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First Date

by Coated

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It wasn’t the cool breeze off the ocean that was giving Nicole the shivers. She hadn’t seen Carla in nearly two years, not since they had graduated from the arts academy together. Carla had scored a job with some big production company that ate up all her time. Nicole, on the other hand, had a series of near-misses and also-rans that made her wonder if she was ever going to have more than the menial jobs she worked to barely made the rent. Between her hectic schedule and the hush-hush nature of Carla’s job they’d had little time for socializing and had drifted apart. So it was with no little amount of excitement that Nicole accepted when Carla called out of the blue and mentioned a “fun opportunity” she wanted to put to her old roomie. The idea of hooking up with her old friend for a bit of adventure caught her fancy.

She and Carla had a lot in common. They liked to do a lot of the same things and shared a rather wicked sense of humor. They had grown close in the two years they were roommates. Nicole had always been a bit fond of her but could never take that next step out of fear she would drive her away. They had been friends, and only friends. It seemed like things might go further on their last night in the dorm, when they had got a bit tipsy at a party and stumbled home together. Nicole had stumbled into Carla’s arms while she was undressing for bed. Caresses lead to kisses and they ended up sharing Nicole’s bed for the night. But it was nothing serious, merely some friendly fumbling that faded into spooning sleep and a morning of awkward, dismissive giggling. They never explored further or even spoke of it again. Yet when Nicole thought of Carla afterwards she would do so with a touch of warmth and wonder.

All that was in the past, this was the present, and Nicole was happy merely to see Carla again. They hugged one another and made the usual noises two old friends do when they have been apart a long time. General catching-up followed. Nicole learned that Carla had been working for an entertainment production company that staged elaborate events for charities and such. She had started out as one of the general staff and quickly worked her way up to a position in Production. Her latest project was assisting the Producer in presenting some kind of immersive theatre experience in a warehouse near the rail yards.

“We’re calling it the Fun House”, she beamed. “The patrons wander from room to room in this big building, exploring rooms and trying to figure out what’s going on. We give them hints and show them all kinds of out-there vignettes, but leave it all a mystery so everyone can come up with their own ideas.”

“Kinda like those murder mystery dinners, then?” Nicole asked.

Carla nodded. “Yeah, except no food, just the show, and a lot less to go on as you work it out. There are over thirty actors and a lot more people working behind the scenes. Its quite a setup, and a lot of work.”

“Yeah, but I bet it’s a lot of fun, or you wouldn’t bother with it.”

Carla smiled a bit enigmatically. “Oh, yeah. More than you know. But. That’s why I wanted to talk with you today. We have a group of potential investors coming in on Friday night to see a dress rehearsal. It’s more of a guided tour than the real show, but it’ll be important. If they like what they see we’ll have the cash to put together a long-tern installation, maybe even buy the building it’s in.”

“Wow, this is so exciting! I’m so happy for you.” And she was, but Nicole also felt a bit of self-pity as she saw her friend doing so well while she couldn’t catch a break in a bucket.

Carla knew Nicole quite well and saw the mixed emotions play across her face. It was time for her to make the play. “Yeah, that’s kinda why I asked you to meet me today. We’ve got a big night planned on Friday, and we’re shorthanded. Wanna be a part of the fun?”

Nicole was surprised. “Who, me? What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to be in the show, of course! Be one of the actors, be a part of the magic.”

“Carla, I haven’t done anything since we graduated. I’m kinda rusty.” Even so, she was thrilled to be asked.

Carla was undeterred. “It’s all right, I understand. The part I had in mind has no lines to memorize. All you have to do is be in costume and stay in a certain room. No pressure.”

Nicole’s eyes narrowed. “What kind of costume, and what kind of room?”

“It’s a scene from the main character’s past, when she had been committed to an asylum. The scene calls for her to be restrained in a padded cell. People walking by would look in through a set of bars and see you dressed as a patient, rolling around and moaning or screaming every once in a while. Total improv. You pretty much lie there all night and you get paid for it.”

Nicole smiled wryly. “You want to put me in the nut house?”

