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Storycodes: M/f; invite; dinner; discovery; Sbf; latex; dress; gag; cuffs; submissive; service; corset; collar; chain; bond; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

I was working one day under a truck when I heard a woman’s voice, it’s very seldom that I hear a woman actually in the shop. I couldn’t see who was talking but listening I could tell she was a real estate agent. The building’s owner was attempting to sell the property so obnoxious sales people had become common even causing some harsh words between employees and careless agents. I tried to ignore the intrusion continuing to work until I heard my name being called by the female voice. It took three times before I realized she was talking to me and I looked at the attractive woman standing in the front of the rack I was under.

I stopped working and walked closer instantly recognizing her asking “Jenny?” she smiled and nodded her head. We briefly exchanged pleasantries asking about each other’s spouses finding both were now exes. “I have to show another property right now can I see you later?” I nodded thinking she was just finding a reason to leave and watched her walk away in the tight skirt and high heels. I drifted back in time remembering how much I liked her in high school only being able to date her briefly before her parents forbid her from seeing me eventually moving to keep her away from me. “She still has a great ass” I thought to myself as I remembered her fantastic body.

A few hours later I was under the hood when I heard Jenny behind me and turned to see her wonderful smile. I told her I was surprised she came back and we sat and chatted awhile before she asked if I would like to go out sometime. I told her I would like to see her again and she asked if I had ever been to a local club I knew to be fetish friendly. I said I had but only twice, “Why? Too fetishy for you?” I smiled answering “Not enough”. Jenny smiled broadly and said “We really do need to catch up, tomorrow night my place?” I agreed and she wrote her number and address on the back of her business card and handed it to me smiling very seductively saying “I hope you were serious”. I smiled and said “Oh I am very serious” not really sure what she was implying but I did not want her to not take me serious.

I showed up at the time she requested having cleaned up and carrying a bottle of wine and knocked on the door. The door slowly opened but I could see no one when a hand came out around the edge waving me inside. I must have been more nervous than I thought because I could have sworn the hand was in a red latex glove I thought to myself as I entered. I heard the door closing behind me and turned to see my wonderful Jenny covered in bright red latex. I stopped in my tracks and stared at her still incredible body following the latex down from her shoulders to her narrow waist past her firm round ass to her ankles noticing the tight latex all the way down to the towering high heeled shoes she wore. When she turned to face me my eyes made their way up to her waist noticing that the dress was actually transparent as I could just make out her trimmed v between her legs. Still moving upwards I stared at her pert breasts with their large nipples poking through the rubber stretched over them.

I stopped at her breasts for a moment then hearing a muffled chuckle I looked up at her lovely face noticing the bright red ball wedged deeply in her small mouth. The wide strap pulled into the sides of her face and the y of the harness going over her nose and disappearing into her hair line. Her lips had been painted a dark red and the makeup around her green eyes had been done much darker then when I saw her last making them seem much bigger and more seductive. I stood looking at the woman in front of me finally breaking the silence saying “I guess I be drinking this alone then” holding up the bottle of wine. Jenny giggled as she wiggled past me in the tight rubber and directed me to the table.

Once seated, she handed me a small note pad taking the bottle from my hand and walked to the stove. I read the brief note explaining she wanted to do something special for me and since we already knew each other decided to show her true desires to me right off and get past any differences we might have. I was to let her serve me and while I was enjoying my meal, I could ask any yes or no questions I wanted then use her in any way I desired. A few limitations had been added but not many and none that concerned me along with her safe word. I stared at her as she prepared my meal. Tearing my eyes off her wonderful ass and noticing the dress had attached gloves and around her wrists were wide leather cuffs with small locks dangling from each and sat thinking I was dreaming.

She brought me a cork screw and waited with her head lowered until I opened the bottle then poured me a glass of wine, as she poured I noticed the gag harness was also locked on in multiple places including the strap under her chin that I had not previously noticed. I stared at her firm ass as she moved back to the stove paying close attention to the fog of sweat building up on the inside of the rubber making it even more transparent. On her next trip to the table she turned the page allowing me to read that she had multiple items for me to use as I see fit laid out in her bedroom and that she would show them to me if asked. I quickly asked and she lowered her head and took my hand while leading me to her bed room.

