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Her Last Role

by Allatex

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© Copyright 2001 - Allatex - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; latex; dress; stockings; gloves; coat; stand; glue; stuck; caught; bond; rubberdoll; boxed; captive; cons/nc; X

Finding the address had been simple in it self, obviously no one was supposed to check all the accounts. So later that night she stood in the shadows across from the warehouse of the plastic novelty company, waiting till the coast was clear for her to have a closer look at the business that funds from her business accounts had been diverted to.

A short while later she saw her ex-manger leave the warehouse and drive off, the reason she had gotten rid of him as a manger, was that she thought he had been embezzling her money, but could never find anything, until the day she had found that payment slip in her office and had checked the number, to find that her production company had paid the plastic novelty co over 20 thousand dollars for props that she knew they never used. 

As Barbara she stood there she felt like "Vixen" the heroine she played in her own movies, she had also dressed like her as well choosing to wear a tight black lycra body stocking, knee length boots, gloves and a long black leather coat, on which she had pulled up the collar to hide her flowing mane of blonde hair, most of which was hidden by the wide brimmed hat that she wore.

After about 15 minutes she decided that her ex-manger would not be coming back so she moved over to the door. Being some what of a perfectionist she had learned to pick locks for her movie roles, so this door was no trouble at all.

Once inside she found the lights and put them on to see what was worth 20 thousand dollars, only to be confronted by the normal sort of plastic novelties you would find in any store. It was while looking around that she saw a poster of herself as "Vixen" on the wall move, as if blown by the wind, walking over to it she found behind it another door, this time she realized she would not be able to pick this one as it had a four digit computer lock. After trying a few combinations she thought about her ex-mangers briefcase and tried his code There was a loud click and the door swung open a little, peering around the now open door Barbara could make out piles of large boxes but nothing else. Soon her eyes became accustomed to the dark and she found the light switch and turned them on.

"Oh! My god!" she said out loud as she saw what the room held.

Walking over to the table she found one of those kinky dolls that some sad men use instead of real women, the only difference was that this one was not inflatable but made from some sort of foam, and was covered in a plastic skin. Across the room she saw the moulds for the dolls, and boxes of wigs. At first she found it funny but then the truth dawned on her the dolls were copies of her! Even down to the style of wigs and ample bosom size. Turning over the lid of one of the long boxes lain on the floor, she read the label.

" THE VIXEN " yours to command!! Limited collectors doll.

Turning around she saw one of the dolls obviously ready to be packed as it stood in front of a plastic box with a clear Perspex panel in the front.

"My god they have even copied my costume!" she said walking over to examine the doll, as she approached the doll she saw it was standing with its hands in the pockets of the long black coat it wore, on a slightly raised base on the floor with the word "VIXEN" embossed in gold on the front of the base. Looking around the back of the doll she saw that there was a pole to about waist height where a wide plastic clip went round the dolls waist to hold it upright 

As she got nearer to the doll she could see that the long black ankle length coat, seemed to shine in the half light of the storeroom, as did the hat and boots. Standing in front of the doll she thought that the doll undoubtedly wore a black body stocking underneath. Reaching out she touched the collar of the coat only to find that it was made from black rubber, she soon realized that all the things that the doll wore were made from black rubber. As she stood there gazing at the doll a wicked smile came across her face 

"What would he do if I strolled into his office wearing a full set of this kinky clothing? It would at least prove I know his little secret but by then it would be too late, as I would have signed the papers for his arrest on embezzlement charges!" So before long she was searching for a box containing the rubber clothes of the dolls.

After some ten or fifteen minutes of searching, all that she had found was a pile of the long rubber coats. It was then that she realized that the doll that was ready for packing would have the whole costume on underneath the rubber coat.

First of all she undid the belt on the rubber coat, then undid the buttons and then opened the coat. Sliding the coat down the arms of the doll she found that the doll also wore a very tight black rubber dress under the coat. The dress was a halter neck with a strap collar, no sleeves and reached to just about mid thigh. Below this Barbara soon realized that the doll was wearing kinky black rubber stockings which were tucked into knee length tight black rubber boots.

Now that the rubber coat had fallen to the floor, Barbara began to undress the doll, starting with the long black rubber gloves it wore. Once these were off she unstrapped the collar of the dress and peeled it off the doll, it was then that she saw the doll also wore black rubber panties and also noticed that the dress was slit each side, from the hem to the hip to expose the rubber stocking underneath, soon she had pulled of the dolls boots and stockings and had begun to look for a suitable box to carry it all in.

It was while she was folding up the rubber garments and putting them in to the box, she had found that she found that she was quite enjoying feeling the rubber the things were made from. So by the time she had picked up the long rubber coat, she found herself wondering what it would feel like, to wear this kinky coat. Within seconds she had taken off her leather coat and was soon pulling on the rubber copy, pulling it tightly around her body and pulling up the rubber collar.

As she stood there she began to give herself reasons why not to try on the whole costume, "I mean if my little plan is to work, I'll have to make sure the dolls costume fits me!" she said talking herself into it.

Before long she had stripped off all her clothes, and had begun to pull on one of the rubber stockings, but she found that it just stuck to her skin. So after a few minutes of searching she had found a tin of the powder that they must use for the same purpose, and had powered her whole body.

