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Enslaved by the Nipples

by Edrubber

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© Copyright 2015 - Edrubber - Used by permission

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I was recently divorced because I had a problem with premature ejaculation. I was not the greatest lover around to women. Then a man changed my sexual desires, transforming me into a rubber trans bitch whore by playing with my nipples. I was receiving royalties from a mechanical directory booklet I wrote a few years ago. Since the divorce I was checking out the sex webs and to my surprise enjoying the male submissive stories more than the regular sex webs.

It got to the point where I decided to get out and visit a Sex store and go into the booths mentioned in the webs. I wondered around by myself in the booth areas checking out the side holes so often mentioned in the web stories, only this place had metal windows only about 10 inches vertical by about a foot horizontal, that one would open or leave it closed if total privacy was desired. As I was getting acquainted with the surroundings with the door locked, there was a knock on the window on my right side which I decided to ignore since this was a discovery visit to take my time and plan so that eventually I could return and find out if I would enjoy taking a male dick in my mouth or in my ass. At this time the idea of taking in my mouth was not possible unless it was protected with a condom.

As I walked away from the booth area into the main area of the store, a man was walking in my direction with a half-smile on his face, holding his enlarged dick through his clothing with both hands as if inviting me back into the booth area. I almost returned but, the thought of handling this new sex encounter without the preparations I needed to make it plausible, drove me away from the store and on my way to the parking lot and my car. As I got to my car and was opening the door, I noticed that the man had come out of the store and was walking in my direction. I got in my car fast and started to back out in order to drive away from there. I decided that if it was ever to happen, it would be at my own pace and conditions.

As I was about to move forward, a brand new Mustang backed out in front of me completely blocking my way. It was him, the guy from the store. At this point I was so nervous that I started shaking and perspiring. The guy came out of his car and walked in my direction. He was in his middle fifties, around 180 pounds, 7”1’ and in good physical shape. As he got to my window he motioned for me to open it and with a smile said; "Hey friend could I ask you a big favor? I just bought that car and I can’t figure out how to work the radio and cd. Player, would you consider coming over and help me with it?" Since I had been blocked and could not get away, I for some reason pulled back into the parking spot and went to his new car that at this point was also back in the parking spot. I came to the passenger side of his vehicle and he reached over and opened the door asking me to go in.

As I got in, he extended his hand and said; "My name is Jayson by the way," at which point I took his hand and responded; "Hi, my name is Ed, Nice to meet you."

He continued; "Do you come to this store often? I don’t remember seeing you here before".

I responded; "Actually this is the first time for me".

He continued; "Well why not be friends and get acquainted?" ( I am not completely naïve and knew where this was going but decided to let it play out as a new adventure into my curiosity into the gay scene while keeping my left hand on the door handle.) He asked me to lean in the direction of the radio and asked me if I knew how to activate his CD player, and once I started to pay attention to the player, he stated that he preferred the gay dvd’s in the store and enjoyed the master submissive ones, "How about you? What are your preferences?"

Before I could answer he continued; "You seemed to be the submissive type to me but, a beginner. Why don’t you let me slowly guide you into the wonderful world of the best fulfilling sex of your life? We can go nice and easy at your pace and if you object, we can stop and five it time for adjustment. How about it? I know you are going to love it and I will too". I was overwhelmed with all this at once and had no immediate answer and while thinking he interjected and put his right arm around my back and reached over to my right nipple and after a little foundling founded and started to massage it between his fingers.

I reacted by an involuntary moan due to the fantastic feeling it was producing kind of dissolving some of my inhibitions of this new feeling in my groins, my rectal senses and suddenly the compulsion to actually consider taking a dick in my mouth. There was the concern however of the taste, the smell and the dangers of diseases. At this point he reached with his left hand into my shirt and started the same friction on my left nipple in conjunction with the right. I almost ejaculated with the incredible feeling this produced. At this point he told me to open his zipper and take out his dick and just slowly play with it just to get used to it and he added, "We can go slowly O.K.?"

At this point, with the continuous nipples action, I was losing the inhibitions being overtaken by a reckless need and desire to do what he was asking and more. The feeling of having his dick totally in my hand which was the first time I ever held someone else’s dick, was pleasant and getting me ready to take the next step. He then at this point asked me if I was ready for the next experience of my life and try putting it in my mouth, to which I instinctively answered; "Not without a condom, sorry".