“Sure do. You always were a bit nutty, it’s almost typecasting. C’mon, Nikki, its easy money. You’ll make more in one night than you would in a weekend of slinging coffee. And if it works out on Friday I can get you the gig permanently. Say you’ll do it for me, please?”

Nicole thought about it for a moment. She sure could use the cash, and it did sound like an easy gig. She wasn’t thrilled about the scenario, being locked in a padded cell, but Carla would be working and watching over her from behind the scenes.

“Aw, what the hell. I’ll do it.” She saw Carla’s face light up and added quickly, “But, you’ll be there to keep an eye on me, right?”

Carla gave a nod and a smile. “All night.”

“Okay, it’s a date!” Nicole fidgeted at the words she’d used as they reminded her of their last night together. Carla picked up on her mood as she jokingly said, “Well, I better make plans for dinner afterwards, then! Shall I get roses as well?”

Nicole laughed. “Of course! I’m high maintenance. If you’re going to take me out on a date I expect it to be memorable!”

“Deal!” They shared a laugh and moved on to other things. When they parted Carla winked and said, “See you on date night!” which left Nicole feeling a bit fluttery on the walk home. She found herself planning her outfit and sampling scents at the department store counter only to remind herself that she was going to work, not on a date.

Finally the appointed hour came. Nicole arrived at the foreboding-looking brick building at the appointed hour (despite getting lost and driving around it several times) and found her way to the employee entrance. Some of the other players directed her to the dressing room where she found her friend setting out some white clothes. She put aside her clipboard at the sight of Nicole and gave her a welcoming hug.

“Hey, right on time! OK, so this is the room you’ve been assigned. You can come right here from now on and get ready, don’t wait for me. I’m doing double duty as a production assistant tonight so I’ll be running around. You might not see me right away.”

“Sure, that’s fine.” She took a look over Carla’s shoulder at the piles of shiny white clothes. “Is that my costume? I kinda figured we’d be wearing hospital johnnies or something.”

Carla shook her head. “Nope, this is show biz! It’s more of a fantasy sequence so we’re really going all out on this show.”

“Errr, okay. I guess I should get dressed.” She went over and picked up the first item, which appeared to be a white long-sleeved leotard. It almost slid out of her hand, but she caught it with the other and stared at it, amazed. “What is this made of? Wait, is this rubber?”

Carla stood beside her. “Sure is! A lot of the costumes are made of latex. Like I said, it’s a fantasy show. A peek inside the character’s mind.” She raised an eyebrow. “You ever worn latex before?”

Nicole shook her head. “I’ve never even picked up any like this. It’s…different.” She couldn’t see the smirk that flashed across Carla’s face as Nicole’s own reaction blended confusion and interest.

“That’s okay, I can help you get into it this time. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll have no problems at all.” She grabbed a wicker basket off the shelf. “Here, get undressed and put all your clothes in here.” Nicole took the basket but was suddenly shy at disrobing in front of her secret crush. Carla seemed not to notice. “Oh, go on! We were roomies, remember? Nothing I haven’t seen before.”

A minute later Nicole stood naked in front of Carla. She found herself blushing shyly as her friend took in the view. “Looking good, girl! You haven’t lost it at all. OK, let’s get started. I’ll help you get lubed up.”

Nicole went wide-eyed. “What, lubed up?”

Carla brandished a bottle of clear liquid. “Yep. You need it to get the latex on you. Give  me your hands.” She took the offered hand and squirted a bit of lube into Nicole’s palm. “You take the front, I’ll get the back. Spread it everywhere, like suntan lotion.” She squired some more into her own palm and went behind Nicole. “And make sure you get it down below, too. Don’t want any chafing.”

Nicole nodded and began applying the lube. A moment later she gasped as she felt Carla’s hands gliding briskly across her back, up over her shoulders and down over her derriere. Her hands slowed down a bit, taking their time across her hips and behind as Nicole’s own fingers worked across her breasts in a gently kneading fashion. She heard Carla squirt some more lube onto her palms and breathed in sharply as her friend reached around to apply the oil to her midriff.

