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Figure Training

by Ultraprene

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© Copyright 2002 - Ultraprene - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; F/f; M/mf; latex; encased; mum; bodymod; machine; cons; X

Note: For background,you may want to read Ultraprene's other stories, "The Academy Museum" and "The Teleslave." Acknowledgement: I thank Fnatasia and Jester for their generous help and suggestions.

One day Elizabeth read in a fetish publication that the Academy of Erotic Arts and Sciences was seeking volunteer subjects to test a new method of improving the female figure.  Having visited the Academy Museum on a few occasions, she was aware of their excellent reputation and innovative projects.  She thus phoned the Academy and was put in touch with John, the engineering Director and the Principal Investigator of the Figure project. He invited Elizabeth to visit the next day.

Upon arriving, she was shown to John's office and asked to have a seat.  John immediately saw that Elizabeth was a strikingly beautiful lady with a gentle expression and manner.  Her small breasts were round and well shaped, and her waist was slim.  He thus asked why she wanted to participate.  Her answer was that on a few occasions in her life some rude and ill-mannered boys had made fun of her figure and she had thus been convinced that a larger bust was necessary for social acceptance. 

John wanted another subject for his experiment, but still felt it necessary to reassure the gentle Elizabeth that her belief was really unfounded and that she should not define herself by the remarks of a few cads.  However, she would not change her mind and began asking about the process.  "Is it surgical or does it inject anything?"

"As a matter of fact," John replied,  "it is neither.  The process involves some very confining bondage, but nothing dangerous or painful."

Elizabeth was immediately intrigued.  She was, of course, a dedicated bondage enthusiast.  This sounded exciting.

John continued.  "The process takes about three weeks.  Can you take the time off?"

"Yes, I think so, if we can start next week, but I would like to know a little more about how this works."

John said, "The process involves shaping the body through tight moulds, combined with gentle suction and centrifugal force.  Most of the subjects so far have actually enjoyed it a lot."

John rose from his chair and beckoned to Elizabeth to follow him to the lab.

As they approached the laboratory door, Elizabeth heard the soft whine of electric motors.  The sound became a bit louder as John opened the door and ushered her in.  The room looked like a typical industrial laboratory with long tables laden with tools and electronic test equipment, but what caught Elizabeth's eye was the array of machines along the far wall, the apparent source of the motor sounds. 

There were five vertical tanks or cylinders each about half a meter in diameter and about two and a half meters long. Each was mounted in a C-frame which supported it at both ends and the frame was in turn attached to a stand on the floor.  To the right of the others was a sixth frame without a cylinder.  As Elizabeth tried to focus her eyes on one of the cylinders its surface was somehow blurry and it was at that moment she realized why.  It was spinning at a rapid rate.  In fact all of them were.

John perceived her puzzlement and hastened to explain.  "Those are the figure training apparatus.  Each of the five cylinders contains a volunteer subject.  Three are males and two are females.  This is how it works.  Each cylinder splits lengthwise into two halves.  The inside is hollowed out into the exact shape fit to the body the subject _wants_ to have.  In one sense it is like traditional figure training with corsets and other constricting devices, but these suffer from one big limitation--they can only reduce, not expand.

"The cavities are actually oversize in the areas we want to enlarge, such as women's breasts and buttocks, or men's penises. The centrifugal force of spinning, combined with gentle suction draws out the undersize parts to fill out the cavities, while the tight constriction of the mould reduces the areas that we want to slim down, such as the waist.  By the way, we tried suction alone but if it was strong enough to have any useful effect, it soon caused pain and irritation."

Elizabeth had of course done some corset training and realized that the reductions had to be done in steps over time, not all at once.  She had learned the hard way that too sudden a reduction was really painful, so she asked. 

John agreed that this was so and that his initial explanation had been a bit over-simplified.  The mould itself achieved only the first stage in compressing the areas to be reduced.  For further reduction, there was a double rubber lining with numerous separate pockets that could be inflated with compressed air or a gel under pressure.  These could exert whatever additional pressure was necessary after the subject had adapted to the initial closing of the fitted cavity.  This inflation would take place gradually over the first two or three days.

Elizabeth continued staring at the whirling cylinders as she answered, "That's quite amazing, but how can you tell they're OK in there?"

"First of all, each subject is connected to a full set of physical monitoring instruments.  See the computer screens on that bench?  Well, they give the readouts of electrocardiogram, electroencephalogram (brain activity), pulse rate, respiration, muscle tone, skin moisture, and engorgement of the sex organs. The computers analyze these data and if anything is out of bounds, we get an alarm.  Second, the subjects have a "panic button" which they can trigger with pre-arranged finger pressures.  Finally, they are regularly given erotic stimulation and we monitor their response.  If they react normally to the stimulation, that's one more sign they are OK."