He answered; "I fully agree, open the glove compartment", and as I did, I saw a box of none lubricated condoms and he continued; "take one out, and after taking out of its aluminum package, roll it over my dick, you are going to be surprised how you’re going to love this".

As I was complying with him the nipple action was driving me crazy with a craving to have that condom clad dick deep inside my ass. To my amazement, after the condom was installed, I lowered my head to his groin area and actually took the head of that dick into my mouth, sliding my tongue around it and then shoving as much of the length of it down the back of my mouth backing up a bit when I started gagging. At this point as involved in the distracting actions I was experiencing, I noticed something different. For one thing the left nipple was no longer being massaged, and I also noticed a lot of movement with his now free hand. I had my eyes closed all this time and as I opened them and lifted my head off his dick, I looked in his phone camera and at his face laughing and saying; "I got you now bitch. Now then, before I push send and spread your sucking dick action in the internet, take out your wallet and hand it to me".

I did as he demanded and after getting my driver’s license and two credit cards he took pictures of them and put them back in my wallet then returning it to me. Now, without the nipple action, I started to realize how damaging the consequences of my lewd actions would change my standing in the community and all my friends. I was in shock. At this point he pushed my head back down on his dick saying; "You got a job to finish bitch after which I am going to give you orders of the next steps of your change to a new world of servitude. From now on you will call me Master".

At this point, his left hand went back to massaging my left nipple and his right hand was now massaging my ass cheek, when suddenly he started to moan loudly and jerking his dick faster and faster in my mouth and coming inside the condom. He held my head down with his dick in it completely immobile for a few minutes then pushed my head away from his now deflating dick. I went for the door handle to get out of there fast, when he said; "Now bitch, I am going to drive to my house and you are going to follow me there in your car. I am going to give you some apparatus for you to train and do as homework. I will tell you when to return to my house, so make sure you remember how to get there. Do you understand it?"

I said meekly; "Yes".

He said; "Yes what?"

I responded; "YES MASTER".

He said; "That’s better and don’t you forget it from now on".

I got out of his car and snakingly walked over to mine, wondering on what kind of mess I allowed myself into. We drove for about ½ hour to a remote area near the everglades in Broward County, where we came to an isolated large almost mansion in the middle of nowhere. He stopped in front of the majestic front door entrance came around to my window and told me to stay in the car and wait. I stayed out there with the engine running because of the air-condition for a good 20 minutes until he came out carrying several items and made the motion for me to open the passenger door and got in and explained one by one of the articles I would be using every day from now on. He also told me that I would have four days for this inicial training before having to return to this house for my first servitude encounter.

He then showed me a dildo with a tube and air rubber bulb with a valve to be used in training my rectal dilatation. He said he expected to fuck me hard without having to stop because of bleeding or passing out from the pain. He continued; "So, if you know what’s good for you follow what I am telling you. Deflated this dildo is only ½ inch in diameter, but, fully inflated it will stretch to a complete 2 inches which will accommodate my dick and many more. You will push it in your ass, then, close these straps so that it will stay in. Every few hours pump it 2 or 3 times to make it larger and do not take it out until you reached the full 2 inches for at least 2 hours. It will not inflate over 2 inches so you do not have to worry about permanent injury. Once you got to 2 inches I want you to sleep with it in your ass a couple of nights to make sure".

"This is an enema rubber bag as you can see, with a larger than usual connector going into your ass, and when you shove it in, pump this rubber bulb to make sure it will stay in. This bag is a full gallon and ½. Start getting use to taking as much liquid as possible because eventually I or some of my friends will be giving them to you and we will make you take the full bag. Before you come back here make sure you gave yourself at least 5 enemas and your insides is completely clean. If you are not perfectly clean, the punishment will be a full bag inside with you hanging from the ceiling with the inflating bulb to completely preventing discharge of any kind for 2 hours or more depending on how pissed I am".

"This is a butt plug that you will keep inside your ass during the day while doing things around the house or going out for any reason. Be back here in 4 days, clean inside and ready to spend a buzzy bitching night".