This time the rubber stocking went on easily and was soon pulled up to just below where the rubber panties would come to once she had them on. Once she had the other stocking on, she stood up and realized just how tight they were. Next she picked up the rubber panties and stretched them over her hips and into position. 'Now the dress!' she thought. Stepping into it she began to pull it up her rubber-covered legs and over her rubber panties and around her waist, shortly after that she had put her breasts into the rubber cups of the dress and had reached around her neck and fastened the strap collar. Standing upright she felt the dress pull tight all over, and saw how the side slits left the tops of her rubber stockings exposed.

Sitting down she picked up one of the boots, unzipped it slid her rubber covered foot into the boot, and slowly zipped it back up again, once she had repeated the same procedure with the other boot, she again stood up and saw her reflection in a glass pane across the room. Picking up a rubber glove she powered the inside and pulled it up her arm then did the same with the other. Bending down to pick up the coat she could hardly breathe, however as being dressed in all this kinky rubber gear was beginning to turn her on she was only taking short breaths anyway!!.

Sliding her arms into the sleeves of the rubber trenchcoat she could feel a tingle go through her expose hairs on her upper arms, so by the time she had it over her shoulders she was in heaven. 

'My god how can just wearing a rubber coat do this to me?' she thought, pulling the coat tightly around herself she fastened the row of rubber covered buttons and pulled the belt tightly into her waist, which was not an easy task wearing tight black rubber gloves. The heels of the rubber boots must have been at least 5 inchs high as she had some difficulty keeping balance at first. 

Looking across the storeroom again, at her reflection in the glass of the small office partition, she saw how sexy she looked in this rubber dolls costume. And thought that she would dress the vixen like this in her next movie.

As she looked around the office and storeroom for evidence to convict her ex-manager, she noticed a small cupboard under a rack of shelves, going over to it she missed her footing due to the high heels and fell against the racks, an open can tipped over and before she knew it she had been covered by the contents of the can. The contents smelt a bit sweet, but her thinking was disturbed by a sound in the outer warehouse.

'Shit must be some sort of security check!' she thought and looked for somewhere to hide. 

As the sound of the guard got nearer Barbara had an idea, quickly moving over to the dolls base she got on to it, closed the wide plastic clip around her waist, put her hands in her pockets and stood very still. As the minutes ticked by she could still hear the guard moving around outside in the warehouse. Finally after what she thought was about ten minutes she heard the outer warehouse door open then close.

'About time!' she thought and started to take her hands out of her pockets.

But …………….. She couldn't!!!!!…

'What…. The!!!!' more and more she tried to remove her hands only to find the unable to leave the rubber pockets.

It was then that she realized that she also couldn't more her feet off the plinth.

'What the hell is going on here?…..' she thought to herself.

While she was trying to free herself, she saw the now empty can that had fallen off the shelf.

In the gleam of an outside street lamp she found she could read the label;


"NO!" she thought, no wonder her hands were solid in the pockets of the long rubber coat, they were glued there! She also realized she must have gotten some of it on the rubber boots as well, which had made them glue themselves to the dolls base. 

'Now what am I do to?' she thought as struggled to free herself from her rubber prison.

How long she fought to release herself she couldn't tell, but she must have fallen asleep because the next thing she knew was that she awoke with a start.

'What a dream!' she thought to herself until she realized that she was still held prisoner by the rubber dolls costume.

She hadn't got a clue what the time was, all that she could tell, was that it was morning. Once again she tested her bonds but if anything they had gotten stronger over night due to drying, then she heard the outer door open.

"Thank god, help has arrived" she said to herself.

Seconds later the door swung open, as it did so she said, "Hello could you help me as I seem .To.. Be …….." her voice trailing off as she saw who had just entered the hidden room.

"Well, well if it isn't the vixen herself!" her ex-manager said stepping into the room.

"Just release me will you, I don't find this particularly comfortable you know," she said beginning to struggle again.

"Release you?.. From what?" he answered.

And so Barbara related the story from the beginning, after she had finished he walked over to her and tried to pull her hands out of the rubber coats pockets, but once again to no avail, so he tried her rubber booted feet, again the same result. 

"You really are well packed you know, in fact you are so well packed it is a shame not to finish the job!!!" he said standing behind her.

"Finish the job what do you meannnnnuhgp!!!!" her sentence cut short by his forcing a spare rubber stocking into her mouth and tying it tightly behind her head, effectively gagging her.

"There that’s better all nicely rubberized and gagged, now what can I use …to!… are that's it" and strode over to where the pile of rubber trenchcoats were that Barbara had seen earlier.

When he returned he was carrying some of the belts off the coats, which he began to strap around her body starting at the ankles then the knees, wrists, and finally her upper arms. Franticly she began to try to escape from the clutches of the very man she had come here to get evidence against.

Soon he had sat down at the computer and had begun typing something into it, once done it printed out a small piece of paper. In the office glass she saw him behind her peel of the back of the paper and stick it on the box behind her. Standing directly in front of her he began to push both her and the stand she was stuck to backwards, at first she didn't realize what was going on until she found herself being put into the dolls box behind her.

"MUNNGHUGHNPH!!!!!!!" she screamed into her rubber gag.

"Don't bother dolly, no-one will hear you! By the time my staff arrive you will be packed into the delivery van and on your way to my home in the hills. Where I will dress you in many more kinky rubber items, I especially can't wait to see you dressed in the tight black rubber maids uniform I have!" he said finishing pushing her into the dolls box.

Standing back to admire his new rubber dolly, now held by the foam inserts inside the box, he closed the front door and could see her through the Perspex panel trying to fight the rubber that held her.

Barbara could on the other hand see right across the room to where she could see herself standing in a dolls box.

A doll that was on its way to its new owners house in the hills.


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