“Got to move faster than that, hun. Put some ‘down there’, I’ll get the rest.” Carla worked up and down Nicole’s arms in long, slow movements as Nicole gingerly lowered her hands in between her legs and smoothed the lotion everywhere. The application was causing her nipples to harden and she let out a quick and breathy exhalation, neither of which was lost on Carla, who suddenly drew her hands away and picked up the white leotard. She stretched the neck open wide and held it low.

“Now that you’re ready, you can put on the first part of your costume. Here, put your hands on my shoulders and step in, one leg at a time. Go slow with this part, you’re new to this stuff and I don’t want your ripping it.” Nicole did as she was asked, and soon Carla was working the suit up her body and feeding Nicole’s arms into the sleeves. A few moments of pulling and tugging and they were done. Nicole looked at herself in the mirror and gasped. The upper half of her body was covered in shiny white latex, giving her the appearance of some kind of doll.

While Nicole took in her new look, Carla picked up a bulky garment in matching white that made a tinkling noise as she shook it. “Let’s get the rest of it on you. Here, stick your arms straight out.”

“What’s that thing?” Nicole asked as she complied. Her hands didn’t come out of the sleeves but instead slid into attached mittens that kept her from spreading her fingers. She gave them a puzzled look as Carla pulled the jacket up tight and began buckling it closed at her back. “This is a straitjacket!”

Carla continued to buckle it closed. “Of course it is, silly. You’re a mental patient, remember?” She reached around Nicole and caught the straps at the ends of her mittens, pulling them around and buckling them tight before Nicole could react, pinning her arms against her in an enforced hug. “And you’re a dangerous patient to boot, which is why you’re in the padded cell. Can’t have you hurting yourself.”

“Well, I wish you’d told me about this part.” Nicole’s protests were weak as she watched her reflection in the mirror, taking in the image of Carla imprisoning her. Carla had always been the more assertive of the two. There had been times in the past two years where she’d dreamed of Carla coming to her and taking charge, being the one who brought them together. Now, after so long an absence, Carla was here, and she had drawn Nicole into this weird scenario – and Nicole realized that she liked it.

Carla looked over Nicole’s shoulder at the two of them in the mirror, hugging her from behind. “There, all snug as a bug in a rug! And don’t you look the part! Oh! Almost forgot the bottom strap.” A long strap with some kind of tube coming out of the front dangled at the front of the jacket. Carla grabbed it, then paused. She looked at Nicole in the mirror, a look on her face as if she were taking a gamble. “Nikki, its going to be a long night, and I don’t want you to get bored. I…have a little something I can add to your outfit that might help to pass the time. I’ll add it, down here.” Carla let her palm rest at Nicole’s lower midriff.  “You don’t have to have it if you don’t want to…” Carla’s eyes were pleading and hopeful.

Nicole was becoming overwhelmed by her situation, restrained, at the mercies of her friend, the latex heating and sliding across her skin. A touch of fog was rising in her mind. “I…maybe…”

“Try it for a minute, see what you think. I can always take it out if you don’t like it.”

“…yeah, okay.”

Carla smiled delightedly. “Okay!” She reached into a small box and pulled out a blue plastic item shaped like a butterfly. “Have you ever used one of these? It sits snug against your little button. Here, I’ll get it in place.” She slid the blue toy into the nether part of  Nicole’s straitjacket, then tightened the crotch strap to hold it snugly in place. “There! All right?”

Nicole nodded as she adjusted to the strange intruder. It wasn’t unpleasant, though she had to wonder what exactly was the big deal. She had fancied Carla was going to slide one of those vibrating eggs inside. The thought had made her tense, but now that it didn’t happen she felt strangely disappointed.

Carla grabbed a small white bundle from the table. “Now, we have to protect your reputation so we have one more bit for the costume.” Without further ado she slipped the white latex hood over Carla’s head. There were holes for her mouth, her nostrils and for her wide, panicking eyes, but all else was sealed below a shiny white gloss.

“Hey!” the startled Carla exclaimed, wriggling helplessly in her latex confinement.

