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Jessica Darling 3: Bad Cocoa!

by Michael England

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© Copyright 2009 - Michael England - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; F/f; D/s; latex; corset; catsuit; statue; cons; X

LEGAL NOTICE: This is purely a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. continued from chapter 2

Chapter 3: Bad Cocoa!

"Jessica!  Come on!  Let's go meet her!"  Heather tugged on Jessica's arm, dragging her along to the anteroom behind the stage.  This is where Brulée had retreated to after her "performance... apparently she is 'spent' from the effort of supporting the gala." the gala chairwoman snorted in response to Jessica's inquiry... "She is not taking visits from her 'adoring' public at this time is how it was explained to me when I went back there a few minutes ago."
"Heather, I can't go back there!  I've got nothing to do with this gala!  They're only borrowing the place from me!"  Jessica was trying to politely dump Heather so she could head back to the stage for a closer look at that peculiar statue.
"Jessica!" Heather planted a hard swat onto Jessica's latex-clad ass "You OWN this fucking place!  You can go anywhere you God-damned want to!!!  Now let's fucking GO!"  Before Jessica could protest further, Heather had managed to pull her away from the base of the stage and resumed dragging her towards the anteroom behind the stage.
"Guess I might as well meet the ‘illustrious’ Ms. Brulée now."  Jessica murmured under her breath as she watched Brulée's assistants start to wheel 'Model Behaviour' off the stage.  Jessica quickly switched roles with Heather, and with her buxom friend in tow, made a beeline backstage.  That is, until they were stopped at the entrance to the anteroom by a rather muscular woman, clad in what could best be described as a rather skimpy silver gladiatrix outfit constructed entirely of skintight rubber and plastic.
"I'm sorry?  I don't think I heard you right?" Jessica quizzed, what she assumed was one of Brulée's bodyguards, as she struggled to maintain what was becoming a rapidly fleeting grip on her sense of calm.
"I'm sorry, you're not allowed back here.  Madame Brulée is not taking visitors at this time.  If you wish an autographed picture you can purchase them off her website."  The gladiatrix replied, her arms still folded across her chest.
"Autograph?  I'm not some Brulée fan-girl looking for a freakin' autograph you steroid freak!"  Jessica began to fume...
"I am, I'd like an autograph..." Heather whispered from behind Jessica.
"I own this fucking place!  I'll have Ms. Crème Brulée and her over-hyped, self-promoting, middle-aged drag-queen looking ass tossed out of here in a nanosecond if you don't get out of my Goddamn way.  NOW!!!"  Jessica raged at the gladiatrix as she closed to about within a foot from the woman.  Jessica had already queued up another verbal grenade in what was rapidly becoming one of Jessica's rare venom-laced tirades and was about to launch it when the door to the anteroom violently swung open.
"Cocoa!!!  What the FUCK do you think you're doing!!!"  The gladiatrix snapped with military precision to rigid attention at Brulée's roar.  "That happens to be Miss Jessica Darling!!!  Who just so happens to be our generous and gracious host this evening!  I didn't give you FUCKING permission to treat Jessica Darling like some kind of discount supermarket store denizen!!!"  Brulée punctuated her point with a hard slap across the gladiatrix's cheek.
"I'm sorry Madam Brulée!  Your instructions were clear that you were not to be disturbed!  I was only trying to obey Madame's..." her words were cut off by another, even harder, slap across her taught face delivered by Brulée.
"I don't care what you were fucking told!!!  You were trained better than that!!!  You don't treat your Hostess with such blatant disrespect!!!" Brulée hissed as the gladiatrix named Cocoa backed away and took up a submissive posture.  "Perhaps I need to remind you of that once we return home."  Brulée quickly closed in on her apologetic bodyguard and grabbed her by the braid of hair dangling from the back of her head.  "You will beg forgiveness from your Hostess right this instant or I promise you that I will make you regret it!!!" Brulée growled as she shook Cocoa's head violently.