I stopped at the edge of her large bed noting first the D-rings mounted to the bed frame then stood studying the collection of bondage and fetish gear she had laid out for me. She grunted and pointed to the kitchen so I nodded my head and watched her wriggle out of the door giggling quietly. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I quickly checked the room and closets for anyone hiding or for cameras and found nothing. I stood debating my options, go with it and enjoy myself no matter if it was a set up or not or stop it all there and then by leaving. Thinking about her body under that tight latex there was no way I was leaving so I went into dom mode and picked out a few items I felt I needed to add to her outfit deciding to ride it out and see what happens.

During dinner Jenny served me then stood to my left with her face lowered while I ate. I enjoyed watching her wiggle to and from the table in her tight dress and by the third course I had added to the leather cuffs around her wrists a chain between them and the very tall posture collar. When I was wrapping the collar around her neck almost not believing that it would fit I had to buckle the three straps slowly letting her twist and stretch her neck before getting it adjusted just to the point of restricting blood flow. Once the collar was snug around her throat she could no longer turn her head or lower her face and stood next to me with her eyes closed and face pointing slightly towards the ceiling. I continued my meal deliberately eating slowly and asking for more sides, butter, salt etcetera watching her walk to and from having to bend her body to see what her chained hands were reaching for.

Just before dessert Jenny walked into her bedroom returning a few minutes later with a very heavy looking corset and handed me a note “If it pleases you this corset draws my waist in by over six inches and gives me a very defined waist and makes me have to gasp for air causing my chest to heave limiting my movements considerably.” I smiled as I stood up and gently turned her back towards me, I had deliberately not used the locks that had been dangling from the collars buckles so I could remove the tight dress when I wanted to. I unbuckled the collar and unzipped the dress down to the bottom of her neck then rebuckled the collar locking it this time then unzipped the dress down to the top of her ass. I ran my hands under the latex to free it from her sweat covered skin enjoying the feeling of her quickened breaths as my hands explored her body.

Wrapping the corset around her while she still had the dress partially on was more difficult than I had thought it would be but after a few snags I had it around her abdomen with all the clasps done up in the front and began lacing it closed. Going by her note I assumed she wanted it fully closed so after three passes I had the each side of the back touching crushing her under the leather. Jenny had not made a sound other than a very deep sighs since I had started lacing so when I tied off the laces tucking them inside the small pocket. I had no idea she had never been able to close the corset fully before tonight and she had no idea she would be forced to wear it until tomorrow night. With the corset laced I zipped the dress up closing the high collar of it over the posture collar and stepped back to admire her new figure.

Jenny stood gasping and slowly turning to face me letting me watch her heaving chest and reddened face as she took my hand and led me back to the table then moved to get dessert. Jenny was struggling in the tight corset moving much slower than before and I could see her nostrils flaring as she tried to breathe around the large gag. I ate my dessert slowly watching her heaving chest and listening to her gasps. When I was finished Jenny cleaned away the dishes then came to me pulling me gently to my feet and led me to her bedroom and started undressing me. Reaching my pants she lowered them grunting as she bent over freeing my swollen cock, she stood facing me and I felt her hand gently rubbing my cock and wanted to explode right then.

I let her rub my cock while I stroked her rubber encased body feeling her shallow gasps under the latex. I began kissing her as I turned her slowly around and unzipped the latex dress carefully working it from her hot sweating skin and helping her to step out of it. Now she was naked except for the leather corset, tall collar and high heels, she had made no effort to speak and only low moans escaped the gag. I now began kissing her bare skin and while I moved around her beautiful body I took her hands locking the cuffs back around her wrists and reattached the cuffs behind her back and started fondling her breasts. I continued kissing them before reaching down and fondling her damp pussy and continued stroking and rubbing her until she was gasping and moaning. I felt she was near orgasm so I turned her back to the bed and gently laid her down and climbed on top of her.

During our session I could feel her chest heaving under me but could not feel her stomach moving inside the tight corset and enjoyed feeling her struggle under me for enough air as her climax neared. I slowed my pace and concentrated my attentions on her breasts nibbling and teasing them until she moaned loudly and her whole body started shaking and it strained against the restraints holding her. I resumed my stroking and quickly climaxed myself still watching the muscles in her arms straining against the cuffs holding her hands behind her back.

