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Karen's Weekend

by Ted S

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© Copyright 2013 - Ted S - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f+; D/s; latex; suits; corsets; gags; hoods; bond; chains; cuffs; hoods; bdsm; punish; susp; enema; toys; insert; oral; climax; reluct/cons; XX

Chapter I

Karen was daydreaming yet again at her university math class, her mind had wandered once again into that netherworld of submissive fantasies. She was not aware that the entire class was now staring at her. She was not even aware that the dean's office had paged her in the classroom! Everyone was smiling at her embarrassment as the professor called her name out for the third time! She was to proceed to the office for an important message. When she arrived, the secretary handed Karen a sealed envelope which had been delivered via courier to her, the office had also recieved a telephone message that Karen would have to be excused from the balance of the school day, it was only one o'clock in the afternoon.

Karen opened the envelope and read the first part, that she was to leave immediatly, she informed the secretary, whom seemed to be aware of the note, strange, Karen thought? She proceeded into the hallway towards her hall locker, as she read on, she had a terrible thought, NO! it was the long holiday weekend, and she was looking forward to having fun with her friends, what could Rubber Mother want with her today? She was instructed to follow the list of destinations, without exception, in the order they appeared, Karen's heart sank, she knew now that any hope of a fun weekend with her friends was completely dashed. She knew that Rubber Mother was not to be reckoned with, whenever she was told to obey instructions. Sadly she looked again at the list, none of the addresses were familiar? They were all in out of the way places in the very exclusive part of the city.

Karen got on the first tram and began her journey, the first stop was a very ornate polished stainless door, with no clue as to what was inside, she rang the buzzer, as the doors were locked. After a couple of minutes, which seemed an eternity, the door opened, and a stunning young blonde girl ushered her inside. Her instructions from Rubber Mother were to obey at all times whatever was required, at each stop on her journey. Karen was very keyed up, as she had no idea what was to transpire...

The entrance way was very dimmly lit, with warm deep blue lights, it seemed a bit on the cool side, Karen stepped tentativly into the room. It seemed odd that the beautiful girl had not spoken a word, she only gestured for her to walk into a room to the right. Karen recalling the warning to obey, in Rubber Mother's letter, so she began to move forward. She was taken by surprise as she brushed against the girl, only to feel not material, but rubber! Her entire outfit which made her look like a nurse, was rubber! She thought the girls face looked shiny too, and Karen was stunned to see that her entire face was carefully made up to conceal the fact her whole head was encased in a very tight hood, the was a slight bulge at her mouth area, and a faint line running to each ear, she was gagged! The nurse began to approach Karen, and she was nervous as the bizarre rubber nurse began removing her clothing, the feel of her rubber gloves seemed thrilling, and she shivered at the first touches, Karen was now completly nude, the last of her garments took away any confidence she struggled to maintain.

The rubber nurse guestured for her to follow, she was taken through another door, she heard a the sounds of high heels behind her, she turned to see another young girl, dressed in a rubber maids outfit enter and pick all of her clothing up and leave. The rubber maid walked with very short steps, there was a thin manacle around each ankle, with a gleaming thin chain, very short she noticed, between the ankles. Her walk was further exaggerated, from what must have been an incredibly tight laced corset! The poor girl could only swing her hips as she walked, and the chain snubbing short each step! It was then that Karen noticed the manacles at her wrists running through a ring on the front of the outfit, which gave her only a short reach! This was all too strange for her, Karen was so entranced, she had stopped to stare. The rubber nurse shocked her out of her trance, by pulling sharply at her hair, jerking her around, making her gasp, to face the room she was now being pushed into. The strange rubber nurse wagged her finger back and forth, that she had misbehaved, Karen understood she was not to repeat such a performance.

She was pushed into a white tiled room, with bright lighting which seemed everywhere but she could not see the source, it hurt her eyes, and she squinted. The rubber nurse wasted no time, she once again grabbed Karen's hair and pulled her towards a very strange looking device, it was some kind of table, all chrome piping and rubber straps attached everywhere! Karen balked, she was terrified of this evil looking thing, her heart pounded in her breast, what is to become of me! What has Rubber Mother done? A second rubber covered nurse entered the room, her jet black high heeled boots, like gunshots on the tile floor, this woman was huge, she had to be over six feet tall even without the heels! Karen began to shake, she was in awe. The dominatrix nurse carried an evil looking coiled thin bullwhip, it was almost five feet long! She snapped at Karens exposed thigh, it stung like a hundred bee stings at once! Karen cried out, SILENCE! she commanded! Karen fell silent, she did not want to incure the wrath of this terrifying spectre any more....

The towering rubber nurse ordered Karen to the device, she stepped slowly towards the table, she was sure she was doomed. The whip once more sliced the air and exploded just behind Karen's tender bottom, she squealed and hurried forward. The two rubber nurses then grabbed each of her wrists, and pulled her forward, her hips banging into a cross bar, she was bent at the waist, her arms pulled to two handles, and strapped with rubber several turns around her wrists, and she knew she was lost! Her breathing was laboured from the stress of the whole bizarre events which had transpired so far! The second nurse comforted her, by stroking her back, and smoothed her cheeks, wispering in her ear that it was all "ok" to just relax.

Karens breath slowed to normal, perhaps she thought it was going to be alright. The shock of having her legs suddenly pulled apart, without warning, and captured with more rubber straps, once again panicked her, this time she cried out in fear, the two nurses paid her no attention. She had her ankles, just above and below her knees, her upper thighs, strapped to the piping, she was trapped! Karen began struggling as best she could manage, the two rubber nurses just stood and watched as she exhausted herself, then they took even more rubber straps, and pinned her arms above and below her elbows! Her waist was then strapped to the table, she could only move her head!

Karen begged to be released, the domina smiled an evil grin, Karen was mortified! There was no mercy in those eyes, peering out from the tight rubber mask! Karen began to sob, she was doomed, whatever was going to happen to her? She was again panicked as the two rubber nurses wheeled over a strange apparatus with all chrome fittings, many rubber tubes, strange pumps, she shuddered to her core. Karen wailed in her heart, she could not see what was happening behind her as she could hear all kinds of preparations being made, the kinder of the two stepped into Karen's limited line of vision, she seemed to smile at her with her eyes, her mouth was still severly gagged.

Karen relaxed somewhat, as the nurse once again smoothed her rubber gloves on her cheeks, in a tender gesture, then she lifted a rubber hood with straps all over it, to Karen's face. She gently pryed open her mouth with her rubber gloved fingers, Karen understood she was to keep her mouth open, she knew it was of no use to struggle.. The rubber helmet was pulled over her face, and she felt a small ball inside press into her mouth, she was gagged. The helmet was slowly pulled on completely, two tubes pressed into her nostrils, but they seemed even larger and had to be gently inserted, she could breathe easily, the mouth ball was easy to handle...