Elizabeth's eyes lit up as John mentioned the erotic stimulation and she asked for details.  He replied, "Of course there is what you would expect, such as vibrators applied to the sensitive areas.  Some subjects also receive mild electrostimulation.  But in addition, the subjects are fitted with earphones for audio input and the eyes are against video eyepieces so they can watch television images.  Sight and sound can be quite potent stimulator themselves." 

"But how long do they stay in these tanks?"

"Typically three weeks to a month.  But in your case, the amount of improvement we need is slight so three weeks should be more than enough."

"But how many hours a day do they spend in the thing during the month?"

"Unless something goes wrong, the whole time."

"A month?  Continuous?  How can they stand it?  Don't you have to take them out, you know, for their physical needs?"

John answered, "In most cases we purge them first and give them Hibernex.  Surely you have read about it in the Academy literature?  It slows down body functions so they can go many weeks without eating or eliminating.  Even breathing is considerably reduced.  But they are still conscious and have full feelings.  The only exception right now is the second cylinder from the left.  She really dislikes the sensations of being on Hibernex so she prefers to be fitted with clinical plumbing.  You notice the rotary seals at the bearings of her cylinder?  Those are to allow fluids to be supplied and removed while the cylinder rotates."

"I guess the stimulation relieves the boredom, too," Elizabeth suggested. 

John said, "It does relieve boredom while making the experience more pleasant.  And the erotic arousal helps expand the sex organs, especially for the fellows, although it helps the women's nipples shape up, too. 

"Even so, this whole business sounds a bit extreme," said Elizabeth.  "I'm not sure I want to go through with it."

John said, "What would you like to do, then?  We certainly don't want to pressure you into signing on."

"Well, could I try the idea out for a short time to see whether I like it?"

"The only problem with that is it costs a lot to make a figure trainer for you.  As you must realize the inner mould has to be custom fitted to your body, and then if you don't use it, all that work and material goes to waste."

Elizabeth continued to gaze at the line-up of figure trainers as she pondered the pros and cons of the opportunity before her. She had certainly tried enough bizarre ideas in the past and the great majority of them had turned out better than she had anticipated.  As she scanned the line again she noticed a dark stripe near one end of each cylinder.  They alternated, The first had the stripe near the top, the next two near the bottom, and the last two at the top.

"What are those stripes for," she asked.

"Those just show which is the head end." 

"You mean the ones with the stripe at the bottom are upside down?"

"That's right," John replied.  "When the body has started to sag through the cumulative effect of gravity, the best way to reverse it is to do the figure training with gravity pulling the other way.  I see by the astonished look on your face that you find this hard to believe."

"As a matter of fact, I do.  I have done a few suspension sessions upside down and after even a few minutes the blood rushes to my head and I really start to feel miserable.  Isn't it even dangerous if it goes on long enough?"

"You're right, Elizabeth.  But I suspect your sessions were simple suspension without a mould.  Inside the mould it's quite different.  It is so tight that it neutralizes the tendency for fluids to migrate to whatever end is down.  Think of it this way. If your internal fluids flow to your head, it would normally cause your head to swell, but with the mould around it, it can't. The external and internal pressures balance--sort of the way you lose sense of up-and-down under water since whichever end is down sees a deeper water pressure.  Besides, the rubber pressure cells at whichever end is down are pumped up so they add to the effect. As a matter of policy we never keep a figure training subject inverted for more than a day.  That's why we have the cylinder supported in the C-frame; it lets us turn the cylinder over.  But in the Museum, we've occasionally had living sculpture volunteers encased in ultraprene and inverted for weeks with no complaints or discomfort, nor any abnormal monitor readings."

Elizabeth sat on one of the lab stools and thought for several minutes, periodically looking up at the endlessly spinning cylinders in front of her.  Finally she spoke up.

"I have an idea.  Is there by any chance you'll have an additional trainer, a seventh cylinder?"

"As a mater of fact we have a seventh almost finished in the shop.  It should be done in a day or two.  Why do you ask?"

"Well, I have a boyfriend named James who shares my kinky interests.  He's the one I've done most of those sessions with. We've also experimented with the Teleslave system.  I'm sure you're familiar with it since it was developed, or at least tested, at the Academy.  He usually plays Dom but he's switchable.  If I can get him to volunteer, what do you think of putting each of us in a figure trainer and connecting us by the Teleslave system.  It would certainly be a source of stimulation."

"Hmm," John replied.  "That certainly sounds interesting, and we do have a system we can use.  As for interconnecting them, the cylinders have extra sliprings so there should be no technical problem transmitting the Teleslave signals between the cylinders. Do you have your own probe and sheath? They're best when custom fitted."