He just got out of my car and went into the house without looking back. I looked at all the stuff on the seat next to me and could not believe that I was going to do this. Once I am away from this guy, I am gone forever I thought. I can always move away to another state make a new life and new friends. As I was driving back however, reality started hitting me that it was not that easy, he had my driver’s license number and could trace me . So for now I decided to follow the orders until I could figure a way to become independent again. I got home and put all the gadgets in their plastic sealed bags confirming that they were brand new and never used. I just sat there thinking of what to start with and when, after all I had four days plenty of time. But then, there was a lot to get accomplished and get use to and four days was not really that much time.

I grabbed the enema apparatus and headed to the bathroom. I took it out of its wrappings and place them on the sink. I went to my closet and got a large rubber mat I had purchased for exercise and placed it on the floor of the bathroom, next I warmed up the running water and filled the enormous smooth black rubber bag hanging it on the towel rack. I attached the rubber tube to the strange and different rectal inserter, then got the Vaseline because this was not going to go in without a lot of lubrication help. Naked I laid on the matt and ever so slowly started to push that large inserter in my asshole. It did not go, it was just too large I was thinking in getting the enormous butt plug and just slowly start inserting the tip of it and pushing it slowly in until my hole would be a little larger and maybe better able to take the enema inserter.

As I am contemplating all of this, to my surprise and pain, part of the inserter found its way in. My first reaction was to pull it out fast and stay completely immobile until the searing pain subsided, but, by just staying immobile with it inside, slowly the pain started diminishing and I got the feeling that if I could bear it a little longer, I would avoid having to go through this again. Another 10 minutes went by until I felt confident that it could be pushed further in to the position for action. After it was all in, I pumped the rubber bulb and had a very uncomfortable feeling inside such as one gets when one has to defecate in a hurry and real fast. I pressed the valve button deflating the inside stopper and stayed quite again for a few minutes then pumped it again but this time slowly one squeeze at the time and no more than 2 and ½ squeezes. It was time now for the ultimate discomfort and humiliating experience of the gut distending large enema.

At that stage I stopped and just laid there massaging my nipples to be able to get use to this incredible intrusion. The nipple action helped but that pleasure just was not there for some reason, maybe it was too much too fast. I stopped everything and just laid there and actually fell asleep for a time. When I woke up the discomfort was minimal and I was actually getting a strange pleasant feeling from the large intruder in my rectum. I started massaging my nipples again and as I moved, the rectum invader touched my insides in a way that I felt a jolt of incredible pleasure and almost ejaculated. I did not ejaculate but kept getting the incredible little orgasms like and my knees were shaking and weak. I decided not to continue with this fantastic feeling because if I ejaculated all this would turn to discomfort and pain for at least an hour or more.

I continued to massage my nipples and slowly open the water spigot. As the water came inside of me it would put a lot of pressure against the stopper trying to get out but after a little while the water seemed to find a way deeper and alleviate the entrance. I started feeling my bowels stretch and enlarge to pregnant proportions accompanied by cramps. At one point I figured that the large black rubber bag should be empty but, when I looked up to my amazement it was only half empty. Since this was the first enema I ever gave myself I decided to stop the flow of water and discharge the first batch hopping the second attempt would be more successful. Releasing the air out of the inflated retainer was a problem because I was not sure that I had the rectal muscle power to hold all that water back.

After thinking a little I turned myself on my right side and waited for the waves of expelling needs calmed down so that I could take it all out and hold it in until getting to the toilet for the great relief. It worked and what a relief it was, the stuff just gushed out by the gallons and after a long time it felt like it was all gone leaving an empty feeling in my guts. I filled the rubber back up again and started the process all over again. This time I was able to take a lot more water and instead of removing the inserter I just laid the big rubber enema bag inside the shower area and left the valve open so that the water inside of me just ran out in the shower drain. I repeated the process twice more and finally was satisfied that the water draining in the shower was clear and clean. I now had a process to follow for future enemas. But, the next step had to be conquered as well. THE ENLARGER DILDO.