I carefully climbed off the bed and retrieved a towel cleaning myself as I returned to the bed and gently cleaned her damp pussy. Each time I touched her with the towel her body flinched and she would moan slightly. Once I had her cleaned I lay next to her and asked if she wanted to be released? Jenny moaned and pulled at the cuffs so I unlocked the chain and watched her slide off the bed and go to the bathroom. After a few minutes she returned still dressed in her corset and heels and surprisingly the collar and gag. She went to the dress and picked it up then disappeared into her closet. I started to finish getting undressed hoping I would have at least one more sex session before having to leave when she reappeared carrying another latex item and two more cuffs already connected to each other.

She walked over to me holding the items towards me, I sat looking up at her for a few seconds stunned at what I thought she was asking. “Do you want to wear those?” I asked. Jenny giggled again and mumbled “ESH”. I quickly jumped up and took the items from her laying them on the bed as I figured out what each was. I first locked the cuffs around her ankles forcing her to stand in her tall high heels held very close together. I straightened out the new latex dress she handed me noticing that even though it was much smaller than the other dress it was much heavier. I looked for a zipper and found none, I was still struggling to find an entry point when I heard Jenny’s wonderful giggle again and she raised her hands over her head.

I pulled the latex down over her outstretched arms and began tugging and pulling until I got to her waist having to really pull the latex really hard to get it to go past her hips. I continued to work the tight rubber down to her ankles having to stretch it all the way down. While I struggled with the rubber around her thighs Jenny had worked her hands all the way into the long sleeves so when I stood up she was covered completely in the tight rubber from her neck to her toes. I had her do a turn for me so I could watch her firm body move under the rubber and by the time she had turned all the way around I was standing with a full erection.

The collar she wore kept her from looking down but when she shuffled close to me she could feel my hardened cock against her and gently started to stroke it. I stood rubbing her rubber coated body letting her stroke my swollen cock finally breaking the trance I stepped back and asked her to get me a glass of cold water. Jenny grunted and began the long walk to the kitchen while I jumped back into bed and waited for her to return. Jenny eased through the door a full twenty minutes later sweat beading on her brow and carefully handed me the glass. I drank the water as she stood next to the bed waiting for me to finish.

I watched her wriggle to the other side of the bed and sit down and carefully roll back swinging her crushed together legs up onto it. Jenny wiggled under the covers sliding next to me grabbing my cock again and began stroking it with vigor. I lay back enjoying her playing with my cock with one hand stroking her body feeling her struggling to breathe in her tight corset. As I started to breath heavy she grabbed the towel and skillfully allowed me to climax without making a mess. I was exhausted and asked if she wanted to go to sleep or continue playing. Jenny turned her back to me holding her hands together behind her, I understood and slipped a lock through the d-rings of her cuffs clicking it closed. Jenny twisted and turned until she was lying on my shoulder panting from the exertions.

We lay together for several minutes before I felt her body twitch and knew she had gone to sleep and wondered if she slept dressed like this often. I woke up needing to relieve myself and slipped out from under her head and went to the bathroom. I returned to see a sleeping Jenny covered in rubber bound hand and foot still sleeping peacefully and called in sick to work because I knew I wanted to spend the day with my captive. I spent the day with Jenny completely under my control wearing the extremely tight corset and rubber only removing the dress when she needed to relieve herself and removing the gag to allow me to feed her. By lunch time I needed to relieve my aching cock and peeled her out of the rubber she had been encased in since late last night.

Jenny indicated she wanted the gag removed so I unlocked the harness and slowly removed the large ball from her mouth and watched her flex her jaw for several minutes. I unlocked her wrists and ankles, tying each to the d-rings on her bed before sliding a blindfold over her eyes and started caressing her naked body. I was still enjoying watching her breasts heave over the tight corset as I eased into her gasping body. After what seemed like ten seconds she was moaning and thrashing in her bonds pushing me over the edge as I exploded into her grunting loudly as I collapsed onto her bound body. We lay panting for several minutes before Jenny smiled and asked if I would be staying another night.

I have stayed every night since that one finding out that Jenny did indeed sleep bound and gagged every night and now she had someone to lace her tightly into her corsets that she now wore every day and will continue for our foreseeable future since I had no intensions of leaving her alone ever again since her suggestion to move in with her.

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