Karen could not hear anything, she was completely in darkness now, the helmet seemed to grow tight on her head, it was being laced down the back, then straps crushed her mouth closed, onto the ball in her mouth. She had a moments panic as this happened, but soothing strokes of rubbered gloved hands smoothed away the panic. Karen was unable to move any part of her body. She was strapped solid to the chrome piping, she began to float in her severe bondage, cut off from all stimuli. It seemed forever, she was alone. The shock of cold slippery cream invading her behind made her gasp! My GOD what are they doing! A cold probing continued in and out forcing more goo into her. She tried to shake her head, but even that had been strapped off to chrome piping, she tried to scream, and the ball in her mouth began to grow! It streched and filled her mouth completely, she could not even scream now! Only a muffled mewlling escaped.

Karen was terrified in her rubber prison, her whole sex was exposed, and then she felt it, a huge cold metal probe began to force into her sex! It was impossible! It was huge! she tried to close herself, but she couldn't move a muscle! The invader continued until it seated itself, it was surely touching against her womb, it was a monster... then to her horror, another probe began to invade her tender behind, it too was huge, and spread her cruelly, then when she was sure she was losing her sanity, it seated itself, her muscles contracted around the thin base, she was plugged.

Karen's breathing was a ragged whistling through the two nose tubes, it took several minutes before she could slow her attempts to breathe to a normal rhythm. Karen was resigned that nothing could be worse, and then... then gentle rubber fingers began to stroke her exposed nipples, nooooo! She could not cry out, the huge gag stiffled all attempts! Her nipples were continually teased to excitment, so that in the cool air of the laboratory, it caused them to stand erect like never before! Karen was ashamed of her reaction, she was beginning to respond! Her moans tried to escape the rubber sealed helmet, and she screamed when the two tormented nipples were seared by two cone clamps, they were on fire, she tried to thrash but it was no use! She screamed and screamed into her rubber gag.

Karen was sure she would go mad, with the tomenters burning her nipples. Then she was stunned when she could feel the pulse of some machine, she began to feel a hot flooding of her invaded bottom, she was being pumped full! Oh God help, she cried into her dark prison. Nooooooo! A huge pressure built up, and just as she was convinced she would burst... it stopped. She was in agony, she could feel the liquid had filled her bowels completely, her belly felt heavy and distended, then... within minutes, the first cramps began, she screamed again, the pumps began to empty her rapidly, she collapsed as best she could in her strict bondage. The pumps once again began their tomenting filling of her, the cycles continued over and over, Karen was losing her sanity, her entire body was covered in beads of sweat, she could not endure this.... but she did.

After what seemed an eternity of suffering, the clamps on her nipples were torn off, she screamed again, convinced her nipples had been torn off. The straps were removed, she was pulled erect, strong hands held her, she could not stand. She was still plugged front and rear, and the horrible rubber helmet remained on her head, she felt cold steel cuffs seize her wrists behind her back, she was manacled. Karen was led a few steps, she could not count how many, but it took a while, until her legs would support her. She was led to another room, much warmer to her exposed skin. She was again shocked when her two rubber nurses had her step down into what seemed like warm gel. They climbed in with her, gently she was washed thoroughly, special attention was given to her still throbbing nipples, a warm rubberlined mouth descended on them, and began tormenting sweet Karen with pleasures, she squirmed and thrashed in passion under the expert attention of the rubber mouth. Her invading plugs became pleasure demons, when they began to squirm, pulse, and vibrate! She was now being tortured with pleasure! Her orgasms were long, torturous affairs that wouldn't abate, she could hear the two rubbernurses laughing as they slithered over her body still wearing rubber! She finally passed out from the torment.

Karen awoke many hours later, she did not know at this point, but she had slept the entire next day! She was alone in a rubber sheeted bed, she was aware her head was free, and her lower openings were tender, but also free of the plugs. She moved, and discovered manacles on her ankles, with a short chain between them, her hands were also manacled with matching gold, with a slim chain between her wrists, a chain ran from her wrist chain to her ankle chain, she would only be able to take very short steps indeed. She became aware that her skin felt unusually soft, she was dressed entirely in skin tight see through rubber! It felt very erotic, she began to explore her nipples, but she had to pull her legs up to reach, she felt so relaxed, and then she looked up above the rubber bed, and was shocked to see in overhead mirrors, that her head was aslo covered in a rubber helmet of soft see through rubber! A face was painted on the mask it looked so realistic, she could hardly notice it! It felt superb, she and been transformed into a living rubber doll! She was bald! My god they had shaved her head! It felt so smooth but she had to pull her knees to her chin to allow her hands to reach her face and head. What was happening to her? It all felt so natural, she was swooning with her image dancing above her!

She started when a voice at the door spoke..."Good evening Karen, I hope you had pleasant dreams?"

A vision in white rubber stood before her, the tall woman, her entire head and body encased in gleaming white rubber, she stood with her legs slightly apart, her legs encased in extremely high heeled white patent boots, she towered over the rubber maid at her side. Her voice was soothing, but Karen knew she was to be obeyed, she was Mistress. The vision gently commanded Karen to rise out of bed, she did as she was told, the maid rolled in a trolly with a light snacks, she was ravenously hungry when she smelt the food!

Mistress advised her to eat sparingly, as she was to be dressed soon for her departure. She was to be allowed to leave! It was somewhat of a disappointment she realized, she had enjoyed the previous day, dispite her torments she had endured, my god she thought, what am I becoming? The rubber maid, was wearing a huge rubber ballgag beneath her mask, it was clearly visible, yet she made no attempt to remove it, nor loosen it even? A very strange place thought Karen, but why am I so reluctant to leave?

The rubber maid motioned for her to follow, she could only take the smallest of steps with her restrictive chains. the adjoining room was warm, a set of drawers covered an entire wall! Another wall was floor to ceiling glass doors, with glass shevles, which held a bewildering array of rubber helmets, gags of all kinds, gold, and silver hardware, some of which Karen recognized as pony tack! My god! She was stunned at the selection displayed in this dressing room! She was led to the centre of the room, the rubbermaid, went to a switch on the wall, and a gold bar with rings on each end descended silently from the ceiling. Karen was becoming apprehensive, her wrists were freed, but the ankle chain remained, she couldn't possibly run even if she wished!

The rubbermaid then went to a drawer, and pulled two leather cuffs with a long strap hanging from each one, at the end was a large clip. She came to Karen and put one cuff on each wrist, and clipped her to the bar. The switch again moved, and silently Karen was taken up, she was standing on the tips of her toes, when the motor stopped. Karen wondered what was to happen now, when the rubber Mistress entered the room. She walked over to the helpless girl, and ran her rubber gloved fingers around her nipples, and down to her sex, Karen gasped, helpless to defend herself, but she started to breathe just a bit quicker, 'what am I becoming, I am being enslaved by this woman, I want to stay forever... I want to be her rubber slave!'