"Yes Madam!!!" the gladiatrix quickly replied as Brulée released her grip on her head.  She seemingly instinctively lowered her head and dutifully turned to Jessica.  Cocoa's eyes never shifted their gaze from the floor a few inches in front of her feet and did as instructed:  "Lady Darling, please forgive my failure to obey you Mistress.  To atone for my failure I willingly submit myself to you for punishment."
The awkward silence that followed for several moments was finally broken with Heather uttering a hushed "Jesus!"
Brulée shifted her gaze from her kowtowing bodyguard towards Jessica and her companion, her eyes finally returning the stare that Jessica had targeted onto Brulée since the moment she opened the anteroom door.
"Ms. Darling!  Please, please accept my sincerest apologies for the rude manner in which you and your friend were treated just now." Brulée had regained her composure and returned to 'show-woman' mode.  "My bodyguard only had my interests in mind.  I get so many request for visits after a performance that I've had to impress a rather strict enforcement of my 'no-visitors' policy lately."
"I gathered that from the response this evening" Jessica admitted.
"If you wish, I will have Cocoa punished to your instructions." Brulée reminded Jessica.
"No.  I think you've got that quite handled Ms. Brulée." Jessica had no idea what 'punishment' meant to Brulée, but in Jessica's private world it usually meant that she had disappointed her partner in some way and Jessica would be required to atone to her in some manner.
Brulée dismissed the admonished gladiatrix, and invited Jessica in to chat.  Heather, apparently an afterthought to Brulée, scurried in after Jessica just before Brulée shut the door.
"And you are..." Brulée finally inquired of Heather as she began to help herself to one of the many glasses of chilled champagne sitting on an anteroom side table.
"Oh..." Heather stammered "Miss Brulée!  I'm so happy to meet you!  Heather Jensen!  I'm a big fan of yours!"  Jessica rolled her eyes as she watched Heather do everything but curtsy.
"Ah.... yes.... Ms. Jensen!"  Brulée began to comprehend.  "I know of your work… quite 'imaginative' if I remember correctly.  You certainly are well-known in your profession!"  Brulée's attitude towards the porn star brightened as her mental notes on Heather came into focus.  'Imaginative' to Brulée meant that Heather Jensen had developed a reputation in the porn industry for doing very 'creative' things in her movies, particularly in her fetish offerings.
"Thank you!"  Heather smiled.  "I was hoping to meet you tonight!  I wanted to talk with you about modeling for you!"
"Modeling for me?  I'm not sure... I've very selective about whom I extend the privilege to."  Brulée feigned flattery before she appeared to reconsider.  "Hmmm... well.... let's see...." Brulée began to walk around the starlet as she began to scan her repeatedly from head to toe and back again, apparently to assess her 'suitability' for her purposes.  After a few moments, Brulée stepped back and commanded Heather:  "Drop your dress."
Heather didn't hesitate for an instant, and seemingly within seconds had undone the four large buckles on the front of her dress, wiggled out of it, and dropped it to the floor, leaving her completely nude in the center of the anteroom.
"Mmmm.... nice...firm ass... solid legs... shaved.... breasts not too overdone..." Brulée had returned to her 360o scan of Jessica's friend before she returned to her original position in front of Heather.
"Show me your labia." Was the next directive Brulée issued to Heather.
For Heather, this ordinarily would have been a normal request.  She had to show herself in auditions and shoots before.  But she hesitated in this instance.
"I asked you to show me your pussy.  I must assess every aspect of my potential models my dear Ms. Jensen.  It provides me with insights into how I can best use them to support my works."  Brulée impatiently explained.
Heather quickly plopped herself down on the ottoman next to Brulée, seductively raised both her long legs into the air and spread them as if she were performing one of her gentleman's club 'dance' routines.
Brulée reached down between Heather's open legs and lightly manipulated her lips, moving them around as if she were conduction a cursory medical examination before she stood back up and directed Heather to put her dress back on.  "I see promise my dear." Brulée decided as Heather shimmied her way back into her tight latex dress.  "I can think of a several poses you would be a candidate for my sweet."
"Think so?  That's so awesome!  I'd be honored to pose for you Miss Brulée." Heather giggled as she finished buckling the front of her dress.
