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by Chevron

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© Copyright 2009 - Chevron - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; kidnap; bond; cell; vacbed; latex; toys; tease; denial; ice; sex; climax; reluct; X

The unforgiving florescent lighting stung my eyes as I slowly came to. My head was still a bit cloudy, but I knew that I was lying on the floor. The smooth surface felt cold against my bare skin. As my brain seemed to catch up, new sensations emerged. The most prominent was my aching jaw. I tried to alleviate my discomfort, but my arms failed to respond appropriately…remaining pinned behind my back.

The sudden realization of “wrongness” snapped my mind back to attention. I rose up onto my knees and swung my head from side to side, desperately scanning my surroundings. I was in a fairly large room with glossy black walls, perhaps 20ft by 20ft. I was positioned relatively in the center. On the wall in front of me, there was an imposing steel door. In the corner to the right, there appeared to be a strange box jutting out into the room. To the left there was a padded sawhorse of some sort and a large metal “X” frame in the corner. The dread started building as my eyes scanned over a peg-board hanging on the left wall. It was covered in various types of whips, paddles, canes, and other implements I couldn’t even put a name to. I craned my head over my shoulder to find a sturdy set of wrist cuffs locked on… a short length of chain tethering them together. Upon getting to my feet, I found my ankles sporting a matching set of cuffs (though thankfully no chain).

I was curious as to what had been lodged in my mouth, but a full length mirror mounted on the right wall answered that question. A large rubber ball was being securely held between my teeth by a harness of rubber straps wrapped around my head. A rivulet of drool escaped the corner of my mouth as I looked at the reflection of my nude body. I should say “completely nude”, because it looked like every bit of hair beneath my neck had been removed recently. Before there was time for the panic to set in, a voice crackled over a hidden PA system, “Welcome, Daniel.” It was being distorted electronically. “Please… approach the door and turn around.” Despite my helpless position, I was pissed. I yelled back around the gag, “U-uk Ooo!”

“You will follow my instructions… or severely regret the consequences. This is the last time you will be instructed. Approach the door and turn around.” In response, I pulled my hands around and did my best to flip this psycho the bird. At first… nothing happened. Then I felt a rush of cold air wash over me. The temperature continued to drop steadily until I could see my breath in front of me. Shaking, I got down on my knees and huddled in a ball trying to conserve what little heat my naked body retained. It never dropped low enough to be lethal, but I was absolutely miserable. It wasn’t long before I couldn’t take it anymore. I rose to my feet and shuffled to the door as fast as I could. “Ease s‘op ih! s‘op! s‘op!” I pleaded as I turned away from the door shuttering from head to toe. Another painful minute ticked by before the ambient temperature began to rise. “Good boy. Now if you know what’s best for you… remain absolutely still.” The sound of metal sliding on metal came from behind me. I could feel someone fiddling with my cuffs before the chain between them was removed. I swung around, but the small service opening had been slid shut once more.

My hands immediately went to my head, fumbling with the severe straps. Like the cuffs though, the buckles were secured with tiny padlocks. A steady stream of muffled obscenities poured around the gag. I turned around and started pounding on the door as hard as I could. Gradually, I tired and stopped. The voice came back, “Are you quite finished? I hope the futility of your exertions has become apparent. That was to let you get it out of your system… further outbursts of that nature will result in punishment.” An annoying sound echoed through the room, and a small light began flashing above that unusual box stuck to the wall. With a sigh, I shuffled over to it. Upon closer inspection, it appeared to open up like a mail box. It’s function was that of a one-way delivery system. As I opened my side, the other side closed… and vice versa. I found a small plastic bag inside stuffed with several items.

I opened the zip-lock and pulled out the largest item, a shiny bundle of black rubber. I examined the item as it slithered around in my hands. It was a pair of briefs with a sheath for my penis. Then I detected something solid glued to the seat of the item; a 3 inch long plug that was maybe an inch and a half at its widest. I removed a small bottle of clear, viscous liquid as well. I looked toward the door and questioned, “Arh Oo u-uking –idding Ee?!” There was no reply… I had never had anything in my ass that wasn’t supposed to be there, and I wasn’t exactly thrilled at the prospect. I took a few seconds to weigh my options. Thus far my captor hadn’t done anything to seriously hurt me (though there was ample opportunity). It couldn't possibly be as bad as freezing. “Might as well try to keep this weirdo happy until I find a way out of here…” I thought as I slid the item partway up my legs. I poured some of the slippery liquid out on my index finger and reached around behind me. I sloppily spread the lube around my puckered hole before doing the same to the plug a few moments later. Taking a deep breath, I positioned it and applied pressure. To be honest, it was a little disturbing at how easily it slid into my ass. It felt cold and alien as my muscles contracted around the base… but not painful (as I had expected). I finished pulling the briefs up, while the plug slowly warmed to match my body temperature. It was a little snug, but the way it clung to me was quite erotic.