The Mistress walked to a drawer, and pulled out a long rubber corset, it was fire engine red! It had many straps, buckles, rings and laces, it was beautiful! The rubbermaid began to put it onto Karen, snap went the front busk as each pin was engaged, then the lacing began. Karen had never worn a corset before, she thought they were something old fashioned from her history books at school. She began to feel the crushing boning, as it trapped her rubber covered flesh in it's grip. Karen thought she would die as the laces continued their torment! She grayed out a few times, she was always awakened with horrible smelling salts!

It took an hour but the lacing finally stopped, she could not breathe hardly at all! Karen looked across the room to the wall sized mirror, she was stunned at the vision she presented, she was like an ant! Karen soon was brought back to reality, when Mistress slashed her bottom with a wicked rubber crop, she cried out but soon bit her tongue. Mistress had commanded her to lift a leg, and she had not heard her, in her gazing at her waist in the mirror! Karen watched as the rubbermaid forced her feet into black patent knee boots with five inch heels! How was she to ever walk in these! The laces crushed the boots onto her rubber encased legs, she was once again a prisoner of her clothing!

Karen was stepping in small sideways moves, as much as the lacing bar allowed, it had been lowered a few inches once the corset lacing was completed. She was again gasping when a extremely thin strap was pulled from the front of her corset through her sex, and between her cheeks to a buckle at the rear of the corset. Her sex and bottom were in torment again! The merciless strap was to remind her of her visit, Mistress informed her, "a girls bottom should always be under strict discipline!" Thin strong manacles were put onto her ankles, with a longer chain, perhaps 12 inches thought Karen, small steps were again all that was to be possible! Karen was exploring her new outfit, and she did not see Mistress go once again to the drawers, she cried out when she saw Mistress approach with a medium sized ballgag, she surrendered and opened her mouth for the punishing invader, it was no use, she moaned as the strap cut into her rubber covered face, as the ball drove deep into her mouth, filling it completely.

The lacing bar, was lowered, and matching manacles were again put onto her wrists, they were clipped off to rings on each side of the corset, she was helpless. She was then, covered in a rubber cape which concealed her restraints, to the casual obserever, no one could notice anything, especially when expert makeup was applied over a wide rubber strap which was now streched over the ballgag, she knew she looked most natural.

Karen had forgotten that she was to leave, and the wicked crop then slashed at her as she was forced to the door. What are you doing to me! She tried to communicate with her eyes! Mistress was now in the doorway, she held in her hand, Karen's list from Rubber Mother, she had fogotten! Her weekend was just beginning! This was the first stop on her list! The Mistress read out the address of her next destination and gave her some instructions on the quickest route. My God! Karen realized it was over a mile! It was raining and dark, she would be entirely alone! She was gagged horribly, chained, and the strap between her sex was already a torment, she would never survive in these heels! Mistress held her chin up with the crop, and kissed her fully on her gagged mouth, Karen despite the pain, pushed back into the kiss, she was enslaved by the woman.

The door closed on her, she thought that every person she saw, must know what she is enduring, she started her journey her heels making cracking sounds with each mincing step, she wept in her humility, the strap tormented her, she became excited by the whole bizarre bondage, the corsetry crushing the very breath from her... she must endure, she had no choice. She knew Rubber Mistress would not open the door if she returned, she shook her chained hands in frustration, as they were clipped to her corset, she could not reach her sex, nor her nipples, it was to be a frustrating gruelling long mile, she could only wish relief was at her destination, she began her torturous journey into the light rain, the blackness would swallow her.

Chapter II

Karen was keenly aware of her bondage, the rubber corset strap forced the clear latex skin deeper into her sex with each step, her cheeks felt as if she would split in two, her rosebud was rubbed incessantly with each step. The ankle chain on the manacles snubbed each step short with a jerk, causing the strap to snap and vibrate, and dig deeper, causing the poor rubberslave to pant into the ballgag strapped so tightly into her soft mouth.

The poor girl knew her journey was to be impossibly long, the incredibly high heels caused her lower leg muscles to ache, with each step, even the worst figure skates she was ever forced to wear, did not compare to this torment! Karen was convinced that every passer by was staring at her, even though she wore a full lenght rubber cape which concealed her bizarre outfit. She slowly made her way along, the crushing corset a constant torment, her breath was ragged as she tried to take in more air through her nose, it was of course, never enough, the gag, a constant reminder, she could not even cry out, no one would hear her beneath the layers of latex sealing the ballgag in.

Karen's mind began to wander, the stimulation was driving her mad, she couldn't reach any part of herself, all fast relief was denied, her wrists had been clipped off to strong rings on the hips of the punishing corset. Her frustration mounted with each tormenting step. God, how will I ever possibly make it?

Karen rounded a corner, and to her horror, three local lesbian punk girls out cruising for trouble blocked her way! They strolled up to the hapless victim, she couldn't run! 'God what will they do to me if they discover her predicament!' She was near mindless panic as they surrounded her. They were in high spirits, stoned out on drugs no doubt! They cooed in her ear, taunted her about her kinky heels and rubber cape, they kept circling her like wild wolves, Karen was panting through her nose! She was panic stricken! One of the girls wanted to see what other kinky clothes she must have on to match her boots? Oh god no! Karen almost screamed in horror! The girl boldly slipped up beside Karen and a hand stole into her cape, she was stunned to feel the stiff rubber corset! She said, "What the bloody hell!" she pulled open Karen's cape, and all three punkers stared speechless.

Time seemed to come to a complete stop... Karen was frozen with fear. One of the girls whistled quietly, she said "Girlie, you are quite a sight". She closed in and pulled Karen to her, she leaned in to kiss her full on the lips when she saw her hands were chained off to the corset. She closed her eyes and her lips met the hardness of the ballgag, she pulled back with a start! "God girls, this little bit of fluff is gagged!" The other two came closer to see for themselves, Karen was shivering and quaking, she could not control herself! "My my" one of the girls said, "what do we have here girls?" They began running their hands all over poor Karen, she was totally helpless in the clutch of these three lesbian tormenters. They were amazed at her smooth latex skin, the rubber strap into her sex became a playtoy, they tugged it this way and that, they tortured her nipples with pinching and biting! Karen shaking her head as best she could, it only excited them more!

They started to lead poor Karen away towards a dark alley, to their "dungeon playroom" they told the poor girl. Karen pleaded as best she could, there was not going to be any mercy with this lot, she knew she was sunk. They were wispering all manner of horrble things they had planned for her! They were getting completely out of hand when a car suddenly careened around the corner squealing the tires. The three saw the car rushing towards them, and they panicked and ran, Karen slumped against a brick wall, trying to get more air, before she blacked out with her panic. The car had darkened windows, she could not see whom had saved her from a horrible fate. The car remained idling, no one got out. Karen was confused, what should she do? The mystery car remained for a minute then slowly reversed, and drove away. Karen tried to call out, her hands fluttering in their bondage, the car never slowed, it then vanished around the bend.