"Sure do!"

"OK, then.  See if you can convince James."

Part 2

The train was late so by the time Elizabeth got home, it was already bedtime and James was worried and impatient.  He yelled, "Where the hell have you been?  You were supposed to be home hours ago!" 

Elizabeth, being tired and grouchy, too, shouted back, "Where do you get off telling me when I can come and go?"

The argument flew back and forth for several exchanges until James suddenly realized how he was hurting his gentle Elizabeth. He took a moment to calm himself and apologized for his outburst.  "Is there any way I can make it up to you?"

Elizabeth thought for a minute and responded with a smile, "I think there is a way.  First, let's calm down.  Why don't we finish the little bit of wine left from yesterday?  Here are a couple of glasses.  After that, relieve yourself--you may be in this for a while.  Then get into your full coverage rubber catsuit and get out your body board."

Anxious to get back into Elizabeth's good graces, James promptly complied.  He went to the closet and took out the contoured board and laid it on the two saw horses.  Then he went to the bathroom in preparation for donning the suit.  When he emerged, he was a shiny black latex sculpture with only his eyes, mouth, and two nasal tubes showing.  His cock filled the suit's thin latex sheath, and it was clearly aroused. 

"Very good, Dear," said Elizabeth, kissing his rubber-covered cheek and then his still-exposed lips.

Elizabeth then completed his enclosure by inserting an inflatable gag and cementing its front flange to the mouth opening of the hood.  She also sealed a padded rubber blindfold over the eye holes of his hood.

While James had been dressing, Elizabeth had done some preparation of her own.  She was now wearing a latex leotard and she had gotten out the mummification supplies, including a few recently-acquired extras that she had not yet showed James.  She commanded James to stand with his legs apart and arms out from his sides so she could begin the wrapping.  First, however, she dipped a rag in a pail of solution and began rubbing the liquid all over James's latex clad body.  While he certainly enjoyed the feeling, he was a little unsure just what Elizabeth was applying. 

"What is that, some sort of polish?" he asked

"Sort of, but all in good time." was Elizabeth's evasive reply.

Once James was fully coated, Elizabeth began the mummy-wrapping with the long strips of cloth bandages.  She was meticulous in the process, even winding the cloth around each finger of the rubber-gloved hands.  Once James's arms, legs, torso, and head were covered, she laid him on his back on the board which had been custom contoured to fit the back of his body.  Only his nose tubes and rubber-sheathed cock protruded through the wrapping. It was then that the beautiful Elizabeth began the final wrapping by passing the cloth strips around and around both James and his board.  James felt the increasing compression and snugness, along with the relaxation that comes with being comfortably immobilized.  Soon his entire length was wrapped one with the board. 

During the wrapping, James's relaxation had caused his arousal to subside, and now that she had finished the mummy- wrapping, the lovely Elizabeth gave him a few strokes to restore the excitement and signal that she had finished--at least the first part of his packaging. It was now that she got out the new supplies she had secretly bought.  She poured about two liters of resin into a small bucket and added the prescribed amount of hardener.  She explained each step to her lover since in his present condition he could neither see nor protest what was happening.  With a broad paintbrush, she began saturating the cloth wrapping with the resin. 

"Don't worry about your catsuit," she said, "The solution I applied is an anti-stick agent.  I also put it on the board before we started.  Even when this stuff hardens, it won't stick."

The thought of being encased in hardened resin suddenly gripped James with a wave of fear, but he quickly calmed himself with the knowledge that Elizabeth was too gentle, careful, and kind to allow him to come to harm.  He returned to that exciting mix of relaxation and erotic arousal. Shortly after the mummy-wrapping was saturated with resin, the mixture began to harden in a self-accelerating reaction.  Within minutes, James was a completely rigid shell.  Not even the slightest movement was any longer possible. Elizabeth tested the shell by knocking on it with her knuckle; it was as hard as wood.  She gave James another little rub and a lick to get him hard.  As soon as he was, she opened the bottom of her leotard and mounted him.  She rode him like a bronco for a few minutes until she could sense that he was near climax.  She quickly stopped and dismounted.

As the final touch, she got out the Teleslave apparatus.  They hadn't used it in a year and James had almost forgotten about it, but clever Elizabeth had not.  She slid the sensor sheath over James's now very hard tool and cemented the flange to the surface of his shell.  She connected the sheath to the control box and ran the second cable from the box to the dildo.  She turned on the power and gave the dildo a gentle squeeze.  The sheath exactly reproduced the pressure on James and a sigh came out of his breathing tubes.  A second later the dildo twitched slightly as it reproduced James's involuntary response.