“Very good, Daniel. You're behavior continues to improve.” the voice praised. “Keep it up… and I may even reward you.” I scowled as much as the bindings around my face would allow, and my ass twitched reflexively around the invader. I waited quietly for the next bizarre command to be issued, but one never came. I took a few moments to further explore my enclosure. My hopes to use one of the implements on the left wall as a weapon or tool were quickly dashed, the whole board being sealed beneath a locked Plexiglas cover. Smirking internally, I finally noticed a trend. The briefs, the gag, the bindings, the stuff in the cabinet, and even the glossy surface of the walls… all made from black rubber. “Obsessed much?” I thought. Further down in the back corner was a small white tiled section that stood out sharply against the engulfing darkness. There wasn’t much there; a toilet, a wall-mounted shower head, a large drain in the floor, and a snaking tube with an ominous nozzle affixed. I didn’t really want to think about it.

The back of the room was relatively empty save for a strange wooden section that stood out from the wall several inches. It had to be over six feet tall and slightly over three feet wide. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what it was. I let it be and moved to an uncomfortable looking cot mounted near the back corner of the right wall. Slowly, I eased myself down on the stiff, rubber-coated mat trying to keep from jostling the plug. Staring blankly at the ceiling, I pondered my situation. I remembered the previous evening going out to dinner with some friends, waking up in the morning, eating breakfast, and going for my morning jog. Then there was nothing… a complete blank. I must have dozed off, because the next thing I knew the PA system roused me. "Wakey wakey! I don't think you quite deserve to sleep yet. If you're so keen on lying down though, I've got just the thing."

I heard the hiss of hydraulics coming from the wall behind me and turned quickly. The large wooden panel was lowering into the room. As it came to rest on the floor, it simply appeared to support a sheet of black latex mounted on a frame. I approached it and tried to get a closer look. The voice boomed over the hidden speakers, "Open the zipper." I hadn't noticed it before, but a sturdy zipper ran down the frame the complete length of one side. I drew it open and pulled the edge up. It made a sort of 'pocket' of rubber. "Now, I want you to climb inside." With a sigh, I pulled the edge high and tried to scoot myself in sideways. "Very good. There is a reinforced hole at the top to put your head through. Wouldn't want you suffocating, would we? Line yourself up with that and then pull the zipper closed. You'll find a tab on the inside as well." Sure enough, I could see light filtering in from the large hole. After pulling myself into place, it took some effort to get the zipper closed. I pushed my head through the opening and felt rather silly. "Now what?.." I thought.

"There is another hole near your crotch. Pass your penis through as well." I complied but started questioning exactly where this was going. "Spread out your arms and legs. Then remain completely still..." I thought to myself, "Oh sure. I'll stay still. Right until you come through that door." I followed the instruction and waited, listening to the steady rhythm of my own breathing. Out of the blue, I heard what sounded like an air pump switch on. The latex suddenly began to compress around my entire body. By the time I realized what happening, it was too late. All of the air was drawn out, and I was left vacuum packed between the two layers of rubber. I flexed my splayed fingers experimentally. There was some give to the material but not much. The frame was securely attached to the wooden platform, so even my best attempts to free myself resulted in only minimal movement. I had never felt so completely bound and helpless.

The steel door shuttered from the force of the heavy locking mechanism disengaging. It swung open slowly, almost dramatically. I heard the distinct and steady click of high heels on concrete and lifted my head up to get a better view as my captor strode into the room. All I can say is that if my mouth hadn’t already been wrapped around the ballgag, it would have dropped open. Standing in the entrance with her hands on her hips was a kinky wet dream. From head to toe, this vixen was wrapped in a full latex catsuit. With help from her intense knee-high boots, she towered to over six feet easily. Her legs seemed to never end. Around her waist, there was a corset pulling her midsection into an hourglass figure. A healthy pair of breasts strained slightly against the prison of their individual cups. Holes for her eyes, nose, mouth, and a tube for her ponytail were the only indicators of the human sealed beneath. Hair as black as the rubber hugging her features, piercing blue eyes, and painted lips that began curving into a smile.

I wondered briefly what was so funny, but then I saw her glancing down at my stiffening manhood. She actually let loose a purr before saying, “Mmm… I imagine I’m not quite what you were expecting?” I shook my head cautiously as she confidently strode over to me. “My poor little Daniel. Rather lost and confused are we?” she said while nodding and making sympathetic sounds. “Who is this woman?...” The sweet smell of her perfume assailed my nostrils as she knelt and bent her head down to my neck. I could feel her slender tongue tracing a moist path upward before she took a playful nip at my earlobe. “…and why is she doing this?” she breathed.