Karen was bewildered, what should she do! She realized very quickly she had to get away as fast as possible, if those three got a hold of her again, she would go mad. Karen tried to move as fast as she could, the ankle chain snapping at the end of each shortened stride, the rubber strap was driving her mad! She kept stopping to turn and look behind her, for any sign of those female monsters! She knew she must get away, she was panting freely now, her breath a tortured whistle through her nose. She was so intent on escaping, when the torment of the rubber strap through her sex was too great, a shattering orgasm slammed through her, she almost fell to the pavement, she screamed and screamed into her gag, she had to stop and lean against a wall. She was stunned to realize the danger of the three lesbain punkers had excited her so! The revelation caused yet another stronger orgasm to rack her body, she was shuddering uncontrollably, she was completely lost for several minutes, before she could resume her journey.

'God how much further, how much longer? What was becoming of me?' Karen continued her torturous journey, now the entire reality of her situation had completely aroused her, she had to stop two more times, as she was overcome with racking orgasms. Karen was now convinced she was losing her mind, she realized she was enjoying this whole gruelling ordeal. She almost missed her next destination, she was so distracted. She could just manage to reach the door bell, a deep chime within sounded, she waited an eternity, then she began to wonder, 'what am I going to endure here?' Fear and excitment once again, she slowly lifted first one boot, then the other to the maximum of the chain, the tugging sent, slivers of stabbing pleasure though her.... she waited, and waited, what else could she do?

It seemed forever, but a great lock turned in the huge oak door, it swung open without a sound. Karen stopped her slow prancing, her heart hammering in her breasts. Her breath came in small quick puffs through her nose. Karen was at first, unable to make out the incredibly thin form of a girl, then as her eyes became adjusted to the single candle burning behind this vision, she realized she was staring at a rubbermaid with no arms! Karen was dumbstruck, her body was encased in gleaming black rubber from head to toe! Her waist was crushed by a corset beneath this bizarre outfit, her eyes were covered by darkened plastic lenses, she looked like an alien! Her mouth was obviously punished by what could only be the largest ballgag Karen could imagine! Hers must be comfortable by comparison to this vision in front of her! Where were this waifs arms? Her legs were completely straight, she was laced into incredibly high heeled boots, her feet were forced straight down into a ballet dancers pose! There was a steel rod between her ankles, it was somehow connected directly as part of the tormenting boots! She would only be allowed the tiniest of steps!

The bizarre maid dipped her head slightly, and began to turn, it was obvious that Karen was to follow. The door swung shut silently behind them, it surpised Karen when it closed with a loud sound which echoed down the long hallway, it seemed to announce that she was now trapped. The lock turned on its own with a loud clunk, it sent a shiver up Karens spine, the hairs on the back of her neck prickled beneath the rubber skin she wore. She was afraid, who could have such power to dress maids like this? The maid walked ahead of Karen in the dimly lit corridor, both their heels made loud clicking sounds which reverberated as they both minced slowly, to where? Karen wondered, what is to become of me here? They finally reached a room, and turned in, the maid walked to the centre of the room, and once again dipped down as best she could, to indicate Karen should stop here also. The maid had to continualy take the tiniest of steps foreward, and back, to maintain her balance. Karen now studied the maid more carefully, she was being ignored at this point anyways.

The maids arms she could just make out, were folded behind her, with her elbows and wrists touching! They were inside the corset and crushed, to appear as if she was armless! Her head was held stiff by a rubber corset on her neck which joined to the rubber helmet! She was a total prisoner of this costume!

Karen was so absorbed by this vision, once again she did not at first notice that someone was approaching, until she saw the maid stiffen, trying to stand even more erect, and motionless! Karen heard the slow staccato of extremely high heels on the smooth stone floor. Her breathing quickened, she was afraid but did not know why? The sound grew louder as a shadow from a candle down the hall cast a shadow of a very severely corseted figure, it was impossibly thin at the waist! She saw the shadow of a long riding crop hanging from one wrist! A sense of dread crept over her, she was again shivering in her bondage, her wrists pulling at the clips to her corset, she was trapped.... The shadow grew with the ever louder sound of the heels, and then she entered.

This woman was entirely dressed in a deep blood red rubber outfit, she had only her crimson mouth free, she also had blood red plastic lenses covering her eyes! Her legs were encased in matching rubber boots, with six inch heels! Karen was quaking in her bondage in front of this vision of terror! She almost fainted! She squeaked out a small cry from behind her gag. The rubber dominatrix took a step towards Karen, and in a quiet level tone said "Silence"

Karen was terrified, she immediately fell silent. Her chains at her wrists, and even her ankles tinkled faintly, she was shaking so bad. In the flickering candlelight Karen could see the shadow of this dominatrix dance on the walls, she was convinced this woman before her was the ultimate evil, she almost wet herself. The woman approached Karen, she almost took a step backwards but didn't dare! Her rubber covered face gleamed in the candlelight! She reached out to Karen's nipples, Karen was horrified to realize they were erect! The vision before her chuckled evilly, she twisted her nipples cruelly, Karen squealed into her gag!

"SILENCE SLAVE" the words slapped her like a whip! Karen fell silent and endured the nipple torment. She twisted them even harder, Karen sucked in through her nose, and almost again passed out! The woman leaned right into her face, the red eyes like a demons, She said, "You are here to suffer little one, and suffer you shall!" Karen was stiff with fear, she trembled with the pain, she was lost!

It seemed like an eternity before this woman released her tortured nipples, but she did, and she turned without a word, and she left the room, her heels echoing down the corridor once again. Karen slowly turned to the rubber maid her eyes huge. The maid once again dipped her head slightly, and walked down another corridor, Karen followed, she had no choice, she felt cold creep deep into her soul. The corridor was long, the occasional candle lit their way. Karen followed the maid into another room, stone walls surrounded her, it was slightly warmer in here.

Karen was motioned to the centre of the room, two heavy manacles hung from seperate chains which vanished up into the darkness above. There were two rubber covered slavegirls waiting, they put heavy manacles on her ankles and pulled her legs apart, they hooked them to large iron rings set into the floor. Her cape was then removed. The two rubberslaves then undid the snaps holding her wrists to the corset, and raised her arms to the hanging manacles, she was trapped! Her wrists were clamped tightly, they were a perfect fit, like the ankle cuffs? Karen then heard the clanking sound of chains, she was streched upwards, she was now on her toes, she cried out weakly into her gag, the corset was crushing the life from her! The two severely gagged rubber slaves set about removing her corset strap, it made a sucking sound as it was extricated from her sex and cheeks.

If she was not hanging from those heavy chains, she would have collapsed like a balloon when finally the corset was removed. She was hanging spread open, the girls began to torment her with rubbercovered fingers! The rubber gag was still sealed beneath her rubber helmet and suit. She cried out but these two evil nymphs continued with expert hands, they both removed their strict ballgags, then they used their tongues, they drove her into a frenzied crashing orgasm, darkness swallowed her, she had passed out.