Elizabeth finally unplugged her dildo from the direct cable and connected it instead to the wireless box.  The setup was now complete.  She could walk about and have James (or at least his important part) with her all the time.  She toyed with the dildo, keeping James on the brink of climax for about half an hour before undoing the bottom of her rubber leotard, inserting the proxy-James and re-closing the garment to hold the device inside her.  She then continued stimulating her lover by her internal contractions.  In the past she had used physiological monitors to keep track of James's level of excitement, but by now she could tell just from the movements of his cock.  She brought him close to climax four times before she noticed that it was already 2 A.M.  She went to bed with her tele-lover still inside her.

As she slept, Elizabeth's dreams were erotic fantasies, no doubt promoted by the occasional twitches of the robotic intruder. James, meanwhile, drifted in and out of sleep.  His total enclosure and isolation induced a deeply relaxed state, while the constant sensations of being inside Elizabeth produced just the opposite effect.  His night was interesting, to say the least.

Part 3

Elizabeth awoke late in the morning to the sound of her doorbell. 

Her first thought was "Oh Shit! I can't let anyone in with me dressed like this and James mummified in the living room." 

But then a familiar voice called her name.

"Elizabeth, are you there?  It's Suzie."

"Thank God! What a relief!" thought Elizabeth.

Suzie was the one friend with whom she shared her bizarre preferences and fetishes.  It seems she had been passing through Elizabeth's neighborhood and decided to stop in.  Even Suzie was taken aback by what she saw, but within a minute she was "into the scene." 

"This is a truly amazing setup.  Tell me what you did to him."

Elizabeth explained the entire process including the Teleslave apparatus.

"How long have you had him like this?"

"Since late last night.  I was about to take him out; I'm sure he has to take a leak," said Elizabeth as she removed the Teleslave sensor-stimulator from James.

"True, but why take him out?" asked Suzie.  "I notice his sheath has a tied off extension on the end.  We can just attach a tube and drain him into a jar or something.  Probably best to turn him over for that, though." Elizabeth took the head end, and Suzie the feet.  They shifted and rolled the James package on its sawhorses until it was face down.  Elizabeth untied the cord that closed off the latex extension of the sheath and stretched the extension slightly to get it over the end of a short rubber tube.  Meanwhile, Suzie found the empty wine bottle.

Elizabeth got close to James's ear and spoke loudly so he could hear through his encasement.  In a few seconds it was evident that he understood.  By the volume delivered, it was clear that this action had been quite necessary, especially with James's body so tightly compressed. Elizabeth emptied the bottle in the toilet and returned to help Suzie restore James to his original position. It was then that Suzie had an idea.  "It seems what's good for the gander would also be good for the goose." 

"Huh?" was Elizabeth's reply

"What would you think of being similarly packaged and mated with your boyfriend?  From the way you've explained it, I should be able to handle the process."

"Well," said Elizabeth, "it's worth a try.  We should have enough materials left."

A few minutes later Elizabeth was back, encased in her full-coverage catsuit.  The latex moulded perfectly to her exquisite figure, not only emphasizing, but actually enhancing every curve. She looked at the mummified James and regretted only that he couldn't see her.  James worshiped the gorgeous Elizabeth no matter what she wore, but when she was in that catsuit, it drove the fellow crazy. 

As soon as Elizabeth had donned her breathing mask, Suzie applied the anti-stick compound and began wrapping Elizabeth in much the same way as Elizabeth had done to James the night before. However, Suzie stopped once Elizabeth's body was completely wrapped.  She did not yet proceed with binding her legs together, nor her arms to her sides.  Instead, she helped Elizabeth to mount James, facing toward his feet. 

"Just a moment," said Suzie.  She picked up a small vibrator capsule and secured it to the underside of James's erection, near the base, holding it in place with a band of thin latex which she closed with rubber cement.  She ran the thin wire down James's legs and off to the side. A little lubricant helped James slide inside the thin latex sheath of Elizabeth's suit, causing the vibrator capsule to press against her clit and the front of James's latex-compressed scrotum.  With help from Suzie, Elizabeth raised her legs and drew them together.  At the same time she lay on top of the encapsulated James so her head just fit into his instep.  Her pointed toes ran along his face, on either side of James's breathing tube.

"Hold that position," instructed Suzie as she began wrapping cloth tape around Elizabeth's legs, starting at the feet and working her way up. 

Elizabeth felt James stir inside her and her excitement mounted.  She was almost oblivious to the progress of Suzie's wrapping, although it had now progressed beyond her waist and was enveloping her back.   Suzie directed Elizabeth's breathing tube off to the side.  She realized that had this duet been planned from the start, Elizabeth's tube would pass between James's ankles, but unfortunately they had already been wrapped and sealed together.