"I'll direct my personal secretary to contact you in the next few weeks to set something up."  Brulée concluded, as she finally turned her attention to Jessica.  "And Ms. Darling!  What can I possibly do for you?  Perhaps you'd like to pose for me as well?  You certainly look delicious in that outfit of yours."
"No... I'm not much of the model type." Jessica returned.  "I'd like to thank you for helping to make this gala such a big success.  But I'd particularly like to know more about how you made the greeters that met everyone in the hallway and your experiences with Linda Cardinalli."
"Well, I'm sure this little gala would have been just as successful without my contribution." Brulée replied unconvincingly.  "I'm just an artist who happens to have a pulse on what her audience wants."  Brulée retrieved a glass of champagne and sat down in the opulent chair in next to the fireplace.
Jessica noticed that although Brulée had removed her platform boots long before their entrance into the room, she was still several inches taller than her and thus felt a little relief when Brulée sat down.  Even with Jessica's martial arts training, she wouldn't be able to put up much of a fight in her rather restrictive outfit compared to Brulée.  It was then that Jessica also noticed something peculiar about Brulée's latex catsuit:  It didn't appear to have any visible seams.
"Oh, I'm certain of that as well..." - Jessica goaded Brulée - "but that statue of yours certainly impressed someone this evening and certainly managed to fetch a tidy sum."  Jessica attempted to refocus the conversation onto her desire to learn more about the elusive Brulée and the auctioned piece.
"Well... I suppose it is one of my best efforts so far" Brulée dismissed, accompanied by a wave of her hand.
"I really couldn't say myself; I'm not nearly as familiar with your work as Heather is." Jessica continued.  "But from what I could see of it I must say that the level of detail is amazing!  Just what is it made of?"
"Its a combination of media my dear Ms. Darling, all my own inventions and quite proprietary in nature.  But, I'll tell you that this particular work is a mixed media effort of a special resin and a composite plaster-like substance."  Brulée teased Jessica with only the barest information in what was evolving into a verbal fencing match.
"And Ms. Cardinalli..." Jessica thrust her next question into Brulée's defenses:  "I wasn't aware that she had disappeared.  Just how recent was her session with you?"
Brulée straightened in her chair slightly as Jessica's investigative instincts began to assert themselves.  "Well Ms. Darling..."  Brulée parried "When one is as integral a part of the celebrity world as I am, you hear many things that the average person is not aware of.  Or even necessarily true for that matter."
Jessica was about to execute her counter to Brulée's weak reposte when a knock on the anteroom door interrupted the match.
"My Lady?" A petite short-haired blond in a latex schoolgirl outfit and black patent leather oxford pumps with, what Jessica visually measured as, 5" heels stood in the doorway.
"Yes Taffy?  What is it?" Brulée inquired, her voice dripping with impatience at the intrusion, as she held her gaze on Jessica.
"Crème, the plane is ready at the airport, we can leave the moment you are ready." the blond sheepishly informed the seated artist.
"Very well Taffy.  Inform everyone that I'll be leaving now." Brulée responded as she dismissed the blond with a waive of her hand.
"Well Ms. Darling..." Brulée rose to her feet.  "As you hear, people are waiting for me, and I'm quite tired from all my efforts this evening.  So, again, I'd like to truly thank you for your gracious hospitality and compliment you on maintaining such a quaint estate.  I especially appreciated the champagne you provided.  Its quite delicious."
"Oh, you're quite welcome Ms. Brulée.  It was the least I could do for a worthy cause.  And I thank you for the compliment, champagne is a recent expansion for our 'quaint' winery, and this is the first vintage we've released.  I'll see that a case or two are sent to you."  Jessica offered a polite smile and began to walk towards the door.
"And don't forget about the modeling session?"  Heather reminded Brulée as she scurried to follow Jessica.
"Oh, absolutely my dear.  I'll direct my staff to contact you soon."  Brulée replied before she shut and locked the door behind her just departed guests.


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