Karen, slowly swam up from darkness, into the candlelight. She was free of the horrible rubber helmet, her mouth was also free, but it felt strangly empty, not being filled with a gag, Karen once again felt strange, she was changing. She looked around the chamber, it was all stone, but was not too cold, nor too warm. Her muscles all ached, a reminder of her gruelling ordeal to arrive here.

She shivered once, at the recall of the three lesbian punkers, her hands stole down to her sex, but were stopped short? She was chained down to a stone dias, a thin rubber covered pad beneath her, a wide clamp held her neck fast to the stone. Karen couldn't barely turn her head. Her ankles were also clamped solidly to the stone, she felt the way she imagined a butterfly would feel, stuck naked on a display pin. Strange thoughts she was having again, 'I am changing, why am I somehow am enjoying this? What is wrong with me?' Karen realized she was ravenously hungry, when was her last meal? Her sense of time was completly confused, she was living in a liquid state, floating, she tried to piece together her last few days, she could not begin to imagine what day, or hour it might be. She waited alone forever it seemed, the silence was eriee, her heart pumping became thunderous in her ears, there was am complete absence of any sound! She waited and she dozed off again.

Karen awakened from her semi slumber with a start! Had she heard something? Was she still alone! A slow trickle of panic began, as fear crept into her veins. Yes! there it was again, soft footfalls, a quiet giggle, someone was coming! It was the two rubber pixies, her earlier tomentors she recalled. Their mouths were free from the severe gags she seemed to always see, wherever she was. They set about removing her neck clamp, smiling and wispering between themselves as they always seemed to be finding reasons to draw their rubbered hands over Karen's streched naked form. A wide rubber collar was buckled around her neck, a lock snicked closed, a chain leash was attached to the ring on the front. Next her wrists were freed, with a grunt as her bones cracked, she was pulled to a sitting position. They gently pulled her arms back, Karen groaned, she was not surprised when her wrists were strapped together, she was captive still. The ankle clamps were then released, she was helped to swing sideways so she could stand. Rubber ankle fetters were strapped onto her, with a short rubber strap between them, she could take only small steps, and the strap would pull tight, with a little strech.

She was led to a soothing warm scented bath, the two young girls got into the large stone pool with her. They set about washing her thouroughly, no part was ignored, they only played with her casually. They instructed Karen, that she was never to speak, during the few times she would be able to, while she was here. Karen started to ask something, her leash was tugged hard! A huge white ballgag was produced from the stack of towels, they were giving her a warning, there was to be no talking. Karen fell silent, the bath was completed in silence. Karen was instructeed that she should obey any command instantly, or she would recieve terrible punishments, she started to ask what, when her face was slapped hard! "You will not be warned again! We are not going to be punished because of you! Now be silent! Or do you want the gag sooner that you must?" Karen pressed her lips shut, she lowered her eyes in shame, she would behave, she remembered the terrible gag she saw in the rubbermaid whom first greeted her at the door.

Karen was dried off with almost tender care, and led by her leash to a wooden table, there was a wonderful array of fruits and small portions of delicious foods, she was fed by the two rubbergirls tenderly, and with what seemed great love, Karen was confused, but the food replentished her, her body came alive, she would live, it seems. Karen was led into another chamber, the two rubbergirls with her were nervous, she could feel their apprehension, the trickle of fear began again, it was time.

She was led to a round chrome pole which was standing from the stone foor, it had a short rod in the shape of a triangle jutting straight out, it was just below her sex, a second rod was a right angles to the main shaft, it was obviously for her arms to be held straight out, as they ended with manacles on the ends. She was backed against the main pole, her wrists were clamped, then rubber straps welded her arms to the bar. Karens ankles were then clamped into shackles which were attached to chains which issued from round holes in the floor, they snapped closed ominously.They were around three feet apart, Karen was becoming afraid, she sensed what was to be.

Rubber straps were then put above and below her breasts, another at her waist, they were pulled incredibly tight, crushing her to the pole, Karen almost cried out, a hand quickly was slapped over her mouth, the two girls eyes were both ablaze with anger, and fear! Karen knew she was lost, one of the rubbergirls went to the storage cupboard beside the pole, and produced a rubber gag, with a pump ball dangling from a tube. It was brought up to her mouth, she submitted, what was the use anyways. Karen meekly opened her mouth, the rubber ball was not at all uncomfortable, a wide rubber strap was pulled very tight behind her head, sealing her mouth completely. A strange arrangement of rubber straps was placed on her head and as each strap was pulled very tight, it felt as if her head was in a vice! Another strap pulled her head back, and was connected to a ring on the top of the pole. She could still look forwards if she strained her eyes downwards, but her head was totally immobilized. Karen was beginning to panic, her legs were doing a slow dance as this was the only part of her she could move!

One of the girls grasped the pump ball from the gag, and began squeezing repeatedly, the monster in her mouth began to swell, Karen thrashed as best she could, but it did her no good, these two were frightened, they would do as commanded. One of the two girls wispered in her ear, "Goodbye my love", and stroked her breast tenderly, a small tear trickled from one eye, the two girls ran quickly away without looking back! Karen was now doubly afraid! She was alone and waiting helpless! It seemed an eternity, then she heard it! Those heels cracking on the stone floor. She was coming! Karen was almost insane with fear as she waited, she was coming from behind her, she could only see her evil shadow on the stone wall! The sound of her heels grew to a roar in Karen's ears, the air around her moved, the scent of rubber enveloped her, she was right behind her! Oh God! Oh god!

A silky voice wispered into her ear, "Welcome, I've been waiting for you for some time... You are here to suffer for me, I will break you, you will be mine, forever".

Karen was wide eyed from fright, this woman terrified her! The dominatrix walked around to face Karen, she was an alien, she was completely dressed in black gleaming rubber, with those same boots, she towered over her. She walked to the cupboard and returned with two rubber cones, Karen was frightened, they were fitted onto each nipple, then twisted on, a searing flash of pain as each cone in turn seized her nipples, she tried to squirm away from the pain, but she could not move! She was quivering. The woman cooed, "there there my little one"....."there's so much more to come"....

She reached for a chrome lever on a smaller pole, a hiss of air escaped, and the lower part of the pole Karen was strapped to began to rise! The triangle cut into her sex, she began to thrash her legs, she was lifted clear of the floor! Oh god it hurt! Then to her horror another hiss, and the ankle chains began retracting into the floor! She was streched like a bow string! Her poor sex was being split in two, the madness engulfed her, Karen was wild eyed! The rubber demon in front of her smiled, she turned and left the room, Karen watched in horror as she retreated! 'You can't leave me like this! Nooooooooooo!' The pain grew steadily, she swooned with it.