Within a few minutes, the final wrapping was complete, with the lovers bound tightly together, end-for-end.  Already, Elizabeth was struggling to move, seeking to increase her stimulation. Both she and Suzie knew that even this limited movement would end soon because the next step was the resin.  But to make sure, Suzie added one more layer of extra snug bandage around the middle of the pair, pressing their mating even tighter. James, of course was totally immobile, as he had been since last night, but he certainly could feel the warm, snugness of Elizabeth's sex.  He wondered why she was so still in contrast to the wild ride she had taken on him last night.  But he still rejoiced in the knowledge that he was together with his beloved Elizabeth.

Suzie mixed the resin with hardener and began brushing the mixture over the new layers of wrapping.  It took only a few minutes before it soaked through the fabric and was hard.  James and Elizabeth were now totally sealed inside a rigid and symmetrical package.  They both strained to move in the hope of increasing their stimulation.  Realizing this was absolutely impossible, they resorted to internal muscular contractions of their sex organs.  This did offer some sensation, but especially with their latex sheaths, it would never be sufficient to achieve climax.

In the meantime, their friend had connected the wires from the vibrator to a variable power supply.  She momentarily turned up the knob about a third of the way and heard a faint buzz followed by a gasp from both breathing tubes.  Satisfied with the test she quickly turned the control back to zero.

Part 4

Suzie suddenly realized that it was 10 in the morning.  She had left home while Henry, her roommate and boyfriend, had been out running some errands and he must be back by now.  She quickly dialed the phone.

"Henry, Sorry I wasn't in when you got back.  I stopped at James and Elizabeth's.  Can you come over?.....It's sort of a surprise, but I guarantee you'll find it most interesting."

While Henry didn't know exactly what Suzie was up to, he knew by now that most of her surprises were more than worth his while. He ran the few blocks to meet her.

"My God!  What's this?"

"Not what--who.  This package is James and Elizabeth, mated, end-for-end, and encapsulated."

"Incredible!" was all Henry could say for at least a minute. Suzie then explained the history and process of the scene before them.  She explained that while Elizabeth had been "packaged" for only an hour, James had been in since last night.  Unfortunately, he should be taken out soon.

"Let me try something." suggested Henry.  With help from Suzie, he turned the package on end and leaned it against the wall. Elizabeth was now head-up while James was inverted.  "I read in the Academy Journal that they have sealed subjects in ultraprene or pressure moulds so tight they literally can't tell which side is up.  They've even spun them on the wheel, and they often don't know it.  Afterward they just report a sort-of rocking or pulsating sensation.  I wonder what these two feel like?"

Suzie replied, "However they feel, I assure you they will start feeling even better."  At that she turned up the vibrator.  It took only about two minutes until puffing and squealing sounds emerged from both breathing tubes.  After a minute, she switched the fiendish device off. They lay the packaged couple down again, this time with James on top, realizing that his weight would be entirely supported by the rigid enclosure and would not bear down on the delicate Elizabeth.

After letting the pair rest for about ten minutes, the two captors again turned the package on end, but this time with the opposite end up.  Again, Suzie turned up the vibrator.  After about thee minutes, they thought they heard Elizabeth cum, but James apparently had not.

Suzie offered, "That's guys for you, One shot and they have to recharge their batteries.  But let's see."  With that she turned the vibrator to maximum.  It took just two more minutes before James did manage to climax again, and Elizabeth?  Who knows what was happening with her?  But the noise from her breathing tube gave a pretty good clue.

It was now time to free our brave erotonauts from their snug immobility.  Using a surgical cast saw which Elizabeth kept for such occasions, it took almost half an hour to extricate the pair.  Elizabeth was liberated first, having been packaged on top to begin with.  Once her mould had been cut all around, her two friends helped lift her catsuited body out of the lower half and off James.

James was freed next, cutting his mould and lifting the upper half (which included Elizabeth's lower half) off his supine still rubber-clad body.  Both were still stiff from their prolonged immobility, and rather exhausted by their adventure, more so in James's case since he had been sealed inside his cast for more than twelve hours.  Once they could speak, the only thing they could say was "Absolutely amazing," Elizabeth, having been impaled for so long realized she could barely walk and needed help as they headed off to the bathroom to undress and shower.

After emerging from the bathroom, Elizabeth asked James, "You really liked that, didn't you?"

"Are you kidding? It was fantastic!"

"In that case," Elizabeth continued, "I have a plan you might like even better."  And with that she explained to James (and her two friends) the Figure Training program at the Academy. Needless to say, it was not difficult to convince James to be her partner in figure-training, linked for the duration by Teleslave.