I was thinking that I had enough for the first day of gayness but decided to advance as much as possible to be ready for the day when others would be handling me and I would not have the chance to stop and get acclimatized to the pain. After lubing the artificial penis as much as possible, maybe even overdoing it a bit, I finally got it inside of me and secured with the harness within over an hour. After some more time went by and it was becoming less painful inside, I played with my nipples again and started getting the inside orgasms again. They definitely where the best sensations I ever experienced because they would keep on going and I was not ejaculating. I found that I could get this pleasure constantly for hours if I wanted to. I finally went to my bed threw my rubber mat over it to protect it just in case and slowly and very conscious of the Amtrak locomotive lodged inside me was able to fall asleep.

I woke up around 2 or 3 in the morning with the urge to remove the locomotive and be done with it., but once fully awake I realized that this was just the beginning and I actually grabbed the rubber bulb and pumped it once. The immediate reaction was to press the valve and take the thing out. Again I patiently endured and played with my nipples until falling back to sleep while enjoying the constant mini orgasms. In the morning I got up and walked over to the shower incredibly conscious of the large appendage inside. I played with my nipples to have that fantastic orgasmic feeling again and while under the running shower unbuckled the harness, deflated the penis, and let it slide out and fall to the shower floor and being washed by the water from my shower. To my surprise it appeared nice and clean and all it needed was a good soaping and rinse. Now before I got out of the shower I had the last gadget to contend with, the diabolic butt plug.

I was convinced that it would not be as hard as all the other gadgets since once inserted the diameter of the resting place between the ass cheeks and the sphincter was only about ½ inch in diameter. The hard part was that the largest diameter before the relief was about 2 to 2 and ½ inches around, and no matter how fast I tried it would give me a long bending down grabbing my knees pain. I was correct in all my assumptions, but after about 5 or 8 minutes, it became perfectly lodged inside me giving me a pleasant sensation as I walked, constantly reminding me of the insatiable inside mini orgasms. I found myself at the super market having a difficult time concentrating on what to buy with the plug taking my full attention with every step forward.

At the end of the 3rd day I was fully trained and ready for whatever. I was easily taking the full rubber enema bag, I was up to the full 2 inches with the dildo trainer, and very acclimatized with the butt plug. It seemed that I was ready to be a slut bitch servant to that blackmailer son of a bitch. Tomorrow afternoon was the day of reckoning.

I arrived at the house exactly at 4 p.m. as ordered, parked the car in the rear of the building as instructed, then came around the front again and rang the bell. The door opened automatically and a voice in some sort of intercom said; "Go down the hallway open the door at the end of it and go down to the dungeon, once there strip and take the jar on the bench and apply it all over every area of your body, then after 10 minutes take a shower, then after drying yourself generally powder your body completely with the Johnson baby powder. Once you did all that just stand until someone comes to dress you for your night of bitch duties and obedience".

I did what I was told except after applying the stuff all over my body it started burning to a point where I ran to the shower and opened the water before the 10 minutes however to my dismay, no water came out and I had to stay there jumping from one leg to the other until the 10 minutes were up and the water gushed relieving me of the burning sensation and all of my bodily hair. After I got dried and was about to reach for the Johnson’s powder, the voice came on and said; "Delay the powder someone will come for you to give your punishment for not waiting the 10 minutes for the shower".

A tall strong athletic type totally dressed in a tight rubber outfit with large dick and balls also encased in form fitting rubber came in, grabbed me by the arm and walked me over to a bench well covered in soft leather upholstery with straps which he tied me to it with my ass in the air ready for the punishment. He walked over to a nearby wall covered with all types of whips, paddles, gags and other gadgets I could not identify, he grabbed a leather paddle with holes through the center about ten inches by 15 oblong with a 2 feet solid handle. I followed his walk back until he disappeared behind me, then, I heard a loud slap before I felt the searing pain on my ass realizing that the noise was my ass getting the full force of the paddle.

I involuntarily screamed and followed by some very sincere begging, "PLEASE, PLEASE, NO MORE I WILL NEVER DESOBEY AGAIN NO MATTER WHAT PLEASE MASTER".

As I was mumbling he simply put the paddle down and walked over to another shelve full of apparatus, picked an inflatable gag, shoved it in my mouth and after tying it in the back of my head, pumped to an incredible point that was I was worried about dislocating my jaw. When he was satisfied that I was now unable to make any more sounds, he returned behind me and I was made to withstand another severe 4 wacks of the paddle. He had a rubber hood and from the mouth hole I heard him say; "This is just a sample of punishment I don’t want to mark your ass too much but if need it I can always cover your ass bruises with rubber so that you can be fucked without the sight of blood".

