervous about that, but very excited too. To what level will he take me? How much more can I take, how much more do I want to take, are there really any limits? Never a dull moment is the mantra.

And there is Candy of course. Now she sees me exclusively, and occasionally accompanied by Ryan – so double the pain and the pleasure. She still goes to Rubber Necking and flirts, socialises, meets friends, but no more sex. I am very thrilled that she says she can get all she wants from being with me. She is already designing my new ball ring, although it is now more of a tube than ring. I haven’t yet said yes to it, but she is convinced I will; perhaps she knows me better than I do, Ryan seems to think so. And she continues to bug me about the nipple rings.

Downstairs, Pat has become the perfect dom and more important a great and loyal friend. She is very successful, has more clients than she can handle, and her website is quite amazing now. And I’m not shy in saying that I’m a bit of a star on it. She could close her designer clothes store now and still be filthy rich, but she likes to go there and hang out with “normal” people, she says with a wicked wink.

I know I am lucky. Yes, life is all about good friends, the best of friends, and perverted ones too, and right now it couldn’t be better.



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