That very day, they phoned John to sign up.  By luck he happened to be in his office at the Academy taking care of some loose ends and checking up on his present batch of figure trainees.  He suggested they visit as soon as possible so he could measure them for their cylinders.  He reminded Elizabeth to bring a tight but comfortable corset, and for James to have his sheath pants.

Part 5

Elizabeth and James could hardly wait for Wednesday to arrive so they could take the afternoon off and visit the Academy.  When they arrived, John was in the figure training lab working at the computer.
"Just writing up some experimental control programs for the figure trainer," John said as they entered.  "They're mostly to handle the stimulation so the subjects not only enjoy the session but also get the most benefit.  Most of it is based  on your very smart idea of using the teleslave between cylinders."

Elizabeth introduced James and explained how she had convinced him to participate along with her.  Without wasting any time, John helped the couple to dress in their outfits, explaining, "We want to measure you with your figures as close to the goal as possible.  That way we won't have to manipulate your measurements so much when we design the cavity we put you into inside the cylinder."

Elizabeth was still struggling with her corset so John measured James first.  He had him stand on a small platform surrounded by what looked like electronic and optical instruments. 

"Where's your tape measure?" James asked.

"We don't use a real tape measure.  We have a laser optical system, that makes hundreds of measurements in just a few seconds."

"Close your eyes when we start, James" he instructed.  "A beam of light will scan you and we don't want to hurt your eyes.  And stand perfectly still with your legs together and your arms by your sides.  That's right.  Wait a minute, you aren't filling out that sheath."

"Elizabeth, would you attend to that matter?"

Actually, she didn't even have to touch James.  Just passing her beautiful latex clad and corsetted body in front of him did the trick. 

"OK, Ready?" John announced.

At that a red laser beam began sweeping rapidly over James's body, scanning it side-to-side and top to bottom as his platform slowly rotated to present all sides.  The computer compiled the measurements and within a few seconds a "wire frame" replica of James appeared on the screen. 

Once off the platform, James helped Elizabeth with the final tightening of her latex corset which extended from her breasts to her hips.  Its built-in bra supported and shaped her lovely little breasts while the rest of the garment sculpted her waist to beautiful slimness.  James then helped the lovely Elizabeth to the measuring stand.

"Well, James" said John, "I presume you want your penis enlarged, your waist reduced slightly, and your shoulders and chest expanded a bit?"

"That would great.  Can you actually do that?"

John assured James that this was possible, but it would take time.

"Let's do Elizabeth first," he suggested as he called up her image.

Upon a menu selection the wire frame picture now appeared to be dressed in shiny black rubber from head to foot.  Both lovers' eyes widened, especially James's. 

"I thought you'd appreciate that." John laughed.  "Now let's start the modifications--at least on the picture.

As he pressed keys and moved the mouse, the already striking image became even more so.  First the irregularities caused by the seams and laces of the corset smoothed out so it looked as though Elizabeth's figure had that shape unclothed.  Next he enlarged and uplifted her breasts, making them more conical and pointed.  He reduced the waist just a little more.  And finally, he gave her bottom just a bit more uplift.

"How's that?"

"It looks wonderful." both Elizabeth and James replied in unison. 

John "saved" the final image and went on to reshape "James."  As with Elizabeth, he reduced his waist, but he also flattened the belly (James had been measured without any figure-enhancing garments other than his sheath pants.)  Of course he enlarged the chest and shoulders slightly, and finally, he enhanced the important part.  James asked whether that was the best John could do and was assured that during the 3 weeks of the training only so much was possible without risking harm.  Once satisfied, he also "saved" James's image.

"Very well, can you two come back here next weekend?  By that time the computer controlled machines will have carved out the fitted cavities in your figure training moulds. 

"Oh, I hope you brought your Teleslave fixtures so I can install then in your cylinders.  That was a great idea, and you might be interested to know that we now intend to use Teleslave for all our future figure training.  In fact when you came in, I was modifying the control system to include it.  I now have to write the final software to interlink the Teleslaves between cylinders. This disk here is just some of my dabbling--fantasy programs to do some really weird stuff, but it also gave me a feel for how the system works. "

Elizabeth thought John had to be the ultimate nerd, indulging his kinky fantasies through computer programs, but she kept the thought to herself. James, who was a bit of a computer guy himself asked John why he stored his programs on floppies. 

"Several reasons.  I can take them home to work on; other people use this machine, and the hard drive is getting a bit full. Also, I can reuse file names so long as they're on different disks. But probably the real reason is habit.  When I started with computers, everything was on floppies so I still use them more than most of the younger folks." John ejected the floppy disk from his computer and dropped it in a basket on his cluttered desk. "I'll just start a fresh one for the real program."