I could not make any comments and naturally from this moment on I was going to make absolutely sure not to make comments or punishable mistakes. He untied me and got me up from the bench and by my arm directed me back to the area next to the shower and ordered me to powder my body and left the room and me powdering my body and gagged. He came back carrying a black shiny rubber suit, a rubber shiny head hood with eyes, nose and mouth openings he proceeded to take my gag off and dressing me. After I was completely rubberized he put a stiff shiny corset around my waist, a pair of fingerless rubber gloves and a pair of boots with high heel shoes attached.

After I was totally dressed and rubberized, he walked behind me and opened a small area directly in line with my rectum. Since this outfit was form fitting even in the ass area, one would have to stick a finger or a dick to noticed the convenient entrance. He walked me over to a well-padded rubber table kind of that was built like a working drawing stand at an angle he pushed me against it and made me bend over it. As I was waiting for the inevitable he reached in the collar of my suit and pressed something that to my happy pleasant surprise activated small metal circles on top of my nipples to vibrate driving me crazy with desire of being fucked and get the happy mini orgasms. At this point I was so hot that I could care less of how large or long it would be, I just wanted to be fucked.

After a long time, I heard several voices and comments like; "wau, beautiful ass who’s going first?" A familiar voice said; "It’s my property so I’m going to fuck it first, but, one of you can pull up the tall seat, put a condom on and get a nice long blow job until I’m finished the first time".

I was seeing a rubberized individual bringing the tall seat right in line with my face, when I felt a finger sliding inside my rectum lubing it with something. The finger pulled out and the pressure of the large dick I already was acquainted with since the parking lot blow job, pushed in and even with all the training over the four days, it made me tremble with pain, but I stayed quiet and did not move or complained, I knew better by now. He shoved it all the way in and started fucking me like a bat out of hell as promised. Within a short time the pain left and I was in orgasmic heaven. The guy in front got into position and forced his condom covered dick in my mouth. With the nipple action, the fucking action the dick in my mouth became also a pleasure.

With all this going on, one of them grabbed my hand and made me hold his large dick making the movements for me to masturbate it following by my other hand for the same activity. One could say I was totally being used. Little did I know that was just the beginning of that nights activities and the start of my new life in submission and sexual enslavement. The Master eventually pumped my ass with rigorous force and speed after which he moaned loudly and came to a stop just laying on top of me and breathing hard while slowly losing his erection inside of me. I could not tell whether he filled my ass with his come, or he filled a condom with it.

The comments between them answered my doubts when one of them said, "Here is the condom waste bucket". He finally pulled out and gave my ass a hard good slap, which gave me the idea that this section was over and somehow I was going to be dismissed and the drive home was eminent. Nothing was further from the activities that followed that night. Before I could make any movements, another dick larger than the Master’s slammed into my ass hole and pumped ardently making me wet my rubbers with pre-cum but, increasing the pleasures of the internal orgasms that just kept giving incredible pleasure without signs of ending until the fucking and the nipple vibrations stopped.

Eventually the dick furiously banging in me slowly got larger and as expected I had another guy laying on my back resting and breathing hard. That I could remember I had 2 ass fucking and 3 blow jobs completed. I figured that they must have had a good sex night and it should be time to distract to other activities such as drinking or telling jokes. But, I was wrong; I felt a hand lifting me from the bent over position and surrounding me in a bear hug just above my stomach, lifting me off the floor and slowly impaling me on his 10 inch dick and starting to flap me in a forward and backwards motion making gravity and impalement the fucking motions for the next 20 minutes.

In as much that I was in mini orgasm pleasure, all this friction was beginning to turn my insides into a painful and possibly swollen irritated delicate internal tissue. It began to hurt enough where I could no longer distinguish the pleasure from the pain. The big guy flopping me over his dick like I was a rag doll, went into a furious velocity, loudly yelled his grunts of pinnacle of sexual final pleasure and very abruptly lowered me down to my feet, exited me and walked away. I stood with shaking knees somewhat off balance seeking a point of support to avoid falling down. I was able to reach over to the table I had been bent over and avoid falling to the ground.