“Oh, you! Stop that, and look in the mirror.” Carla grabbed Nicole by the waist and turned her to face her reflection. “See? It’s just a mask, no big deal. And look at you! You look great!” Nicole blinked and looked at her reflection. The young professional had been replaced by a fetishist’s dream, all white latex and tight buckles. She squirmed a bit as Carla brought her arms around and hugged her tightly from behind. “Mmm, maybe I should change my role for tonight. Would you rather I was your nurse? I’ll ask Josie if she wants to switch.” She gave Nicole a quick peck on the neck before letting go, leaving her friend to stare at the vision in the mirror before her and enjoy the thrill her words had sent through her.

A woman dressed in a blue latex nurse’s uniform came into the room. “Hey Carla, how goes?” She looked at Nicole with appreciation. “My, my, the new girl is lookin’ good! You’re Nicole, right?” Nicole nodded as the nurse continued, “Well, I’m your minder for tonight. Name’s Josie. Don’t you worry, I’ll be nearby all night. We all set in here?”

Carla nodded. “Yeah, go ahead and take her to her cell. I’ll be along in a bit.” She flashed Nicole a smile. “See you soon, crazy girl. Knock ‘em dead!” Without further ado she grabbed her clip board and walked out.

Jodie went to the side of the room and grabbed a wheelchair that was waiting there. “All right, from this point on you’re my patient. Have a seat, dear.” Nicole shuffled over and gingerly sat back into the chair. Jodie wrapped a white latex sheet around her from neck to ankles, then secured her in place with two wide, tight straps. Two more went around her ankles and knees, making it impossible for Nicole to do more then wiggle helplessly in her seat.

“We’re all about the method acting here”, Jodie said in explanation. “We want everyone to give their best performance. Now, some finishing touches.” Jodie produced a red ball gag. “Open wide!” she said, and pinched Nicole’s nose to make her open her mouth, at which she forced it in and strapped it tightly at the back. Nicole tried to protest but her shouts came out as little more than muffled, “Mmphs!” Jodie then retrieved a white latex blindfold and slipped it over Nicole’s eyes, sending the latex-wrapped actress into a panic. She hadn’t been told anything about all this and she wanted out! Jodie answered her patient’s distress by gently stroking her smooth rubber-covered head. “There, there, no need to be fussy. Can’t have you complaining. Let’s get you to your cell, shall we?”

Nicole squealed and writhed as she felt the wheelchair begin to move. It seemed they went down a long corridor that grew silent soon after they left the dressing room. Jodie said nothing as they moved along. After a lengthy stroll they stopped and Nicole heard faint movement followed by a ding and the sound of elevator doors opening. Her chair swung around and she was backed into the elevator car as the doors closed and they descended what seemed a dozen levels. Nicole was puzzled. Where was this room where she would be spending the night pretending to be insane, in the basement?

Her confusion grew as the doors finally opened and she was wheeled out into a space filled with familiar sounds. Doors opened and closed, people talked as they walked by, and someone was making a muffled announcement over an intercom. It must be the rest of the cast getting into position, she thought. Then her chair came to a halt and a man’s voice spoke at her side.

“Hello, Jodie. Have a new one for us?”

“Yes, Doctor. Her name is Nicole Cataldo, age 23. The Westbrook magistrate sent her to us. An extreme sexual deviant with voyeuristic tendencies. She was found like this, pleasuring herself in the offices of a private business.”

There was the sound of paper being shuffled as the Doctor replied, “Hm. Settle her in for evaluation. I think Room 3 is available. I’ll let the county know we’ll have for 30 days observation. Carry on, nurse.”

“Yes, Doctor.” And the chair began to move once more.

Nicole began to thrash in her chair, shouting uselessly through her hood. What was going on!? Who were these people? And, why was Jodie acting like she was a real nurse? Most of all, where was Carla? Panic began to rise in her as her chair came to a stop and the sounds of a stout latch being thrown and a heavy door slowly opening filled her head with images from a dozen horror movies. Her chair moved again as it seemed to move over the threshold of a doorway before coming to a stop. Then, silence.

She couldn’t help but shake in fear in the silence and darkness of her restraint. Soft whimpers escaped from under her hood as the moments passed. She jumped in her chair when finally one hand, then another, came to gently rest on her shoulders. Then a voice spoke softly and with mirth in her ear. It was Jodie.