"By the way, the present batch of trainees will be finishing up this week, and we have a new bunch coming in.  They're all male, except you, Elizabeth, so I will have to do their teleslave links to a program which will provide artificial stimulation.  I guess you could call it 'stimulation simulation.'" he laughed.

The always imaginative Elizabeth piped in, "Unless, of course, some of them are gay and would like to be mated to each other."

Elizabeth thought for a moment and continued, "I suppose with two gay guys and two teleslave links, you could have each tele-butt-screwing the other.  Would that work?"

John pondered the idea.  "Hmmm. It should. I suppose you could even link three or more in a 'ring.'  There's no end to the possibilities.  We'll have to see what our volunteers would like."

Part 6

James and Elizabeth left for home excited about the opportunity awaiting them in just a few days.  Their anticipation would drive them to some of their best lovemaking and fantasies while they counted down the remaining days.  Meanwhile, John and his staff were hard at work.  They had to make the custom training cylinders not only for Elizabeth and James, but for the five other recruits who would be joining at the end of the week.  To make the cavities, the crew cast a dense foam plastic into each half cylinder and trimmed it level with the split.  They then used a computer numerical controlled (CNC) milling machine to hollow out the front and rear cavities, based on the "edited" computer image of the subject's body.  Finally, the computer data was used to control the moulding of a double-layer latex catsuit which would serve as the mould lining.  The two layers were fused together along lines to form a quiltwork of discrete cells, each connected its compressed air tube.  By inflating these cells with air, the operators could apply selective pressure to any part of the subject's body.  these suits also carried both the monitoring and stimulating electrodes.

Since the five male volunteers were local, they arrived on Friday afternoon.  All were "straight" so none was really interested in trying the mutual coupling, but they were willing to have Teleslave sheaths connected to a computer programmed to simulate for them (as well as any machine can) the sensation of being inside a female.  They all took a purgative to clean them out and stayed in the Academy Guest House overnight.  In the morning they were to eat a non-bulk nutrient to sustain them while under the effect of the Hibernex, and they would meet Elizabeth and James when they arrived Saturday morning.  Unfortunately, Elizabeth's car was damaged in an accident on Friday night by a hit-and-run drunk, and she had to attend to the matter: police reports, insurance, and all the other paperwork.  As a result, She and James couldn't leave until Saturday afternoon, and they had to take the train.

Upon receiving the telephone call Saturday morning, John and the five men decided that while they would have liked to meet their training-mates, it would be best to get started without the couple.  Thus when Elizabeth and James walked into the Academy late Saturday afternoon, there were already five cylinders spinning in their frames. 

The newly arrived couple were given a few minutes to catch their breaths before they began the preparation.  John showed them their newly finished cylinders lying split on the floor.  They studied the hollowed out shapes and felt the smooth latex lining the cavities.  Thereafter their preparation was essentially the same as that of their five training mates.  The next morning after they had been purged and given their non-bulk nutrient, John handed them their special latex catsuits.  These were custom fabricated from the optical measurements taken the previous weekend.  Even with lubrication, it was a struggle to get them on, but James and Elizabeth helped each other, and soon the shining black latex coated their bodies without a wrinkle. 

When they emerged from the dressing room, John was about to load the disk with the control program into the computer, but as his eyes fell on the gleaming figure of Elizabeth, his jaw dropped, and when she touched him gently on the cheek with her latex-skinned fingers, so did the disk from his hand. If fell with a small clatter onto the desk already cluttered with disks, papers, and small bits of hardware.  The fumble jolted John back to reality, and he quickly reached to retrieve the disk and stuff it into its drive. 

Reaching into a drawer, John took out two Hibernex pills and gave one to each.  He got up from his chair and led the couple to their cylinders.   He had James lie face down in his front half. James wriggled his latex sheathed penis into the lubricated cavity.  It was a loose fit, even though he was already hard from anticipation.  John explained that the excess space was for the anticipated expansion.  James next pressed his face into the fitted depression and made sure he could draw air freely through the breathing tube in the inflatable gag, even as John pumped it up to fill his mouth.

John asked, "Are you reasonably comfortable? Wiggle your fingers if you are."

James gave the affirmative signal, and John lowered the hoist with the rear half of the cylinder.  As the two halves met, John adjusted the position to insure perfect mating of the halves.  He then closed the latches along the seam, drawing the cylinder together and compressing James inside.  James felt the snug pressure all over his body, except in the area of his chest and shoulders where there was a little excess space to allow for his new features.