Karen was shaking for some time, and then her mind went to a special place, she stopped struggling, and endured, this is what my new Mistress desires, I shall obey. The pain became a dull companion. It was her new lover... forever. Time was standing still for Karen, she lost all track of it, she had been on the pole forever, her punished sex enveloped the tormenting chrome steel triangle. She was dreaming of happiness, she was a sex slave to the latex domina. The sound of returning heels slowly brought her around to focus as best she could though her tears. Her rubber goddess had returned, she uncoiled a thin bullwhip, she smiled a cruel smile at Karen, and began...

Even with the frightful gag, she screamed and screamed, she could not even thrash, only her fingers could move, fluttering in the air, the pinned butterfly. Karen passed out mercifully, her entire body was aflame with red weals. Karen awoke with a start, she tried to move, and every part of her body screamed pain to her! She was again clamped to her rubber mat. The two rubbergirls were rubbing soothing ointments into her tortured skin, they both had tears dripping from their eyes, their salt seared her where they fell. One of the girls came close and kissed her fully on the mouth, her hot tounge explored Karen's mouth. They tended to her with great care, they bathed her lovingly, she was again strapped and fed delicious foods, she began to recover.

Karen was then dressed in a beautiful white rubber corset, black sheer seamed stockings, very high heeled black pumps with an ankle strap with the tiniest padlocks, a golden set of ankle fetters restricted her steps. A wide rubber band was hooked to her corset, front and back, it was very tight, two golden balls were inserted into her sex and held there by the strap. Her breasts were exposed, the red weals still prominent, her nipples were rouged. A matching golden collar was locked on, the lock snicking closed. Karen was being prepared...

They strapped her wrists together behind her, then her elbows were pulled together, it thrust her breasts forward. A soft rubber single glove was worked up her arms to her shoulders, she was shocked as straps were pulled tight on this strange garment, her arms were welded together, her shoulders screamed, but she knew she dare not complain. 'Strange' she thought, 'no gag?' A soft wide rubber band was pulled over her mouth, and tied at the back, another rubber band covered her eyes, she was blind, and helpless once again.

The chain at her collar gently urged her forward, she trusted her two handlers, she walked as best she could, it seemed forever before they stopped, a soft knock at a door, and she could her two handlers retreat. Karen balanced in her darkness, the door opened silently, only the moving air revealed this, her chain was pulled almost tenderly she thought, she could smell scented rubber everywhere.

Karen knew where she was, she was here to please her new rubber mistress. Her ankle fetters were seperated, she was gently laid onto the rubber covered bed, her ankles were chained apart to rings at the corners of the bed. She had been layed over a rubber cushion, it had pushed her bottom well into the air. Her mouth band was removed, she was still blind, the scent of rubber and female mixed in her nose, she knew what she must do, her tongue extended, she began to pleasure her mistress.

A thin whip began to sear her bottom, she cried out, it was no use, she continued her task, it went on and on, the whip always finding her most tender areas, the golden balls began to excite her, as her hips jerked with the whip, they climaxed together in a scream. Karen fell into a deep sleep...

Karen was awakened with a gentle shaking. The two rubbergirls were there, she was clamped again on her rubber mat. They were both severley gagged once again, they seemed very remote, she was released, and hung by two chains, they bathed her, and she quailed at the site of her punishment corset she had worn here, they were dressing her as before! She was leaving! She was gagged once again over her rubber hood, it was no doubt to stifle complaints! A harness of rubber straps once again held her head immobile. She was aghast when two golden dildoe plugs were brought before her, noooooo! She was lubricated, and the two metal monsters were pushed home.

She danced in her chains, trying to rid herself of these two devices, a thin rubber strap harness sealed them in for good, Karen surendered, it was usless. The original strap was attached to the corset after she was crushed in its grip once again, at least it would not cut her in two like before! Her boots were laced on, the ankle chain replaced. She waited for her wrists to be chained off to the corset again, but she saw three rubber straps produced, they mercilessly pulled her arms back, it was done, her elbows and wrists were welded together again.

She was led to the doorway, she was surprised to see her new Mistress waiting. The two rubbergirls both touched her cheek in a tender gesture goodbye, they both kissed her in turn, she could feel them each wince as their severe gags pressed together, but they maintained the kiss. Karen felt a tear escape her eye, but it rolled down the outside of her mask unfelt. Her new Mistress had in her hand, the list from Rubber Mother, she now seemed an eternity away in time, but it was Rubber Mother whom had sent her on this oddessy. Her next address was read to her, she nodded as best she could, that she understood the directions.

The door was opened, it was again dark, how long had she been here? Karen's hood was pulled up, she was gently pushed out the door, more tears clouded her vision, she did not want to leave! She turned back, her rubber tormentress shook her head slowly, and gently closed the door, the lock hit home with a final thud. She was dismissed.

Karen stood for a few moments confused, and crying, what was happening to her? She was overwhelmed by all that had happened since she left school. When was that? She could not tell how long ago, it was an eternity. She shuddered with the two invading plugs, they felt obscene, as they slid around inside her, with each step she took, she had walked some blocks, labouring with the effort, it was uphill, her next destination.

It was a stone castle, she approached the gates, they swung open without a sound, the driveway was long and winding, it was steeply up hill. Karen was panting and grunting into her gag by the time she arrived near the entrance, she was exhausted! She had to lean against the wall for a few minutes, before she could breathe normally, she had to lift the door knocker with her head, it was nearly impossible for her to bend at the waist to do so! She managed to lift it once, the hollow sound reverberated on the massive door.

Karen waited, and waited, she could not manage the knocker again, she had almost passed out from the first effort! It seemed forever, but suddenly the door flew open with a crash! A striking woman strode out to her, she had in her hand a thin rubber riding crop, she slashed at Karen's thighs and shouted, "It's about bloody time! We are running late as it is!" "Bring her to the car" Karen was in a panic! She had done nothing wrong! Oh... Oh.... Oh .... what am I in for? A long black car pulled up behind her, it was dark and ominous. Her thighs burned where the crop had slashed into her repeatedly.

A bizarrely dressed female chauffeur got out, and roughly tore off her cape, and pulled poor Karen towards the car. A thin strong rope was looped around her waist and pulled through her legs from the front. She was helped into the car, she could not see it, but the rope was pulled up tight to a ring at the top of the car seat, she was suspended by a single strand, the rope was slicing into her sex, thank god for the rubber harness! The two monsters invading her were crushed into her even further! All of her weight was on this single tormenter! She was mewlling into her ballgag! A strap was clipped to the top of her head harness, it was pulled down to the ring also, her head pulled back severely, another strap went around her neck to the same ring! Her legs were strapped at the ankles, above and below her knees, and her ankles lifted up to be strapped to a ring at the bottom of the car seat! This all happened so fast Karen was completely stunned, she could not move! The thin rope seared into her sex, she was convinced she was being slowly cut in half, panic rose to engulf her once again.