“Comfy?” She paused to enjoy Nicole’s fearful response before continuing. “You know, I was planning this little excursion for Carla, but when I laid eyes on you for the first time I knew we had to have you. You see, she’s not my only employer. As it so happens, there’s a private asylum next door to the building she’s rented out for her little show, a place where the rich and famous go to ride out their little episodes away from the public eye. I’ve been working there for some time, and when Carla was a guest of ours last year I got to be her personal caregiver. That’s why she’s so hooked on doing her little show with the asylum theme. I was going to switch her out and get her back for some ‘rehab’. I may still, once I’ve got you settled in. Won’t that be fun, the two of you sharing a padded cell? Look at it like method acting. Oh, look at the time! I have to get back and put one of our other patients in your place before Carla notices. Don’t worry, you’re safe as houses. No one even knows you’re here. Mmm, you might be with us a long, long time. Now relax, and I’ll be back soon!” With a little laugh Jodie left, the door booming closed as the latch came down with an ominous clang.

Nicole whimpered and struggled piteously against her bonds. What was happening? Had she really been kidnapped by some demented nurse and brought to a real asylum? The minutes crept by and she heard nothing but the sounds of distant voices and the muffled announcements of a PA system. Someone down the hall screamed, then the sound of running feet and a shout of dismay. Her mood grew to a panic.

What she could not see were the stereo speakers surrounding her in a room that was definitely not a part of any hospital. In fact, she was still in the warehouse rented out for the party, subjected to an aural hoax that were it from a movie would have won an Oscar.

Outside, peering through the large observation window, Carla looked on as Jodie came up beside her. They both watched the struggling, shouting Nicole for a moment before Jodie asked, “Is everything to your satisfaction?”

Carla nodded. “Perfectly.”

They stood there a moment more admiring the sight of their rubber asylum patient writhing in her chair before Jodie spoke again. “You sure she’s not going to be sore with you, pranking her like this?”

She told me, ‘Make it something memorable’. I think this counts.” They both had a laugh at that. “Okay, time to get this show on the road. Go downstairs and see that our guests are ready for the tour. I’ll join you in a minute.” Jodie went down the corridor as Carla quietly walked into the room holding her rubber captive.

Nicole’s heart was pounding as she heard the sound of footsteps approaching. Someone was in the room! She could do nothing but whimper and writhe. Then, she felt hands gently gliding across her shoulders, down her arms. Someone sat on her, straddling her lap. The hands cradled her head, and she felt a gentle kiss on her gag.

“Hey, roomie.” It was Carla! Nicole moaned as fingers played across her breasts and played with her erect nipples. “Ooh, looks like I was right. You are enjoying yourself.” She laughed a bit. “I was nervous, you know, that you wouldn’t go for it, that you hadn’t felt the same as I did that night. But when I saw you in the dressing room I could see you were as excited as I was to be together again. So, I took a chance.” Her hands gently kneaded Nicole’s breasts. “Did I guess right?”

Nicole nodded, moaned even more loudly and writhed under Carla’s ministrations. “I’m so glad to hear it! Now, our clients will be here any minute. They’ll be coming through in groups over the course of the next hour or so. You be a good girl and do your job. When it’s over I have plans for us to have dinner. I’m amazed we have a fetish-themed restaurant in this town, never mind one with a Michelin star.” When Nicole made a querying sound Carla explained, “Well, we have another show at midnight, and I can’t expect you to change twice in one night! Don’t worry, the restaurant is wheelchair-accessible.” She kissed the ball of Nicole’s gag once more. “And, I got roses.”

Carla dismounted as Nicole shook her head and “Mmphed!” in protest. “Oh, none of that. I have a feeling you’ll get to like your new outfit very much. You’ll certainly be wearing it a lot, won’t you? Okay, I have to go, but here’s a bit of inspiration. Have fun!” With that, she pulled out the remote for the butterfly nestled in Nicole’s crotch and pressed the button. Carla stood behind the chair and caressed Nicole’s head and chest while the vibrator brought her to a climax. With a final kiss on the crown of her captive actor’s head she whispered, “It goes off every twelve minutes. See you in a few hours!” Then she walked out, leaving Nicole wrapped in her white rubber prison that endlessly glided across her skin, wondering if she could last that long without really going crazy.



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