I felt her gloved fingers delicately curl around my cock. She stroked slowly back and forth along its length, and I couldn’t help but thrust my hips slightly. Her other hand brushed past one of my stiffening nipples on its way up to my face. Cupping my chin forcefully, she made me look her right in the eyes. “Because…she…caaaan.” The last word crawled slowly from her lips as she reached down and gripped my testicles with all her might. My whole body tensed up from the sudden pain, and I groaned loudly into the gag. Hanging on with a vise-like grip she kept talking, “Make no mistake, Daniel. In here… in my world… you are just a thing. More importantly, you are my thing.” She twisted my balls to reinforce the statement. “You have no rights here. You exist merely for my own amusement. It’s that simple. Have I made myself clear?” I nodded vigorously, pleading incoherently for her to let go. She held firm for a few more moments before releasing her hold.

She nodded, seemingly satisfied with her own work, and started to monologue while moving to the cabinet on the left wall. “Your name is Daniel Crisfield, age 22. You’re a Junior attending a no-name college upstate, undeclared major of course.” She slipped a previously unnoticed metal ring from her waist and begin riffling through the keys strung around it. “Too lazy and unmotivated for a summer job. You’d much rather just stay at home and mooch off your affluent parents.” She got the Plexiglas cover open and began running her fingers over the various implements. “And what’s worse… you got them to spring for an all expenses paid trip to Germany.” She pretended to check an invisible watch and laughed. “Looks like you’re going to miss that flight! It’s a shame too… wonderful country. Perfect for me though. Thanks to your cell phone, your family thinks you’ve made it safe and sound… and your friends think you had to cancel due to the sudden onset of the flu. Don’t you just love text messaging?” My eyes went wide.  

“So perhaps now your situation has become a little more clear. It’s doubtful anyone will even bat an eye at your absence. I’ve planned this out rather thoroughly. I always do. I just find life to be easier when people aren't actively searching for my pets. For the next week, you’re all mine…” I renewed my struggles as she made her way back to me with several items. She produced a rubber blindfold and slipped it deftly over my eyes. Shortly after I felt her hands fall atop my chest. They flowed effortlessly over my body, caressing me from head to toe. My attempts to break free proved hopeless, so there was little I could do but relent to her sensual assault. I couldn't deny that her attentions were quickly arousing me despite the situation. My sheathed cock stood absolutely rigid, but she ignored it.

Her hands massaged every part of me but the one I desperately wanted her to touch. I groaned around my gag and thrust my hips up as much as I could manage. She cackled in response, but did seem to finally indulge me. I felt her begin to stroke me. However, the movement of her nimble fingers was as slow as you could possibly imagine. With her free hand, she turned on a large vibrator of some kind and started running it all over the slick outer surface. My skin felt even more sensitive, despite the layer of separation. Regardless of her torturous pace, I could also feel myself building to a climax. My breath quickened, I thrust out to meet each downward stroke, and then ...she stopped.

I let loose a muffled cry of frustrated as every bit of stimulation was robbed from me. Before I could complain anymore, there was something extremely cold placed against my cock. It slid up and down a few times before dropping down to my balls. As it traced a line up to my chest, it dawned on me that she must be using an ice cube. She ran circles over my body with it for several minutes, until it melted away. She then took my member, which had started to soften, and began all over again. She nestled the bulbous head of the vibrator against my balls and slowly stroked. I did my best to conceal the signs of my approaching orgasm, but it's like she was psychic. Five times I got to the brink before I was forcefully calmed with the ice. I'm sure my whining must have grown quite pathetic.

As a fresh cube danced across my chest, she leaned in close and whispered, "Do you want to cum?" I nodded enthusiastically. "Don't worry my sweet. I will allow you release. But know from now on that you get nothing unless I am pleased..." With that, her body shifted on top of me. She unzipped the crotch of her suit, and my semi-erect dick was slowly engulfed in the warmth of her slit. I felt her push the vibrator up against our joined bodies, and she began to grind. She rocked her lower body back and forth against me. Faster and faster... The denial I had suffered for the last hour had laid the seed of a monster orgasm. I could feel it rising up from within me, and this time she wasn't stopping. I came so hard that it bordered on painful. My entire body tensed up over and over as I blew my load into the sheath... my ass contracting repeatedly around the plug. She followed quickly behind me and began to buck fiercely, pussy gripping and spamming around my cock. It wasn't until she had pulled every last drop from me that her body quieted.

"Mmm... was that worth the wait? Perhaps we need to make this a daily ritual." She took her finger from the center of my chest, ran it down the left side, and looped it back towards the middle. "Six more days. I've got such plans for you, Daniel." She leaned forward and placed a kiss on my forehead before pulling herself off me. "I think another hour in the bed will help you to ponder these new experiences. Rest... while you can..."

A few moments later the steel door slammed closed once more. I was left alone in the, now sweltering, confines of my rubber prison. I played out the events of the day in my mind repeatedly and briefly wondered if life would ever be the same...


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