Elizabeth watched this whole process, knowing she would undergo it next.  As the final step, John used the hoist to lift the sealed cylinder into its bearings on the support yoke.  He made sure the air and electrical connections were tight.  There was a brief hiss as the compressed air inflated the rubber cells in the cavity liner to test them, but John released most of the pressure.  He would build it up gradually during the next couple of days.  Slowly the cylinder began to rotate, picking up speed.

Now it was Elizabeth's turn.  she looked into the cavity sculpted into the front half-cylinder and realized that tight space would be her home for nearly a month.  The woman-shaped cavity was hollowed to fit her body, or rather her future body.  The waist was slimmer, and the breast cavities were larger and more conical than were her own.  She also saw the Teleslave-linked dildo intruding into the mould.  She felt a sudden fear of what she might be getting herself into, but she fought off the doubts and lay down in the rubber-lined mould.  As she did, she settled onto the smooth lubricated dildo which slid into the sheath in her latex suit, and she knew this was to be her lover James by Teleslave proxy.  In spite of her initial fears, it was actually quite comfortable.  Following James's example, she pressed her face into its cavity and wrapped her lips around the inflatablegag-breathing tube.  It inflated to fill her mouth.

John now lowered the rear half of the cylinder and had to wiggle it slightly as he brought the halves together.  He wanted to be sure he didn't pinch either Elizabeth's real skin nor her latex skin as the gap closed.  Elizabeth felt herself being squeezed between the hollow mould halves as, one by one, the latches toggled shut.  She felt some sense of movement as the cylinder was raised into its supporting bearings and yoke, but the tight confinement deprived her of almost all sense of position.  She did realize that the cylinder was beginning to spin as she felt her breasts being drawn into their cups by the combined suction and centrifugal force.  At the same time, her bottom and hips were drawn into their mould cavities. 

James's cylinder was also gaining speed and he felt his tool being drawn into its sheath and his shoulders and chest expanding as well.  It was now time to initiate the computer program, so John typed in the run command and hit the return key.  The light over the floppy drive blinked as the program loaded.  He saw that it was running, but he also saw his watch.  He was late.  He had to get home to pack for vacation.  He and his wife had been waiting for this trip all year.  He called his assistant on the interphone and told him the last two members of the figure training group were in place and he should monitor them till he returned.

As the program took control, Elizabeth's dildo came to life, and what life!  The twitches and pulsations were more intense than anything James had ever done, either directly or by Teleslave. It felt wonderful.

James, at the same time felt a gentle massaging in his sheath, It raised his arousal slowly, ever so slowly, toward climax, but somehow it didn't have the intensity or the special sensations that he had known from Elizabeth.  Just as his excitement was approaching the brink, the movement stopped.  He tried to move his hips to "pump" himself in the sheath, but the tightly clamped mould held him motionless.  He gave up the struggle and relaxed. In a few minutes, the sheath came back to life, but again it left him frustrated.  After a few such cycles, James began to wonder whether he would ever cum. 

When James awoke, it took him a few moments to realize he was still in the cylinder and that it was still spinning, but something felt different.  Then it came to him; he was inverted. Strangely, there was none of the pressure or discomfort he had felt when suspended upside down.  He remembered John explanation that this was due to the pressure being exerted against his head by the rubber liner of his mould.  A gel had been pumped in between the mould and liner, and the extra pressure was keeping his internal fluids from pooling in his head.  The arousal cycle started again, but still there was no relief.

Elizabeth also was inverted and actually enjoyed the sensation, especially since she had cum several times in both the upright and upside-down orientations.  It also seemed that the spinning rate had increased even further.  Every once in a while, her dildo would undergo the spasms of a male orgasm, but unlike anything she had ever experienced before, the dildo did not go soft nor stop its pulsations.  It was as though the teleslave had the endurance and vigor of several men combined.

There was a reason for these bizarre happenings.  When John had dropped the disk containing the control programs, he reached quickly to recover and load it.  In his haste, the nerd had accidentally taken the practice "fantasy" disk rather than the "real" program.  It was on this one that he had let his imagination run wild with bizarre experiments.  He had thus fine tuned the frustrator which was now tormenting James.  He had also set up a clever program to add up the outputs of the other five men and feed the combined signal to Elizabeth's Teleslave dildo. Thus she was effectively being ravished by five men at once.  If one of them came and lost his excitement, the other four were still as strong as ever.  Each of them was experiencing Elizabeth's quivering intensity generated by her wild stimulation.

With John now headed off to his holiday, the assistant was totally unaware of the accidental exchange, and the substitute program would continue working its bizarre magic on all the figure training subjects for the next three weeks.

Of course when John returned he would check the data records and realize his error.  And of course he would correct the interconnections so Elizabeth and James would at last be together (at least by Teleslave).  And of course poor James would get his long overdue release.  But that was on the last day of the program anyway.


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