The other car doors opened and slammed shut, the motor started with a muted hum, they were on their way, but to where? Karen could just manage to look down, and across, the woman was smoking and looking directly at her, a cruel smile played on her face. She reached into her bag and produced two small cones. The pain was excrutiating! Her nipples screamed! The woman then held up a small control box of some kind, she flipped a switch and a red light came on, she flicked the switch again, and Karen squirmed as each of the two plugs in her began to vibrate! Oh God nooooooo! The woman then touched another button on the box, and an electric shock slammed into her nipples and plugs. The torment and pleasure continued for miles until the near insane girl mercifully passed out. Blackness had swallowed poor Karen again...

Chapter III

Karen swam up from the darkness, the cars slowing had brought her around. She immediately was jolted awake by the searing rope between her legs, her head felt like it was still held in a vice, the straps forcing her head back painfully. Her eyes slowly focused downwards, the cruel woman was staring intently at her. Her eyes were piercing ice blue, there was no warmth in her gaze, Karen shuddered at the implications.

The car pulled to a stop, a few seconds elapsed, then the passenger door swung open, it was daylight! Karen could just manage to glance sideways, the most bizzare sight confronted her! The door had been open by a very tall slim girl, she was completely covered in tight blue latex from head to toe! Her head was sealed into a severe helmet with tinted glass lenses, the bulge of a huge ballgag could be made out beneath the rubber helmet.'Strange' Karen thought, 'have I seen this before?' The slave was chained with silver manacles, with a short chain running to a matching sliver chastity belt, she could barely reach forward with just one hand, as the chain pulled the other hand through a ring to the belt. The slavegirl also was manacled at the ankles, the chain running up to the chastity belt, from a single stainless bar between her ankles, she would only be allowed to take the tiniest of steps, and she was wearing incredibly high heeled pumps! A stringent corset of rubber was visible above the belt, 'How could it be that small?' Karen wondered. The slavegirl retreated from her sight.

Karen was now beginning to really feel the rope burn her, she tried to cry out from behind her punishing gag, only a quiet mewling escaped. The wicked woman leaned forward, a cruel smile played across her lips, she cooed "Poor little thing... are we ignoring you? Don't you fret my sweet... you shall have plenty of attention soon!" With that, she swept out of the limousine, and Karen could hear her snapping commands as she heard her heels clicking loudly, as she strode towards the stone mansion. Karen was left in her bondage as the trunk was opened, and many pieces of luggage were removed, an eternity passed, Karen began to cry softly, the pain was intolerable.

Finally Karen was aware that the other door had been opened, two bizzare rubber maids were getting into the car, they began to release her from the torturous ring, she collapsed as best she could, her corset was cutting her in half! Her arms were numb, she was pulled out of the car, her head swam. The two rubber maids held her steady, until her balance returned slowly after the leg straps were removed. They attached ankle fetters to her, a short chain allowed reasonable steps to be taken, a small token, Karen was grateful.

A chain was snapped to her collar, she was led around to the rear of the building. Karen shuffled within her bonds, the straps still crushed her arms tightly, she swayed as she walked in her boots to retain her balance. The two rubber maids quietly talked between themselves while openly staring at her, Karen could not make out what they were saying but, their intent was certainly clear! When she was led out of sight between high cedar hedges, they suddenly stopped her with a cruel jerk of the chain. She was pushed against the stone wall, a ring anchored in the stone was used to pull her tight against it, the collar chain was pulled tight, she could hardly move! Karens breath whined in quick puffs through her nostrils, panic was rising once more. The two rubbermaids began to fondle her, they twisted her two punishing dildoes in their sopping homes. Karen shook her head no, they laughed, .they twisted her nipples through the rubber skin, the earlier torture from the electric cones made her scream into the gag. The torment seemed to go on forever, no one noticed the nearby door swing open silently, on it's well oiled hinges.

Karen had turned her head in shame at the torments from these two, her eyes snapped open at the dark vision in the doorway watching intently. Karen stiffened in fear at this cruel looking woman, the two maids felt her go stiff, and they both turned to see the governess staring with blazing cold fury at them. They both visibly paled, and fell still. Their heads were lowered in obedience, they both were quivering in fear, Karen could not take her eyes off of her! She was dressed in a severe pencil skirt of gleaming black rubber, her feet were shod in black high heeled patent boots, the tops could be made out just at the knee beneath the long skirt. She had a white rubber shirt, with a jet black corset beneath, the top just visible where the shirt opened at the neck, she wore a rubber boned collar which held her head high. her jet black hair was pulled into a tight bun. She had black rubber elbow length gloves which shone evilly, she had what could only be described as a rubber cane, clutched and bent menacingly in her gleaming gloves.

Karen gasped as best she could around then gag. The whole strange tableaux was utterly silent for what seemed an eterinty. Then she spoke, her voice like a whip cracking, "Get her inside NOW! and prepare her, as you were instructed. We will deal with your insolence later." T he two maids shook as they undid the collar chain from the ring. Karen was pulled quickly past the governess, whom turned to watch as she was led by, Karen was almost passing out from fear of this vision.

Karen was led down several corridors, turning this way and that, she could barely keep up the pace, she was in great danger of toppling forward, the two maids were pulling her collar chain as they hurried to their destination. Karen finally was pulled into a tiled room, it was a bathing room, quite similar to another she had been in not so long ago, just how long ago was it? Karen could not remember. The straps were removed, and her arms hung useless at her sides. They began to remove all of her clothing, the two dildoes were pulled out with a loud sucking sounds, Karen groaned into her rubber helmet, and gag. The boots were removed, only the helmet remained now.

She was led to the bath, and she stepped in. Karen motioned to her head, the two maids looked at each other, and then to her. "You must be silent, or we will all be punished severely!" "We are in enough trouble because of you already!" Karen nodded she understood, they began to remove her punishment hood, then the huge gag. Karen sucked in a huge gasp of air, she could not close her mouth! The gag had been in so long, her mouth protested with stabbing pain, when she tried again to close her mouth. The two maids washed her tenderly, but with determination to finish as quickly as possible. They made no further attempts to molest her.

Karen was then instructed to stand, they dried her off thoroughly, a warm latex housecoat was given to her, she cuddled into its soft interior. Karen was led to another adjoining room, a selection of delicious foods was layed out on the table, she was instructed to eat, and then she was to sleep. Karen was then led to a sumptous bed, ankle and wrist fetters were put apon her, hidden locks snicked closed, she was chained to the bed, she quickly drifted off into a dreamless deep slumber.

Karen was awakened by the pleading cries of two girls, she started to rise, but her chains were too short. The pleading grew louder, they were coming towards her room. The door crashed open, and the two rubbermaids whom had molested her were roughly pushed into the room. Karen was frightened, the two girls were stringently bound, their wrists were roped mercilessly, their elbows were drawn together so that they touched! Ropes were also around their waists, and two very tight strands seperated their sexes, and cheeks, as the girls swayed to maintain balance on their high heels, their short ankle chains klinked softly. Two other females had control over these poor hapless girls, they were both dressed in severe cut rubber costumes, and high heeled boots, which looked like German SS troopers. The two slaves were wimpering, tears streamed down their faces, they were frightened to death!

