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Installation 6: Puppet

by Cdpx

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© Copyright 2008 - Cdpx - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; latex; puppet; susp; display; toys; cons; X

Installation 6: Puppet

Sabine Von Braun, blond and blue eyed, five foot five in her stocking feet, stared intently at the dangling, lifeless form in front of her. Its, well perhaps her, head hung forlornly, lolling about listlessly, arms hanging by the side of the torso, legs trailing just above the ground.

"I love it!" she exclaimed. "I want one. That one." she said pointing.

"That's the rough draft, the sketch if you like." replied Valentina looking over at Carlos.

"Ok, I'll have the finished article then. That looks fantastic enough already." she said enthusiastically.

"Explain the creation of such an object?" she asked.

"Well, it's a wooden body which we've then dressed in latex on the outside. The strings are actually steel wires that connect up to the top that can either be operated manually or by means of a random program. Well, as random as a computer can be." said Valentina with an enigmatic smile playing about the edges of her lips.

Sabine was a woman in her middle thirties who as well as owning an art gallery had an interest in most things that caught her fancy. She was a magpie and always willing to learn and acquire knowledge and experience. She had known Carlos and Valentina for quite a while and was always fascinated by the art that they produced. The problem was she could never quite work out when they were taking the piss or telling the truth.

Whatever the reality the things that they produced were stunning either in the execution of the idea or the idea itself.

The figure she was examining at the moment in their large, well-lit studio was a joy to behold. A latex catsuited, blonde pony tailed creature of fetish power. With it's black shiny covering, nine inch thigh high lace up patent ballet boots and mask revealing thick, glossy, pouting red lips and huge blue eyes with thick black eye lashes staring balefully into the middle distance. Tight corsets surrounded the chest and elegant neck of the marionette. There were no hands only a single wooden mitten. Steel wires were attached to the hands, feet, head and torso of the fetish puppet.

Suzie awoke feeling numb all over. It wasn't quiet as she could hear her heartbeat thumping in her ears. She breathed pure oxygen through her rubber-lined nostrils that had got quite used to having tubes inserted into them. In her mouth resided an inflated rubber gag. In her ears lodged rubber plugs shutting out the world and all its distractions. Her eyes were shut behind thick sponge. Her whole body was covered in latex, clinging and tight around the complicated curves of her luscious figure. Her nipples were encased in little drums. Even her other orifices were filled and stuffed with a rubber dildo, and a short squat rubber butt plug. Pressed against her clitoris was a small rubber switch like appendage.

Within the confines of her rubber solitude, Suzie felt happy and relaxed despite not being in control and not knowing what was going on or what would happen next. For a woman who always knew what she was doing and what she wanted to do, this was a means to an end, the end being a degree and not being in debt when she left college, this was a surrender of her will and control over her body and mind by someone else but she loved it. It gave a sense of well being of being able to let go and succumb to primal, basic urges.

They had used the original moulds for the mannequin as a starting point when they began this project. Suzie had been dressed in the tightest latex suit she'd ever worn yet. It must have been two sizes too small but very strong and resilient. It was a top half and bottom half which were then glued together around the middle. Trailing out of the suit had been various wires, from her nipples, vagina, anus and crotch.

She guessed that something very special was in store for her. She wondered it this was entirely for her benefit. It certainly felt that way. Valentina and Carlos had ever so carefully pulled the bottom half of the suit on first, feet, calves, thighs, bottom, ensuring the various orifices of her lower body were thoroughly filled. Then the top half was pulled over her head. Breasts, neck, arms, torso, head, all the fitting secure with precision by the artists. Then the wooden body was placed over the inner latex covered woman.

The wooden covering consisted of two parts that fitted together by means of pegs and holes that slotted together. There were feet, calves, thighs, abdomen, chest, hands, forearm, upper arm, neck and head. They all squeezed and compressed her already tightly encased body even more.

On top of all of this was yet another latex cover, this one made of one piece which only had a small opening in the top of the head into which Valentina and Carlos helped her wooden feet followed by the rest of her wooden body. On the outside went the finishing touches, the ballet boots, decorative corsets around neck and torso, the ponytail, huge false eyelashes and the painted face.

Suzie was numb not because of the tightness of her confinement but the anaesthetic which had been administered by Valentina in her early morning cup of tea which came with a delicious sticky Danish from the cafe down the road. She had no control of her body but she could feel the protrusions, which were waiting patiently to be brought to life.

"I'll demonstrate the controls," said Carlos standing in front of the control panel. He had two joysticks that he proceeded to move about in a rather haphazard fashion. The limbs of the puppet moved jerkily in response. A left arm came up, a right leg bent at the knee, the head tilted to one side as if listening.

"Tell you what. I'll run the program. It can be overridden if you want to," said Carlos.

"The power for this is a combination of high pressure air driven motors, some electric motors as well some small micro sized devices such as for the eyes and the mouth," which at that moment started to move, the eyelids fluttered and the mouth opened crudely.

"It's not brilliant I know but this is the prototype," apologised Carlos.

"That's ok. In fact I rather like the look of the slightly old fashioned quality about it. You know, a Victorian mad scientist thing," thrilled Sabine.

"Heath Robinson more like," laughed Valentina.

Deep within the suit, Suzie felt something stirring in her loins. The dildo had started to vibrate and twist whilst the butt plug had also started to vibrate, both at a slow but steady rate. In addition her nipples were now being alternatively squeezed and twisted. She purred to herself with satisfaction. This was fun and oh so enjoyable. Then her clitoris received some attention as the rubber switch like device started flicking her clit, slowly. She could feel it and her nipples suddenly becoming hard and enlarged.

The dildo and plug were now busily churning about deep within her receptive body. She could feel herself stiffening up, arms, legs, and neck straining and tensing up. Her breathing becoming more shallow and erratic, increasing in pace. She bit down on the rubber gag in her mouth. Her nostrils were flaring around the rubber breathing tubes, caressing them. She wanted to curl her fingers and toes but couldn't because of the wooden, unyielding coverings on her hands and feet.

This was all getting to be a bit too much for her now. The dildo was now pushing slightly in and out, twisting around one way then the other, expanding and contracting, vibrating with more urgency as her sopping, dripping, liquid vagina gripped, released, and squeezed the life out of its solid intruder.

The butt plug was expanding and contracting, causing her strong muscles to do likewise. Her nipples were being massaged, gripped, twisted, squeezed with utter relentlessness. And her clitoris was now not only being flicked quickly by the rubber device but it was now vibrating and flicking her from side to side in an unpredictable rhythm. She spasmed and jerked uncontrollably as the first orgasm hit her. Her mouth opened wider than the Channel tunnel as she let out a scream that the victim in a slasher flick would have been proud of.

Although the program had finished and Sabine had left in raptures over their latest triumph, the puppet was still putting on a show which Carlos and Valentina were filming with a Camcorder. The little motors still buzzed, twisted, squeezed, rotated, flicked, moved in and out while the legs, arms, hands, feet, torso, neck and head of the shiny black latex clad puppet moved to their own unseen, unknown pattern.

Within her confinement, Suzie was on another planet, far away lost in lust and passion. Her orgasms going on and on and on. Her eyes were glazed and shedding tears of joy. She had passed out more than once but had been awoken by the constant presence of the dildo, butt plug, nipple stimulators and the clitoris stimulator which worked without a tea break.

After an hour it was all switched off.

The puppet was suspended on its strings, lifeless once again.



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