I kept looking at the floor avoiding the possible next events. A large strong hand grabbed me by the neck and started moving me in the direction of the showers area. Once there he told me that I was to very carefully take all the rubber garments off, and then turned them inside out, wash them and dry them with an electric dryer on the table. With the nipple action stopped and the orgasms gone, I started to feel the pains of the assault on my ass and mouth. My rectum was feeling swollen and painful and my jaw and throat also reflected aching over use. I did as told carefully taking off the garments and spent the next two hours washing drying and bring them to the original clean and hanging condition. I then just very carefully and somewhat painfully sat on the bench waiting for orders.

The big guy came back in and handed me a rubber tight shorts with the slit in the rectum area, a rubber T shirt and the high heeled boots I had on all night. He then said; "Put these on then get in your car and go home. Good luck in not getting raped in this outfit and be ready for a call for your next orders within the next week".

He handed me a rubber bag with a zipper and inside my wallet and keys to my car. I obediently dressed into the incredible fuck me outfit while thinking, once out of here I will take these boots off and when the area is clear of people I can run inside the house. I was lucky that they did not have any further tricks, and I was happy to find myself inside the house without further problems. I carefully cleaned and put the high heeled boots away then gathered all the training gadgets and placed them back into their plastic bags and put them away thinking of staying away from any rectal or oral activities for some time to come. I had not eaten since the day before yesterday but, as hungry as I was, I was afraid to eat and having to defecate trough the very swollen and painful rectum. I did the only logical thing I could, I jumped in my bed and fell soundly asleep dressed in the rubber outfit I was given.

The sun rays woke me up and I was feeling the sweat inside the rubber making every move feel like fingers massaging me as a second skin. My rectum was swollen and very sore while my mouth and throat felt just a little soreness and tired like. I turned the T.V. on and decide I was going to stay in bed all day to recuperate. Late in the afternoon I had to urinate and when at the bathroom relieving myself I was surprised to find out that my rectum no longer hurt, was no longer swollen and actually felt empty and comfortably empty and loose. I surmised that intense rectal abuse was easily and shortly rehabilitative. I made myself an omelet and bacon beans and finally enjoyed some very needed nutrition.

Two days later well rested and completely recuperated, I got back in the rubber outfit and started unwrapping the rectal gear. I realized that I was never going back to any kind of normal heterosexual life. If I never got a call from that son of a bitch, I probably would start going to bath houses and xxx video stores for more inner orgasms. I got my orders after an 8 day vacation and after the enemas got dressed in the outfit they gave me to leave there the last time and reported to the front door. I was showered and dressed as before but then I was put into a rubber straight jacket and placed in the back of a limo, I was blindfolded and could only hear the conversations of 3 or 4 men. Then after about half an hour into our trip, I was bent over the seat and felt my legs being pushed apart and the body of a man positioning behind me and placing the head of his large dick pushing into my ass. I was surprised that as he penetrated me the pain came back somewhat as if my rectum shrunk. It soon felt better again and my fantastic inner orgasms began to pleasure me and pre-cum drops were once again wetting the inside of my rubber garment.

I was fucked at least four times during the trip and gave one long and slow blow job from start to a vibrant finish. At the rubber convention I was chained to a pole for anyone to touch me, squeeze my ass cheeks, stick a finger in my ass, but at the pole no one was permitted to fuck me. At the next station I was not as lucky. I was placed in a sling with my legs and arms chained and my ass hanging through the bottom of it. The chains to the sling went up to a large wheel with the shaft on the edge of it where the rings of the sling where placed. As the wheel turned it lifted and lowered the sling moving my ass up and down on the dick of the person lying on the rubber mattress under the contraption. It was obvious to me that they had a control to the speed and position of the shaft in order to make the strokes on the dick longer and shorter and slower and faster.

On the way back I was not put into the rubber straight jacket and was left alone to sleep on the floor of the limo while the rest of them just flopped and slept on the seats. I was used in all kinds of gadgets contraptions for another 9 months until the Master son of a bitch had a heart attack and the group sessions was ended. As predicted I became a customer of bath clubs and video xxx stores carefully making sure no one could become too involved again. I was given a lot of the rubber outfits from the dungeon and became a user of them including the corset which with its constant use and some hormones, I attained a fantastic feminine hour glass figure that is now a lucrative bitching money maker.

The end

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