One of the guards approached Karen, she pushed up her chin with a wicked riding crop. "You shall witness these two recieving punishment for their foolish behavior yesterday, then you will begin your own treatment sessions to prepare you for Mistress"! Karen shuddered in fear, what was to become of her? The two girls were slashed on the buttocks with crops, and ordered to move, they retreated down a hallway, their four sets of heels making noises like a machine gun. Karen was alone, naked and still chained, she was very frightened.

A few minutes later, another rubbermaid entered her room, she was completely covered in the now familiar blue rubber maids costume, her head was also encased in a tight rubber hood, Karen could see the outline of a huge ball gag, 'strange how things began to seem like the norm', she thought. Karen was unchained from the bed cuffs, she was motioned into an adjoining bathroom, she signaled for her to get onto her knees on a strange bench, it was padded with soft rubber, it was quite comfortable, then she proceeded to strap Karen down with wide rubber straps, she was welded to the bench!

Karen wondered what was to happen, when the maid rolled a chrome rack on wheels towards her... NO! She cried! It was an enema system! Karen struggled, but it was no use! She pleaded with the gagged maid, she cried out anew when a large red rubber ballgag was removed from the drawer, Karen shook her head no, she would not open her mouth! The maid pinched her nose, and Karen struggled until she had to gasp for air! The huge ball was instantly forced into her mouth, Karen tried to shake her off, but her tormentor pushed harder and harder, until it finally popped home, her mouth was stretched beyond belief!

Karen screamed into the gag, shaking her head from side to side as the strap was pulled tight, her eyes bulging with anger! The maid wagged her finger at her, Karen continued to complain as best she could, the maid had a resigned, almost sad look in her eyes. She went again to the drawer, and returned with a wide red rubber strap! Karen was shocked at this sight! The maid walked out of her limited vision, and the first blow crashed into her naked bottom! Karen could not believe the searing pain, she thrashed wildly, but the blows continued, Karen had lost count, along with her sanity, she was on fire, each blow was too much too endure, it seemed to never stop! Karen was in so much distress she didn't even realize when the strapping had stopped! Her bottom must surely be raw and bleeding! Karen wailed with despair, and pressed her forehead into the rubber padding, she wept deeply, the maid came around, and tenderly stroked her tear stained face, she then again went behind the poor weeping girl.

Karen gasped and flung her head up high as the cold cream was worked into her bottom, she tensed as the large phallus was pushed slowly into her, with a grunt, it sank home. Karen then felt something, it was growing larger within her, she tried to squirm, the rubber straps held her fast. Karen could sense that she could not expel his monster, she tried to force it, it was firmly archored, Karen wept with the humiliation. She once again tensed, as a pump began to fill her with some hot liquid, it took forever it seemed, then the pressure began to mount. Karen started to thrash again, she was being ripped apart! The pump stopped, the silence filled the room, then the first cramps came, Karen begged with her eyes, the pump began again to empty her, she collapsed in her bondage, she knew there were many cycles to come, she simply must endure it, only the sound of the pumps filled the room for almost an hour.

Eventually the maid released her, then took her wrists, and a pair of manacles snicked home onto her. She was conducted into the tiled shower area. The maid then lowered a hook from above, with an electric motor, the cuffs were clipped to a bar and then the motor slowly raised her. Karen was horrified when her ankles were fettered with the same manacles, and then pulled apart and clipped with chains to rings set into the floor of the shower area. The motor began again, and Karen was stretched in a taught X, all of her muscles screamed their complaint! She was suspended in mid air!

The maid set about shampooing her hair, lathering her up, missing no part. Karen could only hang in misery, the huge gag still silencing all complaints. She would submit, it was usless to fight anymore. Karen was finally lowered from the spreader bar, and her ankle fetters were removed. The two maids snapped solid manacles onto her wrists, a lead chain was snapped onto a ring in the center of the bar. She was led out of the shower area, once again her arms were attached to a lowered chain, and she was pulled upright with a silent motor winch from above. The two maids dried her completely, missing no areas. The maids then began to rub a soothing oil all over her body, once again missing nothing, a delightful aroma wafted to her nose, she was relaxed. Karen was lulled into a calm state by the lotion applied, she did not notice that one of the maids had stepped over to a set of drawers, and had begun to remove items. Karen opened her eyes, and was snapped out of her dreamy state, when she saw what was being brought to her.

The maid held in one hand a burgundy latex one piece outfit, and in the other, a mass of what looked like rubber straps. Karen looked with resignation, she knew what was to be. The two maids proceeded to pull the latex suit onto both her feet, it slipped easily up her legs due to the body oils. Karen paled when a metal cylinder was produced, she knew where it was destined for, she spread her legs without being asked, the cold intruder slipped into her, causing her to gasp. The suit was then brought up her torso, it felt like snakeskin, instantly cool to her skin. At his time one of the maids began to arrange a rubber strap harness around her waist, the belt was pulled tight, then a strap was passed between her legs, and pulled cruelly tight. The cool steel dildoe was pushed into her deeply, Karen groaned out loud. Her feet were forced into seven inch heeled ballet shoes, her arches instantly complained.

Karen's legs were now being strapped to some kind of pipe running up the back of her, she was being welded to this pipe! The straps went around her ankles, just below then above her knees, her thighs, then her waist, she cried out with distress, she was ignored. Karens hands were lowered, she feared she would topple over, but the pipe seemed solid? Karens hands were released, so she could fit into the upper part of the rubber skin. She was covered completely in latex now, the suit had a hood which was pulled over her head. There were the now familiar plastic lenses so she could still see, her mouth was still uncovered, she knew it wouldn't last.

Her torso, and arms were now strapped without mercy to this strange pole, she could not see, but it fit into a hole plate in the floor. To her horror a large ball gag was brought to her lips, she submitted, and meekly open her mouth to recieve this monster. It was pushed deeply into her mouth, it was huge, the strap was pulled cruelly tight. Karen was trapped in a latex world, she was horrified when a second hood, much thicker ths time as forced over her head, it crushed the gag even further into her tender mouth, she could not know this hood was a harness with many rings attached, her head was now strapped to the pole, she was rigid.

Karen felt some kind of tension on her whole body, then her vision began to move! It took her a few moments to realize, she was moving, the pole she was strapped to was running on an overhead rail, towards another chamber. Karen could not move at all, she watched as the room came into view, because of the gag, she could not even gasp as the sight of the two maids whom had tormented her came into her field of vision. The two hapless girls were streched taught in a "X" they were suspended in mid air, their heads were covered in discipline helmets of thick rubber, huge gags streched their mouths, they hung motionless. Karen could only wait, it seemed forever, she was alone in the chamber with the two slaves...


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